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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and more on communications hill from their builder kb homes. >> in the plumbing this morning we had issued where none of the toilets were flushing and our garbage disposal was coming up. >> reporter: she moved in less than a week ago. kpix5's drone pilot kiet do took this individual in the 100 block of des robles and the 3000 block of delight. today kb home sent a letter to homeowners warning them of the falling tiles. "please avoid being underneath a tiled area, if possible, or take extra care and caution if moving underneath a tiled surface." it's been one issue after another. >> moving in was rough. it was really dirty. when i moved in, nothing was finished. we still have a lot of items in our kitchen that haven't been addressed and i just don't think there's enough workers to provide the service that was promised. >> reporter: workers building the homes tell kpix5 they have
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been pressured to rush the homes to completion. one told us he's never seen these tiles designed for flooring to be used as cladding on the side of the house. kb said it's not yet determined a cause and said it will be working to find a permanent solution. >> they're trying to do it quickly. so there's been issues. i don't think it's right. i just kind of think it's been par for the course for the entire time. >> reporter: neighbors say they have complained about these problems for weeks, but they say kb home recently got more responsive ever since kpix5 started looking into these issues last week. live from san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. state regulators are slapping b.a.r.t. with a new six figure fine for safety lapses leading to the deaths of two workers. a train operated by a trainee struck and killed two men in october of 2013. the victims were inspecting a dip in the tracks near walnut creek station. now the state puc is fining
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b.a.r.t. nearly $220,000. it calls the violation serious and egregious. for example, a supervisor on the train was not in the cabin and used his cell phone multiple times. the sky drone 5 giving us our first look at the brand-new pfeiffer canyon bridge. what was once a crumbling overpass is now a new stretch of road on highway 1 in big sur. it was damaged beyond repair during last winter's storms, but as kpix5's devin fehely shows us, caltrans and the community are eager for it to open. >> reporter: the new bridge is roughly the length of a football field, 315 feet end to end, but that is of the smallest measure of incision to big sur, a community that has been cut in half ever since the old bridge was damaged by a mudslide and had to be demolished last winter. >> businesswise it's extremely significant. we've lost about half of our expected visitors through this closure at least. for the local community but all the communities north and south of us." [nats - sky drone ures a markedly different [ bell ringing ] mns that
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d as the ground beneath the >> reporter: the new hermitage was one of several businesses south of pfeiffer canyon that effectively found themselves on an island trapped between two massive mudslides that made it nearly impossible for the public to reach them. >> psychologically it's significant because the feeling of being cut off will be removed and we'll be able to proceed with our normal lives again. >> reporter: recognizing the importance of the bridge, caltrans accelerated the design and construction of the new span accomplishing in a matter of months what would typically take years. >> the department of transportation caltrans is very proud of the effort we put forth here to restore service, not only for the local community, but all the communities north and south of us. >> reporter: the new bridge also features a markedly different design. gone are the massive support columns that cracked and buckled as the ground beneath them gave way. caltrans said it should help the bridge withstand future slides and keep an ever grateful community connected. >> it's almost a small miracle. it's almost like an eighth wonder of the world.
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they've never put a bridge like this across any canyon in california. >> reporter: in big sur, devin fehely, kpix5. >> there's still a long road ahead, if you will, to rebuild a section of highway 101 covered by that massive mud creek slide that stretches about a 1/4 mile on the southern end of the big sur coastline. more than 5 million cubic yards of rock and dirt came down in may. caltrans does plan to rebuild the highway on top of that landslide. crews have started building temporary access roads and moving in boulders to shore up the coastline. the hope is to have that highway open by late summer of 2018. hillary clinton is here making stops around the bay area to promote her book "what happened?" she stopped at stanford to take part in a discussion on diplomacy. >> i certainly believe we have what it takes to understand what happened in 2016, act decisively to make sure it never happens again and confront this threat to western democracy. waa warm
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welcome for hillary clinton in san francisco. loyal supporters lined up hours early to catch her book signing. [ cheering and applause ] some started lining >> we love you, hillary! >> about 1,000 people got a signed copy of clinton's book. some started lining up at 5 a.m. for the noon appearance. they had signs and even some hillary inspired clothing like this onesie. they each spent a few seconds with her but were grateful for the time. clinton's book chronic campaign fo >> tell her thank you and tell her we miss her. we love her. >> i want her to keep talking. keep talking. don't shut up because her voice really matters. >> clinton's book chronicles her nomination and campaign for president, her loss and life since then. dissension in the ranks for california's congressional delegation with one member saying nancy pelosi should step down as house minority leader.
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kpix5's political reporter melissa cane here with details -- melissa caen here with details. >> a group of journalists yesterday was told the congressional party leadership needs to go and newer members of congress need a chance to lead. another member of congress said sanchez is trying to jump the line and she may regret it. >> their contributions to the congress and caucus are substantial, but i think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch and i think it's time. >> los angeles congresswoman linda sanchez wants democratic party leaders to step aside, leaders like james clyburn, steny hoyer and the no. 1 democrat in congress, nancy pelosi. all three leaders are in their late 70s. sanchez is 48. >> i think that we have too many really great members here that don't always get the opportunities that they should and i would like to see that change. wants to be. she has earned e who are tryi >> so far 10 democrats in congress say they will not run for reelection. seven of them are leaving to
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run for a different office. sanchez claims these democrats are leaving because they don't see room to move up, but sanchez wouldn't give any names of potential new leaders. >> i'd be interested to see who is interested in stepping up and taking on that responsibility because i know we have the talent? >> san mateo congresswoman jackie spears says sanchez is the one who wants more power. >> there is never a loss in congress for unchecked ambitious. >> she said pelosi spent the last year promoting new members including sanchez who was just last year elected to the democratic caucus. >> for more opportunities for younger members than when i was a younger member and i would suggest that it's more the ambition of one individual who frankly has earned her position through nancy pelosi. >> and she said pelosi has no reason to be afraid. >> she will be the leader of the democratic caucus as long
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as she wants to be. she has earned it and for those who are trying to step over her, they're going to find that they're going to be stepped on before long. >> former san francisco mayor willie brown agrees. he said sanchez will be punished for speaking out against pelosi and other leaders unless she has the votes to elect new ones. >> the minute she says those words and she's without the vote, i guarantee you she goes to the back of the line. >> a spokesman for nancy pelosi said, "leader pelosi enjoys wide support in the caucus and has always said she's not in congress on a shift but a mission and leader pelosi is focused on winning back the house and anything else that lost our majority." california became the first sanctuary state. they gathered in san francisco on the heels of governor brown signing a.b.450 authored by
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state assembly member david shu. it requires a judicial warrant in order for i.c.e. to enter nonpublic areas of a workplace. >> today we sent a clear message saying we are on the side of working families, of keeping families together, of hard working people not having to work in fear, not having to live in their communities in fear. >> the director of i.c.e. warned today because governor brown signed the sanctuary state law, federal agents will make more arrests in california neighborhoods and workplaces. bay area surfers taking advantage of some big waves they haven't seen in months. surfers tell us it's been weeks since they've seen any decent waves at places such as steamer lane in santa cruz. no surprise they paddled out this afternoon, but people are warned to be careful near the coast, the high surf advisory >>and brn hack rip currents andn ere easn to tell us what the weekend weather will be like. >> there was a beach hazard statement by the national weather service for precisely that.
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the fact we've got this long period of the threat of rip currents, sneaker waves and tuesday morning the winds pick up, the humidity goes down, but the temperatures don't get that warm. it will be near 90 degrees inland, but not in triple digit range. in and armed the bay tomorrow we'll be near -- around the bay tomorrow we'll be near 80 degrees and at the shoreline mid- to upper 60s, so very pleasant weekend on tap with the high surf warning to keep in line. coming up high school hacking, student gpas posted online for the toward to see. >> protesting truckers snarl traffic in northern california, why they're trying to put the brakes on new rules designed to make the roads safer. >> and nearly 100 bands and big crowds, the stepped up security
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at this weekend's hardly strictly bluegrass festival. they carry a desperate sign and often a baby begging on b.a.r.t. for hours. >> it's a first amendment protected right to panhandle. >> but are they really hard up? we went under cover for weeks to find out. our cameras caught them getting into luxury cars and counting their haul. >> when you lie about those circumstances and then take money from people, that's not right. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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turn... after their dads got involved. a developing story right now, a dispute that started between 1st graders takes a deadly turn after their fathers get involved. it all started at loma vista elementary school in vallejo where the two kids got into a
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fight and the next day their dads met on kemper street and one of them was shot and killed. ur mama's fat. yo mama so skin the tiolet an >> reporter: students tell me on wednesday two 1st graders taunted each other with yo mama jokes at loma vista elementary. >> saying your mama is fat and stuff, like your mama is fat. >> reporter: they say the jokes turned into a fight between the two kids. then yesterday around 10:15 in the morning the kids' fathers met and got into a fight in the 100 block of kemper street. during that fight police say one father pulled out a gun, shot and killed the other father. the 51-year-old victim died on the sidewalk right there. >> they shouldn't ever got in a fight over something small. something small turns into something big. >> reporter: parents at the school say it was all avoidable over some immature jokes. >> very childish, very childish.
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>> i don't know. whether th >> that was da lin reporting there. vallejo police will not tell us any details about the killing, whether the shooting was in self-defense or whether the other father has been arrested. new at 6:00 palo alto high school administrators are investigating a major data breach that allowed students to see their class prank. the rogue website popped up -- class rank. the rogue website popped up and asked students to check their gpa and class rank. the schoolworked with the web host provider to take down that website. students, of course, can be very competitive over class rankings. school officials take the attack seriously. >> as much as students are curious to know, it's a lot of our personal information with the breach of software. >> administrators are checking access logs for suspicious
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activity. the same system has information on health and family information. a san jose high school teacher has been put on paid leave after he was arrested for allegedly stealing designer backpacks. arrested on campus yesterday, after an investigation found he may have sto tom tran teaches social science and history at mt. pleasant high school. he was arrested on campus yesterday after an investigation found that he may have stolen two $700 coach backpacks from valley fair mall back in may. the theft was apparently caught on surveillance camera. tran is facing charges of grand theft. in san et week kicking into francisco bay. we saw the parade of ships this morning. navy ships, the coastguard's cutter and a san francisco fire boat, all among the vessels that passed under the golden gate bridge. more than 1 million people are expected to pour into san francisco fleet week. we want to see your fleet week photos. aaron barnett shared this through facebook with this caption, a picture with our
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favorite sailor. you can share your shots on facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter. fleet week is not the only bay area traction happening in san francisco. >> the hardly strictly bluegrass festival drawing tens of thousands of people. >> susie steimle live with security in the wake of the vegas shooting. >> reporter: that is something you'll notice if you come to the event this weekend. there's a noticeable police presence. that's on purpose. they want to make sure people feel safe when they come to this event over the weekend. they're telling us safety is a top priority and we'll get to that statement for you. the event organizers did release the statement for us saying, "we are working closely with the city and county of san francisco to make sure the most up to date protocols and procedures are in place." of course, they're doing that so twofer can come here and have -- so everyone can come here and have a good time. this is the 17th year of the
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hardly strictly bluegrass festival. there are more than 90 artists that come out for this three day event and it is completely free. every year 500,000 to up to 3/4 of 1 million people come to just this festival, so partnering that with fleet week which does not always happen will make for an incredibly busy weekend here in san francisco. this was originally called the strictly bluegrass festival, but they changed the name after two years once they started inviting other artists. so this weekend you'll see multiple genres including cheap trick and the lead singer of t things that is continuing to change as this event evolves. you can also see it for the first time this year simulcast online. you don't even have to be here to hear or see that music, just one of the many things that we talked to organizers about that is changing. >> in 2001 started out with two stages. it was one day and that's all
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it had ever been, i'd still be talking about what a great preview we had with emmy lou harris, but it continue as to grow year after year thanks to warren helman. >> reporter: he's the man responsible for making this event free all 17 years. he's the co-founder of a private equity firm in san francisco and he's been very successful, spent a plot of his own money -- lot of his own money to make sure this event could be free and open to the public. that'still ongoing today even though he passed away in 2011. so a lot of people are making sure they say thank you to the helman family when they come out to the event. again, things are wrapping up here. this ends at 7:00 tonight, but it starts back up at 11:00 tomorrow morning and ends at 7 p.m., same thing for sunday if you're looking to come out to golden gate park. live in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. >> thanks. it looks like they've got some pretty good weather out there,
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too. >> cheap trick, come on, brian, that's our generation. >> absolutely. let's do that. they will have good weather for it this weekend with clear skies around the bay area this weekend and the numbers will come up ever so slightly looking out toward mount diablo. highs today concord 87, morgan hill 85, live more 87, san jose almost 90 and santa rosa 91 degrees. isn't that a beautiful shot from sutro cam looking over the city of san francisco toward the bay and the hills that were bumped up by the hayward fault out there across the bay. concord 86 degrees now, oakland 77, livermore 82 and san francisco 71, santa rosa 84. here's what's happening, high pressure building in over central california, low pressure means slight warming through saturday. the numbers continue to climb before they cool on sunday. the surf is up as well, as we talked about earlier in the newscast. temperatures will be 90 degrees in the warmest spots saturday, but that's it.
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then it will begin to back off sunday through the rest of next week. temperatures will remain relatively warm through about thursday next week. in a real coincidence the raiders are playing the ravens sunday at 1:05 p.m., sunny and warm and broadcast on channel 5. overnight in the 50s, sun-up tomorrow morning at 7:10 a.m. and here's the numbers. 75 degrees for tomorrow. it was warm in san francisco today, so that would be cooler actually, 82 palo alto and fremont. in the east bay numbers get close to 90 degrees, mid- to upper 80s and in the north bay, a nice day, sunshine even at the beaches. stinson beach looks like 73, 83 petaluma, 86 sonoma and in the north bay upper 80s. extended forecast, tomorrow temperatures peak and ebb slightly next week, but as far
6:22 pm
as the eye can see right into next weekend it looks high as far as temperatures are concerned, also looks dry. >> not bad. thanks. >> nothing to complain about. it's friday nightlight, but one bay area high school team is missing out on its home field advantage, the field failure that could take all year to fix. >> sports settling in as we hit the weekend. what's this? the latest on raiders quarterback derek carr? is he actually going to play?
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derek carr's... nfl up top and the raiders and the most talked about broken back in the game, derek carr's. i didn't stutter. he's got a broken bone in his back, had it since the loss in denver last week and he's listed as questionable to play sunday's game. >> talked to him this morning,
6:25 pm
man. he's very ahead of schedule. it was good news to hear from him today. >> carr practiced for the second straight day today five days after this. this is the play where he injured his back. coach jack del rio on carr's progress. >> he's ahead of schedule. i think donald did that for us yesterday. i was aware of it. >> so you're telling me there's a chance. >> we got time before we tee it up. so he'll remain a question mark until we make the final decision. pa... si >> raiders a four-point favorite to beat the ravens. safeway open round 2 and chef thomas keller middle from french laundry, takes months of advance reservation to see him, serves snacks in the booth. phil mickelson took a small bite out of the back course six shots off the lead.
6:26 pm
john daly from the cat box at 14 and yes, sir! hanging around this cut line he's 1-under par. how about this one? jason schmull at par 3 15, something to brag about at the clubhouse, an ace. jason hadley had himself a day, a 30 on the front 9, allen, stuck the landing here at 13. he was on fire! 10 birdies, one eagle, flirted witha 59 and just slipped out for 60. a course record 11-under par at 61. he's one shot behind the leader, brandon speil. baseball, the latest on one time giant and current red sox ed ward owe nunes out -- eduardo nunes out the rest of the playoffs after he injured his knee yesterday. speaking of the red sox,
6:27 pm
here's drew pomeranz and i won't ask how it's going, game two from houston. bottom of the 1st pomerantz got greeted with a big fly from carlos correa, a two-run blast. astros hit six home runs in two games, pounded the red sox 8-2 and have taken a 2-0 lead in this best of five game series. astros could sweep if they win sunday in boston. yankees in cleveland tied up 8-8 in the 11th inning. college football saturday, cal an underdog at washington, stanford a favorite against utah. >> thanks, vern. coming up in our next half hour unraveling the las vegas gunman's final hours, new details about a potentially explosive escape and praise for the brave security guard who may have thwarted his plan. >> truckers unite to calls gridlock across -- cause gridlock across california, why they're against a new rule that's supposed to make the
6:28 pm
road safer. >> president trump rolling back access to free birth control, what the rule change means for women.
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author you're watching kpix5 news. las vegas shooter ma our top story at 6:30 authorities checking whether
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the las vegas shooter may have planned to blow up his car as he escaped. tannerrite was found inside his vehicle, that substance used in target practice and explodes when hit by rifle fire. there are questions about whether the man was planning to shoot at it or use it as an explosive while trying to escape. we have a live look at the lot on las vegas' strip where the sunday shooting happened. >> reporter: investigators combed slowly through the concert grounds still littered with abandoned belongings. while crews continue to search for evidence, cbs news has learned the shooter who killed 58 people here may have rigged his car to explode. a law enforcement source says stephen paddock left at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition and explosives inside the vehicle. the las vegas undersheriff said they're running down more than 1,000 leads. >> in the past terror attacks
6:32 pm
or mass murder incidents, the motive was made very clear, very clear in most of those cases by a note that was left, by a social media post, by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today in our investigation we don't have any of that uncovered. >> reporter: in the shadow of the mandalay bay hotel, the victims who were gunned down and killed will be remembered for 40 days with these 58 wooden crosses. this woman visiting from manchester, england, a city recovering from a terror attack. >> you can feel it when you hear it, felt palpable to me. >> reporter: this couple trying to comprehend all the lives lost here. >> you let your kids go out to concerts. we do. say be safe and there they go. >> reporter: this could have been your kids. >> yeah, it could have been. >> reporter: paddock's girl friend, marilou danley,ed she had no idea of his plan, but
6:33 pm
she told investigators he would scream in his sleep and she was worried about his mental stability. mola lenghi, cbs news, las vegas. investigators are calling the hotel security guard who approached the las vegas shooter's room a true hero. this is the only pick we have of jesus campos. he was responding to a door alarm when he was shot in the leg by paddock on the 32nd floor. >> he turned around and retreated. he notified his dispatch which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor. >> scam pose was first to discover the -- campos was the first to discover the stairwell had been barricaded. he gave police the keys to paddock's room. traffic was snarled several miles around sacramento today. the congestion was actually planned by truckers protesting a federal regulation months
6:34 pm
away from being implemented. today we spoke to truckers who say the new rule that's supposed to keep them safe would have the opposite effect. e el turns us >> reporter: a rolling convoy of trucks from around the state nongma new regulation. >> the electronic log pretty much turns us into a machine. >> reporter: this truck driver says it will put truck drivers on 14 hour timers. that could put him and other truckers in danger. >> my 14 hours could be up on this ramp. you might have to be sleeping here. where's the safety in that? >> reporter: another concern. >> that's while we're sitting and waiting for loading and unloading, we're not getting paid. >> reporter: the clock is still running. truckers get paid by the mile. time spent at the docks would cut to their driving time and 14 hours shift. advocates say it would regulate the truckers' hours preventing them from getting into
6:35 pm
accidents. this trucker disagrees with that idea. >> you're going to make mistakes. it's not say much. >> reporter: he said it will only overwork truck drivers. the california trucking association released a statement friday in response to the rolling protests saying they support truckers' opinions, " but we do not condone unsafe and illegal activities including creating dangerous driving conditions by impeding traffic on busy freeways." bottom line, truckers want flexibility with their hours, not to feel like every shift is a race against the clock. >> but if you're pushing someone to keep going, i think it's going to be unsafe. it's not safe. >> now unless regulators change their finds the new l.e.d.s will be required beginning in december. president trump is rolling back contraception coverage for women. more companies will now be able to opt out. elizabeth cook is here with more on the new poll of and pushback from opponents. >> -- policy and pushback from
6:36 pm
opponents. >> now many employers will be able to opt out of coverage for birth control on moral or religious grounds. the trump administration frames this as freedom of religion, a fundamental right, but advocates for women health say in this case it's -- women's health say in this case it's wrong to prioritize for woman and say every woman should be able to decide what's right for them. >> to take this away from women while not changing the other care that men receive is really an attack on women. that's discrimination, pure and simple. >> this is a president who supports the first amendment, supports the freedom of religion. i don't understand why that should be an issue. >> today california attorney general javier becerra filed a lawsuit against the new federal policy. hundreds of thousands of women could lose access to free birth control under this new policy set to go into effect in the next few days. the gulf coast getting ready for what could be yet
6:37 pm
another hurricane. tropical storm nate has already killed at least 20 people in central america. residents of costa rica are wading in chest deep water to deal with destroyed bridges and washed out roads. the storm is heading north and will likely be a hurricane by the time it reaches louisiana tomorrow night. in fact, the mayor of new orleans has already declared a state of emergency. crews are now working around the clock to secure the levee protection system and they warn communities outside that system could see a 3 to 6-foot storm surge. a credit card breach at whole foods, the alert going out to bay area shoppers. >> this bay area native became one of the world's most innovative surfers, the personal ups and downs that inspired him to take on those big waves.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street
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i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) by a car. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. an activist group for pedestrian safety is taking action after a 90-year-old was hit and killed a car. the group installed these
6:40 pm
safety barriers that fell in baker's street right where the pedestrian was hit. the idea is to create a buffer zone between turning cars and pedestrians crossing. this was done without the city's permission. the group said they hope the barriers will flow traffic and keep pedestrians safe. tesla is pushing back the unveiling of a new semi truck now scheduled for november 16th. the electric car company said it needs to divert resources elsewhere. it wants to speed up manufacturing of the model 3 sedan and increase production of batteries for hurricane zones such as puerto rico. now in a separate development tesla plans to expand into some new office space in fremont. it is leasing two buildings on dumbarton circle near access roads to the dumbarton bridge situated between tesla's factory in fremont and headquarters in palo alto. taken together those buildings could hold at least 1,000 workers. some bay area homeowners say they love dogs, but they don't want them as neighbors,
6:41 pm
the battle over a new doggie hotel.
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on the safety issue with the te a san rafael high school football team won't be getting the home field advantage any time soon. as kpix5's emily turner reports on the safety issue with the team's turf. solutions t of the >> reporter: this field has been in place the last 10 years and it's been in working order those last 10 years until this season and now the administration and all the athletics teams are scrambling to try and figure out what to do and where to play. in the height of football season terra linda's field sits empty except for the chain link x in the middle of it telling everyone to stay off. it's not safe for play and it won't be all year. >> we were thoroughly expecting it to go another few years by our person that comes out and does the testing. this year whether it was the heavy rains, we don't know. >> reporter: the artificial field gets tested every year to make sure there's enough bounceback to keep athletes safe. being in the clear the last 10 years, this year's g max score as it's called went from the 180s to a failing 212.
6:45 pm
200 is the cutoff. >> safety comes first and immediately when we found this out friday, last friday, the 29th, we decided to close the field and that meant for not only athletes, but for our physical education classes as well. >> reporter: it will need to be ripped out and completely replaced, at least a $10,000 process that will likely take the entirety of the year. the remaining home games for football have been outsourced to neutral high school fields. they're fixing up their own practice field for winter and spring sports and going the extra mile to make sure students can still feel a home advantage wherever they're playing. >> well, it's definitely an inconvenience. we want to make the best for the kids and still provide the best opportunities. so we're trying to figure out some fun ways to still make things feel the regular school spirit even when you're at another school site. >> reporter: terra linda's next football game will be tomorrow afternoon at marin
6:46 pm
catholic. in san rafael, emily turner, kpix5. the nba all-star game could be coming back to the bay area. the warriors submitted a bid to host the game at the new chase center in mission bay. the 18,000 seat arena is set to open in the year 2019 in time to host the all-star game in 2021 at the earliest. the warriors last hosted the all-star game at oracle arena in 2,000. new housing could be coming to a daly city strip mall. a reality group wants to add 190 apartments above the shopping center. the plan could get approved by springtime which would include demolishing an existing building facing john daly boulevard. doggie day cares are a big business here in the bay area, but plans for a new one in san rafael have the neighbors saying not in my backyard. the owner of tail haven hotel and dog lounge wants to open up a second location at this
6:47 pm
warehouse. the building is zoned for mixed use, but it's right next to homes. while neighbors say they do love dogs they aren't thrilled with the idea of 200 barking pooches. >> it's going to be chaos. i just think it's chaos. so i'm concerned about it. i'm very concerned. >> i mean there's going to be a lot of barking day and night. how are you going to keep dogs quiet at night? >> we were shown one method. when a dog barked, they sprayed a mist on the ground next to the animal. the planning commission meets tuesday to make a final decision. whole foods are urging customers to check their bank statements after hackers targeted tha chain. more than 50 stores across the nation had their cards breached. walnut creek, dublin, mill
6:48 pm
valley, potrero hill and soma and the store on alameda and san jose was affected as well as cupertino and santa clara. costco is jumping into the delivery wars joining forces with insta cart to expand delivery options for customers. dry goods can be at your door in two days, groceries the same day. the service is free for orders of $75 or more, but the cost of the goods for delivery will be a bit more than in-store purchases. brian, we know what our weather is going to be like. what about these storms? >> we're going to the tropics between cozumel and cuba where nate is headed. nate is the latest in a series of tropical storms out there and this one is minimal so far. the winds are not bad. look at it sneak right between cozumel and the western tip of cuba. the winds are gusting to 70 miles an hour keeping it at tropical storm strength even powering into the gulf.
6:49 pm
it will be close to hurricane strength by 11:00 tomorrow morning our time and then right into new orleans or close, right on the louisiana/mississippi border as a category 1 hurricane. so this is not a big event in terms of wind, but the swell will be up. the rains will come down. so it looks like the big factor here will really be torrential rains for parts of the gulf coast and then off to new england for that as we look live over what was just a minute ago a really nice sunset. funny thing when the sun goes down, can't see anything. 86 at concord accident oakland 77, livermore -- concord, oakland 77, livermore 81. high pressure is building in now over central california. we get a little warming through tomorrow, maybe a degree or 2 all we ask. out the door we get some clouds but not a bad start to the day and plenty of sunshine for the bay area and temperatures about really where they were today. surf is up, too, as i
6:50 pm
mentioned. there are beach hazard statements for a rip current threat and big swells, sneaker waves. temperatures will be near 90 degrees saturday remaining on the warm side through the end of next week almost. you'll see the extended in a minute. fleet of week 2017, this weekend it looks mostly sunny in the city, 79 degrees, a broad average. hardly strictly bluegrass, we've mentioned that also earlier in the show, it will be about 80 degrees. boy, that's smoking for golden gate park. rock and roll half marathon sunday morning in san jose, the morning temperature 69 degrees and it's looking nice for that. looks good overnight for the stargazers, too, with clear skies and the sun-up tomorrow morning at 7:10 a.m., santa rosa down to 49 degrees, in san jose 54, livermore 53 and the forecast shows numbers continue above but not dramatically above average. san francisco tomorrow mid-70s, concord upper 80s and san jose 85 and in oakland 79.
6:51 pm
down in the south bay the numbers will be mid-80s, san jose 85, 86 for milpitas. in the east bay sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80s. brentwood 91 degrees, fairfield at travis air force base 89 degrees and in the north bay, nice warm day, plenty of sun, go to the beach. numbers are nice and mild there, too. up in ukiah 89 degrees. in the extended forecast we've got plenty of sun ahead for the bay area, a little cooling sunday. winds will come up. fire danger increases, by the way, late sunday and we'll cover that over the weekend. in the meantime it looks like a good one ahead. >> thank you, brian. >> enjoy the starry night. he's considered one of the greatest big wave surfers. now this bay area native's story is hitting the big screen, the daredevil spirit that drove him to push the limits. >> coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 honoring a bay area victim killed in the las vegas massacre, tonight we're there as the community remembers michelle vo. join us tonight on nightbeat at
6:52 pm
10:00 on our sister station, kbcw, 44 cable 12.
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it's time for our fall sale on the only bed that adjusts on your sleep number setting.omfort does your bed do that? and right now queen sleep number beds start at just $699. save $200. with free home delivery on select beds only during our fall sale. ends monday. documentary. meg oliver reports... milton" a big wave surfing legend born in san francisco is hitting the big screen in a new
6:55 pm
documentary. >> meg oliver reports it shows how laird hamilton went from being a kid to making great strides in the court. >> reporter: laird hamilton uses a surf board to push the limit. >> i think i'm always striving. i think that's in my nature. >> reporter: that's what drew filmmaker lori kennedy to his story. >> it's a beautiful backdrop for a documentary and the footage is breathtaking in my opinion, but what is the thing i think captivates the audience is laird's personal story, his personal drive. >> reporter: the surfing world knows isolated as a brash daredevil and -- laird as a brash daredevil and innovator. >> i grew up with beaches that killed people daily. fear is a healthy emotion. it's just what you do with it that separate you from the other people. >> reporter: in the film it talks about your childhood and some turbulent team, but then you talk about finding peace in the water. did surfing save you, in a way?
6:56 pm
>> not only did surfing save me, but it also blessed me with all ofgreatest things that i've received in my life. >> reporter: the film combines our video and new footage of laird riding 80 to 100-foot waves. >> we get somebody to be inspired and go off and make a difference in their world, then we've done our job. >> reporter: at age 53 laird has no plans to let go of what drives him. >> if you get on a board and you go like that and you fly along, it doesn't matter who you are, take any person and they'd be like this is the best ever. >> reporter: laird said he will be surfing in some form as long as he's here. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> the documentary is called take every wave the life of laird hamilton showing in new york right now and is heading toker to series. -- heading to other cities. >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw, 44
6:57 pm
cable 12. >> have a good weekend! my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on.
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