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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this afternoon. right now, it is 100 acres. and there is also another fire burning in the northeast part of santa cruz county near highway 35, along bear creek road. so far, it's charred about 200 acres. kpix 5 reporter joins us. >> reporter: coming to you live from the lakeside elementary school in los gatos, where we are stationed right near howell reservoir, where these helicopters are coming in to dip and refuel, and get some water. we've seen three or four helicopters in rotation now. they've been going like gangbusters all day. we may catch a glimpse of one. the weather conditions really cooperated. what is bad for the fire is great for firefighters. the bear fire started last night around 10:30, and exploded to more than 100 acres, and destroyed at least four homes. with the wine country fires
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fresh on their minds, cal fire did not hesitate to evacuate 150 families nearby. the next morning, literally, in bear creek itself, it was a severe mix of destruction. on one side, a picturesque santa cruz mountain scene. on the other, a wildfire burning out of control. today's forecast was about as good as it gets. short of it actually raining. calm winds, cool temperatures, and high humidity kept the flames low and slow. with the flames creeping along the ground, the strategy here in this canyon is to let it burn all the way to the water's edge, then all the way to the manmade fire. with fire advancing into their backyards, neighbors who at first ignored the mandatory evacuation order are finally going. >> what are you saying to people who say that you're crazy and stupid for being here? >> well, that's a good question. are we crazy and stupid?
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>> reporter: up the hill at high point along bear creek road, crews are preparing for battle just in case. brian garehan's vehicles are loaded up, and ready to go. >> got an escape plan? >> drive down the road. i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: all right, so air attack will probably knock off in the next hour or so, as they enter the 2008 hours. h o urs -- the twilight hours. it is first come first serve. they're serving pizza tonight at 6:00, and we're live in santa cruz mountains, kip dough, kpix 5. just before that, two smaller fires broke out along highway 101 in the marin headlands. this is just north of robin williams tunnel. for a brief time, authorities ordered evacuations where crews attacked the fire from the air
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and the ground to stop it from spreading. a driver tweeted out this video as he zipped past the flames on 101, for a time. at this point, two lanes are getting through at is spencer avenue, northbound lanes are not affected. another bad air day, all of that nasty smoke blanketed oakland. you can barely see the skyline. meantime, the golden gate bridge, not even advisable from our camera. here's a live look outside. paul deanno on when we can finally breathe again. >> reporter: the onshore flow hasn't materialized. we're stuck with it, and it's very unhealthy air quality as we speak in redwood city, vallejo, and napa. let's look forward to tomorrow.
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there may be modest improvement, but i don't see a huge increase. so moderate to unhealthy air quality is expected tomorrow. the bear fire, light winds tomorrow, northwest5 to 10 miles per hour, with slightly higher humidity. talking a lot about humidity and wind. that helps the fire fight somewhat. what we need is a significant rainfall. we've been talking about rain coming on thursday. it's not going to be significant. it's only going to be light rainfall. that said, we'll talk about when it arrives, and how much we can expect coming up. firefighters making big gains this afternoon on the wildfires. cal fire says they expect to have the tubs, pocket, nuns, and oakmont fires fully contained by friday. >> this is a look yesterday at the fire near oakville, since the fires broke out, nearly 180,000 fires have burned. 41 people have died. officials tell us, there are
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still 53 people missing in sonoma county. the driver of a water tender truck killed while helping firefighters has been identified. he is 38-year-old garrett paiz of missouri. he died supporting efforts against the nuns fire. the chp says he was driving down a steep section of the oakville grade when he crashed. he lost control and rolled down an embankment. more people told to get out of the fire zones are returning home. napa county lifted evacuations for areas around partrick road. good news for people in the oakmont neighborhood, south of highway 12, and homes just east of sonoma. one man in the wood stein neighborhood never left. >> reporter: it is so nice to bring you to a neighborhood in santa rosa still in tact, that still has its homes standing. this is one of the lucky spots.
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for people living here, they are finally home. finally reunited. this family is back together after 9 long days apart. >> i have yet to even draw a tear yet, because i've been in survival mode. until they were hope it didn't feel complete. so it's starting to feel complete. >> reporter: for james swinger, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter, their nightmare is over. around 1:30 monday morning, james told joslyn to take laya and go to sacramento while he stayed behind. >> we had no cell service, and i'm driving along the roads with people trying to flee, and fires on the hill. it was chaotic. >> reporter: reluctantly, she listened to james. >> i was mad at him at first, for not going with us, but he did so much for the neighborhood. >> reporter: james took it upon himself to sleep in his car at the fire station down the street, so he could keep an ear out for what was happening in his neighborhood.
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>> 57 homes. each one of our neighbors have lived here for 40 plus years. we're like the new kids on the block, so a lot of love. >> reporter: once the cell tower was fixed, through facebook, james gave his neighbors a much needed peace of mind, and was able to let them know if their home was still standing. he also fed a few of the pets that were left behind. as soon as the evacuation was liftwide in woodside, james took his daughter's easel, and wrote a message to welcome his neighbors home. >> we did yard work, a beautiful day before the hell. >> reporter: since i've been here, reporting on these fires for, you know, the past 9 or 10 days. this has got to be one of the clearest days in santa rosa that i've experienced. actually some fresh air breeze once in a while. that doesn't mean there around potential harmful toxins floating in the air. some warnings for people. we'll tell you about them,
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coming up at 6:00. >> a santa rosa hospital forced to evacuate patients at the height of the tub fire is now back only. people at sutter hospital leaving last week, while other fire evacuees were coming in. the doctor rushed to the hospital. he drove by fiery scenes like this one on his motorcycle, while everyone else was trying to get away from the flames. what was in charge of sutter's most fragile babies, and started making plans. >> one more ambulance showed up, and we started loading it with as many of the stable babies that we could. >> the priority was saving the hospital, and moving patients out. 77 were transported out safely. many on buses. the doctor's own family escaped the flames, but they lost everything, including the homes. in dublin, a fire has forced people from their homes.
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mandatory evacuations forced for some streets, a crews battled this fire. sergeant kelly, thank you for joining us. >> good evening. >> what can you tell us about this fire from the air? it looks like most of it is out. but we're seeing it from above. what can you tell us from the ground? >> well, this area is on the east side of dublin, and thankfully, it's mostly a rural, grassy, hilly at the rain, so the fire is mostlyrelegated to that area. we have had to evacuate some of the neighborhoods, and in an abundance of caution, the fire is on people's mind. so we want to reassure them, and people is have been cooperative in evacuating. we've opened up the dublin waves swim center here off of central parkway, so if folks want to come down here and meet with myself, or any of the city
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or fire representatives, we'll be more than happy to help you. if they want to reunify with family members. >> that's great advice. there is a very clear line along this fire that has been established by firefighters in the air and on the ground. what can you tell us about the status of these flames, and is it almost out? >> it looks like they're doing well. the weather and everything seems to be working in our favor. you know, these firefighters are very good at these grassland fires. once they bring in those air assets, and they get their delay out, and their plan of attack on the fire, that usually works well. so we're pretty optimistic here. in the next hour or two, we'll have good news as far as containment. >> several neighborhoods, as you mentioned were evacuated. can you give us some perspective there. >> they did get somewhat close
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in streets and neighborhoods. enough to make you worry that if some embers were to get onto the property, they might cause a problem. obviously, we've seen that it doesn't take much to start a house on fire. you just try to stop that domino affect from even beginning. so you know, you just hit it with water, we're is very cautious. crews on the ground. calling at many resources from alameda, and contra costa counties, as we can get, and just work the fire. we're not fire experts, but here at the sheriff's office, but we've got a good idea of what they're doing. >> once again, when do you anticipate people being allowed to go back home? >> i think we'll put that out on our social media. if you want to check with the city of dublin on social media, or the alameda county sheriff's office, we'll try to put out as much up to date info, we want to get people home as soon as we can. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, nfl owners and players make an attempt to get
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past the take a knee controversy. >> and the shocking moment when a firefighter realizes she's looking at her own home engulfed in flames. >> and the pop up food program that's giving wildfire evacuees a hot meal, prepared by celebrity chefs.
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today, n-f-l owners and players met in new york.. the main topic: national athem protests that began with ex 49er colin kaepernick. c-b-s re hena doba is live in new york with what happened inside that me hena? (pkg) (nats take a knee agains supremacy) nearly two dozen protesters took a knee outside of the meeting between the nfl, team owners and players in new york. (pipe 7) (sot jay w. wa we stand in so today nfl owners and players met in new york. the protest began with ex-49er colin kaepernick. live with what happened inside that meeting.
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>> reporter: hi, ladies. the challenge here for both owners and players was highlighting social injustice, while moving away from the controversy that has divided so much of the country. 49ers, eric reid was here today along with the ceo of the franchise. nearly two dozen protesters took a knee outside of the meeting between the nfl's team owners, and players in new york. >> their players are standing up for the rights of every single american to be able to live freely. >> reporter: some nfl players have been protesting racial inequality by taking a knee, or by locking arms during the national anthem. nfl commissioner, roger goodell, and some owners believe players should stand. both players called tuesday's meeting productive. >> i think they wanted to get a better understanding what we were looking for as players. >> their commitment to addressing these issues is really admirable, and something that i think our owners looked
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at as saying we want to help support you. >> reporter: the ongoing controversy has bothered some fans, and president trump, who says players who kneel should be disciplined. >> before watching a football game, you want to see those players be proud of their country, respect their country, respect our flag. >> reporter: they hope nfl owners will defend players' rights to protest. >> we have players using this platform to affect a really important conversation. it's unprecedented. >> reporter: former 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick originated the protest, and has not been picked up by any team. he filed a grievance against the league. jerry jones was confronted by two protesters inside the lobby. he stood there, he listened. he didn't say much. he was surrounded by security. the protesters were led out
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peacefully. he is the dallas cowboys owner who told players that don't stand, they can't play. some of the people fighting the north bay firefighters lost their homes as well. >> there's my house. [bleep] gone. >> kristen johnson recorded the moment her fire truck drove past her glenn ellen home up in flames. a few hours earlier she heard calls for the nuns family, and called her family to get out. the wildfires have left thousands hungry in sonoma county. today, a team of celebrity chefs got cooking to help out. >> reporter: as people evacuated a week ago, returned to their homes to clean up, they faced another problem. >> we don't have food now either. we have it to throw everything away. >> reporter: that's how heather irwin got involved. she's the food writer for the
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press democrat, and got food chefs to help out. so heather created sonoma family meal. a pop up drive through food distribution program offering amazing free meals from some of the greatest chefs and restaurants in the bay area. a local cooking school was command central for today's food giveaway. >> to people who not necessarily are in shelters, but they don't have food. everybody's had to find a place to stay. >> reporter: and this being wine country, the menu is fabulous, with an emphasis on comfort food. chicken and rice, with tamerin sauce, and gourmet cookies to die for. >> you see all that chocolate? oh, my goodness. that's chocolate heaven. >> reporter: buying enough food in santa rosa isn't easy right now, stores haven't been
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restocked yesterday, and households have expanded, as they take in displaced family and friends. sonoma family meal is meant to temporarily ease that burden, for people who have been burdened enough. >> it's busy, it's crazy. you know, it's just nice to have a good, delicious meal. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. we do have some rain in the the forecast, yes. we do have some changes coming with the weather. the first change is finally we're beginning to see a bit of that onshore flow, with a northwest wind now in oakland, and hayward. san jose, sfo reporting a wind. this will help out a bit with the smoke. we don't want to get it too breezy, because we have new fires burning in the north bay. wind, not a huge issue over the next couple of days, and rain will help about 48 hours from now. temperatures outside still mild. san francisco, 70. oakland, 72. concord, 83. that said, a chilly night.
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down to 49 in concord. napa, 48. san jose 50. and san francisco 52 degrees. air quality, not good today. it's pretty smoky out there, because the onshore breeze didn't materialize for much of the day. there's still a lot of smoke wafting into the atmosphere. we were stuck with it. tomorrow, we could see modest improvement, but still a spare the air day. our ridge of high pressure is beginning to move, it's over southern nevada, southern utah heading out. an active stormtrack is beginning to build to our north with heavy rain, and mounting snow for the pacific northwest. we're kind of caught in between. it's not going to poor. we will see a little bit of rainfall thursday night. we will see that wind direction change, and it will intensify a bit tomorrow afternoon. the onshore flow comes back, but we'll get a good dose of sunshine. thursday morning, we go cloudy. thursday evening, here comes the rain. notice the light green. we're not expecting a significant rainfall, but we will get light rain, perhaps
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steady for an hour or two in the north bay. future cast increasing the totals a bit. santa rosa, about 1/8 of an inch, and 1/3 of an inch of rain in mendocino county. any rain helps. there's the potential tomorrow, another day with unhealthy air quality. light rain arriving thursday evening in the north bay, working its way south. a significant widespread rainfall, don't see it, nor do i see it in the long range outlook. santa rosa, 77. san francisco cooler, 64 degrees. rain thursday evening. a chilly day on friday. nobody hitting 70. look at sunday, monday, and tuesday, warm once again. 70 at the beach 80s to low 90s inland. that is your kpix forecast. the warriors are back, and they're opening their nba season with some serious championship bling. live from oracle arena next. and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a major cash crop going up in smoke.
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basketball officially returns tonight. the oakland team... will be hosting th n rockets in just a couple hours. kpix 5 sports director dennis o'donnell is live at the oracle arena... where fans are ready for another title. dennis? warrior fans, wait is finally open, because -- basketball officially returns tonight. >> the oakland team will be hosting the houston rockets in just a couple of hours. live at oracle arena. >> reporter: it's going to be a great night here at oracle, we already know that the warriors are the envy of the rest of the nba. tonight, that envy will grow stronger because the warriors get their championship ring. >> i heard they're going to be really small this year. they've decided to go back to like the '70s, and like taylor back. getting a little obnoxious. >> reporter: i highly doubt he listened to steve kerr's
5:26 pm
advice. while every player strives to win a ring, steph curry learned the hard way, they don't make great accessories. >> i wore a suit somewhere, i can't remember, it was totally ridiculous. i took it off halfway through. it's way too big to wear. it's a cool idea, but actually executing it is not very good. >> i wore them one time. i went to a halloween party. i had five at the time, it was before i became a coach, so i wore all five. i was eminem for halloween. the only time i've ever worn them. >> reporter: the warriors quest for another ring will begin tonight. gaudy or not, they won another one. and the houston rockets are in town with their new piece of hardware, chris paul. will be on the floor for the houston rockets tonight. we'll be back at 6:00, and back after this time-out.
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ update on that grass fire burning in dublin... this is off tassajar and fallon roads just north of 580. author cuated some before we go, we want to give you another quick update on that grass fire that we've been monitoring, burning in dublin right now. take a look, this is just north of 580. authorities have evacuated some streets closest to this fire, and at last check, about 100 acres have burned. we're going to continue to watch. we'll have another update for you coming up at 6:00. take a look at this. this miniature horse was evacuated from the fires by riding in the backseat of his owner's honda. you can see stardust was a
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tight fit. the owner posted this, and said do what you have to do. we'll see you at 6:00. ca ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: marino p after a "60 minutes" investigation. >> congressman marino has been nominated to be the next drug czar. what was your reaction when you d ard that? >> total disbelief. t mason: also tonight, the president draws fire. >> it's bizarre conduct. t to refuse the obligations of l ternational leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth for the sake of f-me half-baked spurious nationalism. mfight back. >> and it won't be pretty. >> mason: ford says it will fix explorers but will not recall them. and they're not waiting for the torch to be passed. this generation is grabbing it. >> reporte m


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