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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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property.. . new at 5, the wine country fires erupt. today, a new battle to save lives and property. and thank you for joining us. i'm juliette good rich. >> i'm brian hackney. chopper 5 is over the nuns fire in sonoma county following another difficult day following another difficult night for firefighters with flames erupting on the north endy of the fire. >> and it was a full-on race. police and fire crews rushing to neighborhoods, telling people to literally get out. trees and dry brush quickly going up in flames with power lines hovering overhead. the wind really making the fight more challenging. you can see the sparks flying across the roadway. these images look so much like the initial firefight that started early monday morning. >> the focus today is on two
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fronts: flareups around the oakmont neighborhood well think highway 12 to the north and to the south, flames east of and moving toward the city of sonoma. that was the big battle overnight last night. the coverage begins with kpix 5s don error error lynn who has been watching an active firefight all day. he joins us east of sonoma. >> the intensity of the flames surprised a lot of us because earlier today, all of those hillsides were on fire. chops were dropping, making water drops earlier. you can see the spots smoldering and there are a lot of firefighters working hard to make sure it's under control. >> the flames that started high up in the hills made their way down to the valley floor where it's more populated. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this strike team saved the winery on la salle valley road, putting out flames burning at the front entrance.
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they happened to drive past the structure and noticed the fire. not every property is so lucky. the flames this morning destroyed multiple houses, including this one on half moon street. eye ruptured gas line kept the flames howling, even though there is nothing left to burn. >> kind of heart breaking. we work hard to keep it out of here, you know and the weather throws us a monkey wrench ever now and then. >> reporter: it was a intense fighting. on the ground, they used bulldozers to cut fire breaks hoping to cut off any fowl for the marching flames. >> it keeps changing, you know. and it's windy and slows down. andjy in the air, we counted six choppers continuously dropping water. the pilots would hover above the hotspots and bring the choppers to the low of the points and douse the flames
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with pinpoint accuracy. by late afternoon, the hard work paid off. we saw less flames and a lot more white smoke. a sign that the stubborn fire was giving up. >> the white smoke you're seeing is a good sign that things are under control at that pot. earlier today, it was loud. a lot of firefighters going up the hill there and we saw columns of orange and black smoke, never a good sign but things are starting to get under control at least at this spot here. we don't know how many houses were burned down today. i saw three myself earlier today and i ran into a colleague as well who ran into the hills. >> i why under stand in the overnight hours east of the sonoma, there were several homes and structures east of downtown and threatened. is the idea now? i know they were working hard to save the historic downtown
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area. the plaza that has been thereness is spanish occupation. is the suggestion tonight that sonoma has probably been saved? >> i think that is fair to say. earlier today, the flames were marching down this way. what i am looking at is downtown sonoma. the historic square. that is a couple of miles away from us. now, the flames are pretty much kept to the hillsides over there. and for now, it's fair to say we dodged the bullet but depends on the wind conditions. if the winds picture up. then we shall -- pick up, we shall see. things are calm. >> i have good news about winds. thank you. here's a better look where some of the big of the fires are burning in northern california right now. the flames consumed more than 1 support thousand acres. right now, the pocket fire is
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burning in the community of guyserville and new nearly 11,000 acres. five% contrainment there. the -- containment there. the tubbs fire is 44% contained and better news in the atlasfire in napa county where it began. it's staying within perimeter and is 45% contained. >> at least 38 people have been killed. 223 people are still missing and the flames have destroyed 5700 homes and businesses. now, officials say about 100,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders: also, new evacuations are in place for hundreds of homes and that is including the areas north and south of highway 12 between adobe canyon road and kenwood to calistoga road to santa rosa. numerous streets on the eastern edge of the city of sonoma where the flames made a new charge and more than 10,000 fees and 900 -- firefighters and 900 engines are coming over to battle the flames and
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they're being tested on the firelines right now. kpix 5 reporter wilson walker is live near sonoma county on the town of oakmont and that is taking crews from all over the state. >> reporter: juliette, highway 12 is in front of me. this rim is the eastern edge of the oakmont area. this entire sort of canyon hill complex is crawling with firefighters from all over the west coast. we is also got a couple of planes who showed up here and we haven't seen them the last few hours. they were here around lunchtime. it's been all helicopters since then. the planes are back. it's been just a daylong fight across the landscape that you're looking at in front of me. and this, we think, is a great example or a great opportunitiy to show you how the firefighters attack a fire like this. take a look at the last couple
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of hours. >> we feel like we're in a great spot and have a water supply here. we'll try to make a stand here and ultimately see if we can protect the 10 structures in the area. >> it was a battle wage on the northern edge of sonoma's weep country, on a wooded canyon of the border of wineries and the sprawling justice center. >> and it's breezier here on highway 12. >> reporter: leading the fight on the southern flank, captain richard clark of the pasadena fire department managing this strike crew and watching the wind. >> a couple of things we're looking at new is what the aspect of the ashfield is doing. what we're getting dropping on us now gives us an indication where the fire is blowing. >> reporter: on the northern flank, a strike led by jim mccoy. >> and as far as backing down in the canyon, we have a big dump file there. the pile generates a lot of
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heat. >> reporter: and in the middle, lieutenant. >> john: son and his crew all the way from gig harbor, washington. >> we have a fire coming down and backing down the hill. >> reporter: together, they stormed through trees and brush to protect buildings, clear debris from rooftops, beat down flames that seem to spring up in all directions. all while the air calvary pounded away from the skies above. >> we know we have this air crews above us. when they're above us, the firefront is getting pressie close. >> the helicopter attack for this and all of the water for which it's pulled out of the pond sometimes by two helicopters at the same time. and this of course, requires the first coordination with all of the men and women who are fighting that fire back on that
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hillside. >> that is the way it has to be and everyone has to know what is going on. assembled from the western united states and around the world and that refuses to burn itself out. >> where are you from? >> i am from santa -- santa maria, carpet tire's and we're a long ways from home. >> thank you for coming out and helping us out. >> you bet. >> and how, how can we ever thank these men and women? i don't know. and it's been interesting watching this. you get the white smoke and seems look it's going down and it will flare up and didn't
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burn earlier in the day. and just fascinating to watch all of the folks do what they do under difficult circumstances and obviously, just an entire region of people desperately depending on them now. >> and we thank all of the teams for helping out. thank you for giving us the look at the wild fight tonight. >> and back out live, the pictures from chopper 5 is a look near kenwood, which has been threatened the past six days since the fires broke out. this is a hotspot with towering flames the last few minutes. choppers dousing this with water and you can see the extent of the fire lines on the shot and that is by kenwood where helicopters are fighting that on top of the flames and the smoke. the smoke today that is better
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than it has been and having burned 57 homes in businesses but that view from chopper 5 is breathtaking and shows the smoke bully oning for what seems like miles. >> wouldn't to give you another look at what firefighters are dealing with. the air conditions are hopefully getting better. can you tell us about the levels? >> you can see the latest on the graphics are showing us the good news this afternoon. the winds of these have eased up a and they're not getting pushed upshore and that out of the north. the plume is rising from the fires. the winds are calm. much of the air quality improved south of the north bay. the offshore component took the smoke to the fire and to the obligation and the visibilities for the east bay, the peninsula and south bay improved dramatically. and they're going to cover that
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am the next few minutes. in the meantime, in the fire weather headlines, winds peaked overnight. and so the good news is that things are going to camcounsel. >> and we want to give you another look at what firefighters had to deal with overnight in sonoma county. at times, the flames towered over tree tops creating an orange glow in the night sky and jackie ward is in california where they toured neighborhoods burnt to ash this afternoon. jackie. >> reporter: the governor was joined by senator dianne feinstein and senator kamala harris out front of santa rosa high school to reassure the county of sonoma they will get through this and all three of them promised to get help and sources as full as possible. they stressed the evacuation orders to be take know seriously because of how fast the fire status can change due
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to the shifting winds and dry weather we're talking about. the senator dianne feinstein has been a long-term advocate forgetting more money for what show calls the tree's mortality crisis. she said the fires will help make the argument regarding the fema resources and the u.s. forest budget. >> in terms of money, senator harris and i are going to put our heads together. i am an appropriator and i am going to go back and see what we can'tco to beef up the accounts to get more money. >> and this is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedy california has ever faced. the devastation is unbelievable and that is a horror that no one could have -- could have imagined. >> and as soon as the press conference was over, a community meeting was held and the gem of santa rosa high school where hundreds were in attendance. a lot of people lost everything. they came here to get questions and representatives from fema and the county of sonoma, from
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cal fire and we'll give you the highlights of the meeting that wrapped up a few moments ago coming up later on in our newscast. in santa rosa, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> i am sure they had a lot of questions and answers. thank you so much. coming up, incredible video of the battle to save the winery from going up in flames. >> and the latest on the grim search for the dead journey and mobile home park, where flames wreaked havoc leaving close to nothing behind.
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e ledson winer . >> we want to bring you incredible pictures from this morning. the flames burning in the hills above the winery. the historic property home to the building known in the area is simply the castle. this spot, another area of the focus and the up ins firefit , in uns firefight overnight.
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the crews working flareups from oakmont to the south east of the city of sonoma. -- sonoma. our cameras were along highway 12 as cameras carrying water swooped in. the choppers dumping hundreds of gallons on the flames and threatening the decades old home and headquarters of the winery. it was saved. some homes 20 miles south not so lucky. kp mix, 5s devon feely saw the destruction in the hours. >> reporter: in the eerie sense of deja vu, strong winds with the fire burning above sonoma into a frenzy and sending a spray of hot embers on the hills to the homes below. >> they worked in our favor most of the day yesterday. about 1:00 in the morning, they surfaceed and switched on us. >> reporter: the changing weather conditions forced firefighters to issue expanded evacuation orders. homes and businesses would survive the fire's initial onslaught and found themselves
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at it again. >> and i looked to the east. >> reporter: he evacuated the home sunday night and thought he might have to leave again as the fire edgeed closer to downtown sonoma. >> and the major concern was keeping the fire out of the town of sonoma and protecting the structures in and out of the town of sonoma. >> reporter: firefighters were able to save the historic buena vista winery. the oldest in the state of california. those two homes and castle road were not as fortunate. they burned to the ground despite the efforts of firefighters who struggled to save them. >> there were people i never met and whose names i may or may not ever know and who i am immensely grateful. >> reporter: in sonoma, devon feely, kpix 5. >> firefighters, 10,000 of them, scattered around northern california working around the clock to keep the flames from spreading. a major area of concern as a wide swath of sonoma county north of highway 12, which is just a small part of the nuns
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fire, which has burned more than 46,000 acres. kpix 5 reporter katy neilsen is in the burn zone put of miles north of san francisco with more on what crews are up against, katie. >> reporter: yeah, we're here on the east side of highway 12. right near p why, theon -- pytheon. behind me, you can see the active fire from earlier this morning when the high winds were picking up. it's near the oakmont neighborhood due east of santa rosa again on the east side and that is of highway 12. all morning, were seeing water drops and there were hand crews trying to cut firelines as well as bull doseers and this is what cal fire had to say. >> and stopped to protect the structures, obviously, the priority and cool it down and get the ground crews in
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florida. start mocking this out a bit. >> reporter: so if you're looking at this, we turned outing and what you're looking at here is the hills in kenwood. we're seeing aerual support, at least four airplanes dropping and this fire is up on the rumline and when we're talking with calfire, about 10 minutes ago, they told us this fire right now is not immediately threatening any structures and that is just a craze fire. they want to make sure they get out all of the hotspots, including the fire threatening the homes in oakmont. we want to stress no new structure damage from this side of the nuns fire on highway 12 and the east side of the road near the hood mountain regional park. live in santa rosa, katie neil sep, kpix 5. >> thank you.
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and meanwhile, military police are helping with a search of victims sifting for debris at the devastated journeys mobile home park and santa rosa. they're wearing camouflage, and looking for human remains. at least four people who lived at the retirement community are unaccounted for. one body was found there yesterday. and the tubs fire tore through on sunday night and monday morning. >> and as we look live at one of 17 fires burning tonight in northern california, the vital question, what is next with the weather? >> the forecast is after a break. give your boring old breakfast a wake up call.
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for just two bucks, get a forgrilled pocketh. filled with your choice of ham, or sausage, freshly cracked eggs, and two melted cheeses. jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. . let's leap into it. what is next with the weather? let's begin why over the west coast to show you what happened overnight, the high pressu about gap to built into -- build into the pacific northwest and giving us the offshore push. tonight, the winds abate.
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good news. the bad news is that the humidity comes down. with the offshore flow that we had today again, the offshore flow took much of the smoke from the fires and took it into the ocean. that is why a lot of us saw blue skies south of the golden gate today and that is a problem. the winds packed by 1:00 this afternoon -- peeked by 1:00 this afternoon and will slowly subside tonight. bad news, humidity plummets. recovers a little bit and not much. the red flag warnings have been extended as a result through tomorrow morning. tomorrow, the temperatures warm, the humidity is dry and there is a shower chance by mid- week. let me tell you that is the one big weather thing we can all hope for is things cooling down and maybe getting wet. meantime, air quality suffers very bad in the north bay. bad but not as bad for the rest of the area. the red flag warnings are extended through 8 in the morning and mostly because of the low humidity. the winds, the winds will be a factor but not much of a factor as they have been. look at the fire blooming over
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sonoma county right now. it's still warm. upper 70s in concord; livermore, 73 and in terms of the winds tonight, we're in the single digits for winds and over much of the north bay by 1 -- by 1 in the morning. that is excellent news for firefighters. they do pick up a little bit tomorrow morning and not to the levels we saw overnight last night. in general, the winds news is good news. the temperatures warm tomorrow into the 8s. the air quality -- 80s. the air quality suffers. sunny and warm through tuesday and then, i haven't done this in three years, something in caps. a chance of rain early on thursday is the best news we can get. the highs tomorrow will be in the mid-80s for much of the bay are. numbers through 80 in tuesday and temperature comes down and a few showers by thursday. the cooler weather ahead and not until tuesday. at least we're finally going to get a break from the warm weather. even as we take a break now. we'll be right back. take a l
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we are looking at an active fire line in the sonoma county this hour, 100,000 peeople are under evacuation or . back to live pictures from chopper 5. we're looking at an active fire line in the sonoma county hills at this hour. 100,000 people are under evacuation orders. >> we're also just getting word sonoma county is raising the number of people who died to 22. that brings the overall total to 40 killed in the fires. the search for the missing continues. we'll have more on the fires coming up at 6. >> our crews are not far from where those fires are burning tonight. >> and that is it for us at 5. the fire coverage picks up again on the news at 6:00.
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>> for now, the cbs weekend news is next with news updates always on captioning spons cbs .>> morgan: escaping the flames. new evacuation orders go out in northern california. the historic death toll still rising. also tonight, hostage horror: >> a brutal and sacreligious gaping of criminal miscreants. >> morgan: president trump ignites a new war of words with iran. the country's top diplomat tells cbs news mr. trump's move against the nuclear deal hurts u.s. credibility. and her tweets from a syrian war zone made her a global sensation. now, her new message to the world: >> i want peace in my world. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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