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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> i'm michelle griego. let's say good morning to neda. and jaclyn is back. welcome back! >> nice to be back. >> we missed you. >> all right. so this morning there's a little bit of a marine layer. i call it -- [ laughter ] >> we have not seen that in a long time! you can see that fog here in our sutro tower camera facing east. so there it is. that's a sign of our onshore winds that are arriving and that means cooler conditions. you probably felt it out there. temperatures cooler than yesterday. so we're dropping about five to 10 degrees in many areas. onshore flow is why we have that little bit of a marine layer and why our temperatures are on the downward slope. i'll explain how cool we are going to get and track the rain coming up. right now, we are tracking some overnight roadwork. this is along northbound 87 between santa clara and 880. it looks like they just picked that up because our yellow sensors just turned to green. so that's good news there.
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no delays as you head northbound on 87. we are tracking a few cars backing up over at the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing major. you have about a 10-minute ride from the maze into san francisco. michelle. a new set of wildfires is keeping bay area crews busy in some difficult terrain. kpix 5's andria borba breaks down why the bear fire in the santa cruz mountains is proving tough to contain. reporter: the sound in the santa cruz mountains is this, an on s.w.a.t. of helicopters piercing the quiet, dropping water and trying to knock down the bear fire. the fire began at night scaring people out of their homes. >> then they turn around and all of a sudden i see the flames from this shining in my living room. i saw a light. i just took my stuff and ran. >> i was asked to leave about 1, 2 a.m. and again at 3 or 4 a.m. and then i left at 7 a.m. i got my truck over there,
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everything that i own is in that truck over there. >> reporter: one of the things making this firefight difficult, the terrain here in the santa cruz mountains. sharp cliffs and steep inclines everywhere you look. there are 600 firefighters on the ground cutting hand lines. but the most important work is happening in the sky. even the command center for the fire is shoved and precariously perched on a cliffside on bear creek road like so many here in santa cruz mountains crumbling in places from last winter's rain. along skyline, there's an unofficial viewing area for the evacuated to see if their homes become another statistic of california's brutal fire season. >> i have lived up here for 30 years. i seen a lot of fires. i never seen anything like this. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, andria borba, kpix 5. here's what crews and locals faced when the bear fire
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broke out. it's 5% contain and has already burned four structures. 150 more threatened in las cumbres, deer creek and bear creek road. evacuation centers have been set up at lakeside elementary school near los gatos and the cyanty station. a grass fire has burned 118 acres. at one point nearby neighborhoods were evacuated. this video from a kpix 5 viewers you can see from the ground shows how close the fire came to the homes. two small fires shut down 101 northbound at sausalito north of the williams tunnel. driver tweeted this video. pg&e faces a lawsuit over the wine country wildfires. wayne and jennifer harvel sued
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yesterday saying they are responsible for the wildfires that destroyed their home in santa rosa and thousands of others in the county. they say pg&e was negligent. cal fire has not yet determined a cause but is looking into arcing pg&e power lines as a possibility. firefighters are making progress could be tainting wildfires. several fires will be fully contained by fire. the rig fire is identified as 38-year-old garrett paiz. the chp says paiz was driving a water tender down the oakville grade monday when it went down an embankment. the dead man is identified as garrett paiz. >> we couldn't be prouder. he was living his dream.
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>> he grew up in riverside county later moved to missouri leaving behind a wife and daughter. sutter hospital is open again days after it was evacuated because flames came too close. it's hard to see but time lapse video says security guards trying to keep the fire at bay as hospital workers rushed patients to safety. the security footage shows them attack the flames with everything, from fire extinguishers to cups of water as they waited for help to arrive. dr. scott witt heads up the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit and made sure his wife and five children had safely evacuated before he rushed back to protect eight newborns. it wasn't until the next afternoon that he learned his own home had burned to the ground. fema has toured the burn zone. joe vazquez reports. reporter: the fema administrators says the federal government will be there for the people of california.
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but he points out the last couple of months have been an unparalleled period when it comes to disasters in the united states. >> right now we are working disasters across 20 states. >> reporter: brock long the president's man on the ground when it comes to disasters is cataloguing our catastrophe. the fires burning across the north bay. >> what disturbs me most is seeing the urban nature of a wildfire. >> reporter: the administrators of the fema says his people are here helping fire victims with evacuations, removing hazardous materials, and money to rebuild. congressman mike thompson says his colleagues are working on a relief bill. >> at the last minute they added an additional $1 billion specifically for this fire event. >> reporter: but it's clear victims here will be standing alongside many other americans hit hard in recent days. the fema administrator says if
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you combined hurricanes katrina in new orleans, sandy on the east coast, rita and wilma over 7 years, it still doesn't add up to the relief needed in the last 50 days. john green managed to ride out the fire without significant damage to his property. he also happens to be the napa county assessor recorder clerk. he is urging his neighbors to be patient when it comes to expecting federal checks. >> individual grants come relatively quickly. and i mean within days. it's the larger issues that take time. >> reporter: in napa, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a woman had no other way to get her pony out with the flames approaching her santa rosa home. it took a carrot to get the
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horse on board with the plan to get it out. all is good. >> a horse in a honda. >> who knew a horse could fit in a honda. [ laughter ] the marine layer is a great thing. great relief for the firefighters. they will get cooler conditions today. that coastal breeze will arrive here today ahead of rain. i wanted to show you the wind conditions across the areas where these fires have sparked. boulder creek near where the bear fire is burning. southwest wind at 2. gusts at 4. dublin with a smaller fire burning there, northwest winds at 3. so when you look at the overall view, the winds coming off the water, the onshore
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flow, some areas to the south getting an interesting north wind, as well. as you look further north the san francisco west winds are prevailing, fairfield southwest, antioch west winds. so it looks like this direction is going to continue today and again tomorrow. we'll get moisture and it will clear the air. air quality, yellow, moderate range even at the fires. so people who are sensitive will still feel the effects of the smoke but not bad for most people. here's a look at the bay area right now. coit tower you can see it. so it looks like marine layer hasn't worked its way in there but temperatures are cool. 49 in concord. oakland 46. 48 in livermore. san francisco 50. i'll talk about the highs for today. we are expected to be below average in some areas and
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continuing to drop. i'll explain it all coming up. right now, we are tracking just a few delays for drivers heading along 580 westbound direction. that's those headlights. as you approach 680 there, the dublin-pleasanton interchange it's about 25 minutes between 205 and 680. caltrans has some overnight roadwork with some lane closures but no reports of accidents or stalls. your ride along the eastshore freeway, looking good. and clocking in with no delays. another 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are still tracking road closures in the napa county area due to the fires. we have highway 121 at visually avenue shut down. highway 128 at bennett lane. highway 29 at tubbs lane. highway 29 at old lolly toll. hat's a check of your traffic; ove r to you. thank you. a bipartisan healthcare bill is
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taking shape in the u.s. senate. >> this agreement avoids chaos. and i don't know a democrat or a republican who benefits from chaos. >> republican senator lamar alexander of tennessee is working with washington democrats patty murray to keep health insurance premiums from skyrocketing. they want to restore subsidies to help insurance companies for the next two years after president trump ended those payments. the subsidies help cover low income americans. in exchange, states would get more flexibility on obamacare mandates. president trump's third attempt at a travel ban is on hold again. hawaii sued to overturn the ban on citizens of syria, libya, iran, somalia, yemen and chad arguing that it's unlawful attempt to exclude muslims from the united states. federal judge agreed that the lawsuit did not challenge restrictions involving north korea and venezuela. the white house will appeal. the spread drawing outrage over his phone call with the pregnant widow of a fallen
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soldier. army sergeant johnson was killed in action during an ambush in niger this month. his body arrived in florida yesterday to be buried. florida congresswoman says the president called johnson's widow and said that her husband, quote, knew what he signed up for. >> i was in the car when the president trump called. never said the word hero. he said to the wife, well, i guess he knew what he was getting into. how insensitive can you be? >> the congresswoman says that the widow was sobbing. a white house official telling cbs news, quote, the president's conversations with the families of american heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice are private. time now 4:42. evacuees returning after the wine country wildfires will still face health hazards even if their homes didn't burn. details straight ahead.
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francisco. linebackers ray-ray armstrong and reuben foster say they ran off... after two masked men pulled up in a car, two 49ers players escaped unharmed after being held up at
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gunpoint in san francisco. linebackers ray-ray armstrong and reuben foster say they ran off after two masked men pulled up in a car and pointed an assault rifle and handgun at them. it happened outside a dance club called love and propaganda in san francisco's downtown about 2 a.m. monday. team management released a statement: investigation." mo , on our coverage of wine country wildfires evacuees returning home may still face hazards... even if their homes weren't damaged. k-p-i-x five's jackie ward reports on the dangers of of more now on our coverage of the wine country wildfires. evacuees returning home may still face hazards even in undamaged homes. kpix 5's jackie ward reports on the dangers of toxic ash. reporter: on what's been one of the clearest days in santa rosa since the start of the fires, people here are still wearing facemasks. volunteers at the american red cross say they have been handing out hundreds of masks every day. >> most clients are saying, why do i feel the throat? and we're telling them, well, it's obviously the air, it's
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the smoke, it's, you know -- there's a lot of bacteria now forming. >> reporter: for people like shar ra lane who already have respiratory problems, she says the potentially toxic material and charred remains in the air make her nervous. >> my lungs are sensitive to the smoke in the air. and i have already required a respiratory treatment. and they sent me off with an inhaler. and so that's why i have to wear this mask. >> reporter: that's why scott alonso with the sonoma county department of pun health is urging people to stay inside, especially children and those with lung problems. >> also when you're driving, make sure your air-conditioner is on recirculate. the air filters are not bringing in the outside air. >> reporter: scott says long- term effects of breathing the air are unknown but to lessen your chances of developing serious illness, he encourages people to be patient and not clean up their homes. instead, he is urging people to make an appointment with the public health department and
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allow the professionals to remove the hazardous waste. >> don't clean up now. it's not safe. the toxic ash and debris is harmful. we don't you to be in it children to be in it. don't touch it. we'll clear it out. >> reporter: in order to start the process, the department of health needs you to sign a right of entry form in the next couple of weeks. then they will clean it up for free. jackie ward, kpix 5. people who loves their jobs or can't work due to the wildfires are now eligible for federal unemployment benefits. the warriors are pitching in to help the wildfire relief effort auctioning off the shirts they wore when they received their championship rings last night. each shirt will be autographed. the auction starts this morning on their website. they paid for their own parade, nearly a million dollars. and then doing it for the community. >> those are nice.
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>> for a good cause. >> going on today, temperatures are cooler. you will notice that when you go out. i want to show you what we're seeing. here's what we can expect. coastal cooling has arrived. all right. temperatures will be dropping today, tomorrow and friday. we could see breezy conditions but it's a west wind that onshore flow. so it's not going to be too bad for firefighters because humidity levels will be rising. so it's not the dry north winds that we have. storm system arrives here thursday afternoon so we'll track that here in just a moment. right now, the bay bridge not covered in the marine layer but we are expecting to see more of that fog coming through. you can see it down low. also our air quality. this is important to note. a lot of people are having troubles with their lungs. today we'll see air quality moderate. that's what it is now. this afternoon, it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups to the north. so the north bay hills where the fires are obviously will still feel the impact. the west winds are going to
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help things out a little bit. calm winds in the north bay hills. the rest of the area throughout the day, they are expected to see west winds continuing. calm winds this morning. this is a west wind coming in. so as all of that picks up, that's when those winds will pick up, as well. but it's going to help out those firefighters. it's cooler conditions. tonight, early tomorrow morning, you may feel the breeze. we are waiting for the rain to come then. so the wind may pick up but here's what's happening.
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rain arrives tomorrow afternoon. the low is bringing plenty across washington and oregon. once it arrives, it's going to hit the north bay hills first. tonight into tomorrow morning, we'll get fog in. the marine layer will be in here early tomorrow morning. 2:00, santa rosa may start to see some raindrops. 6:00 it will intensify to the north. creeping down into san francisco. hayward redwood city santa cruz by midnight, it should move further towards the east bay south bay and then by friday morning things should be settled and gone. up to .3" of rain. foggy conditions. a fog advisory in place for the golden gate bridge. traffic at the limit in both
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directions. no delays. but again remember to refrain from using high beams. in the fog. the bay bridge toll plaza, things looking good. a little crowded at this early hour. 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. 14 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. closures due to the bear fire. hawk ridge at deer creek and bear creek and deer creek and bear creek at deer canyon. 580 in the yellow. the only slowdowns at this hour. 26 minutes between 205 and 680. back to you. >> thank you. time now 4:51. many people were forced to abandon their pets when the wine country wildfires started but now it's leading to reunions. another 2am stroll, huh?
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i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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in what police are calling a random attack.
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she was just steps from the academy on a 14-year-old girl walking to school was stabbed in oakland in what police are calling a random attack. she was a step from the street academy on 29th yesterday morning when the suspect slashed her face. >> her face was just [ indiscernible ] and there was a guy that was running that way with a knife about this long. and, um, i just seen the girl walking this way and they were trying to help her. whole bunch of blood leaking everywhere. >> workers at a nearby nursing home distracted the man giving the girl a chance to run. she is in stable condition. police arrested the 29-year-old suspect for assault with a deadly weapon. the sonoma county sheriff's office is continuing to monitor a major issue as the wildfires burn. it's looters. they are apparently finding troubling ways to take advantage. >> we had a fire truck so
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decommissioned fire truck that somebody drove in acting like a firefighter. somebody in a security jacket pretending to be a security guard. >> security efforts do seem to be paying off. there have been 32 arrests in sonoma county so far. the sheriff himself was stopped driving his unmarked car into a neighborhood. a marin animal shelter is the scene of more reunions between people displaced by the wildfires and the pets they feared they would never see again. kpix 5's emily turner has a story from marin humane. reporter: they have been separated for the better part of a week during the worst of conditions. and in some cases, the human half of these pairs spent that time wondering if their animals even made it. >> when we heard our house burned down we thought he was
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dead. >> reporter: the reunions are a bright spot. there family lost their home and thought their dog was lost with it. he wasn't. >> thank you! >> reporter: thanks to marin humane a society, the dog and cat are home in arms that won't be letting them go anytime soon. >> he is purring so. he is glad to be with us. >> reporter: others like jack were brought to the shelter by their owners when they evacuated. marin humane handled the four- legged evacuees so the two legged ones could worry about their homes, family and the future. >> thank you so much. you guys are honestly heaven sent. >> reporter: at the fire's height marin humane was housing 375 evacuated or rescued animals all for free. that's now down to about 260 thanks to lots of scenes like these. the marin humane society has seen an outpouring of support from the community so it has enough food, leashes, beds, et cetera. if you want to support the humane society going forward,
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they need cash. in marin county, emily turner, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] it's about 4:57. the fires across the north bay have made the air quality unbearable in some parts of the region. the advice air experts are continuing to give people next.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads heading to work. good morning. it's wednesday, october 18. i'll michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a live look at 880 in oakland. things are looking good. the bay bridge on the left, courtesy of our roof cam. we have to give love to our roof cam, always there, never fails. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> never fails. >> good job. >> how is everyone this morning? happy wednesday. >> yes. >> happy wednesday. >> oh, yeah. it's a going to be a cooler wednesday. so that's great news. look at this.
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