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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i'm michelle griego. we begin with the mass shooting in las vegas. a number of victims remain in the hospital. [ loud screaming and gunfire ] >> investigators have been working day and night to determine the motive for the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. at least 59 people were killed, 527 others injured, when a gunman opened fire at a country music festival. the shooter has been identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. officers recovered 23 guns from his hotel room and 19 more at his home in mesquite, nevada. thousands of people were at the route 91 harvest music festival across the street from the mandalay day on sunday night when paddock opened fire from his hotel room. he was nearly 1,000 feet away from the concert. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is in las vegas with the latest updates from law enforcement. [ sound of automatic gunfire ] >> reporter: the bullets rained down from the 32nd
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floor of the mandalay bay resort onto a crowd of 22,000 concert-goers as country music star jason aldean took the stage. >> there's a shooting, there's a shooting! >> reporter: at first, many in the crowd mistook the gunshots for fireworks. [ screaming ] >> we were really confused. we couldn't see any of the smoke. >> reporter: the shooter identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock paused several times, once for nearly a minute, presumably to reload. >> multiple flashes in the middle of mandalay bay on the north side! >> be advised it is automatic fire! fully automatic fire from an elevated position. take cover! >> reporter: as police made their way toward the source of the gunfire, hundreds of rounds slammed into buildings and people. >> we need to stop the shooter before he has more victims. anyone with eyes on the shooter -- >> once they gained entry into the hotel in conjunction with security and through phone calls from patrons, they
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were able to call it down to a possible floor. >> we believe it's the northern most room on either side on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. >> i need to know if we have that floor evacuated other than our suspect. snipers going up? >> we have it wholly contained. >> reporter: the gunpoint fired at officers through the door of his hotel room. by the time the s.w.a.t. team stormed in, paddock had already killed himself. [ singing ] >> reporter: outside vegas city hall residents and politicians lit candles and held signs reading, vegas strong. >> we will not be tarnished by this one sick horrible human being that he thought he could destroy who and what we are. that will never happen. >> reporter: hospitals in las vegas and trauma centers still dealing with the injured and critically injured and for those who made it out alive who didn't get injured, they are dealing with the emotional
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trauma of it all. and you can see it on the marquise here, all the notes our prayers for the victims, our gratitude for the brave first responders. notes around las vegas to help people locate missing or injured loved ones. that continues here in a town that's still healing. in las vegas, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. for some who saw it firsthand returning home isn't bringing relief from all they saw. one brentwood woman broke down about how bad it was to be caught in the crossfire. >> people are screaming, i have been shot. people are being drug out. my girlfriend ended up in a vehicle that took them to the airport. and she said she ran past a girl laying on the ground in a pile of blood all by herself. >> others from the bay area are on a desperate search for answers about loved ones considered missing.
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off duty san francisco police officer vinnie etchber he was there. his wife didn't have a phone or identification on her and she hasn't been seen since they were there. we are learning more about the victims of the shooting. 29-year-old sonny melton was a nurse from tennessee. he died protecting his wife heather a doctor and sonoma county native. rachel park her served on the police department in manhattan beach for 10 years. she was 33. jenny parks a mother of two was a kindergarten teacher from los angeles county. she and her husband bobby were childhood sweethearts. he was injured in the shooting. andy gomez a former cheerleader at riverside poly graduated two years ago. paige gasper a student at sonoma state described the moment it dawned on her that she had been shot. she is recovering from injuries. >> i reached out and grabbed my side and noticed that my hand was wet. somebody spilt a drink on me or something, i thought.
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next thing i knew, it was warm and red and i thought, you know, coming down my leg. -- saw it coming down my leg. >> paige is recovering in the hospital. we're learning more about the man who opened fire on thousands of people. no terror association. sharon chin reports. reporter: investigators say 64-year-old stephen paddock checked into the mandalay bay hotel thursday and spent 3 days gambling in casinos. he stockpiled a cash of 23 weapons in his hotel rooms in several suitcases, two rifles on tripods stood at the windows with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. law enforcement searched his home in mesquite and found 19 more firearms, explosives and ammunition. they also searched his house
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in reno. his brother eric of florida says there's nothing in his past suggesting violence or mental illness. >> illness or anything -- >> nothing! no religious affiliation. no political affiliation. no, he just hung out. >> reporter: authorities say stephen paddock was a retired accountant but recently became a professional gambler who won large jackpots. he was also a licensed hunter and pilot with two planes who rented, owned and sold properties in four states over 40 years. his late father benjamin paddock was once on the fbi's "most wanted" list a bank robber and psychopath and before last night's attack, stephen paddock's only run-in with the law was this parking ticket 8 years ago. kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says investigators are digging deep into his background. >> they will look at all his social media, if he had any. they will certainly look at any electronic media he had
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with him at the hotel, at home. they will dissect forensically every aspect of his life. >> reporter: officers say they have spoken to his girlfriend marilou danley who is out of the country. she is no longer a person of interest. >> investigators are trying to figure out how the gunman obtained 42 firearms between a stash at the hotel and his home. gun store owners in nevada and utah say paddock legally bought four weapons from them in the past year and that he passed background collection. and we'll continue to follow all the latest developments from las vegas on air and online at time now 4:37. here's neda with the forecast. >> yeah. this morning, it's a little chillier out there today also breezier. you can expect all this cooler air to set until throughout the day. but we are about to start a warming trend. it will arrive tomorrow. temperatures cool today a little below average in some
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areas. we still have that offshore flow bringing in dry air. also clear skies. whenever we get that offshore flow, it's not bringing moisture from the ocean. so that's why our mornings are nice and clear. 52 in concord. oakland 55. livermore chilly 46. san francisco 58. san jose 51. santa rosa in the mid-40s. wind speeds also starting to pick up already this morning especially from downtown san francisco at 12 miles per hour sustained winds sfo 16. it is calmer though in the east bay to the north still have a red flag warning in effect for the higher elevations. winds pick up today. jaclyn has the traffic reports. a hot spot on the san mateo bridge. two lanes westbound at the high-rise have reopened. this is after a big rig fire and all eastbound lanes rope, as well. so one -- are open, as well. so one lane is closed in the westbound direction of the san mateo bridge as you make your
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way into foster city. we aren't seeing any major delays. traffic is moving in both directions. over along 580 at north flynn road one lane blocked due to a big rig that broke down creating a backup. this is a slow route but even slower this morning so it's 46 minutes for drivers making their way between 205 and 680. here's the traffic on 205 near mountain house parkway backed up. that's a check of your traffic. ♪[ music ] stunning news from the music world. veteran rock star tom petty has died. in a statement, his manager said petty went into cardiac arrest at his home in malibu yesterday morning. he died at ucla medical center last night. a few weeks ago in august tom
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petty and the heartbreakers brought their 40th anniversary to berkeley. the band had hit songs over the decades including running down a dream and american girl. he was also a member of the super group the traveling wi lbruys. he was 66. bay area residents return home after getting caught in the middle of the horror in las vegas. we'll hear from some of them. >> a city makes a push to create more affordable housing in the bay area. coming up.
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returning home from vegas... their trips affected by the tragedy. more on the massacre in las vegas. a lot of bay area travelers are returning home from vegas their trips affected by the tragedy. kpix 5's betty yu spoke with some air passengers after their flights arrived. >> as we were going back to the room, we really saw the yelling, screaming and crying. there was a gentleman who lost his shirt and had blood all over him. he said he had to walk over 10
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dead bodies just to get out of there. >> reporter: anthony sanchez's hotel turned into a safe place for concert-goers to run to. the excalibur is nearby. >> it was rapid fire. so it was just -- to me, because i was in the military, it just didn't sound like fireworks to me. it sounded like automatic weapons. so to hear that and then all of a sudden you can hear just frantic screaming, get out, get out -- >> reporter: across bay area airports, including oklahoma international airport, streams of people returned shaken by the tragedy. one of them shared this cell phone video of the gunshots. [ sound of gunfire ] >> more popping than we realized after they were hitting the stage that they were actual gunshots. >> just kept going. and everybody kind of fell down and everybody started stampeding trying to get out. 15 minutes of rapid gunshots
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and i mean rapid. like nothing i have ever heard before. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. president trump and first lady melania trump led a moment of silence at the white house for the las vegas victims. earlier the president had this to say. >> he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. >> on capitol hill, the senate also observed a moment of silence in honor of the shooting victims. now, some musicians who performed at the route 91 harvest festival are commenting on the mass shooting now. jason aldean was on stage when it happened. he posted this on instagram saying it hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. a guitarist said: many lawmakers are once again calling for more restrictions on guns in the wake of the attack.
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the state of nevada has some o >> many lawmakers are once again calling for more restrictions on guns in the wake of the attack. the state of nevada has some of the most permissive laws in the country. it does not require firearm owners to have a license or register their guns. there is no waiting period, no magazine capacity limit and some fully automatic weapons are legal. >> the nation's counting on you. >> former arizona congresswoman giffords and her husband led renewed calls for congress to pass tougher gun control laws. a gunman shot her in the head in 2011. hillary clinton said: >> the white house says this isn't the time to talk about it. >> it's very easy for mrs. clinton to criticize and to come out but i think we need to remember the only person with blood on their hands is is that of the shooter. >> in the meantime, congress
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is currently considering a law that would make it easier to buy silencers and make it harder for states to regulate them. time check 4:46. let's check the weather with neda. >> good morning. yeah. it's a little chilly out there. if you are walking your dog, you may need to grab the sweater or even a thicker jacket. make sure you have those high warm sox because it's cool especially some areas in the mid-40s this morning. it's clear though. 44 degrees in santa rosa right now so pretty chilly. tonight will be another chilly night again tomorrow morning but then we are starting a warming trend so here's what you can expect. three things to remember today. winds will be strong especially to the north in the hills above 1,000 feet. we still have a red flag warning in effect. we have that dry air in place helping cool things off a little bit today. but high pressure is going to
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come on through. it's hanging right off the pacific ocean and it will be reaching the bay area by tomorrow. here's the area of the red flag warning. its contained to the north bay hills. not the east bay hills. that one expired. it's because sustained winds 10 to 25, gusts 35 to 50 miles per hour so strong winds still this afternoon. low humidity in effect. the red flag warning will end by 5 p.m. today. so across the bay area, clear skies, just to the north there's some cloud cover and look at these little areas. that's snow in the higher elevations. cold air in the area. dry north offshore flow is coming into our region. that's why today is cooler. but then high pressure will be reaching us meaning more sunshine and warmer. you will start to see a nice
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warming trend. at the beaches today small craft advisory. 66 degrees windy conditions there. choppy waters, waves 6 to 11 feet. temperatures in the 80s. cooler in san francisco compared to yesterday 71 degrees. here's what it looks like with that warming trend. sunshine across the board for the next seven days. right now we are still tracking a hot spot on the san mateo bridge. an earlier big rig fire shut down both directions at one point. now all eastbound lanes have reopened and two westbound lanes are open leaving only one lane closed. 15 minutes for drivers from 880 to 101. so we'll keep an eye on that.
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give yourself some extra time in that direction. delays for drivers on southbound 680 due to some roadwork. one lane closed between monument boulevard and read gear ruddyear road. give yourself some extra time. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, one of the only routes we're track in the green at this early-morning hours, a few cars in the cash lanes, 10 minutes into san francisco. san jose has an ambitious plan to ease the city's housing crunch. kpix 5's len ramirez on the plan to double down downtown. >> reporter: a year ago mickey vasquez was homeless on the streets. today he has his own studio apartment in a new building subsidized by san jose. >> waited three years for this to come and i finally got in. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo showcased the building as an example of what san jose must do more of.
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>> we are here to talk about our housing crisis. >> reporter: he unveiled a 15- point plan to build more housing to get 25,000 more units with 10,000 for low income people in the next five years. he says builders will get less red tape from city hall. >> we can have a huge impact on this problem by moving faster and that's what i intend to do. >> reporter: he says the city will ease requirements for parking structures, for apartments downtown. he will work with san jose state and schools to build more teacher and student housing on their land and san jose will pro most dense urban villages near transit. one of the boldest of the new proposals is to work with caltrans to build tiny homes in places where many homeless already live next to freeways. >> as long as we can get the utilities in place, this is a way for to us leverage land that the public already owns. >> reporter: but one homeless advocate says five years is still too long to those who will die on the street this winter. >> it's a step in the long
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term direction. short term it's killing people. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. 4:50 now. the former chancellor of uc- berkeley is speaking publicly about some high-profile scandals during his time at the helm.
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good morning. get ready for cooler conditions out there today. mountain view you're only going to reach 76 degrees. union city 72. fremont mid-70s, as well. and cooler in hayward at 68. moving over to the east bay temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. we have cooler and windy conditions today. sonoma 82. windy in the north with temperatures in the mid-70s and low 80s. we have a "sig alert" that
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remains in effect. one lane in the westbound direction on the san mateo bridge is closed near the high- rise due to an earlier big rig fire. eastbound lanes are open. it's about 15 minutes between 880 and 101. so if you are heading in that direction, give yourself a few extra minutes this morning. things looking good over at the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza starting to see some action. we have the crowds developing but no metering lights just yet. former uc-berkeley chancellor nicholas dirks is speaking out about the scandals that clouded his tenure there. kpix 5's christin ayers interviewed him at santa clara university where he spoke at an event. >> my term at -- at -- at berkeley probably saw more major, um, um, crises of, um, one kind or another, um, than anyone since maybe the 1960s. >> reporter: former uc- berkeley chancellor dirks is blunt about his four years at
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berkeley. he spoke about the battle over free speech at berkeley, the scheduled speech at milo yiannopoulos that started it all. >> when the black box walked up bancroft avenue and turned into sproul plaza, we saw a level of violence on campus that we haven't seen since perhaps people's park in 1969. >> reporter: since all that happened, did you expect for uc-berkeley to become this flashpoint and the enemy of conservatives under donald trump? >> when we got the tweet on the morning of february 2nd, when i woke up and i saw that the president had tweeted against berkeley threatening us with the cancellation of all federal funds, that raised the stakes in a way that once again was unprecedented. >> reporter: that wasn't the only scandal that rocked his administration. there was a major lack of funding that came as a surprise to him and impacted his ability to implement changes and then there were those high-profile sexual
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harassment claims against a dean and other faculty. >> i think the victims and the survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault were not being given the protection they deserve under university regulations so we changed that immediately. i insisted that every case come to me as soon as the charge is made. >> reporter: changes he still is proud of. in santa clara, christin ayers, kpix 5. we are getting a good look at the driver accused of hitting a 3-year-old boy in the east bay and taking off. this is 19-year-old elissa valdiva of san pablo. she is a receptionist at friends auto repair in richmond. police say last week she borrowed a customer's car and hill geronimo perez near the shop. she fled the scene and geronimo had brain surgery. does the current bail system punish the poor? we'll tell you about a local
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push for change coming up here in santa clara county. ♪[ music ] but if you snooze, you'll lose out on this deal. jack's $2 breakfast pockets. new from jack in the box.
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for just two bucks, get a forgrilled pocketh. filled with your choice of ham, or sausage, freshly cracked eggs, and two melted cheeses. jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let outside... good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 3rd. i'm michelle griego.
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>> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this tuesday morning as we take a live look at the bay bridge on the left. looks like calm conditions out there. not much activity in the water, in the bay. and on the right you have 880 in oakland. headlights that you see heading in the southbound direction. looks all good for right now at least. >> yes. along that stretch. >> along that stretch. [ laughter ] >> but anywhere else? >> it might be a problem later on. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i'm also watching the doppler because there's slight chance of the mountain ranges getting snow this afternoon. so it is cool enough out there. you will feel it when you step outside this morning. we are looking at a system to the north. up two 2 inches in the higher elevations. they are warning you may need chains awe if you are heading there. here closer to home look at
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our clear skies. beautiful coit tower. calm in the bay. no foghorns today because there's no fog. but conditions are cool out there. 52 in concord right now. oakland at 55. 40 for santa rosa. we'll talk about a warning trend. >> heads up on the san mateo bridge. one lane closed in the westbound direction at the high-rise due to an earlier big rig fire. all eastbound lanes are open and you can see traffic is moving westbound. it's just a little sluggish in the yellow 13 minutes between 880 and 101. we have a lane blocked on route 87, speeds still showing in the green but we'll keep an eye on it. delays in the east bay on southbound 680, roadwork and now a car


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