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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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wine country wildfires, the death toll at 40 and it's expected to grow. 223 people still missing, 5700 homes and businesses lost. that's not including the homes that burn today. 100,000 people are evacuated. good evening. >> before we get to the fire lines i wanted to show you this video that came in. the berkeley fire department just released this, it shows cruise responding early monday morning. this is just minutes after the first report of the first fires. this is one of the first things they rolled up on, the santa rosa kmart that burned to the ground. they did not stop because they say they could tell they had no chance to save it. moments later they drive past the gas station that is fully engulfed. the driver of the engine said he could feel the heat from the building all the way inside the
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cab. cruise and up in a copy park neighborhood after hundreds of homes caught fire in a small -- in the small hours of monday morning. you can hear the crew described the destruction, they were completely in awe of the fact that the neighborhood had been wiped out. six days later, this is how the day started. wins pick up overnight -- winds picked up overnight, starting flareups and another round of evacuations. the scene looked eerily similar to monday morning when the fires first got started. this is what this morning's activity led to, more burned- out homes. they are not releasing an exact number of the destruction but cruise in the field counted three homes that were destroyed today. by this afternoon the winds were much, but you can see from chopper five that claims were so creeping up some of the steep hillsides and sonoma
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county. despite the challenges containment when up a little while ago from 10-15%. there are two big trouble spots tonight. to the south, claims got very close to the city of sonoma and to the north, santa rosa's oakmont neighborhood got another scare and that is where katie nielsen is tonight, leading off our team coverage. >> we are actually just off highway 12 if you take a look back behind me, you can see the flames. this is a trolled -- a controlled burn that they are doing and between hud mountain regional park and the oakmont neighborhood. they want to try to ensure that the fire that started this morning, this spot fire does not push down and threaten the homes. firefighters are working through the night to contain fires kicked up by this morning.
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>> their own variable wins,'s -- steep terrain, it's all adding to it. >> reporter: a new fire threatened the eastern edge of oakmont off pythian road. cruz spent most of the day fighting the fire with drops from helicopters. as the sun set on the valley, another fire concern, this time a few miles south on highway 12 near kenwood in the sugarloaf ridge state park. the biggest threat, a radio repeater tower that is part of their communication system. >> repeater sites are key for communications. they are trying to stop the fire from damaging the tower. flames shot 200 feet in the air.
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>> that is what causes us to worry, if the wins pick up, they will throw embers further away. >> reporter: they are trying to keep this arm off the valley for -- floor and away from the fires and kenwood. they are letting it run north across the eastern side of the hills until flames and helicopters can start attacking it from the air at sunrise. >> it steep terrain, that's the only resource we could use until we can get access by road or other means. >> reporter: we are now in the middle of the night crew the, that means hand crews from cal fire as far as ways seattle. bulldozers are cutting lines because those attacks cannot start again until the sun comes up. tonight, one of the best defenses is starting another fire. these are the backfires that cal fire started trying to clear away any of the brush, grasses, leads, anything that
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has fallen in this area that could create a firestorm environment where embers could be blown around throughout the night and into the neighborhood. the cold tonight, to control these fires and keep everything quiet until they can start working on them by air again tomorrow morning. the big factor tonight and overnight in the small hours will be whether or not the wins pick up, the latest on the conditions show the temperatures are cooling-off, humidity coming up but after midnight tonight, the wins are forecasted to kick up to 20-30 miles per hour and it will be from a dry directions of the humidity will remain low overnight, red flag warnings have been initiated overnight. in the longer term, there is fantastic news. it looks as if showers will return to the bay area for the first time in months coming in sometime late wednesday or
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thursday. i will have the details on the forecast. they will not arrive in time to be down the nuns fire that has been keeping cruise busy to the southeast. flames came within a mile and a half of downtown, firefighters were able to save some wineries but they could not save all of the buildings in the fire path. >> the point that started in the hills make their way down to the valley for. it's more populated. >> reporter: this strike team saved this winery on laval valley road. they happen to drive past a structure and noticed the fire. not every property is so lucky. flames destroyed multiple houses , including this one. a ruptured gas line kept the flames howling even though there is nothing left to burn. >> it's heartbreaking because we work really hard to try to keep it outta here.
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whether we have to throw this as monkeywrench. >> reporter: intense firefighting throughout the day, on the ground, firefighters use bulldozers to cut fire breaks hoping to cut off any fuel for the marching claims. >> it just keeps changing. it's wendy, slows down, wendy, then slows down. >> reporter: in the air, non- stop water drops. they continuously dump water. pilots would hover above the hotspot right where the choppers go to the lowest point to douse the flames with pinpoint accuracy. by late afternoon the hard work paid off. we saw less flames and more white meals a sign that the stubborn fire was giving up. >> we don't know how many houses burned down today, i saw three in this neighborhood.
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a colleague saw more up in the hills. some of the fires are reporting a jump in containment, the redwood complex fire is 35% contained, the pocket fire near geyserville is 15% contained and the atlas fire in napa county is 48 percent contained. we showed you this video of berkeley firefighters responding to the coffee park neighborhood the night the fire broke out. now, a week later some of the evacuees whose homes did not burn are being allowed back in. our team coverage continues. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people remain evacuated in the north bay tonight. some here in santa rosa, finally got to come home tonight. after days of wondering if their house was still there. this is the corner of san miguel
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avenue in santa rosa at the edge of the coffee park neighborhood. only piles of ash and blinking utility props remain, memories and lives were built here. just a two minute drive away, since this house. normalcy is returning for brian and form of sweeping out gutters filled with leaves and ash. brian, his wife and his cat evacuated early monday morning. >> we walked outside and the sky is going. it was completely surreal. >> reporter: the story is the same for these remakes. >> you could see the red, you couldn't quite see flames but you could see the red fire blowing and every once in a while something would blow up
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and light up the whole sky. you would hear explosions going off. >> i remember coming outside and there was actually a couple who was all out of sorts, it was weird to see people on the sidewalk that late at night. the lady was on her phone telling her dad that her house had burned down. >> reporter: they all evacuated, not knowing what they would return to. >> basically i grabbed my mountain bike and -- i really like cooking so i grabbed kitchen knives and stuff. a few other things and i got out of here.>> i grabbed a lot of clothes and my computer tower and that's pretty much it. >> reporter: they are all grateful to have survived the storm and to still have a home to go home to. >> that's things, we worked to get all these things and all the time and energy that it represents but what it was is that my wife and i are safe so
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our cats are as well. >> reporter: among them, the fact that the pg and e lines, come through the coffee park neighborhoods, most have been damaged by the fires, gas remains a problem where i am standing tonight. saving california's oldest winery, details on the teamwork between local firefighters and out-of-state crews. this, one of the new fires that erupted today and sonoma county, crews tackling it by hand and an inside look at how firefighters from across the west coast are tackling fires like this one. >> this is one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedies that california has ever faced.>> governor brown and senators tour the wine country.
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county today... along with california's two u-s senators. x-5's jack governor brown toured the damage today, along with two u.s. senators. as jackie ward explains they promise financial a system to prior victims. >> reporter: at a community meeting, hundreds were there to get answers and expressed concern. one of those people was janine marston, she lives in the bennett ridge neighborhood with her fianci, their two dogs and cats. she was not home when the fire started but her fianci was. she called the fire department as soon as she heard that flames were coming up the ridge.
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>> they were told there is no evacuation, don't worry, you are fine. >> reporter: within 20 minutes -- >> she was driving through flames, running for her life. >> reporter: now their home is ash. they all vowed to help people like janine get their lives back to normal.>> this is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedy that california has ever faced. the devastation is unbelievable, it's a horror that no one could've imagined. >> in terms of money, we will put our heads together. i'm an appropriate are and i will go back and see what we can't do to beef up the accounts to get more money. >> reporter: one problem is the fact that the federal government doesn't recognize wildfires as natural disasters. for the purposes of fema funding.
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>> we need to correct that because what ends up happening is the forrester service doesn't have the resources to deal with this. >> reporter: and tell they get the disaster aid they need, they will hold on to what they do have. >> our home is gone but my family got out, they got out. >> reporter: another point of contention is the fact that she pays a 119 dollar prevention tax, she lives less than a mile from a fire station and can see a fire hydrant from her home. 10,000 firefighters and 900 engines have come from all over to battle flames. wilson walker spent the day with them as they fought to save the oakmont ever had. >> we feel like we are in a good spot, we have a great water supply. we will try to make a stand and see if we can protect these structures.
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>> reporter: a battle waged on sonoma's wild country. leading the fight on the southern flank, captain clark of the pasadena fire department, managing this crew and watching the wind. >> a couple things we're looking at is what the aspect of the field is doing, what we are getting dropping on us is an indication of where the fire is going. >> reporter: on the northern flank, a strike team led by jim mccoy. >> as far as backing down the canon -- canyon, the fire could generate a lot of heat. >> reporter: in the middle, jon johnson and his crew from washington. >> we have a fire coming backing down the hill. >> reporter: they stormed through trees and brush, clear
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debris, be done flames that seem to spring up in all directions, all while the calvary pallet that pounded away from the skies above. >> they are above us, when they do we know it's getting close. >> reporter: the helicopter attack is as about as relentless as the fire itself. it's being pulled out of this pond like helicopters and this of course requires precise coordination with all the men and women who are fighting the fire back on the hillside. >> that's the way it has to be, the air resources can hurt us, everyone has to know what's going on and what the other crews are doing. >> reporter: this of course, one of the fires unfolding across the region. just one of the ad hoc teams of
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firefighters assembled from across the western united states and around the world. just one small peak of a catastrophe that refuses to burn itself out. where are you up from? i am from -- >> santa maria, we are long ways from home. >> reporter: things were coming up and helping. as the sun sets in oakmont, it is now hand-to-hand combat with the flames that are rolling through this field, crews will be here through the night making sure the progress they made on this fire today is not lost in the overnight hours. it might be before morning before we know how much success they had. we will switch from the immediate effect of the wins to the air quality, better today but it will still be on the unhealthy level tomorrow.
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all the levels forecasted to be unhealthy, worse in the north bay than the rest of the bay. reason things improved south of the golden gate ridge as we had that offshore flow that powered the smart plume -- smoke plume, instead of south and east into parts of the rest of the bay area. things cleared up unless of course you are close to the fires. down to 58 degrees in concord, 62 san francisco, high-pressure building over the pacific northwest which will warm things up tomorrow by 5 degrees, it dries out and the winds remain from a dry direction, they will pick up at the higher elevations and after midnight from 20-30 miles per hour. the temperatures will warm, the air quality suffers and it will be sunny and warm through tuesday but the headline in all of this is the chance of rain in the bay area could it be better. it will come in early thursday and perhaps linger into friday,
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not a huge soaker, but indications are it will happen. thursday lingering into friday morning. just to change the topic momentarily, raters taking on the charges, broadcasted on channel 5, it will be hazy. 78 in san francisco tomorrow, 81 degrees in oakland. sunny skies over in the east bay, sunshine and haze and of course in the north bay there will be smoke, hazy sunshine in santa rosa tomorrow, not good the fact the numbers are coming up and the humidity is going down. in santa rosa, 87 degrees does not help. 84 novato, 86 sonoma. extended forecast a little bit of a warming trend tomorrow and monday before temperatures begin to fall tuesday. then things fundamentally change. wednesday, increasing clouds
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leading to a chance by early thursday of rain. over spreading the bay area and that will be a 90 -- mighty shot in the arm. we hope it will hold together. winds pick up after midnight, 20-30 miles per hour, not good but there is rain on the horizon. first up, scrambled to save the winery and the state will have that in sports with burn, up next.
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hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. thanks to hard-working firefighters. tonight, a historic winery is standing things to hard- working firefighters.>> you can see how close it came to this building known as the cancel.
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to the southeast, california's oldest winery one vista was threatened by flames. the nuns fire got close but thanks to teamwork from local and out-of-state crews, the winery was left unscathed. time for sports, let's turn things over to vern to lighten the mood. that is what i am here for. you have the best out of oregon but at what cost? the nations leading rusher and heisman front runner rice love gave every cardinal fan a scare at stanford stadium. what we know about the status of this back, after this. cbs eye on the community...
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runner. we have the dodgers, kershaw is ready against the cubs and al mora jr. took kershaw the distance. they went 2-0. bottom of the 6th , this one is not coming back. solo broke the tie in the dodgers went on to win game-1. james harden, the houston rockets supporting the astros, a lcs. 13 strikeouts in nine innings against the yankees. his fiancie loved that. the game was tied, come on down the throw is late. that is how the astros win in a walkoff fashion, 2-1 as they leave the series 2-0. the
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men of teal, against the new york islanders and they had no answers. brock nelson broke a one tie, highlanders three, sharks 1. we will be back.
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morning at seven- tonight - the death toll... is now at 40... and we have one last update on the wildfires burning, death toll is at 40 and expected to grow. 223 people still missing, 5700 homes and businesses lost in that is not including the homes that burn today. 100,000 people have been evacuated. we will have complete coverage tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, news and what -- weather updates on for now, good night. ♪
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