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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 15, 2017 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs nation," president trump disavows the iran nuclear deal and moves to up end the nation's health care system. the president made good this week on his promise to unravel his predecessor's legacy bucking the advice of some of his top national security advisors by refusing to certify iran's part in making good on ir nuclear commitment. >> we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear break down. >> dickerson: mr. trump's other target, obamacare ending payments to insurance companies that help lower income americans afford health care. >> i just keep hearing repeal, replace, repeal, replace. well, we're starting that process is. >> dickerson: we'll hear from secretary of state rex tillerson who has to lobby congress and
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u.s. allies plus manage strained relationship with his boss. our elizabeth palmer is in take ran and spoke with iranian foreign minister. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also joins us. south republican senator lindsey graham will be here as well as astro not scott kelly whose book is about the ups and downs of being in space. all ahead on "face the nation." good morning, welcome to "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. president trump's threat to pull out iran nuclear deal and international agreement made two years ago with iran and five other countries unlessee ran meets certain new conditions, has sent shock waves around the world. we'll marry from all side but we start with secretary of state, rex tillerson. welcome, mr. secretary. he said that you didn't give the iranians a head up, why not.
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>> we had an exchange on the margins of the u.n. general assembly meeting he had a good sense of where this decision would likely go. but we did speak with all the other signatories to the joint commission plan of action, iran nuclear agreement to ensure that they understood exactly the decision the president was taking. >> . dickerson: if you're trying to get iran to change and agree to some new terms or maybe you're not, why not talk to him? you know how these negotiations work. >> i think the time will come when we do need to engage with iran. we want tone sure, though, that our friend and allies and other parties to the nuclear agreement have great clarity around the president's policy which is far beyond just the nuclear agreement. this iran policy really has three important elements to it and the president outlined all of those in his speech. one of the unfortunate aspects of our relations with iran over the last several years has been to find almost entirely by this nuclear agreement to the exclusion of so many other
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issues that we need to deal with, with iran. part of this conversation is to deal with the nuclear arrangement but also deal with the broader issues that concern us. >> dickerson: with the european allies, the other signatories, but they say you do in two different parts. the way we did with soviets, negotiate on nuclear, lock in games there then work on the other things. passed sanctions against iran over the summer. you work that other channel but don't jeopardize what you've got locked in on this agreement. why are they wrong? >> well, they're not wrong. in fact that's exactly what the president's decision i think reflects is that the president has said, we're going to decertify under the iranian review act, this is a domestic law, not decertification under the nuclear agreement that involves the multi-lateral parties but he is i think to iran and other partners there are serious flaws in this agreement. everyone acknowledges that. he would like to get congress to give us their sense of this issue so we have a strong voice,
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a strong unified voice once and for all representing the american position which then allows us to engage with friends and allies and other signatories around how do we address these gaps and threes flaws in this nuclear agreement. >> dickerson: if congress doesn't act, don't get the 60 votes, what happens? is that what the president was saying? >> there are three options now that congress has. congress can do nothing in which case everything maintains its status quo, it will be up to the president then to decide how does he want to motivate addressing the gaps in this issue. as we've discussed this under the jcpon the nuclear agreement may be that we're not able to reopen that agreement with everyone being willing to play but it doesn't mean we cannot undertake negotiations to address areas of concern which are the ballistic missile program, the sunset provisions, expired provisions, perhaps lay second agreement down alongside of this agreement. >> dickerson: you'd keep the original. what i'm trying to fix on here sounded like the end of his remarks he said a hamster going
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to come down if there's no action from congress this first agreement is done, u.s. is out. is that a misunderstanding or is that the message? >> i think the president is being very clear, not just to the congress but being very clear to iran, to the other signa for rees of the agreement as well. that if we cannot see movement, if we don't see some encourage. that we're going to address these then there's no reason to stay in. he has every intention of walking out. >> dickerson: what message did this send to the nor koreans, you're in the middle of trying to get them to the table, they look at this, they looked at the libya example where lib gentleman gave up, why aren't they going to think i'm not going to engage with somebody who will change their mind. >> would be rich to take that position. we had a similar agreement in place where north koreans buck in the 19 0s look exactly like if iranian agreement. you can see what it's led. to where we find ourselves today. the message to the north koreans is, we have a policy towards north korea's nuclear program, the same as chinese, same as the
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russians, same as the regional players, there will be denyinglized korean peninsula. any agreement with the north koreans is going to be very different agreement than the kind that we've dealing with with iran. >> dickerson: they argued that congress undercut the agreement. let me ask you about north korea they did not test a missile on the 10th of october, is that a big signal? >> we'll wait and see. i think that was a big anniversary date for them, we know we had the chinese party congress about to get underway this week, there are any number of events in the past they have undertaken some type of provocative act. we'll watch, we'll wait, we'll see. we also listen to their public pronouncements as well. >> dickerson: let me ask you about your relationship with the president, lot of talk about it. senator bob corker, president of the foreign relations committee, somebody you're working with on the iran agreement not a person known for saying just anything that comes into his head. has said two things, last week he said that you were not being
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supported in the way that he hoped secretary of state would be supported. this week he put a finer point said you're being publicly castrated by the president. what is going on here? >> well, i think the -- the way the president operates in terms of causing action under his foreign policy decisions, also his domestic policy decisions, some times people have a -- there r they ever challenged. when i comes to north korean policy or whether comes with iranian policy or recent south asian policy there is absolute alignment between the state department, the other departments in the cabinet and the president's objectives. the president is very unconventional person as we all know in terms of how he communicates, how he likes to create action forcing events. the president often takes steps to force an action when he feels things are just not moving. >> dickerson: what senator corker saying that action forcing events comes at your expense when you're trying to deal with other countries and they see you being undermined is corker totally off base sneer.
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>> what i would say with respect to the example you gave with the chinese, we have very, very good communication, open channels with the president. president has a great relationship with the president, i have a great relationship with the state counselor, there is a clarity around what we are attempting to do with north korea and working with china to achieve the outcome of north korea that we all want. there's no confusion among the people that matter. >> dickerson: cork is he confused about how this work? >> the appearance much it certainly looks like there's sometimes disunity. every -- lot of work on our part to coordinate these efforts so that we are clearly driving toward the objective which is denying rised north korea. >> if people on the outside need to speak for the president, there are also people nervous about everything that is happening in the world they want the president to get clear advice from his advisor they don't want fight in the dug out are you able to tell the president what is on your mind have the president listen to you and maybe change his mind? >> one of the relationship
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issues i value is that the president wants to know what i think. and so i always present my view of that and sometimes that's a view. president listens to all that have, takes all that information in, sometimes involves numerous conversations, for him to come to -- which i think is a very appropriate way to proceed on issues that are as important as these. but i have complete freedom to express my views to the president and he listens to those views. >> dickerson: change his mind? >> we don't agree on everything. yes, sometimes he changes his mind. and whatever he decides, though, he's the president of the united states, i will work as hard as i can to implement his decisions successfully. >> dickerson: does he believe you're wasting your time talking with -- trying to talk with north korea, what he said, i should say. >> he supports our diplomatic efforts. we're going to maintain those as i have commented to others. our diplomat i can efforts will continue until the first bomb is dropped. >> dickerson: the other alternative is that you're
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playing good develop bad cop. that you're the good cop, the president is being the bad cop that's a strategy, but isn't it a little dangerous when you're doing with north korea. >> not one we're going to share with anyone. as the president has said. no intention to signal to people what his next step will be, he's not going to give them advance warning of what his next action will be. i think that makes it very effective. >> dickerson: mr. secretary, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure, john. dickerson: we turn now to cbs news correspondent elizabeth palm who are is in take ran spoke exclusively saturday with iran's top diplomat, foreign minister muhammad zarif. >> we were invited to the foreign ministry here in take ran where dr. zarif underlined five other countries besides u.s. has signed the iranian nuclear deal. no plat matter what the white house did, all five remain firmly committed to it. >> this is not a bilateral treaty between iran are and
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united states. whatever domestic politic he wants to do, that's his business. the united states is member of the security. if it's not going to uphold a resolution that not only voted for it but, then credibility of the institution that the united states considers to be very important. nobody else would trust any u.s. administration to engage in any long-term negotiation because the length of any commitment from now on with any u.s. administration would be reminder of the term that have president. >> are you thinking of any kind of country in particular right now? >> i'm thinking of the entire -- not north korea? >> well, including north korea. but the entire international
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community. you see this administration is withdrawing from everything. somebody called it the doctrine for this administration, withdrawing from nafta, withdrawing from transpacific partnership. withdrawing from everything. so people cannot trust any more the word of the united states. you see in order to bring united states on board on many of these international agreements, a lot of people make a lot of concessions. nobody is going to make any concessions with the united states because they know that the next president will come back say it wasn't enough. >> let us say that donald trump eventually does pull the u.s. out of the agreement unilaterally. will you stay in with the europeans, russia and china and make it work with them alone? >> if one party withdrawals from the deal, particularly the united states, and starts
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impacting the most important elements of the deal then iran will decide. >> you're not going to commit now to staying in if the u.s. pulls -- >> we have committed ourselves not to be the first party to withdraw from this. >> but that's it? >> provided that our economic dividend that have been enshrined in this deal are respected and iran continues to receive those dividends. once iran does not receive those dividend then it will be totally different situation. >> secretary red tillerson called around late in the day yesterday to give various allies and world leaders a heads up about what was to come, did he call you? >> no. i wasn't expected -- >> you didn't expect him to. not even as a courtesy? >> not much courtesy left in the
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united states treats the rest of the world. >> you are a partner with the united states and other countries in this deal now that implies a huge amount of diplomatic engagement. why doesn't that give you the privilege to talk to the secretary of state directly? >> well, i think that's decision that the united states -- >> you did it with john kerry. >> we certainly did. it produced a lot of results. it produced a lot of positive results. averted some nasty scenarios but this administration has decided to play in a totally different manner and i can assure you that iranian dignity and pride will not allow us to engage when mutual respect and equal footing are not respected by one party. >> have you spoken to the
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supreme leader since president trump's speech? >> it's been very -- spoke last night and we know his views about it. we had briefed about what he was going to say. >> what was his reaction. >> pretty much everybody knew. he says, i expected it. >> there was a little bit of, i told you so. because he had been against the deal from the beginning, he has never trusted the united states, you see, i was right -- >> none of us ever trusted the united states. it was based on mutual mistrust. i think that was the strength of this deal not something bad about the deal it's the strength of the deal but unfortunately the way president trump is handling it, it's distrust. not only between iran and united states but between the global community and the united states whether u.s. is no longer not just unpredictable but unreliable.
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>> have you given up for the moment on trying to establish better relations with the trump administration to try and dial back the rhetoric? >> well, i believe the trump administration is closing its eyes on the realities of our region. and it's getting into a quagmire that would harm u.s. national interests and would harm because of the significance of the united states as a global player will harm our region. we believe it would be important for the united states for the trump administration to exercise a reset in its cognitive disorder with regard to our region. >> with such huge implication for everything from iran's economy to its national security, you know that all eyes in the iranian government are now fixed on the u.s. congress, john? >> thanks, liz.
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we turn now to sec republican lindsey graham. start with the iran question, are there enough votes there to get this amendment to the iran deal? >> i hope so. i'd hate to be democrat defending the sunset clause. hundred agreement after 15 years of the iranians can do anything they want in terms of enrichment and reprocessing, doesn't matter if they are still the largest state sponsor of terrorism or building our cbms with death to israel on the weapon under mere passage of time they dock whatever they want to with enrichment. democrats will have hard time justifying denying inspections of military bases. >> dickerson: here is how they would justify it. they would say that in fact the sunset provisions are stacked so that they can't move right to a nuclear weapon and that if they started to -- inspectors watching the international community would be one them right away where as what the president is offering is getting out of an agreement that was worked with patiently with the
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international community and actually is a step backwards. >> the president ran on the idea this is ad with deal for america, he won. he fulfilling a campaign promise. this is a terrible deal. the arabs don't like it, israelis don't like it. the sunset clause with all due respect there is no limitation on centrifuge reprocessing and enrichment. there is no requirement that they stop marching towards a p.m. with mere massage of time they can do anything they want. to and you can't go on military bases because iranians say we can't. they're doing testing i will violation of u.n. resolutions. they hijacked americans on the high seas, still largest state sponsor of terrorism to those who said this deal would make iran a better member of the family of nations it was a miserable failure. >> dickerson: there's debate about, you don't just need centrifuges those of longer -- >> sunset is a good deal, i don't. >> dickerson: let me ask you this about senate colleague,
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senator corker, he has sketched a view of the administration, do you agree with it? >> yes, i like what corker are doing. they are saying we're going to put triggers in. congress is going to say to the iranians if you ever try to get within a year of a break out time less than a year we're going to reimpose sanctions, we're going to look at your missile program anew, inspect anyway, don't allow us we'll impose sanctions if you're still sponsoring terrorism down the road we'll reimpose. >> dickerson: also a view about secretary of state says the president is castrating him? >> no, i don't agree with that. dickerson: unpatriotic in suggesting that case? >> bob corkier? dickerson: yeah. >> i think he's wrong. i like one corker, breaks my heart that he's leaving he's one of the most valuable members. he and the president have gotten into this twitter war, at the end of the day i played golf with the president yesterday he's not a man under siege, he beat me again like a drum. we had a good time. he's hell bent on getting a better deal.
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he promised to tear it up, decided not to tear it up but decertify which i think he's right to do and push the world and congress get better deal before it's too late. >> dickerson: this is a foreign relations chairman making claim of the president his ability to be convinced by his national security. president could fix that if senator corker thinks that rex tillerson is being castrated the president has the power to do that. >> i think secretary tillerson gave a good overview of the relationship. i'm not here to beat up on bob i'm here to tell that you the president has changed his opinions when it came to afghanistan by listening to the best national security team i've seen in 20 years. secretary tillerson is serving the president well. but the people around the president are the smartest guys i've seen and gallons on national security since i've been in town he's adjusting his policies on afghanistan, he's keeping his promise to try to get a better deal with the iranians and finally putting north korea on notice that the policy of the united states is
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comcast business outmaneuver. >> dickerson: we're back with senator lindsey graham. senator, the president this week said he's not going to continue payments to insurance companies to help with people at the lower end of the income scale pay for their health insurance. number of health organizations have come out said congress has to do something to fix this. is congress going to do something? >> i hope that we can get a deal between senator alexander and patty murray that will allow us to continue the payments but get reform. that is stopping payments to insurance companies. aetna has had 470% increase in stocks price since the aca, sick that 480%, humana 420%. the president is not going to continue to throw good money after bad give $7 billion to insurance companies unless something changes about obamacare that would justify it. he did talk to senator alexander yesterday, he's encouraging him to get a bipartisan deal that would have flexibility to title
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one mandates for continued payment. it's got to be a good deal. >> dickerson: the president has put a lot on congress' plate. dreamers, budget passed to set up tax reform are you going to get tax reform done? >> if we don't you're dead. i'll ask myself -- what's going on? it's a symptom of greater problem if we don't cut tax and don't eventually repeal and replace obamacare then we're going to lose across the board the house in 2018. all of my colleagues running in 2018 will probably get beat, will be the end of mitch mock channel as we know it. that is a symptom of greater problems f. we do cut taxes and repeal and replace obamacare it doesn't matter what bannon do because we'll win. >> dickerson: he said that republicans should go to war against mitch mcconnell that y'all should get rid of i am that that should be the republican -- >> he's not our problem. our problem that we promised to repeal and replace obamacare and we failed. we promised to cut taxes and
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we're yet to do it f. we're successful mitch mcconnell is fine if not we're all in trouble. we'll lose our majority and president trump will not get reelected. >> dickerson: he's saying everything you're doing going against the cause. >> he's a symptom of the problem. bannon can't beat fuss we're success physical we're not successful it doesn't matter who tries to beat us they will be successful. >> dickerson: senator graham >> dickerson: senator graham thanks for being with us. we'll be back in a moment. oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. >> dickerson: we'll be right back with a lot more "face the nation" including israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, astronaut spot kelly will also tell us about some of the ups and downs of being in space. plus, our panel. and a look by me at the importance of president shall iq. stay with us.
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