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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 18, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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the battle tonight against a new set of bay area wildfires.. as the air quality goes from bad.. to worse. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. i'm veroni surrounded on all sides, the fight against a new set of the area wildfires as the air quality goes from bad to worse. i am veronica cook.
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>> the pier fire has burned almost 300 acres in the santa cruz mountains. alndria borba shows us why fighting the fire is so hard. >> reporter: the soundtrack of the santa cruz mountains is this: an onslaught of helicopter blades piercingly quiet. dropping water and trying to knock down the bear fire. the fire began at night, scaring people out of their homes. >> i turned around and all of a sudden i saw the flames in my living room. i just saw like a light so i took my stuff and run. >> i got asked to leave about 1 am, 2 am and again at 3 am, 4 am. i ended up leaving at 7 am. i got my truck over there with everything i own. >> reporter: one of the things making this fire freight difficult is sharp cliffs and
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steep inclines everywhere you look. there are 600 firefighters on the ground cutting hand lines, but the most important work is happening in the sky. even the command center is precariously perched on the cliffside on bear creek road. like so many here in the santa cruz mountains, crumbling and places from last winter's rain. along skyline there is an unofficial viewing area for the evacuated to see if their home becomes another statistic of california's beautify -- brutal fire season. >> i have seen a lot of fires over 30 years but nothing like this. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, alndria borba, kpix 5. >> right now, it's just 5% contained. four structures have burned. 150 more are still threatened in deer creek and along. creek road. lakeside elementary in los gatos and the fire station in
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sultan are all open to evacuees tonight. there were more fires breaking out across the bay area today in dublin. this grass fire burned 118 acres. it is 75% contained right now. flames broke out this afternoon near fallon road. at one point, nearby neighborhoods were evacuated. tonight, those orders have been lifted. these images show how close the fire came to those homes. in marin county, two small fires shut down 101 southbound near sausalito north of the robin williams tunnel. a driver tweeted this footage of all lanes after they reopened but fire crews will stay on the scene overnight. pg&e is facing its first lawsuit over the wine country fires. it was filed in san francisco today after a couple lost their santa rosa home when high winds swept the tubbs fire through their coffey park neighborhood overnight. the couple claims the fire was caused by negligence in pruning
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trees and vegetation and electrical line maintenance. crews are making progress containing fires tonight. cal fire expects to have the tubbs fire, oakmont fire, and several other fires contained by friday. recovery will take much longer. the head of fema just towards burn damage and saw the buyers firsthand. the premises the feds are making to victims. >> reporter: the fema administrator insists the federal government will be there for the people of napa county and sonoma county but points out the last couple of months have been an unparalleled period when it comes to disasters in the u.s. >> i think we are working on disasters across 20 states. >> reporter: brock long, the president's man on the ground is cataloging our catastrophe. the fires burning across the north bay. >> what disturbs me most is seeing the urban nature of a
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wildfire. >> reporter: the administration of fema says his people are here, helping fire victims with evacuations, removing hazardous materials and money to rebuild. congressman mike thompson says his colleagues are working on a relief bill. >> at the very last minute they were able to at an additional billion dollars specifically for this fire event. >> reporter: but it's pretty clear victims here will be standing alongside many other americans who have been hit hard in recent days. the fema administrator says if you combined hurricane katrina, super sttorm sandy, hurricane rita, and hurricane wilma over a seven-year period, it still doesn't add up to the amount of disaster relief needed in the last 50 days. >> there were 50 and 60 foot flames. >> reporter: john tudor lives on green valley road, which just reopened to evacuees
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tonight. he rode out the fire without significant damage and he happens to be the recorder clerk damage assessor and is urging neighbors to be patient when expecting federal checks. >> individual grants, relatively quickly. and i mean literally within days. it's the larger issues that take time. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. the cal fire contractor who was killed in napa county has been identified as 38-year-old garrett paiz. he was driving a water truck when he lost control and crashed. >> we are all satisfied with the life he lived. he lived his dreams and we couldn't be prouder. >> he leaves behind a wife and an 18-year-old daughter. as the sun set on another bad air day, many of you are wondering when will we get some relief? betty yu is here for kpix 5 and it has just been one fire after another.
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>> reporter: that's right. we really do need a break. even though firefighters have been making great progress in recent days, the smoke conditions continue. the air district says if you can smell smoke outside, try to stay indoors to minimize exposure. the city of oakland was barely recognizable earlier today from chopper 5. thick smoke close to the downtown area and smoke -- said and hayes blanketed support. >> we saw very light winds for the majority of the day and that meant the smoke was able to just rain into the bay and stay low in the atmosphere. >> reporter: new wildfires in the santa cruz mountains and the bay added high levels of pollution across the bay area. things seem to be improving this evening in san francisco. that strong smell from the wildfires is dissipating and behind me, you can see clear past the bay bridge to the city of oakland. tonight, a welcome sign at the golden gate bridge.
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the fog started to roll in. >> until we get a storm system moving through here or high winds, we are going to continue to see conditions remain variable. >> reporter: and the air quality potentially unhealthy. the bay area air quality district monitors pollution every hour. if you must be outdoors for a long period of time, people are advised to wear masks like these that filter out the most dangerous particulates. hardware stores haven't been able to restock the masks fast enough with high demand this past week but when we stopped by tonight, they had some left. the air district stresses conditions are variable until firefighters can really get a handle on all the fires burning across the bay area. betty yu, kpix 5. >> the ocean breeze certainly helped out this evening. we went from unhealthy to very unhealthy, to good, to moderate within an hour once the breeze kicked up from the ocean between 5 pm and 7 pm.
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tonight, moderate air quality. not perfect but better than a few hours ago. the onshore flow from the ocean as opposed to the fire, that continues tonight at 14 miles per hour. 11 miles per hour in downtown and 9 miles per hour in oakland. san rafael and napa as well. with the breeze continuing from the ocean tomorrow, tomorrow should feature better air quality than today. the exception, close to the actual fires. the north they will remain with poor air quality. the wind coming from the ocean is going to help a bit. what we need is significant rainfall. there is rain in the forecast. i wouldn't call it significant but we are talking about that rain coming up. fire evacuees returning home may still be in danger even if their home wasn't damaged. kpix 5 jackie ward on the hazards of toxic ash. >> reporter: on what has been one of the clearest days in santa rosa since the start of the fires, people here are
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still wearing face masks. volunteers at the american red cross have been handing out hundreds of masks each day. >> most clients are asking why they feel their throat? we are telling them it's the air, the smoke, bacteria. >> reporter: for people like cheryl lane who already have potentially -- potential respiratory issues, the toxins make her nervous. >> marlins are kind of sensitive to the smoke and fear, and i have already required a respiratory treatment and they sent me up with an inhaler. >> reporter: that's why scott alonso with the sonoma county of public health is urging people to stay inside, especially children and those with lung problems. >> and when you're driving, make sure your air is on recirculate so your air filters are not bringing in outside air. >> reporter: scott says the long-term effects of breathing in this air are still unknown but to lessen your chances of
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developing a serious illness, he is encouraging people to remain patient and not clean up their homes instead urging people to make an appointment with the health department and allow professionals to clean up the hazardous waste. >> it is not safe to clean up the hazardous waste. it's harmful. we do not want you in it, we do not want children and it. keep track of what is there and we can get involved working with you to clear it out. >> reporter: the department of health needs you to sign a right of entry form within the next couple of weeks. they will come in, and clean up the mess for free. in santa rosa, jackie ward, kpix 5. another big issue for homeowners and law enforcement is looters. the sonoma county sheriff says they are finding creative ways to get into the evacuation zones. >> we had a fake fire truck. a decommissioned firetruck that somebody drove in acting like a firefighter. somebody came in in a security jacket pretending to be a security guard. >> but security has been
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working. 32 arrests so far in sonoma county. the sheriff himself was even stopped driving his unmarked car into a neighborhood. federal unemployment benefits are now being offered to people who lost their jobs or have been unable to work due to the wildfires. the warriors are auctioning off the shirts they wore when they received their championships -- championship awards. the money from the auction will go to the wildlife -- wildfire relief effort. the search for armed robbers who held san francisco 49ers up with an assault rifle. more heroes emerging from wine country tonight. security guards who took a stand with extinguishers as flames raced up to the front door. [ screaming ] how are you? >> an out of the hatches hope
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linebackers ray-ray armstrong and reuben foster say they ran.. after 2 masked men pulled up in a car and pointed an assault rifle and a handgun at them. it happened outside "club love a close call for 49ers players confronted at gunpoint. reuben foster and reuben armstrong ran after masked men pointed an assault rifle and a handgun at them outside club love in downtown san francisco at around 2 am yesterday. the team says "we are aware of the reports regarding the robbery and are very thankful no one was harmed."
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they are cooperating with any police investigations. a 14-year-old girl walking to school was stabbed in oakland. police are calling it a random attack. she was just steps from school when a suspect stabbed her in the face. >> her face was just a leaking. it was a guy that was running away -- towards that way with a knife. it was about this long. i just seen the girl walking this way. they were trying to help her. there was just a whole bunch of blood leaking everywhere. >> workers at a nearby nursing home distracted the man, giving the girl a chance to run. she is in stable condition tonight. police arrested the 29-year-old suspect for assault with a deadly weapon. outrage over what president trump said to the pregnant widow of a fallen soldier. glenn david johnson was killed in action while on a mission to niger this month.
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his body arrived in florida to be day -- to be laid to rest. the president called the widow and told her "johnson knew it he signed up for." >> i was in the car one president trump called. he never said the word hero. he said to the wife, "well i guess he knew what he was getting into. how insensitive can you be? >> the congresswoman says the woman was sobbing. white house officials tell cbs news the president's comments with the families of american heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice are private. a federal judge has temporarily blocked president trump's third attempt at a travel ban. hawaii sued arguing the ban on citians of syria, libya, iran and yemen, and chad is an unlawful attempt to exclude muslims from the u.s. they did not challenge north korea and venezuela restrictions. an unusual discovery on
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capitol hill. common ground on healthcare. >> this agreement avoids chaos. i don't know a democrat or a republican who benefits from chaos. >> republican senator lamar alexander of tennessee is working with patty murray of washington on a bipartisan fix to keep health insurance premiums from skyrocketing. they want to restore subsidies to health insurance companies for the next two years to help cover low income americans. in exchange, states would get more flexibility on obamacare mandates. the bill could be presented to senate leaders as early as this week. a santa rosa hospital is back up in after flames came within 100 feet of the front door. this time lapse video shows a team of security cards taking a stand as the hospital rushed patients to safety. security footage shows them attacking the flames with whatever they had from fire extinguishers to cups of water as they waited for help to arrive. doctor scott wait heads up the
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hospital's neonatal icu. he made sure his wife and five kids safely evacuated before he rushed back to protect eight newborn babies. it wasn't until the next afternoon that he learned his own home had burned to the ground. >> i am splitting time between my family that need me and people here who need me but we need each other and that is what makes it okay. that's what makes it all right to deal of those kinds of losses. >> more than 130 doctors and hospital employees lost their homes but many have continued to work. amid all the destruction, a ray of light. beloved pets lost during the wildfires are reunited with their families. kpix 5 emily turner has that story tonight. >> [ screaming ] high's client we found you. >> reporter: they have been separated for the better part
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of a week during the worst of conditions and in some cases the human half of these pairs spent their time wondering if their animals even made it. >> when we heard our house burned down, we thought that she was dead. >> reporter: so their reunions are the bright spot in an otherwise horrible several days. they thought their homeland.were lost. but he wasn't. thanks to marin humane society, both timothy the kitten and benjamin the dog are in arms that won't let them go any time soon. >> he is glad to see you. >> yeah. >> reporter: others like jack were brought by their owners when they evacuated. the four-legged evacuees were housed here so the evacuees with two links could worry about their homes and their futures. at the height of the fire, marin humane was housing 785 evacuated animals for free. that is now down to about 260, thanks to lots of scenes like these.
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the marin humane society has seen an outpouring of support from the community so it has enough dog food, dog beds, leashes, etc. if you want to support them going forward, they would love a monetary donation. emily turner, kpix 5. >> nice to see those reunions. the fog has returned to the bay area. it's a wonderful thing. the source of the air from the ocean is not coming upon the fire but better quality tomorrow. fog and mist to 4 degrees. 46 degrees in santa rosa, concord 56 degrees. overnight, down to 49 degrees in concord, 49 degrees for livermore, san francisco 52 degrees, santa rosa 43 degrees as they continue to fight fires in sonoma county.
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the onshore flow stays with us tomorrow. we will keep some smoke around but less than what we had for the balance of today so that's good news. lower temperatures help with the firefight. higher humidity also helps. what we need is rain. we also have some of that coming less than 48 hours from now. a very active stormtrac to our north. they will receive over a half a foot of rain in parts of the pacific northwest. some showers made it within about 3 hours to our south. we will get a crimson -- glancing blow from a front on thursday giving us the first 10th of an inch of rain paul. for some of us, that's the first time in five months. tomorrow afternoon, we are cooler because of the flow from ocean. -- from the ocean. i expect more sunshine. thursday morning, clouds ahead of that front. thursday evening, there is some rain. it's nothing terribly heavy but it's going to be raining less than 48 hours from now. rainfall totals about a seventh of an inch of rain. sonoma county a little less. even less as you go south but that will help the firefight. won't put the fires completely out but rainfall 48 hours from
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now hoping things out. san jose tomorrow, 75 degrees. one degree above average, santa clara 75 degrees, union city 72 degrees, mid-70s with sunshine and better air for walnut creek and dublin. pittsburgh 77 degrees, pittsburgh 74 degrees, novato, 75 degrees, lakeport 82 degrees tomorrow. we are cooler thursday. cloudy with a chance of evening rain. on by friday morning. that's a cool day. saturday also on the cool side before we mark baca perhaps approaching 90 degrees next monday and tuesday. that's your kpix 5 forecast. >> thank you. some breaking news out of the la county. this was the scene just minutes ago at the chevron refinery in elsa gendreau. a oil tanker may have exploded. firefighters are on the scene trying to get it under control and we do have for it at this point that it appears as though they have but there is no word on what happened or if there
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were injuries but we will stay on top of this developing story and bring you updates as we get them. switching gears. a wild finish for the warriors. dennis? >> reporter: what a way
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reporter: i'm standing in the tunnel where the houston rockets come off the floor. half the team thought they lost. one of the other rockets screams to make at those guys back on the floor. eichel eric gordon something happened. you need to come back. well, roll the highlights. golden state rolling the second championship hundred and three years. players and coaches getting their rings including kevin grant. nick young came off the bench red-hot given the warriors a 63- 47 lead.
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after draymond green was injured late in the third, houston rallied. james harden laid up with 90 seconds left. golden state leads to 2, the rockets now in front 1-22. kevin durant hits the jumpshot and the warriors get the win. but wait, the officials ruled he did not get it off in time. so the rockets come back on the court, they realize they won and houston comes back from 17 down to win 122-121. >> i didn't think it counted when i saw it. it looked a little late. it was -- it didn't surprise me when it was overturned. >> what was your reaction? >> i knew it as soon as it left his fingers that it was a little late, so i started to back -- i stood back and made eye contact with bobby and he said it's no good. it was an exciting moment.
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trau kyrie irving playing his first game as a celtic. in his old alma mater, cleveland. unfortunately the story was a new boston player, all-star gordon hayward suffering a gruesome leg injury,
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the n-l-c-s. third inning, l-a's chris taylor, his second home run of the series gives the dodgers a 2-1 lead. they win 6-1 and lead the series 3-0. l-a is one-win away from their first world series appearance since 1988. spike lee hoping his yankees could rally from a 4-0 deficit against the astros. bottom of the eighth, new york's gary sanchez doubles home two-runs to break a 4-4 tie.


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