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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 11, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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huge threat to people and property... good morning. the deadly wildfires that have already burned so much of the north bay are still posing a huge threat to people and property. good morning, it's wednesday, october 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. right now at least 17 fires are burning across northern california. here's a look at the location of some of the biggest ones as they continue to burn. we are getting a better idea of the extent of the damage. 17 people died. crews are making a little progress. the largest fire the atlas fire is 3% contained. two other big fires in the area
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are now 1% contained. new mandatory evacuations were issued an hour ago in calistoga for people north of grant street. neda iranpour will tell us about the weather conditions that may cause shifts of wind and flare-ups throughout the day. jessica flores is at the atlas fire with the spread from napa to solano county but we begin with jackie ward in santa rosa. >> reporter: this situation is constantly changing. we are on bennett mountain road and we were coming from santa rosa trying to get over to glen ellen. but we were met by several road. so we are here at sonoma mountain road. behind me is the ridge that's highway 12. the flames were intense. you can see the glow coming from them. but now the air is still just an hour later and those flames have gone down from what we can tell right here. however, they are still on the move.
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they are heading southeast towards a little area in sonoma county called glen ellen. this is a place that has a population of less than 800 people according to the 2010 census. and their place got destroyed yesterday. chopper 5 got incredible video to show you how big this fire was. it burned homes one after another. we spoke to some people who were watching it all unfold. [ pause ] >> reporter: one woman said she just saw smoke and then she saw the flames and she had to quickly evacuate her home. right now sonoma county is recommending that agua caliente and madrone road have a bag packed and ready to go. but it's smart for people in
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sonoma county to have the bag to go to evacuate. these flames are come fast. so be ready to go. jessica flores is at the atlas fire. >> reporter: i'm near the sonoma county community college there's a house on this side and there's a fire snaking down the hill moving closer to the house over here. we are with firefighters digging lines trying to protect this property. but the main thing here they are in life-saving mode. they have already gone door to door trying to evacuate folks making sure that everyone is out but there are several residents here in cellar no county staying to defend their homes. right now fire crews just keeping their eyes glued to this fire making that fireline
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redirecting the property around the properties. hundreds of firefighters are in napa and solano counties trying to get a handle on the devastating fire. the governor declared a state of emergency as the atlas fire has burned through 26,000 acres and 3% containment. crews are working without a break. about 50 firefighters trying to fight this fire making sure residents are evacuated. annatwo people died in the fire, an elderly couple married for 75 years died at home.
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mandatory evacuations north of calistoga road. people are defending their properties. schools here in the fairfield area and napa county closed because of the fire and the smoke. it's overwhelming. but our eyes are glued on this fire. we are ready to leave and ready to move if the winds shift and if this fire comes closer to us. we're these fire crews. they are notifying us about any changes and we'll leave as soon as they tell us. but we're here to show you just how close these flames are to property and how devastating this fire has been not only for napa county but now for solano county. jessica flores, kpix 5. thank you it. could be some time before investigators know how all
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these wildfires started. at a community meeting in santa rosa last night, cal fire said strong winds have certainly been a factor in spreading the flames but it's tougher to pinpoint the fire's origin. >> these fires happened close together so resource are going in all directions. >> getting information is difficult. at least 77 cell towers are out of service because of the fires. if you want to donate, contact the american red cross at 1-800- red-cross. the web address is information on other ways to donate is available on our website, dozens of schools in the north buy will be closed today as jessica said. that list includes every school in the napa valley unified school district. calistoga unified and santa rosa city district, as well. santa rosa junior college will also be closed as well as
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sonoma state university. tens of thousands of people still facing power outages and at last check pg&e says 75,000 customers are in the dark this morning. the bulk of them some 50,000 are in the hard hit santa rosa area. the number is 15, 000 in napa. so that's a difficulty. and you were talking earlier about the cell signals. yesterday, we were listening to a news conference and they said that was going to be one of their main priorities to get the cell towers up and running but they didn't make much progress. >> of course we reported that comcast has provided some public wi-fi spots for people in that area. >> but still. >> but still, yeah. >> it's hard to get information to let people know you're okay. >> true. >> and, of course, we're keeping an eye on the winds this morning. good news is right now at this moment it's calm foremost of the areas where the napa fire is burning, the atlas fire. i want to show you on the maps because i'm checking these constantly. of course this is where the
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fires are just raging right now. the one in napa, west winds at 15. it's cool. 48 degrees. humidity at 93 %. so there's moisture in the air. glen ellen, 45 degrees there and calm conditions. humidity 87%. west winds will increase this morning. then tonight, stronger with east winds of clearlake starting to gust up there, gusts at 17 in mendocino county, 51 degrees. lakeport gusts currently coming in at 22. northwest winds there at 14 sustained. so humidity also a little bit drier there. but nowhere near as dry as yesterday morning and sunday night and monday morning. here's what we're going to expect to see today. so these winds will bump up this morning. they are also going to bump up tonight through tomorrow. the direction of the winds will shift tonight. and that's when we'll get drier air coming in. the temperatures are cooler though. so that's the one bit of good news there. at least those firefighters are dealing with cooler air.
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so right now we are getting winds from the west. that's helping clear the air, clear that air quality for a lot of folks across san francisco, the south bay and the east bay. but the areas of the fire, here's the big problem this low is going to shift to the east and as it does that, it brings with it these north-northeast winds and that's when we get the dry air and those even gustier conditions. so this morning, the gusts will be strong. up to 30 miles per hour. tonight through tomorrow, though, they will bump up to even 40. 45-mile-per-hour gusts so that of course is not something we want to see. we'll have more coming up. right now, interstate 80 looking okay as you make your way through the cordelia junction area near suisun valley road. so right near 680 and you can see that those westbound -- headlights, moving at the limit. no delays down to the bay
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bridge toll plaza. street closures, highway 29 that remains shut down between holly and western mine road. also, mass transit. bart reporting major delays between sfo and the south san francisco station eastbound. north bay modified service to many of the different transit agencies, vine bus canceled this morning. back to you guys. time now 5:10. as the wildfires rage out of control in northern california, things are looking a little less bleak to our south. >> and firefighters and police officers on the front lines sometimes found themselves trapped inside the firestorm. coming up, we'll take you inside those fire lines to show you exactly what a sonoma county deputy saw from his patrol car.
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county... this is a live look at the atlas fire -- which has already caused widespread a county... the biggest of the northern california fires now is threatening homes in solano county. the atlas fire already caused widespread destruction in napa county. drone video giving us a new
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look at some of the destruction in santa rosa. you can see house after house reduced to rubble. it's destroyed more than 2,000 homes, businesses and structures. a wildfire in orange county has torn through 14 buildings most of them homes. but as firefighters gain ground on the fires, thousands of people were allowed to return home yesterday. some streets like this one remain off limits. temperatures have cooled. crews now have the flames more than 25% contained. the cause of the fire is under investigation. smoky orange clouds filled the sky over disneyland creating these eerie images of the theme park. this is actually california adventure. the park stayed open despite the conditions and visitors shared these scenes on social media. closer to home, firefighters and police are continuing to brave the fire lines in napa, sonoma and now solano counties. >> katie nielsen here to tell us about the conditions that
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these first responders are facing. you were facing them yourself the last couple of days. >> reporter: yeah. the word we kept using was intense and unprecedented because of some of these conditions we were experiencing. now, over the past couple of days, firefighters, police officers i talked with all say they have never seen anything like this in their careers. take a look at this video! this is from a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. the video was taken as he was driving at the start of the tubbs fire. embers flying around pat patrol car a very dangerous situation for these officers as they try to get into neighbors and make sure the residents got out alive. this is another view of the tubbs fire in santa rosa. it's devastating neighbors and burning everything. this video shows volunteers lined up with horse trailers trying to help people get large
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animals like horses and livestock out of the path of the fires. thousands of animals had to be rushed out of the more rural areas in napa and sonoma counties. most of the animals temporarily housed at the fairgrounds in each county. the pictures and videos from inside these fire lines are incredible. it shows the quick intense fire and unprecedented devastation. the fire sending up plumes of smoke over the north bay wafting all over the bay area. this is the worst air quality in a decade. not just the north bay but in places like contra costa county. doctors say the bad air is fueling an uptick in hospital visits. >> certainly we are getting an increased number of calls and in the hospital, too. and there have been an increased number of folks coming into the emergency room. >> dr. gupta says the biggest threat is for people with heart
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problems and respiratory illnesses. right now, we are doing a quick check with our mass transit. right now, bart reporting 30- minute delays. that's between sfo and the south san francisco stations. if you are planning on using bart this morning to get to the airport, please keep that in mind. we are tracking 30-minute delays due to an equipment problem on the tracks. but it looks like they are now trying to clear that. we are tracking no delays for ace, muni and caltrain. that's looking excellent. with the "spare the air" alert today, we have mass transit santa rosa city bus free saturday schedule. bart train offering free rides for riders between san rafael and santa rosa. we have the petaluma transit operating on a nonschoolday service. free limited service on the santa rosa transit bus.
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we have reports that vine bus has been canceled for today. and golden gate transit will be operating on a limited service. the north bay bus connections to and from martinez connecting with capitol corridor has been restored. a lot of people's morning commute a lot clearer than what they had yesterday especially around noontime when we had that intense smoke hovering across san francisco. we can actually see the bay bridge this morning. clearer skies because we are getting this west wind. i'll explain what that means in a moment. for now, look at the conditions. temperatures, we are a lot cooler. 43 degrees for santa rosa. one of those major fires is burning. 54 san jose. 53 san francisco. so low 50s for most of the bay area this morning. winds out of the west which is why it's helping push the smoky conditions out of our area so san rafael now 3-mile-per-hour winds. napa 5. fairfield west- southwest at 18 miles per hour.
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as it picks up in fairfield, that's going to be an issue for firefighters. but for most of the bay area when it comes to the smoke in the air, it's better, light onshore flow is helping things out. it's also why we are seeing our temperatures dropping off a little bit. so it is pushing that smoke away from us. it's actually sending the smoke further north to some of the communities north of all those massive wildfires. but we are going to see a shift in our wind directions, starting to see it coming from the north-northeast especially later on this afternoon. so that's what's going to increase our fire danger bringing us more smoky conditions tonight again into tomorrow. so that is why there's still a "spare the air" alert out there today because later on, those clear skies will be over. here's a look at our futurecast. i want to take you hour by hour and show you what you can expect for the winds. as far as santa rosa, san rafael this morning, winds are going to stay strong. napa, not as bad. fairfield they are going to continue to stay strong, as well. we are going to start to get
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those northeast winds coming in even as early as 9:00, 10:00 today continuing to get west winds throughout the morning hours, as well. then it's going to all intensify when it becomes a north-northeast wind. so as we get more of the dry wind coming in later on tonight, 5 to 7 p.m., you will see the numbers still up there for santa rosa and then 9:00, 10:00, they will pick up for napa and fairfield. so tonight another intense firefight. this morning trouble for firefighters as well because of this low that's to the north. we would love to see this raindrop down but that's not the case. it's staying up there in oregon and washington. in fact, we are in our full dry season, normally between may and october we get about 2 inches of rain. november through april is when we have our rainy season when we could get 22 inches. so we have to wait a while. there's no rain in the forecast for several days at least for the next seven. temperatures today will be cooler in the low to mid-70s. we'll stay in those mid-70s for
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the next few days all the way through the weekend for the inland neighborhoods upper 60s across the bay and low 60s at the beaches. we are going to get warm air coming back sunday into early next week. over to you. time now 5:21. the wildfires burning in northern california have left some people completely cut off. we'll have more on the devastation in mendocino county. (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that.
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for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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im e're seeing are coming from social media users... people are sharing their stories along with their p some of the most powerful images we're seeing are coming from social media users. people are sharing their stories along with their pictures and videos of the destruction. this video is an area in santa rosa. the couple writes in the caption, we have lost count of how many friends have lost everything. it's unbelievable. and take a look at some photos from southern california. thankfully, it seems the danger is finally subsiding a bit down there, although warm temperatures and high winds have firefighters on high alert for any major flare-ups. two more wildfire-related deaths are now confirmed in mendocino county bringing the total there to 3. a lot of people feel cut off because fire has knocked out cell phone service in many areas there. many people can't dial 911. a lot of them showed up at a
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library yesterday to listen and demand answers from authorities. >> so, yeah, a lot of people are kind of cut off with what's going on and they're all scared and, you know, it's so -- it's not good. >> a lot of other difficulties, as well. in many cases, atms don't work, gas is running low. and bottled water in stores is scarce. a lot of road closures in sonoma county are preventing people from getting too close to the fire. we are watching the flames as they move southeast this morning. >> reporter: we are on the front lines of the atlas fire here in solano county as firefighters try to keep the flames from spreading. that story coming up.
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wine country wildfires continues...
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new evacuation orders have been issued in the north bay -- and the weather is going to be a huge concern today... our extended coverage of the wine country wildfires continues. new evacuation orders have been issued in the north bay and the weather will be a concern today. good morning, it's wednesday, october 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. here's what we know right now. 17 people are confirmed dead. that number is expected to continue to rise. the fires have gutted more than 2,000 homes, businesses and other structures. at last check none was more than 3% contained. both the state and federal governments have declared a state of emergency. more mandatory evacuations have been ordered near the atlas fire. going live now to jessica flores for the latest from solano county where that fire is on the move again. jessica. >> reporter: this fire is far from over.
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we have firefighters working to keep the flames from snaking to the property on this side. we are near the solano community college and this area near twin sisters peak and wooden valley road all completely evacuated at this point. the firefighters have been using water. they have been digging around the fire. fire crews' main concerns are saving lives. they have already gone door to door evacuating people. but some people stayed trying to defend their property. that's not of course what cal fire recommends. them everybody out. right now here in solano county, the solano community college is an evacuation center over in napa county. more evacuations center at the crosswalk community church also napa valley community college
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is an evacuation center there. we know the fire grew to 26,000- acre. crews are stretched thin although they are making progress. cal fire says more resources are on their way. two peop m75 years died in the fire. they died at the silver silverado country club where dozens of structures have been destroyed. you can see the smoke filling the area. this is a remote area here in solano county. there are homes on these canyons and ridges and this is one right here. nobody in that home. they have evacuated. firefighters are watching for hot spots. back to you guys. >> thank you.
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home after home has gone up in flames in the santa rosa area, one of the fires is tearing through parts of glen ellen near the napa-sonoma county border. jackie ward has more. >> reporter: it was an adventure to get to bennett mountain road. behind me it looks like a big black hole but those are the hills that lead up to highway 12. when we got here about a couple of hours ago, highway 12 was a ridge of orange and red flames. it was something. the glow lowered as the wind died down. chp has been here, worried the flames will reach to where i am
5:33 am
this afternoon. glen ellen on the other hand already seeing the destruction that this fire is causing. this is the nuns fire and it tore through several homes yesterday some of them multi- million dollar estates. this is a really small area, only about 784 people living here according to the 2010 census. we spoke to some people who were making the hard decision of what to take with them and what to leave behind. >> it started off with smoke and then you see the flames and it continues to go down. >> reporter: right now, there are mandatory evacuations in glen ellen, west of jack london state park, enterprise road, wall road, north of trinity road, and cavedale road. so at this moment, three bulldozers are out somewhere behind me right now making the
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fireline to contain the flames. this is quite a job they have to do. in sonoma county, jackie ward, kpix 5. the kaiser hospital in santa rosa that had to evacuate 130 patients monday morning is closed. staff had to decide to use wheelchairs, arms and remove patients in buses, ambulances and nurses' cars. the wildfires have to be contained and under control. then the hospital's electricity and water has 48 hours of testing before they can re- open. a devastating amount of damage is caused to wineries in the region. the chateau st. john winery in kenwood still stands even though a trade magazine reported it burned down. most of sonoma valley wineries have been untouched by the flames but they can't avoid the smoke. >> the smoke is so thick that the grapes that are still out
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there on the vines, they can pick up what we call smoke taint. and, you know, that will get into the actual wine. >> workers at the kenwood winery can't even get inside because the fermenting grapes have filled the cellars with co2 and it can't be vented off until power is restored to the building. >> that's going to be an economic impact from the fires and, of course, we don't know the extend of that at this point because they are still in damage control mode. life and safety mode. that's going to get more difficult when we move on and have higher winds. strong winds in the north. napa, sonoma right now have been checking and it looks like about 5-mile-per-hour winds. let's show what you to expect with fire danger. so this morning, we are expecting to see those winds increase especially across those north bay hills, especially in places like santa rosa and mendocino county. already starting to see that happen. fire behavior will be more
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erratic today through tomorrow because of that increase in winds. current conditions in napa, 48 degrees west-northwest winds at 5, humidity 93%. calistoga 43 degrees cool air. calm conditions. so it's not as windy in calistoga right now and it doesn't seem to be as windy in santa rosa, either. mendocino county starting to see wind gusts pick up and clearlake gusts up to 18 at the moment. 51% humidity. and lakeport just across the lake there, 42 degrees. they are dealing with west- northwest winds now. you can see those lines there on your screen. a lot of these west winds, we are seeing our air clear so for san francisco, west winds at 8. south-southwest at sfo at 5. and that's what's causing the
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air to feel a little better this morning. once the wind direction shifts though, it's going to come from this direction push more smoke into our skies later on today. how's our humidity doing? it's not that dry this morning. that's for sure. we are seeing a lot more moisture in the air. 74% humidity for hayward. 96 in oakland. so that's good news. napa 93% humidity. 89% for santa rosa. but the humidity levels will go down into the teens again by the time we get to this afternoon and tomorrow as well especially for the north and east bay hills. so when that offshore wind returns, the northeast winds start to pick up. humidity drops. that's what we are going to see tonight. we are not going to get much relief overnight when it comes to humidity, either. here's a look at the clear skies across the bay right now. we are not seeing the nasty smoky skies out there. santa rosa 41. san francisco 53. oakland 50s. concord mid-50s, as well. the light onshore flow is
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helping push that smoke out of here, going to shift yet again and once we get that other direction, once the winds change, the smoke will be back. so that's why there is a "spare the air" alert in effect for today again. let's check in with jaclyn. good morning. right now, traffic moving well in both directions along 101. this is right near cotati, highway 116. we had earlier reports of some debris that a couple of cars struck and did some damage to those vehicles. but overall, we are still tracking a pretty nice and civilized commute along 101. we do still have closures in effect for drivers along 128. that's closed between chock hill road and tubbs lane. various other closures.
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280 car fire flames seen by many drivers near highway 92. so far no major backups. and highway 84 la honda road shut down both directions. this is due to tree and power lines down in the roadblocking both directions. so keep that in mind. we'll let you know when the lanes re-open. 5:39. not all stories emerging from the wine country wildfires have ended in heartbreak. we'll have one of them straight ahead. >> plus, chp helicopter pilots making some daring rescues from the atlas fire in napa. hear about one family's harrowing escape coming up right after this.
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california wildfires is now threatening homes in solano county... this is a live look at the atlas fire -- which has already caused the biggest of the northern california wildfires is now threatening homes in solano county. atlas fire has caused widespread deaths. there are mandatory evacuation orders in the area. same fire has forced evacuations in sonoma and napa counties. and new evacuation orders were issued for the city of calistoga. that announcement made at 3 a.m. anybody north of grant street in the city of calistoga must leave immediately. some relief is coming to those affected by the wildfires. president trump has approved a major disaster declaration for california. the relief won't allow money for individuals just yet. for now, funds will be used to fight the fires and set up emergency facilities like shelters. >> as soon as those areas are safe to get into, take a look
5:43 am
at the amount of homes that have been damaged, calculate that. >> it could take a while for individuals to get federal help. fema is still with hurricane harveys harvey, irma and maria, spending more than $700 million in just the last two weeks. help for people in the path of these fires is coming at times from unexpected places. >> katie nielsen joining us now live to tell us about some daring rescues by the california highway patrol. >> reporter: they are unsung heroes. helicopter pilots from the chp are credited with saving dozens of lives by helping to evacuate residents trapped by the atlas fire in napa county. the most incredible part, the pilots had no radio communications. they were flying above the firelines looking for anyone who was on the ground trapped by the firestorm. one of the toughest was rescuing a family but didn't have enough room in the helicopter and had to leave the father behind. >> he said to take his family
5:44 am
which we did. we dropped them off. we told him we would come back for him and we did and he got out, as well. >> so that father was saved by the california highway patrol pilots. they are credited with saving almost 50 people, five dogs and a cat. chp's golden gate division posted this on social media saying they will continue to attempt rescue missions during the heavy smoke conditions as long as they can see to land. and no doubt in the coming days and weeks we'll hear more of these stories. >> we're so glad that dad got out, too, katie, thank you so much. a santa rosa couple raised three kids and shared many memories in their home on hopper avenue but it burned down sunday. but the bright spot in digging through the rubble, tammy christiansen found her wedding ring. the couple says they took just 20 minutes to get out early monday morning with the flames coming dangerously close to their home.
5:45 am
when they finally got to safety, she realized her ring was where she left it before bedtime and when they got back to the house she was on a mission. >> i started, you know, into the front door and i immediately went to where i knew my jewelry box was. i started sifting and there it was. and it's still in pretty good shape after all these years and the fire. [ laughter ] >> here's the crazy side story for the family. they had quite a scare one week before the wildfires. their daughter was in las vegas with a bridal party for the country music festival where the massacre happened. she survived by hiding in a nearby building. this is just an absolutely amazing story. you look at all of that rubble and it's amazing she was able to find the ring and we just learn that a jeweler has actually volunteered to help repair that ring. >> awww. >> awww. >> after seeing the story. >> i love those kinds of stories. >> it's a brought spot. >> it's nice because there
5:46 am
aren't a lot of bright spots right now in the news. so anything helps. the weather is very important in this firefight. >> unfortunately there's a red flag warning and wind advisory starting tonight. winds are picking up. the winds will increase this morning to the north. mendocino county, the gusts are beginning already. and then it will continue through napa, sonoma. so we are going to start to see the winds pick up throughout all of northern california and then the wind direction will shift tonight bringing drier air to the area. wind speeds now for san francisco coming from the west at 8. sfo at 5. as we get the west winds, skies are clearing up for most of the bay area, berkeley not as nasty smoky air conditions. of course, it is still smoky for the areas where the fires are. but the west wind is pushing
5:47 am
the smoke out of the area. here's the futurecast that will show the intense winds. you will start to see it in santa rosa, san rafael, the next couple of hours, when the winds pick up. here we are 8:00 this morning. napa, fairfield, we'll start to get an increase in those winds, as well. by 9:00, sustained winds up to 20 miles per hour with gusts up to 30 expected for all of the areas with wildfires and it will stay that through 1:00 so even after noon today we'll continue to see sustained winds right around 10 to 15 miles per hour for the fire range. it's going to also impact along the coast, as well. so winds will be picking up for all of the bay area today. and then here we tonight, 7:00, we'll start to get an increase in the northeast winds. so fairfield will get a breezier drier condition out there. santa rosa, as well. overnight, napa and fairfield
5:48 am
will get intense with erratic fire behavior. winds gust to 45 and humidity goes down to 10 to 20%. humidity levels will continue to drop into the early-morning hours. that's why this wind advisory is in effect for tonight through thursday afternoon. so we'll start to see the gusts even as high as 50 miles per hour in some areas with the north and east bay hills. you can see this area under that advisory. red flag warning is extending for sacramento valley. you can see this widespread area under the red because of the humidity levels. of course, offshore winds are is not what those firefighters need. right now we are getting a light onshore wind so humidity is up. napa 90% humidity. 89% humidity for santa rosa. that's the amount of moisture. but later on it will change. clear skies for the bay area right now. bay bridge is clear. temperatures are cool. temperatures will stay cool. visibility low in napa. we are watching this low to the north and that's what causing that shift in our winds,
5:49 am
increase in wind. unfortunately, it's not bringing any rain down to california. it's causing a cooldown for us which you can see this in our seven-day forecast. temperatures for the next few days in the fire zones will be in the mid-70s. warming up sunday through next week. things look so much better across -- over at the golden ga of smoke in the air yesterday. but this shot looks better today. it is a "spare the air" day so a lot of folks if you want to help do your part and -- you can always use mass transit. we are tracking some delays and we'll get to that in just one moment. first at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is packed in the red. about 25 minutes from the maze into san francisco. bart reporting 20-minute delays
5:50 am
right now between sfo and south san francisco stations. we are getting report of another problem on the track over at the colma station so ten-minute delays out of that station right now. ace, muni, caltrain on time. in the north bay, we have santa rosa city bus will be operating on a saturday schedule. smart train offering free service for riders between santa rosa and san rafael. petaluma transit also offering free service. that's operating on a non- schoolday schedule. and sonoma county transit offering free limited service today, as well. the vine bus route is canceled in santa rosa. golden gate transit limited service and the north bay bus connections to and from martinez for capitol corridor have been restored. so that's some good news there.
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back to you. >> thank you. time now 5:50. an effort to save horses in the fire zone. the civilians who came together to help coming up. >> and a little girl who lost everything in the wildfires gets some much-needed help. next. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities.
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cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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good morning. here's what you can expect today. we are going to see those winds pick up. unfortunately, today, tonight, and tomorrow, wind direction going up and shifting bringing drier air. that's not good news for those firefighters at least for the moment. cooler conditions and a big calm in some of the fire zones. but unfortunately, all of that will change as the wind shifts. back to you guys. the wine country fires have been hard on people and animals. a lot of private farms are offering to house large animals but getting them there can be challenging. [ horse neighs ] >> here's some volunteers rounding up some horses and putting them in trailers. they are rescue horses living on the mcdonald property off bennett valley road. the flames started getting close to the farm so when word
5:55 am
got out on facebook, volunteers evacuated the horses. many had no prior experience dealing with horses. >> you have never handled a horse before? >> never before. and as is probably have evident from the footage over there. [ laughter ] >> the skittish horses finally agreed to get into the trailers. several private land owners are offering their properties to shelter livestock while these fires are burning. planes are not moving in the santa rosa airport because of no electricity at the terminal. they have backup generators to run the control tower, but they can't accommodate any passengers without power. a bay area company is helping out a little girl who lost everything in the fire. >> a 9-year-old santa rosa girl named lily lost everything including her wheelchair and her prosthetic legs. she and her mother had left their home sunday in their pajamas thinking they would return in just a few minutes. but when they headed home, the fire beat them there. the hangar clinic in san francisco heard what happened
5:56 am
and decided to give the girl new prosthetic legs for free. >> really appreciate it. it's a lot of money. >> there's no amount of money that can ever replace, um, making sure that your daughter has independence and her confidence back. >> awww. lily is so cute. she is running again and it looks like her smile is back, too. ♪[ music ]
5:57 am
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5:59 am
working around the clock to try to stop the flames. this is not over. it's still dangerous. >> as fires across wine country spread, this morning there are new evacuation orders. and the forecast shows winds are going to get worse, this as many have already lost everything. >> it's been hard to see what
6:00 am
we built and put into the place and now it's reduced -- reduced to what you see here. [ pause ] >> firefighters are working around the clock to try to stop the flames. it's wednesday, october 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi this morning. fire commanders keeping a close eye on the forecast because shifting gusty winds making their way into the fire zone. right now, there are at least 17 fires burning across northern california. this is a look at the biggest ones. they are still causing major problems. here is what we know right now. 17 people are now confirmed dead because of the fires. that number is expected to rise. more than 2,000 homes and businesses are destroyed. crews have been making a little bit of progress. the largest fire the atlas fire is 3% contained. two other big fires in the area now 1% contained. the nuns fire is tearing through parts of glen ellen near the


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