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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. and i'm anne makovec -- kenny is off. the fires that tore through napa good morning. it is tuesday, october 10. >> the fires that tore through napa and sonoma counties yesterday are still raging out of control. they have already proven deadly. 11 people are dead. at least seven people killed in sonoma county, two in napa county, and one in mendocino and one in yuba county. we will not know the full extent of the damage for some time, but we do know at least 1500 homes and buildings have been destroyed and more than 20,000 people have evacuated. at least 15 fires are burning in seven counties. evacuations are in effect in solano county as well due to
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fires nearby. right now, none of the fires are contained. >> a lot of people got separated from their loved ones during the chaos. so far sonoma county has received more than 100 missing persons reports. but some of those could be multiple calls about the same person. if you're trying to locate a love one, there is the number, 707565 38 56. a curfew is in effect for parts of santa rosa. those are the areas highlighted here. under mandatory evacuation orders. that is because many of those areas are still unsafe and authorities are trying to keep out any potential looters. we have live team coverage of the fires and their impact on the bay area. t rosa, where the danger is not over... let's begin with katie in the hard-hit santa rosa area where
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the danger is not over. >> reporter: we are on white oak drive in the oakmont neighborhood. take a look behind me. you can see that there is still a wildfire burning here. this is coming down from the annandale state park. it is threatening the homes on white oak drive here on the east side of santa rosa. it is still very dark out this morning. but the winds are calmer. yesterday, you would have seen embers and smoke blowing everywhere. but because of these calmer winds, firefighters are not having to go in and make the same type of attack they did yesterday. right now, they are trying to keep these home safe. they are in a defensive stance.
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because the fire is not moving rapidly, they are not aggressively attacking this fire. they are going to let it burn itself out as it approaches these homes. but right now, firefighters are still struggling because there are not enough people in the area. they have called for mutual aid from fire department. we have seen fire departments here from fresno, bakersfield, stanislau county. they are here helping. that is because of the unprecedented size and amount of fires that all broke out at the same time yesterday. this neighborhood, the oakmont neighborhood, was evacuated around midnight last night. we want to stress right now, no structures have been damaged. no homes have burned here where we are on the east side of santa rosa off of highway 12 and white oak drive. again, firefighters are still
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taking a defensive stand and trying to hold this line. they absolutely do not want the structures to burn. we will be staying with us throughout the morning to bring you the latest as it happens. right now several areas west of solano county are under evacuation orders as the atlas fire spreads. this map shows the area affected. this is near joyce lane and twin sisters road northwest of fairfield. the atlas fire has burned 25,000 acres. it is linked to the deaths of at least two people. some evacuees said they had little time to leave and gather their most important possessions and stuff them in their cars. >> i took a painting that my best friend gave me. this is my hat from burning man. this is my luggage. my dog stuff. my vinyl records.
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>> fairfield police ordered the latest evacuations around 8 o'clock last night after a large fire started in napa county and crossed over a nearby ridge. fire continues to burn in napa county, preventing a lot of people from returning to their homes. >> 20,000 people still under mandatory evacuation orders. let's go to jessica live outside an evacuation center in napa. >> reporter: i am in front of the crosswalk community church. this has been ground zero for a lot of folks who live nearby, especially in the silverado resort area where we saw a lot of homes burned to the ground. this is first street downtown napa. right now, ashes are still falling down in the smoke is very heavy. the fire raced through atlas peak just east of the popular winery route, silverado trail.
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the dry and fast-moving winds fuel the flames. the loss of life and property is still coming to light. we do not know the magnitude just yet. we know two people died in the atlas peak fire. that was an elderly couple who cannot escape. hellfire says 125 structures have burned here from the atlas peak fire. there is still another 5000 structures that are threatened. that includes barnes, homes any kind of structures and property in the area near the atlas peak raids. we talked to a lot of folks here at the evacuation center yesterday. they told us they grabbed what they could, but really they just had minutes to get out. they don't know what happened to their homes. this morning they will be waking up seeing if they can go back to their neighborhoods, but a lot of these roads are closed. they have not been able to check out their properties just yet. we did speak to an individual yesterday who says he somehow
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made it in and saw one of his neighbors homes burning to the ground. the devastation, the destruction here still coming to light. as the sun comes up, we will learn more this morning. there are about 300 people here, but napa valley college is also open to evacuees and the fairgrounds also open to evacuees this morning. that last check, more than 99,000 people are without power. the sonoma county area see the bulk of the shortages. >> some of the lines have burned down. many schools remain closed today. they include all sonoma county public schools, all schools in the napa valley unified school district and ukiah. manteno -- mendocino state university also canceling classes. the governor declared a state of emergency for six county yesterday. and mike pence promised the support of the federal
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government will in southern california. >> the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance to the state of california as your courageous firefighters and first responders confront this widening challenge. >> fema has authorized relief money for seven california counties, including napa, sonoma and solano. a dozen takers have been flying in and out of mcclellan air force base in sacramento county. one of those planes is a converted boeing 747 called the supertanker capable of carrying 18,000 gallons of fire retardant at a time. it became a part of the fleet for calfire back in august. time to get a look now at the weather conditions that firefighters are facing. luckily, a different picture than 24 hours ago. >> a lot calmer and cooler. increased humidity. that is exactly what they need. yesterday we had that perfect
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firestorm. everything they were dreading is what happened yesterday. i want to show you some images. a lot of people wondering why this happened, all of the destruction. here's an image from the sky. you can see the smoke from all the fires that were burning across the area. a lot of smoke in the bay area as it moved offshore. we will see that shift today. the smoke will move in a different direction today. here is why we saw such extreme fire danger out there. we had all time record right levels after five years of extreme drought that california has been experiencing. then we had record rain. so we got the grass and the fine fuel that burns really fast. that is why we saw embers flying across the roadways. then we have the disease stricken. or fuel, a lot of trees that were already dead. that is also very flammable. all of this mixed with the wind gusts as high as 79. we saw the temperature reached 91 degrees yesterday morning.
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now look at what we are dealing with today. calmer conditions in sustained winds at four miles per hour. this is good news for firefighters. napa right now with calmer conditions. santa rosa with winds around five miles per hour. here's what they will see throughout the morning, the next few hours will stay calm. that is a chance for firefighters to get out there and create lines around the fires. later on this afternoon, we will start to see the numbers boost a little bit, nothing as significant as yesterday. we saw these numbers in the 20s at this time yesterday, by 5 o'clock this afternoon, the napa winds may increase, but overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, this is what we don't want to see. the winds will pick up again wednesday early morning hours through about midnight through 3 am. unfortunately, today is the one chance they have to get a good handle on things before the winds come back up. right
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now we are tracking your road closures and ramp closures in the north bay area. 101 open in both directions, but there are many off and on ramp closures. that includes river road. you can start to see some yellow through santa rosa. we also have mark west springs road shut down at old redwood highway. we also tracking some closures, hopper, bicentennial, mendocino remain shut down as well. highway 128 is closed at tab lane. 121 closed from one of valley road to vichy avenue. and highway 12 close between watmaugh and 121. we are tracking an accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. anyone who is planning on
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leaving the city into oakland right now, expect delays. you can see this backup developing. we have a live look right now. this is at the bay bridge. you can see the flashing lights on the lower deck. emergency crews remain on scene. possibly three lanes are blocked on the lower deck. there are only five lanes. so this backup is definitely starting to stretch as you get closer to the skyway. right now an amber alert in effect after an abduction in the east bay. this six-year-old girl, malia davis booker was abducted at around 6 o'clock last night in san leandro. they believe she is with this woman, 34-year-old nikita davis. southern california
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is also dealing with out-of- control fires. we will have details on the mass evacuation, coming up. even if you don't live near the fires, the air quality in the bay area has been town -- terrible. how to protect yourself, straightahead. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. food has the power to transform lives.
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with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. firefighters are battling this
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massive blaze in orange county. flames have scorched more than 6-thousand acres.. and yed dozens of fires are burning across the state. more than 1000 firefighters are battling this massive believes in orange county. -- delays in orange county. it has destroyed dozens of homes instructions. more than 5000 homes have been evacuated. at last check, it was 5% contained. we have more details on the 11th confirm death. it happened yesterday morning in yuba county. somebody drove off the road and died while trying to evacuate. transit officials are offering free train rides trying to help people who don't have other transportation
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options. services limited, but they are from santa rosa downtown to downtown san rafael. -- roselle. the air quality is terrible. we have more from air quality officials. >> reporter: even driving into san francisco this morning i can see and smell the smoke in the air. it is not only the areas directly hit with the fires that are being impacted by the heavy smoke. the air quality right now is taking a major hit throughout the bay area where a smoke advisory is in place. this can be especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with respiratory issues. take a look at some of the images we saw yesterday. a fire rate smoky sunset over the east bay last night. air quality officials say it is thick with particulate matter. it can get deep into the lungs and worsen breathing problems. >> if you smell smoke, protect
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yourself. keep yourself indoors with windows and doors closed and try not to do a lot of heavy exercise outdoors.>> reporter: you can also set your car event systems to recirculate the air to prevent outside air from coming inside. air quality officials say at this point there is no telling how long this will stick around. >> you certainly have to be careful. are there any specific symptoms people should look for?>> reporter: you know your body. when in doubt, contact her doctor. but if you experience anything like chest pain or coughing, or you really feel the smoke in your lungs, call your doctor. a catch 22 with the situation with the winds. obviously, we want the winds to pick up a little bit to move the bad air quality out of the
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bay area, but that does cause more danger when it comes to the possibility of the fires reigniting. >> it is still considered unhealthy air quality. that is what we are dealing with, especially crossed the north bay, the coast in central bay. orange means dangerous for people who are sensitive to the smoke. nobody wants that in their lungs. moderate air quality for the east bay and further south. right now, we can even smell it in the studio because the winds right now are calmer and not pushing the smoke further north. later, we will get a light onshore flow that can help move the smoke out of the bay area. hopefully, that will clear things up a little bit. but we are still under the smoke advisory because of what is happening with all the fires burning. there is a lot of smoke in the skies. we want a little bit of a nudge from the wind, but that will not happen until later. calm conditions this morning. breezes will pick up again tomorrow. that will be a north wind.
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that will shift it right back further south. that is another problem we may see. here's what we are looking at with the winds right now. sal southwest at about three miles per hour. they are coming from all directions. -- south southwest at about three miles per hour. they're coming from all directions. also, humidity levels are increasing. more moisture with the onshore flow. that is bringing moisture from the ocean. 74% oakland, 57% concord. 59% napa, which is great news. yesterday we were down into the 13% range because we had the drive north winds coming up. instead, the winds will pick up the moisture lever. visibility wise, okay to the south. napa still 1 1/2 miles of visibility because of the snow. -- smoke.
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tomorrow morning the winds intensify, the north wind. that means drier conditions. temperatures today down into the low 80s, 76 san mateo. temperatures will continue to drop for the next few days. cooler conditions will bring much-needed relief for firefighters. mass transit, the smart train is running free service for riders today between downtown santa rosa. the sonoma county airport in the santa rosa north station will be closed due to power outages. we also have santa rosa city bus running on a saturday schedule as well as the
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petaluma transit off rating -- operating on a neon school day -- nonschool day service. capitol corridor and all the north bay bus connections to and from martinez, connections to sacramento in the bay area, those are all canceled. sonoma county transit bus has been canceled as well. we're still tracking in earlier accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. it looks like they are now in the clearing ages. the backup stretch -- stages. but there is a backup. we have seen some remarkable images and video on social media as people escape the flames in the north bay. coming up. i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to
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who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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wine country wildfires' wildfires' - and the thick smok at 3:30 am across the bay area people are posting to social media about the wildfires. >> at 3:30 am ambers blue all over the road. the owner of valleybrook equestrian center says she has been up for 24 hours trying to get her horses to safety. 100 have been saved so far. into monday morning, the entire sky look like an inferno on
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highway 121 south of napa. you can see the fast-moving flames from calistoga. a woman said this video waiting for an ambulance to rush her grandfather to the hospital. every direction, there were flames in napa. >> people in san francisco woke up to this bright orange sky yesterday as the news spread. fires covered the city and brought ashes. they covered backyards. people with respiratory problems saying it was difficult to breathe. back in napa, wineries in the stag's leap area could not escape devastation. a fire still burning out of control here in santa rosa and threatening yet another neighborhood. we will give you all the latest updates, coming up. here in napa, thousands forced to evacuate. we will have the latest on the atlas peak fire.
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crews are continuing to battle the deadly wildfires still raging in the bay area... good morning. it's tuesday, october 10th. i m michelle griego. and anne makovec in for i'm kenny choi. as thousands of people spend another morning in shelters, crews are continuing to battle the deadly wildfires still raging in the bay area. it is tuesday, october 10. >> we are continuing our coverage of the wildfires that started sunday night in the north bay. here's what we know so far. seven people are confirmed dead in sonoma county, two people in napa county and one in mendocino county. another death was confirmed just this morning in yuba county. the property damage is extensive with at least 1500 homes and buildings destroyed.
5:31 am
more than 20,000 people still under mandatory evacuation orders. no word on when they may be able to return. >> at least 15 fires are still burning in northern california, that includes napa and sonoma counties. right now, none of them are contained. rescue crews have been working around the clock to find anyone trapped by the flames in napa county. the chp has rescued at least 44 people by air. crews have been going door to door making sure everyone got out. one of the hardest hit areas has been in and around santa rosa. the hilton hotel burned to the ground, forcing guests to evacuate. most left behind all their belongings. more than 24 hours after the start of the fire, more people were ordered to evacuate overnight in the oakmont neighborhood. >> that is where katie joins us. firefighters are trying to hold the line.>> reporter: if you look behind me, you can see this wildfire here is burning
5:32 am
out of control. this is coming down from annandale state park and threatening white oak drive in the oakmont neighborhood. i just spoke with firefighters. they are the ones keeping a watchful eye on the fire. they said they wish they had enough manpower to come in and get a line around this fire to keep it from spreading, but right now they just don't have the resources. they said they are very thankful because right now two things they have going for them in this situation, they call this a backing fire, and that means it is coming down the hill. that means it moves a lot slower because heat rises and keep spreading the fire. the other thing they have going for them right now is the incredibly calm winds. we have not been seeing the same number of embers and ash and debris blowing around which then spreads the fire more
5:33 am
rapidly. so firefighters say right now, because they don't have the personnel, they are still waiting on more crews to get up from southern california, all they can do is try to take a stand and protect this neighborhood. again, the fire is still burning out of control at this moment. we are in an area that is east of santa rosa. you just saw the video from the hilton, that is on the northern portion of santa rosa, and we are in the northeastern portion on the other side of annandale state park. all of these areas are under a mandatory curfew until 7:15 am. that means anyone who is in these areas, including residence, could be arrested just for coming in here. that is because they want to keep these roads clear. there are fire crews on the way and they need to make sure they have access to these areas. also, this is a very dangerous situation. these fires are still burning out of control.
5:34 am
even though they are not whipping around the same way they did yesterday, a few wind gusts, and everything could change very rapidly. so again, crews want to keep people out of these areas. so far, we want to stress that in this neighborhood, the oakmont neighborhood off of white oak drive, no homes have burned. firefighters have been able to keep this fireback. they are position. but again, they cannot start attacking the fire and slow it down. they are relying on mother nature to hold it away from the homes for now. we will stay with us throughout the morning and bring you the latest as it happens. we checked with pg&e and found out more than 99,000 people are without power. sonoma county is seen the majority of the outages. >> in some cases, they shut off the electricity trying to keep people safe and in other
5:35 am
incidences the lines burned down. a health morning in effect for people affected by the fire. the sonoma county health department advises people to use boiled tap water in the fountain grove area. that applies only to people east of mendocino avenue. we are starting to get a sense of how many wineries have suffered considerable damage from the wildfires. here's what remains of the signorello vineyards in napa. the atlas fire tore through the estate sunday night. the entryway held up, but the bottles are melted. the oldest family-owned winery in california saw significant damage. and in napa, thick smoke covered the robertson ski winery. -- robert simski winery.
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it is a devastating scene in napa county where a lot of people still cannot get back to their homes. jessica is joining us live now from a church in napa that is serving as a center for evacuees. >> reporter: we are for in front of crosswalk -- in front of crosswalk community church. hundred 50 people have packed the church year. -- yesterday 350 people packed the church. but many have left to be with family and friends. this fire has now grown to 25,000 acres here in napa. 500 firefighters are on the ground trying to control this at this hour, but it has already burned dozen of structures. calfire says at least 125 structures, 5000 structures are still threatened by the fire.
5:37 am
i was here yesterday talking to folks who evacuated. many just don't know if their homes are still standing at this hour. we do know some people try to get to their properties to see what happened, but they were unable to go to their homes because of all the road closures. one of the areas really affected is the silverado resort. we saw dozens of homes, at least 15 homes burned. but it could be more. we don't know the scope of the devastation at this hour. we do know two people died in the atlas peak fire. an elderly couple cannot escape. queen of the valley medical center treated about 50 people for fire related injuries, smoke inhalation and burns. we have seen a number of wineries, historic buildings, burned to the ground. a water pump station has been destroyed in the city of napa and they are asking residents to boil water. some folks here are here
5:38 am
because they don't have power or drinking water. not only the folks here who have their homes literally up against the fire have evacuated, but also people who just have homes that are unlivable at this point without any utilities working. the smoke out here is pretty overwhelming right now. we still have a -- ash around. this is more than 24 hours later. the whole community near downtown napa inundated with smoke. we will keep you updated as the evacuees wake up. we will ask them what happened to their homes. but a lot of them are just trying to get rest after more than 24 hours of anxiety trying to figure out what happened to their properties. in a sonoma county community people are coming home to find ruins where their houses once stood. the town of glen ellen suffered considerable damage from the
5:39 am
wildfires. now locals are assessing the damage after the flames ripped through their neighborhoods. some finding smoldering wood yesterday when they walked to their properties. it is obviously going to be a very long process. even thinking right now about rebuilding seems far away. a lot of people had no choice but to leave everything behind. >> get out while you can. many people trying to escape only to find themselves blocked by a wall of flames. we were right there as it happens.>> reporter: drivers stranded on either side of the fire and sometimes actually stuck between several pieces of fire moving around the highway. sometimes the best you can do is stand here and let things burned through. >> that video is amazing.
5:40 am
>> it was so intense. thankfully it is calmer today. we are expecting an onshore flow that will help increase moisture in the air. the winds should move in the right direction for firefighters. here is a look at right now to get a sense of the smoke out there. this is downtown san francisco. here is a wider view over the bay bridge. it is still smoky in many areas. we smell it here in the studio as well. that is because the winds have not picked up this morning. that is good news for firefighters, but not good news for air quality. we are seeing cooler conditions. a lot calmer than yesterday. a much needed break for firefighters to really get out there and work on building the line around the fire. unfortunately, the breeze will pick up again tomorrow.
5:41 am
the north wind will return. will be nothing like yesterday morning, not as strong, but it will be back in that direction that brought all the dry air in. here is a look at the wind conditions now. south southwest through miles per hour for downtown san francisco. north northwest in fairfield., coming from all different directions now. it looks like for the next few hours we will continue to see conditions stay calm. firefighters can get out there and see what they are working with today. they will not see the embers flying across roadways like yesterday morning. unfortunately, tonight by about midnight is when we will start to see the numbers pick up. midnight through 3 am another heavy wind event for places like santa rosa and napa in san rafael as well. we are seeing a lot of slowdowns for drivers headed along highway 12 because there is a portion that
5:42 am
is closed eastbound -- you can see the sensors building up, below 25 miles per hour as drivers have to turn around and head back towards highway 101. highway 101 is open this morning. if you need to travel to that stretch, you will be able to, but we're starting to see slowdowns build further north near the river road on and off ramp which are still closed. if you need to take one-to-one, that is looking okay. here is a live look at highway 101 at highway 12 were folks will have to turn around. you can always take 101 237 which is open in both directions this morning. -- 101 down to 37, which is open in both directions this
5:43 am
morning. you don't have to live near the fires to be impacted by the smell, coming up, an update on the air quality and what you need to watch out for. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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don't know whether their homes and neighborhoods are still standing. some have returned, to find little more than rubble. sonoma county sheriff rob giordano says he fea more coverage of the wildfires in wine country. a lot of people in santa rosa still don't know whether their homes and neighborhoods are still standing. some have returned to find little more than rubble. the sonoma county sheriff says he fears the bodies of more victims may be found when crews have a chance to conduct more thorough searches. in the area of the silverado country club, many pricey homes have been ruined by the flames just hours after the pga tour event was hosted here. we are expecting an
5:46 am
update from emergency officials in napa at around 9 am this morning. the bay area taking a hit when it comes to air quality from the fires. even here in san francisco, we can still smell the heavy smoke. >> reporter: absolutely. i drove out from santa clara this morning and could see the smoke and smell it in the air. it is not only the areas being directly hit with these fires that are being impacted by heavy smoke. we have a fire detection map. you can see what firefighters are up against this morning. there is a smoke advisory in place because of the amount of fires and also the size of the fires. it is impacting neighborhoods all over the bay area. this can be especially dangerous for young children. the elderly and pregnant women as well and those with respiratory issues like asthma. air quality officials say it is stick with particulate matters that can get deep in the lungs and worsen breathing problems.
5:47 am
>> if the wind patterns shift, we might see a clearing of the skies.>> reporter: air quality experts say right now to limit it -- outdoor activity. if you can see or smell smoke, protect yourself. keep windows and doors close and set ac units in your cars to recirculate the air. right now experts say for people with breathing problems, they just don't know how long the smoke will stick around. -- >> what symptoms should you look out for? >> -- >> reporter: you know your own body. if something is not quite right, contact her doctor. experts specific italy -- specifically list coughing and chest pain that require medical attention. we can smell it in the studio.
5:48 am
we are seeing a slight haze across downtown san francisco. some of that smoke is really settling in the low-lying areas. the air quality is still in the unhealthy range for the coast, the central pay and north bay as well -- bay and north bay as well. right now we are seeing calm conditions out there as far as the winds are concerned. that is not helping with air quality, but of course, with so many fires burning across northern california, that is helpful. it is 50 degrees in sonoma, a lot cooler than yesterday. humidity so much higher, 62%. visibility down to one one quarter mile because of the smoke. that is sonoma. let's look at mendocino county. clearlake right now with east winds i had only one miles per hour. 54 degrees with humidity 37%. here is what we are expecting
5:49 am
later today. the onshore flow will bring more moisture in the air. that will help increase the humidity levels. we are starting to see those numbers rise, but we are not saying the wind rise just yet because the onshore flow has not kicked into high gear. a lot of us are waking up to smelling smoke that is settling in the valley. we will get the onshore winds today. overnight, and into tomorrow morning, the low will drop and move further across the land, and we start to get north winds coming in. that is what we saw yesterday morning. that is what caused the dry conditions. right now the humidity levels down into the 40s for hayward. 76 pleasanton. napa 59%. when you see levels in the 50s and 60s, that is good news for the firefighters. anything down into the teens is dangerous. the red flag warning is lifted at this moment. 76 the high in san mateo today,
5:50 am
75 hayward. across the east bay, low 80s. 80 degrees in walnut creek. temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday. sausalito 71. san francisco 71. sonoma 82. to the north the low 70s, which will help the firefighters there as well. temperatures will continue to drop for the next few days before they rise again for the weekend. a lot of slowdowns for drivers attempting to head along eastbound highway 12. that is because santa rosa pd has close the eastbound direction around mulatto road. the backup -- moleta road. in the backup is stretching. 101 is open in both directions today, but there are ramp
5:51 am
closures. highway 128 and 121, highway 12 closed. southbound 101 is open. here is a live look. 37 open in both directions this morning. westbound is getting slow. that is the check of your traffic. it was a scramble to save animals when the hills of wine country caught fire sunday night. more on the rescue efforts, straightahead.
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full. emergency crews on the scene of a two car crash we are tracking at the richmond bridge toll plaza blocking at least one lane. traffic is starting to back up in the westbound direction and stretches to castro street at this point. we will continue to monitor this accident. firefighters in other parts of california also have their hands full.
5:55 am
this fire near bakersfield destroyed at least 30 cars and several homes. five horses were also killed. that fire is now contained in crews are working to investigate the cause. in northern california, the wild fires have affected countless animals. >> there is now a growing push to keep household pets out of harms way. yesterday the humane society silicon valley took and several dogs from the petaluma animal shelter to free the center up for additional animals. giraffes and flamingos in santa rosa experienced a close call yesterday with flames nearly reaching the gate of safari west. we learned one man stayed behind to protect the animals, and now they are doing just fine. and two horses held up traffic in napa county. the actually were in the line of cars. people in santa
5:56 am
rosa felt a small earthquake that hit just before 8:30 pm last night. no damage was reported. a couple of hours earlier, a 4.1 magnitude quake shook parts of the san jose area. people felt as far south as carmel valley. we are back here in santa rosa where he wildfire is threatening yet another neighborhood. we will bring you all the details, coming up. thousands forced to evacuate in napa county. we are live at one of the evacuation centers with the very latest, coming up. - everything we stock at grocery outlet
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griego. and i'm anne makovec in for there are fires everywhere. i have been sent in three different directions. >> wildfires ripping across wine country. >> when you add a 50 mile-per-
6:00 am
hour wind throughout many counties, those fires get very large before resources can get at the scene. good morning. it is tuesday, october 10. >> right now at least 15 fires are burning in six counties. here's a map. right now, none of those fires are contained. here is the latest. at least 11 people have been killed, seven in sonoma county, two in napa, one in mendocino and one person killed yesterday morning in yuba county. they drove off the road and died while trying to evacuate. at least 79,000 acres have burned, 1500 homes and buildings destroyed. more than 20,000 people still under mandatory evacuation orders. >> this morning we have live team coverage as firefighters work around


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