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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 1, 2017 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," the federal response to the disaster in puerto ricoe the falls short. top cabinet secretary resigns over using taxpayer funded aircraft. republicans give up on health care and turn to tax reform. health and human service secretary tom price handed in his resignation after the president fumed over price's misuse of taxpayer funded planes. >> i was disappointed because i didn't like it cosmetically or otherwise. >> dickerson: brought the drama surprising was drowned but by desperate pleas from puerto rico for health from the federal government. response the president says has been great. >> everybody has said it's amazing the job that we've done in puerto rico we're very proud of it. as far as puerto rico that's
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been going really well. >> not so says the mayor of san juan. >> put lives in danger, there's a disconnect between. >> dickerson: we'll get the real story from puerto rico and hear from florida marco rubio. then it's on to tax reform. as house speaker paul ryan tells us what we can expect from the republican tax plan. >> guarantee that every middle class person will get a tax cut once it becomes a bill. >> the purpose of doing it, is to get middle class -- >> dickerson: is that a guarantee? what will the plan do for you and what do democrats want. chuck schumer will be here, plus cbs newsman bob schieffer will join us, his new book "over load" takes a look at the news deluge in the trump era. plus we'll have plenty of political analysis it's all coming up on "face the nation." good morning, welcome to "face
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the nation" i'm john dickerson. we've got a lot of news to get to today but we want to begin with the ongoing humanitarian cries in puerto rico following hurricane maria. cbs news correspondent is in san juan. david, right now what is the most urgent need? >> john, physically getting food and water to the people who so desperately are still begging for it. yet people are still desperately finding clean watt are. fema is there, bee saw the good work that they are doing but we also talked to the mayor who said it's not enough. i've got 60,000 people in town but only got 2,000 meals that i can hand out. john, there were people who got in line to get food and were given four bottles of water and four snacks, adults and kids. when some people came back for second they were turned away because the sheriff said, there's not enough to give second to people.
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>> dickerson: david, where is the bottled water, built no truck turnovers get them to the people is that where the problem is? >> john, the problem appears to be actually doing it. there's a lot of talking, there's a lot of meetings but the actual doing is what seems to be lacking in many areas. when we went to the port earlier there were 30,000 shipping containers that we were told just sitting there waiting on truckers. the governor said i need truckers, i think governor -- because we can't get in touch with some of these people, there's no communication, their homes may have been destroyed. good news, yesterday, we saw truckers leaving the port. but of those 3,000 shipping containers only three or four hundred had been prosed. they're going in, buying some of the supplies in those containers and sending them out themselves. john there is a larger military presence here today than there was a week ago but even a general on the ground has said, we don't have enough yet. >> dickerson: david begnaud for
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us, thanks so much. cbs news chief medical correspondent john la pat caught up with the mayor. and asked her what she would say to president trump if she had the opportunity to do so? >> he is a businessman, i use business terms, right now we're in the business of saving lives. and the supply chain of eight is not constant, is not properly administered, is not properly replenished then the business of saving lives will go bankrupt. >> bottom line, right now, do you think you're headed in the right direction? do you think everything is being done now that could be done? >> no. dickerson: we turn now to republican senator marco rubio, he joins us from miami. senator, you wrote a letter about the situation in puerto rico you said there is no clear
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commanding control has that been worked out is enough being done at the federal level? >> well, i think hope. ly began to turn the corner on thursday evening when general buchanan arrived sort of command began to take over of the daily tactical and logistical operation on the ground. my concern was not that fema wasn't responding, there's a tremendous amount of aid that's gone into puerto rico. the problem is as i said to someone yesterday, there is aid getting to puerto rico but wasn't getting to puerto ricans because it had to be distributed from san juan to the different municipalities. then distributed to people. they had established this sort of hub and spoke system where all the aid came in then had to be distributed out. those distribution systems were victims of the storm themselves. they were broken. and so i felt and continue to feel that the department of defense are only people could have gone out reestablished that i hope that's what's begun to happen. there are some small inkling signs of progress in that regard, obviously from the time
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they make a move to the time you start to see its affects will take number of days. there are some other issues now emerging that i think are problematic, i'm very concerned about the situation with the hospitals in puerto rico. i've had some -- i've heard some concerning things about that and hopefully we'll keep an eye on that. >> dickerson: what concerns you the most about the hospitals? >> the capacity of these hospitals. i'm concern you how many medical personnel might be around do they have sufficient quantities of that. obviously the system require the operation of generators and do they get enough of the fuel to those hospitals in time to continue to operate. we've had reports of hospitals ca he middle of the night to say we're down to two hours of operating fuel. i know that fema, i know that emergency responders are aware of this they're trying to address it. but that's something to keep an eye on. >> dickerson: you mentioned that general buchanan got there on thursday. that is almost a week after this
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started. was there just not fast enough recognition from the administration or from the department of defense to get in there? >> you know, i think -- they responded to the storm the way we respond to storms, this responded to it in way no different than texas or florida in terms of the assets, what that is, federal government says we are here to the local government or to the state government. in the case of puerto rico the territorial government we're here to help, tell us what you need. that model generally works, it's worked in florida a couple of weeks ago, helped in texas. it didn't work in puerto rico, the reason why it didn't work because government of puerto rico itself is a victim of the storm. there is 78 municipalities, some of those mayors themselves couldn't communicate with san juan and even if they could even if you could get to them deliver aid they didn't have enough municipal employees to be able to deliver the aid or didn't have resource like fuel or vehicles or even drivers in many cases. they recognized that a few days later, but again from the time you make a decision to make a
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change to the time you start to see its impact takes a number of days. hoefully we are now at that point where we're going to begin to see measurable progress. >> dickerson: speaking of the government, president has been critical of the mayor of san juan, what do you make of that. >> i don't spend a lot of time thinking about it to be honest, having now, having lived through four hurricanes, our desire to be a voice and a force for positive results, helping people. i truly believe that if we don't get ahead of the curve bad things are going to happen. some have already happened unfortunately because storms are terrible things especially in an area like puerto rico where people have been without electricity much a week, but i do think every minute we spend in the political realm bickering with one another over who is right or wrong or didn't do right is a minute of energy and time we're not spending trying to get the response right. i think when this is all said and done we'll have time to stop
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and look back and things have done differently, everyone involved in the response has things they could have done better but right now i hope we'll stay 100% focused on what needs to be done to get the people of puerto rico help and then we'll have plenty of time in the future to have these debates about who didn't do the right thing or what could have been done better. >> dickerson: a question about cuba, an issue you spent a lot of time working on. i've been critical of the state department's, it's weak, unacceptable and outrageous, is there any evidence that the cuban government has been bind these attacks? >> well, obviously i'm limited in what i can discuss in media program like this. let me just say this. could you been is one of the most tightly controlled and monitored society in the world. anyone who is interacted with cuba, been to cuba anything to do with cuba understands that very little happens in havana that the cuban government doesn't know about especially americans working for the state department. so, the idea that over 20 americans working for the state department, working for the u.s. embassy could be severely
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injured in cuba and the cuban government not know anything about it is ridiculous. >> dickerson: what should be done now? >> well, i think they have done half of it which is drawing down our embassy presence, again, for purposes of protecting our personnel. everybody knows how i feel about cuba policy but set that aside for a moment, if something like this happened anywhere in the world with a government that tries to argue that they know nothing about it, this is the same response we'd advocate. i agree with the drawing down of our personnel, i think it is fair in reciprocal for us to require a proportional draw down of the cuban embassy and the cuban diplomatic presence in the united states. that's what i expect they will do. >> dickerson: let me ask you another question, your secretary price had to resign because of the private plane travel. white house has new procedures here, is that it? is this executive branch thing or does congress need to look into this and oversee this since congress controls the purse string? >> well, obviously congress
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controls the purse string you can always look in the internal budget of agency and put prohibitions in place. but first i think it's an executive office management issue, if they can get ahead of it manage it appropriately, prevent that from happening in the future, that's what we would expect them do do, may not be a problem, congress should be focused on tax reform. congress should have its handful trying to get tax reform done, hopefully before thanksgiving, that won't be easy. you'll have some guest on later today that will describe the alt to get there and how difficult that could be. but again this is an issue that unfortunately kind of got in the way of secretary price being able to continue to do his job. i think he's a good person. obviously this didn't work out in the positive way and he had to step aside. but the important work has to continue. >> dickerson: all right, secretary -- excuse me, senator rubio, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. dickerson: president trump traveled to indiana this week to unvail new republican tax reform plan. but at this point the plan is
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only a framework. we traveled to aspen, pennsylvania, with speaker paul ryan to, tour manufacturing plants and get more details. mr. speaker we are at pennsylvania machine works i'm go to ask you a question, how are these tax cuts going to help the blue collar worker? what are they going to take home in their pocket? >> first of all the whole purpose to get middle class tax cut, to pep the people working paycheck to paycheck keep more of their hard earned dollars. our economy has been growing between one and two percent. we haven't had 3% growth in a decade. that means workers are struggling, number one, a middle class tax cut to help those families keep more what they earn. number two, this business is a perfect example of how we need to help get tax reform to get tax rates done so they can stay competitive and keep hiring people. >> dickerson: what am i taking home? promise knowledge anything? can i -- >> you know some money is coming to you, we'll did make it to
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fill out taxes in a postcard. lower his taxes, that's really important. more take home pay. but another component to this, look at this machine shop. this business pays a 40% tax rate but it competes with companies all around the world who pay average 22.5% on their taxes. we'll lower the taxes on this business so globally competitive can compete with the foreign competition then give this business an ability to write off the investments to buy more machines to hire more workers to raise wages, that to us to really important. i want to get back to the business in a second there's some debate about effective rate they pay. stick to the worker for a minute. can you gharib tee that every middle class person will get a tax cut once this becomes a bill then that pass? >> that's the purpose of doing this. to purpose to get middle class tax. i don't know every single person's small problem or issue. >> dickerson: but minimal -- if it's on -- entire purpose to lower middle class taxes,
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yes, people will get tax cuts. how big, that depends on the individual. do you have kid, going to be a bigger child, are you married? have zero marriage -- >> dickerson: that's the worry -- >> those are the kind of things that will determine based on how low people's taxes go we want pro family tax cut to make it easier, to get married, raise kids. >> dickerson: you mentioning doubling standard deduction, getting rid of exemptions and child tax credit is up in the air those numbers haven't been figured out yet. >> that's right. don't know how much it's willing going to up. >> dickerson: there may be some families who do see their taxes increase i'm saying objective for the bill as it goes through the process will you work to squeeze that number? >> that's exactly right. objective is to lower taxes for middle class taxpayers. >> dickerson: something you wanted to do in the past you're in the doing here which is expanding the earned income tax credit for childless filers, way to help people who are at the bottom end, people who have seen this inequality, why is this -- >> we're still working -- we're
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keeping it because it's effective that's one of the things the committee still looking at. within the framework of this bill are many of the decision that have to be made. because the framework of this, the reason we did it this way, is unlike health care, we wanted to make sure that everyone was on the same page with respect to the house and the senate and the white house. now working within that framework we're going to be targeting these things so that we can make sure that middle class taxpayers get a break and one of the things that we think helps move people into work is eitc. we want more work incentives -- >> dickerson: you could expand it. >> let me ask you this then. coming in the process, the president wanted to get rid of carried interest loophole that's something that committee will make a decision on. >> dickerson: shouldn't it be a -- >> no, it should be something that the tax writing committees who are in charge will be deciding and working on. this this is one of the issues. point i'm trying to make here is i like going through what we call the regular order pros.
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>> dickerson: you're pitching middle class tax cut you say every child in america should have an opportunity in this country that's part of the american dream. but there are specifics in it. getting rid of the estate tax. wered income tax credit not being expanded might be in the future. the carried interest loophole. if i'm middle class person, estate tax people are taken care of, alternative minimum tax that will help the wealthy but things that will help me -- >> we're going to double your standard deductions so you can file taxes on postcard. take people who are in 10% bracket put a lot of that money in zero percent tax. taking 15 down to 12. increase child tax credits. going to maintain critical things like incentives for home buying, charitable giving. education, retirement savings. those are calling middle class tax things. the purpose of this is to help people living by paycheck, keep
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more of their money but also get more jobs, faster growing economy. >> dickerson: the theory behind lowering of corporate tax rate. corporate tax rate goes down how do you know companies will put it back into wages. going to shareholders. >> when you lower -- that the tax on businesses is taken out of wages. the point is -- >> dickerson: isn't there quite a lot of debate about that? >> legal me say it this way. should we be taxing american businesses at much higher tax rates. this business is high as 40-plus percent, competitors are taxed 22.5%. now does that help this business in global competition? effectively the rate is quite lower than 40 also i guess the question is -- >> that's not always the case. the point is, we know we're taxing our businesses at much higher tax rates than the foreign competitors. here is the point, john, businesses are leaving america. the current tax code discourages making thing in america, the
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current tax code says if you are good enough to be big enough to make money overseas you can't even bring it back because of our tax laws. >> dickerson: you have spent your life thinking about tax reform, the other thing, fiscal issues. will this increase the debt? >> going to be deficit neutral. the bird rule. that will have to be deficit neutral. we do believe that this tax code and this tax reform will give us faster economic growth. faster economic growth helps raise the economy which raises revenues and that helps us tackle the deficit. two things we got to do to get rid of this debt. deal with entitlements, that's why we're frustrated health care reform. deal with run away spending also grow the economy. this helps grow the economy. so if you are asking me whether it's deficit neutral tax reform that's what it has to be. >> dickerson: after ten years? what about the debt in terms of additional money tolt debt from this, not deficit year to year.
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>> this results in giving us a faster economic growth. that will help us reduce our debt. >> dickerson: what a lot of people who have known you for a long time, when they hear you say if this gives us growth they say he's gone to the dark side. >> i think it's the bright side of economic growth. >> dickerson: but they say the growth is something that you'll need to fund this just beyond -- >> two things. you've got to have tax reform to get faster economic growth. it's necessary for us to get our debt under control. but you also have to reform entitlement programs. >> dickerson: could you tie entitlement reform to this? >> you could, but i think we'd kill tax reform if we did. let me show you one piece of evidence, the senate can't get health care out of the senate. something that is proven to fail is tax reform, why would you do that? >> dickerson: that lead us to politics. affordable care act didn't make it through in the senate why is it going to make it through? >> tax reform? i think it will make it through for a few reasons. number one, we did this on the front end we negotiated a framework so that we all agree
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what thisth needs to look like. in health care what we did we passed the bill in the house, then senate looked at our bill decided to go a different direction. here we are. we have more consense on tax reform and less consensus on health care reform. >> dickerson: i don't hear you talking about working with democrats. but do you work with them on this? >> we're not going to give chuck schumer the ability to filibuster. do we want democratic involvement, absolutely. did the president have democrats in the ways and means two days ago. >> dickerson: you are worried they will work with the democrats? >> any he should work with democrats. >> dickerson: on tax reform? >> i don't think -- not on filibuster a big mistake. because we're basically dooming tax reform. but do we want democrats to work with us? of course we do. we had joe donnely on the plane yesterday going to indiana which i really believe some of these democrats from some of these states are going to vote for this. indiana, number one state for manufacturing, this tax reform
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so much helps these kind of manufacturers, i think when people look at their constituents, tax breaks for middle class families making manufacturing more competitive, helping businesses stay in america, creating more jobs and faster economic growth. i got to think that some democrats are going to listen not to the party leaders but to constituents. some are going to vote for this. >> dickerson: we'll be back in one minute with more from house spooker paul ryan.
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>> dickerson: we spoke to speaker ryan about the topic of race in america. a year ago we talked about race relations in the country you said you hoped -- then candidate trump would be inclusive you said, he's new at this. it's been a year now, how would you rate his ability to bring this country together which hasn't clearly -- >> like you said on the charlottesville thing it. -- like three comments one was great -- four comments i think, two good, two bad, i think like
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you say, he's learning. i know his heart is in the right place. >> dickerson: how do you know that? >> i've had some candid conversations about this, especially during that time. i do believe his hard is in the right place. i think what matters is that we have to show people that we are inclusive society, that we want everyone to succeed. i think there's more that all of us as leaders have got to do to be inclusive with people make people feel like they're included in society. i think we got long ways to go just as society in the country for that. >> dickerson: here is the criticism we know with the nfl, the president makes the case for those who kneel and argues about patriotism. he never has chosen what that's about. should that be addressed by a national leader isn't that part of the conversation? >> there has been conversations, we've had these police shootings, ferguson, that has been a national conversation no two ways about it. we do hearings on this, i set up
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a task force last year after the police shootings, bipartisan task force. >> dickerson: as the president he's -- one side of the argument but holding opposite view and being concerned -- >> what i think a lot of people who are protesting on that don't necessarily see is that other people see it as disrespecting the country, what it stands for the flag and people who died to protect it. i think clearly people have right to express themselves in first amendment however they want to. but what so many americans i see this at home see is you're disrespecting the idea of america that we want to make this free country a more perfect union and people have died to protect it. they don't see the point that they're trying to make. >> dickerson: mr. speaker, thanks for being with. >> i you bet, thanks, john. and ourselves. for a better us, donate to your local y today. bp developed new, industry-leading software
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to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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dickerson: chuck schumer who is stapping by in our new york is stapping by in our new york studio. plant.
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>> dickerson: we'll be right back with senator schumer, bob schieffer and a lot more "face the nation."
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>> can you believe this? it is caught for the win! >> once and for all for sergio. >> justin thomas pga champion. >> touchdown, alabama. >> north carolina. >> not going to be denied. >> it's week four in the nfl. >> one of two undefeated teams, falcons, let by matt ryan, three interceptions, fishes to the detroit, trying a vastly improved defense under sean mcdermott and the bills. >> there's the jacksonville london jaguars coming off the best game of his career, playing better today against the jets. >> here's le'veon bell, off to a slow start this year, only 3.5 per carry, one touchdown.


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