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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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is off... but a showdown on campus is still brewing. right-wing speakers say they ot be silenced... despite uc berkeley free-speech weekend has a showdown. right-wing speaker say they will not be silent despite earlier plans falling apart. thank you for joining us.>> don landis is on the campus with the latest. >> reporter: even though free- speech week has been canceled it is not out of the woods. they are doubling down vowing to have a rally and march on campus tomorrow at noon. >> i will not allow an entire
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bunch of american life given. >> the patriot decided not to host milo yiannopoulos . he says that is okay he will have an outdoor event. he is asking his supporters to march with them. >> his behavior has been unacceptable and disgusting. >> the students canceled it because of being to -- threaten. >> i do understand that these students have been bullied. they have also been intimidated expect a spokesman fire back saying they tried to keep everyone safe. >> we go to extraordinary lengths to support free-speech. and he claims to the contrary is simply ridiculous. >> in the meantime a group of anti-police demonstrators marched to uc berkeley to denounce hate. some of them will return
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tomorrow. that is before crashing the uc berkeley press conference this afternoon.>> this is a sham. this is not about free-speech.>> -- >> reporter: milo yiannopoulos telling demonstrators if it does happen he will be very interested. campus police and poorly -- police from berkeley say there will be a lot of police officers. president trump has opened up a war of words with some of the nation's top athletes. seth levin explains how it's began. >> president trump used a political rally in alabama to cut a challenge to the national
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football league. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these owners when somebody disrespects our flag say get that son of a bench off the field. >> the president was referring to former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and several other players who have sat or raised fists during the national anthemo protest the killings of african-americans at the hands of police. >> that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. >> here at the headquarters executives were listening come of the commissioner responded with a statement. >> despite comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl. the president doubled down saturday morning and went on the attack. he tweeted the statement on your screen. the invitation is withdrawn, the basketball stars quickly came to his defense including
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kobe bryant and others. with everything that is going on in our country why are you focusing on who is kneeling? the warriors said they would not visit the white house. we accept the president trump has made it clear that we are not invited. 49ers ceo says in a statement a callous and offensive comment made by the president are contradictory to what this great country stands for our players have exercised their rights as united states citizens. the warriors say instead of going to the white house they will use a trip to dc to celebrate a quality. in other news the u.s. air force made a show of force to north korea. this has -- as nuclear tensions continue to grow. bombers flew in international airspace and other u.s. fighter or bomber has learned that far
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north of the corian this century. moments after the flight north korea's foreign minister spoke at the united nations calling resident trump the greatest threat to international peace. he also says the u.s. will pay dearly. the death toll from this week's earthquake has climbed to 305 in mexico. the earthquake shook the country suspending rescue efforts.>> in the heart of mexico city surprise -- supplies are being managed by anyone who can. >> it is a medeplnt oysent out lieutenant a firefighter from the boston area and helping an overnight effort to help save someone.>> given the fact that a live victim was pulled off the pile earlier the day gave
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us a lot of will to keep going. >> a small aftershock shifted the building and they had to stop. >> unfortunately the clock ran out for us. when there is a glimmer of hope come it affects you.>> stories like this are playing out across the city and region in the wake of tuesday's 7.1 earthquake.>> after feeling an earth quake like this it is not easy to go back and that is why we are reviewing and there is a lot of damage to consider. >> saturday with many buildings standing on shaky legs calm a 6.1 magnitude aftershock causing more damage. search and rescue continues to be a priority could remain so for up to two weeks. bringing together everyone together from reeds to rescue organizations and volunteers. we have become part of them.>>
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here time and every helping hand counts when it comes to potentially saving someone trapped beneath the rubble. puerto rico still feeling the devastating effects of hurricane maria. the storm blame for at least 10 deaths on the island right now and estimated 15,000 people are in shelters. 85% of puerto rico's cell phone towers and lines are disabled. right now emergency crews are racing to evacuate tens of thousands of people who live downstream of a failing dam. the reservoir is completely swollen. most of puerto rico's power lines are above ground outdated and fragile. no match for maria. some families resorted to living outside using flashlights. desperation continues to grow as food and water deplete across the island.
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>> cruiser returning from hurricane work in florida. as soon as the storm passed they were restoring power. many people in the bay area asking to help those in puerto rico. the red cross is taking donations. step hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for a hot dog vendor who had his money taken by uc blice officer.>> that is poery lenot you may remember the vendor had the officer requested id and rifled through his wallet. a video has gone viral. jackie ward is live and explains how it continues. >> reporter: vendors are a big part of the game day culture. the campus police tell us they are cracking down on once you don't have the proper license. a couple of weeks ago a hot dog
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vendor was siting for not having a permit but now the community is rallying behind him. >> we must humanize our vendors comment not criminalize them. >> it's been two weeks since he witnessed this vendor getting cited by a police officer bit in addition to getting a ticket the video shows the officer taking money from his wallet. he said he posted the video out of frustration hoping the administration would do something about what he calls an injustice.>> we are okay with that. why are we going to pick on a young man who is providing for his family? >> the video has been viewed more than 20 -- 12 million times. many people are tipping into the gofundme account. as the officer was taking his money and punishing him felt humiliated inside but today commas spec i love all of the
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support i am getting. >> students at the event told us this isn't the first time the officer involved has done something like this. now petition to remove him from his position is going around campus. >> a bunch of students and faculty members came out and reported that they had been hara.>way to do this. there are a lot of issues going on. i think that probably fueled the fire. it is hard to know what he was thinking. >> the university is r what happened as ieevthe ngoffi remains on the job. he also says the other people were cited that they for bending near the stadium without a license. >> reporter: the efforts will still be ongoing because right now they have raised about $87,000 but the hope is to hit $150,000 so they can get him a new food truck.
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coming up, the million- dollar jewelry snatched. -- hei. what made this woman want to put out the trash 1000 times. be on your best behavior and the best weather forecast is coming up.
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san rafael. the fire burned less than 2 acres and broke out this afternoon on san rafael hill firefighters on the scene of a small brush fire. the fire burned less than two acres and broke out this afternoon. crews have stopped the flames
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from spreading and are working to slowly contain the fire. no word on the cause. nearly $1 million worth of jewelry is in the hands of a bay area at the. san francisco police say somebody broke into a car and took antique pieces including diamond earrings. also an 18 karat yellow gold cut bracelet comment and a diamond and pearl tassel necklace. leaving them in the car turned out not to be a good idea. police are looking for blue 2000 acura that was seen speeding from the area. a swimmer has just completed an impressive feat in the san francisco bay. she has made the same attempt more times than any other woman in today we show you how she reached a big milestone. >> in the water in san francisco doing something that
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a lot of people don't get to do. >> she made the 1 1/2 mile swim for the 1000 time something you do even once. >> i got to jump off the boat and i turned around and everybody else is jumping off the boat. >> the club helped document the swim. she came ashore about one hour later exhausted. >> i think we all have to be a little crazy just to be out here and have fun. would you do this? >> more than 500 swimmers did it taking part in the invitational while christine swam into the record books. >> we must be crazy but in a good way. nahi. s s 449 swimto >> it was very exciting to see her be the first woman in the whole world to do 1000 swims.
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>> she says she took up swimming more than two decades away. -- ago. >> if i can do it come a anybody could do it. i am not kidding. i am not a fast swimmer.>> she does have a fierce determination to achieve what few others even dare. the weather didn't hurt come a we had sunshine today and a warming trend on track. there is sunshine close to the shoreline as well. some clouds and warm. 81 79 degrees. as we look at the forecast ties for tomorrow warming up near
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average. around the bay we will be at 88 degrees. here's how it looks on the west coast low pressure nats uted out to the east and high pressure will begin to build in and as it does come a we will enter a classic autumn pattern. a week offshore breeze by the time we had to tuesday and it will ramp up temperatures. as a result there are red flag warnings. the north bay red flag warning posted through tuesday come sunshine all week long temperatures will climb to near 90 degrees midland -- inland. even the beaches will be near 80 degrees by wednesday. pacific coast fog fest this weekend. 74 degrees and mostly sunny.
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the blues festival sounds good sunshine and 85 degrees. the dragon boat festival sunshine and 80 degrees. for you aviation buffs comment the airport open houses happening tomorrow 74 degrees. overnight lows tonight temperatures in the mid-50s and a high temperature for tomorrow 85 degrees in santa rosa. the extended forecast the sun will be out with temperatures in the mid-90s. look at the beaches the coast will be near 80 by thursday. it looks like lots of sunny skies in the upcoming week. coming up, looking for the first win over the trojans
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since 2003.
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but for the warriors this n intern it's fairly routine when a championship in's professional sports visited the president but for the warriors there has been quite an internal debate of whether or not to go to the white house. that is until now. >> donald calm i do not want to go. the president has come of the things that he said and he hasn't said in the right times that we won't stand for it. >> curry saying he would not visit the white house. president trump extended an invitation this morning. the team has planned on holding a meeting to decide whether or not to go but the president made the decision for them.>> we are going to talk about it today. funny that the tweet was sent
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before we had a chance to get together. it is calm a what it is calm a -- it is calm a -- it is what it is.>> he we can break up with him. spectrums tweet got a response on twitter from lebron james saying seth curry already said he is not going so there is no invite. going to the white house was a great honor until you showed up. day after being the subject of trade cardinal anthony has traded to the new york knicks to the oklahoma city thunder. the 10 time all-star wasn't acquiring the trade back in july. the bears haven't impressed so far this year.
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they are 3-0 and locking -- looking to knock off the trojans. a former quarterback tied at 3 the bears are going for it. they get it in from a yard out. the trojans respond just a little over two minutes later former running back heads for a pass to tie the game. final minute of the half 13-10 mac -- 13-10. he goes up over the center 427 yard game to set them up for a field goal tying the game. early fourth-quarter usc is hit and the ball pops into the trojans. two plays later stephen car
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scores two yards out giving the church is a 23-13 lead. after another turnover they put the game away with a touchdown pass. trojans going to win 30-20. step the raiders and their fourth-ranked offense are heading to the capital for visit with washington to this week on sunday.>> the nation's capital a chance to get to 3-0 for the first time since 2002. they want the first four on the way d the super bowl. on the nfl's grandest day comment no one is more psyched off than the offensive leader. he is directing an offense that averages over 35 points a game completing 75% of the passes.>> peen we hit the field it will a
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bei thedink it is scool tfuo weapons. >> we have great running backs. it gives you a nice little mixture of different guys with different skills.>> afc west against nst east two of the best divisions in all of football. onto the lights tomorrow night. derrik car would be an understate the third best pass in me ntayg league and hasn't turned the ball over yet. with a win tomorrow he may longer have a moving record. -- >> it usually doesn't end well. that first year as we all know for everybody so to be able to win some more games since that
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> fo99 l lofor th thfirst win the season but the raiders are on a roll. -- the 49ers are still looking for the first win of the season but the raiders are on a roll.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. in san franc finally this afternoon it's the first weekend of fall it it still feels like summer in some areas. people were out taking their dogs for a walk this morning.>>
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have a good night. >> ninan: fighting on multiple fronts. the president kicks off the weekend railing against north korea. >> little rocket man. >> ninan: john mccain. and n.f.l. anthem protesters. >> get the (bleep) off the field right now. he's fire! >> ninan: today he diverts from a twitter rage on twitter and targets the n.b.a.'s biggest star. a failing dam creates a new crisis in hurricane-ravaged puerto rico. mexico already on edge following a devastating earthquake is rattled again by a powerful aftershock. >> in this moment i think we are with he. >> reporter: hope? >> yes. >> ninan: and is southern california ready for the big


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