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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this photo was shot from 3 miles away. the business is located on green island road. that road is currently closed. the effects are being felt all the way down to san francisco. here's a live look where you can see a layer of black smoke hanging over the city. we're told multiple vehicles at if yard are on fire. right now there's no word on how this fire started or any of the businesses in the area are threatened. but there's a big lumber warehouse next door. so far no air quality warnings or shelter in place warnings have been listed. we will keep you posted. >> it's now been one week since the deadly concert shooting in las vegas. today one woman from the bay area made her final trip home. she was a mother of two and the wife of a san francisco police officer. joe vasquez is live in castro county where a victim for all of the victims is getting underway. >> reporter: it has just begun and already about 100 people are
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gathered right here at the intersection of redwood drive and caster valley. we're expecting perhaps a couple more hundred people here as folks begin to gather candles for the vigil. this marks one week since the shooting in las vegas. they called for this vigil to remember those who lost their lives. >> we wanted to have a vigil tonight at caster valley boulevard to honor and remember the victims and the heroes. the community and the east bay our hearts still ache and our hands pray for the families of those who are lost but also for those who are still recovering. >> earlier this afternoon her body arrived at sfo. her casket inside that hearse received a police escort all the way back to navado. her and her husband were together at that concert. we're back live now here at if
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candle light vigil. we're expecting to hear from not just the congressman but other folks here some of whom are relatives of others who lost their lives in las vegas. we'll bring you the latest as it develops. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> two stabbing victims were rushed to the hospital after an attack at a east bay bart station. hours later the armed suspect is still on the run. >> reporter: right now everything is back to normal here at the lafayette bart station. it reopened around 2:00 this afternoon. right now police are still looking for that suspect and they're also trying to figure out how this all started. >> reporter: frustrated passengers looking to get on bart were turned away from the lafayette station today after a fight broke out on the platform
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around 9:45 this morning. >> after this altercation the suspect produced a knife then attacked two possibly three people. >> paramedics took the two stabbing victims to the hospital. a 21-year-old man was stabbed in the head and a 19-year-old man was stabbed in the hand. both are expected to be okay. witnesses say a third person was also hurt but left before police arrived. >> if anyone comes in looking for a stab or cut wound treatment we'll get in touch and find out why they left the scene. >> some said the suspect was trying to steal the victim's backpack. others are saying it was some kind of verbal fight that led up to the stabbing. >> it's a little bit of a complicated situation. we're still trying to fill in the gap but we haven't gotten all of the story together. >> bart riders were trying to get to the raiders game and
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fleet week in san francisco say it was unsettling. >> that's scary. the whole world has turned scary. >> it makes me sad. certainly you don't want to see anybody get hurt or possibly killed. but maybe that's part of the world we live in. >> police are still looking for that suspect. he is described as a 30-year-old to 40-year-old white man with short blond hair wearing a green army jacket and a black backpack. officers think he ran into the neighborhood near the station right after the attack. now we did try to get someone from bart police to speak with us on camera. but the spokesperson said they were too short staffed today. we also asked for the surveillance video that would show the suspect or the incident taking place but we're told if the video is released the earliest that would happen would be tomorrow. katie neilson kpix5. >> tonight bart police are also still looking for that man
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accused of stealing a woman's purse at gunpoint on a freemont bound train last month. now she was not hurt. stone got off the train at the south hayward station. he's known to frequent the area around 81st avenue in oakland. if you see him contact bart police. >> a driver suspected of hitting four cyclists sending them to the hospital is now in jail. officers arrested the 21-year-old at his home in nevado just before midnight. that is after they found a pickup truck outside that matched pictures from damage at the crash site. this collision happened shortly before noon yesterday during a charity bike race on petaluma road. a dark blue dodge ram swerved to the right and hit the cyclists and they said it looked like it might have been intentional. >> it was at least grossly irresponsible and maybe worse. and then leaving the scene of the crime there's no excuse for
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it. >> a passing motorcycle rider captured images of the truck on his helmet cam then the pictures circulated the internet and they asked the public for help. the driver is now booked on suspicion of felony hit and run. all four of the injured cyclists are expected to survive. >> in oakland an uber ride took a terrifying turn when gunfire erupted on the freeway. it happened just before 4:00 this morning on 23rd avenue. police say a group of people were in an uber leaving a party when another group showed up and started shooting. three men were hit including the driver. no word on how they are doing. investigators say it was a targeted attack but the motive is still unclear and they're asking any witnesses to come forward. some scary moms this afternoon. check this out when the napa valley wine train slammed into the side of a limo bus. as bad as it looks we're told no
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one was hurt. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. no word on how the limo ended up in the train's pass. >> from the valley to the shore. we've got high sur and have high rip tides out there at -- surf and high rip tides out at the beach. that beach hazard still in effect. there's a rip current threat along the shoreline. the hazard warning will be in effect through tomorrow. so big breakers to 14 feet. and high above the surf the blue angels were performing again in san francisco today. you probably caught the show. they roared over san francisco. it's the last day of the air show. and let's listen in. . high above the surf the blue angels were there putting on a performance. they've been performing since 1989 when they all got together
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and said this wouldn't be a bad idea. they've been doing the show annually around the country since 1946. that wasn't the only spectacle in the skies. the navy performed a parachute show. the leapfrogs made their own jump. >> it t it's amazing. >> -- it's amazing. >> reporter: they're called the leapfrogs and today they leapt off a plane 5,000 feet in the air. but these are real navy seals and they've all served tours over seas. >> i've done five. a couple in iraq, a couple in afghanistan, and one in the south pacific. >> they spend 2 to 3 years jumping then go back to military service as experts in parachuting. for now they're having fun. >> i really enjoy doing something called the down play.
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it's team work so it takes two people to do it. we get under a canopy, we link together and we lift our canopy and go straight into the ground at 50 to 60 miles per hour and right around 400 feet we separate and come together. >> they perform all around the nation. a few days ago they dropped into a football stadium before an nfl game. but they say jumping in san francisco is especially enough. >> the winds for some reason you'll just get a good gust of a 10 to 15 miles per hour wind. on a canopy there's no engine so we're 100% relying on the winds to get us where we need to be and they're tricky. you guys have tricky winds. >> even with the tricky winds these soldiers said they had a great time at fleet week. >> thank you, san francisco. >> that's good pr. we want to see your fleet week photos as well lots of cameras
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out there. tag us on facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter. >> a political play in the stands at the 49ers game as the players kneel down the vice president gets up and walks out. >> plus the northern california business owner getting death threats because of that. a politically charged billboard. >> and remember the dog rescued from the bart tracks in oakland. he's now looking for a safer spot to spend his time. how you can adopt him. >> they carry a desperate sign and often a baby begging on bart for hours. >> it's the first amendment protecting right to panhandle. >> but are they really hard up. we went undercover for weeks to find out. our cameras caught them getting into luxury cars and counting their haul. >> when you lie about those circumstances and then take money from people. that's not right. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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abruptly left an n-f-l game before it even started. he walked out when several 49ers players kneeled during the national anthem.... in indianapolis. now kpix five's kiet do asks: was that walkout the vice president abruptly left an nfl game before it even started. he walked out when several 49ers players kneeled during the national anthem. we asked was that walk out preplanned by the president? >> reporter: as many as 2-dozen 49ers knelt during the national anthem in the game with the colts. the colts linked arms but did not kneel. vice president mike pence left abruptly tweeting i left todays colts game because @ potus and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem.
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the press pool typically follows the vp everywhere. but they said the media pool was kept in vans ahead of the game instead of being led in with the vice president. a few minutes later president trump tweeted i asked vp to leave stadium if any players kneeled disrespecting our country. i am proud of it. the 49ers safety has been the team's most vocal supporter of kneeling during the anthem. they've been doing it the longest and typically have more players kneeling than any team in the lead. so reid says the vice president's appearance was political theater. >> a man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple of things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. >> what do you think he should have done, watch the game? >> fans we talk today were disappointed with the vice president. >> please support all americans
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and all of our rights. everyone gets to have a voice and that's why we're here. >> you already know what's going to happen. why are you leaving in disgust. if you were disgusted before you got there because you knew it was going to happen then it's just political shenanigans. >> backlash tonight over a billboard. the message got such a heated response the clothing store is now under police protection. >> nicole lewis is a small business owner in a big billboard battle. this is her billboard now the message ripped down by the media company she rented the space from. donald trump the 45th president with the number 45 written in a style similar to the nazi swastika. >> yeah it's very controversial oh yeah yes. >> chose to put it up as a political protest and put her business name on it so people would know who paid for it.
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>> i decided to use this platform and i put my name on it because why hide. i'm going to stand behind my beliefs and actions. >> they did not return my calls but a spokesperson told news week magazine they took the billboard down because they misinterpreted it. employees have reported death threats. >> i've been shaky, lots of anxiety over the threats and the negative attention that it's received. >> historic yelp pages also being monitored after dozens of new negative posts about the business. >> they just want to ruin my business. >> a politically polarizing billboard taken down in a day. that hasn't stopped the controversy it started. >> just because you're a business owner doesn't mean you don't get to stand behind your beliefs. >> so the owner of this clothing store says she'll be suing the company that took down her
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billboard. she's filed a lawsuit for violating her civil rights. >> beginning tomorrow the daily commute will look a little different along one stretch of 680. the new express lanes from walnut creek to san ramon will be up and running. the price of toll depends on traffic and demands. drivers with clean air vehicles and motorcyclists can use the lane for free if they have fast track. remember the dog trapped on the bart tracks last week? tonight the pit bull terrier named bart is up for adoption. anyone interested in giving him a forever home can contact oakland animal services. love it. >> let's begin where we left off a few minutes with the high surf advisory which will be in effect until monday morning. so big breakers and quite a show out there at the shoreline. here's how it looks over the
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city as we look towards the bay bridge. and the numbers we got all the way to 84 at concord. livermore was 90 yesterday, 81ed to. 85 in san jose, and santa rosa 85 degrees. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour right now. that wind will be blowing tonight and early tomorrow morning. here are the numbers as they are now, 67 in the city, and 77 in san jose. red flag warnings heating up around the bay area. posted since 11:00 this morning through tuesday night. mostly because of northeasterly breezes. as a result humidity falls and the red flag warnings go up. indicates an elevated fire danger because of the breezy conditions through tomorrow midday. so sunny, windy, and warm through monday. winds will ease then cool off. things really cool on tuesday about ten degrees inland. so by midweek we'll be sunny,
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mild, and dry. overnight lows we're going to see temperatures down to 48 in santa rosa. fairfield 50 at travis air force base. 54 in san francisco. but tomorrow the numbers get a little bit of a bump tomorrow with the high pressure building in however briefly. san francisco up to 78 degrees. oakland 81. down in the south bay low to mid-80s will do it for the most part. morgan hill 84. santa clara 82 and mountain view 83 degrees. concord 85. livermore pretty much in the mid-80s tomorrow. tuesday things cool down. 87 for santa rosa, 86 for petaluma. and 86 for kentfield. 76 at lake port.
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77 at clear lake. extended forecast we're looking at numbers in the mid-80s monday. tuesday the numbers begin to fall to the low 70s around the bay. then wednesday, thursday, friday, look at friday only 72 degrees inland. how are we going to stand that. a beautiful autumn week ahead for the bay area. windy tonight, windy tomorrow. >> thanks. still to come a 49er sklejd super bowl star leads the charge raising money for a good cause. >> and the 49ers go over time in search of their first win of the season. and as the raiders season is spiralling out of control reaction when we come back. fors for ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that.
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to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california. 49ers legend and super bowl champ roger craig posed for pictures before joining nearly ten thousand runners to help his good buddy -- and former teammate -- dwight clark. the event: the 12-th annual "rock and roll san jose half marathon and 10-k." craig is running to raise money to support the a-l-s foundation. earlier this year: clark revealed he was diagnosed with the disease. "you know, he's a fighter and i'm going to fight with him. i have his back and like his teammates have his back." "it's a beautiful thing that all these 49ers.. all the players have gathered for dwight." "we fund research. we also provide care services for our families." craig is hoping to raise 87- thousand dollars for dwight and the a-l-s fo he's a fighter. and i'm going to fight with him.
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you know i have his back. and like my teammates have his back. >> it's a beautiful thing that all of the football players are gathered together for dwight. we help fund research and provide care services for our families. >> they're hoping to raise $87,000 for dwight. that's inspired by clark's jersey number. even if you didn't run this morning you can still donate online. we have the link on our kpix facebook page als is tough. >> roger clayton seems like generally a nice guy. >> once you're part of the team you're always part of team. it's great to see this guy stepping up against this difficult disease. the raiders were minus their franchise quarterback and two defenders after sort of a perfect recipe for their first three game losing streak since 2015. derek carr out with a fracture if his spine. he could return next week
6:23 pm
against the chargers. enter emmanuel whose first drive didn't go so well. fumbled the football, loose ball picked up and that's a touchdown for the ravens and a 14-0 lead. 2nd quarter this is more like it here. emmanuel avoids the rush. michael crabtree. emmanuel's first pass since october of 2015. ravens receiver mike wall has ton caught three balls all day. but it was for 133 yards. 54 yarder set up a field goal to make it 24-10. same score marsean is in. the offense ran out the clock. the combination of alex collins and buck allen gashed the ravens in the closing minutes. baltimore runs for 143 yards. they hand the raiders a three
6:24 pm
game losing streak. 30-17 the final. >> i think are you you'd have to of a little bit of a question about the confidence level. he went out and didn't get it done three weeks in a row. >> we've got time to turn it around but it's all about if we want it. we've got to want it, come into work and take bleep. >> raiders are now 2-3. vice president mike pence left today's game because the 49ers kneeled for the anthem. his loss because he missed a good football game. peyton manning weekend in indianapolis. andrew luck looking on. he didn't play. moving straight to the 4th quarter. 16-9 colts. touchdown. 23-9 lead.
6:25 pm
49ers within seven. they get the ball back. 24 seconds to go. this is 4th down. and the rookie tight end fights his way for the touchdown. game tied at 23-23 and we are going to overtime. so they traded possessions in the extra frame. and the defense let their gourd down at the worst possible moment. got around for a 35-yard gain into field goal range. this is from 51 yards out to win the game. the kick is up, the kick is good. and the 49ers lose their second straight game in overtime. they are 0-5. >> we see how close we are and trust me it hurts when you're that close and you're 0-5. when you look at it and say we could be 4-1, 3-2 whatever it might be but you're not. we're going to keep fighting each week. we know how close we are.
6:26 pm
one of these days it's going to go the right way for us. >> red sox hoping it goes the right way for them. they face elimination against the astros. houston leading 3-2. then the boston rookie connects for a go ahead two run home run. boston has a 4-3 lead. 7-3 sox in the 7th. into the right field corner the former athletic makes the catch. the ball hit off his glove into the stands. that's a three run home terre. boston keeping hope alive 10-3. astros still lead the series 2-1. warriors playing the last game of their china trip this morning in shanghai against minnesota. steph curry behind the back, pulls off, nails the three. he finished with 40 points. a couple of possessions later, great ball movement by golden state. klay thompson scored 28. warriors made 20 3's in the game.
6:27 pm
they won 142-110. they are headed home to the bay area. on 14 a putt to save bogey. and that maintains his one shot lead. now phil mickelson pulled within a shot of the lead on 17. but he just misses the par putt to drop two shots back. he finished tied for third on 18. a chance to tie for the lead with this eagle putt but it just missed right. so he would finish in second place. and steel cruised to the finish with a win by a birdie on 18. he still picks up his third career pga win and 2nd straight victory. golf aeople just like certain ppeseals to steel obviously. >> and breaking it down, the 49ers and raiders tonight. >> coming up in the next half
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hour harvey winestein has just been fired from his own company amidst a flood of sexual harassment allegations. >> hurricane nate left behind a mess. coming up the damage he did to a popular tourist spot along the coast. >> and building new futures brick by brick. the bay area boot camp helping graduates construct six figure careers.
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stab t bay ba you're watching kpix5 news. >> our top stories tonight a search is on for a man who stabbed three people on an east bay bart platform. it happened around 10:00 this morning a lafayette. and some witnesses say the
6:31 pm
suspect tried to steal a backpack. others say it all started with an argument. two of the stabbing victims are in the hospital but are expected to recover. >> a vigil underway in caster valley to honor the victims killed in the las vegas massacre one week later. 58 people died, including three women with bay area tie it is. today one of them made her final trip home with a police escort from sfo. the mother of two was the wife of a san francisco police officer. >> vice president mike pence walked out of the 49ers-colts game in indianapolis when as many as 2-dozen 49ers kneeled during the national anthem. pence, the former indiana governor had flown in especially for the game but left before it even started. a short time later he tweeted his disapproval of the anthem protest. >> nate downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves across the appalachians as it slammed ashore in mississippi as a category 4 hurricane.
6:32 pm
waste high water flooded that parking garage in biloxi. the city took a direct hit from the storm. that heavy storm whipped up the waves at the lighthouse peer overnight. it was still standing this morning but the boardwalk was just battered. here's the latest from mississippi. >> reporter: clean up is already well underway along the gulf coast less than 24 hours after hurricane nate came ashore. >> it wasn't nothing. we prepared for it just in case because we've been through katrina. better safe than sorry. >> reporter: from louisiana to florida, residents who had been bracing for another blast from mother nature were instead expressing relief. >> you know it's just inconvenient coming out and getting your feet wet. >> reporter: nate was the third hurricane to make landfall on the u.s. mainland this year. it slammed south western louisiana as a category 1 storm. and early this morning it was
6:33 pm
still a category 1 when it made a second landfall near biloxi, mississippi. it flooded low lying areas including casino row. >> the wind was blowing real hard. and it push it had water straight on up. it was really a ferocious storm. >> it's been over a dozen years since a hurricane last hit mississippi. but many here took no chances because that last one was katrina. >> they kept saying the surges. it's a beautiful day we could have had church. >> in central america nate has been blamed for some two-dozen deaths. but so far there are still no reports of any casualties in the united states. cbs news, gulf port, mississippi. >> tonight em battled movie
6:34 pm
mogul harvey weinstein is fired from his own company effective immediately. three members of his film company resigned friday and one of his top advisers is calling it quits. lisa bloom made the announcement in a tweet this weekend as weinstein confronts sexual harassment allegations. bloom is the daughter of gloria allred. she's previously represented victims of sexual assault and harassment. but she spoke on his behalf at the start of the scandal. >> when harvey came to me a year ago to talk about this he said i'm not going to attack any of women we're going to do this differently. i'm willing to acknowledge i've made mistakes. how many top ceo's do you hear in a situation like this say that. >> earlier this week the new york times printed a bombshell report detailing three decades of sexual harassment allegations and at least three settlements.
6:35 pm
he apologized and says he wants to do right by the people he has hurt. but he plans to sue the times over how the story was handled. he's made campaign donations in the past to diane finestein. chuck todd asked her if she plans to return the money? >> he's done mighty wrong. and no one has ever questioned where i stand on any of this stuff. if somebody comes to you and says they contributed to you are you giving back the money you sort of look like a startled bird and say let me look and see. and that's the best i can do for you today. >> she told cbs's face the nation no law would have stopped stephen paddock from carrying out his deadly rampage in las vegas on sunday because he had passed his background checks anl illness. but finestein is also pushing
6:36 pm
for a ban on the bump stocks that paddock used to modify his guns into rapid fire weapons. her comments on that issue drew a swift response from the nra. >> i've been arguing with finestein for years about trying to ban semi autos. it's not a machine gun. if you fuzz the line they're all at risk and we're not going to let that happen. >> let's not fuzz the line. she says this bans bump stock. duh does the nra support that? >> it's illegal to convert a semi automatic to a fully automatic. >> items abandoned in the las vegas shooting are slowly making their way back to their owners. the fbi has begun the huge task of returning thousands of items left behind at the crime scene.
6:37 pm
one northern california doctor has made it his life's work to study the science behind mass shootings. >> california is the only state in the nation that spends taxpayer dollars, $1 million a year to study gun violence and whether we can stop it. stricter gun legislation may be one answer. but as critics say it has nothing to do with weapons at all. >> tonight as the hunt for a motive continues in las vegas. a uc davis doctor is searching too. >> all of this is part of the planning for that study. >> he's an emergency room physician. so affected by the victims he's treated he decided to dedicate his life to the study of gun violence. he spent 1 million of his own dollars to analyze what causes people to shoot. the state of california is matching that investment to help him figure out how to prevent
6:38 pm
it. >> we need to do something about weapons that have a large ammunition capacity that can fire lots of bullets in a short period of time. >> however gun owners believe those high capacity weapons aren't the problem. >> people are the problem. >> we're already heavily gun controlled as it is. >> will stricter gun legislation make a difference. not in the short run according to him. >> i suspect that there are millions of those magazines in california. they're still going to be out there. >> britain has some of the toughest gun laws in the world after 16 children and a teacher were killed in scotland in 1996 the government band the possession of all handguns, semi automatic, and pump action weapons, self loading rifles. many believe that's why they haven't had atingn two decades. teresa may hopes america will
6:39 pm
take action here. >> to us here in the united kingdom the idea that somebody could have an arsenal of weapons in their hotel room is inconceivable. >> the state has appropriated a million dollars a year for five years to the uc davis gun violence research center. >> still to come how one bay area police department is trying to improve community relations by reaching out to teens. >> a huge gathering at sfo today to say farewell to a plane.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
today at sfo: the company threw a party to say bon voyage to an aircraft that changed people's idea of flying. it's the end of an era. next month united airlines will stop using its boeing747. they said bomb voyage to an aircraft that changed people's perception of flying. >> usually people at sfo say good-bye to loved ones as they get on a plane. to do the loved one was a plane. >> it's like a building, but it's not really. it's a floating building. >> that's how people have been describing the boeing747 since it was introduced in 1970. and this morning the annual united family day had a bittersweet quality as workers said farewell to a plane that
6:42 pm
redefined air travel. >> basically it's a different mindset and change of how air travel will be doing. everything boeing did when they developed and manufactured this airplane had never been done before. >> thousands of united employees, family, and friends lined up to tour two of the remaining 18 747's still in service. carrying more than 340 passengers they had multiple kitchens and seats stretching as far as the eye can see. and first class had more room than some san francisco apartments. >> i'm not leaving. this is very comfortable. i think i'm just going to be a stow away. >> this is also the first plane to have a second floor. these days the upstairs is more first class seating. but in the '70s this area served as a piano bar. and while the cockpit features switches and circuit breakers not found on more modern design a pilot says it wasn't as
6:43 pm
difficult to fly as people say. >> once you get the picture it's a pretty forgiving airplane to land. >> not too difficult? >> most of the time not too difficult. >> but alas current planes can do with two engines what the 747 did with four making it too costly to operate. when this building off into history she'll be taking those who experienced her off for the ride. >> the final voyage from san francisco to honolulu will be november 7th after which the entire fleet will be retired. that flight sold out in two hours. >> well police in vac caville are taking a new approach. they're stepping into a local high school to teach teens what it's like. >> service and safety in todays
6:44 pm
society. >> police are teaching important subjects. >> it's not a police academy. it's designed to help grow. >> he wasn't sure about the class at first but is glad she did. >> it changes your views on all sides of the spectrum really. >> so was this a legal search? >> real cases are discuss and had video show shown from officer's body cameras. >> it gives a lot more personality to being an officer. you see what they're doing is from their perspective. >> topics range from crime scene to social media, and constitutional rights. >> we've been learning about the fourth amendment covers unreasonable searchs and how you can't be detained. >> topics that are timely from stories in the media, protests, officer involved shootings, and race relations. >> it's good to know with a class like what you cannot do and what the officers can and cannot do. >> once you have that knowledge
6:45 pm
you can better handle a situation like a traffic stop. >> he receives questions on potentially tough questions. >> i think on the future we will get into race and racial disparity. >> but he says no topics are off limits. >> it's not going to be tough because we'll have an open mind and respect each other's feelings. >> lessons he hopes the students will remember outside the classroom. >> more places should have this class because it's a good way to educate my generation. >> not a bad idea. that was kelly ryan reporting. the class is so popular that there is a waiting list to get in. >> building communities and careers all at the same time. >> i was like i would love to get paid to play in the dirt. >> who wouldn't love that? >> still to come san francisco programs sending job seeking recruits to construction boot camp. and they say rain on your wedding day is good luck. in that case this couple just won the jackpot. >> nice. we have a look at the colors of
6:46 pm
the sunsets in sunday night. we'll have a look at the forecast when we come back. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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luck with all that rain. a mandatory curfew was set for the hurricane nate hopefully brought this new orleans couple a lot of luck with all of that rain. a mandatory curfew was set for the city during the storm. so the bride and groom decided to pull the big day off a whole day early. >> what do you want bet they
6:49 pm
name their first offspring nate? >> let's bet on that, okay. >> as we have a look out towards the bay it's the sunset eight minutes ago. here we are with the waning moments of sunday. and a beautiful day it was too. boy the numbers got up to the 70s in the city. and into the 80s at livermore. livermore hit a high of 81 right now at 77. and in san francisco very pleasant sunday evening a 69. san jose has 78 and in concord it's 80 degrees. same in santa rosa. surf's up. by the way tomorrow is a good beach day. and if you head to the beach through tomorrow morning there's a threat of big breakers and rip currents so red flag warnings are up as well. it's going to be windy tonight. gusts are already up to 30 miles per hour out of santa rosa. humidity is down. the winds are up. breezy night overnight. that increases the risk of fire spreading quickly.
6:50 pm
so they have it windy tonight. warm tomorrow. it will be breezy for monday. it will back off by monday afternoon and monday night. sunny, windy, warm tomorrow. winds will ease. it will cool off on tuesday. inland only in the 70s tuesday. and by midweek sunny, mild conditions. tomorrow oakland 81. and in the south bay low to mid-80s should do it. in the east bay plenty of sun. not a hint of low clouds anywhere this coming week. temperatures in the mid-80s inland. and santa rosa hits 87 tomorrow. but look at the beach weather daly city 77 tomorrow. 86 at petaluma. and lake port 76. the extended forecast, mid-80s inland. near 80 degrees around the bay. but by wednesday numbers down into the mid-70s inland. they'll stay there a few days before a bone chilling 72 on friday. and 79 on sunday.
6:51 pm
warm weather lately. but by midweek we get a bit of a break like the one we're about to take.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
news out of napa county: firefighters have now gotten control of a 20- acre fire that incinerated several vehicles a an update on that breaking news out of napa county. firefighters have gotten control of that 20-acre fire that incinerated several vehicle ins american canyon i. broke out about 2:30 just south of the napa airport sending up a huge plume of smoke that could be seen for miles. it all drifted into san francisco because of the northeasterly winds. it's not certain how it started but firefighters say they have got it under control. >> tonight we're taking you inside city build academy. it's a construction job training program offered to san francisco residents. kpix5's melissa cain shows us
6:54 pm
it's helping graduation build full time careers while rebuilding their communities. >> megyn prior is a proud graduate at the boot camp. >> you were there at 7:00 you're late, you need to be there at 6:30. they taught me that too. >> it's not just about time management. it's physically tough. >> we were running, lifting rocks, doing push ups and sit ups. they were like you need to be fit for construction. >> construction and other jobs in the trade like carpentry, tile setting and iron work. >> i was like i would love to get paid to play in the dirt. who wouldn't love that. sign me up for that. and i haven't looked back since, i love it. >> city build is run by the mayor's office of workforce development and is in partnership with local employers and unions. graduates go right into well paying trade jobs with union benefits.
6:55 pm
>> graduates are telling us that they're making six figures. >> mark majors runs the city build program. he says while the program is free there are some requirements. students have to live in san francisco, pass a drug test, have a high school diploma or ged and a driver's license. once students get in the door it's anything but easy. every city build student goes through multiple skill assessments and they're overseen by instruction union reps and city employers. every class starts out with about 50 students and about 10% leave before the 18 weeks is up. >> it's your character and how much you want it. that's based off of if they're going to pick you or not. a lot of people didn't get in and they're like they need to put me in there i'm a good worker, i'm a hard worker. you have to prove that, no one is going to give you a hand justice of the peace out. >> but the rigorous selection and training is a big plus for
6:56 pm
employers. chris harris has worked in construction for 20 years and has supervised several city build graduates. >> they're very professional. they're always on time. very punk punctual i would say. >> the job market for city build workers is hot. >> city build was like this is how much you'll be getting paid an hour and every year after that it goes up a little bit more. i was like wow, this is it. this is what i need to be. >> it's a big change for prior. six years ago she was working at a shoe store for minimum wage. now after five years as an operating engineer she plans to buy a house. it's the kind of economic success story mark majors works for. keeping san francisco employed and diverse. >> residents are going to be working on those projects and so that means they're going to get their paycheck. they're going to spend their
6:57 pm
money in san francisco. >> we asked what she would say to her former self. >> do it sooner. fill it out and do it. >> that's a real feeling of power. thank you for watching. "60 minutes" coming up next. >> the latest is always online. and we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great evening. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: you enter the room, what do you see? >> an armory. >> whitaker: an armory. >> so many guns, so many magazines stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere, just in suitcases all neatly stacked, all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment he had in there. it just looked like almost a gun store. >> shell casings. all over the floor. i could smell the gun powder that had went off in the room. we were tripping over guns, tripping over long guns inside. >> i understood early that facebook was how donald trump was going to win. twitter is how he talked to the people. facebook was going to be how he won. >> stahl: and brad parscale should know, he was a significant figure in the tr


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