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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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according to p-g- and-e. effo pg&e says 52 customers with without power. sonoma county has most of the outages, 39,000 according to pg&e. efforts are under way to save wine country history. the state department of recreation is saving artifacts from sonoma state historic park. the park is closed because of the fires. it's spread over 6 locations in snow. the national guard is in downtown sonoma to help protect the historic buildings. a stretch of northbound highway 121 in sonoma county between highways 12 and 37 is open again. it was reopened late last night after a closure that lasted just a few hours. the atlas fire is taking over parts of napa and solano counties. we're long side highway 221. we'll show you the flames from our view. >> and yet another fire burning here in the hills behind me.
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and i'm michelle griego. entire neighborhoods burned to the ground in wine country this morning -- and the danger is welcome back, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. entire neighborhoods burned to the ground in wine country this morning and the danger isn't over. 22 fires are burns. this map here shows you the 8th biggest one. the weather conditions could cause big problems today in the firefighting effort. authorities say 23 people have died from the fires, 285 more are reported missing. more than 129,000 acres have burned and more than 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. new mandatory evacuations are in effect in the community of geyserville because of the pocket fire. cal fire is worried the winds
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will push it right into town. >> kpix 5's anne makovec is live in geyserville this morning with the very latest. anne. reporter: the winds have been very unpredictable here. highway 101 is on this side downtown geyserville is on this side. and you can see the fire here burning in the hills. this is to our north. and winds have been increasing overnight over ridges and slopes so the concern is obviously that the fire could move this way. here's a closer look at some of those flames from last night. the new mandatory evacuations were called at about 10:30 p.m. including much of geyserville over to red rock casino. mainly northeast of geyserville, 8,000 acres. firefighters have been working all night to try to prevent it from moving into town. >> the predicted winds from the north-northeast will put
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basically geyserville in its gun sights. >> reporter: their first priority protecting life and safety, property as we have been talking about all week is secondary. firefighters have gotten a chance to drop fire retardant from the air and hand crews and dozers have been constructing a line hoping to hold the fire back. now, geyserville is small, population less than 1,000 people. right now, downtown on this side of me is open. only voluntary evacuations there. they even have power so of course the hope is that it will stay that way. live near geyserville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the atlas fire is burning right now in napa county. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from skyline wilderness park there this morning with the latest. reporter: we're long the vallejo highway, highway 221 and in the short time that we have been here, the flames have grown significantly. you see that large orange glow so you're looking into skyline wilderness park right now.
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there is dense vegetation in the area but there are no structures. so this part of the atlas fire was originally in napa county and yesterday, it began burning in parts of solano county. evacuation orders are east of silverado trail between chockhill street and in various areas. there are a lot of advisories for the areas east of highway 221 and 29. >> just terrified with everything that's going on emotional wreck. been here my whole entire life. i have never seen it this horrible. >> reporter: the closest neighborhood from where we are is near the napa state hospital. the emola part of napa. but fairfield which is to the east right now is under evacuation for some parts of it and the police and fire
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departments have -- are just trying to brainstorm of what to do if the fire does reach fairfield. so this fire is taking over more than 43,000 acres right now and is only 5% contained. in napa county, jackie ward, kpix 5. the nuns fire meanwhile in sonoma county is still just 2% contained. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect in calistoga but as jennifer mcgraw reports, not everyone is following those orders. reporter: every resource pulled, everyone stretched. >> there's countless, countless firefighters out there working tirelessly. >> reporter: it's to protect the city's like calistoga. >> the tubbs fire was a hell storm. if that was happening now, i would have been the first person out. >> reporter: sean, like few who decided to stay behind are hoping to make sure his home is still standing. >> the danger to this neighborhood is any type of spark landing and catch fire. we have friends with water
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trucks. >> reporter: from one community to the next it's a ghost town all hoping things calm down and firefighters can gain ground. >> there's no easy way to put out a large fire. it's back breaking work and at the end of the day it comes down to hands-on tools and hose and aircraft and that really is what we're in right now. we're in an all hands on deck full force fight. >> that was jennifer mcgraw reporting. these bay area sports teams are teaming up to aid in the fire recovery. together they pledged to donate $450,000 for relief efforts. and a lot of you want to know how you can help. you can donate to the red cross by calling the number on your screen or go to and for more information on other ways to donate, head to so as the firefight continues, the major concern today is the winds. >> the winds coming from the north of course bringing the humidity levels down. so right now they have actually bumped up just a little bit. i was checking the spot where
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our reporters are. those are places that a lot of folks with rorid about their homes. let's check geyserville and calistoga. winds have bumped up from 9 to 10 in the past 20 or 30 minutes or so. napa winds coming out of the south right now at 5. vallejo south-southeast at 3. now, as we start to see an increase in these winds, especially the north winds, we will start to see the humidity levels drop. humidity right now in napa around 60%. that's not bad. but as we get more of those winds, which we are expecting to see in the next couple of hours, those levels will drop down into the 20s and the teens. right now we are seeing a little bit of a west wind at sfo at nine so that's going to help clear the air a little bit. but then as we continue to get more of these northwest winds what we're seeing in novato, a lot of that smoke will come down from the santa rosa fires. napa looks like it's swirling a little bit going from the north and now from the south. so right now, of course, that's what the firefighters are going to be dealing with. here's a clarification of what those fire dangers are for
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today. so north winds expected to pick up through this afternoon. about 6 to 8 a.m. they will be strong. after noon, they will start to die down a little bit. then by 5 p.m., things should settle down a lot. humidity drops today and then the smoke is going to move south so we have already been feeling that, yesterday, of course. we'll feel it again today even worse. another major wind event happening friday through saturday. so of course that's not a welcome sight. right now we are looking at the bay bridge. we are seeing it actually so it's not covered in smoke at this moment. but as we again continue to see those north winds, we are going to feel that even more in our lungs. temperatures in concord right now 48. oakland 54. livermore 45. so at least we are not going to see very hot conditions. hot and hazy is a bad combination for a lot of people but, of course, at least cooler air out there is helping with those firefighters and, of course, helping with us as we try to get outside and breathe today. what's going on? >> right now, things are
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looking okay for drivers heading along interstate 80 through the fairfield and cordelia areas. here's a live look, this is right near suisun valley road. you can see those headlights making their way westbound starting to get a little crowded along that stretch. but we are still moving well in both directions. no delays all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. you're in the green. some road closures to tell you about: bart is 10 minutes late out of the bay fair station in the richmond and daly city direction. back to you guys. some evacuees have expressed concern about rumored
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immigration checks at evacuation centers. the sonoma county sheriff says that's not the case. >> shelters are asking for names so they want to identify the people that are coming into the shelter. immigration status will never be asked of you and they are just trying to identify who is coming into their shelters. >> the department of health services repeated that same message in a tweet saying that immigration status will not be asked at sonoma county shelters. keep your families safe. time now 4:42. a family is back together this morning after the father was forced to stay behind during a frantic evacuation. we'll hear from him straight ahead. >> plus the resources that cal fire is pouring into the firefighting effort. (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill.
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nearly eight thousand firefighters are on the front lines... here's some of the resources cal fire has for the fires. nearly 8,000 firefighters are on the front lines. 73 helicopters are in use. and more than 30 tankers are making drops. cal fire says it has access to every available aviation asset in the country but even with
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all that staff and equipment, there are concerns. >> we're concerned and anticipate that before the day is over, several of these fires will merge. these fires are burning faster than firefighters can run in some cases. and so imagine being out there in difficult terrain with miles and miles of fireline and to try to catch up to that and put in hand line or lay hose, it's very challenging. >> cal fire says additional crews from nevada, oregon, washington and arizona are heading to the front lines. a family surrounded by flames from the atlas fire gets help just in time from the chp. but there isn't enough room for everybody to hop into the helicopter. >> kpix 5's maria medina shows us a father's difficult decision and what the chp crew did. >> he is saying, take my family and go. so i mean -- [ pause ] >> kudos to him. quite a guy.
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. >> reporter: it's a rescue chp officers will never forget. >> ahem -- [ pause ] >> just a tremendous event. i mean -- >> reporter: the man and his family were relieved when the officers and helicopter showed up to rescue them as the atlas fire flames closed in on them and their home quickly. >> it was really a nightmare up there. we thought we were gonna die. >> reporter: but that relief soon took a turn when the officers told pepe there was only room for four. >> he was pushing his son at us, you know, saying, take my family and take my family and go. >> i told him that we were coming back for him, that we weren't going to leave him there. >> reporter: his next decision was a call to his oldest child. >> i called my daughter and i
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told her, mija, i may not see you again. remember i love you. that was it. [ crying ] >> reporter: the atlas fire was intensifying but just as they promised, the officers returned for pepe. >> thank you for saving my family. >> reporter: he and his family lost everything in that fire. but tonight, they give their all to the officers who saved them. >> we're happy we're alive. who cares about the house? >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> they lost each other but they still have each other. that's so -- >> whoo. >> there's so much devastation. so much uplifting to see the team working the first responders helping so many families. this is one of so many families. >> oy! that was tough. >> it was. >> happy ending right there. all right. let's talk about the winds, neda. it's a big problem. >> i keep wanting to check the areas where those fires are burning. of course, where there are those evacuations in place, we are seeing them pick up a little bit and they are going
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to continue to do so in the next cup hours. st. helena 10-mile-per-hour winds coming out of the north. solano north-northwest at 8. we are expecting to see those gusts unfortunately pick up over the next couple of hours. by noon things should calm down at least for napa and fairfield where we are starting to see northwest winds get stronger so the futurecast really helps explain the story of the day today. so 6 a.m., this morning, here in the next hour, napa, fairfield will start to feel a bit more of that breeze. by 7 a.m., it will get stronger. fairfield, as well. look at that. 29-mile-per-hour sustained winds. napa up to 22. ridge tops will see gusts higher. santa rosa calmer and san rafael calmer. half moon bay getting some wind here this morning.
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and by 9:00, 10:00, napa will stay strong between 10 to 15- mile-per-hour winds. and then after noon, by about 1:00, 2:00, things should die down. had at noon we might see winds around 15. then less than 10 for napa and santa rosa. later on this afternoon, santa rosa will start to get northeast winds coming through. around 7, 8:00 today. but by then the red flag warning has been lived. the wind advisory will also be lifted by 5:00 for those north bay hills. and by midnight tonight, it should be calmer, friday during the day should be calmer. we are also going to see of course because the winds are coming from the north, it's very bad air quality today and, in fact, the worst the bay area will have seen so that's why we are in this very unhealthy to unhealthy range for all of the bay area. it's going to extend down into central california. that's how bad that smoke is blowing. so again, wind advisory in effect until 5:00 today for the northeast bay hills. we are going to see that red
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flag warning also today until 5:00 and then by friday night, we are going to get another wind event. here's why. this low is going to move further east. and that unfortunately is what's sending us all the north winds. it's not low enough to bring us rain. as it moves east it makes room for a high pressure system. once that comes through, our winds will increase again friday to saturday early sunday morning and that's why we have this fire weather watch in effect gusts to 35 to 50 miles per hour. the one thing we have at least for the next couple of days is cooler temperatures. temperatures inland the north bay hills in the mid- to upper 70s. upper 60s for the bay and low 60s along the coast. once that high pressure comes in, then the temperatures are going to rise along with the rise in our winds. jaclyn. >> thank you, neda. we are tracking road closures. let's go to the screen:
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>> we have a closure in effect since yesterday in la honda. that is also known as highway 84, that remains closed at pescadero creek road due to downed power lines. that closure was supposed to be wrapping up by 5 a.m. that's going to be in place past that. so we'll let you know when la honda reopens. but in the meantime, there is a detour. they have posted it in the area. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. time now 4:51. the evacuation process presents even more challenges for people with medical conditions. and a pregnant woman. we'll hear from one expectant mother who took matters into
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her own hands. >> let's take another live look from napa. this is the atlas fire which is forcing evacuations in both napa and solano counties. we'll be right back with more on the wildfires in wine country.
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starting to trickle in.. analytics company core logic says: there are up to 172-thousand homes that are in a potential it's too soon to predict damage caused by the wine country wildfires. core logic says there is up to 172,000 homes in a potential risk area from the wildfires. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports on the early estimates the fire cost to homes and the wine business. >> reporter: of those 172,000, 11,000 homes are at high or extreme risk of fire danger.
4:55 am
it puts the total value of those properties at $5 billion. if you take all 172,000 homes at any kind of risk, that total is $65 billion. >> and jason also points out that these estimates only take into account the risk of property damage in the napa and santa rosa areas. well, when flames started spreading fast over one santa rosa street a pregnant mother of two decided that a bicycle was her best bet of saving her family. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us how she pulled it off plus the hurdles she still faces ahead of her due date. reporter: when flames jumped highway 101 and spread into the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa, charity ruiz knew it was time to get out. but a traffic jam stopped her, her husband, two daughters and unborn baby in the middle of the street on fire. >> honestly, i never in my life felt like i was going to die like that moment. >> reporter: so she went back to the house and grabbed her bicycle, equipped with a
4:56 am
toddler trailer, and rode out through the fire with the girls in the back. >> i couldn't turn. i mean, i -- i can ride a bike but i'm pregnant so it was hard. to everybody we're safe, this gentleman. >> reporter: later they met one a good samaritan who drove them in his jeep it a friend's house where -- to a friend's house where they reunited with her husband. they first met at her in-laws in san jose but she was scheduled for a c-section next week but those plans run in the air. >> our hospital is shut down so i don't know that that will happen. >> reporter: kaiser santa clara has offered to step in and do the c-section if needed. but it's been hard emotionally and financially on the young family their home burned to the ground. >> to know that the baby's gonna come into this world and, of course, be loved and it's going to be wonderful and exciting, but, um, i won't have a place to bring him home to. >> reporter: they already know the baby is going to be a boy. they haven't picked a name.
4:57 am
but they say it could be phoenix. up from the ashes. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. one of many wine country wildfires burning here in the hills behind me this morning, we are keeping an eye on the winds as the conditions could potentially change, moving it toward the town of geyserville. the latest next. >> reporter: and we have our eyes on the atlas fire in napa county. we're off highway 221, monitoring it at the skyline wilderness park. we'll show you what it looks like next.
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further fuel the wildfires ravaging northern california. good morning. it's thursday, october 12th. i m michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. at least 2 hundreds of people still missing and further, wildfires could ravage more of
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california. at least 23 people have died. 285 more are reported missing. more than 129,000 acres have burned. more than 3500 homes and businesses are gone. this map shows you the 8th largest of the 22 fires currently burning in northern california. cal fire says the danger is far from over and the winds could complicate things even further today. our live team coverage of the wine country wildfires continues. neda iranpour is tracking those winds and anne makovec in the sonoma county town of geyserville which is under mandatory evacuation orders this morning. but we begin with jackie ward in napa where the last last is burning out of control. jackie. reporter: michelle, we're on highway 221 the vallejo highway watching what's called the atlas fire in the skyline wilderness park right now. earlier i showed you these big flames and large smoke over the hillside but now we


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