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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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that have absolutely devastated parts of the bay area and put thousands of people in shelters. at least 15 fires are burning in six counties. right now none of them are contained. authorities say at least 10 people have died, seven in sonoma county, two in napa county and one in mendocino. 1500 homes and buildings have been destroyed, and more than 20,000 people evacuated. santa rosa has seen some of the worst damage. a curfew is in effect for parts of the city until 7:15 am. the areas highlighted in red are under mandatory evacuation orders. 30 hours after the fires broke out, another north bay community order to evacuate overnight. >> we are live in the wild oak neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: we are here in the
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oakmont neighborhood off of white oak drive in the eastern part of santa rosa. take a look behind me. this is the annandale state park land. what you have here is a wildfire coming down the hill towards the homes in this neighborhood. firefighters are taking a stand. they do not want this fire to spread into these neighborhoods, into the homes. so far there are no structures damaged. this is still just a wildfire. we are seeing firefighters here keeping a watchful eye. the biggest thing happening today is the fact that the winds have died down. if we were still experiencing the same winds as yesterday that were blowing 60 miles per hour at some point in santa rosa, there is no way firefighters would be able to keep this fire from spreading into the neighborhoods. that is what has caused so much destruction throughout the city of santa rosa and the
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surrounding areas in sonoma county. again, firefighters are here on the scene. they are between this fire in the homes. what is incredible is, we are seeing firefighters -- we just past a truck from stanislau county. we are hearing that there are crews from as far away as bakersfield. firefighters from los angeles are heading to napa. we have also been told the marin search and rescue teams are on the way. they will be searching through some of the neighborhoods that you have been talking about this morning. the neighborhoods that were hit hard yesterday by some of these fires where we still have at least 100 people missing. again, we are here in the oakdale neighborhood right off of white oak drive where there is a fire. this is the most active fire situation we have going on right now within the city limits of santa rosa. so far, we want to be very clear, there have been no structures damaged at this
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time. firefighters say this is very important for them, they want to be able to keep this out of the neighborhoods. again, we are on the east side of santa rosa. this area was evacuated around midnight last night. all of the evacuated areas are still under curfew until 7:15 am this morning. if anyone is seen in those areas, they will be arrested immediately. firefighters what people kept out for access to emergency vehicles and to make sure people are not endangering themselves or potentially leading these in -- looting these neighborhoods. we will stay here and bring you the latest as it unfolds. as she said, fire has ripped through several residential neighborhoods in santa rosa, including the northwestern part of the city. this area was once lined with beautiful homes. a man who grew up there described it as a picturesque and ideal neighborhood. he cannot believe what it looks like now.
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>> i would never thought i would see santa rosa look like this. when i woke up this morning, i was in shock. it was surreal. >> there are some neighborhoods where there is not a single home that survived. many high-end homes near the napa silverado country club now look like this. this comes hours after the completion of the pga tour event at the club. powerful winds are partly to blame for the wildfires rapid spread. this was the scene yesterday morning as flames burst from hillsides right down to the highways with embers ripping around. a lot of people in napa county are out of their homes as fire continues. >> 20,000 people are still under mandatory evacuation orders. we are live from one of many evacuation centers in napa..
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-- >> reporter: we are in front of the crosswalk community church. this is the closest evacuation center from the silverado resort area you were talking about were all of those homes have burned. we talked to a lot of folks yesterday who were waiting it out to see if their homes were still standing. a lot of those folks are still waiting because they were not able to get to their homes. there are a lot of road closures throughout the city. this evacuation center is near downtown. it is on first street. but there are two other centers, napa valley community college and the fairgrounds. that fire ripped through the atlas peak area just east of the populated -- popular winery route, silverado trail, late sunday night. it continues to burn out. 25,000 acres have burned, 500
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firefighters on the ground trying to contain this. the dry and fast-moving winds fuel the flames yesterday. this morning, we are not feeling those winds. that is good news for firefighters as they try to tackle this fight . the loss of life and property is still coming to light. we do know two individuals here in napa have died, that was an elderly couple who could not escape. 125 structures have burned, another 5000 are being threatened at this hour. there are still those mandatory evacuations. folks here still trying to figure out when they can get back into their homes or if their homes have been spared by this fire. there are about 350 people here at the church. there are two other evacuation centers, napa valley community college and the fairgrounds. they are open to individuals who need food, rest and water. with so many people evacuated, they don't know what the status of their home is.
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at this point, they just have what they could run out of their home with. some people are showing up and realizing they have nothing. >> and not knowing when they can have back to their neighborhoods. at this point, with zero containment, it could be days. >> unfortunately, summer watching their homes burn on television. that is hard for people to see. we are thinking of everyone out there. there is a bit of good news weatherwise. cooler air is out there. call murder winds, a lot calmer -- colmer calmer winds, a lot calmer. 66 relative humidity for napa right now. 71% petaluma.
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there is more moisture in the air because we are getting an onshore flow. light winds right now. san francisco right now coming out of the south at four miles per hour. so a lot colmer. -- calmer. we still have a red flag warning in north bay hills. because they are calling this erratic fire conditions, you never know with fires like this , if any winds winds pickup, the flames could be detrimental. humidity levels between 20% at the top of the mountain, but down into the valley as high as 60% in places like napa. tomorrow morning winds will be breezy again. so they will pick up. right now in sonoma we are seeing north northeast winds
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at three. 48 degrees, a lot cooler at this year. visibilities still very poor because of the thick smoke. to the north and casino county, wind gusts -- and encino county -- mendocino county, wind gusts 10 miles per hour. throughout the north, air quality will still be in the unhealthy range. we will see smoky skies, poor visibility to the north, but the wind direction is shifting. cooler and signorello conditions today. then the winds will pick up again tomorrow morning, and that is when things could get erratic again. today is the chance for the firefighters to get out there. right now we are tracking the road closures. west springs continues to be close, 128 is still shut down. it will likely be closed first quite some time. old redwood highway is closed.
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we also have ramp closures from 101, river road on and off ramp. we are seeing a few slowdowns build along 101. southbound 101, hopper avenue on ramp is closed. mendocino avenue off ramp shut down. northbound 101 the off ramp is closed as well. 128 on the napa and sonoma county line is closed. highway 12 at 121 is closed. mass transit has been counted -- canceled to and from martinez. petaluma transit is on a nonschool day service. sonoma county transit bus has been canceled. it was a
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terrifying night for people in the north bay who had to grab what they could and go. we will take inside the inferno. coming up.
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people had no choice but to leave everything behind. our wilson walker was right there as it happened -- and sent back some incredible video throughtout the day... let's take a look at what it was like as people raced to escape the flames. fires blew up so fast that some people had no choice but to leave everything behind. >> let's take a look as what it was like as people escape the flames. >> for me, we smelled smoke and it started getting windy, and all of the setting there is a bright orange sky.>> reporter: that was just one of the fires terry through wine country. a scorching wall of flames marching south along the napa, sonoma county line. >> get out while you can. >> reporter: for hours, that was the challenge, trying to find a path away from the fire. it was burning in every direction. >> there are fires everywhere. i have been trying to evacuate
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horses. i am going to do everything i can. >> trying to get out of here. it is all bad. >> reporter: here's a good example of what drivers have been looking at on highway 12 tonight. pretty much going through thick smoke or actual flames. the fire has crossed the highway several times in the last couple of hours. it has left drivers stranded on either side of the fire. sometimes actually stuck between severed -- pieces of fire moving along the highway. sometimes the best thing to do is just let things burn through. >> it is hard to see. super windy. that is not helping at all. >> reporter: one driver collided with a patrol cruiser. ultimately, this was an escape. an emergency worker trying to get people out of the way of a fire that was never going to slow down. >> i heard some guys over there that have families.
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>> reporter: daybreak did not bring much relief. the winds kept driving devastation through glen ellen. the flames jumped over their heads your, leveling homes along both sides of the street. >> it is everywhere right now.>> reporter: between glenallen and santa rosa flames continue to burn through neighborhoods. >> we are in the middle of nowhere right now. lucky we are here.>> reporter: for hours the fire seem to be everywhere and entirely unstoppable. >> i grabbed a few things. i didn't think my house would ever burn down. but the whole neighborhood is gone. >> reporter: -- in mendocino county the redwood complex fire continues to burn. it is now at 19,000 acres. 0% containment. the sheriffs department confirms one person died in mendocino county. here is a look at some of the
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areas in mendocino county and lee county under evacuation orders. potter valley, pine mountain, east side creek. howard hospital is under an evacuation warning in case an evacuation is needed later. many schools remain closed today. they include all sonoma county public schools, all schools in the napa valley unified school district in the ukiah district. sonoma state university is also suspending classes. we have new information. unfortunately, we have bad news. another death has been confirmed. seven people died in sonoma, two in napa, one in mendocino and another in yuba county. so sad. 11 people now. there are many that are unaccounted for at this point. many calls are going in, and
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they don't know if they are multiple calls for the same person. but a lot of people are missing at this point. we have a number for you to call if you have a missing person to report at this point. the fires continue to burn. and we are really watching the weather conditions. once the sun comes up, there will be calmer conditions. people may get a chance to at least view the areas. the firefighters will have better access to the fire line because of the weather today. here is a look at what we are seeing across the bay bridge. hazy skies seem to be gone in the san francisco area. we have cooler conditions this morning. con court 55, oakland 54. 60 san jose. winds are calmer right now. that will give firefighters a chance to get out there on the line and build that line around these fires. that is what they desperately need to do to containment. for napa right now, three mile-
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per-hour winds. a light onshore flow today which will help push some of that smoke further north. of fortunately, it will impact folks to the north of the fires. but will not be impacting the bay area as much. north bay coast still under and unhealthy air quality range. unhealthy for folks that are sensitive. seniors, people with respiratory problems. moderate conditions for the rest of the bay area. here's what we will see with the winds. for the next few hours, we will continue to see the calmer conditions. the winds will not pick up until later on this afternoon when they bump up a little bit. napa around 10 miles per hour sustained today. that is way better than what it was yesterday in the 20s and 30s with wind gusts as high as 70. here's what we will start to notice, the winds will pick up a little this afternoon, but by wednesday morning , overnight tuesday into wednesday morning, right around midnight, santa rosa winds will pick up and
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continue to stay strong through the early morning hours wednesday. this will be nothing like what we saw yesterday morning, but they are going to pick up again. today is the day, the break with the winds, the calmer and cooler conditions that firefighters need to get a handle on these fires. but tomorrow, this low will drop, and unfortunately, that means the winds will intensify today. as far as temperatures, they will continue to cool off. today if you degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. wednesday through the end of the week for inland areas, the north bay hells, temperatures will -- hills, temperatures will be cooler. along the bay, temperatures in the mid-60s and the beaches low 60s by the end of the week. rit now we are seeing a few more cars along 101, which is a lot different than yesterday. this is 101 at wilfrid avenue.
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looks like the morning commute is starting to pick up through this stretch. we also have some ramp closures. that could be the cause of some of the delays. southbound 101 hopper avenue onramp is closed. mendocino avenue offramp in the bicentennial offramp are both shut down from northbound 101. mass transit, santa rosa city bus is operating on a saturday schedule today. smart train is offering free service for anyone between downtown santa rosa and san rafael. the stations that will be closed her sonoma county airport in the santa rosa nor station. that is the check of your
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traffic. it was a mad rush to save animals trapped in the fire. coming up, we will hear from a man who risked his life to help. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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here is a look at the temperatures today. down to the low 80s for palo alto, fremont 79, hayward 75, east bay mid-80s to low 80s. vallejo 83 degrees. san francisco today 71. sonoma 82. napa 84. to the north, clearlake 77.
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in one sonoma county community people are coming back to their homes. the town of glenallen was especially hard-hit once the wildfires. out. now locals are evaluating the damage after the flames moved into their neighborhood. some found smoldering wood where walls one student, others walk slowly through the wreckage telling us the battle to rebuild will not be easy. >> absolutely nothing. it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> my mom will come home to this. all she has is what she threw in the back of the car. >> he said in a word it was armageddon. just north of santa rosa, a wildlife preserve sat in peril. >> we spoke with a man who stayed behind to save the animals at safari west. >> they wanted us to evacuate
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immediately. everybody did but me. >> reporter: peter lang refused to remove -- to leave the animals. the 77-year-old worked alone through the night using regular hoses to keep the flames away. >> i was using a garden hose. that is all i had. i had maybe 10 of them hooked together to go from spot to spot when the fires would break out.>> reporter: did you lose any animals? >> nope. that is really remarkable.. -- >> reporter: as you can see, we are standing now on the road, the line between things that have burned and things that are safe for now. these trees on one side, the owner says they were taking up too many resources to put out the fire, so they decided to let them burn out. but you can see vehicles and
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structures destroyed by the fire. those were safari tourist vehicles that families would sit on as they rode through the amusement park and looked at the animals. as you can see, on this side we have the hyena enclosure, some burning on the ground as well. the owner used a garden hose and was able to put out the fire. >> i put on a hoodie and soaked it in water. i put it over my head and 10 minutes later it was dry. and then i turned the hose on my cell. >> reporter: he says the animals are fine and show no signs of sickness. but while he was fighting the fire his home burned completely to the ground. >> it is all gone. that is tough.>> reporter: he says safari west will reopen, but for now, he only has one plan. >> just getting through the
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day. we are live in santa rosa where another wildfire is now threatening homes. we will bring you the latest, coming up. thousands forced to evacuate here in napa county. we will have the very latest on the atlas peak fire, coming up.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm anne makovec -- kenny is off. the fires that tore through napa good morning. it is tuesday, october 10. >> the fires that tore through napa and sonoma counties yesterday are still raging out of control. they have already proven deadly. 11 people are dead. at least seven people killed in sonoma county, two in napa county, and one in mendocino and one in yuba county. we will not know the full extent of the damage for some time, but we do know at least 1500 homes and buildings have been destroyed and more than 20,000 people have evacuated. at least 15 fires are burning in seven counties. evacuations are in effect


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