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tv   Mosaic  CBS  October 1, 2017 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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our purpose today is to invite you to a joyous event that will take place on saturday, october 7, here in san francisco, at the on behalf of the archdiocese of san francisco, welcome to mosaic. it is sunday, october 1st. our purpose today is to invite you to a joyous event on saturday, october 7th in san francisco at the cathedral. there are three events combined into one glorious morning. all of them honoring, celebrating the same woman, mary, the mother of jesus. between 9:00 a.m. and noon on october 7th, we will have the annual rosary right, praying the rosary, attending mass and assessing -- processing in prayer. we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the appearance of mary to the three separate
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-- three shepherd children at fatima. and we will see the archbishop consecrate the archdiocese to the immaculate heart of mary's. everyone is welcome of course but what is it about? what are we asking of mary and what is she asking of us? what is mary giving us and what are we giving her? what part does she play in our lives. and why do we seek a true and abiding relationship with her ex-our two guests today -- and with our two guests today, we will talk about all of that and more. join us to discuss mary in our lives today.
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welcome to the mosaic program about mary in our lives today. i have claire herrick, who is the director of education at star of the seas parish entrance -- in san francisco and father joseph arlo is the pastor. he is her boss. she is his employee. and they are a team. interesting to have them here. we are here to talk about -- first a little bit about you. you are a local girl. >> i grew up in the bay area. i grew up in the valley.
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the lady of mt. carmel is my local parish. i feel very blessed to have grown up here in the bay area. >> you went to college at all they maria -- ve maria. >> i went to school at the east coast. penn state university. i came to work in san francisco in 1983. i went to seminary and i worked as a priest in california for 26 years. >> you have been ordained for 26 years, mostly in northern california. >> you are both wildly educated with masters degrees of all kinds. so you know what you are talking about. we have a theological subject today -- which is the place of mary and catholic life. we are focusing on specific intention toward her which is the consecration of the archdiocese, to the immaculate
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heart of mary which takes place next week. i know that the archdiocese has been preparing for this. and i am wondering what you personally have done to get ready for this moment. >> our lady has had a special place in my life -- since i was a child really. i grew up blessed enough to go on pilgrimages with my aunt who is a non- -- nun. i grew to love her. i am excited that the archbishop decided to do this. specifically come our parish and young adult group started a devotion of going to mass every first saturday of the month for five months in a row, in preparation. we also have begun to say a prayer of consecration to our blessed mother after they leave mass. >> so there are intentional actions taken in the parish to prepare people for the
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consecration moment. >> yes. >> father, can you address? >> this is on october 1st. we will be in fatima on a pilgrimage. claire has organized a pilgrimage. 55 people to europe. we will be in fatima and we have been preparing for the consecration by drawing closer to our lady of fatima. i have given some seminars. we will be having a local expert on fatima. he will be speaking -- -- by the time this heirs, he will have spoken. september 13th, speaking at our parish. >> is the pilgrimage -- are
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they parishioners? >> most of them are parishioners. father patrick sommer -- his parents are going with us. it will be lovely to get to know them. i am good friends with father patrick. there are a mix of people. most of them are from our parish. >> that sounds interesting. >> do you like they get a relationship they would not get otherwise? >> i would say so does with my own experience of being on multiple pilgrimages. i'm not sure if they know quite yet what they are getting themselves into. but when they are there and going from place to place, they are excited -- going there, i think they will receive many graces. >> you talked about our lady of fatima. mary seems to have so many aspects, powers and facets. what is it about our lady of fatima and her message that
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draws us? >> my mother, as i was growing up, was very devoted to fatima. but as children, we did not pay much attention. it was only until this year, 100th anniversary -- that i was doing a retreat on this topic. i had to do a lot of reading. i discovered that the message of fatima is the message of our time. 100 years ago -- perhaps even more relevant now than when it was given. i think it is imperative for all catholics to study the message of fatima and draw closer to our lady. she set herself in the july apparition -- there were six apparitions. >> six different apparitions to the three children. >> yes. from may through october. the third apparition in july, she showed them a vision of hel which is very disturbing. it was to help them realize that
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it is not just a fable. and the world is in great need of prayer and reparation to the heart of mary. after they had seen this terrible vision, she said you have seen a vision of hell. pray to our lady of the rosary. because only she can help you. of course -- only god can help us but god wants to help us through her. so if we want to avoid war and division and personal tragedy, we want to avoid hell -- we must pray to god through our lady. that is the essential message of fatima. >> that is what i keep hearing -- is that mary is a path to jesus and jesus once us to take that path. >> and interestedly about the peasant children -- pope francis canonized -- them
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earlier this year. and two children died of the and plymouth -- influenza epidemic in 1919. we will be back after the next break and talk more about mary and our lives today.
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welcome back. we are talking about mary and the consecration which occurs october 7th. claire herrick, the director -- i think you told me that the young adults find mary to be an attractive part of catholic learning. >> absolutely. we have a tuesday night holy hour every week that the young adults come to. we begin the holy hour with the rosary. it is an essential part of our
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prayer time together. i would say that everyone very much enjoys doing that together. and we try to make it a daily practice. >> the rosary is a featured part of the fatima story i believe also, isn't that right? >> she instructed the children about praying the rosary. >> she did. she encouraged the three children to pray the rosary. in the beginning, saint francisco could not see her. she said, you have to pray in order to see me. so when he began praying the hail mary is when he was able to actually see the blessed mother. >> it seems to me that the image of the catholic old lady with her beads knocking against the back of the pew is a familiar one. but we are talking about dynamipeople that get
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-- from this practice, some kind of power or force. >> it is something that -- i guess maybe for imagery -- the rosary is kind of scene as a weapon. it is like the weapon of our faith. that the rosary is so powerful. i think just having that understanding and connection like that -- that we are fighting a battle -- and that it is important. and so to use the rosary as a tool in that way -- i think is part of the attraction for young adults. >> it is an experience of meditating -- the rosary, you focus on the mysteries of christ and his life, right? >> a friend of mine said it is christ based and a very biblical practice. do all catholics pray the rosary or is it -- >> i think all catholics have
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the practice of hanging the rosary from the rearview mirror. so it is a step. but i think the directors of education need to encourage it. that is what our lady did. she drew the young people to herself by means of the rosary. in fact, the three children were not saying the rosary properly. they would pray just saying hail mary, hail mary -- and then go play games. she said, that is a good start. but i want you to spend some time with the rosary. and as francisco said, he had to pray many rosaries to see mary. it is a christ centered prayer. the holy name of jesus is at the center of the prayer. just by saying the rosary, we say the holy name of jesus which has powered us to banish evil. we say that 53 times if we say the rosary. >> okay.
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and there are mysteries of the rosary -- sorrowful, joyful and glorious mysteries. and then added, the luminous mysteries. >> so five meditations on events in christ's life. >> i think it is very powerful as well. >> i admit i don't always do it. >> after this program, you probably well. >> how then will your parish -- we know that we are going to have a consecration to the archdiocese -- to the immaculate heart of mary october 7th. what is the vision of what happens after that? how do we continue that path toward mary. what fruits as a result of this might we expect? what puts us in this relationship? >> i would like to first to say that we just started sunday classes for the children and
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families of the parish. every month we will do a family event to grow as a community. the first will be the consecration. going to the consecration. so we hope to go as a parish family. we are specifically inviting the families to come together -- which is very exciting. i'm happy for that to be the first event. as far as the fruit and the graces to be received after the consecration, i think it really is a deepening of our relationship with our blessed mother. so education -- personal relationships and a deep love for her, as we learned -- what does it even mean to be consecrated to her? what does it mean to trust ourselves to her -- all that we are, all that we have and our families. coming to understand what that means it will be very fruitful. >> i think there is a sense in which people fear that
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attention to mary his attention away from jesus and the father. but clearly, she takes everything to the father. >> practically speaking, after the concentration, we are -- this is what our lady of fatima specifically requested. what does that mean? it means coming to mass. receiving the eucharist, praying the rosary and then meditating on those mysteries for 15 minutes. those are the four practices of the first five saturday's devotion. it all draws us to the eucharist. it is a way to get people to mass and to the eucharist. >> that is the first saturday -- >> five consecutive first saturdays. but our lady said, don't stop after five. i want at least five. so that is what we will be promoting until the second coming -- after the
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consecration october 7th. >> i'm curious, why is there such developed love for the lady of fatima? she seems to be pretty strict. she says -- you are in trouble. you need to pray -- she doesn't come with a message of comfort exactly. >> i disagree. i think she came with a vision of reality. a vision of this but also of strife -- , and ruins. visions of strife. she comforted the children and said -- this is what you will be facing. so the way to be joyful and secure is to pray the rosary and to come back to jesus through the immaculate heart of mary. and she looked at them with such
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tenderness. some of the prayers she taught them -- one of the main prayers -- and i pray it every morning -- is "my god, i believe, i adore, i hope and i love you. i asked pardon for those who do not believe, adore, hope and love you." >> it is a message of hope and comfort. >> we will take a short rake again. and we will be back to talk more about mary and our lives today.
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welcome back. we are talking about mary in our lives today. father, you told me a story about your earlier consecration to marry. repeat that, if you will. you even ask your mother if you could go to california. >> as kids, we didn't really pray the rosary. unlike the children of fatima. when i was 17, i wanted to go to california for the summer. and she said, you can do that as long as you also do a 30 day retreat based on our lady -- which i did in los angeles. that is where i learned to pray the rosary. the other guys on the retreat knew how to pray the rosary. i would go to this older priest and say, can you teach me the rosary because i'm embarrassed.
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i really learned, in that 30 days, to love the rosary. so we would come at 3:00 in the morning to pray the rosary. the pastor understood mary and my mother and we consecrated ourselves at the age of 17. that has grown with me over the years. >> very nice. you also mentioned -- there is a famous prayer. the catholics have been saying it for seven or eight centuries . >> it is my favorite prayer. >> i learned it when i was a child. this is the prayer. "remember, o most gracious virgin mary, that never wasn't known that anyone that led to the protection, and for that i help her sought by intercession was left unaided. inspired with his confidence, i fly unto the, o virgin of virgin, my mother!
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to the i come, before the i stand, sinful and sorrowful. mother of the word incarnate! despise not my petitions, but, in thy mercy, hear and answer me. amen. ." >> as a parish, we pray that before every meeting. it is also mother teresa's custom to say that prayer when you are in a car starting out. uber on the way to the station this morning. it is a prayer -- we say probably more than any other prayer at the parish. >> besides the hail mary. >> and it seems to sum up our relationship to marry. we are asking of her to be our mother. we are asking for mercy. we are paying her a vote of confidence. we saying, you really are something special. we want to realize that. >> exactly. that prayer in particular
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strengthens our trust in her. it reiterates -- that never has it been known that anyone that said this prayer, hasn't been heard. the thing those words out loud, it's like a, i'm excited. >> let me ask you about the consecration on october 7th at the cathedral. are you coming as a parish or as a group? what are the plans for that day so quick? >> >> we get back on the third. and we will be here for the rally, the consecration. >> what is the plan? >> the plan is that we are inviting the whole parish. we are expecting many people to come. we want the families to come together. it is similar to those we will gather together before hand and make our way to the cathedral. >> we are buying a big parish vehicle -- to get
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people there. we are getting it before the rally -- so those that need transportation can have it. and we are making parish t- shirts. we are preparing and some practical ways. >> so we are practicing our faith and deepening our faith. but this event will exhibit and demonstrate our faith. we will walk in streets with the statue of our lady of fatima, praying. and who knows eventually, from then, how people will be moved to understand this faith and beauty. >> and i'm sure you will behave yourselves. >> we will. >> we are all excited. >> it is a peaceful event. just being able -- the whole church across the world is one big family. to be able to do that in the streets of san francisco -- your home, it is very special. >> very nice. i
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wanted to read you something a friend of mine had written in his book -- discovering mary. he is a protestant. david mills, a well-known rider -- well-known writer. >> he said because mary had so many feasts, titles and apparitions, could be thought of by some that people think of new names for someone they love, express excellence and virtues. the love for her is expansive and exuberant. and that is what we feel toward mary. >> in the few seconds i have left, i want to do a little commercial for those people watching. and invite them to come to the event on october 7th. also to get prepared. between this airing and that does being only a week. if they come to the san francisco archdiocese website, there is information about everything. art, music, prayer, history and
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the latest news. so if you visit the archdiocese website, they will be prepared and welcome. thank you for joining us on mosaic. and you are welcome to come to the october 7th rosary rally and consecration.
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