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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> death and defensively administration across the north bay. >> get out while you can -- death and devastation across the north bay. >> get out while you can i guess. >> wildfires breaking out all over forcing thousands to leave their homes. >> when we got the alert it was literally two houses down. >> reporter: drivers are strandling on either side of the -- stranded on either side of the fire. >> tonight parts of wine country are a wasteland.
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>> reporter: i'm allen martin live in santa rosa at the journey's end mobile home park in santa rosa where earlier today fire raced down that hill after it got into the big hilton hotel, jumped across the road, and got into this trailer park, and i'm telling you it's just wiped it out. destroyed it. 100 homes are gone. behind me that twisted burned out metal, that was someone's home. next to it is a driveway, the burned out shell what was someone's car. next to that, another burned out home. then a car, then a home, then a car. you get the idea. this goes on street after street after street. 100 homes destroyed as i said. firefighters were able to save between 50 and 60 of the homes. we'll be running updates for at the bottom of the screen to deal with the evacuation areas, the shelters, and also the closures happening. we'll show it to you at the bottom of the screen.
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now at least 15 fires are burning in six counties tonight. napa, sonoma, yuba city, lake, butte, and mendacina. none are contained or close to being contained. at least 10 people have been killed in the fires. 7 in sonoma, one in napa. at least 75,000 acres have burned and homes and buildings are destroyed. more than 20,000 people have been evacuated, and just recently the county sheriff told us about a hundred calls have come in about missing people. rescue operations are on going tonight. now in napa county the chp has rescued at least 44 people by air. crewshave also been going door to door to make sure everybody got out. authorities so worried about looting tonight in fact there's a curfew in effect until 7:15
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tomorrow morning for parts of santa rosa. the areas highlighted in red, those are the areas there under the mandatory evacuation orders. now kpix 5's joe vasquez continues coverage from the fountain grove inn. >> reporter: yes, take a look behind me and you can see the flames shooting up into the night sky. this is a complex with two hotels. the fountain grove and the hilton wine country. here's video from a short time ago. watch closely and you'll see a huge flaming chunk of a structure just break off and fall to the ground. and then it happens again, this is within the last 15 minutes. another part of hotel gives way and crumples all the way down. and there's not a firefighter in sight because they're working on evacuations, keeping people safe, and also trying to protect homes. flames are still roaring
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through sonoma county. the fires began spreading about 24 hours ago in the middle of the night, devouring several neighborhoods on the north side of santa rosa, destroying homes and businesses. this is what's left of the hilton hotel. we could hear popping and shattering. tens of thousands of people had to leave early in the morning with few things. >> it was scary when it's coming to your home. >> reporter: many evacuees with return to homes and vehicles wiped out. the tires of this pickup truck melted. a giant frame collapsed right on top of it. tonight it's still dangerous to drive through certain areas. power ables and lines down, collapsed onto the a heap on the road. what's your concern right now? >> well, we just heard about looting, and that's really
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something i have a very difficult time with. >> reporter: tonight city officials imposed a curfew effective until 7:15 tomorrow morning for all evacuation zones in the city of santa rosa. meanwhile they're still tallying the number injured. there have been 23 fire related injuries tweeted at santa rosa i memorial hospital. >> those were patients exposed to fire. whether or not it was in their house or not i wouldn't share specifically those details, but pretty typical for a patient who's exposed to fire and having had a burn . >> reporter: and we're back live at the hilton sonoma hotel. one man left the hotel without even his shoes on his feet. that's how quickly it happened. it was the middle of the night. people were awakened and had to leave. >> split second decisions indeed. thank you joe. tonight a lot of people don't
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know if their homes are still standing or if they'll come back tomorrow and find their home looking something like that. here's more on that part of story. >> reporter: we're standing in the hidden valley estates. the subdivision looks mostly like this, homes burnt to the ground. earlier today we watched as a woman came home for the first time after evacuating last night and said everywhere you see a chimney, that was once a home. now in the darkness everywhere you see a dot of orange, that's a gas line, and an indication that the home has burnt to the ground. this is what fire crews have been forced to do in santa rosa throughout the day. rather than fight the fires, watch them swallow houses whole knowing they don't have the resources to stop it. >> we don't have a lot of water, so the water supply is difficult, and the manpower it
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would take to put the effort into that, we have to let it burn. >> it's just a weird swath of devastation that has no rime or reason. >> reporter: mary returned to her home of 19 years after the fire had won. >> i just wanted to get some things. >> reporter: she pulled a few items from her rubble so her kids would have something to remember their home by. >> just sent the youngest one off to college, and we were getting ready to celebrate the empty nest. >> reporter: people in search of food or gasoline are out of luck. >> no food or gas or nothing. >> reporter: first responders say it's best to stay off the roads. searching the rubble is a task get to be taken on due to hot spots, why the sonoma county sheriffs believe the death toll are continue to rise. >> there's no searching or
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looking yet, so there's a lot of burned homes and a lot of burned areas, so it's just logical that we're going to find more people. >> reporter: back out here live you can see just down the street from the live shot, we wanted to turn the camera this direction to we could see flames kicking up on one of the homes already burnt to the ground. this has been happening all throughout the day. we just occasionally see the winds pick up and once again a structure that's been without fire for more than an hour or several hours is once again engulfed in flames. that's why this is called one of the burn zones, and authorities are telling people to stay away unless you absolutely have to be here, and they're encouraging people to heed the warning, stay away until they clear the area when it's safe to come back and see what's left. >> absolutely, all right, thanks so much. now before it got dark here, a few people were allowed to come
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back in even though this is an evacuation zone. they came back to see what was left. most of them left in tears, devastated by what they saw. since it got dark, chp sent a through patrol cars through to check and make sure no one is looting because 50 to 60 homes were saved by firefighters today. we'll have more from santa rosa in a few minutes. >> it's going to take awhile for the shock to wear off for a lot of folks. new video just into the news room. the luther burbank center for the arts in santa rosa has burned as well. class rooms totally destroyed, the rest of the complex suffered minimal damage though. no employees were at the facility at the time. another hard hit community is glen allen in sonoma county. evacuees returned to find homes and neighborhoods totally
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destroyed. maria continues our team coverage. >> absolutely nothing. it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> reporter: all evacuees left without much. >> there was no time to grab anything. >> reporter: and some came back to nothing. was anything saved in. >> nothing, absolutely -- saved? >> nothing, absolutely nothing. armageddon, just gone. >> reporter: michael not only found his home burned to the ground, he said his mother owned a handful of homes steps away and lost it all too. >> my mom is going to come home to this. and all she has is what she could throw in the back of the car to evacuate. she's 80. >> reporter: they say they had minutes to get out before the flames took over. >> you just have to say what do you have to do to save this house. >> reporter: kevin's home spared by the wildfire, but his neighbors just steps away weren't so lucky. >> i was pretty concerned if this house went there was no way we could save our house, so i managed to get here just in time to start knocking flames down.
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>> reporter: and now they begin the journey of rebuilding. some starting over from nothing. >> it's catastrophic. >> reporter: one of the things that we're seeing in some of these neighborhoods is just how lucky some of the home ordinary reasons were. some homes burned -- homeowners burned down, but steps away some untouched. in sonoma county, kpix 5. hways. the embers being check this out. about midnight last night, flames swarming sonoma county hillsides and crossing roads. but paul, it's a different story up there tonight. >> it could not be more different. the winds were upward of 80 miles per hour offshore last night. 24 hours later, the winds are less than 5 miles per hour, and it's coming from the ocean. most reporting stations
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including vallejo, san rafael, sonoma are reporting calm conditions. that said the red flag warning continues for the north bay mountains through tomorrow morning for isolated mountain wind gusts especially near the actual fires, exceeding 30 miles per hour overnight, and then another cold frontal passage will kick up the wind about 24 hours from now late tuesday into wednesday morning. we could see winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour, more widespread throughout the north bay. that's where we'll find the worst air quality tomorrow. unhealthy for the north bay, coast, and central bay closest to the fires burning. guys, as you know, there are many. air quality a little better in the east and south bay. and it's not over yet. 20,000 people evacuated from homes, and now tonight there are new mandatory evacuation orders going out in rural solano county this time. people along joyce lane and twin sisters road west of fairfield told to get out now because of the atlas fire.
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some evacuees told us they gathered their most important possessions, is, stuffed them in the car. tonight.. after the large fire that started >> this is a painting that my best friend gave me for my 50th birthday. this is my hats very were special from burning ma -- very special from burning man. my luggage, my dog's luggage, and vital records. >> again, fairfield police ordering evacuations at 8:00 tonight after the large fire that started in napa county crossed over a nearby ridge. >> and tonight a number of wineries are destroyed. this is what's left of the signarello vineyards in napa. the fire ripped through the estate overnight. the entryway still stands, but the bottles all melted. the oldest family owned winery in california burned. you can see the thick smoke enclosing this winery in napa,
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and another burned to the ground this morning. the only thing left, the patio furniture. the redwood fire rages on tonight. it's already killed one person and seriously injured two more. right now residents in potter valley are being evacuated. also pine mountain to berry creek, then down to camp wente and east side creek. many schools are closed tomorrow as you can imagine, including all sonoma county public schools, the napa valley unified school district closed tomorrow, and the ukia unified school district as well. it's been a hellish 24 hours for hundreds of evacuees who had to get out of the flames tonight. our own wilson walker takes us into the that inferno. and the fires aren't just a danger to people in their path.
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how all that smoke is putting everyone in the bay area at risk. (((break))) (((break))) but first here's the list of the centers open to fire evacuees tonight. (((break))) nats these fires blew up so fast... some people literally fled with at stanford health care,
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we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. only the clothes on their backs. >> reporter: these fires blew up so fast some people literally fled with only the clothes on their backs. welcome back. i'm allen martin leave in santa rosa tonight. my colleague wilson walker was the first reporter into the fire zone, and he captured the
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incredible escape from the flames. >> for me it was just this immediate we smelled smoke, started getting windy, and all of the sudden there was a bright orange sky. >> reporter: and it was just one of the fires tearing through wine country. a scorching wall of flames marching south along the napa and sonoma county line. >> get out while you can. >> reporter: and for hours that was the challenge, trying to find a path away from the fire, when fire was burning in every direction. >> there's fires everywhere. i've been sent in three different directions to evacuate horses. i'm receiving horses. i'm going to do everything i can. >> yeah, trying to get out of here. we saw it now getting across the road. it's bad. >> reporter: now here's a good example of what drivers have been looking at on highway 12 tonight. pretty much a plow through either thick smoke or actual flames. the fire has crossed the highway several times within the last couple of hours, leaving drivers stranded on either side of the fire, and
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sometimes actually stuck between several pieces of fire moving around the highway. sometimes the best you can do is just sort of stand here, let things burn through. >> where we're at right now, it's hard to see. it's super windy and not helping at all. >> reporter: one driver collided with an empty highway patrol cruiser and later checked himself into the hospital, but ultimately this was an escape. emergency workers simply trying to get people out of way of a fire that wasn't going to slow down. >> some guys have houses and families over there. >> reporter: and daybreak didn't bring much relief. the wind kept driving the devastation through communities. the flames jumped over their heads here levels homes on both sides of the street. >> it's everywhere, this is nuts. >> reporter: between glen ellen and santa rosa flames continue to burn through neighborhoods. >> we're in the middle of nowhere right now, and we're
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being consumed right now. >> reporter: consumed by a fire that for hours seemed to be everywhere and entirely unstoppable. >> i grabbed what few things we had and left. the whole neighborhood is gone. >> reporter: in sonoma county, wilson walker, kpix 5. tonight. lf of those. >> reporter: now we just checked and we're told that more than 94,000 customers are without power tonight and more than half of those here in sonoma county. in some cases they've actually cut off the power because power lines are down. in other areas of course, fire got to those lines and the power is off because the lines have burned. now the starbucks on sassoon valley road packed tonight. people just in there trying to use the wi-fi. also tonight we're told that
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airbnb activated disaster response and relief program. this is incredibly generous. it allows hosts to open homes in the bay area and give fire victims a free place to stay. but here at the mobile home park, i have to tell you, the good news is everyone got out of here alive. so they may have lost their home, their car, their clothes, but they are somewhere safe tonight and okay. that's the good news in all of this. e air is just te >> all right, allen, thank you. smoky sunset tonight, even if you don't live near the fires. the air is just flat out terrible. air quality officials say it's thick with particles that can worsen breathing problems in children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with respiratory issues in particular. >> and people in santa rosa tonight also felt a small
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earthquake just before 8:30. no reports of any injuries or damage. le felt it as far south as carmel valle and just before 6:00 p.m., a 4.1 magnitude quake shook san jose. it was felt as far south as carmel valley. >> and paul is monitoring the conditions out there, what can you tell us? >> where the conditions are much calmer tonight. we saw winds last night faster than hurricane force. alexander mountain had a 78 mile per hour bust last night. -- gust last night. more than 45 miles per hour in napa, piedmont and fairfield. tonight the wind is calmer, the humidity increasing, and the temperatures dropping. your overnight lows, fremont 53, napa 50. chilly in santa rosa with 46,
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san francisco 55, and sunrise 7:15 likely to smoky skies. that ridge over western montana and northern utah is the reason why we have the offshore wind event that was so strong. the ridge is indicative of cold air on the other side of the sierra, and it pushed the air out from the ridge, that's what happens, and we had a ridge giving us a northeast to southwest wind that really accelerated in the north bay, and that's why we had such a problem. small fires became huge fires in a matter of minutes with the embers flying at 60 to 80 miles per hour. low cloud cover building off the coast tomorrow, we'll have sunshine, but cloud cover along the immediate coastline tuesday afternoon. later this week, another front moving through with this area of low pressure to our north and west. that will eventually lead to higher humidity and cooler afternoons, but temporarily late tomorrow night and wednesday morning the wind may pick up to 25, 30, or 40 miles
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per hour in the north bay hills once again. so tomorrow a critical day for the fire fight to tamper things down before the wind increases again on thursday. it's going to get cooler and more humid, but it's not going to get wetter any time soon. livermore 82 tomorrow, less wind. oakland 77, santa rosa 79. san jose 83. the extended forecast. the coolest day will be thursday. low to mid-70s inland, low 60s near the bay and at the coastline. that's a truck load full of sunshine across the board. we typically begin to see widespread rain events in mid to late october. i don't see that happening over the next seven days, so until it happens the fire danger will remain elevated. more news coming up. and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale.
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ov people have been taking to social media sharing their experiences in the wine country wildfires. >> over the course of the day we saw so many examples of devastation and loss. betty yu shows us. >> reporter: at 3:30 a.m., embers blanketed and blew all over the road. the owner of valley brook equestrian center in napa said she'd been up for 4 hours trying to get -- 24 hours trying to get her horses to safety. 100 saved so far. overnight the entire sky looked like an inferno on highway 121 just south of napa. you could see the fast moving flames. a woman on twitter took this video waiting for an ambulance to rush her grandfather to the hospital.
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as the sun rose, people in san francisco woke up to a bright orange sky because of all the ash scattering the first sunlight of the day. the smoke and haze from the north bay fires covered the city. ashes landed all over streets and backyards, including multiple barbecue grill covers. many people with respiratory problems complained that it was difficult for them to breathe. in bodega bay there was an eerie view with the smoke. people couldn't escape the roars flames and devastation. paradise ridge winery posted these photos of the destruction on their facebook page writing we're heart broken to share the news. our hearts go out to all who have lost their homes and business. we are strong and will rebuild. just so many intense scenes from the fires. with more than 1500 structures burning in just one day, today's fires rank at least in
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the top 5 most destructive fire events in california history according to the mercury news. betty yu, kpix 5. they left behind. that's next. (((break))) (( ak))) as thousands of people spend a second night away from their homes, the race is on to save the animals they left behind. that's next. it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too.
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they left behind. today the humane society silicon valley took in several as tens of thousands of people are evacuated, the race is on to save the animals they left behind. today the humane society of silicon valley took in several dogs from the petaluma animal shelter to make room for more animals. >> we're hoping to send a few out to foster just to let them relax and heal if they are sick
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or injured. otherwise we're hoping to put them up for adoption. >> in all is 14 dogs were taken in. how about this? giraffes, lemurs and even flamingos at a wild life preserve had a pretty close call. the tubbs fire came up to the west gate in santa rosa. one man, one man, stayed behind to protect all the animals, and we're told their all okay. and two spooked horses running loose in napa county right on the roadway. they stopped a line of cars trying to get away from the fire. people corralled the horses and then rigged a makeshift pen keep them safe. we'll be right back.
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we'll be covering those devastating wine country wildfires through the night. stay with cbs- sf-dot- the very l the late show is next. we'll be covering the devastating fires throughout the evening. >> stay with us for the very latest. we'll have more at 4:00 a.m., and hourly updates coming up.
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have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now "the late s exclusive. stephen colbert's interview of mike huckabee's interview of president trump. >> stephen: plump, thank you so much for sitting down to talk with me today. is it okay i edit this interview just to get the answers i want? >> absolutely. >> stephen: great. last week you came back from puerto rico where there's been total devastation and untold suffering. what stands out to you most from that trip? >> they had these beautiful soft towels, very good towels. >> stephen: okay, go on. we were having fun, they were having fun, they said, throw them to me! throw them to me! >> stephen: any chance they thought you were tossing food like a big papery burrito or something? okay.


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