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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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california firefighters... as a new fire sparks -- this time in the santa cruz mountains. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. no break for northern california firefighters as a new fire sparks this time in the santa cruz mountains. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. right now, crews are attacking the flames from the air over the santa cruz mountains as
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heavy smoke fills the air. and evacuation orders are in effect. the bear fire is burning in the northern part of santa cruz county near highway 35 along bear creek road. kpix 5's sandra osborne reports from boulder creek where the fire has been burning since last night. sandra. >> reporter: we have been watching as helicopters circled as they are making air drops on the flames in the canyon behind me. recently we have had a lot of ash falling down on us. we have seen a lot of smoke over the canyon. this fire right now is at 152 acres but the containment is only 5% right now. now, the good thing is we do not have a lot of wind out here. the bad thing is the amount of smoke we're seeing, they have one helicopter making drops right now but because of safety reasons they have to limit the number of air strikes as of right now. our cameras captured these images of what's being called the bear fire carrying through dry brush and trees along the
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edge of bear creek canyon this morning. 911 alerted residents to get out so firefighters could get inside the winding narrow roads along the steep terrain. >> we had smoke and neighbors saying, hey, there's a fire so we took a look. >> reporter: the fire started as a structure fire last night spreading to more than 100 acres by morning. dry brush and trees burned easily, families forced to leave in the middle of the night >> i have pets, all my neighbors have pets. one of my neighbors has some young kids. so they got out right away. >> reporter: the deer creek and las cumbres areas are facing evacuation. 150 families are asked to get out. cal fire says five firefighters have been injured so far all minor. actually, you can see the steep terrain behind me. one person fell down the hillside by 30 to 50 feet, had to be rescued this morning.
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he made it out okay with a broken wrist and laceration to the face. the four others had smoke inhalation or minor injuries. there are two shelters in place for evacuees. there's lakeside elementary school in los gatos and a fire station in belton. sandra osborne, kpix 5. neda iranpour is back with the forecast. >> i want to show you how this fire behavior has been throughout the early-morning hours. humidity levels very dry and look at how huge those flames were, massive flames because of the dry timber. you can see across that mountain range, just how dry everything is. there's brush and thick trees and they are drought-stricken disease stricken and just ready to burn and basically at the bottom of the streets served as kindling so thing these fires off into these erratic conditions even though the winds are calm.
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our live look showing you how smokey it is over there. and it definitely looks calm. current conditions across the santa cruz mountains we are between the 60s and low 70s in the area between boulder creek and ben lomond. it looks like light wind humidity between 40 to 60% right now but this morning when i was checking around boulder creek humidity levels were around 16, 17%. so we have smoke throughout northern california right now because the winds are not helping push any of it out. a "spare the air" alert was just issued for today and for tomorrow. so we'll track the air quality here shortly . the fire conditions look like the temperatures will be a little cooler than they were yesterday about 5 degrees cooler. we will get an onshore flow. we are hoping for that soon and we are hoping it's strong to
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help push the smoke out and increase the moisture in the sky. also the area where the wine country wildfires are burning now, winds are calm, as well. but again, that's causing that smoke to settle throughout the valleys and canyons. back to you. now for the latest on the wine country wildfires. the death toll in the fires stands at 41 now. about 5700 homes and businesses have been destroyed. and while many evacuations in the area have been lifted, 34,000 people still have not been able to return home. cal fire predicts the tubbs fire, pocket fire, nuns fire and oakmont fires will be put out by friday. anne makovec reports from a new assistance center for evacuees and fire victims. >> reporter: what a welcome return to normalcy. the skies are smoky but sutter hospital is open for business. it's been closed for more than a week all of the employees who
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came back to work for the first time today each with a harrowing tale to tell. this time lapse video from a sutter security camera shows the tubbs fire raging outside of the hospital on sunday night as administration decided to evacuate. >> we had to wait for ambulances. they weren't all available yet. and it was starting to be a little bit more smoky in here and the names we could see from the windows here. >> reporter: here in the neonatal intensive care unit where dr. scott witt rushed from the middle of the night, going into the fire when everyone else was going out. at the same time about three miles to the south kaiser hospital was also evacuating its patients all of them with different needs. witt was in charge sutter's most fragile babies and started making plans. >> if the building did catch fire we could least move to the parking lot that didn't have fire in it. >> reporter: as the hospital
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began to evacuate, other evacuees were coming in. >> many of them half dressed in pajamas, burns, coughing. that became very real at that moment. >> reporter: suddenly, security guard chelsea claiborne turned into a makeshift firefighter with an extinguisher trying to put out the fire outside. >> there was a real sense of there is no more time. >> it was hectic and hard to explain and think. the situation a lot of us don't know what we're doing. >> reporter: the shade house where the families of preemie babies stay on hospital property was destroyed. the priority was saving the hospital and moving patients out. all told, 77 were moved out safely. many via bus. >> one more ambulance shows up and we just loaded it with as many stable babies as we could and bassinettes. >> reporter: dr. witt on his motorcycle followed the ambulance to santa rosa memorial hospital to another scene similar to this than ful he told his family to evacuate. they got out with nothing and i
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if you find out at noon that my neighborhood was burned to the ground. he lost everything in the fountain grove neighborhood. today he is thankful that all his babies made it out alive. >> it's just lovely to have this place and to have, um, the ability to be ready to take care of babies. >> reporter: and after all of this smoke, the hospital had to be thoroughly cleaned, restocked and then inspected by two state agencies before opening this morning. live in santa rosa, anne makovec, kpix 5. as the wine country wildfires wind down, officials are planning out their recovery efforts. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores explains how they are helping thousands of fire victims. >> reporter: at the sonoma county supervisors meeting today, it's not business as usual. but not much in the county is. >> we are not out of the woods. we are still watching the weather. >> reporter: after the deadly fires you have devastated
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neighborhoods, the focus today is facing a new reality. >> disasters are the great [ indiscernible ] out of catastrophic loss has come a little community of compassion and kindness and unbelievable generosity. we have been tested like never before and we now know what we're made of. >> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff's office had some hopeful news. out of more than 1900 missing persons reports, there are 65 outstanding missing persons and there's a 60-man search team on the cases. >> we are going to target searches for missing people, following up on missing person reports and blanketing neighborhoods with search to clear them from anything dangerous or any recoveries we missed so we can get people back in and do those things. >> reporter: although fires still rage in the county the work is shifting to getting people back in their homes and to recovery. the county has set up an assistance center which has already seen 1500 people helping those folks with
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everything from obtaining lost records to getting financial assistance. in sonoma county, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. president trump's nominee to be the next drug czar is out after a "60 minutes" report revealed he wrote a bill which tied the dea's hands in fighting the epidemic. mola lenghi reports from the white house. >> reporter: congressman tom marino withdrew his name to be the next head of the u.s. drug enforcement agency. president trump tweeted this morning, representative tom marino has informed me that he is withdrawing his name from consideration as drug czar. tom is a fine man and a great congressman. >> he told me, look, if there's even a perception that he has a conflict of interest, he doesn't want anything do with it. >> reporter: he came under intense scrutiny after a "60 minutes" report showed that a bill he sponsored tied the hands of the dea in fighting the epidemic. the bill passed unanimously last year. >> when dea signs off and doj signs off and democrats and republicans sign off together, it's not unusual for something
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like this to roll through without much fanfare. >> reporter: missouri senator claire mccaskill has introduced legislation to repeal the law. president trump says he is committed to fighting the opioid epidemic and plans to declare a national emergency t. >> it's a very important step and to get to that step, a lot of work has to be done and it's time-consuming work. we are going to be doing it next week, okay? >> reporter: tuesday morning the department of justice announced indictments against two chinese nationals who allegedly used the internet to sell fentanyl to drug traffickers and individuals in the u.s. mola lenghi, cbs news the white house. the dow jones industrial average hit the 23,000 milestone for the first time today since president trump was elected, the dow spiking more than 25%. let's check the board and see that the dow now is up about 31 points. still ahead, a recall push after claims that ford explorer
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suvs made people sick. the big problem with fumes. >> plus, a giant cactus, a lot of promises, how cities around the country are vying to become amazon's next headquarters.
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expect delays during off-peak hours today and tomorrow while crews repa an alert for bart commuters traveling between fremont and union city. expect delays during off-peak hours today and tomorrow while crews repair electrical cabling. some trains will turn back at the south hayward stations and some passengers may have to transfer to a different train to go farther. crews will be working between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.
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today and tomorrow. there's a new push for ford to recall more than a million of its explorer suvs over concerns about exhaust fumes. but ford says not so fast. the center for auto safety is behind the recall. it comes after more than 2500 complaints about possible carbon monoxide seeping into the cabins of the vehicles. cbs news has been reporting it for months. ford insists its explorers are safe and says it's offering free inspections and repairs for, quote, customers' peace of mind. dozens of cities are making bids this week to become the second headquarters of amazon. amazon wants a diverse city with a large talent pool, mass transit and a high quality of life. but as we report, some say the company is creating an unfair bidding war for tax breaks. >> reporter: how do i get amazon to take notice of kansas city? >> kansas city mayor sly james answered his own challenge by slipping kansas city factoids.
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>> the average home price is just $122,000. >> reporter: in reviews of 1,000 amazon products. >> at 14.99, the wind chimes are music to my ears. real. >> reporter: anything goes when vying for the retailer. one sent a cactus. and several cities got help from amazon's person assistant. alexa. >> where where is the most interesting company in the world? >> obviously washington, dc. >> reporter: more than 30 cities are vying. some aren't getting involved citing amazon's emphasis on subsidies and incentives. in a "wall street journal" op. ed., sam liccardo called that a bad deal for city taxpayers. >> i think amazon's going to come out ahead. it's not really clear if the cities will. >> reporter: amy studies urban economics at the brookings institution. she warns that amazon's second city could suffer some of the
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same issues now plaguing its first. seattle. >> there are real problems being the winner. seattle now experiences high inequality, not enough affordable housing to houseworkers. >> reporter: amazon's second headquarters might go to canada. canada's immigration policies could help with international talent. amazon is expected to make its decision next year. tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> amazon announced last month that its new location could involve 50,000 jobs. cities have until thursday to submit bids. let's check in with neda iranpour to see how the weather is shaping up. >> it's become a smoky noon hour. a lot of smoke settled in. you can see it through our vaca cam. we are showing smoky conditions throughout most of the day but it's picked unfortunately. i want to show you some of our other live cameras to give you
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a look into what's going on. here's san jose right now. hazy there. sfo is experiencing slight delays because of the visibility. here's look from our transamerica pyramid and yes, it is gray, yucky. another look here giving us a sense of the temperatures at least it's not as hot as what we are going to experience or what we did experience yesterday, rather. temperatures in the low 70s right now for concord, livermore, san francisco, san jose 74. santa rosa 72 degrees. so we are not going to near the 90s which is what we felt yesterday. a lot of neighborhoods got hot out there. air quality as far as particulate matter is concerned, you can see it has picked up into the red for san francisco. san rafael now moderate to unhealthy. vallejo unhealthy. unhealthy napa and santa rosa. moderate for redwood city and mountain view and san jose. but, of course, without the
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winds, it's not pushing any of that smoke out. that's why we'll have a "spare the air" day today and tomorrow. we are dealing with it again. here's a look at the wind for the next few hours. our futurecast showing you some gusts may pick up a bit throughout our area. san francisco could see a slight breeze later on today 5, 6:00 but it should be a calm day as far as winds are concerned. if we get this onshore flow, that might clear the air. might make things feel better. temperatures are looking like this. low 70s for oakland, vallejo, napa 81. sunset at 6:28 p.m. it looks like here's what we're watching as high pressure moves further east. this is going to help bring us this onshore flow. it may -- the tail end of it may actually help bring up our moisture and we're also going to see this low drop in as that high leaves us. so it looks like by thursday night into friday, that's when we are expected to see that rain. so here we are thursday night. we could get about a quarter inch of rain for the north bay hills which will certainly help
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in the firefighting efforts. our seven-day forecast gives you a glimpse of the temperatures. we'll be right back. if you are in your home or business and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore and then call 911. the first responders will come out and they'll make it safe for you and your community.
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if youdon't touch it,downed keep everyone back. call 911 immediately. the fire department will respond with law enforcement and pg&e to figure out what the issue is to keep you safe and there are no hazards to the public. ♪ -grass fire in sausalito -hillside near 101 investors are watching los breaking news. a grass fire started in sausalito along a hillside near
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101. this is a view where you could see a plume of that smoke a view from our sutro cam looking north. a plume of smoke coming out of the grass fire there. of course, we'll keep an eye on this especially because we are seeing so much devastation in the last week from the wine country wildfires and also we're following the wildfire going on right now in santa cruz. investors are watching los gatos-based netflix after a strong earnings report. the streaming service added 5 million new viewers during the 3rd quarter. it now has over 100 million subscribers worldwide. netflix executives are planning to spend $8 billion next year on original shows. we'll be right back. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. it's the food bank's goal to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected.
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hunger really is not just a moral issue that people should care about. we view it as a health issue. my team is really passionate about making sure that people in our community have healthy ways of finding food and learning more about nutrition along the way. target's been a critical partner for over two decades. we have target folks in here today... we feel that. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. we're going to continue our work until we make sure everyone's fed. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. making our community even better, together.
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ell, today's tip of the day is going to be, oranges, citrus, blood orange. i love talking about these couple times of year around the spring and fall. the blood orange when you cut them open look like they are bleeding. these are the number one oranges and citrus consumed in europe, the blood oranges. they are full of flavor. selection and storage is very important. when you buy them, nice red on the outside, redder on the inside. you want to make sure heavy for their size. they are full of juice, not pulp. when you bring them home, always on the counter, never in
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the refrigerator. so there you go. blood orange in the market and the juice blood oranges in the morning, it's a beautiful sight. it looks great. and it has a nice taste. 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. another live look at that grass fire that's burning in sausalito right now along highway 101 near rodeo avenue off-ramp. this area right near spencer and wolf passage, you can see the smoke and haze. thank you for watching. ♪[ music ]
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