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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> after 9 years in prison o.j. simpson is a free man tonight. good evening. >> o.j. simpson was leased on patrol today from a prison in nevada. cbs reporter shows us what is next for the former football great and bay area native. >> reporter: the only footage
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of o.j. simpson being released from prison sunday morning was captured by the nevada department of corrections. o.j. simpson served 9 years for a 2007 botched robbery in las vegas but before that conviction he was the suspect in the double murder of his ex- wife and her friend. the car chase played out on los angeles highways and on tv sets around the country. she has followed all of o.j. simpson's cases. >> he will be monitored for the next 5 years. and given his prior conduct it might be close monitoring as well. >> reporter: after decades she says o.j. simpson should avoid this type of attention. >> the best thing he could do is lay low. stay with his family, stay with
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friends. don't be caught up in the media. don't go back to being the old o.j. simpson. >> reporter: o.j. simpson wants to return to florida but the states attorney general is trying to block that. 27% of americans believe o.j. simpson will return to celebrity status but 65% believe he will mostly be ignored. in the bay area, high pressure off shore is battling with low pressure over the rockies. the result, a red flag warning. the warning is through tuesday afternoon throughout much of the bay area. tonight the governor of puerto rico says progress is being made but the island is still in crisis. more fuel is reaching puerto rico and more troops are on the ground but 95% of the island remains in darkless and half still lack drinking -- darkness and half still lack drinking water. >> we have more coming. we don't like there are people
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drinking rain water. >> president trump dedicated a troph tee hurricane victims and once again praise -- trophy to hurricane victims and once again praised the response to the crisis. >> we have it under great control. >> president trump returned tonight and he will visit puerto rico today. tonight a bay area man who is donating $10 million to hurricane relief efforts. >> reporter: that's right. he came to the united states on a college scholarship. he now manages a firm and we talked to him hours after he got back to seeing the damage first hand. >> as the plane is descending and you can see the ground, that the not the place i remember. >> reporter: it was a call from his parents who still live in puerto rico and seeing pictures from friends on facebook that
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prompted him to act. >> he said, look, we are down to one generator in one hospital that is leaking diesel. we are in tough shape. >> reporter: he asked leaders what they needed most. >> the mayor said i have not been touched by federal or any form of aid. any aid. no matter what it is. i have one running hospital who everybody is crowding. >> reporter: so he got the iv fluid and loaded up food, water and phones. >> we put a plane together and we got to the airport on the west coast and we delivered. >> the question he is asking now, why can't fema do the same? >> if we can get there as a tiny organization, compared to
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the kind of aid that could be given, anyone can get there. >> reporter: it has been two weeks since hurricane maria landed, cutting off power and water lines. taking down cell phone towers and destroying tens of thousands of homes. >> you can get there. and they can get to you. it is a matter of when and those towns are running out of time. he promised $10 million to help. $2million now for immediate needs like delivering supplies through charter flights and then another $8 million over time to help rebuild infrastructure like water purification systems and communications. >> i grew up there. i thought that our organization could really make a difference. >> reporter: he heard about president trump's planned trip to puerto rico on tuesday and is confident once the president sees the damage first hand he will do the right thing and
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send extra aid. he says his foundation will continue the daily supply flights with whatever they need. kpix 5. >> good work. good for him. now to a violent police crack down in spain. police tried to stop people from heading to the poles in catalonia. spain's highest court called the referendum unconstitutional. they marched through streets trying to break up the crowds. the police officers even formed a human wall to block voters from going to the polling station. 800 people and 33 police officers were hurt. 90% voted for the independence. tonight president trump says secretary of state rex tillerson is wasting his time on north korea. she casting doubt on the idea
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that diplomacy can resolve the crisis. >> thank you. thank you. >> just yesterday secretary of state rex tillerson said the u.s. has back channeled for communicating with pyongyang and using them to gadge their willingness to -- gauge their willingness to talk. >> president trump ordered a new set of american sanctions designed to isolate the north. california will now do its own investigation into how russians used facebook, twitter and google to try influence the u.s. election. kpix 5's melissa caen with what
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to expect. >> make sure no super power ever, ever -- never tries to tip had balance for one candidate over another. that is to me -- that is a declaration of war. >> war where the weapons are in our backyard and california politicians will not stand by. in january a report about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election said that moscow's campaign influided paid social media users or trolls. -- included paid social media users or trolls. they sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in misleading ads during the campaign to russian linked trolls. state senator is the president pro tem of the senate and he values these companies. >> i don't want to go in head first because these are valuable california companies
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that provide a tremendous amount of jobs and revenue for the state of california. >> reporter: but american sovereignty must be defended. california will hold its own hearings. >> not too sure what will happen in washington but here in california we are looking into a series of hearings and interviews and making sure we get to the bottom of this. when washington won't lead, we will pick up the baton and lead ourselves. >> reporter: he says she on board with the state investigation. >> yes, it should be investigated. congress is investigating it. it is perfectly appropriate to investigate as a state level as well. >> reporter: he expects the social media companies to cooperate. >> we need everyone to be trapt to make sure -- transparent to make sure it never happens again.
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some 49ers took a knee during the naacp and a raiders -- during the national anthem and a raiders player took a stand. and tonight passengers describe a mid-air scare and this b.a.r.t. station is fill of filth. on 5 tonight how he is taking matters in to his own hands.
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strip... near the mandalay bay hotel and casino. breaking news. we are getting reports of an
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active shooter on the las vegas strip near the mandalay bay hotel and casino. a hospital says it has taken in several people with gunshot wounds. police shut down part of the strip. . tonight the 49ers took the field for the first time since president trump criticized national anthem protests. 30 players knelt in arizona and the rest of the team stood behind them. most of those standing had a hand on their heart and a shoulder on a teammate. the 49ers said we chose to publicly display our unity and urge others to do the same. our demonstration is representation of how we hope our country could put differences aside and solving its prevents. in denver -- it is problems. in denver marshawn lynch sat as he has done before and
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raiders staff appear to surround him to keep him possibly hidden and minnesota made a statement with a t -- marshawn lynch made a statement. the faa is investigating a mid-air scare on a flight to california. this engine bloke apart on air france from pairs to los angeles. the plane made an emergency landing in canada. passengers arrived in los angeles eventually. a reporter caught up with them at the airport. >> reporter: it has been a long couple of days for these passengers who are now dealing with lost luggage here at the airport. take a look. as you can see the people trying to get their bags back. they spent two days traveling to make it pack from paris. they spent 15 hours on the damaged plane while they waited to be transferred to another
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plane. they experienced severe engine trouble mid-night yesterday and they were forced to make an emergency landing in canada. bound for los angeles with 497 passengers on board. one of the 4 engines on the plane suffered serious damage over the atlantic and they were forced to land early. passengers tell me they heard a loud thud and felt the plane shake. we spoke with passengers who said many thought the plane was going to crash. >> i thought this was it. yeah. we all did. i thought this was it. it was so intense and loud and the aircraft shook. you could tell the pilot was trying to regain control. we dropped immediately. >> reporter: passengers here at lax say they are happy to finally be home safe and sound. kpix 5. an armed robber is on the loose tonight and his target, a
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nail salon. this man entered a business just after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. the victim says he brandished a hand gun. it is unclear how much money he got away with. he is 6 athlete -- 6'3". police are on the look out for three men who beat a student unconscious. >> i saw him being put in the ambulance. >> reporter: she lives steps from where the latest crime at uc berkeley took place. >> yeah, it is scary, this is where we live. >> the quad area is where university police say the altercation between a group of guys and a male student took place just before 1:00 a.m. this morning. it became physical and spilled on to the street. >> it was sent today. >> reporter: police e-mailed students this morning asking them to be on the look out for
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three suspects. they knocked him out sending him to the hospital. >> we talked about, like, wow, like, that is scary. >> reporter: investigators are looking for surveillance video and talking to witness to identify the suspects who the victim claims he didn't know. >> looking for trouble. >> i want to know who he is and why he got attacked. >> reporter: it is unknown if the suspects are students. one was wearing all black. the second a red hat and the third suspect a plaid shirt and white shoes. maria medina, kpix 5. >> the victim has been leased from the hospital. a b.a.r.t. passenger robbed at gun point and tonight two suspects are on the loose. the suspects robbed the victim around 10:00 p.m. last night. it is unclear what they took. the victim was not injured. a man who helps over see
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b.a.r.t. wants to do something about a station in san francisco that refuses to clean up its act. joe vazquez shows us how in the absence of a janitor a b.a.r.t. board member is taking matters in to his own hands. >> the 16th street b.a.r.t. station, trash everywhere. graffiti. >> i don't know, is this really a mailbox? >> i am not sure what is happening here. >> reporter: he says he has had enough. so he decided to do something about it. he says b.a.r.t. refuses tostaff the station with a janitor so he -- to staff the station with a janitor so he decided to come down here and clean. >> reporter: management are telling me why in this budget i can't get a day time cleaner here at 16th and mission. >> reporter: the director says he knows it is unusual to pick
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up a broom, that is not his job, but he is trying to make a point. so for the last two weeks he has been cleaning the station. >> i am kind of rattling the door and saying come on, don't give me excuses. let's do things. >> that is not right for him. you know what i am saying? good he is pushing the issue because this area do need to stay clean. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i am not saying i am great, i am not saying i am doing anything, i am saying this is my salt. the conditions are unacceptable -- responsibility. the conditions are unacceptable. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> we asked for a reaction from b.a.r.t. but b.a.r.t. had no reaction. fleet week is underway and today the blue angels flew
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over. the flyers perform over the bay for three days starting on friday. beautiful. look at that. i saw a heart in the sky today. it is true. >> s writing. find them on thee >> i am not making this up. >> we didn't suggest that. [ talking at the same time ] we had clear skies and the numbers, warm today. concord 85 degrees. livermore 62 eighty two. san jose 80. santa rosa 85 and san francisco 69. just about where we should be. this time of year. can you believe it is october? often the warmest couple of months of the year. october, september. numbersupper 70s inland.
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beaches 70 degrees because of the high pressure. high pressure off shore, low pressure inland. high enough so the numbers remain close to average. pleasant week ahead. sunny, windy and warm. winds pick up tonight and tomorrow. fire danger high through tuesday because winds pick up, humidity goes down. mid-degrees by saturday. pleasant this week. mountains, lake tahoe, yosemite, beautiful time, 79 fresno and 80 degrees in sacramento. sfo okay with winds out of the northwest at 20 and a high of 72. from seattle to the new york, 75 degrees. and sunshine. and for us over night tonight the numbers upper 40s, low 50s. not bad. san francisco tomorrow above average. concord below. in between in between with
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sunshine. nothing in the way of low clouds. half moon bay 68. east bay upper 70s. low 80s. high cloud or two from time to time. 79 for santa rosa. 78 mill valley. 77 cloverdale. 76 lake port. extended forecast sun and plenty of it into next weekend when numbers saturday nudge 90 degrees again. sunny, warm and pleasant this week. have a good one. up next, fewer riders are hopping on san francisco's cable cars and tonight the reason with hind the drop in -- reason behind the drop in ridership. >> the raiders worse fears are realized. derek carr is injured. the 49ers react and two former
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9er legends helping dwight clark and the pga tour tees off on thursday in napa and the tournament host joins us tonight. >> golf is an important sport. >> game day is next.
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. i am dennis o'donnell. the raiders suffered a major scare in denver. quarterback derek carr injured his back and left the game. good news, it was a back spasm so he should be able to play next season. 49ers losers 18-15 in arizona. os breaks do the price to ride a cable car in san francisco is up and ridership is down. kpix 5's john ramos breaks down the numbers. >> reporter: at 10:00 a.m. in the morning the line is whready long at powell d an e marketthe little cable
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cars begin climbing half way to the stars. >> when you think of san francisco you think of cable cars, the kirby street -- the curvy street. >> the cable cars are a must do experience for the visitors to the city. or are they? ridership has dropped 25% since 2014. from an average of 2,006,600 riders per day down to 15,500 per day in 2016. some are blaming the fair increase from $5 to $7 for the drop. >> i would imagine if i was a residential guy and paid 5 bucks all the time, 7-dollars would shop me. >> reporter: how many locals ride the cable cars any way? the tourists here today didn't seem outraged by the price. >> it is $2. it is worth $7 to ride it.
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>> the problem may be that the cable cars aren't moving people fast enough. the wait at powell street this morning was an hour and on summer days they could be twice that long and the schedule too, the cable cars sit in a line not moving while hundreds stand waiting. >> don't seem to be rushing at all. they are talking and we are all standing here. >> reporter: whatever is causing the decline muni would be wise to take it seriously. the decrease represents $13 million a year to the transit agency. john ramos, kpix 5. and tonight the winner of the weekend box office coming up.
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