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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the last few spritzes of hairspray. we're waking up. good morning, it's thursday, october 19th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> it's an exciting day in the weather word. >> i used the windshield wipers this morning. >> i used them last night. >> me, too. >> there's a little drizzle. more the moisture from the fog but this afternoon we are going to get raindrops. so you will have to use your windshield wipers a lot more as you start your evening commute later on. right now, look at our temperatures. the cloud coverage out there is keeping things a little warm. if you think 50s or warm. we have been in the 40s for the past several days in the morning hours. so at least 57 concord, livermore 53. temperatures won't go up much this afternoon. we have a cool front associated with this rain that's coming. so temperatures are going to be dropping about 20 degrees since monday. that's quite a significant difference. and the rain will arrive this afternoon. i'll track the rain for you,
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also talk about the heat that will be returning coming up. speeds in the yellow for drivers on westbound 580 into livermore. then things pick up. but you still have 22 minutes between 205 and 680. if you use your wipers, turn on your headlights. that's a law. small backup in the cash lanes on the bay bridge toll plaza. 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. firefighters are working to have the north bay wildfires contained by tomorrow. but the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains is tough to fight. the vegetation fires started monday night along bear creek road near highway 9. the bear fire burned 300 acres and is 15% contained. cal fire says it's destroyed four homes.
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kpix 5's maria medina breaks down the risks crews face and their fight against these flames. >> there are so many firefighters from all over. >> reporter: beth knows there are hundreds of firefighters battling to contain the bear fire. but she also knows her home. the santa cruz mountains is posing a challenge to them. >> living in the mountains 32 years and i live on the edge of a ridge. >> very steep terrain. very loose footing. very dangerous hazardous conditions for firefighters. >> reporter: seven firefighters have been hurt since the wildfire began monday night. today an inmate firefighter fell into a stump hole but captain jordan says they have made progress. >> we are working to get closer to the fire to control the fire and stop it from spreading. there's still uncontrolled fireline due to the limited access but we are making good progress. >> everything important that you own is in this car. >> correct. >> reporter: before being
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evacuated, bev had time to pack her car with what she could and made sure to do what she was taught if a fire threatened her home. >> i made sure to shut off the propane and electrical in my house, close all the windows so there would be no smoke. >> reporter: that's because she was once a volunteer firefighter. >> for five years. so, you know, i'm -- i'm keenly aware of wildfires. >> reporter: aria medina, kpix 5. authorities are trying to make sure looters don't take advantage with the bear fire forcing evacuations. this man, 54-year-old marlin coy of boulder creek is behind bars for looting an evacuated home. police say he stole $15,000 worth of jewelry from the property. police believe coy also stole a mountain bike. cal fire says it has stopped the forward progress of all wildfires in sonoma and napa counties. among them the tubbs fire is
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91% contained. the atlas fire 83% contained and there's 80 containment of the nuns fire. one more fire related death was reported in sonoma county yesterday bringing the total for northern california to 42. 58 people still unaccounted for in sonoma and napa counties. and in the past day or so, more than 6,000 evacuees have been allowed back to their homes. president trump posted this comment on twitter saying our hearts are with all affected by the wildfires in california. god bless our brave first responders and fema team. we support you. the president has no immediate plans to visit california. as the firefighter ends, the road to recovery will be a long one. as kpix 5's andria borba reports, it could take years. >> reporter: in santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood the only way to differentiate one property from another are the chimneys sprouting from the ashy ruins but even as fbi investigators join search and recovery teams on the ground, in the grim task of looking for bodies, there is the sense that the fire crisis is coming to an
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end. >> i would definitely say we have turned the corner. >> reporter: with containment on most fires in napa and sonoma counties inching toward 100%, all eyes are on the skies for predicted rainfall. >> it's supposed to come in at 4:00. we'll be at the peak afternoon time when we usually get some afternoon winds. what we are hoping is we get enough moisture to finish the work that we need to do. >> reporter: while crisis mode may be over, recovery mode will take years. returning scarred neighborhoods to any sense of normalcy will be slowed by the unknown brew of toxic materials lurking in the destruction. >> there can be chemicals and asbestos and lead, plus plastic particles. all of that within that debris. so we're very concerned about people rummaging through that and disturbing it and then getting it to be airborne and inhaling that. >> reporter: the epa will be working to remove the toxic waste left behind and sonoma county is working on a plan to help homeowners recover what
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they can. >> we want to make sure there's no hot ash, no coals. we don't want anybody to be hurt from the rubble. the last thing we want is a 911 call for something we should have taken care of. >> reporter: most of the evacuation orders could be lifted in the next 48 hours with the exception of the most severely burned areas and that could be as far out as this weekend. in santa rosa, andria borba, kpix 5. that much-needed rain is here, not significant but good. >> yeah. it's good and what matters most is the north bay hills and they are the ones that are going to get the most of it and first. so the way it's timing out they will get it this afternoon possibly a quarter inch to .75" for the north bay mountains. let's show you in hi-def doppler -- i'll be watching this all day long. right now no rain at the moment. but what we are seeing is a bit of a cloudy sky out there. we are going to see a little push from that marine layer as we get that onshore flow. so it's going to help bring in
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some cloud coverage out there. that's why you may feel that moisture in the air, might see some of the drizzle this morning, because of what's happening right along the coast. look how far east it's moving. fairfield, concord, livermore, cloudy. visibility this morning not impacting much. half moon bay 5. the rest of the area a lot of visibility obviously so its higher cloud cover that we are experiencing. so here's what we can expect for later on today. possibly .10" to three-quarters inch of rain to arrive this afternoon. three-quarters is very generous but that could be in the north bay mountains. it is picking up a lot more moisture, the storm system is, as it works its way down from washington, oregon and from the coast and from the ocean. sierra so if also expected with this one. so we may see a few inches. there's a winter weather advisory this is the first significant snowstorm for the sierra for the year so far so temperatures are also going to stay 10 degrees below average until the weekend when things
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warm up. by early next week we'll be hot again. i'll explain it all in just a bit. right now, we are tracking a quiet start to your thursday morning commute. if you are making your way through the north bay along 101, both directions open but we still have some off-ramp closures. there's the hopper avenue as well as the mendocino off-ramp from northbound 101. also calistoga road north of harvell remains shut down, mark west springs at old redwood highway so a reminder of some of the closures. traffic fine in both directions at 101 at 12 junction. toll plaza at the bay bridge easy ride across the span both directions. eastshore freeway, still in the green just under 15 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. and once you get over to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's 10 minutes into san francisco.
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san francisco police say an officer on a bicycle had critical injuries after hitting by a suspect speeding away in an suv. the suspect is wanted for an alleged firearms violation and hit the officer on turk street near van ness and abandoned the car later in the panhandle. the officer was rushed to the hospital and many of his colleagues have struggled with that news. >> this is a tough day for the san francisco police department and the city and county of san francisco. i just spoke with some of the officers from the affected station, and everyone right now is having a tough time with this and so i ask the public to keep the officer in their prayers. >> assistant chief toney chaplin says the officer has been on the force for 4 years. there's a new rule for san jose gun owners. starting in december, you must lock up your guns before leaving the house. kpix 5's devin fehely on the criticism of a law some call common sense. >> reporter: while it aims to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals, critics of the new gun storage law says
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it targets all the wrong people. law-abiding gun owners. >> if you are single and you live by yourself and you're just a regular gun owner that shoots, it's a stupid rule. >> reporter: the council narrowly passed the law requiring a gun safe, lock box or trigger lock when the owner isn't home. a city councilman says it's a common-sense through will make the community safer. >> these guns are stolen all time. we don't want them in the wrong hands out in the street committing a crime. >> reporter: city councilman says according to the city's crime statistic 265 firearms were stolen from 2014 to the present. the nra wrote the city to oppose new law saying much of what it hoped to accomplish was already covered under existing state gun storage laws. reaction to the new law has been mixed. >> i think it's a good idea to send a message that we need some regulations! >> if no one is going to thank you. gun, who cares? >> a gun -- if no one is going
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to touch the gun, who cares? >> a gun is an easy tool to kill people so i think it should be in a place harder to get. >> reporter: he says it might discourage people from reporting the theft of a gun that wasn't properly locked up. >> let's say for instance you haven't bought a gun safe or lock. you do get burglarized and somebody does steal your gun. we put in place a 24-hour grace period that says, hey, call the police. let us know. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> under state law gun owners only have to lock them up if there are young children in the home. ♪[ music ] 4:41. things are getting back to normal in parts of wine country as crews get a handle on the devastating fires. we'll take you to one winery that just reopened its doors. >> plus, why a new lawsuit blames pg&e for a landslide that did significant damage to homes in the bay area.
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the slide between casitas avenue and mira- pg&e is facing a lawsuit
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for allegedly causing a landslide in san francisco. the slide between casitas avenue and mira loma drive nearly destroyed one home and damaged five others in january 2016. the city attorney blames shoddy work by pg&e when it relocated gas lines in the area. the city has paid homeowners more than $6.5 million. the lawsuit asks that pg&e reimburse the city and fix the construction defects. >> a santa rosa couple is suing pg&e over the wine country wildfires. they say that failing equipment caused the tubbs fire. wayne and jennifer harville lived in the coffey park neighborhood in santa rosa. their home was one of hundreds destroyed. the lawsuit accuses pg&e of failing to trim back trees and bushes around its power lines as required. >> it is clear based on the preliminary evidence here that this fire most likely started
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because of issues with maintenance of the pg&e power system and unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. but it's certainly the most tragic. >> this is the first of what's expected to be a number of lawsuits against the utility company. investigators still have not determined the cause of any of the fires. pg&e released this statement saying: because of the wine country wildfires county assessors say they will recalculate some property tax bills. with thousands of homes destroyed in sonoma and napa counties, the values of some of those properties have also been destroyed. county officials say they are already collecting data to recalculate property tax bills. >> everyone is seeing aerials of the county of the damage. we can tie that in with gis layers so we can look at every
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parcel and be able to hopefully fairly quickly do the value reductions. >> to qualify, property damage must total at least $10,000. fire severely damaged more than 30 wineries in the past week and a half. one that was not destroyed reopened yesterday in calistoga. as kpix 5's emily turner reports, it's been an uphill battle. >> reporter: this bottle and the tasting room are open even if no visitors made it up for their first day with the doors open since the fire. >> we're trying to get back to normal from a business standpoint. i think it's important to us to get back to some normalcy for our own sanity for jennifer and myself and our employees. >> reporter: full normalcy is still a ways off but the process has begun. not only is tamber bay a winery, it's a horse rescue and boarding facility. four of the 40 horses they had to evacuate last week are now back in their paddocks. the rest soon to follow.
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volunteers came from as far away as san jose to help. >> there's a lot of people relying on us. our horses are relying on us. our staff. you just do it. it's -- it's -- it's kind of -- i -- i can't sit back and do nothing. >> reporter: so they did something and a lot of it. after the horses were safe, they snuck back into the winery behind evacuation lines to work on their wine without power. >> instead of using electricity and pumps, we used buckets and arms to take the wine from the bottom of the big tanks and bring it to the top. and we did that until our arms fell off. >> reporter: the work paid off. his business didn't lose anything but the industry took a huge hit. >> unfortunately, the month of october is what we consider our high season. this is usually our best month of the year. because of this fire, it's probably going to be our worst. >> reporter: so they want to encourage people back to wine country and in a show of solidarity are donating a portion of the proceeds of their two popular wines to
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local rebuilding efforts. while the work is over, there's still a long road ahead to recovery. >> when catastrophes occur and when people are needed, neighbors step up and help each other. >> reporter: in calistoga, emily turner, kpix 5. that is pretty cool. they are helping out their fellow wineries and some of them damaged or destroyed. >> yeah. and it's important to visit wine country. it's not over. >> i'm sure people will be flooding in there pretty soon. >> yeah. so how about this weather? >> okay. so wine country is going to get rain today so that's going to be welcome. right now, we are seeing the higher clouds out there helping keeping the temperatures warmer this morning. there's a look at coit tower, haze from the fog and clouds this morning. temperatures in the 50s this morning.
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clouds at the coast will push inward with the onshore flow bringing cooler air, 10 degrees cooler in fact. this is the big low pressure system bringing in arena to washington and oregon with flooding concerns in northern organize. when you see speckled clouds, that's a cold front. so the cold front is coming down, as well. that's why today will be colder than average. tomorrow is going to be even colder as that system leaves us. so the way the system is tracking, it's also expected to bring us some snow up in the sierra, the western slope is under a winter weather advisory. this is incredible. so this is pictures of snow above 6500 feet. the ski resorts will get it. expect travel delays going east. but the snow a welcome sight with that cooler air. and the rain, hey, we'll take it. along the coast waves 13 to 18
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feet. we have this high surf advisory in effect for today, as well. so keep that in mind from the mountains to the beaches. it's going to be a little bit different out there today. here's a look at what's happening with our rainfall totals as far as the timing goes. here we are at 5:00 this afternoon parts of the north bay mountains may start to see the effects of the system. by 7:00, the rain will come down strong. it could be up to three- quarters inch for some of the ridgetops of the mountains. then the valleys will get a tenth to quarter inch. all of san francisco, san jose, also expected to get some rain from this until midnight. by 4 a.m. the sierra could see that. here's the north bay hills so you can see how much rain is expected by 6:00 today calistoga, sebastopol, glen ellen will feel the rain showers. then stronger through 10:00, 11:00. that's when the brunt of the storm will be passing through. here's a look at the seven-day
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forecast. temperatures drop off tomorrow and then warmer saturday and sunday, hot monday through wednesday in the 90s. right now, we are tracking some delays for drivers already along highway 17. these went into place last night when caltrans went out to highway 17 with roadwork. we see slowdowns in that southbound direction from laurel to west vine hill road. that one lane should be closed until about 6:30 this morning. we're also tracking an easy ride making your way along 101. but unusual slowdowns on 880 southbound approaching 280. no reports of accidents or stalls. san mateo bridge, flowing freely in both directions, 13 minutes between 101 and 880. looking good eastshore freeway and all of your approaches towards the bay bridge toll
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plaza in the green. but we have that backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is just in some of the cash lanes. if you have fastrak, you're a- okay. 10 minutes into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. time now 4:52. basketball legend magic johnson weighs in on the wave of protests involving professional athletes during a trip to the bay area. we'll hear from the former nba star and current team owner. (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that.
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for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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required to stand during the national anthem. commissioner rog the commissioner of the national football league announced players won't be required to stand during the national anthem. roger goodell and team owners are talking with player representatives this week about player protests over racial and social inequality. owners say they want a be understanding of the players' concerns. goodell also says he believes
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that everyone should stand during the anthem but respect those who don't. >> we respect our country. we respect our flag. we respect our national anthem. we all feel very strongly about our country and our pride and we're going to continue to do that. >> president trump posted a comment on twitter calling the league's position total disrespect. magic johnson said athletes should be able to protest without the risk of losing their jobs. he spoke with betty yu. >> so i grew up poor. but i didn't have poor dreams, young people. >> reporter: magic johnson dreams big. the five-time nba champion is a business powerhouse currently president of basketball operations of the l.a. lakers, co-owner of the l.a. dodgers, property developer, movie theater owner and earns millions from endorsements. he also knows what it takes to run a successful business. it means a commitment to diversity. >> here in silicon valley we know it's dominated by white
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men. >> mm-hm. >> would you speak to diversity being a business necessity? >> well, you know, it's important because first it has to start with the ceo and chairman because if it's not in their dna, it will never happen. but it's important because the world is changing towards majority minorities now. >> reporter: speaking to a sold- out crowd as part of the speaker series at usf he shared lessons from his career on and off the court. you spoke to adversity out there, a lot of professional athletes expressing their frustration on the field these days. as a team owner, how do you feel about that protest? >> i think that, you know, ahem, they were put in a tough position because, you know, um, colin was speaking out because our black boys were being killed. >> reporter: he says having a dialogue between owners and
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players is critical. >> what i don't want to happen is, um, any more of them losing their job because they are protesting. i think they have raised a point which is a great point. now the owners, the players, need to come up with a solution that then makes everybody feel good and that now they can stand for the national anthem. that's what i'm looking for. so solution to effect change in america. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] 4:57. the california attorney general is fighting back against president trump again. this time it's a battle over healthcare and its affordability.
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it's thursday, october 19th. i m michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning.
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i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this thursday morning. on your right, that's the 580/680 interchange all packed. look at all those lights and that traffic there. and on the left side, we have a shot of the bay bridge camera looking east. and we definitely have "karl the fog." he is back! i was going to say, is my vision foggy? >> no. it's early. it's foggy. we have high clouds and it's going to help bring in cooler air but also it's the start of the rain that's coming. so hi-def doppler in high gear. we are going to be watching this very closely to see when we'll first start to see those raindrops trickling in and right now here's another foggy view out there. we have a bit of marine layer. the onshore flow is here. it's going to bring gray skies for you this morning. then this afternoon, we are expected to see that rain. our satellite-radar showing the cloud cover. you can see it right there off the coast pretty much for all of northern california. and as the wind from the west comes on in, it's going to


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