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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 26, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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visit to learn more. it takes a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot, turn to care. go to and enroll today. live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. new at noon, a two-alarm fire rips through a south bay home not far from an elementary school. >> jessica live in san jose, jessica. >>reporter: good afternoon, well, crews are still here after about four hours of attacking this fire, you can see behind me, right now, they're dumping water on the roof there, using that ladder to dump water on the roof. now, nobody is inside at this hour. because they're
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worried about that roof collapsing. now, the firefighters have been here since about 8:00 a.m., luckily the folks who live here had already left for the day before the fire started. it burned from the first floor to the second floor, the home was ros jag across the streetm f inme here, and it was actually parents who were dropping off their kids who called the fire department to the scene, the school went into lock down, keeping kids inside for about an hour, while the firefighters worked to put out the flames and smoke. and at one point, the firefighters were inside of the home when it started to collapse. they pulled the fire crews from the home, and went into a defensive strategy. >> once we ended up cutting a hole on top of the roof, to release the flame from inside, the integrity of the roof was compromised and we did have a partial collapse, we went from the backside, so we went and had the crews from inside and on top of the roof removed. >>reporter: now, no firefighters were injured, no one was injured
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in this fire fight, and investigators right now, they're working to determine what actually caused this fire. now, take a look at the school right now, they just actually had a recess, they went into their normal school schedule, they're allowed to play out right now, because the flames are out, but firefighters do tell me that they there will be here for the next several hours, monitoring this house, making sure that there are no other flare-ups, live from san jose, kpix 5. >> the city and county of san francisco is taking precautions as hot, dry conditions hit the area, kpix 5 -- how they're trying to make sure we don't see any fatalities like during the last round of heat. >>reporter: this is one of dozens of cooling centers set up in the city of san francisco, we're at the northeast public library, it has air conditioning and obviously pleasant to do to pass the time. as many san francisco residents know, ac is hard to come by, that's why city and county emergency officials want everyone to know about places to get relief.
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there's thresholds to offer heating center, the mid 80s for a few days in a row. >> we have a lot of density, and vulnerable populations, it feels hotter. >>reporter: people are getting in their workouts early, to beat the heat, but this weather is no problem. >> this is perfect. at least for me, in the netherlands, it's cold. >>reporter: many runners are noticing. >> far more than unpleasant september 1st when the city hit the hottest day on record, 106 degree, unfortunately, that weekend 6 senior citizens died, three of them in san francisco, alone in their homes from the heat. public health officials learned vabl lessons, more volunteers are looking out for the most vulnerable. >> so that people are being checked up on, so that, you know, may be more susceptible. >> helping people in need is great.
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>>reporter: the county has designated dozens of sites will people with chill. the jewish community center of san francisco, george w. davis senior center and salvation army chinatown core community center. across from the northeast public library is their public school, one of 7 public pools that are available for free. to bring the family can cool off. kpix 5. >> and the heat is on. good afternoon, everybody, let's take a look at the live weather camera, the visibility is unlimited at this hour, the air quality is good, that's where you can see the marine layer all spread out across the bay, we are lacking any fog, 77 degrees already in san francisco. it is 81 in liver more and 83 degrees in san jose. and yes, santa rosa, 91 degrees. we have seen santa rosa, the recipient of the offshore winds early this morning. today, temperatures in the mid 80s, from san francisco
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through san jose, 93 concord, 87 degrees in oakland. these temperatures are all averaging 7-15 degrees above where we should be, for this 26th day of the month. mid 80s around the rim of the bay today, high 80s peninsula and the coast, pacifica, montero beach in the 80s. we'll talk about that precious marine layer, pushing back onshore, and cooling us down and michelle, that's coming up later in this newscast. >> well, thank you. a fast-moving wildfire burns near anaheim, 2000 acres have burned so far, the fire is threatening 500 homes and more than 1,000 people have evacuated the area. crews have the fire 5% contained at this area, a live look in the area, you can see how steep that area is, and dry. the crews are working with dry conditions out there. and a lot of smoke still in the area. several bay area cities have seen a sharp spike in violent crime, according to a new report
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from the fbi, it found those crimes in 2016 which include homicides, assaults, robberies, and rapes. rose faster in the bay area than the national area. in this area, had the highest jump in violent crimes. violent crime was up 24% from last year, in fremont. fremont police say that residential burglaries are down 50% since may of 2013. they also say that no homicides were reported in 2016, and so far, the trend has continued through this year. the city of oakland is cutting the tab for the warriors nba championship parade, the city administrator's office, the latest reduction in labor costs brings the final bill for the festivities last june to almost $787,000. that's $29,000 less than the city's original estimate. but city leaders say that the team still owes them nearly a quarter million dollars for the 2015 parade. the team
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said that it agreed to split those costs with oakland. new at noon, members of the basketball programs -- federal corruption charges, including bribery, announced ten arrests for allegedly secretly funneling money to high school recruits. >> coaches at some of the nation's top programs, soliciting and accepting cash bribes. managers and financial advisors, circling blue chip prospects like coyotes. >> coaches are from oklahoma state, auburn and the university of southern california, the fbi and federal prosecutors have been investigating the criminal influence of money on coaches and student athletes since 2015. a top house republican is demanding details about the use of private e-mails by current and former white house officials, under president trump. cbs news has confirmed
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that senior advisors jared kuch kushner, reince priebus and steve bannon as well as ivanka trump, sent and received e-mails using nongovernment e-mail accounts. how widespread the use was. >> to my knowledge, very limited white house council has instructed all white house staff to use for government e-mail for official business, and only that e-mail. >>reporter: the white house insists that no classified information was involved, republican congressman trey gowdy and democratic e gentleman cummings. the latest effort to replace and repeal obamacare appears to be dead. weijia jiang reports that they'll meet in a closed session today to decide what is next. >>reporter: president trump slammed republican hold outs who opposed the gop healthcare big, acknowledging it may pass this week as planned. >> at some point, there will be a repeal and replace. but we'll see whether or not that point is
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now or will it be shortly thereafter. but we are disappointed, at some so-called republicans. >>reporter: on monday, four gop senators said they could not support the revision to the graham-cassidy proposal, effectively killing it. senator susan collins of maine joined senators john mccain, rand paul, and ted cruz, collins pointed to the bill's massive cuts to medicaid. >> it would have changed the program in a way that would have put healthcare at risk for some of our most vulnerable citizens, including disabled children, and low income seniors. >>reporter: now, the big question is whether the senate will still hold a vote even though it appears that the bill will be defeated. >> it's tok vote, it's okay to fall short, if you do. >>reporter: already in the nano column, democrats say they want to work on a bipartisan
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solution. >> once this repeal effort is gone, the repeal and replace, we are willing, eager, to sit down and come up with bipartisan improvements. >>reporter: but republicans insist the current structure must be repealed. weijia jiang, cbs news. capitol hill. and republicans have until saturday to gather the 51 votes they need to pass the legislation, that's when a rule allowing a simple majority expires. today, the president announced his plans to visit puerto rico, to see the damage caused by hurricane maria, his administration had been criticized for its response, a week after hurricane maria battered puerto rico, millions are still without food, water, and power. u.s. sailors and marines delivered supplies yesterday to help the island's 3 million u.s. citizens, president trump said next tuesday is the earliest he can visit, without disrupting recovery operations. still ahead, a bay area city becomes the first in the country to sue over equifax's massive
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data breach. thousands of strollers recalled, the risk it could pose to your kids.
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new at noon, the better business bureau is warning people about a new scam targeting animal lovers, kpix 5 has what you need to know before you search online for a pet. >>reporter: a scroll through the pet section of craigslist, that's plenty of ads, featuring pets for sale. but the better business bureau says up to 80 percent of them are fake. with
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pictures poached from other sites. >> these scammers will go -- under value for the breed of the pet. >>reporter: after the victim wires money tlshgs are add ons, like crates and medical insurance. the scammers scare you back. >> there's the constant fear factor going on and the worry that that poor pet may be caught in transit. >>reporter: when the pet doesn't even exist. the better business bureau held this event here at the berkeley humane society shelter to call attention to the other options, adopting an animal locally. >> looking for love online should not start with a credit card or a money order or a wire transfer. >>reporter: and the bbb says the best advice to avoid a scam is to meet the animal in person, which has other perks. >> to get to know their personality. >>reporter: the bbb is hoping the new report will spur law enforcement to work harder to stop these scams which often originate in the west african
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country. in berkeley, kpix 5. new at noon, san francisco's city attorney filed a lawsuit against equifax, it claims that the credit reporting company failed to protect the dat of more than 15 million californians, and it seeks penalties of $2500 for each violation. the massive data breach affected 143 million consumers nationwide. san francisco is the first city in the country to sue over it. equifax's ceo announced he is retired, richard smith had been the head of the company since 2005. taking a look at how the financial markets are doing on wall street, the dow is up a little bit, up 13 points. wall street looking for a rally today after a big selloff yesterday. parents, 28,000 jeep brand jogging strollers are being recalled, because these stroller leg bracket can break and cause kids to fall out. the three wheeled strollers are made by delta, j for jeep printed on the side, sold at target, walmart
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and other stores between 2015 and 2016. two of the biggest names in outdoor gear are merging, bass pro shops, as brought cabela's for 4 billion dollars. the deal has taken nearly 2 years to complete. all right, the hot one today. >> it is a hot one, extremely dry, we have the potential for fire concerns. high, everybody, let's take a view outside, take a look at this, this is gorgeous, i showed you, i wanted to share it again, the reason is because it is just unbelievable as far as the visibility is concerned. and we do have this particular time, the computer is playing around with us here, we'll play around with it here, we have another view, looking out towards the tower, the visibility is unlimited. the blue skies, we're going to see the air quality deteriorate as the temperature continues to go up in the relative humidity goes down. 81 degrees at liver more, 91 in santa rosa, 83 in
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san jose. it's gorgeous at 95. robert says he couldn't ask for a better day along the peninsula and steve reports in at 83 degrees, thanks, gang. the winds have been under 10 for the most part for most of the day, now we're seeing an offshore flow at san ramone at 11. and that's where we're seeing the temperatures warmest to the north. we are the recipient of a red flag warning today with the offshore component. it will be a spare the air tomorrow, notice the funk in the atmosphere, some of that haze, and then looking ahead, we'll tart to see coastal cooling by friday, i'm thinking towards the evening hours. so the offshore flow continues across northern california and southern california. and anaheim today at 95 degrees with a relative humidity into the teens. gorgeous monterrey at 94.
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we have the numbers up to 15 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year at 85 in san francisco. pacifica, montero beaches in the low 80s. low 90s, 86 degrees in san jose, mid 90s in santa rosa. thursday, then a dry cold front will usher in on friday and that will encourage the development of the marine layer. meanwhile, sdpont tomorrow night, the last two oakland a's regular season games, get out, 74 tonight. free parking. you don't want to be in the house cooking, it's too warm, too hot. get yourself a hot dog at the baseball park and you've got yourself -- >> and a beer, too. >> perfect. >> wrapped in bacon. >> the hot dogs. >> yeah. [ laughter ] still ahead. our royal romance, the outward display of affection is getting a lot of attention. and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there, send us your questions about health
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and well being, pets @ and we'll have an answer here every friday at noon.
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fingers for another royal wedding after *this happened: prince harry and his girlfriend -- american actress meghan markle -- royal watchers are crossing their fingers for another royal wedding, they walked hand in hand, in front of cameras for the first time, they were in canada yesterday, greeting fans at the invictus games, the pair have been dating for more than a
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year now. season two of bull, starts tonight on cbs. it focuses on the title character, dr. jason bull, and how he uses psychology to help clients sway juries. this season, dives more into the character's personal life. >> save you breath, because we are interested -- >> you haven't heard the offer. >> i don't need to hear the offer. >> take a million dollars and multiply it by 500, no, let me put it another way, take a billion dollars and divide it in half. >> is this for real? >> doesn't get any realer. call your client. tell her the good news. >> actually, i'm on my way to see her now. >> i like her attitude. a little while ago, i had a chance to chat with actor michael weatherly, who plays dr. jason bull. >> you can explore that side of you that something that is -- you never thought was inside of you, i guess. >> yeah, no, i mean, that is the key, and you know, each human being has all of humanity in
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them. exploring what is the human behavior, why do people act against their own self-interests sometimes? you know, self-destructive move. >> you can see the premier tonight here on kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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news in oakland, as we take a live look, some of the smoke there from a small grass fire burning near 580 and keller avenue. chopper 5 is on the way, we'll have updates on cbs another sign of ridiculous silicon valley housing, look at the number of young people calling a friend's couch home base, this housing crisis skyrocket, we'll have that and much more coming up at 5:00, that's called sofa surfing. >> really? >> yeah. >> something else. >> free. [ laughter ] you could save energy
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>> sharon: i know that you're swamped, so i'm not gonna take up too much of your time. >> liam: no, no. no, don't worry about it. >> sharon: [ chuckles ] i'm still adjusting to the changes. and that's really why i'm here, because i just wanted to thank you so much. the benefit plan that you put into place, it's been the difference between night and day for my family. all the money that we put into co-pays and deductibles now can be routed into our college funds. >> liam: i'm happy to hear that. you put in a lot of good work for spencer over the years. it's time we give back. >> sharon: oh. well, thanks again. >> liam: of course. >> sharon: i really mean that. thank you. hello, mr. spencer.


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