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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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- is this price right? - acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - this week, classico extra virgin olive oil is just $3.99. bay area history. tonight: the destruction. the rising death toll. and the new orders to evacuate.
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now at 11:00, this is one of the worstfire disasters in -- worst fire disasters in bay area history. the rising death toll and the new orders to evacuate. >> reporter: i'm allen martin live in santa rosa tonight in the coffee park neighborhood where house after teete, hocar after car, block after block, it all looks like this. this is an area i'm told is a mile and a half by a mile. total destruction. i know we keep saying it looks like a bomb went off, well, you know what? it was. a fire bomb raced through this neighborhood on sunday night and early monday morning and left nothing behind. now fire crews still struggling to make much headway on containment of all the fires burning up here tonight. firefighters are under extreme pressure. fire commanders keeping a close eye on mother nature, what's going to happen with the weather because shifting gusty winds expected to make their way into the fire zones
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tomorrow and could very well wreak havoc across the north bay. right now there are at least 17 fires burning across northern california. here's a look at the biggest one still causing some major problems tonight. here's what we know right now. the number of dead raised just a few hours ago up to 17. now crews are making a little bit of progress, and i stress little. the largest fire, the atlas fire is 3 percent contained. two other big fires in the area are now only 1 percent contained. so a little progress, but clearly they have a long way to go. border. one of those fire social security tearing through parts of glen ellen near the napa and sonoma county border. in that community we watched home awful home go up in flames -- after home go up in flames earlier. some are multimillion dollarest kates. joe is -- estates. joe is live there for us tonight with the latest.
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>> reporter: that fire storm ripped through this part of glen ellen over night on sunday, but since that time it's been smoky, it's been hazy, and there's been no sign of the flames until this evening when the horizon started to light up again. >> it's a little surreal. >> reporter: along highway 12 in glen ellen, an orange glow on the ridge marks a sudden change. >> it just started off as smoke, and then you see the flames, and it continues to go down. >> reporter: chopper 5 flying above the ridge shows us flames devouring a handful of large homes. firefighters were not able to reach them in time. we decided to try and get a close up view of the fire. some locals pointed us up cave dale road, a narrow, winding road. you can see the awesome size of the fire from this vantage point. flames are ripping through the tries, consuming the hillside. we decided it was not safe to stay up there.
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some folks who live here in the area are making much larger decisions. >> we left yesterday and came back to just check on our home, and everything seemed fine. but we're thinking about leaving again. >> the winds are supposed to shift again tonight, head back there way, so we're not real sure. the cars are packed, the sprinklers are on in the yard and around the roof tops, and we're just waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: yeah, it's all about the winds at this point. right now they appear to be moving in an easterly direction, but some time tomorrow, perhaps early afternoon when the winds come back it's not clear what will happen. we'll be here to monitor it, but a lot of folks here on edge. live in glen ellen, kpix 5. >> yes, we know it's going to change. in santa rosa there are some new evacuation orders to tell you about.
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it's in the oakmont neighborhood. andrea borba is there for us tonight from the latest. >> reporter: well, here in the oakmont neighborhood this is a 55 plus senior community. most everyone has evacuated. there are a few stragglers tonight, but as we pan over to the ridge line you can see what they're facing. that surrounds the community of oakmont here in santa rosa. >> we have a lot of fire fighting to do. >> reporter: the neighborhood is ringed by flames tonight. >> they're slowly creeping down the hill and it concerns us because waveshaped wind shift -- we've anticipated wind shift the next few day. >> reporter: this afternoon the fire began flaring and spotting down this ridge line toward these homes. our cameras watched as the skies filled first with white smoke, then black. a telltale sign of a structure and not vegetation burning. when we got to the top of trail
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ridge place, the home at the top was gone with flame glowing as embers flew, driven by wind to a new location to wreak havoc. you can see the marks cut into the asphalt here. crews tried to save the neighborhood, but the fire proved too powerful. at 0 percent contain. , each glowing hillside seemed to dwarf the fire engines and water tinders below. >> at the end of the day we're just as heart broken as everyone else out there. >> reporter: now here in the oakmont neighborhood, the problem it's surrounded by this ridge. there is fire atop all of these ridges. tomorrow when the wind shifts, depending on which direction it shifts and how fast it gets, that's the part of this neighborhood that will likely be effected by these flames that will come racing down the hill yet again tomorrow. allen martin in sa . >> reporter: all right, andrea
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borba, thanks very much for that update. we want to point out that there's still a curfew in effect. basically dusk to dawn involving this neighborhood as well. every once in awhile we'll see a police officer come through, a fire truck. we saw a motorcade of san francisco motorcycle police officers come through tonight, so they're enforcing that curfew, ken and liz, to make sure there's no looting going on. >> and i'm sure homeowners are as well are desperate to see what's left of the their homes, but it's still dangerous, the fire is still very unpredictable. >> reporter: it is indeed. >> all right, allen, thank you. some people ran to escape the fire in sonoma county. there if you look closely you can see people running down the street. tonight fire investigators still do not know how all of these wildfires got started. but mark sayer says we have a better idea of where at least
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one of them broke out. >> reporter: cal fire emphasized nobody will be allowed to return to the evacuated areas until it's completely safe, and they're very concerned about the winds tomorrow. >> smoke, fire, wires down. >> reporter: as hundreds looked on, cal fire and other agencies briefed residents on the status of the fires and help that's available. but key questions focused on where the fires started and how it spread so quickly. >> because of those wind conditions, these fires got out very quickly. >> reporter: the tubbs fire started just outside of calastoga and was whipped quickly to the west into santa rosa. the santa rosa fire chief choked up describing having to move his command post several times and being unable to spare residents from devastation. >> on another route it was burning behind us.
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i know all you guys lost a lot of houses. >> reporter: cal fire says the danger is not over yet. >> these fires just happened in a very close succession, so you can imagine resources going a lot of different directions. >> reporter: crews say getting information is difficult. at least 77 cell sites in sonoma and napa counties went out of service due to the fire. some at the meeting wished there could have been more specific information, which in some cases simply does not exist. >> i think, um, you know, a little more direct information around actual events, what to do, how to react would maybe be more helpful. >> reporter: and tonight the sonoma county sheriff says that they're still running down reports of at least 190 missing people. that just in sonoma county alone. they are hopeful though that some of the people simply haven't reached out to relatives. it's poor communication in the area as far as cell service is
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concerned. live in santa rosa, kpix 5. >> and chief meteorologist paul deanno tells us the fire danger could go from bad to worse in a matter of hours. >> >. the fire officials have been talking about the fire danger on the increase tomorrow. what changes wednesday? well the wind speed is going to change, it's going to get stronger. the wind direction is going to change again, going offshore once again. there's a cold front passing through. it's not going to give us atropa of rain fall, but -- a drop of rain fall, but will give a wind and speed direction change, two things we don't want. the gusts up to 40 miles per hour and the were wind out of the north -- and the winds out of the north or northeast. what that also will likely do is take all the smoke billowing over the north bay and send it south to san jose. everybody with bad air quality tomorrow. if the winds verify, everyone's air quality could be worse than today, and today was pretty
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bad. the seven-day is coming up. here's a look now where the biggest wine country fire, the atlas fire is burning right now. the yellow is the actual fire zone, and the red spots are the actual active flames. this napa neighborhood was at once full of homes, but tonight it's in charred ruins with only a mailbox standing. 100-year-old and richard and his wife sarah were the first two victims to be identified. >> we could see he was trying to get from his room to her room. he never made it. and, um, even if he had gotten there and couldn't get her out, she couldn't move well at all. there's no way he would have left. 900 residents and 40 >> also in napa county tonight, the california veterans home has just evacuated 900 residence departments and 400 -- residents and 400 staff. it's the largest veterans home
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in the united states. a number of schools will remain closed tomorrow. all schools in the napa unified district, santa rosa city district, and santa rosa junior college as well as sonoma state university all will close tomorrow. p-g and e says .. 75-thousand tens of thousands of people still without power tonight. pg and e says 75,000 customers at last check. a majority of them are in santa rosa. about 50,000 there and about 15,000 in napa. now a lot of you want to know how you can help. or go to red cross dot-org. there it is. you can donate to the red cross by calling the number on your screen or you can go to the red cross website. more information on ways to donate is on our website. this bay area family lost almost everything in the fire, and this isn't the only horror they endured. tonight the close call with a las vegas gunman. there - is cut off. we also went to the
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the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during the final days of our fall sale. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. some homeowners in the eastern portion of the city are still o grab what they >> reporter: welcome back, i'm allen martin live in santa rosa. some homeowners in the eastern part of city are told grab what you can and get out. now we showed you earlier, the oakmont neighborhood has been evacuated, and just over the ridge from that, this was the scene in the anadelle heights area. we caught a big line of cars headed to safer ground. firefighters taking no chances, telling everyone it's absolutely time to go. now back out here in coffee park, earlier today we were
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allowed to spend some time with a couple that owned this house. they owned the house for 30 years. they raised their kids here. they were alouded to come back in and -- allowed to come back in and look through things and salvage one or two items and possibly, possibly, even find a miracle among the ashes. martin, than >> there's a lot of memories in this house, and um, this was horrible. >> reporter: bob and tammy have lived on hopper avenue in santa rosa for 30 years, and raised three kids in this house or what was this house. the fire sunday was a shock. >> my wife pulled up at 10:00 of 2:00 -- 10 after 2:00, and we had about 10 minutes to get out. >> reporter: they were stuck in traffic grid lock as houses burned all around them. now less than 48 hours later, their house like many of their neighbor social security ash
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and rubble. -- neighbors is ash and rubble. but they're back to salvage what they can. >> she's hoping she can find something else and try to dig something out of the rubble. >> it was important to come back because there's a lot of sent mental items i was hoping to find supplier like her wedding ring. he -- find. >> reporter: like her wedding ring. >> another woman found hers so i said i have to try, so we got in and i found out. >> reporter: and she had a pretty good idea of where to start looking. >> i started in through the front door and immediately went to where i know my jewelry box was and started sifting, and there it was. and it was still in pretty good shape after all these years and a fire. >> reporter: that doesn't tell the whole story. a week before the fire, the
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christianson's daughter was at a bachelorette weekend at a country music concert in las vegas. >> it was a rough week because the sunday prior, the 2nd of october, she woke me up about 10:00 to let me know there was an active shooter in las vegas and my daughter was at the concert. so we were up all night trying to find her location and made contact with her while she was barricaded in a building in las vegas because of the shooter. >> reporter: now bob and tammy's daughter, their future daughter-in-law, the whole group all made it out of the ordeal okay, and one word they kept using today was they're grateful. they're grateful. despite all of this and what's happened, they're going to rebuild. and one quick update to the wedding ring story. when we aired the story at 5:00, christy james jewelry saw the story and called, ken, you know the family, he called in
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and said he's offering to restore the ring for free. tammy is going to take him up on the offer, so he's making that offer to anyone who had jewelry damaged if you can find it. >> yes, he's saying he'll help you with your jewelry. your fine jewelry damaged in the fire that the family will take it in. they have a great jewelry store there and they've offered that. and it's really indicative of what we're seeing, people coming forward to help each other. not wanting anything in return, just want to get people back to living a normal life. and the attitude from that couple just amazing. i think they're an inspiration to everybody who's lost so much. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: and they're not alone in the neighborhood. a lot of other people had their same type of attitude and want to move on and rebuild and get going with their lives. >> all right, allen martin, thank you. consumed 21- thousand acres. cell service is out in much of feel cut meanwhile up north a deadly
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wildfire has consumed 21,000 acres. the cell service is out in much of that area and people are completely cut off. susie is in redwood valley. >> reporter: you may not have heard as much about the disaster up here partially because the communication lines here have been completely cut off. today we learned that if another evacuation order is put in place, residents would have to find out by police knocking on their doors or walking down the street with bull horns. and people here are afraid they could end up trapped. 50 homes, 40 structures, 3 lives. all taken by wildfire in mendicino county. the disaster isn't garnering as much attention as the napa and sonoma county fires are because the remote area is now completely off the grid. >> yeah, a lot of people are kind of cut off with what's going on, and they're all scared, so it's not good. >> reporter: wildfire took out the main cell tower for this area leaving people without the
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ability to even dial 911. desperate for information, they packed into the community library to listen and demand some answers from authorities. >> right now we're just pretty much cut off from communications. >> reporter: atms don't work, gas is running low, water and food is scarce, and people are growing anxious. >> very confusing, and like an apocalypse. >> reporter: it's easy to miss of the personal items here, but here is what used to be a bathtub, and in the corner of what was this home, the bindings of maybe a family photo album. we don't know who lived here, and authorities say it still isn't safe for them to come back. the fire is sending up giant plumes of smoke over the north bay causing bad air all over the bay area, and kpix 5's
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christin ayers reports it could go from bad to even worse. >> reporter: for some time today, this area was the most impacted by heavy smoke outside of the north way. we're talking about the northern shoreline of contra costa. tonight as the sun is setting you can still see some of the haze hanging around, and air quality experts we spoke to today said this could be just the beginning of the bad air. >> it's the worst i've seen it in ten years. >> reporter: the worst of the bad air is settled over the north bay where uncontained wildfires are still raging. but today the smoke spread. >> we're also seeing unhealthy air travel down into contra costa county, san mateo county. >> reporter: causing some of the worst air quality experts have seen in recent history. they say the bad air is fueling an up tick in hospital visits. >> we're getting an increased
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number of calls, and in the hospital too. there's an increased number of folks coming in. >> reporter: dr. gupta said the biggest threat is for people with heart problems or respiratory issues. >> people with chronic heart or lung disease must be very mindful of going outside. >> reporter: the poor air quality may not let up until the weekends. tomorrow a -- week ends. tomorrow a red flag warning warning for the east bay hills. >> we expect poor air quality for at least the next two days. it's really dependent on the weather and wind and how quickly firefighters can get a control on all of the fires we're seeing in the north bay. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. we are fairly confident that tomorrow the wind will turn to a northerly to northeast wind which will take a good chunk of the smoke and send it to the south giving the entire bay area poor air quality with the worst air quality closest to the fires in the north bay, but an unhealthy from top to bottom. the wind tonight are on shore
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about 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's not a problem. tomorrow they're offshore in the north bay up to 40 to 45 miles per hour at the ridge tops. that's going to be a problem. currently only 9 miles per hour in napa and looking at calm wind around santa rosa. now it's 62 in concord right now, 54 in oakland, livermore 59. kind of a chilly night out there. san francisco 53. santa rosa also in the mid to upper 50s dropping to the 40s tonight, santa rosa. 47 in napa. chilly in fremont, 49, san francisco 52. we have a front coming that will eventually bring some rain fall. not this next front though. all it will do is change the wind direction, increase the wind speed, two things we could do without, but it's going to happen. as soon as sunrise tomorrow we'll begin to see in sonoma and napa valley an increase in the wind. calm wind in santa rosa now, but tomorrow morning it's 15 to 20 miles per hour, it stays elevated throughout the day.
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in the hills of the north bay the peak wind in the afternoon and evening hours throughout the night. 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained winds with higher gusts. not good when you're dealing with 17 different fires minimally contained. the winds increasing tomorrow, especially in the mountain, so any fire still burning, we have a lot of them will be at an increased risk to spread quickly. no widespread rain fall for at least 5 to 7 days if not more. tomorrow not as warm, the air quality bad. it will be breezy and cooler. mountainview 71, vallejo 73, napa low 70s, mid to upper 60s for san francisco. the big theme here is no rain for the next seven days and increased winds tomorrow. we'll be right back. cbs eye on the community...
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little girl named lilly.. and her fa one of the most heart breaking stories from the wine country fire is what happened to a little girl named lilly and her family. >> but tonight betty yu shows us this story has a happy ending. >> reporter: the fire didn't spare a single house on tulip tree road. for one resident, 9-year-old lilly, the fire didn't just wreck her favorite things. >> i lost my legs. i lost everything. >> reporter: lilly was born with a severe joint disorder. she made the choice to amputate her legs four years ago so she could move around with greater independence. >> my nickname at school is lilly the superhero. >> reporter: because her legs make her fast whether she's running on the track or racing to get into the pool. >> they're really important to me. >> reporter: lilly and her mom left their home at 1:00 a.m. sunday in their pajamas
11:28 pm
thinking they'd be back in a few minutes. they rushed to her great grandmother's house because she was under evacuation orders. by the time they headed back home. >> all you could see was horrific balls of flame just jumping the freeway. >> reporter: this was their home before the flames to remembered everything they own. >> i try and teach her it's not about the materialistic things, but she lost a part of her body. she lost her security. she lost her mobility. >> reporter: and just a few months ago jessica lost her job, and with that her health insurance, which paid for lilly's prosthetic legs. still the two set out today to get her fitted with shorties that help her do every day tasks. >> that's much better. >> reporter: jessica planned to put it on her credit card not knowing that hanger clinic in san francisco heard what happened. >> she's part of our family, and it's important to us to get her back up h feet
11:29 pm
again. >> reporter: the clinic and it's manufacturing partners are donating new prosthetic legs. >> there's no amount of money that can ever replace making sure that your daughter has independence and her confidence back. >> come on! [ laughter ] >> reporter: lilly is running fast again, and it looks like her smile is back too.
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kenwood is still standing tonight. even though a trade magazine reported it burned to the ground. most of sonoma valley's wineries have been largely untouched by flames. a winery in kenwood is still standing even though a trade magazine reported it burned to the ground. most of the sierra valley's wineries have been largely untouched by the flames. we'll be right back.
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colbert is next. the latest on the wine country fires .. tomorrow morning beginning michelle g the late show is next.
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