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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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have thrown 22 million people off of healthcare, that would have thrown 16 million people off of health insurance. and now, we are going to defeat another proposal which is even worse thhe previous ones. but defeating the republican healthcare bill isn't good enough - he wants a single payer system he calls "medicare for all" [sot- sen. bernie sanders, d-vt] sxs bernie for melissa raw one(21)13:20:11 our job is not just to prevent tens of millions of americans from being thrown off the health insurance they currently have. our job is to join every other major country on earth and guarantee healthcare to all as a right not a privilege. bonnie castillo is the associate executive director of the california nurses association. she says nurses see the problems with the healthcare system every day. and the solution a single payer system with no health insurance companies. [sot-bonnie castillo, asso. exec. dir. cns/nnoc] sxs bernie for melissa raw two(1)13:56:33 look they've had a long time, right? to provide for healthcare and they've really done a really, really horrendous job. this is even with people who have, right? that they can't afford to use it. what's it good for? the group is thrilles to have sanders - a champion of single payer care - speaking today. [sot-bonnie castillo, asso. exec. dir. cns/nnoc] sxs bernie for melissa raw two(1)13:51:44 we believe that bernie sanders - senator sanders - is a tremendous leader and we are committed to go all the way with him. other nurses we spoke to agreeed. we asked a nurse from maine if seeing sanders was the highlight of the convention so far. [sot-jill byron, lymon, maine]
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. . bonnie sp the associate director of the california nurse's association. she says nurses see the problems with the healthcare system every day. the solution is a single pair system with no health insurance company. >> they had a long time to provide for healthcare and they've done a horrendous job. this is even with people who have healthcare but they can't afford to use it. what's it good for? >> she says the group is
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thrilled to have sanders speaking today. >> we believe that senator sanders is a tremendous leader and we are committed to go all the way with him. >> other nurses we spoke to agreed. we ask fedne ose nur maine if seeing sanders was her highlight of her trip to sav so far. >> other than the dance night, it topped the scale. >> sanders has said publicly that moving to a single pair system probably won't happen overnight. but he says he and the nurses will keep fighting as long as it takes. we should point out on monday night at 6:00 p.m. our time senator is going to d senators grahamshths and cassidy. -- gram and cassidy -- graham and cassidy. senator john mccain may have
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killed the gop effort for the second time. this time he's making his decision known ahead of time. he joins republican senator rand paul of kentucky in saying he will vote against the bill. mccain says i cannot in good conscious vote for the gra ham cassidy proposal. republicans can't afford to lose anymore vote, sus an collins who voted no the last time around is now undecided. the republicans do have september 30th, a week from tomorrow to pass the legislation with a simple majority. after that, they would need 60 votes. we're getting word of a major delay system wide on barton. there is an equipment probl the tracks. it is major electrical problem and there is no power going to that third rail, which helps
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those rains move along. all trains are running at half speed through san francisco which is causing major delays. we are going to keep you updated on this one. conservative author and coulter told the associated press that she is not coming to uc berkley next week. the event being organized by right wing barbara. emily, right now it is unclear whether this event i had a solid answer for you on whether or not it's happening. but unfortunately, there simply isn't one. the berkley patriots, the student group behind this has said to some folks that the event it canceled. but they haven't confirmed it with us or the campus. . the thing is, even if it is canceled, that doesn't mean people won't show up. >> it's called free speech week.
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but it's full of fighting words. >> that means that we're winning and that means that they recognize that they are more and more isolated. more and more hated. >> they do not want us on campus. >> reporter: uc berkley has become the battle ground for proxy war of extreme politics. utpes l s ban on are calling for it to be shut down. >> the name of your organization is by any means necessary, does that include violence when it comes to free speech week. >> what it means is we will do what it takes to defend immigrants, trans and women members of our communit genuine real free speech and democracy. >> with the cancellation of some classes, dis torhe cioptru impeg influx of police, they feel more
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like prisoners of war than pupils. >> students have the right to go to their classes and feel safe in their classes. you are going to compromise that. the first amendment that you are trying to up so you are compromising theift, actual responsibility that you're holding in front of the students. >> would you like an answer? >> yes. >> okay. you're absolutely right. your concerns are right on the money. >>. >> reporter: it's an unfortunate reality the university says, but one they are forced to face with riot police and barricades. it's an unprecedented expense even though the outcome and the expense itself are still uncertain. >> when you say a million dollars, that's a small cost. i expect that to be multiplied several times after this is over with. >> reporter: miment lo has a -- milo has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow. we will be watching that very
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closely, as i'm sure uc berkley will be as. a federal appeals court is allowing a lawsuit to proceed against a deputy who killed teenager andy lopez. he shot the lopez in santa rosa back in 2013 after mess taking his toy gun for an assault weapon. the county's lawyer tried to get the suit thrown out saying the deputy acted reasonably. but the 9th circuit court could rule that he used excessive force. new at 6, this head line from blook berg today caught our a -- bloom berg caught our attention -- bloom burg caught our attention. >> the job creation numbers over the past couple of years have declined, but they cautioned
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about reading too much into a short trend. >> reporter: companies are doubling down with app em opening its brand new space ship campus this year and google looking to bring perhaps 20,000 jobs to downtown san jose. for those who say the valley has reached a peak. >> no, i don't believe we are ir amazon or apple or face book, all of which are planning large expansions in the valley. >> reporter: while job growth has been down this year, some of that can be explained by corporate moves and consolidation. but what drives the silicon valley region more than anything, the work force. >> for those companies that are really vying for the best talent, they say, this is where you have to come. >> reporter: according to this study by the silicon valley leadership, there is also more venture capital investment here
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than anywhere in the nation, but there is no question that housing costs and long commutes are barrier to future growth. >> in order to bring someone from another part of the country here and have a comparable standard of living you would have, you have to pay a 30% premium on labor. that's hard to do. >> reporter: but so far, not so much to stop the other powerful forces bringing and keeping tech in the valley. >> it will go as large as we can build the housing and improve the ability of people to get to and from work. >> reporter: so, how long can all this expansion last. at this point, the honest answer is, simply nobody knows. talking about housing, no signs that the housing market is slowing down. despite the low inventory the sales were up in august compared
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to last year. it was the busiest august in four years. new at, hollyod at the boardwalk. the new transformers missouri ee has been filming this week -- movie has been filming this week. >> the new transformers movie won't land in theaters until next year. but santa cruz and some of its famous landmarks will be in close ups now. >> lost boys just celebrated its 30th anniversary here. we tend to get approached by a lot of different movie companies. >> reporter: bumble bee just wrapped up three days of shooting at the bowling al lee. it stands -- ali. the movie did have people buzzing. >> i think it's great with any community when you bring people
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in and put a spotlight on them. >> santa cruz is a fun he can electric particula little -- ecclect ic little town. >> reporter: it is xpd to receive one of the large -- it is expected to rec $22 million in tax credits. it is an effort to keep tv or movie projects in california. in santa cruz there is hope that a big budget movie will mean big business for them as well. >> we are cautiously optimistic when it comes to the economic benefit that our economy will reap as a resultg f>> o> a new bay areava h statue marking a dark time in history. the fears debate over a memorial honoring the japanese comfort women of world war 2. >> new iphones usually mean long
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lines, but to was more of a snooze. >> a warning signal for sharks. it's coming to california beaches. >> some parts of the bay area hit the low 40s for overnight lows this morning. but coming up why many folks may be heading to a bay area beach.
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it recognizes the women who the women.. who were sexually exploited by japanese soldiers du . a new statue in san francisco is bringing a dark time to light. it women who were sexually exploited during japanese soldiers during world war 2. >> reporter: veronica, organizers say people in japan actually wrote more than a thousand letters to try to stop the statue in san francisco, but two years of hard work paid off. it was unveiled today in honor of the sex slaves in warld war 2, better known as comfort women -- world war 2, better known as comfort women. as many as 400,000 young women and young girls forced into sexual slavery for the japanese
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military. yun g su lee is one of the women who is still alive today. >> many of the women are in hef an watching us and they are very happy. >> reporter: three girls, chinese, korean and fill peen represent the -- fill peen owe represent -- filapichlt no represent the girls. >> a crime will remain. it is not going to go away no matter how hard they trys forge. >> reporter: like many other girls lee said she was kidnapped when she was just 16. she was beaten tortured and raped. she said she was forced to serve about five soldiers a day. >> they want to white wash the hes ree flt they want to cleanse history. >> reporter: support -- the history. they want to cleane
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the history. >> reporter: reporters say they want to put it in san francisco. . they said it's a one sided interpretation of history without presenting evidence. ms. lee has a choice word for the attorney general. >> what kind of (bleep) is that. you are wrong and you are lying. >> reporter: as you can tell ms. lee was pretty upset with the statement earlier today. in the u.s. there are eight comfort women statues. san francisco is the first major city to hav. a california judge says that the wording for a valid initiative to repeal the gas tax is misleading. so he plans to write it himself. the judge ruled that it would be confusing to voters because it focuses on the loss of
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transportation funding rather than the repeal of taxes. the ballot titles read, eliminates recently enact road reware funding for purposes dedicated to those purposes. >> reporter: the two couldn't agree on a comp miss. san francisco police want to find the driver who hit and killed a popular grocery, konstantinos vardakastanis was walking in a crosswalk at the time. he died at the scene. flowers and a sign are left in miss memory. police say the driver was speeding at the time of the crash. they are now looking for a silver sedan with heavy windshield and damage. he was a co-owner of gus's community market. three people were rushed to the hospital after being stabbed at a warehouse in san jose. this happened on south 10th
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street just before noon. gun fire was also noted. san jose police say 21-year-old dominic and 20-year-old wan directed a mentally -- juan directed a mnt ally disabled boy to help him commit robberies. the disabled boy was also booked into juvenile hall on the same charges. fire ripped throuscgh h aigs morning. they extended a ladder to help people escape from inside. neighbors say this is the third fire at the apartments within a year. paul has been watching the a nice day out there today. >> yeah, nice and chilly today. nice over the weekend. borderline hot. there is no deck of clouds
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sitting offshore or behind the san francisco sky line. looking gorgeous from oakland to san francisco bay. not that warm today. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below average. the big story today was how chilly it was in the morning. did you need a jacket in napa? morn ying. we will not be as chilly overnight tonight. your chances to see the oakland a's play baseball this year is getting smaller and smaller. it's low to mid 60s for first pitch. checkout the temperatures, 80s. so, what's changing? the wind direction is changing and for us, that's just about ourthisev.e highest likelihood of seeing an ofhoreventherehe chill
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event is not in play. we will see a building ridge to our north and west. a north flow will take over as soon asroom it t wilw. oi be clear tonight. but because the winds are changing, it will not be as chilly. 40s replaced by 50s. 51 for livermore, 49 degrees in santa rosa. warmer weather moving in for today. oakland your highs today close to 70 degrees. tomorrow 80. san francisco sunshine tomorrow, 77 degrees. there is not much a temperature spread. watch out for gusty winds and a higher fire danger as this dry air moves in and the relative humidity is dropping. beautiful weather, even 70s at the beach next week. that's when we are going to get kind of hot tuesday through thursday. low to mid 90s away from the water. >> thanks.
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san francisco's table car is out of service. we have an inside look at the major upgrade that is shutting down part of the system for a week. >> hold on a second. it feels like the warriors just had their championship parade. well, they get back to work tomorrow. media day today. among the topics. his thoughts on a -- on a time honored tradition of a visit to the white house.
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practice facility... " " . nba up top. it's time for the league champs to get back at it. media day today at the downtown oakland practice facility. >> media day has changed a little bit. >> yeah, coach, it's a lot of lights, camera, action now. big production. today after the larry o'brien championship drove ee. again, no more simple questions of high, how is your drop step in the low block. the league champs would visit the white house as guests of donald trump if invited. >> i don't want to go. that's really it. that's kind of my -- the nuk lease of my -- nukly us of my -- nuk lous of my --
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nucleous of my belief. >> to the other big topic. kevin durant and his social media saga. he thought he was tweeting from account that can't be traced back to him. he thought wrong. green on katie. >> the next i saw him in person and i laughed in his face. i reminded him at my mishap. the day my mishap happened and i was stressed out and all of them were laughing in my face. it was a little bit of pay back. i stood over there and laughed in his face. it felt pretty good to do. the 49ers lost two games in five days by five points. they fell to 0-3 last night. but not before playing the best
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nfl game in the history of levi stadium. >> we play like this we are going to win eventually. >> 41-39 was the final. win for rookie head coach mc va y. highest scoring thursday night game ever. did they chat much after this one? >> a little. tfgs more -- it was more i'll hit you up over the weekend when everyone is talking. you just give each other a hug, say what's up. we gave each other a hook of hey, that was crazy. i'm sure we'll catch up this week about it. >> war drove miss function -- dysfunction. after he ripped his pants he
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stopped taking the ball out of the cup. he just walked off. he didn't want to make the problem any worse by bending down again, and again and again. >> coming up in the next half hour north korea firing off insults. the country's dictator called president trump mentally deranged. hew it is taking t a dangerous new level. >> how the travel ban works. what we are learning about a more targeted replacement. >> the dogs arear tdtege
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words.. between president trump and north korea's leader. "kim jung un" unleashed a barrage of insults and threats -- and president . our top story at 6:30. a war of words between president trump and north korea's leader, kim jon un unleashed insults and threats and president trump wasted -- wasted no time firing back. experts say the fewed is taking an unprecedented turn --
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fued is taking an unpress -- feud is taking an unpress turned. >> rex tiller said all options for the white house remain on the table. >> once we can assess the nature of this threat, the president will make the appropriate decision. >> reporter: kim jon un took aim at president trump slamming nim for his speech to the un general assembly this week. in a rare statement given by the dictator rather than state run media, kim called the president mentally deranged and threatened mr. trump would pay for his speech. this morning president trump tweeted kim jon un of north horea w who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. the war of words comes after the president announced new
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sanctions yesterday that further isolate the rogue regime. >> if they don't have the funding, then they can do less of it. >> reporter: the order cuts off access to u.s. banks and expands the treasury department's ability to limit the access of anyone doing business with north korea. >> the direct response from kim jon un means the korean dictator has now put his reputation on the line. kim has doubled down on his commission to finish his nuclear weapons program, a program the u.s. wants him to stop. >> he has made it difficult for him to climb back down off of that commitment. that's the way it has hur diplomacy because it is going to be harder to get him to give up that program now. >> we will talk to rex tillerson
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and john mccain sunday morning. the travel ban is days away from ending but the white house is expected to replace it. liz is here now with what we can expect. >> reporter: the white house will soon replace its travel ban with rules that is specific to specific countries. it could happen sunday when president trump's travel ban on these six majority muslim con trees is set to expire. they are pushing the president to push new travel restrictions that would vary from country to country. elaine duke wants to set new screening rules for a broad range of travelers. experts believe the new rules will a vowed the many legal pit falls that were included -- a void the many legal pit falls that were included in the travel ban. >> this will take the focus off
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the political campaign statements regarding this being a muslim travel ban. >> the new plan could include all out bands on travel to the u.s. or restrictions on visas. so far no countries or restriction haves been specified. according to one white house official the president trump is expected to sign a prom lam asian oort on or before sunday -- proclamation on or before sunday. president trump's administration is rescinding the obama administration guidelines. they didn't offer profer to the students who were accused of as. right now the entire island of puerto rico is still without power after hurricane maria hit earlier this week.
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earlier today the mayor of san juan went door to door to check on res dnts. >> the puerto rico and the juan you lived inan s a couple f days ago is non exist enter. >> this is a life or death situation. we are not being dramatic. >> puerto rico is currently working on getting the island ports back open so they can receive emergency supplies that are so desperately needed. there is a new threat right now. a 90-year-old damn is-year-old dam that is failing right now. right now there is winds of 125 miles-an-hour. to mexico now where the search for survivors continues after this week's 7.1 earthquake. you can see these crews trying to break through crumbled
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buildings to, yelling through the cracks to see if anyone is trapped in the rubble. the death toll vontee wer tol to wreownd their taname and emergency s cot on their arm in case they're injured or even killed while searching for survivors. coming up, a new iphone, a new watch, but no long lines. is the apple launch day losing its burglary. >> a car burglary at ocean beach. the search for the thieves who made off with nearly a million dollars of jewelry.
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the nasdaq and s&p were slightly higher. apple dragging down the market.. shares of the i- phone maker fell 5 percent for the week. it's the worst performing.. week, leadi . stocks closing, nasdaq and s&p slightly higher. shares of the iphone makerell five% -- five v% for the week. apple ceo tim cook visited the palo alto apple store today.
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he says the series 3 watches have already sold out in stores. it looked like business as usual at apple stores in downtown s tth camera where you can make the back grountd black. make it -- ground -- background. >> the jury is still out on whether the iphone 8 will will be as successful as its pred de. meanwhile the wifi glitch doesn't seem to be stunting demand. cook says the issue will be fixed with a software update. no word on when that is coming. soon you won't be able to call for an uber in london.
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london's transport authority says that uber lacks corporate authority while lacks safety and security. and they are ticking issue with its criminal criminal uses. a delivery person physically enters the person's home and puts the food away in the fridge or freezer. right now it's only available to customers of the smart lock company. it's latest's -- walmart's late s move to compete with amazon. california swimmers may a crucial heads up if there is a shark in the water. >> we are looking at a fire weather watch for the north bay mountains. relative humidity going down. temperatures going up. chopper five looking good on a
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friday night. skies are clear. we'll talk temperatures coming up.
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into a liquor store. a million dollars in antique jewelry... made of gold, pearls and diamonds. the heist went down last . a thief in san francisco got away with close to a million dollars in antique jewelry. you saw it there. it webt down last -- went down last month at the ocean beach parking lot. they smashed the window of an escalade. a blue tl was seen speeding from the area. some of san francisco's cable cars are out of service for repair. the california street cable cars need their gear box >> these have beed.nepla hercee 30 years. they've served the world very well. it's time for a change. >> like anything else it wears out finally and it's time. >> each of the cable car lines will go through the same
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process. but only one can be serviced at a time. the $6 million rebuild should be completed in a year. there have been more than usual shark sightings this year. a beach in california is thinking of installing a warning system. >> once arkha s detected a realtime message is sent to the -- >> reporter: . >> another huge bite is on my . >> what we want to do is prove the technology works. >> congressman says the technology will be tested along the coast in orange county which has been a hot spot for sharks over the last few years.
6:47 pm
it will not only detect but measure a shark's size. >> if a big shark comes into that area, the sew nar -- sonar devices will alert the lifeguard and the lifeguard will be able to get everybody out of the water. >> maria had no warning as she swam offshore in015. the woman, 2 who has made a remarkable recovery, has competed in six triathalon's since. she told us that the shark detecting system, if reliable is great news. >> for your swimmers and anybodo ele what else is in there and take precautions to avoid problems like i had. >> reporter: the congressman said the project is expected to cost between 1 and $2 million. it's being called the
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world's largest bounce house. it's making its california debut right here in the bay area. it measures 10,000 square feet and is 32 feet tall. it includes an object calendar course, giant -- obs calendar course, giant - owsta-- ob stacle c. >> it's fun for everyone. the weather is going to be rel nice this weekend. looking north, notice a little bit of cloud cover. a few folks sent in a note on facebook saying it rained this morning. we're clear otherwise. clear and 62 degrees in san francisco. 69, upper 60s for livermore, san jose. still some snow showers in the
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sierra. one moving over towards lake tahoe. some some snow showers may continue overnight into tomorrow. some ski resorts reported over a half of a foot of snow. tonight will be chilly, not as chilly as this morning. fairfield 53, santa rosa down to 49 and low to mid 50s to san francisco. fog fest, ironically when we have the least amount of fog, it going to be a trefk weekend. the weather is changing near ths sooven as tomorrow. oakland you struggled to hit 70 today. tomorrow you will hit 80 to 82 degrees. because the winds are changing. typically the weather is flowing from the ocean, which is like an air conditioner. this will be a week where we see the opposite where the winds will come down from the north or
6:50 pm
northeast. it will still be relatively cool at the beach, but get to oakland, fremont, and temperatures will be 10 to 12 degrees milder tomorrow. looking into next week. the ridge will make its closest pass on tuesday. not only do we have a northeast ridge, but temperatures will respond inland top making it into the 90s. next week is the first week of fall. not as chilly overnight tonight as that wind shift begins. warmer tomorrow especially near the bay. next week, how about 70s at the beach. if you have a day off of work or school, it might be a nice day to head to the beach. calmable tomorrow, 82, fremont 82, redwood city, gorge youshgs sunshine, 80. 80 retirement system for dan ville and dublin. looking at highs in daily city, sunshine 68. 84 in sonoma, 83 in santa rosa.
6:51 pm
81 degrees in wine country. a little bit warmer on sunday. the temperatures will continue to climb tuesday, wednesday, thursday. look at the highs near the bay. 80s across the board with tomorrow being the exception and 70s at the beach. so, everybody else in the world is cooling down. we will begin warming up for at least the next seven days of that's your forecast. coming up, rescue dogs with a nose for saving lives. we are going to get a look at their intense training in kra. >> it's been a hot topic of debate around here, so we are asking you, do you think the warriors should visit the white house. yes, no, why not, why. that's 10:00 over on our sister station. 44, cable 12.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. rocked that nation's capital earlier this week.. reporter rachel kim shows . search and rescue efforts in full swing in mexico after that powerful earthquake rocked the nation's capitol earlier this week. >> non profit trains rescue dogs to help with a life saving
6:55 pm
effort. >> his mission is simple. >> anybody alive in the rubble is what they're looking for. >> reporter: here at the training center, dogs that were given a second chance at life were trained to save a life. the non profit group takes dogs from shelters in rescue groups and teaches them to search for and rescue people after disasters. >> these are high drive toy driven intense ocd for the toy dogs. >>. >> reporter: the dogs are taught out odors coming off a live person. their reward is the toy. sarah explains how they are taught to find the toy. >> we have a live person inside one with a toy. they know every time they stick their nose in the one with the live person that toy come. >> reporter: he got his toy after finding within of the
6:56 pm
trainers hide inning a manhole. this is part of the newest part of the grounds at the training field. it is designed to create any disaster in any situation. they learn to search through standing mrgs and make sure people are trapped in cars. after an intense training dogs are ready to be paired with firefighters and first responders. once they meet they train together for two weeks before getting national certification with fema. >> it's the only tool that we have that can find an unconscious buried victim. that is what i would want looking -- looking for my loved ones. >> teams from the search dog foundation have been deployed around the world. >> we need it more and more. thank goodness we have them. >> don't forget us to join us at 10:00. and you could see us back here tonight at 11.
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>> have a good weekend.
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