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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the national anthem debate heats up. how a school ban protested at the a's -- band protested at the a's game next. robbery. new video.. just released tonight.. of the masked thieves.. holding up bay area toll plazas. now at 11:00, drive thru robbery. masked thieves holding up bay area toll plaza s. >> we get right to joe at the toll plaza tonight. >> reporter: there were two robberies at bay area toll
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plazas within hours of each other. the first stick up is caught on surveillance video 4:00a.m. it apars a driverats side passenger wearing a hood or purple or pink gloves commits this robbery. he's brandishing a gun and demands money. the taker hands over the whole cash register, and the robber drives away. >> they face charges of robbery, they face charges of grand theft and brandishing a weapon. >> reporter: then about ten hours later they strike again. >> the bay bridge toll just got robbed. >> reporter: police believe it's the same two robbers. this time they hit the bay bridge plaza at 2:00 p.m. this time it's the driver that commits the stick up wearing a hood and blue gloves. he shows a gun, the toll taker gives him the register. >> it's not just the toll
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collector put in jeopardy, but also potential motorists passing by, so as a community we ask if anybody saw anything or thinks they saw anything, don't hesitate to contact us. >> reporter: police are still looking for black mercedes used in the robberies. these are the third and fourth toll plaza robberies this year. there were five last year, and fourteen the year before. the video is very clear, but they're wearing hoods and possible masks so you -- possiblymasks, so you can't see their faces, but the police hope somebody recognizes something, you give them a call and then get these guys off the streets. monday night football kicked off with a new display of solidarity tonight. [ star spangled banner ] e-s-p-n broke with tradition.. d televised the anth
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>> the dallas cowboys and with iz armed linked during the anthem. espn spoke with tradition and televised the anthem live. now what happened before the anthem really stand out. y jecowboys with their owner a rrknee together. espn reports it was intended as a statement for equality. neither the cowboy ors cardinals had a -- cowboys or e kneel. and the singer of the anthem jordin sparks protested in her own way with a bible verse written on her hand. tonight president trump tweeted quote tremendous backlash against the nfl and its players for disrespect of our country, stand for our anthem. tonight some bay area students delivered a message on the field at the a's game. christin ayers was there.
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>> reporter: it sounded like the openingto any major league baseball game but looked like this. middle school musicians with the oakland unified school districts honor band kneeling together as they played. this father watched his son and daughter proudly from the stands. >> it's not against a protest about the national anthem, but it's ensuring our constitution and country's rights are guaranteed to all because historically that's not been the case. >> reporter: but it didn't sit well with everyone. witnesses heard some in the stand swearing at students as they knelt, and some fans said this was neither the time or place. >> take politics out of the sports. >> reporter: but the head of major league baseball's union said we always respect and support our players' constitutional rights and freedom of expression. in an opinion piece for the new
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york times, eric reid called for more people to join the protests sweeping professional sports. this was the second time these band members made this bold statement. the first, almost a year ago in solidarity with colin kaepernick. school officials said the student hearsay the last word on what to do. >> we're letting them do what they want to do or not do what they don't want to do. >> reporter: and in the end they say kneeling was the right choice. >> me personally, i like to stick up for people so they're treated equally. >> i felt like i was standing up for other people. >> be strong, be brave, don't be afraid. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> in our exclusive kpix survey usa poll, we asked whether not standing during the national anthem is wrong or an acceptable way to protest. 46 percent say it's wrong not to stand while 40 percent say
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it's acceptable. and by a huge majority, 70 percent said president trump's comments about the matter have made the situation worse. and lebron james is accusing the president of not acting like a true role model. >> he doesn't understand how many kids no matter the race look to the president of united states for guidance and leadership. for words of encouragement. >> tom brady, a friend of president trump, called into the radio show of this. >> i don't agree with what he said. i thought it was divisive. >> today a group of alameda students gathered to listen to
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the anthem and kneel to support freedom of expression. and now the latest on the nuclear war of words. north korea accusing the u.s. of declaring war. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz reports tonight that both countries are showing some muscle. >> yeah, that's right. the pentagon says if north korea doesn't stop provoking the u.s. it will make sure president trump given options to deal with the country. in the meantime north korea say it's ready to fight -- says it's ready to fight back. north korea's prime minister said president trump declared war on his country. he told reporters in new york that president trump's tweet about north korea's regime not being around much longer gave them the right to self-defense. >> we have not declared war on north korea, and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd. it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another y international waters. >> north korea co astred una new
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propaganda video showing them destroying american planes. the threat came after u.s. bombers flew off north korea's east coast saturday. the pentagon said it highlighted how serious they take kim jong un's reckless behavior. north korea says they reserve the right to shoot done u.s. bombers -- down u.s. bombers, even if they're north in north korea's air space. north korea sent a letter to other nations asked them to condemn president trump for vowing to totally destroy the country during his speech at the united nations. the government staged an antiamerican rally in the capitol of north korea over the weekend and said 100,000 people showed up. >> little rocket man. >> president trump continues to taunt the north korea leader kim jong un despite his own aids warning him not to
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personalize the conflict. stuck in the middle tonight is china. its leaders are urging both sides to exercise restraint and stop doing things to quote irritate each other. >> thank you for that. tonight the republican's latest health care plan appears to be dead on arrival in the senate. they could only lose two votes, but now a third senator. susan collins says she'll vote against the so-called graham- cassidy bill. today protesters filled senate hearings to protest the bill's medicare cuts. many were dragged out of the building. tonight the bill's sponsors heard more harsh criticism during a cnn town hall. >> the truth of the matter is the affordable care act has done some very important things. let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. >> we're going to press on, and it's okay to vote. it's okay to fall short if you do for an idea you believe in. >> republican leaders will meet tomorrow before making any
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decisions about moving forward. you can't miss it on the bay bridge. a flashy new billboard calling for president trump's campaign. the billboard will stay up until sunday, but if the group gets enough donations, they say it could stay up longer. a meal with a message. coming up, a first of its kind eight-course fundraiser to help dreamers stay in the bay area. and trouble in paradise lands a couple in handcuffs. their million dollar drug stock pile taken into evidence. and only on 5 tonight, bart beggars. what we discovered when we followed these mothers. are they really as destitute as they seem? our undercover investigation.
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immigration bill.. that would replace "daca." ucceed act" wo tonight republican senators have unveiled a new immigration bill that would replace daca. the succeed act would give undocumented immigrants a 15- year path to legalization. they would have to arrive in the u.s. before the age of 16, graduate from high school, pass a criminal background check, and pay off back taxes or come up with a repayment plan. tonight top bay area chefs are raising money to help dreamers stay the u.s. it's a first of its kind benefit for daca recipients. >> reporter: several bay area chefs donate their time preparing an eight-course tasting menu at a restaurant in san francisco. the meal comes with a message for dreamers. >> to know that they're
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supported and people from all walks of life support this cause. >> for me it's a little miracle that we were able to do this. >> reporter: chef gray organized the benefit to help daca recipients stay in the u.s. >> out154,000 are set to renew by the october deadline. >> reporter: thousands of them are in the bay area, and many can't afford the fee. $495 a person. the goal tonight is to pay for the renewal fees of up to 20 dreamers. former undocumented immigrants say it will give dreamers hope. >> daca gives you a two-year permit to work and safety from deportation, and too much it stripped away -- to have it stripped away from you is heart breaking and terrifying. >> reporter: dinner guests could choose to sponsor half of all of a dreamers' cost. >> there's a lot of way to show support, and this is one of fro
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happy to host the benefit. >> they should have access to everything we have access to, and know that they're part of the fabric of our culture, and they have a place here. >> reporter: she hopes they'll keep their place at the american table thanks to tonight's taste of community giving. kpix 5. out 800- thousand dollars for security. free speech week was a bit of a bust at berkeley, but it's still costing a fortune. about $800,000 just for security. today there were hundreds of officers and dozens of demonstrators. when asked why not let the conservatives speak, the group said it was too much of a risk. >> when the nazis were trying to grow in germany before world war ii, and this is documented, including by then, people thought they were just thpa eti
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>> the university plans to keep a heavy police presence out there through wednesday just in case. tonight we're learning an officer called in to help with security at cal had two guns stolen. someone broke into an unmarked car this morning in oakland near the black bear diner. the office is with the taft police department. the thief got away with a backpack that had two hand guns inside. and a brush fire as exploded in southern california. the canyon fire has now burned more than 2,000 acres in the santa ana mountains. 1500 people have been told to get out now. so far at least one home has been damaged. at last check the fire was just 5 percent contained. a couple's quarrel led police to more than 600-pound of psychedelic mushrooms in berkeley. here's what police found after being called to the home an alcatraz avenue about a
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domestic disturbance. at first the couple refused to open the door, but later surrendered, and inside police expected to find other people, bust they only found the -- but they only found the mushrooms worth about a million dollars. if you commute on bart you've likely seen them, women with babies begging for money, but are they really azides at a time as they seem? -- as destitute as they seem? christin ayers has the surprising results of our undercover investigation. >> reporter: here she comes, swaying precariously on the rolling train, baby strapped to her chest, approaching riders with a sign. no job, four kids, please help for food. but wait, here's another woman. also carrying a baby and a sign. then there's the men and women who hand out pacts of kleenex, if you don't donate, they want
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the kleenex and note the back. so theg stations and more uncomfortably on the train. so are they down on their luck individuals, or is something more organized going on? we rode the wells for weeks over the summer to find out. we soon learned the mothers are from romania and live in hayward. they're called romas or roma gypsies. they weren't too excited to talk to us. how long do you stay on the train? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: this is your first time? the kleenex crew were chattier once learning our producer spoke italian. this man told us he rides to rails every day from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m.
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he's also fr hayward. this woman told us she works the trains seven days a week. >> they come out to bart because it's a target rich environment. >> reporter: bart police deputy chief says bart is aware of the panhandling groups, but. >> it's a first amendment >> reptet r:or imoney going? turns out the kleenex crew isn't has destitute as their help me notes make it seem. several different nights we recognized half a dozen of them loading into a audi, mercedes, and kia counting their haul for the day. and we watched the mothers stream out of the parking lot, followed them to a residential development about a mile away where rents for two bedroom units list at $2,600 a month. >> i can't comment on individual cases that might be
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begging fraud, but i do know it does not represent roma as a hole. >> reporter: carol silverman teaches anthropology at the university of oregon and says the roma have beeners cuted for century -- have been persecuted for centuries. >> you hear the same prejudicial statements. they're no maddic, they don't work, they're thieves, they'll steal your money from your pocket, they steal children. all these things that are not actually documented according to any reliable statistics. >> reporter: but this man has a different perspective. >> i had the opportunity to deal with members of their community for good reasons and bad. >> reporter: he's an investigator with the santa clara da's office, and said the kind of begging we document on bart is highly organized and
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lucrative. >> when they say they're hungry, the children need food or diapers, they lost their job, many people are very compassionate and want to help, but when you lie about the circumstances and take money from people, that's not right. >> reporter: he says it's just one of criminal interexcises he's run into involving roma families. his advice to bart riders? >> think twice about it before you styed to give, especially a large amount of money. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. paul, fall is in full swing meaning it will start heating up. [ laughter ] >> exactly. the temperatures will climb, at least temporarily, and they will over the next couple of days. what a nice sunset. looking good out there. low 60s currently on the way to the upper others for -- 50s for lows. san francisco currently 61, san jose 68, concord 68.
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fire danger high, especially in the hills. we know it's going to be warm, and in the hills it will also be windy, and the humidity drops below 15 percent. all three of those things coming together, so be smart if you're hiking or camping in the hills. upper 50s for vallejo, concord, and livermore tonight. 57 jose and oakland. warm in napa at 62. the high tomorrow 96ment why is that happening -- 96. why is that happening? offshore wind. more and more ridges of high pressure centered to the north and west giving us a wind not coming from the pacific ocean. the ocean is still chilly, like 58. by friday a low pressure area replaces that ridge that will crank up the ocean breeze and temperatures fall 15 degrees from thursday to friday. but tomorrow temperatures up to 15 degrees warmer than average.
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sunshine all the way to the coast, no fog. the wind flip on friday leading to a cooler day and also a cooler weekend. highs tomorrow, concord 92, more telling that we'r abrmal, san francisco 83, cupertino 87, vallejo 91, 83 in san francisco as i mentioned, kentfield 94, sonoma 96. kind of a hot tuesday. and wednesday. and thursday. not friday. the winds change, we lose 15 degrees, and we'll have pleasant weather for the weekend. warm but not hot. september, we can do this. get the offshore wind and everybody gets toasty. all right, paul, thank you. still ahead a close up look at bay area wild life roaming in the night like you've never seen it before.
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the bay area.. while you sleep. in sonoma county... hidden tonight we're getting a rare look at what's prowling around the bay area while you sleep. >> in sonoma county, hidden wild life cameras are hidden around sugar ridge state park. they're sigh leapt and hard to sigh -- silent and hard to see, perfect for watching an
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assortment of animals. and then there's this. black bears seen roaming around for food. and the babies! >> last year was a mother bear and baby bears, and that's the first time they've been seen in this area in over 50 years. >> cameras are very good at catching the elusive animals. mountain lions during the early evening and night, but sometimes the animals aren't so shy. check out this bear liking the lens. id the [ laughter ] >> saying hello. >> lions, tigers, and bears oh my literally! right in your own backyard! no thanks. can the giants award baseball's basement, and jack delrio's answer to last night's dismal performance. game? what game. that's next.
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field last night in d.c...leaving plenty of question virtually every part of raiders football team imploded on the field last night in dc leaving plenty of question marks for the head coach. you probably saw it on, what a taste of jack, what do we call
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the show? shot of jack. [ laughter ] on national tv 27-10, which the supposedly high powered oakland offense gained only 125 yards. today jacker was ready to forget about -- jack was ready to forget about washington and focusing on denver. >> we'll talk about it tomorrow on tell the truth tuesday a little, but after we do our corrections we're moving on. that's part of league, bouncing back. we'll take it like men and move on. go back to the drawing board and make the corrections and move on. we understand there's a challenge coming up this week. each week it's about going on to next. >> we're moving on to monday night football. jerry jones hoping his team could avoid a 1-2 start of season. cowboys tied at 14, when prescott digs deep to tlbuer.
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win. bob melvin putting his hands together in hopes of an eight- game winning streak, but in the 8th, alonzo scores against his former team and the mariners win. diamondbacks will probably have a bigger crowd next week in the playoffs against the giants. tonight top of the 4th, three- run jack giving the giants a 4- 2 lead. they win 9-2 giving the giants manager his 900th win as the giants manager. and in the race for baseball's toilet, the giants are now tied with philadelphia for the worst left in the season. hey p bruce did say tonight that matt cane would get his final start this week. >> we'll be right back.
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. will have al the late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> good night. >> announcer: september 23, 2017. the stakes were high for number 45, loser of four consecutive obamacare repeals. things were getting desperate for the washington pigskin. he was already a legend who changed the game forever with his historic defensiveness and powerful offensive lies. that night he was back in beast mode. >> get that son of a pitch off the field right now. out. he's fired. he's fired! >> he vanquished his oldest rival, common decency, then ran up the score hurling tweet after tweet, and the most passionate fans in trump nation went wild.


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