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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 19, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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you get a companion ticketes visaevery year.card so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick packer. ♪ critically injured.. after he's run down by a hit-and- run driver. the city-wide manuunt.. and how police finally nabbed the suspect. now at 11:00 a san francisco officer hit by a hit and run driver, the citywide manhunt. >> the suspect struck the officer on turk street between franklin and van ness. then he drove off ditching the
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car near the panhandle. kpix5 reporter joe vazquez is live at zuckerberg general hospital with how the officer is doing tonight. joe? >> reporter: liz, still listed in critical condition. all evening we've been watching as officers have been streaming in to visit their colleague who was severely injured. he's a bicycle cop, assigned to the tenderloin station. this afternoon around 12:20 he was helping with an investigation of a man suspected of a firearms violation. police say the suspect noticed the officers, then suddenly bolted and in the process smashed his suv right into the officer's bike. >> officer down. officer down. turk and franklin, officer down. >> reporter: police chased the suspect but then lost him. they found his car with obvious front end damage, but he was nowhere to be found. after a three hour manhunt officers finally arrested the suspect in the 500 block of ellis. meanwhile the officer was rushed to general hospital. he got out of surgery this evening.
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>> he's in icu. so i think that speaks for itself. he's in grave condition obviously. >> reporter: assistant chief toney chaplin said the officer has been on the force four years. he has family members coming from out of town to be by his side in the hospital. >> this is a tough day for the san francisco police department and the city and county of san francisco. i just spoke with some of the officers from the affected station and everyone right now is having a tough time with this. so i ask the public to keep the officer in their prayers. >> reporter: we understand the officer has head and neck injuries. a lot of folks here and throughout the bay area hoping for his recovery. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix5. firefighters could have the north bay wildfires contained by friday, but tonight in the santa cruz mountains the battle is far from over. the bear fire broke out monday night along bear creek road on highway 9. that fire tonight has scorched 271 acres and is 10 percent contained.
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cal -- 10% contained. cal fire says it has destroyed four homes. kpix5's maria medina shows us why it could be days before evacuees return home. >> there are so many firefighters and they're from all over. >> reporter: liz paulester knows there are hundreds of firefighters fighting to contain the wildfire but knows her home in the santa cruz mountains poses a challenge to them. >> living in the mountains 32 years and i live on the edge of a ridge. >> very steep terrain, very loose footing, very dangerous conditions for firefighters. >> reporter: seven firefighters have been injured since monday night when the fire began. today an inmate firefighter fell into a stump hole, but the captain says they've made progress. >> we're working to get closer to the fire's edge and stop it from spreading. there's still uncontrolled fire line due to limited access, but we're making very good progress today. >> reporter: everything important that you own is in
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this car. shoo correct. >> reporter: before being evacuated -- >> correct. >> reporter: before being evacuated bev had time to pack her car with whatever she could and did what she'd been taught. >> i made sure to shut off the propane, shut off the electrical in my house, close all the windows so there would be no smoke. >> reporter: that's because bev was once a volunteer firefighter herself. >> for five years. so, you know, i'm keenly aware of wildfires. >> reporter: bev lives in an area called las bres where she said lots of the fire evacuees live. you could not smell much smoke today, but this is still a very volatile and dynamic fire. in the santa cruz mountains, maria medina, kpix5. tonight authorities are on the lookout for looters in the mountains. they've busted one guy already. 54-year-old marlin coy of boulder creek rimmed off $15,000 worth of jewelry from an evacuated home. police say coy is also accused of taking off with a mountain
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bike from the home as well. this is what we've been waiting to hear. tonight cal fire says they've stopped the forward progress of all of the wine country wildfires. . is at 80 percent. the tubbs fire is 91% contained. the atlas fire is 83% and the nun fire is at 80%. one more death was reported in sonoma county today bringing the total to 42. about 58 people are still listed as missing in napa and sonoma counties and in the past day more than 6,000 people have been allowed to return home. ed by the wildfires in d bless our president trump tweeting about the disaster for the first time saying, "our hearts are with all the affected by the wildfires in california. god bless our brave first responders and fema team. we support you." as the firefight dies down, the road to recovery is going to be a long one. as kpix5's andria borba reports, we aren't talking weeks or even months. it will take years. >> reporter: in santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood the
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only way to differentiate one property from another are the chimneys sprouting from the ashy ruins, but even as fbi investigators join search and recovery tools on the ground in the grim task -- teams on the ground in the grim task of looking for bodies, there is the sense that the fire crisis is nearing an end. with containment on most fires in napa and sonoma counties inching toward 100%, all eyes are on the skies for predicted rainfall tomorrow. >> it's supposed to come in at the 4:00 hour or, so right at the peak afternoon time when we usually get some afternoon winds. we're hoping we get enough moisture we'll finish the work we need to do. >> reporter: while crisis mode may be over recovery mode will take years, returning scarred neighborhoods to any sense of normalcy slowed by the unknown brew of toxic materials lurking in the destruction. >> there can be chemicals and asbestos and lead plus plastic particles, all of that within
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that debris. so we're very concerned about people rummaging kind of through that and disturbing it and then getting it to be airborne and inhaling that. >> reporter: the epa will be working to remove the toxic waste left behind and sonoma county is working on a plan to help the hope owners recover what they -- homeowners recover what they can. >> we want to make sure there's no coal or hot ash. we don't want anyone hurt. the last thing we want is a 911 call for something we should have tape care of. >> reporter: most of the vac -- taken care of. >> reporter: most of the evacuation orders could be lifted in the next 48 hours except for the most severely burned areas and that could be as far out as this weekend. firefighters have their eyes on the skies tonight waiting for rain. meteorologist paul deanno is here with that timeline. >> won't have to wait much longer, rain arriving by this time tomorrow, actually sooner in the day thursday. there's a big storm up to our north and west driving a front into and through northern
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california bringing us much needed and much welcome rainfall. futurecast shows by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon places like calistoga, healdsburg, santa rosa getting a few light showers especially between 8:00 and 9:00 in napa, mendocino, lake and sonoma counties. it's going to help the air quality as well tomorrow, still unhealthy but only in the north bay, everybody good to moderate. rain is coming tomorrow. we'll talk about rainfall totals and your weekend coming up. tonight a santa rosa couple is suing pg&e for the wine country wildfires. they say failing equipment caused the tubbs fire. wayne and jennifer harvel lived in the coffey park home in santa rosa, their home one of hundreds destroyed. their suit accuses pg&e of failing to trim back trees and brushes around its power lines. >> it is clear based on the preliminary evidence here that this fire most likely started
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because of issues with maintenance of the pg&e power system. and unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened, but it's certainly the most tragic. investig ve not >> this is the first of what is expected to be a wave of lawsuits against the utility giant. investigators still have not determined the cause of any of the fires. tonight pg&e had this to say. "the fires are still burning across northern california. our primary focus is the life, safety and well being of the customers and communities affected by the devastating wildfires." meanwhile some fire victims are finally getting their mail for the first time since the fires broke out. seven post offices in sonoma county were closed. four of them reopened yesterday and today those lines were huge. be back to normal service by the >> i'm amazed that we even get mail, you know. i mean for this many people to be without homes and places to
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live and places to go and yet we still have somewhere to go to pick up our mail to me is amazing and i'm extremely grateful. >> the postal service hopes to be back to normal service by the weekend. troyed. one that wasn't.. reopened the fires hit the . the fires hit the wine -- the fires hit the wine industry particularly hard. more than 30 wineries were damaged or destroyed. one that wasn't reopened today in calistoga, but kpix5's emily turner reports it's been an uphill battle. >> reporter: the doors are open even if no visitors made it up for the first day since the fire. >> we're trying to get back to normal from a business standpoint. i also think it's important for us to get back to some normalcy for my own insanity and for jennifer and my employees. >> reporter: full normalcy is a ways off, but the process has begun. it's not only a winery but a
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horse rescue. four of the 40 horses they had to evacuate last week are now back in their paddocks, the rest soon to follow. volunteers came from as far away always san jose to help -- as san jose to help. >> there's a lot of people relying on us, our horses relying on us, our staff. you just do it. it's kind of i can't sit back and do nothing. >> reporter: so she and her crew did something and a lot of it. after the horses were safe they snuck back into the winery behind evacuation lines to work on their wine without power. >> instead of using electricity and pumps we use buckets and arms to take the wine from the bottom of the big tanks and bring it to the tops and we did that until our arms fell off. >> reporter: the work paid off. his business didn't lose anything, but his industry took a huge hit. >> unfortunately the month of october is what we consider our high season. this is usually our best month of the year. because of this fire it's probably going to be our worst.
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>> reporter: they want to encourage people to go back to wine country and are donating a portion of the proceeds of their two most popular wines to local rebuilding efforts because while the worst is over, there is still a long road ahead to recovery. >> when catastrophes occur and people are needed, neighbors step up and help each other. >> reporter: in calistoga, emily turner, kpix5. up next allegations of sexual harassment at the state capitol, but more than 100 high profile women are saying tonight. >> plus how the white house is defending the president's controversial phone call to a grieving army widow. >> what i don't want to happen is any more of them losing their jobs because they are protesting. >> only 5 tonight magic johnson opens up to our betty yu, how he believes team owners should respond to national anthem protests.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. tonight there is a new law for gun owners in san jose. starting in december gun owners will be required to secure their firearms in a gun safe, a lockbox or with a trigger lock whenever they aren't home. the goal is to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. according to the city, 265 firearms have been stolen in burglaries since 2014. the me too movement that started with the harvey weinstein sexual harassment scandal has reached the state capitol tonight. 147 women say enough is enough. xposes
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what t ng the women are legislators, lobbyists and staff. they signed a all right that exposes s what they say is a long stand -- exposes when they say is a longstanding culture of sexual harassment. >> whoever is in power is more likely to have more abuse because that's where the power is. >> the letter does not list any specific names. tonight president trump is denying accusations that he was insensitive to a grieving army widow, but mola lenghi reports a congresswoman who heard the phone call is telling a very different story. >> didn't say what that congresswoman said, didn't say it at all. >> reporter: today president trump denied being anything less than respectful in his condolence call to the family of green beret sergeant la david johnson who was one of four green berets killed in action in niger october 4th.
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the president spoke with myeshia johnson on tuesday, the same day her husband's remains came home. >> i regret i did not record it. >> reporter: congresswoman frederica wilson was with the woman and listened to the call. >> i heard him say well, he knew what he was signing up for, but it still hurts. it's so disrespectful because if you were calling the bereaved, you would at least know their name. >> reporter: before a meeting at the white house, the president told reporters wilson's account of the call was not accurate. >> i had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife, who sounded like a lovely woman. >> reporter: this controversy arose after mr. trump claimed his predecessors did not call the families of fallen soldiers pointing to the experience of his chief of staff, president john kelly, whose son was killed in afghanistan.
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>> general kelly is disgusted by the way this has been politicized. >> reporter: according to white house records, a year after his son's passing kelly and his wife met with the obamas at a breakfast honoring gold star families. >> the father of another soldier killed in niger said the president called him and was cordial during the call and was curious about what went wrong. nfl commissioner roger goodell announced today players won't be forced to stand during the national anthem. goodell and team owners are speaking with players this week about their protests over racial and social i equality. owners say they -- inequality. owners say they want a better understanding of the players' concerns. goodell said he believes everyone should stand during the anthem, but he respects those who don't. >> we respect our country. we respect our flag. we respect our national anthem. we all feel very strongly about our country and our pride and we're going to continue to do that. >> the president was quick to tweet about the league's position calling it total
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disrespect. tonight basketball legend magic johnson said athletes should be able to protest without losing their jobs. he sat down with our betty yu only on kpix5. >> so i grew up poor, but i didn't have poor dreams, young people. >> reporter: magic johnson dreamed big. the five time nba champion is a business powerhouse currently president of basketball operations of the l.a. lakers, co-owner of the l.a. dodgers, property developer, movie theater owner and earns millions from endorsements. he also knows what it takes to run a successful business. it means a commitment to diversity. here in silicon valley we know that it's dominated by white men. can you speak to diversity being a business necessity? >> well, you know, it's important because first it has to start with the ceo and chairman because if it's not in their dna, it will never happen, but it's important because the world is changing
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toward majority minority now. >> reporter: speaking to a sold out crowd as part of the silk speaker series at usf, he shared hard lessons from his career on and off the court. you spoke to adversity out there. a lot of professional athletes expressing their frustration on the field these days. as a team owner, how do you feel about that protesting? >> i feel that they were put in a tough position because, you know, colin was speaking out because on our black boys were being killed. >> reporter: johnson said having a dialogue between owners and players is critical. >> what i don't want to happen is any more of them losing their jobs because they are protesting. i think they've raised a point which is a great point. now the owners, the players need to come up with a solution that then makes everybody feel
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good and that now they can stand for the national anthem. that's what i'm looking for. so solution, now stand, now effect change in urban america. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. it is cool outside. it is going to rain tomorrow, but this pattern change is not going to last. we're going to get hot again next week. temperatures outside right now in the 50s, 54 in oakland, san francisco 53, foggy and cloudy at sfo, lots of activity, all the overnight flights taken off. san jose 54, santa rosa 51, 53, milder because we'll be cloudy in concord, oakland and san francisco. san jose 51, pacifica 49. radar is clear now. by tomorrow afternoon rain approaching lake and mendocino county working south and snow in the sierra, the first significant snowfall of the season. that is early friday. a winter weather advisory is in effect, up to 6 inches of new
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snow above 6,500-foot. the surf will be rough tomorrow evening, waves as high as 18 feet and an increased rip of risk currents. so things are changing. why? because of this storm right now. it's finally a storm that's not going to drag a dry cold front through. this front will actually have some moisture with it. in the north bay you may get up to a 1/4 inch of rainfall by friday morning. we stay cloudy throughout the day, rain approaching the north bay 4:00, 5:00, spotty showers. after midnight we see the most widespread rain, but it's a quick moving front. by 2 or 3 a.m. the rain is gone. by sunrise friday we are sunny, breezy and chilly, but it's much needed rainfall that arrives tomorrow. on average south of the golden gate about a 0.10-inch of rain, double the numbers up to 0.2 to
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maybe 0.3-inch of rainfall in napa and sonoma county. will it put it out the fire? maybe, maybe not. will it help? yes. clouds tomorrow, highs 60s, vallejo 67, redwood city 68, a few spots hitting 70 including concord and san jose. the pattern is changing, right? you may think that friday when you grab a sweater. we get milder saturday, milder still sunday and back to the 90s inland monday through wednesday next week. october is not done yet, hopefully a taste of what's to come because we need more rain than just this, but we'll take it tomorrow and enjoy it. >> the humidity will feel great, too. >> the firefighters are going to be looking up and smiling. >> thank goodness. up next the black bear that decided to do a little window shopping in the sierra, where this very big and very curious animal was spotted. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with step
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the street in lake tahoe. the deputy who spotted it... says at first, the bear was sniffing around the taco bell. that's a bear, no big deal, casually strolling down the streets in lake tahoe. he went past the taco bell and then strolled past some other shops at kings beach. the deputy kept yelling at it and finally it took off into the woods. did a klay thompson impersonator make everyone forget the warriors
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. in 1988 president george bush said to the nation read my lips, no new taxes. that was also the last year the dodgers won the national league pennant. wrigley field has been around a lot longer than 1988 and still isn't paying taxes, but it's paying dividends. jose contreras, 491 feet, look at that, guys in the bullpen. 5th inning jose reyes into the bleachers. cubs win and keep hope alive. to the bronx where the yankees are trying to win their third street over the astros.
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sanchez puts the exclamation point 5-0 over houston, tanaka seven scoreless innings, yankees win and take a 3-2 -- give to me. >> oh, yankees! >> navarro bowman expected to play tomorrow night when the raiders host the chief at the coliseum right here on the big 5. the raiders have been struggling with navarro averaging 13 points a game. he's not letting the boo birds get him down. >> i try to live my life in a manner of high character no matter what i'm doing, coaching or shopping at the grocery store. >> reporter: so if you're at the grocery store and someone says why didn't you run lynch more, does that stuff happen even? >> oh, yeah. i have friends that have him on their fantasy team that are mad at me for that. you think you met klay thompson last t?


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