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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  September 23, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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have a good night. >> ninan: fighting on multiple fronts. the president kicks off the weekend railing against north korea. >> little rocket man. >> ninan: john mccain. and n.f.l. anthem protesters. >> get the (bleep) off the field right now. he's fire! >> ninan: today he diverts from a twitter rage on twitter and targets the n.b.a.'s biggest star. a failing dam creates a new crisis in hurricane-ravaged puerto rico. mexico already on edge following a devastating earthquake is rattled again by a powerful aftershock. >> in this moment i think we are with he. >> reporter: hope? >> yes. >> ninan: and is southern california ready for the big
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one? scientists say many are living with a false sense of security. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. and this is our western edition. american bombers and fighter jets flew off the coast of north korea today in a show of force. it was the furthest north of the demilitarized zone between north and south korea that u.s. warplanes have flown in the 21st cen the pentagon says it was in response to northtury. korea's "reckless behavior." this unfolding shortly before north korea had its say at the u.n. general assembly in new york city, q1ing its war of words with president trump. here's paula reid. >> ( translated ): none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. >> reporter: responding to presidenpresident trump's u.n. h last week, north korea's minister of foreign affairs addressed the u.n. saturday. >> ( translated ): what else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks, such as pouring fire and fury, total
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destruction, coming from the top authority of the world's biggest nuclear power. >> reporter: on friday, north korea's leader, kim jong-un, described president trump as a "mentally deranged dotard. >> rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> reporter: at a campaign rally in alabama later that same day, president trump continued that esk lating war of words. >> he may be smart, he may be strategic, and he may be totally crazy. but you know what? no matter what he, is we're going to handle it, folks. >> reporter: on twitter he denounced mr. kim as a "madman." >> that was a horrible, horrible thing that happened to the republican party. >> reporter: the president is also engaged in a battle within his own party as the g.o.p.'s latest health care bill is just one "no" vote away from defeat after senators rand paul and john mccain say they will not support the plan. >> john mccain, if you look at his campaign, his last campaign, was all about repeal and replace. >> reporter: president trump blasted the arizona senator for
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opposing the latest g.o.p. plan to deliver on a signature campaign promise. >> it's a little tougher without mccain's vote. i'll be honest. >> reporter: senator susan collins and lisa murkowski are wavering on support for this version of the bill, unless "yes" votes from both senators can be secured or a deal can be struck with senator paul, this health care plan will likely fail. the white house is currently considering additional travel restrictions from countries it believes are not doing enough to prevent terrorists and other criminals from coming to the u.s. the new policy would replace the current travel ban from six predominantly muslim countries. the white house has not said which countries will be under the new rule but it could be announced tomorrow. >> ninan: president trump is also taking on the wide world of sports this weekend drawing fire from t n.f., the n.b.a ativecu college hoops. here's tony dokoupil. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to
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say get that son of a (bleep) off the field right now. out. he's fired. >> reporter: ( applause ) he's fired! ( applause ) >> reporter: with when president trump rallied voters in huntsville, alabama friday night, he veered into a sideline attack on the n.f.l. >> because that's a total disrespect of our heritage. >> reporter: clght this recommendation for n.f.l. fans: >> if you see it, even if it's one player, leave the stadium. i guarantee, things will stop. >> reporter: last season, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick knelt during the national anthem to protest racism. this accept, he hasn't been signed by an n.f.l. team. saha tmper a tllwiru professionl athleteses who disrespect the flag should be fired. and preemptively withdrawing a white house invitation to basketball superstar steph curry. the president's comments stirred fury online. "u bum," tweeted belon james. "going to the white house was a
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great honor until you showed up." the n.f.l. players' union and many players themselves rushed to defend what they see as free speech: >> sports has not been an escape from politics for a good, long time. >> reporter: professor lee eag cell with new york university's tisch institute for sports. >> in terms of talking to athletes, there are managers who are about to instruct them on what they can do. there are coaches who will do the same. but they're not all that great about letting other people tell them what to do. >> reporter: late today, steph curry's golden state warriors send the president's decision to withdraw a white house invitation, saying the team will instead visit washington to equality, diversity, andcebrat ienclusion. reena. >> ninan: and, tony, there's another team that's decided not to go to the white house. >> reporter: the men's
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n.c.a.a. champion tar heels will not go to the white house either, but they're citing a scheduling conflict. >> ninan: thank you, tony. eight surviving member of the little rock nine are in arkansas this weekend for a historic reunion. they gathered friday to commemorate the 60th anniversary of their desegregation of an all-white he tma iool when former students supremacist rally last month immediately reminded her of the mobs she faced back in 1957. a failing dam has created a a new crisis in puerto rico. a 90-year-old dam is being push to the breaking point by floodwaters from hurricane maria. tens of thousands who live downstream are now scrambling to get to higher says it's extremely difficult right now to get information out of guajataca, that city in the western part of the island where we're told a dam is in the process of failing. it was friday when the national weather service first warned that the dam might fail and that
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uautev.people may need to bee teacbu thewe governor of the island wet to guajataca with satellite phones so that he could keep in contact with emergency officials. but as of saturday morning, the governor spokesperson says they can't reach those officials. here's the latest from the governor's office: the death count here on the island is nine, but they expthat t gtoo more deiseal is being brought in to hospitals on the island that are running low on fuel. the problem is getting that deiseal to those hospitals. the governor's office says two police officers may have been killed on the western part of the island after they were swept away in floodwater. we spoke with fema, the federal emergency management agency, which is on the ground here in puerto rico. they're telling us they're bringing in one million liters of water, as well as food, medicine, and 31 high-capacity generators. you may have heard there family members that commercial flights were resuming here on the island, and that is true. however, it's extremely difficult to actually get a flight right now.
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most people are saying their flights areng most ei the planes that are getting into island are military planes that have relief aid. the power is still out here, and that means for just about everyone there's no water. reena. >> ninan: david begnaud, thank you, david. its death toll from the earthquake that hit mexico this week has climbed to 305. more than half of those deathes were in mexico city. rescue efforts paused today as th country was rattled again by a magnitude 6.-1 aftershock. >> reporter: a series of aftershocks south of mexico city sent people once again running into the streets and search-and-rescue crews evacuating already-unsteady mounds of debris. closer to the epicenter, the 6.1-itudgn quakema brought this bridge down. crews returned to what was left of a six-story office building in mawx city borough more than 40 people were listed as miss.
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mariel mendoza has been camped out here since wednesday. her cousin, ivan colin fernandez, an accountant, was working on the fourth floor of this building when the quake hit. >> we know that they found people on the fourth floor. i think that they found, like, different groups. and some of them, like, they showed they are life. >> reporter: there are signs of life? >> uh-huh. so we are, like, hoping forim to be one of those. >> reporter: her faith is also fueled by this extraordinary rescue on wednesday. a human resources worker named paulina was trapped under tons of debris. workers, like rodrigo heredia chia, burrowed down two stories and used cables to pull her to "i'msafe here." just, "i'm here." >> reporter: people saying, i'm here?" >> yes. shocking, you know. >> reporter: shocking? >> yes, shocking. cif arorr: otets,e arth eatydingyi to tensions as
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an officer tried to reopen a busy boulevard, searchers and family members who wanted silence protested, still hoping to hear sounds from possible survivors under the rubble. the number of people rescued from collapsed buildings like this one has reached nearly 70, but as the days go on, the hopes of finding others diminish. still, crews continue to search. reena. >> ninan: manuel bojorquez in mexico city. coming up, the mexico earthake say reminder that another major quake will eventually hit southern california, and scientists say many californians have a false sense of security.
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>> ninan: well, hours before mexico city was rocked by an earthquake this past week, a smaller quake jolted the los angeles area. it was a reminder that the so-called big one will eventually hit southern california. scientists say that many californians have a false sense of security regarding earthquakes. here's carter evans. >> reporter: as engineers
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surveyed the destruction in mexico city, a lot can be learned from the buildings that survived the 7.1-magnitude earthquake, and the ones that did not. this concrete apartment building didn't have enough steel rebar embedded in the support columns. according to california seismic safety commissioner kit miyamoto. >> that is actually really classic failure. >> reporter: and it's common construction, especially here in los angeles. engineers call them "soft-story buildings," where the ground floor is often used for parking. the interesting thing about that video is you could actually see the moment and the location of failure of that building. >> exactly. if you see it carefully, first, the corner column starts essentially buckling. the rebar buckling outward. and it explodes. and that caused the collapse of that essentially ground floor. >> reporter: miyamoto is traveling to mexico city next week to assess the damage. >> exactly.
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just understanding what happened there, and what would be a lesson we can learn in california. >> reporter: we caught up with him last year in downtown los angeles. if that building isn't reinforced, what happens to it in a large earthquake? >> well, unreinforced buildings like that, without any seismic strengthening is essentially what i call a "death box." >> reporter: the city is now targeting more than 13,000 small residential apartment buildings and nearly 1500 concrete buildings that could need reinforcement. >> l.a. is essentially now leading in the nation, leading the whole world for this type of seismic strengthening. but are we prepared completely? no, we're not. i think we can do so much more. >> reporter: one all the concrete buildings here in los angeles, owners will be given 25 years to reinforce the structure. reena. >> ninan: carter evans, thank you, carter. up next, the manmade problems that made houston's historic floods much worse. scott pelley investigates for "60 minutes."
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>> ninan: nearly a month after hurricane harvey brought historic floods and devastation to southeast texas, many are struggling to recover. in houston, some say poor city planning made the disaster much worse. scott pelley looked into houston's flooding problem for "60 minutes." >> what have you lost? >> three cars, most of our home and our rental property and half of our sanity. >> reporter: you've been here 20 years. ever flood before? >> never. >> reporter: is this house in a flood plain? >> >> no! no! >> reporter: health hath no fury like a woman submerged, the crack of every ruined memory exposed cynthia neely's rage, not at harvey, but at houston. she's with "residents against flooding" a nine-year-old group suing the city. they want to tougher the law that requires developers to dig detention basins to catch runoff from buildings. houston has grown about 25% in
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20 years. >> we hired top-notch i had droll gists, engineers, to look at a problem and say, hey, something's wrong here. city, county needs to do something. so for all these nine years we've been going to mayor after mayor, year after year, beggingg and pleading, asking for detention basins, asking for drainage infrastructure improvements and they just look at us like, "thank you for coming. have a nice day." th cis>> city ist bought and par by developers. >> reporter: when you hear someone say, "these storms come along every 500 years or so" what do you say? >> (bleep). okay. seriously, we have had four-- three 500-year floods in the last 27 months. now we have harvey. mother nature is going to do what mother nature is going to do. that means it's going to rain. we're going to have hurricanes and tropical storms.
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so, by golly, do something to protect your people from it. >> ninan: you can see scott's full report tomorrow night as "60 minutes" kicks off its 50th season. still ahead, my conversation with n.f.l. game changer, the first woman to call a nationally televised game.
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>> ninan: beth mowins made broadcasting history earlier this month. she became the first woman to call a nationally televised n.f.l. game. ns wacwibe bl k betweenn the cleveland browns ad the indianapolis colts on cbs. i sat down this week with the broadcasting game changer. >> brown: dumps it off to gordon underneath, launching for
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the goal line and touchdown, los angeles! i've always approached play-by-play as a craft and as a very particular skill set that, quite honestly, not a lot of people want to do. it's a small fraternity and sorority that you really-- you know, i think of that 10,000-hour rule. you really have to put a lot of time in from a very young age. you really have to want it. quite often, it entails going out to small town, u.s.a., and getting a lot of reps, and sort of moving up, you know, steps of the ladder. and so it's an industry, i think, where you have to have a lot of patience, and you have to have a lot of confidence. and, quite honestly, you can't really have a fallback position. you know, when i was making $19,000 a year living in a, you know, aifre wasomething else i wanted to do, i probably would have gone and done it. >> ninan: is it difficult that there's so much attention placed that you're a woman? >> i have come to embrace it a
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little bit more. but, honestly, i've always looked at myself as a play-by-play announcer. and i've been calling the n.f.l. since i was about eight years old in my living room. >> ninan: eight years old. >> it's not new to me. it's just new to everybody else. and i'll-- i'll let other people deal with any historical significance. my focus is on-- you know, i want to do a good job for all of the people that have been there over the years to support me. >> ninan: i was surprised at everybody talking about your voice. you have an amazing voice. what is up with the criticism over the voice? and how did you rise above it? >> i-- you know, i really haven't tried to pay too much attention to it. i do get a lot of "where in the south did you grow up," kind of reba mcentire-ish. and i tell them i'm from upstate new york and they look at me kind of sideways. you know, that's beyond my control, other than, you know, trying my best to keep a strong voice and make sure i drink a lot of water and to do my
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exercises "to, do, for, pop, boy," before i go on the air. things like that. it is what it is. and i tell people if you haven't heard a woman calling sports before, give it a quarter, give it a half, and listen to the language, and listen to the call, as best you can, and not be distracted by who it is that's doing the talking. >> ninan: woman viewership nke up 45% of the s.f they'll continue to focus on attracting more women to the game. well, when we return, mumford & sons rock new york city with a concert benefiting a cause close to their hearts.
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>> ninan: we close tonight in new york city. it's a global citizens festival, and it features some of music's biggest stars, including stevie wonder, the killers, and green day. earlier this, we mumford & sons kicked off a festival, and anthony mason caught up with the
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group's lead singer and songwriter. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the grammy-winning british group sold out new york's united palace theater. ♪ but it's not your fault but mine ♪ >> mason: all proceeds going to a new charity, close to the heart of band already marcus mumford. >> so that every penny you guys spend on your ticket goes to children in conflict, which is awesome. >> mason: what drew you to this charity? >> i felt like they were doing work that no one else was doing. >> reporter: "children in conflict" is the new american arm of "war child u.k.," a charity focused on helping children recover from the trauma of war help how did you find out about this? >> i found out about it through my wife. >> , of a child you know. >> mason: his wife is actress carey mulligan. >> i'm here with fidel who saw some really terrible things during the war, things a child should never have to see. >> reporter: she traveled to africa as a global ambassador
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for war child. you're a dad. you just became a father for the second time. how does that affect your connection to this? >> it's only made my support for it even-- even stronger. >> mason: earlier this year, mumford went to iraq. >> w met with families that had literally just come out from mosul. >> mason: in a refugee camp, where war child had set up a school, mumford says he met a five-year-old iraqi boy who had never been to school because of the isis occupation. >> and then the kid came in and recited his alphabet and counted to 20 in english, all of which he'd learned through these programs. >> mason: what did you say to him. >> i said, "that was seriously good." i don't think he understood that. but i applauded, i think, i applauded. and his father started crying right there in front of us and it was really impactful. and that's why we did it. >> n and ourhank to that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. later on cbs, "48 hours." i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good nig
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-- he will not be silenced. the free speech showdown he's vowing to bring to berkeley tomorrow. they're suspected of attacking a 92- year-old woman.. for her purse. we're live at the bay area mall where it happened. and a major snub -- for steph curry and company. president trump, now saying: the warriors are not welcome -- at the white house. ent s-invited the n-b-a champions on twitter today, saying: "going to the white ho the president disinvited the nba champions saying going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. seven kerry is hesitating and the invitation is gone. he said he personally did not
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want to go to the white house but would go along with whatever the team decided.>> the things that he said and the things that he has not said in the right time and we won't stand for it. hopefully it will inspire change when it comes to what we tolerate and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to.>> they intended to meet this morning until they saw the tweet. they said the invitation will not stop them from going to washington. in lieu of a visit to the white house, we have decided that we will constructively use our trip to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion. we are in washington tonight ahead of the redskin game


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