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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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candlelight vigil tonight... for a san jose native shot and killed in the vegas massacre. how friends... family.. and now at 11:00, an emotional candle light vigil for a san jose native shot and killed in the las vegas massacre. >> kpix 5 is live outside san jose city hall where dozens gathered five days after the tragedy. sweet the >> reporter: yeah, michelle's family said she lived life to the fullest, and it's stories from her friends giving them strength in this difficult time. [ singing ] you wake up and you think i need to wake up from this dream 59 but it's not it just doesn't end 5200")) ((bring ing)) tonight... >> it feels like a dream, you know, you wake up and think it's a dream, but it's not. it just doesn't end. we' o special be [ singing ] at special 47 um 49 (turns away) michelle's first >> reporter: tonight the crowd that gathered outside of city hall for michelle voe grew into the dozens. >> we'll never again meet
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someone like michelle. >> reporter: her friends, and even strangers surrounded her family, five days after a gunman took her life. >> all the stories we're hearing are so special because she made you feel that special. um. >> reporter: it was michelle's first country music festival. she called her older sister diane that afternoon. >> i was, i was busy, and i regret not picking up the phone, and i called her back at 8:00, and she texted me i'll call you later. >> reporter: she never did. michelle was just 32 years old. diane says she had her entire life ahead of her, but then she began receiving messages from people all over the world who met her baby sister. each one of them with a story about how michelle had spread so much kindness. >> michelle was the type of person, she was an angel because only an angel could do that. i'm so proud of her, you know, the impact that she made and the life she led, so i couldn't
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be more proud. >> reporter: and michelle worked for new york life insurance. her husband said if she was to pass away, her wishes were to have a large memorial, and for her friends to spread kindness like she did. live in san jose, kpix 5. >> tonight the fbi is using new billboards in las vegas in an attempt to determine the gunman's motive. veronica de la cruz is here now with details. >> well, ken, the fbi launched the new campaign earlier today. the sign reads quote, if you know something, say something. the hope is the billboards will generate new information on the gunman, and so far investigators have run into a dead end in the search for a motive for this rampage. they say they've looked into more than a thousand leads, but it's still not clear what prompted him to kill 58 people and injure hundreds more from his hotel room in las vegas. >> in the past terror attacks or mass murder incidents, the
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motive was made clear by a note left, by a social media post, bi' telephone call that was -- by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today, in our investigation, we don't have any of that uncovered. >> investigators say the 64- year-old high stakes gambler was not down on his luck. they say finances were not a motivation in the attack. investigators are also now focused on his car found in the hotel parking lot. investigators say the vehicle was loaded with at least a thousand rounds of ammunition in a suitcase. an explosive was also found in a bag in the car. investigators believe the vehicle was part of his escape plan. also his weapons included ar- 47s and 15s. the entire cost of the arsenal was more than $50,000. federal in looking into it. and there is word tonight that paddock may haved hired a prostitution in the days before the shooting. investigators are looking into
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that. in the meantime vice president pence announced he'll head to las vegas this weekend to take part in a ceremony honoring the victims. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. more than a million people ark to san francisco for two major oce flet this weekend. fleet week and the blue grass festival. in the wake of las vegas rampage, police say they have to prepare for anything. katie is on the san francisco water front with the plan to keep everyone safe. san francisco police are ping up wate >> reporter: refugee, san francisco police say they're -- yeah, san francisco police say they're stepping up security measures this weekend meaning more boots on the ground and more officers on the water. e gatpandan/san francisco police dept. 1:53:37 - ther deral and loca san francisco police are stepping up water patrols this weekend. watch the air show. 2:04:11 aaron lee and his crew came from discovery bay for fleet week - and are used to the long d day they wat they want to prevent another potentially life threatening issue like last year. on flying show nats - planes ahead of the perfo end. nats that's when a boat, overloaded with spectators capsized in the bay. >> there will be federal and local law enforcement partners out on the water to make sure
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people are following the rules. >> you can anchor out and is it here and watch the air show. >> reporter: aaron lee and his crew came from discovery bay for fleet week, and they're used to the long days on the water. today they watched the parade of ships come into the bay under the golden gate bridge. leet week festivities. live in san and they watched the blue angels practice their precision flying show ahead of the performances this weekend. but as captain of this 40-foot boat. >> we have some more life jackets here. >> reporter: he saysty is his -- says safety is his top priority. >> it gets crazy, and a lot of bigger boats, i notice they plow on through throwing some waves, so it gets crazy times and nerve wracking at times. >> reporter: the water-based officers will have help on hand with extra police and patrols around popular fleet week viewing areas. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and officers will also step up security this
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weekend at hardly strictly. a free blue grass festival in golden gate park that's expected to draw tens of thousands of people. >> it continues to grow year after year. >> reporter: police say go ahead and have a great time this weekend, just be smart. >> just do so responsibly and safely so we can continue to have this tradition in the bay area and so other families can enjoy the same exact thing that people have done in generations past. >> reporter: now the coast guard is also getting involved in security. they'll have extra officers as well as canine units patrolling the bay, and they hope that everything stays safe. a scare on the san francisco water front earlier tonight. the u.s. navy rescued a man from the bay near pier 34 around 8:00. it's unclear whether the man fell or jumped in. soon after they got him out, he was taken away by the police. and news tonight, a san
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francisco man may have drowned this afternoon in southern california. he was visiting friend at huntington beach when he jumped into water. a five foot wave slammed him to shore, and then the rip tide dragged him under water. life guards in boats searched the water for nearly three hours, but found no sign of the man. his name hasn't been released. and now tropical storm nate has been upgraded to a hurricane. that storm has already killed 20 people in central america. as it heads north, the mayor of new orleans has already declared a state of emergency. >> please be prepared for outages that could last up to seven days. i know all of you are saying i hope it's not me that's out seven days, but please be prepared. >> and now we're tracking the storm path tonight. >> here comes another one. a category 1 hurricane on our hands tonight. it was a tropical storm, but gathered full between mexico
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and the west coast of cuba. so right now it's a category 1 storm with 80 miles per hour winds. that will put it near the coast of the delta, the louisiana delta near new orleans by saturday night at 7:00 where it should still be a category 1 storm, maintaining strength up through parts of mississippi and alabama before finally beginning to unwind off of new england. but in the meantime, within 24 hours it should roar ashore near new orleans, and we'll be tracking it. and president trump is rolling back contraception coverage for women. a mandate from the obama era required most employers to cover birth control in health insurance plans, but now many will be able to opt out on moral or religious grounds. advocates for women's health say the policy is just wrong. >> to take this away from women while not changing the other care that men receive is really
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an attack on women. that's discrimination pure and simple. >> this is a president who supports the first amendment, supports the freedom of religion. i don't understand why that should be an issue. >> today the california attorney general filed a lawsuit against the new federal policy. meantime president trump made a cryptic comment last night about quote the calm before the storm. the calm, m." tonight it's still not clear if he was referring to military action. pres. trump: "you'll find out." today mister trump repeated th t"... and >> could be the calm before the storm. >> reporter: what storm mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> today president trump repeated the phrase you'll find out, and then winked. the white house press secretary refused to elaborate. two people arrested in connection with the murder of a san francisco woman. she disappeared on august 18th. her body was found four days later on the side of a dirt road in buy byron, not far
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from a mining company. antioch resident alex estrada was arrested in pittsburgh, and today rodolfo manalo was arrested. what started out as a schoolyard fight between kids ended with a deadly confrontation between their parents. it started at loma vista elementary school where the two first graders got into a fight. the next day their fathers met and one of them was shot and killed. students say the kids got into a scuffle on wednesday, and yesterday morning the kids' fathers met. police say that's when one of them pulled out a gun. the 51-year-old victim died on the sidewalk. whether they her father.. >> they never should have gotten into a fight over something small, it turned into something big. >> police haven't confirmed if they've arrested the other father. plus..
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ans told her t and coming up next, what hillary clinton had to say to a huge crowd of bay area supporters today. plus, what her fans told her to do. vestigation is n also ahead, the brand new south bay housing development where tiles are falling right off the home. how our investigation is now helping the homeowners. plus only on 5 tonight, an exclusive look at a famous beach front property in the bay area that's now up for sale for the first time in decades.
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watch out for thick peices of tile.. falling from brand new houses. it's happening at new subdiv th san >> >. tonight a warning from some south bay homeowners. watch out for pieces of tile falling from some new homes. it's happening at a new
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subdivision in south san jose along the communications hills promenade. we started asking questions, and that's when the warning was issued. ommunications hill say they got from their builder..kb home. [s ott/homeowner] >> reporter: falling tiles, sloppy painting, cracked exterior siding. not what you'd expect from brand new million dollar homes, but residents say they got all that and more on communications hill from their builder kb home. >> and the plumbing. this morning we had issues where none of the toilets were flushing. >> reporter: and she moved in less than a week ago. kpix drone pilots took this video in the neighborhood. neighbors in more than half of the homes in this development have been complaining to kb home customer service about various issues with little satisfaction. today kb home sent a letter to homeowners warning them of the falling tiles, quote, plus avoid being underneath the tiled area or take extra care
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or caution if moved underneath the tiled service. it's been one issue after another. >> moving in was rough. it was really dirty when we moved in. nothing was finished. we still have a lot of items in the kitchen that haven't been addressed. i don't think there's enough workers to provide the service promised. >> reporter: workers building the homes tale kpix that they have been pressured to rush the homes to completion. one told us he's never seen these tiles, faux wood porcelain tiles to be used on the side of a house. the developer says they're working to find a permanent solution. >> they're trying to do it quickly, so there's been issues. i don't think it's right, i just think it's par for the course for the entire time. >> reporter: neighbors have been complaining about the problems for weeks, but the developer became more responsive they say after we started looking into the issues last week. in san jose, kpix 5. . on "technology and diplomacy. today hillary clinton took part in a discussion at
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stanford on technology and diplomacy. the former secretary of state targeted silicon valley's giants accusing facebook, twitter, and going of allowing russia to -- google of allowing russia to influence the 2016 election. >> i believe we can understand what happened in 2016, and act decisively to make sure it never happens again, and confront this threat to western democracy. fans got a brief er. >> earlier today clinton stopped in san francisco as part of her book tour. fans got a brief moment to speak wither had e many -- with her, and many told her they want her to continue voicing her opinion about serious issues facing america. new at 11:00, a bay area high schooler is making it his mission to prevent teen suicides. andrea borba shows us how he's spreading his message on the football field. archbishop mitty. nats game but, before talk on freitas field turned to touchdowns and turnovers, it also touched on subject not typically broached during high school f ri\play 4 >> reporter: this is what friday night lights looked like in san mateo.
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cheerleaders, the national anthem, and homecoming versus their rivals. but before talk turned to touchdowns and turnovers, it also touched on a subject not typically broached during high school football season. on the field, luke bitari is the quarterback and leader of the padres. off the field he's also leading the conversation about teen mental health to honor a friend who killed herself. >> tonight i want to challenge each of you and your parents to start speaking up and asking, talk to your friends and peers about how your friends are feeling or changes you see in them. teen suicide is preventable. >> reporter: the idea came to luke in june. >> he wasn't to his football
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coach here, coach walsh, and i said i have this idea, and they took the idea from there and blew it up. >> reporter: it's turned into a website and even has socks sold to fund counseling for teens at places like safe space. >> there's a lot of kids out there like that. their voices need to be heard, and this is the start, and our program is a start. >> reporter: and beyond the banner of competition, comradery, even the opposing players wore the socks tonight. once upon a time, it i e most famous in san mateo, andrea borba, kpix 5. and an exclusive property is hitting the market for the first time in decades. once upon a time it inspired designs in california, ask now
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it's a place for tech people to go to get the creative juices flowing. >> reporter: it sits 200 feet above the california coast, next to monteros state beach, and right off highway 1. villa montera is an estate that's been an inspiration and backdrop for artists for decades, and now it's inspiring a new generation of creative genius. >> what's great here is the history. >> reporter: michael taylor designed his now famous overstuffed wicker furniture here in the 70s. taylor was a friend of the interior designer who owned the home since 1971. in the 80s, the villa was a
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setting for a major estee lauder campaign. in 1999, p. diddy produced the faith evans music video, never gonna let you go here. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and in the early 2000s, lexus shot an suv commercial at the property. today it's become a popular venue for private events and weddings for brides and grooms from around the country. the beauty of the villa and the scenic views around it also attracted silicon valleys top tech companies. google, instagram, and apple have all rented the property anywhere from a few days to a year to give their engineers and other team members a place to brainstorm and work on new technology. >> so many people want to buy a retreat in big sur that's three hours away. >> reporter: this luxury real estate broker says the property is rare because it feels
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private and remote. >> what you're buying is nearly an acre of ocean front property. >> reporter: now the two bedroom, one and a half bath, 1600 square foot home is hitting the market for the first time in decades. the price tag? $6.5million. >> you can work in san francisco whether it's a weekend home or full time residence and really feel traps ported to -- transported to a destination. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> okay, let's rent it for a weekend. >> my transport is on a greyhound bus. [ laughter ] we have beach hazard warnings out, so don't be lulled into a sense of false security. there are swells from storms in two different directions finally reaching the shoreline. there's a rip aunt threat by the shore d current threat by the shock -- rip current threat by the shore.
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high pressure is right over central california. it will keep us warm through next week with varying highs. temperatures near 90 in the warmest spots inland tomorrow. temperatures remain on the warm side and dry as well. wind kicking up early next week, but a pretty good week for fleet week. 79 degrees, a broad brush average along the bay shoreline for the blue angels shows saturday and sunday. hardly strictly is 75, golden gate park, beautiful out there. the half marathon in sunday morning in san jose, about 69 degrees. for us above average. 75 in san francisco, san jose 85, and oakland 79. plenty of sunshine for everybody. mid-80s for the south bay, and mid to upper 80s for the east bay. and up in the north bay, 83 at
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petaluma, and finally ukia 89, so still warm here and there. in fact just about everywhere inland from saturday through monday. temperatures in the 80s, and through the end of next week temperatures remain in the 80s inland. so beautiful weekend ahead, and not a bad week for next week as well. >> all right, thank you. up next, bay area whole foods stores hit by hackers. why certain customers should check their bank statements tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit.
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to check their accounts tonight... after a big hack attack. whole foods urging its customers to check their accounts tonight after a big hack attack. >> and more than 50 stores had their data breached. that includes several bay area locations from santa clara all the way to mill valley. re. but ts whole foods says the hack does not effect people who bought groceries at the store, but anyone who went to their restaurants or tap rooms may have had their create card information compromised. >> there you go. >> wow. >> got to be careful. >> guess i better watch it when i'm going to whole foods, or as we like to call it whole paycheck. [ laughter ] >> you know, the best of the pga right in our backyard in the bay area. giants fans you're not going to
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like it, but the dodgers began their playoff push, and boy did they show up tonight. baseball up!!!!
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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care of the red sox, 8-2...for a 2-oh baseball up top? no. baseball playoffs. four divisional games. today the astros took care of the red sox for a 2-0 series lead. and dodgers and diamondbacks. before the dodgers recorded their first out, the bearded wonder went yard. justin turner. he had five rbi. they led 3-0. the dodgers won the game 9-5. the winner tonight? clayton kershaw on the mound. now to the other divisional match ups. the defending al champs outlasted the yankees again, this time in 13 innings. behind the bag, enough to get austin jackson home. extra inning walk off.
11:31 pm
to the nation's capital. a nice backdrop for the nlds. the cubs and washington. the cubs taking advantage of the nationals mistakes. cubs six-inning lead increased to 2-0, and they won 3-0, and chicago pitchers gave them a total of two hits in the shut out. and over to golf, pga at silverado. shots likes this at 14 helped. 3 under 69 for john daily. and phil mickelson is 6 under, 6 shots off the lead jason handily. how about 11 under 61? we'll be right back.
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could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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have a great weekend. the late show is next. >> a lot going on in san
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francisco. have a great weekend this weekend. we'll see you on monday. captioning sponsored by cbs >> last week it was revealed that the producer of the new "star trek" made the klingon rallying cry similar truch's slogan "make america great again." that's just one of the similarities revealed by these deleted scenes. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, the pee-pee tape strikes


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