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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 12, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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awwwwww...... yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious. you guys can have some if you want. order now at denny' now at 11... new threats from the wine country wildfires. tonight: is rising. and it will continue to get worse before it gets better.>> a new threat for the wine country wildfires, the death toll is rising and more areas are evacuating. >> neighborhoods burned to the ground, the first real good luck at the magnitude of the disaster. good evening.
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>> right now, 22 fires are burning, this map shows the eight against one's. cal fire says the danger is far from over, especially now as the wind is starting to pick up. here's what we know, 23 people have died. 285 more reported missing, more than 129,000 acres have burned, 3500 homes and businesses are gone. tonight, there are new mandatory evacuations in the community of geyserville because of the pocket fire. cal fire is worried the winds will push it into town. we are in geyserville tonight.>> reporter: i am on geysers road and behind me, we have a remarkable vantage point to look into the mouth of this wildfire. it looks like a volcano. as the wind begins to whip up,
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authorities are worried about the people who live down below. the pocket fire to the north and east of geyserville has grown to 4000 acres. now, since the wind has shifted the flames appear to be headed towards geyserville. sonoma county officials have issued a mandatory evacuation. >> the predicted wind will put basically geyserville in its sights. >> reporter: the battalion chief says saving lives and property is the primary focus right now. >> there is so much in the bottom of the canyon, that is what we are spending our time doing, we don't have the resources to be effective at stopping it from spreading. >> reporter: the peak has a bright orange glow, with massive flames shooting up into the night sky. completely consuming the hillside. geyserville is a small town, less than 1000. as they pack up they join the tens of thousands of neighbors throughout northern california trying to find a place to live
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while they wonder whether their home will survive. this fire behind me was not even here earlier today. according to cal fire, it started racing over the hill this evening. that is why the issue came from the evacuation order. it is of mandatory evacuation order for part of geyserville, if you live in downtown geyserville it is only an advisory evacuation. if you live along highway 128, you are being asked to leave the area as soon as possible. >> southeast of his location, geyserville, the massive tubs fire is inching towards calistoga. the entire city has been evacuated. everyone ordered out by 5 pm, it is completely dark and police are patrolling. if police catch anyone that could be arrested.
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a shelter has been set up at american canyon high school. volunteers were setting up supplies this evening.>> medical, showers, beds. the city of calistoga is 7000 people or so, we are expecting 5-10% of them to show up. we are ready. >> there are also new mandatory evacuation orders in place for level valley road, people in the area were told to leave immediately. other evacuation orders tonight include the potter valley area, for the first time there is an evacuation advisory for parts of the city of napa, east of the silverado trail. the city of santa rosa issued an evacuation advisory for the northeast part of the city. the nuns fire in sonoma county still just 2% contained. it appears to be picking up. we are along highway 12 near
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glen allen. >> reporter: can, take a look behind me. in the past hour this hillside that we have been watching has begun kicking up as the winds have picked up in sonoma county. the moment people in this area have been worried about, may finally be here. this is the scene from moon mountain road. academy in a way, flames are lapping above treetops and burning through vegetation. all as the wind picks up and flames continue to grow, firefighters are arriving to try to save the one -- the wine country fires. setting up for a fight. here long moon mountain road, phones -- homes have signs with signs -- whether there is water and how many people are still inside.
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alameda county deputies delivered evacuate notifications down the hill. on top of one roof, firefighters watching a ridgeline and across the street, there is a fire hose hooked up to a hydrant. this small community has been under his -- sees four-day. >> we are nervous. obviously, we have some fires that will converge. >> reporter: sprinklers and hoses were trained on rooftops while people contemplated leaving. >> someone said it might help to keep it moist and if ash follows, we are doing anything we can to try something even if it's not proven. >> reporter: about -- back out here, you can see the fire going behind me, that was the
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hillside on fire in smaller portions, you can see the wind has picked up and in this part, the hillside has gotten more and more fire building on it, building through the vegetation. right now, some areas are in evacuation advisories. there is a mission to save wine country's history, kill parks is removing historic artifacts from the sonoma. the national guard is there to help protect historic buildings. right now, all lanes of highway 121 between highway 12 and 37 are closed. they have been closed for 12 hours now, no estimated time of reopening. entire neighborhoods are completely gone, burned to the
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ground. chopper five gave us the first good look at the devastation in santa rosa. you can see block after block reduced to rubble. firefighters hope to contain the wildfires before more neighborhoods are destroyed. paul deanno tells us the main concern tonight, is the wind. >> within the past hour, mount diablo reporting a 38 mile-per- hour wind gusts. that is a precursor for what we expect in the north bay and the lower elevations. overnight night and tomorrow, a red flag warning in effect for reduced humidity and wind gusts in the mountain up to 50 miles per hour. exactly what they do not want to see, is what we expect to happen. as relative humidity decreases, fuel can burn quicker. that is why it's such a problem and the wind speed will be a problem. as it increases, it has an opportunity to spread quicker. it will also spread the smoke
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even more tomorrow compared to today. as bad as it was outside, even inside your house, it has the potential to be unhealthy everywhere in the bay area. it's unhealthy to hazardous in the north bay. we are talking about the smoking air blanketing the bay area, for some parts as unprecedented. >> reporter: this is not the san francisco most people recognize. from chopper five you can barely make out the skyline. the smoke and haze cover up the bay bridge and golden gate bridge. the bay area air quality measures air pollution every hour. it says what we are seeing right now is unprecedented. >> this pollution is toxic for us to breathe. especially those close to the fire, getting much thicker smoke. >> they activated a health
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advisory for the bay area, warning people the particulates in the air are especially dangerous. it is also urging people to wear masks that can filter out the most harmful matter in the atmosphere.>> whether you are in the east bay or the peninsula, up near the fire, we recommend people stay indoors. >> reporter: the smokies guys forced airlines -- the smoky skies forced airlines to cancel flights. schools are closing tomorrow and mount diablo is canceling classes. in oakland, the roses community school will be closed. in the south bay, the school district is planning to hold recesses and lunch periods indoors. when will the wind be added strongest? we will see winds in excess of 20 miles per hour in the valley, stronger in the hills. as early as 5 am tomorrow morning, we will watch the
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winds stay elevated through lunchtime tomorrow. tonight, oakland unified says families concerned about the health of their students may keep them home tomorrow. tonight investigators still try to figure out how all these fires were started. as the first calls came in sunday, emergency dispatchers got reports of downed power lines. in sonoma county. take a listen. >> rankin valley electrical investigation. possible transformer explosion at old redwood highway. >> we have power lines down with transformers down. >> power lines down, the transformer is involved. >> remember the wind, all this coming in at the same time. pg and e issued the statement. in some cases, we have found instances of wires down, broke
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and impacted infrastructure. we have reported that to our state regulator. emily turner on the search for loved ones. >> for the past two days i have been pulling my hair trying to find her. >> reporter: jeff's mom is missing, his concern is one shared by many others in sonoma county for their own loved ones.>> we have not talked to her in over two weeks. she has a lot of medical conditions and that's what worries us. if she is unreachable, we have checked the hospitals and we still can't find her. >> reporter: daniel stuckert lives in her same neighborhood. he is also missing. mike grabow was last heard from sunday night. jim and donna also live in the area. this is what the area looks like now. a team of 30 deputies have been
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charged to track down those unaccounted for an emergency operations centers fielding calls. if fires continue to rage with little to no containment, finding them is not an easy task. >> at this point they have not asked for names unless they are looking for someone in particular and when the shelter open, people were heck -- reluctant to give names. >> reporter: in the meantime, the sheriff's office is asking if you found your loved ones and told them they were missing, please call and notify them that they can be taken off the list. that way, they can concentrate resources elsewhere. people racing to escape the flames, a sheriff's deputies driving straight into danger. we will take you inside the zone. in the midst of the devastation, a bad rumor is flying around. sheriff's are setting the record
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straight. a family trapped by the flames, the reunion with the p&-pfranz valey road. &-pyou cay
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you have to check this out, a sheriff's deputy to this video while driving through the flames along frans valley road. you can see the embers flying directly up into his windshield. he had the camera on and we are learning about a narrow escape as flames closed in on two
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roommates. the cascade fire burned more than 12,000 acres, merged with another fire near yuba city. angela green what shows us the dramatic video. >> oh my god, dude. >> reporter: when faced with life or death, there is no time to think, just do. >> were you afraid you are going to die? >> i did think we were going to get through. >> reporter: the scariest three minutes of his life, he pressed record. >> i wanted to give a perspective of what fire can do to someone. the property around you and how fast it moves. >> reporter: in orange glow surrounding them, the to grab their dogs and peeled out.>> you have no time. >> reporter: no warning, by the time the car pulled to the
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front gate, the pyre will -- the fire was coming right at them. embers came flying from all directions. the smoke-filled sky, blinding. >> my eyes are burning but we still have oxygen. >> reporter: another gate, finally away from the fire line, they were able to breathe. >> we are okay, we are okay. i am surprised you got through it and happy we got through it. >> reporter: they did lose their home and one of their vehicles, they are hoping to raise funds to recover some of what they lost. they both tell us they realize they still have what's most important. a rumor have been going around about immigration checks and evacuation centers. the sonoma county sheriff's setting the record straight.
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>> shelters are asking for names to identify the people coming in, immigration status will never be asked and they are trying to identify who's coming in. >> the department of health services repeated that message saying immigration status will not be asked at sonoma county shelters. keep your family safe. evacuees waiting to hear when they can return, many left wondering if their home is even though there. susie stein will is at a center in santa rosa. >> reporter: steve allen swung by the veterans building where nearly 300 evacuees are sleeping. he is hoping to help bring calm to the chaos. >> bring some good cheer to the crowd. everybody needs to be lifted up. >> when they first arrived, they are in a state of shock and emotionally upset. over the course of time, that starts to ease a little bit now
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it's the frustration of when can i go back. >> reporter: mike conroy says he can feel people starting to get restless, sick of feeling stuck. will start wondering if their homes are still standing. do you know how your house is doing?>> no, i wish i did. >> reporter: they ran from their home at 4 am monday morning. >> you could see the flames coming down the ridge. >> reporter: he asks for an update every day, today he learned to lower his expectations. >> they told us, don't expect to even be allowed back to your home for maybe even a week. we are just like, your heart drops. >> i'm trying to think i'm calm and cool but i'm nervous. >> reporter: volunteers are nervous, too. he lives nearby and he knows it wouldn't take much to turn him into an evacuee. >> we don't know what will happen. we are ready to move out. >> reporter: one thing they
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asked us to pass along is that if you want to come down to volunteer or donate items, go to their website, to bring something that will go to use. now to the atlas fire burning more than 42,000 acres in napa and solano counties. as the wind started to pick up, the fire was flaring up. sending up all that thick, dark smoke. this was earlier on capello valley road, volunteers have been entering the fire zone with the chp to save livestock. cal fire says the atlas fire is only 3% contained. a family trapped by flames meets the chp crew who saved their lives for the first time, maria medina with the decision one of the victims made that brought a pilot to tears. >> he said, take my family and go.
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so, i mean, kudos to him. what a guy. >> reporter: at the rescue that officers will never forget. >> just a tremendous event. look at his family. >> reporter: his family was relieved when the officers and their helicopter showed up to rescue them. as the atlas fire flames closed in on them, and their home. >> it was a nightmare up there. we thought we were going to die. >> reporter: the relief took a turn and the officers told him there was only room for four. >> he was pushing them at us saying take my family, take my family and go. >> i told him we were coming back for him. that we were going to leave them there. >> reporter: he made the decision to stay behind, his
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next decision was a call to his oldest child. >> i called my daughter and told her if i don't see you again, remember i love you. that was it. >> reporter: the fire was intensifying, just as they promised, the officers returned or him. >> thank you for saving my family. >> reporter: they lost everything in the fire but tonight, they give their all to the officers who saved them. >> who cares about the house. we have our life. >> so many great stories, and the heroism of that crew. >> absolutely, 44 people they rescued. >> hundreds of thousands of first responders risking their lives right now to try to keep people safe and we thank you if you are a first responder and if your family member at home, we think you as well. here is what we have going on tonight. decrease in relative
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humidity, a significant problem will get worse over the next 12- 18 hours. the north bay, that's where the fires are. offshore winds returning, wind gusts at 50 miles per hour. this has been a year in northern california. take a look at what has happened since january. in the north sierra, the wettest winter on record. this summer, the whole state of california have the hottest summer on record. september 1, san francisco the hottest day on record. 106 and what will likely be the largest firestorm on record. all of that happening just this year. take a look outside, turn -- current temperatures in the 50s, the one spot santa rosa, 66 could be a false reading with power issues. fremont, 47 degrees, san francisco 52, not as smoky overnight but tomorrow morning when the winds increase, the air quality takes a turn for
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the worst and in many parts of the bay area, it will be worse tomorrow than what it was today. so many school districts canceled school. no reason for them to be outside. as for why this is happening, the wind direction change, low- pressure area in the pacific northwest with the front moving through. we didn't get a drop of rain or cloud cover but behind it, drier air a north wind and strong wind especially in the higher elevations. we may see a repeat of that on saturday. as we get another push of critical fire danger tomorrow, it's possible to see it saturday. if another boundary moves through, we are not out of the woods. wins increasing tonight, the situation goes from bad to worse. the air quality will be worse tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, 71 in fremont, 77 napa, 67 san francisco, it will be smoky and if you look at the forecast, typically i would say partly sunny skies. crystal clear skies, with
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smoke. we may not see the smoke move out of the bay area, even san jose until early next week. the air quality likely at least for the weekend but it pales in comparison to the actual fires. this pregnant the area woman found herself surrounded by fire
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her hospital. and it we show near their stories all we, people who have lost everything. one bay area mom lost her hospital. >> only a matter of days before she supposed to give birth. we have her incredible story. >> reporter: when flames jumped highway 101 and spread into the copy part neighborhood, charity knew it was time to get out. a traffic jam stopped her, her
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husband, two daughters and unborn baby in the middle of a street. >> i have never in my life felt like i would die. like that moment. >> reporter: she went back to the house and got her bike and rode out through the fire with the girls in the back. >> i could in turn, i can ride a bike i'm pregnant so it was hard. we are safe, this gentleman -- >> reporter: later they met up with a good samaritan who drove them in his jeep to a friends house where they reunited with her husband. they first landed here at their in-laws, but she was scheduled for a c-section to deliver her baby at kaiser in santa rosa. now those plans are up in the air. >> the hospital shut down, i don't know if it will happen. >> reporter: kaiser santa clara has offered to step in and do it if needed but it's been hard emotionally and financially on the family. their home burned to the ground.
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>> to know the baby will come into this world and be loved, it's good to be wonderful and exciting but i won't have a place to bring him home to. >> they know the baby will be a boy, they haven't picked out a name but it could be phoenix. up on the ashes. ,$8drw ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up.
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one llama on the loose - is safe. yes, llama... . for sure the wildfires have sent many animals scrambling for safety.>> one lama on the loose is safe.
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the chp escorted the animal to safety in sonoma county, before he said goodbye the officer did not miss
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we are the generation that had it all. we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them,


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