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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hour wind throughout many counties, those fires get very large before resources can get at the scene. good morning. it is tuesday, october 10. >> right now at least 15 fires are burning in six counties. here's a map. right now, none of those fires are contained. here is the latest. at least 11 people have been killed, seven in sonoma county, two in napa, one in mendocino and one person killed yesterday morning in yuba county. they drove off the road and died while trying to evacuate. at least 79,000 acres have burned, 1500 homes and buildings destroyed. more than 20,000 people still under mandatory evacuation orders. >> this morning we have live team coverage as firefighters work around the clock to put
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out the flames. we are in napa valley at an evacuation center, and we are tracking the impact that smoke is having on the air quality. but first, katie is in santa rosa where a curfew is still in effect. >> reporter: we are actually here on white oak drive in the oakmont neighborhood where you can still see the fire burning behind me. this was the latest area order to evacuate. the evacuation orders coming around midnight. we want to show you the map so you can actually see which areas are under evacuation right now. the areas inside the red boxes are the areas that are currently under evacuation orders. those are mandatory evacuations. there is a curfew in place for those areas until 7:15 am. the county of sonoma tweeted out, mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect. do not return to evacuated
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areas until the all clear is posted from law enforcement. now let's bring you up-to-date on what is happening here. we are on white oak drive in the oakmont neighborhood. if you look behind me, you can see there is a wildfire still burning out of control. this is coming down from the and adele state park -- annandale state park. it is currently threatening yet another neighborhood. this is the biggest threat firefighters are dealing with this morning. the problem is, they still do not have enough personnel to try to get in here and put a line around this fire and stop any forward progress. they are relying on mother nature this morning. there were a couple of firefighters i spoke with a few minutes ago from sevastopol. they told me there are a couple of things working in their favor this morning. they don't have the high winds we were seeing yesterday. you can see the embers coming up as the trees are burning, but they are not whipping
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around. they are not continuing to blow and start new fires and spread the fire. the other thing they have working in their favor is that the fire is moving downhill. fire spreads much more quickly when going uphill because heat rises. so this is a backing fire, which means it is coming down the hill and going a lot slower. until they are able to get an additional cruise from southern california and other places in california, there is not much they can do except watch the fire and tried to put up a line and protect the homes here in the oakmont neighborhood. we do want to stress that as of right now no structures in this neighborhood have burned. this is the most immediate threat for this area this morning. so again, we will be staying here throughout the morning and bring you the latest as it happens. right now several
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areas west of solano county are also under evacuation as the atlas fire spreads. on the left, you can see some of the areas impacted near joyce lane and twin sisters road northwest of fairfield. many people rushed out last night with little time to leave. dozens of people packed up their cars and drove out of the area. most of the damage from that fire is a napa county were hundreds of others are in shelters this morning. >> we have the latest on that in napa.>> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency first napa county -- for napa county. 25,000 acres have burned, forcing thousands to evacuate from their homes. i am in front of crosswalk community church were hundreds of people fled to yesterday just waiting it out. at this hour, a lot of people
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don't know if their homes are still standing because they cannot get back. the roads are closed as firefighters are on the ground continuing to try to contain this fire. 500 firefighters here in napa county alone. sunday night is when the fire moved through atlas peak just east of the popular winery route, silverado trail. the loss of lee -- life and property is still coming to light. there was an elderly couple who cannot escape. queen of the valley medical center says they have treated about 50 people for fire related injuries, including burns. we have seen a number of wineries in historic buildings burned to the ground. even those areas not affected by the fire, residence do not have power. about 27,000 in napa county alone without power. here at the evacuation center, we have some people who had the fire coming up right behind their homes and others are here because they don't have power or water at this hour. napa county is asking residents
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to boil their water because one of the water stations was affected by the fire. two other evacuation centers, calistoga fairgrounds a napa valley community college, are open for residents who need food and water. in mendocino county the redwood complex fire continues to burn. it is now at 19,000 acres, 0% containment. you can see the glow of the fire atop the hillside threatening those homes below. here is a look at some areas in lake county and mendocino still under evacuation orders. under an evacuation warning, in case an evacuation is needed later. due to the fires, many schools are closed today. this inlcudes all sonoma county public schools. the napa valley unified school strict. howard hospital is under in evacuation morning in case an evacuation is needed later. many schools are closed today. this includes all sonoma county public schools. the napa valley unified school district in the ukiah school
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district in mendocino county. even if you don't live near the fires, the air quality in the bay area has been terrible. we have more from officials. >> reporter: right now in the newsroom we have the fans going because of the smell of smoke. even driving into san francisco this morning i could see the smoke in the air. it is not only the areas directly hit with the fires that are being impacted by the heavy smoke. the air quality right now is taking a major hit all throughout the bay area with a smoke advisory in place. this can be especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with respiratory issues like asthma. take a look at these images from the smoky sunset over the east bay last night. air quality officials say it is stick with particulate matter. that can get deep into the lungs and worsen breathing problems. >> if you smell smoke, protect yourself. keep yourself indoors with
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windows and doors closed and try not to do outdoor activities.>> reporter: she also says you can set your ac unit in your car to recirculate air to prevent more outside air from moving inside. experts say at this point they don't know how long the smoke will stick around. if you start to get chest pain or coughing, call your doctor right away. when it comes to the weather conditions, that is a catch-22. if we have winds it to push the fires further, but of course, if we don't have it we are stuck with the bad air conditions. >> we are feeling it here in the studio. it is hovering right across downtown san francisco. let's show you live cameras to give you a sense of the hazy conditions. he will smell the smoke in the air. that is because there are winds -- no winds right now. here's a live look at san
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francisco. this is not fog, it is the smoky skies. without the winds, that will not push it out of here. the air quality will still be impacted by those fires to the north of us. we are going to experience cooler and calmer conditions out there. but the winds will pick up tomorrow. air quality still in the unhealthy range for the note -- north bay, coast and central bay. limit outdoor activities. not windy at all, so at least that will give firefighters a break. the embers are not flying across the roadways this morning. but of course, that means smoky skies for here's -- for us across the bay area. in sonoma county and marin county smart will run unlimited service today. the rides will be free. services limited, but the
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trades are expected to run from santa rosa downtown to downtown san rafael. as you just mentioned, the smart train running free service through today. right now we do have mass transit that is canceled for anyone who has connections to or from martinez. so please keep that in mind. sonoma county transit bus has been canceled for today. santa rosa city bus is on a saturdays schedule. we are tracking and accident along the richmond san rafael bridge right now. that is creating a backup onto richmond parkway. right now in amber alert in effect after a little girl was abducted in the east bay.
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here is her picture. six-year-old malia davis booker was last seen wearing a navy blue and red dress. authority say the girl was abducted at around 6 o'clock last night in san leandro, and they believe she is with 34- year-old laquita davis. the fast-moving wildfires are moving across the north bay. we will take you to one of the hardest says -- hit neighborhoods in sonoma county. coming up.
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continues with a live look at one of 15 fires burning throughout california. at least 11 people have been killed is in sa live team coverage continues with a live look now at one of 15 fires burning throughout california. at least 11 people have been killed because of the fire. this picture is from santa rosa. you can see the flames shooting through the trees. there is actually a curfew in effect for parts of santa rosa
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until sunrise this morning. marin county search and rescue tweeted out they are having to help with the responses sonoma and napa county. >> pg&e has said more than 94,000 customers are without power right now, more than half of those in sonoma county. in some cases, they shut off electricity to be safe and in other areas the lines burned. a health morning -- morning. people in the -- warning. there is a boiled water warning for people in the fountain grove area. the firefight still very active this morning across northern california. >> for the latest on the massive undertaking, we are joined on the phone by an assistant deputy director with calfire. what can you tell us? >> despite the weather just 24
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hours ago, the winds have died down significantly and allowed crews to make good progress in holding back these fires. in total, over the past 24 hours, we battled 17 large wildfires, mostly in the north bay. they have burned over 700,000 acres. but good progress is being made. >> what is the plan of attack? >> we have thousands of firefighters we brought in from across the state. we have even activated the california national guard to give us even more airpower to help us put out the hotspots and slow down these fires. we will continue to focus on making sure people are safely evacuated out of the perimeter of the fire. that is the number one priority. but also, getting a good perimeter line around the fire. >> what are some of the challenges crews are facing
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today? >> the dry conditions in california remain in effect. even though temperatures are going down , the conditions are so dry and allows fires like these to grow rapidly. so it is really important to note that even with cooler temperatures and with the winds dying down , the fire risk still remains elevated. >> the figure we have been talking about for the last 24 hours, 0% containment, it is this pressing -- depressing. any chance we will make progress today? >> we know that we made progress overnight. how much and what percentage, we will know within the next hour. we will have a better idea of that once the sun comes up. such a lot of work to be done.
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we're still estimating over 1500 homes and commercial structures were destroyed by the fire. a lot of damage and still a lot of potential. we still have a long road ahead. >> we know what crews are doing on the ground, can you tell us about the fight in the air? >> we have over 50 aircraft. as i mentioned, we brought in the national guard to provide more aircraft. one of the biggest challenges yesterday was the fact that with the significant smoke, the visibility made it very difficult to use aircraft. we were able to use some larger caretakers and get in there with many -- air tankers and get in there with helicopters, but we had to wait for the winds to die down. but today we have a lot of aircraft and firefighters ready to go to battle again. >> a lot of the challenge moving forward is to try to prevent hotspots from reigniting. when you look at the acreage that has burned, tens of thousands of acres, do you have the manpower?
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>> fortunately, here in california we have a very strong mutual aid system. we brought in hundreds of firefighters from across the state, cities as far as southern california have sent crews to assist in these fires. that is on top of the state firefighters and calfire as well as partners in the federal agencies. the for service brought in resources -- forest service brought in resources as well. we are fortunate there is not a lot of fire activity in the other states across the nation so we don't have to battle for resources. we have fresh crews brought in to give some of the other critters a rest. -- crews a rest. >> thank you so much for talking with us this morning. a fortunately, we are
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expecting winds to pick up overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. not anywhere near as strong as yesterday morning, but the winds will be stronger tomorrow. today it is calm. that is why we are seeing hazy conditions sticking around the bay. here is a look at downtown san francisco. it is nasty out there. you will wake up to that smell again. 59 degrees, cooler conditions. san jose 53. the winds nice and calm this morning. that gives firefighters a chance to get out there. they are not dealing with the blowing embers and debris today. look at napa, three miles per hour sustained winds from the north. that is good news. humidity levels also on the rise because we are getting this onshore flow bringing moisture. napa right now 54% humidity. 66% fairfield. this was the scene yesterday morning from the sky.
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we had a record dry levels out there from five years of extreme drought. we also got record rain this past winter, which created easily burnable fuel. and then we also have the disease and heavier fuel that burn quickly. that is why we saw massive wildfires out there. we are seeing a lot of backups starting to develop along highway 12 e. just east of highway 101 due to a closure in place eastbound highway 12 at glen ellen. we are also tracking closures along highway 12 at watmaugh road and highway 121. 121 is close between one of valley and vichy avenue. 128 is closed. we are also tracking problems and accidents a better shut down lucas valley road.
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southern california is also dealing with out-of-control fires. a live report on the mass evacuation there is coming up neck. -- next.
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reporter kara (car-uh) finnstrom joins us live in anaheim where a wildfire has burned several homes. kara finstrom is the reporter #6: 415-544-01 firefighters in other parts of california also have their hands full. we are live in anaheim where a wildfire has burned several homes. >> reporter: neighbors on this block feeling very grateful nobody was hurt, but this block, part of it was ravaged by the fire. seven homes on this block were either heavily damaged or destroyed.
6:26 am
take a look behind me. that is one of them. you can see this home was gutted. we also have video to show you of the fire burning throughout this area. it burned fast and furious yesterday. the winds whipped up and those winds another concern here today. they have been out on this block making sure they they douse all the fires. >> these firefighters have been here all night long. we are making sure embers are staying down. we are expecting this morning the santa ana winds to pick up again. we have about 1000 firefighter still here. more are coming.>> reporter: we want to give you a live look at the fire as it is spreading. that is the hillside above the
6:27 am
community that was hit so hard. firefighters out in force this morning. about 1000 firefighters on the line. very much a firefight still on here this morning. firefighters here say they will get a better feel for the number of homes lost and destroyed once the fire is under control. we are seeing a similar seen here in northern california. -- similar seen here in northern caliph -- scene here in northern california. we will have the latest on the fires in sonoma county, coming up.
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devasation that--- it has no rhyme or reason." massive wildfires erupt all over
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northern california. it is catastrophic. it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> devastation that has no rhyme or reason. massive wildfires all over northern california. 20,000 people still under mandatory evacuation orders. >> right now at least 15 fires are burning in six counties. right now none of the fires is contained. images taken by nasa show smoke from the wildfires clouding the skies over the state. >> it is tuesday, october 10. thanks for joining us. we have live team coverage this morning. first, here is the latest. at least 11 people have been
6:32 am
killed, seven in sonoma county, two in napa, one in mendocino and one person killed yesterday morning in yuba county when they drove off the road and died while trying to evacuate. we just got an update, more than 107,000 acres have now burned. 1500 homes and buildings destroyed. more than 20,000 people evacuated. >> check out these before and after satellite images of the coffee park neighborhood in santa rosa. people were forced to evacuate from oakmont overnight. katie is live from that neighborhood.>> reporter: we are off of white oak drive. this was thst order for santa rosa. if you take a look at the map, we are on the eastern area highlighted in red. all of these evacuation areas are under a curfew until 7:15 am. that means no one should be coming into these areas. the county of sonoma tweeted
6:33 am
out a mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect. do not return to evacuated areas until the all clear is posted from law enforcement. where we are standing right now, this is the biggest threat to neighborhoods that firefighters are worried about this morning. take a look behind me. you can see the fire coming down from annandale state park towards the homes here on white oak drive. i was speaking with firefighters a few minutes ago, and they told me in a normal situation they would have a line of firefighters out with hand tools trying to create a fire line to stop the forward progress of this fire. but they do not have the personnel. instead, they are taking a defensive position and try to make sure the fire does not spread into the homes here on white oak drive. what they have going for them is that the winds are calmer. we see the embers float in the air, but they are not being spread by the strong winds like they were yesterday. the other thing in their favor
6:34 am
is that this fire is currently backing, that means it is going downhill. fires that move downhill do not spread as quickly because heat rises and creates a pressure situation for them to move forward. so right now, the most important take away, firefighters have managed to prevent the spread of this fire into any of the homes here on white oak drive in the oakmont neighborhood. all structures are currently safe. we will stay here throughout the morning to bring you the latest. still a lot of concern about missing people this morning. if you're trying to find a loved one or reported missing person, here is the number to call. 707-565-3856. a number of wineries facing significant damage. here is all that is left standing of the signorello vineyard in napa. the atlas fire tore through the estate sunday night.
6:35 am
the entryway endure the flames, but the bottles are melted. the oldest family owned winery has burned. in napa, you can see thick smoke covered the robert sinskey winery and paradise ridge burned to the ground yesterday. the only thing that remains is the patio furniture. >> the town of glen ellen, many evacuate is returned home yesterday to find ruins. more locals are now taking in the damage with the flames no longer actively burning in their neighborhood. you can see some smoldering wood where walls used to stand. the thought of even beginning to rebuild at this point seems impossible. fire has devastated parts of napa county where a lot of people still cannot get back to their homes.
6:36 am
>> jessica is live now from a church in napa that is been serving as a center for fire evacuees.>> reporter: right here smoke continues to fill the air. we are just a few miles from where the atlas peak fire started. about 350 people evacuated here yesterday to the crosswalk community church. at this hour, just a few dozen people inside sleeping through the night. a lot of folks have left to go to the homes of friends or family as they tried to deal with this devastation here. we now know this atlas peak fire has ripped through at least 25,000 acres and has burned 125 properties. another 5000 properties remain threatened. the loss of life and property
6:37 am
is still coming to light. we don't know the entire scope yet. we will learn more as the sun comes up. but we do know at least two people have died. we are told that was an elderly couple who could not escape. queen of the valley medical center says they treated about 50 people for fire related injuries. that includes some burns. 27,000 customers here are still without power. the city of napa is asking residents to boil water. there is a 9 am press conference where we will learn more about the devastation. we will give you the very latest as we learn it. 12 takers based at mcclellan airbase in sacramento county are helping in the firefighting efforts. among them, a converted boeing 747, a supertanker.
6:38 am
>> -- after each trip, it takes about 20 minutes to refill. we saw that flying above the fire yesterday. it was such a welcome relief because all of those efforts were postponed by weather conditions. when it is so windy and the smoke is flying in all directions, pilots cannot see. but this morning, i am sure they will be out there putting down more fire retardant and making the water drops to get a better handle on things. this is napa right now. 46 degrees. cool conditions. calm winds right now and humidity in the 60s. visibility down to one mile. lakeport with wind gusts 12 miles per hour. 55 degrees and humidity 35%.
6:39 am
humidity levels were down into the 10% range yesterday, but today we have the light onshore winds . tonight through tomorrow morning heavy winds will pick up . unfortunately, drier conditions again tomorrow. with the fires raging, what can you do to help? what people need the most, coming up. - grocery outlet
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15 fires burning throughout california. at least 11 people have been killed because of the fire. this is in santa rosa. you can see flames shooting through the dark sky. live team coverage continues with a live look at one of 15 fire spread throughout california. at least 11 people have been killed because of the fire. on the right is a picture of santa rosa where you can see the flames shooting from behind the trees. this morning marin county search and rescue
6:43 am
tweeted out that they are headed to assist with the response. we have seen the devastating effects of these fires in sonoma county and napa county. joining us now on the phone is a public information officer with the county. thanks for joining us. we know that a lot of devastation has happened in sonoma county. at least seven people have died in sonoma county. what happens when the sun rises this morning and people really start assessing damage? >> we are mobilized here with the sonoma county emergency operations center. we still have a lot of emergency personnel out there in the community working really hard right now. they are protecting people, getting them to safe places. we are continuing to provide services we need for the community. we are providing services at our local shelters.
6:44 am
we worked really hard overnight with the american red cross to get people comfortable, food and water to different shelters we have throughout sonoma county. >> we know that there are still people that are going into the evacuated zones that -- desperate to find out what they have left. what do you want to tell those people? >> we understand that people must be very anxious to know about the condition of their home, but right now we still continue messaging that it is safest to stay out of those areas. we want to keep emergency personnel available to respond to the disaster at hand. please stay in your shelters, stay in a safe place. stay off of those roads that are closed. wait until the evacuation orders are lifted. >> there was a mandatory curfew in effect overnight until
6:45 am
sunrise. how long might that be in effect? >> i don't have any anticipated information for today, but the curfew essentially remains in effect until the mandatory evacuated areas are reopened again. we don't want people going into those areas, any of the mandatory evacuation areas throughout the county. >> you have worked with the red cross and getting temporary shelters up for people, is there any plan for long-term solutions? >> so far, we are just responding to the current needs of the community. the american red cross has done a great job getting people mobilized. you can acthem for volunteer opportunities. they are the lead organization managing volunteer opportunities at the moment. >> thank you for talking with us this morning. pg&e told
6:46 am
us that more than 99,000 customers are without power right now. more than half of those are in sonoma county. in some cases, they shut off electricity to be safe and in other areas the lines burned. there is need for help with an estimated 20,000 people that a been evacuated because of the fires burning across the state. >> we are live in the newsroom right now. a lot of people are asking how they can help. >> reporter: some of the shelters in place in sonoma and napa counties are either filling up are getting near that, which means volunteers are needed to serve food, set up, cleanup and help with animals. you can go to the sonoma community center to register. there are also other ways to help. if you would like to drop off blankets or pillows, one place in need it sonoma valley high school. you can also ask around at other shoulders. to drop off diapers you could go to the middle school. the spca of solano county is
6:47 am
offering assistance to pet owners. but they can certainly use donations. they could use pet food, towels and creates. airbnb is helping to get much needed rest for those dealing with the fires. they have activated the disaster response and relief program. that late bay area hosts provide a free place to stay. by the way, you can sign up to volunteer with the red cross on their website. you can also contact the city of santa rosa to ask about the current shelters in need of help. there are so many ways to help. a lot of people in the bay area will step up to help those in u happ tracking the air quality in the past 24 hours. >> it is terrible.
6:48 am
it is just hovering right now across downtown san francisco because the winds are not pushing it out of the way. but we will get an onshore flow that should help a little bit. right now across downtown, that is nasty skies. that is what you smell out there. you may feel it in your lungs today. a significant burn that we are here experiencing as well. all of that smoke this morning. air quality is still in the unhealthy range for nose -- north bay, the coast and central bei. here's what we can expect today. we will see winds stay calm. that is why right now the smoke is hovering right across downtown. eventually the winds will pick up, and that is not good news for firefighters because we are going to get more north winds coming in, but not until later
6:49 am
on tonight into tomorrow. what we might experience later on today is this light onshore flow which will help boost humidity levels and bring moisture in the air and push some of that smoke out. this morning it is called out there, but eventually -- calm out there, but eventually the winds will pick up. here is a look at the winds today. the good news, nice and calm for the areas where the fires are burning. later on this afternoon we will start to get the onshore flow come in, and that will bring winds from the west, which is good , that will help firefighters because it will cool things down. later on tonight, we will get north winds coming down through santa rosa. midnight through 3 am is when the winds will peak again through wednesday morning. then we will still see the drier air come through.
6:50 am
humidity levels up today, cooler conditions today. temperatures a little bit cooler than what we experienced yesterday. they will continue to drop for the next few days. another neighborhood here in santa rosa under evacuation orders. this as a wildfire is threatening homes. we will have the latest in a few minutes. thousands forced to evacuate in napa county. we will have the very latest from the atlas peak fire. that story is coming up. cbs eye on the community...
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raging in northern california this morning. an 11th death has now been confirmed, this one in yuba county. 7 people have died in sonoma county... here is the latest on the fires in northern california. 11 deaths confirmed, the latest
6:54 am
in yuma county. seven people in sonoma county, two and napa county and one in mendocino county. the fires have burned more than 107,000 acres, at least 1500 homes and buildings have been destroyed. more than 20,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders. katie is live in santa rosa were more people were evacuated overnight. >> reporter: this is the latest area to be evacuated. this is the oakmont neighborhood. behind me you can see why there was an evacuation. there is a wildfire burning down the hill from annandale state park. firefighters are just now getting an idea of what they are dealing with. what you're seeing is a very slow moving wildfire for a number of reasons. the winds have died down. everything is much calmer now than it was yesterday. the embers are not being spread by the winds. the other thing firefighters have working in their favor is
6:55 am
that the fire is called a backing fire, that means it is heading downhill and slows down forward progression. firefighters say in a normal situation, they would be out here with hand tools putting a line around this fire, but right now they simply don't have the manpower. so the number one priority is to try to protect this oakmont neighborhood off of white oak drive. so far, we want to stress, no structures have been damaged. firefighters are still here on the scene. there are mandatory curfews in effect until 7:15 am. firefighters and police are asking people to stay out of these neighborhoods because they want to make sure the roads are cleared for emergency personnel. we are supposed to be getting a briefing from calfire in the next hour that will give us more information about what happened with the fire overnight. of course, we will keep you posted and bring you the latest throughout the day. coverage
6:56 am
continues with jessica in napa were hundreds of people were forced to spend the night in shelters. >> reporter: it is a devastating and heartbreaking scene here in napa county as well. yesterday about 350 people came here to crosswalk community church. this morning a few dozen people remain waiting to see if their homes have been spared as the fire continues to grow. the atlas peak fire spread to 25,000 acres. at least 125 structures have been burned. that includes homes. another 5000 structures continue to be threatened by the fire. calfire says they have 500 boots on the ground trying to contain the fire. at this hour, we don't know if it has any containment. we are going to get an update at 9 am from the sheriffs office and fire officials about exactly what is going on on the ground. right now, we do know two
6:57 am
people have died in the fire. that was an elderly couple. 50 people have been treated at the hospital for fire related injuries. again, the scope of the devastation still unclear here in napa county. here at the shelter, they are housing a few dozen folks and also a lot of animals. people have been coming by all day yesterday and this morning dropping off water, food for humans and pets. the community is resilient and coming together in the face of this devastation. a lot of folks are still without power here. folks are also asked to boil their water because one of the water stations was damage. the red cross has set up two more shelters in calistoga fairgrounds and napa valley community college.
6:58 am
again, we will get the latest update from officials at 9 am. all across the area we are waking up to smoky skies out there. here's another view facing north. it is nasty out there. this is because of the smoke. temperatures are cooler today. the winds are calmer, but that is why the smoke is not pushing out of the area at all. barely a breeze out there. that is good for firefighters, but not for the air quality. humidity levels are on the rise. we are getting a little bit of a seabreeze later on today that will increase the moisture in the air, which will also help in the firefight.
6:59 am
tonight and tomorrow morning we are going to see the dry winds returning. so today is the day firefighters need to get a good handle on things. we still have closures in place for highways 128, 121 and 12. a big accident blocking lucas valley road in both directions. and we are tracking and earlier crash at the richmond bridge. bay bridge toll plaza backed up. be sure to stay with us throughout the morning for the ve test updates on the wildfires. emergency officials will provide an update, and the latest evacuation that the napa county sheriffs office. that will be at 9 am. we will bring you that live right here. in the meantime we will go to cbs this morning. we will be back here every half hour with your latest local news and weather.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 10th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." massive wildfires killed at least 11 people in california. 1500 homes and businesses are destroyed. we'll take you to both northern and southern california where flames are out of control. 3 million americamayor puer still without power. david begnaud is on the island where officials are blaming each other. several hollywood stars denounce harvey weinstein on his alleged sexual harassment. plus searching for the secret to


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