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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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beautiful coit tower. calm in the bay. no foghorns today because there's no fog. but conditions are cool out there. 52 in concord right now. oakland at 55. 40 for santa rosa. we'll talk about a warning trend. >> heads up on the san mateo bridge. one lane closed in the westbound direction at the high-rise due to an earlier big rig fire. all eastbound lanes are open and you can see traffic is moving westbound. it's just a little sluggish in the yellow 13 minutes between 880 and 101. we have a lane blocked on route 87, speeds still showing in the green but we'll keep an eye on it. delays in the east bay on southbound 680, roadwork and now a car that is blocking a
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lane near treat lane. so 13 minutes from willow pass to 24. law enforcement officials are still trying to figure out why a 64-year-old man opened fire on a concert in las vegas. you're taking a live look outside mandalay bay the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the shooter is stephen paddock. police say he killed 59 people and injured 527 others at a country music festival sunday night. authorities say they are confident he acted alone. nevada's governor has signed a declaration of emergency that directs all the state agencies to assist local officials in the county. police say paddock broke windows on the 32nd floor of mandalay bay sunday night and shot people at the concert below before killing himself. officers recovered 23 guns from his hotel room. they raided his nevada home monday and found 19 more guns.
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the shooter's brother says paddock had no religious or political affiliations or agenda. >> he has no history of violence. he is good friends with [ indiscernible ] >> the gunman's father was a convicted bank robber and at one point spent time in the fbi's "most wanted" list. paddock wasn't known to law enforcement. this san francisco police officer is now missing his wife after the vegas shooting. he got separated from his wife stacey after telling her to run so he could help some victims. stacey didn't have her phone or identification at the time and she hasn't been seen since the shooting. we're also learning more about the other people who died when the gunman attacked the crowd in las vegas. 29-year-old sonny melton was a nurse from tennesee. he died protecting his wife, a doctor and sonoma county native. rachel parker from manhattan beach was 33 years old. some witnesses now heading
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home are having trouble dealing with what they saw. >> we took off running. >> we looked for each other and made sure all five of us got out. it's unimaginable. you don't go to things like this thinking that something this terrible is going to happen. it's not fair. >> signs in las vegas urge people to donate blood now for the hundreds who now need it. after the las vegas massacre, security is again a top priority for authorities here in the bay area. >> kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco which happens to have some large events in the next few days. reporter: one of the biggest is fleet week. that is starting today. plenty of runners around the city, as well, as you can see. [ laughter ] >> reporter: anyway, fleet week starting this week and then really culminating this weekend. the uss essex which is a navy
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amphibious assault ship is here behind me along the embarcadero. they are going to start tours here at 10 a.m. but all of san francisco really on high alert when it comes to security. really, year round. but especially this week because we are expecting so many people into town for fleet week. you're going to see a lot of sailors and marines walking around the city. oracle world taking over south of market, 60,000 conventioneers are in town. then there's hardly strictly bluegrass the festival in golden gate park. no time off for the police and the mayor is asking everyone to remain vigilant. >> the number one thing is to be alert and aware. if you see something, say something. everybody will use this motto throughout the whole week. >> reporter: the big attraction this weekend, the blue angels flying for fleet week. a million and a half extra visitors will have visited san
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francisco by the time this weekend is over. so again, security is high around the city. we'll get a look at the uss essex later on this morning. back to you. >> thank you. and we will continue to follow all the latest developments from las vegas and the heightened security here in the bay area on kpix 5 and online at president trump will vivid las vegas tomorrow to meet with survivors of the mass shooting and families of victims. today he will be in puerto rico which is just starting to recover from the devastation caused by hurricane maria. despite a lot of criticism, white house officials say progress is being made in puerto rico. 12,000 federal aid workers are now on the island and situations are improving at hospitals and airports. >> the federal government is doing everything within our powers and capabilities to
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first focus on the life sustaining and life-saving measures as well as on the rebuilding process. >> more than half of puerto ricans still don't have access to drinking water and it could be march before power is restored to the island. the controversial bail reform bill is on hold until next year for california. officials in santa clara county are pushing for change today. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live outside the santa clara county main jail with the details. >> reporter: good morning. they say the goal is to make sure suspects in minor crimes go to their court dates but they aren't inside a jail cell if they can't afford bail. they say it appears the current system looks like it punishes the poor for being poor. a statewide push is on hold until january when lawmakers will look at the bill again in sacramento. board supervisors here in santa clara county say they want change sooner. some would like to see people
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released or kept in jail on an individual basis such as risks to society whether or not they can afford bail. >> it's a policy that made more sense hundreds of years ago. >> reporter: many law enforcement officials and district attorney's are afraid this will put criminals back on the streets. others say keeping people who haven't been convicted yet out of jail means keeping them employed and also with their families. now, here in santa clara county, the board of supervisors will be talking about a number of ideas including maybe a community bail fund here in the county or even a brand-new electronic monitoring program for people have had bail set but haven't been able to afford the payment. sandra osborne, kpix 5. time now 5:07. a federal judge has decided on whether to pursue further action against the oakland police department for its handling of a high-profile sex scandal. >> uc-berkeley police are asking for the public's help
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in identifying the attackers who left a student unconscious on sunday. i'll have the details coming up. >> parts of the bay area still under a red flag warning. the areas that are going to be the breeziest today coming up. >> and we are tracking delays for drivers heading along westbound 580, southbound 680 and westbound 92. are these part of your morning commute? find out how much time you will need to get to work this morning coming up.
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connection with a long-running sex scandal... a doze a federal judge will not pursue additional punishment for the oakland police department in connection with a long running sex scandal. a dozen officers were disciplined in connection with the case involving a teen prostitute. judge william orrick was charged to determine whether high ranking opd officials handled the situation appropriately. a report in june found problems with the internal investigation but the judge said yesterday he would not recommend further discipline. a former police officer in a separate case with a different prostitute is due in court
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today. ryan walterhouse is facing multiple felonies for allegedly tipping off the prostitute about an undercover prostitution sting. he has a preliminary hearing for 9:30 in oakland. right now, uc-berkeley police searching for suspects in a weekend assault that left a student unconscious. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from berkeley. reporter: police are turning to the public for help. they have released surveillance video showing what they say are the three suspects involved in that crime that left a student unconscious sending him to the hospital. now, the surveillance video comes from the dorm behind me. this is residence unit 3 here. this shows the three young men walking through the dorm here on durant avenue. police say those are the suspects who got into an argument with the victim before beating him unconscious, sending him to the hospital. it happened on midnight in the quad area of the dorm on
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sunday. one was wearing black, another red hat, white shirt, bluejeans. the third had a plaid shirt and while shoes. police are asking students to be on the lookout for suspects. >> they talked about, like, wow, that's kind of scary. >> reporter: the victim doesn't know the suspects. the victim was released from the hospital. he is doing okay. police are asking the public for help. if you recognize them, call police. reporting live from berkeley i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> jessica, what are investigators saying about whether the suspects are students or not? >> reporter: that's something that investigators are looking into. they are interviewing witnesses who are around the dorm at the time. they are also looking at all surveillance video from nearby buildings. back to you. >> thank you. today berkeley's city council faces the new fight over bathrooms for the homeless. a public restroom was installed near a homeless
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encampment about two months ago. the berkeley homeless commission wants another portable toilet on encampment grounds to be used only by the homeless but the berkeley health, housing and community services says it should be open to the public. time now 5:14. let's check traffic with jaclyn dunn. >> you may see some slower speeds on the way to work on westbound 580. we have some roadwork that had a couple of lanes shut down as well as an earlier problem of a car blocking a lane. now a crash in the backup on westbound 205. so out of tracy into livermore, it is going to be a slower ride than normal. 48 minutes between 205 and 680. so give yourself some time heading through that stretch. we are tracking delays for drivers on southbound 680, roadwork and a car blocking one of those lanes keeping the ride very slow from highway 4 along 242 and then down along
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southbound 680. we are tracking a travel time that's in the yellow, eight minutes from willow pass to highway 24. good news over at the san mateo bridge, all lanes have reopened westbound, all lanes eastbound have been opened. now we're back in the green for our travel times, a little crowded westbound. still a few slowdowns. along 280 a new accident coming in as you approach hickey boulevard. it's not slowing people down too much. speeds just below the limit, but travel time is in the green. we have clear skies out there also making for some cooler air. our satellite and radar showing not much in the form of cloud cover. as i zoom out on this one, look to the north. there's a few flurries actually coming down. some of the higher elevations are chilly this morning. we are in the 40s for parts of the bay area and, yes, you can bet across the sierra as this system comes down even
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further, there will be a chance of maybe one to two inches of snow coming down across the sierra and some in reno. the bay area, sacramento, clear skies. the bay not much going on. not much action out there, no cloud cover at the golden gate bridge either. concord right now 52. oakland 55. san jose 51. livermore 48. san francisco warmest spot on the map 58. winds 13 miles per hour sustained winds at sfo. downtown san francisco 10. half moon bay at 8. winds to the north are expected to pick up this afternoon. 9 miles per hour at fairfield right now. antioch nice and calm though. we have this red flag warning in effect for the north bay hills.
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above 1,000 feet wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. critical fire weather out there. it's still dry, not getting moisture in the air whatsoever. temperatures are cooler so that at least is some good news for firefighters who will be on high alert today. 68 the high in hayward today. 72 for union city. mountain view 76. palo alto 74. in the east temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. walnut creek 78 today. this is a few degrees below average. 80s in fairfield and concord. comfortable especially to the east and novato 82. petaluma 81. sausalito at 70 degrees. downtown san francisco 71. 75 for clearlake. a chance tonight temperatures chilly as well so when wake up tomorrow you will start to feel it but tomorrow, once that colder air moves out, we do have a warming trend in store and it is quite the
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warmup. look at this. by the weekend we'll be in the mid-90s. 80s and 90s by the weekend. 1800 miles from las vegas, major names in the music world honored the dozen who is died in the concert shooting. amy grant and vince gill said this in nashville. >> fill our hearts with courage to not be afraid. >> a similar scene played out in nashville just last week during a vigil for those killed in a tennessee church shooting. back home in california, hollywood studios canceled red carpet events as a show of respect for the las vegas victims. the policemen area of marshall scheduled for last night was canceled. tonight's planned blade runner 2049 premiere has been canceled. late night talk show hosts didn't shy away from showing their pain over the mass shooting in las vegas but "late late show" james corden also touched on the acts of courage in the face of
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tragedy. >> we're also hearing stories of bravery and heroism by the resilient fans of the concert and the first responders and medical professionals in las vegas. people like up to give blood that started hours after the shooting. because that's what people do. >> corden added that with the widespread availability of guns in the u.s., mass shootings like this are no surprise. and many are mourning music legend tom petty. the rock and roll great died yesterday at age 66 after cardiac arrest in his home in malibu. he sold more than 80 million records. ♪[ music ] >> just last week he finished up a four-month 40th anniversary tour with his band. remember when the raiders lost derek carr to injury last
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year? they experienced a little deja vu yesterday and can alex smith and the chiefs remain undefeated? the bizarre ending to this game coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at cools, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. back to monday night football for the play o' the day...
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good morning, 5:22 right now. we're taking a live look over at the bay bridge. metering lights -- looks like they just turned those on. how far does that traffic back up? find out. but first, let's check sports with dennis. after leaving sunday's game with a back injury in denver, raiders quarterback derek carr was still expecting to be on the field this sunday. >> i'm going to do the treatment, all those kind of things and, you know, you guys know me. it's going to take a lot for me not to be out there. >> it turns out carr will miss this week's game and more after that. he will be out two to six weeks with a transverse process fracture on his spine. in the meantime, ej manuel will be the oakland quarterback. he was 11 of 17 passing sunday after replacing carr. >> it's always a big blow to lose a good player, a key
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player, um, and your quarterback. but, um, the good news is he is not gone for the year. we'll get him back. it could be as short as two weeks. it could be longer. we'll see. we'll deal with that as it goes. but certainly the way ej played yesterday was uplifting. >> alex smith and the chiefs looking to remain undefeated. they hosted washington. final play of the game, the redskins trailing 23-20. they lateraled the ball and it was fumbled and picked up by justin houston and returned for a touchdown. the chiefs win 29-20. the last score allowed kansas city to cover the spread and the overbet, as well. they are 4-0. the only unbeaten team in the nfl. and depending on how you bet, you're really happy or sad about that last play. [ laughter ] >> i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. all right. back to monday night football for the play of the day. the redskins with the ball in kansas city, missouri. >> phillips threw 19 of his 40
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passes in the direction of mitchell and away from peters. he tries, looking for pryor and it's caught. >> kirk cousins to former raider terrelle pryor for the 44-yard touchdown pass in washington's loss to the kansas city chiefs. while bail reform in the state of california has been tabled until next year, there's a local push for change. straight ahead i'll tell you what the county board of supervisors in santa clara county is pushing for. >> reporter: this huge ship behind me on the embarcadero one of many features of fleet week in san francisco, one of many events under high security after what just happened in las vegas. what you can expect next.
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many people from the bay area found themselves running for
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cover when a gunman terrorized concert-goers in las vegas on sunday night... many people from the bay area found themselves running for cover when a gunman terrorized concert-goers in las vegas sunday night. >> and it's time for college students to start applying for financial aid next year. one mistake that you will want to avoid. >> a chilly breezy start to your tuesday. how cool are we going to get today before we start a warming trend? >> and a rough start for some of our tuesday commuters, delays toward the bay bridge toll plaza as well as portions of 580 and 680. we'll have all the details coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, october 3rd. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. the search for answers continues in las vegas this morning in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. 59 people were killed and more than 500 injured. throughout the world there are vigils and tributes to remember the victims.
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kpix 5's mola lenghi joins us live from las vegas with more on the investigation. mola. reporter: good morning. you know, authorities are still trying to determine a motive this morning. at least this early in the investigation, what seems to be challenging is that paddock doesn't seem to fit the typical suspect profile that we're used to seeing, unfortunately in these mass shooting situations. still, police continue to investigate the hundreds of victims continue trying to recover, some of whom are still fighting for their lives. the eiffel tower went dark. the empire state building lit with a rotating halo. there were tributes throughout the day, throughout the world, for the victims of sunday night's shooting in las vegas. [ automatic gunfire ] >> reporter: police say 64- year-old stephen paddock broke windows on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel sunday night, then opened fire on a crowded music festival before
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killing himself. survivors returning home like these concert-goers arriving in chicago say the night will stay with them forever. >> i look behind me and a woman was shot in the neck, and the blood was coming out all over the place and she collapsed on the ground and then there was another woman next to her that her leg was shot. >> reporter: investigators say paddock acted alone. they raided his nevada home monday. >> we have recover 23 firearms at mandalay bay and 19 firearms at his home in mesquite. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for the attack, but law enforcement says it hasn't found any connection to back that up. the shooter's brother says paddock had no religious affiliation or political agenda. >> he has no history of violence in any way, shape or form! [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: police say they also found in paddock's car several pounds of ammonium nitrate a fertilizer that can be made into explosives. today local and state
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authorities here in las vegas will continue to investigate with the assistance of the fbi, atf and other federal agents, the crime scene here at the hotel and also keep processing evidence that they have acquired from paddock's property in the hopes of determining a motive. >> mola, in times like this, so many people want to reach out. what can they do to help the victims there? >> reporter: the number one thing victims here need and authorities and officials are calling for is blood. they are continuing to call for blood donations. if you are in the immediate area that can be a challenge because the blood that you donate maybe in the bay area won't make it to the victims here but another way that you can help is by contributing to a "go fund me" page that was created by the clark county commissioner. that's called the las vegas victims fund. over the course of 24 hours, they have raised about $2.9 million just in the last 24 hours with the goal of 3.5 million.
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so you can visit that las vegas victim fund on the "go fund me" page and help that way. mola lenghi, kpix 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. witnesses are returning home with troubling accounts of getting caught in the crossfire. one brentwood woman broke down what she and her friends will have trouble shaking. >> people are screaming, i've been shot. people are being drug out. my girlfriend ended up in a vehicle that took some of them to the airport and she said she ran past a girl laying on the ground in a pile of blood all by herself. >> we're also learning more about the victims of this tragedy. their names and their stories are slowly coming out. jenny parks the mother two of was a kindergarten teacher from los angeles county. her husband bobby was injured. they were childhood sweethearts. angie gomez was a former cheerleader at riverside poly, graduating two years ago. paige gasper a student at
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sonoma state was shot but is expected to survive. the mass shooting in las vegas has a lot of bay area authorities thinking about extra security. anne makovec joins us live from san francisco which has some high-profile events this week. anne. reporter: yeah. and high-profile in a couple of ways. this huge navy ship here behind me is the uss essex. it's a navy assault ship and it is docked here along the embarcadero as part of fleet week, one of many activities going on right now in san francisco. it is fleet week. so you are going to see a lot of sailors and marines walking around the city this week. oracle world is also take over the south of market area so there are street closures for that. 60,000 conventioneers in town for that. then there's hardly strictly bluegrass, the big music festival going on in golden gate park. so san francisco police are canceling all time off right
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now. the mayor asking everyone to be vigilant and you are not going to be around the city and not hear about these guys this weekend, the big angels the big atracks. 1.5million visitors in san francisco by the time the week is over. i'm here with one of many visitors. this is petty officer with the navy. thanks for being with us. this is your home away from home, one might say? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: and your first time in san francisco for fleet week. what can all of us expect? >> well, the visitors on the ship on the tours, they can expect to see a lot of, um, marine amphibious assault vehicles and aircraft and it's going to be fun. >> and what do you make of san francisco so far? you and -- and your, um, fellow officers docked here on sunday. >> yes, we arrived on sunday and we love san francisco. we thank san francisco for
5:36 am
allowing us to be here. >> reporter: thank you, sir. there are going to be tours from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. check it out all week long. we'll bring that to you later. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> a lot going on here in san francisco. stay with us for all the developments from las vegas igh here in the bay area. just head to our website, fleet week is this weekend. so the weather is very important. >> actually, yes, it's going to be nice and clear so plenty of sunshine, you can see things nice and clearly which is great news today. cooler day windier out there, as well. but we are starting a warming trend in time for the weekend. temperatures are going to feel pretty warm come saturday, sunday. but for now, on this tuesday, here's what we can expect. a couple of degrees below average. we have dry air still coming in from the north. so no moisture out there. we need keep that lotion handy. we are going to start to warm up starting tomorrow through sunday. some areas way to the north of us in fact under a freeze warning because it's so chilly
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this morning. we have clear skies. you can see coit tower, nice and clear. golden gate bridge also clear. 43 degrees though right now in santa rosa so it feels crisp out there. san jose only at 51. san francisco 58. and livermore 48. so 40s and 50s this morning. add winds to the mix, and it feels a little brisk. it is calm, though, in the east bay. livermore 3-mile-per-hour winds. just a jump in san ramon to south winds. but most of the area will get the west-northwest winds coming through. sfo right now 13. downtown 10-mile-per-hour winds. and to the north, we are still under a red flag warning for these higher elevations. those mountain ranges could see wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. i'll explain what all of this will do to our temperatures and how warm we'll get for the weekend coming up. right now, we are tracking some residual slowdowns for drivers on northbound 280 due to an earlier accident. it's no longer blocking any lanes. this is right before hickey boulevard. you can see that backup is still stretching 44 miles per
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hour. that's your cruising speed through that stretch. we are tracking a new crash southbound 880 approaching "a" street. it's over on the shoulder but you can see the usual slowdowns building for folks making their way into hayward and towards the san mateo bridge. we are still in the green for your travel times. eastshore freeway starting to see a few more brake lights. travel time is in the green 16 minutes from way 4 to the maze. but the maze, it's definitely getting busy. traffic backed up into the foot of the maze and your drive time, though, 12 minutes. our sensors need to catch up. those metering lights are on as you head on into san francisco this morning. that's a check of your traffic. santa clara county is looking at ways to implement bail reform in the county even though statewide, the idea has been tabled until next year. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live outside the santa clara county main jail with the details. sandra. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. lawmakers have said before that the current bail system basically punishes the poor
5:39 am
for being poor by keeping those who can't afford bail locked inside of a jail cell. one of the board supervisors from santa clara county, cindy chavez, will be discussing ideas about local bail reform in today's board meeting. now, the goal is to make sure that suspects in minor nonviolent crime show up for jail but aren't in jail if they don't have bail money. >> bill gates should not have better access to justice. >> reporter: now, some law enforcement officials and district attorney's say they are they should will be putting criminals back out on the -- they are concerned this will be putting criminals back out on the streets. legislature stalled earlier this year. the current bill is tabled until lawmakers return to sacramento in january. now, here in santa clara county, we are expecting the board of supervisors to discuss a number of ideas and ways they can see some change. they mentioned before a community bail fund or maybe some type of supervision outside of jail or possibly a
5:40 am
new electronic monitoring program for people who have had bail set but couldn't make bail. live in santa clara county, sandra osborne, kpix 5. college students and their families, take note. the critical financial aid form called the free application for federal student aid also known as fafsa, this may be the most important document you may fill out. jill schlesinger reports. >> reporter: it is used to determine how much money students and families get for college including grants, scholarships and loans. the deadline for federal aid isn't until june 30th, next year, but your state and your school may have earlier deadlines. for some it's been as soon as possible after october 1st. that means they have a limited pool of funds that could
5:41 am
actually run out. if you want to maximize your potential aid, submit that fafsa as soon as possible. >> what prevents people from getting financial made? >> >> reporter: it's usually us. we do it to ourselves. research shows as much as $2.7 billion in free federal grant money goes unclaimed every year. and that's because of incomplete or unsubmitted fafsa forms. people say i'm not going to get it so i'm not going to fill out this form. the department of education says it's not just based on income. it depends on the size of your family, whether there are siblings in college or parents close to retirement as well as the price of tuition. and also some people say i didn't get aid last year, so i'm not going to do it this year. but if your circumstances change, your award could be different. and even if you didn't get the pell grant last year, you could still be eligible for
5:42 am
other types of aid like work/study and low-interest loans. for more, go to go get your money! >> that's right. there's definitely a lot of incentive to fill out that fafsa form as soon as possible. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger from new york city, thank you so much. 5:42. many bay area residents are returning home after getting caught up in the chaos in las vegas. we'll hear from one of them. >> plus, the reason for the mysterious flashes that lit up the skies in parts of the bay area. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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mineta international in san jose and other bay area airports... sharing stories of chaos, in the wake of the las vegas mass shooting. anthony sanchez went to travelers are returning to mineta international in san jose and other airports
5:45 am
sharing stories of chaos after las vegas' mass shooting. anthony sanchez went to las vegas and his hotel became a sanctuary for those fleeing. >> when we went back to the room we saw the yelling, screaming, women crying frantically. there was a gentleman that had lost his shirt and he had blood all over himself. he said he had to walk over 10 dead bodies to get out of there. >> sanchez also served in the military and immediately recognized the sound of gunfire. the shooting rampage sparked pleas for tighter gun laws while the trump administration said yesterday that this isn't the time for that discussion. many are urging congress to act immediately. >> despite daily shootings in communities across america, despite senseless deadly gun- related domestic violence, despite an epidemic of preventable suicides despite the problem of toddlers shooting toddlers and their
5:46 am
parents, the response from congress has been to do nothing. >> nevada has some of the most permits gun laws in the united states -- permissive gun laws in the united states. no firearm owners are required to have a license or register owners. there is no waiting period. some automatic weapons are legal. the only gun laws advance in congress will be easier to buy silencer. we'll have more from las vegas on air and online back here in the bay area, the sky lit up with a mysterious flash leaving san francisco residents with questions. we now have an answer. it looks like an intense lightning storm in the valley last night. it was like what? it lasted for about 30 seconds. i know. you said that's not lightning. according to muni when the n line was shut down, these
5:47 am
lights were sparked during the deenergize process. not like not ufo. >> so it's a traffic thing. [ laughter ] how are the roads? >> well, the roads are looking pretty slow but mass transit, we'll start with the positive news, it's all on time no delays. so maybe that's the way you want to go this morning. things are looking good. if you are heading out to the roads, we have a new crash southbound 242 at concord avenue blocking the middle lanes and that's definitely causing a backup that stretches to highway 4 in both directions. give yourself some extra time if you are heading through the east bay to concord and on down towards pleasant hill and walnut creek. we have been tracking delays all morning on southbound 680 and neck week those express lanes -- next week those express lanes will go into effect. so that will be nice in that
5:48 am
stretch. delays past 24. 7-minute ride in the yellow. westbound 580 tough for drivers. traffic backed up clear into tracy along westbound 205. all problems in the clearing stages but 52 minutes from 205 to 680. typically that should be about 25 minutes with no traffic. right now southbound 880 an earlier accident not blocking lanes causing delays though for drivers heading into hayward about a 14-minute ride in the yellow. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. let'si'm keeping an eye on hi- def doppler to see if there's snow flurries in sight. things are clear but to the north there's a chance for snow. check this out. there's a little bit of a storm system associated with a low that's to the east and this is the outer band and it could creep down in bringing up to 2 inches of snow in the sierra for the higher elevations because it is chilly out there this morning. so we are already seeing those
5:49 am
white flakes showing up on the satellite-radar. coit tower looking beautiful, clear skies out there. same with the golden gate bridge. 52 degrees in concord. 55 for oakland. livermore at 48 degrees. so it is chilly. step outside and you might want to grab a jacket. red flag warning in effect for the north bay hills. in effect until 5:00 this afternoon because of high winds, dry air coming in from the north and sustained winds as high as 10 to 25 miles per hour later on today with gusts up to 50 especially above 1,000 feet. so it's mostly the mountains, very dry, low humidity, not getting relief overnight. we have this low that's continuing to expand and that's why there is that chance of sierra snow. that's also why we have cooler air out there today and you can see the lines that come along with this low. that's bringing our offshore flow. so it's not wind coming off the ocean. rather, it's winds coming off the dry land which is why humidity is so low in the teens and single digits in the
5:50 am
area. also very choppy on the water. small craft advisory in effect. winds are high d waves are high as well, 6 to 11 feet expected. here's a look at your high temperatures today. not very high at all. 76 for vallejo. 78 in napa. 80 in fairfield. 80 in concord. so a couple of degrees below average. downtown san francisco going to reach 71 degrees today. pacifica 70. mountain view 76. so mid- to upper 70s in the forecast for this tuesday. by tomorrow, early morning it will be chilly but then things warm up tomorrow through thursday, friday into saturday, sunday. look at the inland temperatures by the weekend mid-90s in store along the bay. we'll start to inch slowly up until the weekend we'll be in the 80s again and at the beaches 70s on saturday and sunday. time now 5:50. one bay area city makes a major push to create more affordable housing. details on the new plan. ♪[ music ] >> and we'll hear from a
5:51 am
former chancellor of uc- berkeley on some of the scandals that plagued his tenure.
5:52 am
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
5:54 am
5:53. this is the macarthur maze with 580, 880 and interstate 80 all coming together. right now we're tracking a travel time just under 20 minutes heading across the bay bridge and ticketing with 101. give yourself some extra time. san jose has an ambitious plan to ease the city's housing crunch. may sam liccardo unveiled a 15-point plan, the mayor's goal 25,000 new units with 10,000 for low income people in the next five years. but one homeless advocate says five years is still too long to help those who could die on the streets this winter. >> it's a step in the right long-term direction. it's the short term that's killing people. >> as long as we can get the utilities in place this is a way to leverage land that the public already owns. >> the mayor says san jose will promote dense urban villages near transit. one of the other proposals is to build tiny homes for the
5:55 am
homeless where they already live next to the freeway. >> the former uc-berkeley chancellor is speaking out at santa clara university last night. nicholas dirks addressed scandals that clouded his tenure including sexual harassment claims against a dean and other faculty. >> i think the victims and the survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault were not being given anywhere near the kind of protection under our university regulations that they did i serve. so we did change that immediately. >> he also talked about the scheduled speech by milo yiannopoulos that sparked a firestorm over free speech. it earned a tweet from president trump threatening to cancel federal funding and dirks says that raised the stakes in an unprecedented way. facebook estimates 10 million people in the u.s. saw at least one political ad bought by a account linked to the russian government. they linked 3,000 ads to
5:56 am
russia. facebook says the ad buyers spend $100,000 over two years and 56% of those ads were seen after the 2016 election. in the next half-hour, the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history as we learn more about the victims in the vegas massacre. we'll tell you about the search under way right now for one bay area police officer's wife. >> reporter: and this huge navy ship is part of fleet week one of many activities going on in san francisco within the coming days. we'll let you know what you can expect next. our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe.
5:57 am
together, we're building a better california.
5:58 am
5:59 am
kpix 5 news begins with the mass shooting in las vegas. a gunman in a high-rise hotel, unleashes ire on a cou we begin with a mass shooting in las vegas. a gunman in a high-rise hotel unleashing a hail of gunfire on a country music concert. the new account of survivors
6:00 am
in the chaos. >> good morning, it's tuesday, october 3rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. our coverage on the shooting in just a moment but first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute this morning. it's a busy start to the tuesday morning commute. if you are hitting the roads, we are tracking the bay bridge toll plaza over at the maze. you can see traffic is already very slow through that stretch. we are in the yellow tracking a travel time of 16 minutes from the maze into san francisco. eastshore freeway is okay. the 580 approach is slow. this is right before the metering lights. heading towards 680 will be slow especially for drivers on westbound 4. we have a new accident 242 at concord avenue blocking the middle lanes. right now along southbound 680 you're in the red nine minutes from willow pass road from highway 24. 580, 4 and 101 jam-paed


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