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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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highway 12. if you look behind me you can still see the smoke coming off of what is now being called the sugarloaf incident. what this was was a spot fire that started early this morning when the winds were picking up. this was caused by the nuns fire. this is hood mountain regional park pushing down the hill towards some of the homes. we are being told by cal fire that they have resources in place. helicopters were making airdrops earlier today. there are crews and trucks back there trying to make sure they are able to protect all of these homes and structures that are right up next to the edge of this fire. here's what cal fire had to say. >> the first priority is the coolest thing down kogut the ground crews in. start knocking this thing out
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>> we were looking at here is we turned south just a little heading back toward kenwood. you can hear the fire trucks going up and down highway 12. that is because this area started flaring up. this is a main concern the firefighters are dealing with. the reason why, there is a communications repeater right at the top of that ridgeline, that right -- that white box at the top of the ridge is essential for radio communication. they have been making drops on that. we will talk more about that incident coming up tonight at 6:30 pm. back to you. >> we will see you later in the show. the fire has been keeping fire crews busy to the southeast on the outskirts of sonoma were flames came within 1.5 miles of the city's historic downtown and threatened the oldest winery, buena vista.
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several more homes along that road have burned. >> reporter: that's right. a tough day for some sonoma homeowners. this is one of the houses that was burned down earlier today. next with there is another house on the next property sobering down, all day long it was very intense. a lot of firefighters working on the flames and also helicopters taking water drops. >> when we woke up and saw it this direction, we were surprised guide usually does not pick up in the middle of the night unless the has a huge wind event. >> reporter: the flames that started high in the hills made their way down to the valley floor. it's more populated. this strike team saved this winery. ring out flames burning at the front entrance. they happen to drive past the structure and noticed the fire.
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not every property is so lucky. flames this morning destroyed model houses including this one on half-moon street. a ruptured gas line the flames howling even though there is nothing left to burn. >> it's heartbreaking. we worked hard to keep it out. weather throws a monkey wrench every now and then. >> for much of the day it was intense firefighting. on the ground firefighters used bulldozers to cut fire breaks hoping to cut off fuel for the marching flames. >> it keeps changing. when because it slows down, when because it slows down. >> reporter: in the air, nonstop water drops recounted out of six different choppers continuously dumping water. pilots would hover above the
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hotspots, downs and then douse the flames with pinpoint accuracy. by late afternoon the hard work paid off. we saw a lot more white smoke and a lot less flames. assigned that the stubborn fire is getting put out. >> that is not too big of a concern. firefighters will let that hotspot burn itself out. as you can tell there is not a lot left to burn at this property. we don't know how many properties -- i saw at least three destroyed homes just in this area. i ran into a cbs radio colleague who saw a few more houses burned down up in the hills. it's fair to say at least three and perhaps more. live in sonoma, i'm da lin kpix5. firefighters have been working desperately to keep that from spreading west into downtown sonoma. they built a fire break on a ridge east of downtown and
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managed to keep it from getting into the historic center of sonoma. you can see the video of sparks swirling in the wind. the northbay winds have calmed down significantly since this morning. let's take a look at the weather. 17 fires burning in northern california. will focus on sonoma county. you can see the winds are down, the humidity is down as well. that is why there are red flag warnings that have been extended through tomorrow at 8 am. the humidity fell into single digits late this afternoon. but the wind speeds -- you will notice the air quality improvement south of the golden gate because of the offshore winds we had overnight. it pushed most of the smoke over the ocean and not into the south and east bay. we had blue skies for much of the bay area but not in the northbay. the winds peaked early this afternoon, they moved slowly. the humidity will plummet as well. that is not good news. red flags have been extended as a result.
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the temperatures will also climb tomorrow into the 80s on sunday. the good news is that there is at least a chance, however small, showers returning and a firefighter could not hear better news than that. the problem is we have to wait until late wednesday or thursday to see if it develops. i will have the complete forecast in a few moments. here's a better look at were some of the biggest fires are burning right now. 170,000 acres burned. in sonoma county, the pocket fire burning in the community of geyserville is nearly 11,000 acres and 5% contained. the tubbs fire has scorched more than 35,000 acres and is 44% contained. other news on the atlas fire in napa county. is staying within its perimeter and is 45% contained. >> that's the first fire we heard about six days ago. and it's a goat sonoma county raised the death toll to 22.
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that brings the overall total to 40. killed in the fires that erupted sunday night. officials say about 100,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders this afternoon. 223 people are still missing. 5700 homes and businesses have been destroyed. meanwhile, military police are helping with the search for victims. they are sifting through debris at the devastated journey and mobile home park in santa rosa. that is a painstaking process. at least four people who lived at the retirement community are still unaccounted for. one body was found yesterday. this afternoon governor jerry brown and the two u.s. senators from california a briefing on the fire, they saw the damage and says it's the worst they have ever seen from a wildfire. jackie ward is in santa rosa or they are pledging financial help. >> reporter: all three of them said that they were horrified
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by what they saw appear in sonoma county. the promised the fire victims they will do everything they can to get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. >> this is truly one of the greatest tragedies california has ever faced. >> governor jerry brown and senators feinstein and harris spoke outside santa rosa high school about the horrific fires that had ripped through sonoma and napa counties. a reminder that the nightmare is far from over. >> we are not out of the woods it. there are still fires burning. >> senator feinstein encouraged fire victims to talk to fema immediately. and vowed to help them get money as soon as possible. >> the dollars have to come. the one good thing is that there is now an ability for individuals to be recompensed. >> reporter: a new bill called that wildfire disaster fund act is in the u.s. senate right now.
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senator harris said the federal government doesn't recognize wildfires as natural disasters for the purposes of fema funding. >> we need to correct that. that is a flaw in the system. than the forcing service doesn't have the resources to deal with this. >> there is a disaster center here in sonoma county for homeowners to get the much needed aid that they need. community meeting just wrapped up in santa rosa high school. we will take you inside that meeting with a lot of angry and confused residence. in santa rosa, kpix5. it has been an all-out assault is crucial all over the state scrabbled to save people and property. wilson walker is live on the fire line next. plus the flames are creeping dangerously close to some of sonoma valley's most historic wineries. the efforts to save them. the question on everyone's mind, what's next with the weather? help, hindrance or somewhere in between?
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we will have the forecast will become back. people all over the bay area are looking for ways to help with the fire relief effort. you can donate to the red cross by calling the number on your screen or by going to red you can find other ways to help as well.
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- are being pulled in from all over to tackle the flames
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across sonom more than 10,000 firefighters and nearly 900 engines are being pulled in from all over to tackle the flames spreading across sonoma county. wilson walker spent the day with them as they fought to save santa rosa's oakmont neighborhood. >> reporter: we are just east of highway 12 in oakmont. behind the juvenile justice facility. if you look in this direction, you will see the last burning piece of the fire they have been fighting since i have been here around lunchtime. there are the flames. if you look this direction, we have the crew coming in to throw a line down across this field and try to keep the flames sort of contained in the area where they have beat the fire back over the last six or seven hours. the fire, as it turns out, is a great opportunity to show you exactly how these firefighters are tackling fires like this
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one. took a look at the last couple of hours. >> if you like we're in a good spot. we have a great water supply. we will try to make a stand and see if we can protect the structures. >> on the northern edge of the wine country, along a wooded area bordered by the wineries and juvenile justice center. >> it's breezier down here on highway 12. >> reporter: leading the flight despite richard clark of the pasadena fire department. managing this strike crew and watching the wind. >> a couple of things we're watching is the aspect, we are dropping on, it gives us an indication of where the fire is going. >> reporter: on the northern flank a strike team led by battalion chief jim mccoy. >> the fire is backing down the canyon. we have a dump file we're trying to keep it there. if the fire gets in there it will generate a lot of heat.
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back in the middle, lieutenant john johnson and his crew all the way from gig harbor washington. >> the fiber this the fires backing down the hill. >> reporter: together they stormed through trees and brush, clear debris can't be done flames that seem to spring up in all directions, all where the -- while the air cavalry pounded away from the skies above. >> we have the aircrews above us. when they are above us the fire threat is getting close. >> the helicopter attack for this is about as relentless as the fire itself. it's pulled out of this pond, water, sometimes by two helicopters. it's very precise coordination with all the men and women who are fighting the fire back on the hillside. >> that's the way it has to be.
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air resources can hurt us, everyone has to know what's going on and what the other crews are doing. >> reporter: this is just one of the fires unfolding across the region today. one of the ad hoc teams of firefighters assembled from across the western u.s. and around the world. just one small piece of a catastrophe that refuses to burn itself out. >> where you from? >> i'm from santa barbara city. i have a strike team from santa barbara county. santa maria. we are a long ways from home. >> think you for coming and helping us out. >> you but. -- you bet. >> reporter: the plane drops and helicopter drops get attention because they are visceral and spectacular, when you watch this in person, you see a lot more of this. this is a bunch of folks
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sweating it out with hand tools tearing up the ground and ripping up trees and that kind of work. it is incredible work to watch in person. a humbling thing for all of us to watch these folks do what they are doing. clearly there are no words for the degree of appreciation the were going to find in northern california for these folks. >> absolutely wilson. we can see it right there. a heartfelt thanks to all those strike teams. you were there the first night when it was crazy and the winds were going crazy. i'm curious, when did they deploy the strike teams from other areas throughout california? 24 hours? 48 hours? house a they deploy? >> reporter: we introduced you to three of the groups here. there are more than three. there are maybe seven different cities and agencies. a couple
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said they were dispatched almost immediately sunday night. about the time people here were scrambling. another group, i believe it was a pasadena group, i could be wrong, he said he got here 1.5 hours ago. i think, this is been an unfolding rolling deployment from across the west coast. we mentioned the group done here from the puget sound area. >> thank you so much and think you to the strike teams as well. it's extraordinary when you hear the numbers. 57,000 5700 buildings destroyed. 5% of the housing stock in santa rosa, 5% is gone. $1.2 billion in damage. 5700 buildings gone. in the 1906 earthquake, because of the fire in the city, 28,000 buildings went up in smoke. what you imagine the most damaged per capita city was in 1906? santa rosa. almost completely level. tonight the focus of a firestorm. unfortunately, the red flag
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warnings set to expire this afternoon have been extended through 8:00 tomorrow morning because of the crackling dry conditions. single digit -- single digit humidity during the day and low humidity at night will elevate the fire threat. wine country fires, the current conditions are warm. 80 degrees where wilson was. humidity 21%. sonoma 27. -- 77. the winds continue to power the smoke offshore, north of the golden gate. as we pointed out, south of the golden gate we had blue skies. even as air quality suffers to hazardous levels. high pressure is building an over the pacific northwest. low pressure kicking up the winds overnight is being booted to the east. it will warm, dry, and be cooler by tuesday. tomorrow the numbers get bumped. air quality is still bad. the worst in the north bay. unhelpful but not as unhelpful, further up in the east and
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south bay. the worth 1000 words part. 75 degrees in oakland. san francisco it's 76. that arose at 76. the winds in the futurecast, many reporting calm conditions. by 2 am, generally light winds. that is good news, even better is the fact that by later in the week we could get a >> or two in the north bay. that would help. but in the meantime, temperatures warm into the 80s. air quality suffers. sunny and warm for tuesday. chance of rain on thursday. i say this by only -- there is a football game tomorrow. oakland digging on the chargers. 1:25 the afternoon. forecast tomorrow, 84 at concorde. oakland 81. in the extended forecast, going to be looking at the warmest day of the week tomorrow. monday will be warm but by tuesday trough begins to
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carveout high pressure on the west coast and numbers begin to fall. even by late wednesday. or early thursday, favoring the north bay, maybe a few showers will fall as well. the couldn't be better is it to the ears of any firefighter than that news. speaking of sports. this air quality, there was talk of not playing this raiders chargers game. i have the latest on that one coming up. and, what does that all mean for the cornerback? -- quarterback? my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at
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together, we're building a better california.
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sunday is a "go". they'll tee it up at 1:25 here on kpix- last night was cal and stanford, today the charger -- than the charger reader game. it is a go. 1:25 right here on kpix5. quarterback derek carr was supposed to miss to make six weeks with two fractures in his back, is going to be center. although, it sounds like he is not going to be 100%. >> it just hurts. there is nothing much more to it. it hurts. but it's not like anything, if you take a hit i'm worried. it's not like i am worried. it's one of those things you have to deal with. just like everyone in the nfl. >> yesterday, the 49ers released bowman after attempts by the team to trade the eight-year
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veteran at his request. a major fan favorite. one of the few remaining from the 2013 super bowl team did not like his diminished playing time and role as the teams run oriented defense. a direct result of major injuries the last couple of seasons. that is a loss in the locker room. >> it's tough man. we spent a lot of time together. our families have spent a lot of time together. navarro bowman he is playing an elite level. is going to do that where he goes. >> this is the fun decision. it's one i would love to avoid. this is hard. >> baseball, wait a minute, nba stars. chris paul place for the rockets, against the yankees -- 13 strikeouts in front of his fiancie. kate upton. she like that and shall like
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this. tied it one ditch, career found the gap, wholesale to me, a fast man. -- a walkoff win for the astros. to make one and they leave the series 2 games i, zero. back here the beat down of number 8 washington state. up and over and into the end zone for a touchdown. the first win over a top 10 team since 2003. ross bowers , his mom is a gymnastics coach and then helped. >> that she get credit? >> of course. she said the same thing, why didn't you do a double? >> that's in. that's ross. you look and say what are you thinking? and then you want to hug him because he plays with guts.
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>> 15 point underdog -- bowers did in high school. up and over to win a game. he is an acrobatic guy. thinks to mom. >> absolutely. air coverage of the wine country coverage, the nuns fire is threatening santa rosa and sonoma. more houses burned down in sonoma today. coming up in a live report we will see the dramatic firefight along the sonoma hillside. adding insult to injury, the steps taken to keep fire victims safe from scammers.
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destructive and deadly wildfires rage in wine country.
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40 people have been killed. as flames scorch over 170- thou bay. destructive and deadly wildfires raging through wine country. 40 people have been killed as flames scorch 170,000 acres. destroying at least 5700 homes and businesses. forcing 100,000 people out of their homes. >> the biggest problem areas, the nuns fire which expanded on two fronts overnight, oakmont on the north and and near sonoma to the south. that is where a handful of homes burned this morning. shifting winds pushed the flames into at least three residences. >> we go now to da lin. >> reporter: brian, this is one of the houses that burned down earlier this morning. there's not a lot left. another house burned down next would. because of windy conditions overnight, the fire picked up
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strength overnight. the flames that started high in the hills made their way to the valley floor. i saw a strike team saving a winery this morning. they were putting out the flames burning at the front entrance. that was just lucky for that property. if those firefighters, they happen to drive past the structure and noticed the fire. not every property is so lucky. flames destroyed multiple houses. there was a house that was destroyed on half-moon street. a ruptured gas line kept the flames going even though there was nothing left to burn. >> it's heartbreaking. we work really hard to keep it out. weather throws us a monkey wrench. >> it keeps changing. it gets windy, then it slows down, then it gets windy, then it flows down. >> firefighters used bulldozers
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to cut fire breaks hoping to cut off fuel for the marching flames. in the air we saw nonstop water drops. the pilots would hover above the hotspots, bring the choppers to the lowest points and douse the flames with pinpoint accuracy. by late afternoon the hard work paid off. saw a lot less flames and more white smoke. you can see right there, still some flames burning. firefighters will let the hotspots burnout. there is not a lot left of this house. we don't know how many houses burned this morning in sonoma. i saw at least three myself in this neighborhood. a cbs radio colleague told me earlier he saw a few more up in the hills. it's fair to say we are talking about at least three, most likely a few more. live in sonoma, i'm da lin kpix5. here's the latest on containment. the nuns fire has burned 46,000
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acres and is now 10% contained. the pocket fire scorched 11,000 acres with 5% containment. crews are making good progress on the 35,000 acre tubs fire -- tubbs fire now 44% contained. the atlas fire is at 45% containment. the weather conditions show we have red flag warnings posted in one country with winds at least having calmed down. the red flag warnings were expected to expire tonight. but because the humidity is going to be so low, they were extended through medium. the good news is that while the temperatures are coming up, the humidity at least will stabilize and the winds are easing off. we will have a complete look at the forecast in a few minutes. the other big area of concern this evening, santa rosa's oakmont neighborhood. home to about 4500 people. community had been under siege for days and the fire flared up again this morning.
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katie nielsen joins us live from oakmont there are some communication concerns going on. katie? >> reporter: that's right. we are here on highway 12. right now there are two fire friends fires -- firefighters are worried about. if you look to the south we are heading toward kenwood and what you're looking at is sugarloaf ridge. that thick plume of smoke, that is a fire that just picked up in the last 30-40 minutes. the big concern is the communications tower. there is a relay tower at the top of the ridge line that is essential for firefighters with radio communications. it is currently being threatened by the fire. we have video from chopper five or you can see aircraft are making multiple retardant drops, trying to protect the
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communications tower. again, cal fire is saying that that is something they need to have in place, it is currently being threatened by the fire that just flared up as an arm of the nuns fire on the northern and in sugarloaf ridge state park. here's what cal fire had to say. >> it helps us communicate with our radios in different parts of the valley. it could be a blow to our communication system. >> reporter: they were seeing flames in that sugarloaf state park area burning as high as 200 feet in the air. what you're looking at now is the other area of concern. this is coming down off of hood mountain regional park. this is what is threatening the eastern edge of the oakmont neighborhood. crews have been out here all day. it flared up earlier this morning with a strong wind, creating a spot fire off the nuns fire. there are some homes, structures, barnes, up in the hills. as well as a juvenile detention facility. have been told bulldozers and
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hand crews are vector as well as different water trucks making sure they are protecting the structures. to feel confident right now, that they should not have any structure damage. there hoping that the fire, if it burns down the hill will burn itself out. they think they've created strong enough fire lines to keep it contained. again, because of the amount of fire burning right now, especially in the hills above kenmore, firefighters are not taking any chances. they have not lost any structures in this area this morning. since the evacuation orders were issued. crews will be in place all- night. the sun just went down which means the aerial attacks for the day are just about to come to an end. it's up to the hand crews in the bulldozers to work the night shift. live in oakmont, katie nielsen, kpix5. tonight governor jerry brown says he is never seen anything like it. never a more destructive
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wildfire in his life. the governor has been around since 1938. he toured the damage in sonoma county along with senators feinstein and harris. >> i can say that this is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedies california has ever faced. devastation is unbelievable. it's a horror no one could imagine. >> jackie ward was at the community briefing. she tells us evacuation -- they're getting frustrated. >> of course they are. hundreds packed santa rosa high school. many have been in shelters since sunday or monday because a lot of them have lost their homes. there was a wide range of emotions. anger about alleged lack of emergency notifications, to confusion about how to start rebuilding their life. janine is one of the hundreds of people across sonoma county
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whose home is now ash. >> our home is gone. but my family got out. they got out. the animals got out. the cat was found 48 hours later. she wasn't home when the fire started but her fianci was with the dogs. fianci called the fire department as soon as she started coming up the ridge. >> they said there was no evacuation. you are fine. >> reporter: within 20 minutes -- >> she was driving through flames running for her life. >> reporter: she says her home is less than one mile from a fire station. >> they wouldn't come because they said, we don't have a truck driver. >> reporter: sonoma county officials say the best way to be notified of emergencies is to sign up for the alert. she says she has signed up but didn't get evacuation notices until six at 25 tuesday night. if it wasn't for the heroic actions of her neighbor, her family wouldn't have survived. >> we live acres apart.
6:38 pm
and they were going door to door through the neighborhood while the fires were goading that's going. >> reporter: the point of contention is the fact that she has to pay a $180 fire prevention tax allegedly because she lives in a rule neighborhood. she points out, she lives less than one mile from a fire station. the fires have destroyed 5700 homes and businesses across one country. reports are coming in about scams. color say they can help negotiate with insurance and may ask for personal information. >> one of the things that comes in in the wake of disasters is scam artists flooding to try to take advantage of grieving victims. we have a law that prohibits for example public adjusters from coming in until seven days after the evacuation order is lifted.
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>> the state insurance commission urges people to call the department for help dealing with insurance companies. if you would like to contribute to the fire relief effort you can donate to the red cross by calling the number on your screen are going to still to come, an apocalyptic seen in one burned out santa rosa neighborhood. where the mail was coming to homes that weren't there. a scrambled to save several wineries in the fires path.
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on the front lines in sonoma county.. battling these relentless an army of more than 10,000 firefighters from all over are on the front lines of sonoma county battling relentless flames. >> wilson walker spent the day in the oakmont neighborhood of santa rosa. i am sure, they must be exhausted by now. >> reporter: yes, just an update
6:42 pm
on what we left you with last time. this is what successful firefighting looks like. essentially, nicking a spot where they let something burn. burning up into the trees. this stretch of woods is completely expendable. the effort earlier was to save the buildings behind us, the big air tanker drop we should you effectively did that. this is just an effort to keep these flames in here. as for the exhaustion, if you drive maybe five minutes here for the juvenile justice center there is an area where firefighters have set up camp to relax a little. there is a bunch of folks sprawled on the lawn catching sleep. lord knows, they certainly need it. >> you showed us the ground crews earlier. what happens with the firefight toward evening. are they out there right now? >> reporter: yes. they were throwing water on
6:43 pm
here. there are a bunch of crews, you can't see them through the smoke and darkness of the woods, but there are a bunch of folks out there in the woods making sure that the fire doesn't burn in a direction they don't want it to burn in. they were putting water on here. i think they decided this was pretty much not going to go any direction that they are concerned about. it's not so much putting the fire out, it's managing and containing it and getting it in a spot where it's not going to do too much damage. it's obviously getting dark. the air attack is winding down. i can see one last spotter plane, i think that's working on the fire katie was showing you south of us. the folks here said they lost resources, they moved resources over that fire because of critical infrastructure which is the radio tower. it's a complicated thing of moving fillings this moving folks around they are needed.
6:44 pm
and doing the best with what they have. as it gets darker that gets more complicated. >> did you get the sense anytime today that maybe they think they have turned the corner on this? >> reporter: you know, that is hard to say. i think so. this was a new fire. a new start. an offshoot of the nuns fire. it was spectacular to watch them control it. but nothing like what we saw about one week ago. they have so many folks out here. they are working on the fires. i am listening to your weather reports in my ear when we are not talking to you, and it seems like, if they can make it through a couple of days without bad weather, maybe we are winding this down? maybe? i don't think anyone is getting optimistic or getting ahead of themselves.
6:45 pm
this is something that is unfolding across the region. i keep going back to how hard it is to wrap your head around the scale of it all. the scope of it all. the distance involved in the number of people involved. this might just be something that takes a long time to wind down. >> they will be out there for quite a while. thank you so much for your report and showing us about the teams throughout california and what they're doing. another winery almost consumed by flames. you can see the fire known as the castle. east of santa rosa. our cameras captured water drops on the property that appeared to spare the one country showpiece. to the southeast another property endangered. california's oldest winery, linda vista, threatened by flames. firefight to save it and the structures around it. >> reporter: this is what it looks like when fire is your
6:46 pm
ally. and this is what it looks like when it's not. when it's your worst enemy banging on your door in the middle of the night. the two fires, one intentionally set and the other not, reflect shifting winds and reality of the firefight in the hills above sonoma. a >> the winds worked in our favor yesterday. about 1 am they surfaced and switched. >> reporter: when they did, the blaze the firefighters tried to cage, with bulldozers, backfires, escaped. sending red-hot embers on homes, businesses that had survived the onslaught like these homes on castle road. >> by the grace of god i stand here healthy. >> he evacuated his house on sunday. he was preparing to leave again as the fire flared up overnight. >> our major concern was keeping the fire out of sonoma. protecting the structures in the town of sonoma.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: firefighters waged a fierce battle to save the buena vista winery, the oldest in all of california. flames blackened the hillside before being stopped at the winery's door. at the neighboring bartholomew park winery, they were on the offensive sitting backfires to robert of fuel. -- to rob it of fuel. >> there are people i have never met and whose names i may or may not know, for whom i am immensely grateful. >> kpix5. we have some good news to pass along. we are told kaiser medical center in santa rosa could reopen anytime. has been closed since early monday morning in the nearby tubbs fire forced evacuation of everyone inside. earlier this week a drone photographer got the security shot of the postal truck delivering mail in the burned out coffee park neighborhood in
6:48 pm
santa rosa. tonight the postal service is holding mail for people in the evacuation zones. customers in the 950 -- 95409 zip code can pick up mail on second street. the office -- 95403. customers from several other areas can pick up their mail at the casagrande post office in petaluma. we are still nowhere near out of the woods with these fires. were going to have a live update just ahead. meanwhile, encouraging signs in the skies. dramatic improvement in air quality. just the past 24 hours. >> what a difference the day can make.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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the smoke still think... thick and flames still flaring in spots. this fire alone has burned more than 46-thousand acres.. and is just 10- percent contained at this hour. above the nuns fire, the smoke is thick and flames are flaring in spots. the fire has burned more than 46,000 acres. it is 10% contained at this hour. the
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. next these conditions we get precipitation that would be great. would be cautiously optimistic that the firefighters will have more success against containment. >> at the first time we have heard positive news. thank you so much for your time. we will touch base later on. thank you to all of you. the silver lining in fact may turn out to be a cloud. there might be some light showers coming in by wednesday night or thursday morning. in the meantime, the numbers as we look over the smoke, created by the fire, it's looking like temperatures are still on the warm side. check out this time-lapse, smoke rising from the fire near oakmont. the ash has been a huge problem. there has been a significant improvement.
6:55 pm
check out the comparison, this is the view over the bay bridge yesterday, today, the sky is a bright blue. this was the cloudy view of the tower today, much clearer. south bay we saw smoky air settling in. today it's much better. as we look at the sun sink into the west, the sunset a few minutes ago. temperatures are warm. it will be warmer tomorrow. the humidity will be low. the winds, the big factor, will finally calm down. the peak this afternoon. they will subside tonight. the humidity will plummet and that is why red flag warnings are in effect until 8 am. the temperatures will climb tomorrow, the 80s. there is the shower chance coming in late wednesday into early thursday. there's not a chance of much, but we will take what we can get.'s high pressure builds in the temperatures warm up.
6:56 pm
things will be cooler by tuesday as air quality suffers. here's what we are expecting in the weather department. sunny and warm through tuesday, with major headlines, a chance of rain late wednesday and early thursday. in the meantime, tomorrow 87 in santa rosa. 86 san jose. 78 san francisco. extended forecast calls for warm weather to continue through monday. we finally begin to cool off tuesday. clouds increase wednesday. cooling the latter half of the week. that is good news. we will have more after a break.
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♪ country wildfires continues on cbs- sf-dot-com. we'll also bring you live updates.. if the situation worsens. we'll see you back here at 11. thank you for joining us. are coverage continues on
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