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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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look outside at the 580 interchange. lots of traffic out there already. a live look at the bay bridge on the left. clear conditions this morning.>> i was at that corridor and i was already what the trickle flow of traffic this morning at 2:40 a.m. >> everyone is starting work earlier having to commute.>> which means your jobs our valuable. [ laughter ] with clear skies as you get ready to kickstart the 1st full week of autumn. sfo international airport and oakland international not reporting any delays. look at the bright lights of the bay bridge, temperature rise with it does 47 degrees, 52 in livermore, 53 in oakland.
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what you are looking at with the radar is a classic september offshore push. that means temperatures will warm at the beaches today 80 in pacifica, low 90s away from the bay inland the full forecast is coming up at 5:18 but let's take a morning to jaclyn. >> good morning but we are tracking an accident at the airport -- fairpoint, motorcycle was hit a few times. emergency crews are on their way etc. lanes are blocked, we don't see a backup yet but quite a bit of debris from that accident, please be careful as you make your way through that stretch and get emergency crews room on the southbound 101.>> if you are headed along with found 580, the usual slowdowns are backing up to tracy. by the time you're in livermore your back in the green.
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no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. it was a big weekend of protest during the national anthem in the nfl.>> ben meka vick has the controversy. an unlikely. between the president and nfl started when the president suggested nfl players be fired for refusing to stand for the anthem. the present tweeted about half an hour ago praising nascar for not protesting like we saw in nfl yesterday. he said, so proud of nascar and its supporters and fans they won't put up with disrespecting our country and flag. he's referring that no nascar drivers took a knee, they had been warned not to do so by owners who said they could be fire. the president also tweeted that many people booed at the players who knelt.
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protests were nationwide in the nfl, players at every game the physical statement during the anthem. 200 players total, they sat annealed, locked arms, and in some cases the entire team -- except for an army ranger -- state off field. the president 1st comments came friday and conversation continued over the weekend and the president urged the owners to fire those who did not stand. >> this has nothing to do with race or anything else, this have to do with respect for our country and our military. >> i felt like we were being attacked. >> taking a knee during the national anthem was a movement started by san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick. he didn't to draw attention to police brutality and a lot of
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the pushback is the focus on the wording. they feel the president insulted their mothers by calling them sobs.>> a big rift with the warriors, trump rescinded a white house invitation to the warriors because of comments made by stefan curry. he set on friday that he did i want to go because he disagree with trump policies. the team said they will use their trip to the capital in february to celebrate a quality, diversion and inclusion. president trump son-in-law senior advisor jerry kershner is the private email account to communicate with white house officials. yesterday his lawyer confirmed he sent dozens of emails through the account between january and august after politico 1st revealed the
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existence. the lawyer said any nonpersonal emails reported to his account and preserved as required by law. during the campaign president trump repeatedly blasted clinton for using a private email service for government business and calls for prosecution. travel restrictions will be launched on a countries. we have the new rules regarding entry. >> reporter: president trump his revisions to his controversial travel ban. beginning next month restrictions go into place or some citizens of chad, iran, libya, somalia, syria, yemen, escuela, and north korea. these constraints replace portions of trump's previous travel ban expired sunday. >> when this thing got started we called it president trump's muslim band, so by adding north korea added a reaction. >> reporter: many nationalists
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have been banned from coming to the u. s. for 3 months. those bona fide relationship with a person already in the country were among those exempted. individuals from the a countries announce sunday are still able to apply for visas until october 18 which is when the restrictions are slated to take effect. president trump tweeted, making america safe is my number 1 priority and supporters of the decision say it will enhance national security.>> let's be clear, the majority of these countries are direct threats to the country or they are countries that aided and abetted isis and al qaeda.>> reporter: others including the aclu are opposed. >> he knows it will be a steep hill the client when this goes before the supreme court.>> reporter: the high court is expected to hear arguments in october. john lawrence reporting. several developments today when it comes to the dream act.
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a new bill will be announced on capitol hill meanwhile san franciscans plan to contribute to help young adults who call themselves dreamers. senator john tillis is expected to pass a bill to help 2.5 million undocumented immigrants. this is called the rac act. it looks at time in the u.s., military service and if they came to the u. s. before 16. president trump congress 6 months to come up with a solution before the tokamak solutions go into place. -- tokamak -- sochowski -- daca
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solutions go into place.>> this is a bill we all support. what is to be determined was what there would be in terms of border security. the essence of the bill was what the president committed and that means we trust him to honor that.>> best >> reporter: nancy pelosi was met with protest when undocumented immigrants interrupted her speech calling her a traitor. san franciscans are offering to pay for dreamers benefits. the mayor's office here in san francisco offering legal advice now and any help with filing the paperwork. the city is also volunteering to pay the $495 in government fees plus a benefit dinner is happening near city hall
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tonight and this is the 1st of its kind. people will be showing up to help pay for the government fees as well. live in san francisco. former congressman anthony weiner set to be sentenced for lewd and sexual conduct. the new york democrat admitted sending graphic photos and having obscene video chats with a 15-year-old girl. prosecutors what sentenced to more than 2 years in prison his attorneys what probation say he's a sick man who has made stunning progress through counseling.>> this was the scene at uc berkeley where conservative commentator milo yiannopoulos was planning a four-day week. in the end he spent only a few minutes on campus before being with away.>> counter protesters and trump supporters got in heated shouting matches yesterday after separated by police in right there.
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milo yiannopoulos made an appearance for less than 15 minutes . he took some of these with supporters and sang the national anthem.>> making sure we are here and they the administration now that nothing they do will stop us from showing up.>> i'm not at all surprised with the vitriol and hatred coming from their mouths.>> counter protesters led marched through the street with trump supporters following closely behind. 11 people were arrested during the demonstration. some of the biggest names in music come together in charlottesville. we will take you to the concert to support victims attacked during white nationalist rally's. the woman who vandalized the controversial statute at city hall is arrested. we are forecasting the classic september offshore flow, the city along the beach that will
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hit 80 degrees, i will show you where and how long last. expect delays on southbound 101, without an update -- we will have an update coming up.
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in san luis obispo county. it began late yesterday investigators are looking into what led to a deadly prison right in san obispo county. it began yesterday at the men's colony prison. authority say more than 160 inmates were involved in the right. one died and 9 other inmates were taken to outside hospitals for treatment of stab wounds. no prison staff was injured. san jose police a one woman is arrested suspected of smearing paint on the christopher columbus statue at city hall. yesterday please confirm that friday's arrest of gina gonzales was issued a citation. the brown race one the columbus statue remove accusing the 15th- century explore accused of genocide in white supremacy.
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anybody planning to heighten best hike in the berkeley hills and watch for mountain lions. one was spotted this weekend by 2 hikers. they say the cat was 75 away from them. experts say it's not a good idea to run we see them outlined, inside -- instead make yourself look bigger can't make noise and look menacing. >> how do you look menacing? >> easier said than done. >> i'm sure in that situation you will do anything. is just like traffic, patient is easier said than done. >> that's correct. women accident causing a slowdown so some people will need to pack patients on their way to work. the southbound 101 has a crash near the parkway, this is a motorcycle that was hit a couple of times by a few cars.
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this is not looking good. emergency crews are just arriving they have cleared all lanes, the activity is primarily in the center divide. we are seeing slowdowns and debris from the accident scattered across the lanes. give yourself some extra time if you're heading in that direction. traffic is backing up toward 3rd bayshore boulevard. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza, a few cars backing up in the cash lanes, still looking pretty good as you had out of oakland into san francisco. we are tracking an easy ride on the east shore freeway. no delays yet.>> new reports of a car blocking the bridge at venetia bridge at the toll plaza. is not created a backup at this hour. let's go to roberta for check on the forecast. official sunrise is at 7 a.m.
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we are seeing a little light, what i can tell you is with clear skies there and at the tower in san francisco. the morning our cooling off. when i woke up yesterday morning it was 48 degrees. 58 in san francisco and dave is a weather watcher in napa and he says good morning, everyone. is 47 degrees clear and cool in napa. wins are under 10 miles per hour around the lift of the bay and around the seashore. we have an east southeast wind which has becoming more consistent with the officer push which means offshore conditions and the coast is clear. we are seeing a classic september offshore flow but that also means we have very
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low relative humidity with a red flag warning in effect through wednesday at least, i think it will extend through the work week.>> tomorrow warm and dry weather continues in and the potential for high fire danger increases daily as the pitcher goes up under the influence of high-pressure and relative humidity goes down. the moisture is sucked out of the bed the station with the on shore component. 87 fresno, 72 in monterey bay, it's currently 29 degrees with clear skies going up the 60's in the high sierra's. mountains are looking good, the coast is looking better. 79 in santa cruz with the west wing kicking of from the seashore. otherwise, don't forget the sunblock. will through its 87 degrees, they all live in the mid-70s. back into the low 90s, 84 fremont and union city.
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these are extremely dry conditions. coast is in the 70s and 80s, that's the look at monday's forecast hopefully you have a great day. thousand came out for a unity concert in charlottesville, virginia headlined by the band. >> charlottesville is a place that took me in, is a place where i met the band. charlottesville admittedly has a difficult history. >> with this space being so full of love and hope. >> areata grande day at coldplay were also there.
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jennifer lopez is coming through from puerto rico. yesterday in new york she said she plans to donate $1 million from her las vegas concerts to the island hurricane relief effort. she was concerned because she could not reach all her relatives in puerto rico. lopez was born in new york to puerto rico paris. uc berkeley has created a list of u. s. cities with a chance of survival during an earthquake. the group looked at community
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organization and infrastructure. the raiders came to a screeching halt in dc last night. the high-powered offense shutdown in the capital. look got here it is.
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-- look, here it is.
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the reader's office looked unstoppable the 1st 2 weeks of
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the season, but less night in dc oakland had as much trouble moving the football as congress does passing health care. most of the raters that unlocked on the national anthem. 2nd quarter derek carr intercepted by fuller. that the 2nd pick of the game. oakland only gets 28 seconds on the 1st drive. figure 4c-0 in the 1st quarter. 27-10 and it's oakland's 1st loss of the season. the oakland a's kept on rolling, chris davis got his 41st home run. the giants were in los angeles, dodgers have the worst record in the major league. the cvs
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fedex cup title taking home the million dollar prize. today at 4 p.m. on kpix facebook and shot of jack is the show we call it an jack del rio los press conference. the states went on to beat the cardinals 4-1. more controversy over the nfl players taking a knee during the anthem. what the president is saying
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this morning. ♪ [ music ] (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you...
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(dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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live from the cvs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a hostage standoff turns deadly, how the g is en inthat unfoldedht. igwe will let you know what to expect when republicans roll out the healthcare plan today. classic september offshore flow, good morning. i will share with you which beach city will hit 80 degrees today. we are tracking an accident that's causing a backup on southbound 101 through brisbane. how far does the backup stretch? find out coming up. it is monday, september 25
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i am michelle gray go. >> i am kenny choi. in oakland a major intersection is closed after a crash with the police vehicle. katie nielsen is live with the latest.>> reporter: we are here at international and high street in oakland. if you look behind me you can so ofthe disclosures. ausing we just spoke with a lieutenant from the oakland police department moments ago. he told us what happened, oakland police were responding to a shots fired call sergeant -- call. a sergeant stopped a car and during the course of response as more officers headed down international boulevard, a car coming from high street collided with the officers. we're told the officers were responding code 3, lights and
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sirens.there were 2 officers in the suv. we're told both are injured and both were taken he was in stable condition. right now police investigators philistine, they will be here taking pictures and trying to document what happens it this is the case they will be closed out here for the next hour so they can finish their investigation that will stay with the crowd the banas. storm -- this is what everyone will be talking about
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today. this aspect social media of taking the knee this weekend he wanted nfl players fired who refuse to stand during the national anthem.>> players at every game have physical signs process and >> when you called up by the president, i feel like there's something i need to do i have respect for the military and the flag, the water is for from. this movement started last year i, camera many people boo the
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players who kneel today. the that fancy man's respect there also should sold by owners they will be fired if they did not. summer the senate republicans leading the the cassidy graham
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bill would eliminate medicaid expansion and federal insurance subsidies picked senator susan collins of maine expressed concerns about custom medicaid.>> the grants -- the gam cassidy bill proposes a change in the way the program would be allocated it doesn't need reform but we the careful reform.
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okay concert going forward roughly 1000 building still standing and mexico after the earthquake are no longer safe to live in. as hurricane maria near the north carolina, one island in the outer banks faces a mandatory evacuation order. tropical storm conditions are possible for most of the states coastline right down to the virginia were. hurricane border has been thing to 10 death, the list is expected to rise to the entire island has water cysts. summer water is helping with the effort. 4000 army reservists have been recruited.>> some with the most beautiful features are from
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a lot of the east coast will be affected all weekend long. our life weather camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. clear skies and you can't tell because the official sunrise is at 7 a.m.. we are fog free, a is 58 in san francisco and san jose. you're looking at the satellite and radar this time said clear. i am forecasting a high temperature of
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police after hearing morgan fire officers opened fire themselves. suspect i at a hospital, mother is ,5 and 8-year-old who were
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good morning and welcome to monday, september 25, look at your television screen, that is a beautiful picture. we can see the end of the
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offshore push which means 80 degrees in pacifica, 83 in san francisco, mid 80s and the san jose's, the full forecast is just 4 minutes away. several developments today, when it comes to the dream act, a new bill introduced on capitol hill while san franciscans plan to contribute money to help dreamers. we have more from city hall.>> reporter: good morning, president trump gave congress 6 months to come up with a solution before the protection expires next year from daca . >> the wall will happen.>> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi says she trusts the president to honor an agreement on the dream act. this would allow certain immigrants under the age of 18 to gain legal status.
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she was met with protesters calling her a traitor. >> this is long past a pact. this is about serving in the military and being employed or in school for a period of time. a benefit dinner is happening in san francisco near city hall it's a 1st of its kind fundraiser with proceeds going directly to paying for registration renewal these for daca recipients whose benefits expire soon. there are about 2000 in san francisco who are under an urgent deadline of october 5. they could use the help. there are about 155 thousand nationwide. the city of san francisco and the mayor have helped to pay renewal fees and they have been helping with legal filing and
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paperwork and the fees cost $500 each. from san francisco kpix5. the city of lafayette will consider ways to tackle skyrocketing rents. city leaders are trying to come up with a process for tenants to appeal the rent increases. the meeting is open to the public and is set to begin at the 5:30 p.m.. the state animal is the grizzly bear and now after 66 million years with usually have a state dinosaur. governor brown signed a bill making this the state dinosaur. we have a state dance which is a square dance in a state fabric is denim.
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>> that dinosaur is augustynolophus morrisi. >> we have our own mascot t rex.>> [ laughter ] >> i have the shortest arms in history, they have to visit me up.>> i have no segway in the traffic. right now a big backup developing along southbound 101 near fairpoint parkway. this crash happened just under an hour ago an emergency crews are still on see. now lanes are blocked with the backup is stretching out to bayshore boulevard. we are starting to see more delays behind that. keep in mind if you want to avoid this you can always cut across 280 and connect with 380 over to the 101 to avoid it
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altogether. in san jose where starting to see if you slow down in the northbound direction of 101, typical for this time, nothing to write home about. the right to oakland is moving both direction with no delays, 15 minute ride from 238, east shore freeway seeing some breaks, travel times still green. once you get to the main, you will be in for delays. it's a 14 minute ride heading into san francisco. let's check in with roberta on the forecast. it was gorgeous at treasure island yesterday.>> real at the fair? back at the flea market.>> did you buy anything? back just something. [ laughter ] this is how it looks this morning heading out the door. i wish i had brighter images but sunup is not until 7 a.m. this morning.
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trust me, we can see that the top of the golden state -- the golden gate bridge. we can also see the the top of pointe tower this morning. clear skies and 47 degrees in santa rosa, 58 degrees in san francisco and san jose. we have wind speeds all under 10 but we are starting to see the set up of the offshore push east northeast winds, east southeast in the fairfield area. they will pick up a little later today but notice the coast is clear. it is a classic september set up in which we will have no fog, but as the temperature goes up, the humidity goes down, we have threadlike warnings in effect through wednesday 5th i suspect this will extend through the weekend. it will be warmer tomorrow, long-range forecast calls for a huge ridge of high pressure to continue to build into the bay area. it is drying out the atmosphere, sucking the moisture of the vegetation and that's why we have fire
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concerns. 87 degrees at the capitol, no clouds, currently 29 degrees going up to 60 degrees, it will be 84 and is now. santa cruz 79 degrees, 80 in pacifica and 80 at montero beach. 83 san francisco where the advertise 70. 91 degrees in santa rosa with unw humidity, he86valley inmo ewthe extatended forecast calls nothing but sunshine each day along the coast through the bay into the inlet area through the weekend. enjoy your day. it is 5:50 a.m. a big popstar won't stop in the bay area, why the rules of levi stadium are being blamed. share our day
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good morning san jose, let's 0 in on the rose garden district, we are starting off in the these and climbing to 80 degrees at lunchtime. at minetta airport, high temperatures will be 86 today, near 90 in the tri-valley, and 80s at the beaches and the
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peninsula will top off in the mid-80s. lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is at the foot of the maze. expect delays today. police are trying to figure out why a man opened fire on members of a church in tennessee. services were ending yesterday when 25-year-old emmanuel sampson killed a woman as she was walking to her car then entered the church and shot 6 others before and usher confronted him. he was shot during the struggle and the fbi and justice department have opened a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting. least are looking for 2 armed robbers -- police are looking for 2 armed robbers, the black mercedes pulled up to the bay bridge toll plaza, the suspect pulled a gun and demanded cash from the attendant.
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police are looking into another tollbooth robbery, no one was hurt in either case. popular singing star ed sheeran has decided against performing at stadium because of a local curfew that would require him to end his show by 10 p.m., according to the san francisco 49ers. upcoming tour will make stops in pittsburgh, detroit, brooklyn, columbus, ohio and nashville. san francisco 49ers president al told kpix 5 he was stop was rejected because of the curfew. the vice mayor says though rule that the 49ers management is bound to is a loss of financial opportunity. neighbor take issue with late concerts. >> losing this concert will cost our city $800,000 that will go to libraries, schools, infrastructure, public safety. especially and would people to want to leave the helicopters get going so they're flying over the stadium and the neighborhood and you can hear
5:56 am
them.>>gillmor released a statement to kpix 5. the potential concert loss is news to us we would appreciate the 49ers stadium management company bringing the data and the financial details before the stadium authority, particularly since we just met. our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves,
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turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. football gets political, nfl teams defy trump by kneeling or locking arms through the national anthem and how the president responded. a mangled wreck copy investigation underway in oakland after a police cruiser is involved in a crash.
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good morning it's monday, september 25 i am michelle gray go. >> i am kenny choi let's check our weather and traffic. it's already a slow ride for some drivers if they had along southbound 101. this is a crash we have been tracking for about an hour, it's a motorcycle accident and the backup continues to stretch about to 3rd and bayshore. give yourself some time as speeds drop below 30 miles per hour. 280 is in the green for an alternate>> to the golden gate bridge things are looking okay in both directions but we are getting reports of a crash north of the bridge. we will take another look at that in the next report. let's go to roberta. official sunrise is at 7


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