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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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away.the city needs to do something about this.>> two twisted bikes on the side of the road and the driver who hit them took off.another driver who witnessed the accident chased after the hit and run driver but the police could not find the suv pick >> the sun is no issue.he should have seen them.>> police plowed into him and it tossed him 30 feet away from his victim had his shoes attached to his bike.both victim had -- victims have major injuries.a helicopter airlifted the other man with more serious injuries to the medical center.>> something that anyone could have looked at and said it was going to happen sooner or later due to the substandard of the road.>>
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neighbors say a few months ago another accident happened on diablo road up the street from here. in that case, a car also hit two cyclists .1 of the victims was also airlifted to a local hospital.they blame the city for not widening diablo is busy and popular for cyclists and drivers going up to mount diablo.>> something has to be done.we have been asking for safe bicycle lanes starting here and going up to the boulevard.>> we don't have the names of the victims or their current conditions.all we know is that they have major injuries.police are looking for a silver suv. of ford escape should have damage to the front of the suv. >> you are standing on a trail not far from where the crash happened. with the trump be a better
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alternative?>> reporter: neighbors have talked about that but i will step out. you can see the trail next to diablo road. this trail is used by a lot of pedestrians and moms with strollers. a lot of cyclists don't want to have the conflict and run into them. you can see a lot of the debris on the trail. all of that is not ideal for the cyclists. and a lot of them use the roadway.>> there is not much of a shoulder on the roadway. i can see behind you.>> not at all. it is very popular and busy.>> thank you. there was a similar crash we told you about in marin county two weeks ago. the driver was arrested for felony hit and run after slamming into a group of cyclists riding in a charity race nevada. four of the cyclists were hurt and witnesses said the driver appeared to hit them intentionally. the 21-year-old was arrested
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later that night after video from a helmet cam generated tips. a police officer rundown on his bike remains in critical condition. the 32-year-old officer was on bike patrol when he was hit on wednesday. the 50-year-old was fleeing from other officers when he slammed into him and took off. johnson was arrested a few hours later into rained yesterday on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on an officer. police in concord are looking for the wrong way driver who sent into an suv on highway 41 running from the chp in a stolen truck. was headed west in the eastbound lanes and collided with the suv had on between willow password import chicago highway. the impact was so violent that the pickup truck burst into flames and the chp said several
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people in the suv were taken to the hospital and they are l -- all expected to survive. the wrong way driver ran off toward the weapons station and police are looking for him at this hour. the north bay where the wildfires is moving steadily up and crews have good lines around 65, i'm sorry 95% of the fire. the fire is 84% but the four fires are burning over 250 square miles. that's an area roughly the size of san jose and oakland combined. people from another fire ravaged area were allowed to return home but in many cases, there was not much left. everyone had to show a valid id to get an entry pass. police matched the passes with
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people's addresses. the reentry is meant to give residents a chance to take in the damage with a minimum of intrusion. some of the homes were destroyed and they are still trying to get their mind around the catastrophe.>> it is shocking, unbelievable what we have lost. the memories are still there but the material representation is all gone. it feels like you go on and forget about it. it happened and worse things have happened to other people. the same thing happened to thousands of other people in the same area.>> this process will continue through next sunday. on the other side of 101 people in the coffee park neighborhood got to go back to what is left to their neighborhood. it burned 5300 structures in sonoma and napa counties. the most destructive wildfire in california history.>> the nuns fire was in one mile and a half of the town square.
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the areas him too many tasting rooms, shops and restaurants that depend on tourism to survive. jackie word is in sonoma and tells us that they want people to know that sonoma is open for business. jackie.>> reporter: it is a gorgeous day but a lot of people don't realize that. is a slow time to get the business back up and running to normal capacity because of the devastating wildfires but they want people to know they are open for business.>> sonoma county is known for its hospitality and on a picture- perfect date like this, they would typically host 150 people in their tasting room and today they say they will play lucky if they see 50 people pick >> we were on track to have the best month ever and to have the best year ever and all has been put on hold and until we get all of our loyal guests back and people back and functioning
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and people are scared.>> she has had a couple of big groups cancel and business has been slow. it is the same story down the street at the culinary store.>> we get a lot of phone calls like are you still open or standing and i said you would not think anything that happened.>> on silver lining is the fact that some people are rescheduling their events for a time that is typically a slow period in sonoma.>> we have corporate events that are planning christmas parties with us because they want to help us. it has been incredible.>> michael said the job numbers have taken a hit. he expects to see job growth next month in certain sections like construction.>> in terms of job layoffs, it has impacted it in terms of people that have
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lost their homes.>> people are trying to get the word out that they are open and ready to show people all sonoma has to offer today.>> we need people to come in and drink wine and eat food and that will support us and rebuild all the way from santa rosa to napa.>> all of the times that you need the glass of wine, it is w. it is a good time to come back. >> owners tommy right now they are heavily relying on people that live across the bay area to come and enjoy themselves for a night or weekend away. some of them are one or two weeks away from closing their doors permanently. in sonoma, jackie ward, kpix 5 . they launched a new website ahead of schedule in response to the fires. sonoma an entire section on recovery efforts and keep them up to
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date. the bear fire burning all week in the santa cruz mountains is calming down. cal fire said it is 50% contained. the fire has injured nine people and destroyed four structures and charred 400 acres. neighbors say is started at a chop shop the property was the focus of a 2015 investigation. at the time, officers recovered one dozen stolen motorcycles and cars. the president was arrested but neighbors say she was back on the property when the fire started on monday night. switching gears to ocean beach. the surf is up and has been up since yesterday. the dangerous conditions by the shore will ease and then we will get good beach weather. the pressure is on and the temperature is up. 90 degrees by tuesday because another ridge of high pressure is coming in. we will have the complete forecast in a few minutes. a
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student fought off a would be rapist. she was jogging when the man at tackled -- tackled her and try to take off her pants pick he ran off when she fought back. is a man in his 50s with a medium build and gray color length hair and a full great beard. anyone with information can contact police. a car thief in the south bay is in the hospital after police shot him. after 1:30 am in santa clara near the intersection of el camino and scott boulevard. east of the expressway when officer spotted a car reported stolen. another officer drove to the scene to assist but police say when the officers got out, the suspect but the car in reverse and rand -- rammed the patrol car. the officer opened fire. the suspect is hospitalized in stable condition. police say the suspect is on parole for a burglary conviction and does not have a drivers license. thousands of jobs are vanishing and still to come, how the high price of
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housing could be dealing a blow to the local economy. as if you needed another reason to cheer on the golden state warriors, 1000 out -- $1000 a point.
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local employers cut thousands of jobs for a second straight month. kpix 5's maria medina shows us how the red-hot housing market.. m a consequence of living in the bay area. local employers cut thousands of jobs for a second straight month. how the red-hot housing market may be freezing the job market. took her story like so many other who moved to the bay area with high hopes.>> if you are not working it is hard to save.>> she tried to make it in
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san jose in the restaurant injury but she is saying goodbye and moving out of state.>> i make the salary but not enough to pay rent.>> michelle left the area to live in a more affordable city. she commits here every day for her medical job.>> i know a few people that commute. i found a place in modesto and i am only paying 995.>> it could finally be slowing down the bay areas job growth according to the mercury news. for two consecutive months, they lost thousands of jobs. 4700 last month and 2400 and august.>> it's certainly a warming -- warning light.>> michael bernick said the bay area typically leads the state in job gains for capital -- per capita.>> it is too soon to panic.>> it is a cautionary tale for us to be concerned about whether they high housing costs are finally beginning to impact what has been our job
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growth since february 2010 expect she does not know if she will ever move back.>> i was making the most money i have ever made and was struggling.>> it is not all bad news. california as a whole added more than 52,000 jobs last month. in san jose, kpix 5. in other news, the repair bill for the damaged orbital dam is now about as long as the dam is tall. the spillways were ripped apart during last year's winter storms and the original estimate was $275 million. the department of water resources said it will be closer to half of the billion. they blame the amount of excavation and concrete needed. the repairs are 90% complete. and name change in the works for the stockton airport.
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reporter explains it could cause a lot of confusion for san francisco bound travelers. and effort to build on the continued growth of the last few years and they stockton airport is working to change its name to the san francisco stockton regional airport. not everyone is happy.>> i think it should stay stockton metropolitan airport because we are in stockton.>> i think it would be confusing.>> became -- its air cargo service supports the counties fast-growing distribution and fulfillment centers.>> it will be a great idea. it is outdated right now. you need to spruce it up.>> stockton belongs to the combined this is in area of the san jose, san francisco, oakland region and revising the name to reflect that is a logical choice.>> when you identify with a major regional city or event or location, it
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helps people understand immediately where you are.>> leaders say the practice of modifying in airports name to including region is common and has great potential for benefiting everyone in the area.>> if it is successful as it was before deregulation, if it helps the area it works.>> they will observe the cities rich history and adds san francisco and providing a vision for the future.>> you will get more business from the bay area.>> the sam aiken county board supeisors said the name change will be at the meeting on tuesday. the name of the game will be heat. we will flirt with 90 degrees by tuesday but i have a guess that this could be the fairly warm week we have because sooner or later we will turn from autumn and look toward
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winter. one last warm weekend it could be this week. for now as we left you with high-pressure over the west coast we we -- rejoin the action for clear skies. not much in the way of traffic. as we look over to the bay bridge as the sun sinks to the west and so does the temperatures. santa rosa is 66 degrees right now. pleasant saturday. it will be sunny and warmer for sunday. that begins and continues a trend which is the temperatures coming up a couple of the degrees a day so tomorrow the coast will be 70 degrees. the bay will be in the low 70s and inland we will be in the mid-70s for sunday. warmer than what we had today. we expect things to be sunny and mild and a warming trend continuing on monday and the numbers spike on tuesday. 90 degrees inland.
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danville or livermore near 90 degrees by the time you get to tuesday. maybe for the last time this year. the 49ers are taking on the cowboys. how many games have they one? >> that would be zero.>> 78 degrees and sunshine. perhaps they will turn it around. the overnight lows in the 50s and sun up at 7:25 am and the high is 69 in san francisco. the numbers are pretty close to what is average for this time of year. by tuesday it is 10 degrees above average. for tomorrow, sunnyvale is up to 77. 78 for morgan help. in the east bay the numbers will be very nice. upper 70s and here and there will knowledge 80 degrees. 84 vallejo and the nation is 77. marin is very nice and stinson beach will have a nice day to take the dog.
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74 degrees and in petaluma it is 78 and warm. not quite that warm in ukiah. sunshine and 75 degrees. this extended forecast we will get to the mid-70s. mid-80s on monday and 90 degrees on tuesday and sunshine all the way through next weekend but by thursday friday and saturday the numbers pulled back a little bit. a man never pulling back and always on top.>> i am not holding back. we have a shocker. the san francisco giants coaching staff and we will explain. i can't believe it. pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public.
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it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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klay thompson is converting his scoring skills.. into a wildfire donation. the warriors guard is pledging a thousand dollars for every point he scores in the next three home day. klay thompson is converting is skills into a wildfire donation. $1000 for every point he scores.
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>> let's stick together because of lot of loved ones and families have been displaced from these terrible events. we can build the >> up. we can stick together and donate.>> thompson averaged 22 points a game last season. his donation would add up to $67,000.>> good for him. he kicked in 33 points last evening. coaching and the 49ers. the visiting cowboys and the coach said hang on. don't give up on us yet.>> that is extremely tough but i am extremely excited about this place and where we are at and where we are going. there is not a moment i don't waste thinking about that stuff.>> the 49ers are going to look to the future when cj
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makes his first career start against the cowboys. shanahan is not worried about any rookie jitters from the third round pick.>> tj has started a lot of games in college. i don't think it is too big for him. he is used to having it. he will go about it like he has gone about it every other day.>> a lot of terminology for everything. that is the biggest thing right now. we are improving on that more than anything else.>> you have to show the ability that you can build things around the person. he has the ability to make the throws and make the off scheduled please. he is of the type of person who can handle all of the stuff that goes with that.>> the giants play and are not fooling around.pitching coach dave righetti out after 18 season and reassigned to a front office role.hitting coach hensley meulens and bullpen coach mark gardner have been
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reassigned following the team's last place finish. college football and lamar jackson the heisman winner. tied at 28 and jackson flipped's annual and they carried the pile inside the 15. that set up the kicker for 34 yards to win it. ballgame. louisville beat florida state 31-28. the first win in tallahassee since 1952. i think they realized that in the locker room. upset number-nine oklahoma??? under three- minutes to play, sooners leading 35-28, wildcats alex >> happy, sweaty men. trying to pull up the upset. alex denton has five yards and isaiah zuber has a touchdown and tied at 35. oklahoma sooners did not go away. anderson is way outside and he
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tiptoed down the sideline. 22 yard touchdown to win it. 42-35. we also have lsu playing at ole miss tonight. the return for ed coach -- head coach. he was fired in 2007. he is hoping to find one familiar face in town.>> i used to stop at the exxon and get a chicken on a stick and it was fantastic. i hope the cook is still there. i would stop and say hello to her. that is all i remember.>> this is in oxford expect chicken on a stick.>> the best i ever had.>> say hello to the san jose soccer. san jose needs to beat minnesota on sunday. if they lose, they will need help. the game plan is simple.
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get in.>> all season we play to make the playoffs and now it comes down to one game at home and it is totally in our control. if you told me this is where we would be at the beginning of the season, i would say let's do it. let's win this game and do what we can do in the playoffs.>> watch closely. there is a bowl. watch this guy. unbelievable. his name is manolo. he is a professional jumper. i did not know it was a thing. the frenchman has been doing it for 18 years. he is entertaining the crowd at the radio with his leaping ability. he said you have to have cowboy mentality.>> i am not sure i am crazy but maybe a little bit.>> have you ever been hit?
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>> i have been hit maybe every year. the baddest injuries were broken skull, working nate, broken foot, and broken ribs and teeth.>> still you keep coming back.>> yes, i am.>> a fun day. he knows how to show you a good time. 18 years. >> he started when he was 14 years old.>> but it is parents say about that? don't get hurt?>> thanks.>> reporter: under the football lights coming up next. a cutting edge experiment at one university and help it is working to turn a network of underground wires into a warning system. we make it
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new answers next week effort -- after decades without having a look at the jfk files. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy
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can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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the search is on for a driver in danville... who took off after plowing into a group of bicyclists on diablo road. two cyclists were badly hurt after being thrown 20 to 30 feet. another driver who witnessed the whole thing tried chasing after the hit-and-run driver... but the suspect got away. neighbors say: a few months ago... a similar accident happened just up the street. people who lost their homes when the massive tubbs fire swept through santa rosa are now getting a chance to see what's left. the city has begun a controlled re- entry process for two neighborhoods...
6:32 pm
fountaingrove and coffey park. and elsewhere... many wine country businesses are also struggling to recover. tasting rooms and other shops in downtown sonoma want potential visitors to know that they are back open. the cleanup effort in the fire zone could take months.. even years. one of the biggest problems: the removal of hazardous waste from burned-out homes. governor brown has signed an executive order allowing e-p-a off the cleanup could take years and the removal of hazardous waste. the executive order helping state and officials -- state officials to go through the products. that will allow the homeowners to enter burned properties safely. most areas of wine country are not listed as major concerns. the hazard map explains why. >> reporter: lives turned inside out.>> santa rosa and across 101. you can't fathom it.
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>> hundreds of homes burned in the coffee park neighborhood in santa rosa but it does not show it as an area and risk of fires. cal fire is responsible for mapping most areas in the state.>> we are required to map and local jurisdictions the areas that we determined to be the highest designations which is very high fire hazards.>> take a look at this map highlighted in red. the high fire hazard severity zones determined by cal fire by considering weather conditions, topography and vegetation. while the areas they have not teamed most in danger of fire.>> when we do the mapping, we provide a recommendation to the local jurisdictions who have the ability to change or deny or accept the recommendations.>> it is up to
6:34 pm
the city or county to add any areas to the map they feel are at high risk for fire activity. why is the designation so important? >> war amber resistant building material.>> they recommend homeowners that a map can determine exactly where the wind will blow. the potentially deadly burning embers.>> because an area is designated high it does not mean it is the only area that will see destruction.>> that was macy jenkins reporting. cal fire plans to make the recommendations this year. the gop is holding it fall convention in anaheim and it is starting off with a band as it white house strategists gave the keynote address. the theme is that california can take california if they are willing to fight back from
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silicon valley.>> the resistance is a combination of lobbyists and consultants and corporatists and globalists elites. in the heart of the resistance, the beating heart of it, the silicon valley.>> protesters showed up outside the convention holding up signs as they stood behind still barricades. a billionaire is going after president trump and he is putting his money where his mouth is.>> he is taking money from foreign countries and threatened to shut done norse -- down news organizations. the sole purpose is to get trump impeached he announced he will spend $10 million on the campaign. in the ad, the president has edged the company toward nuclear warm. it comes one week after larry
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flynt took out a full-page ad in the washington post. flynt offered a $10 million prize for information leading to the president's ouster. cbs news has confirmed the fbi's helping the military investigate the depths of four u.s. soldiers killed in an ambush attack in the african nation of chair -- nine jeer. one of the fallen soldiers was laid to rest today.>> friends, family and fellow soldiers honored sergeant david johnson as he was laid to rest in florida on saturday.>> his widow say goodbye one final time. questions are growing on how the 25-year-old died in an attack on october 4 why the body was found almost 1 mile from the ambush and how he became separated. it is unclear why the patrol
6:37 pm
did not expect enemy contact where the map shows 46 attacks took place. on friday the defense secretary spoke to reporters after meeting with john mccain who called for more details about the attack.>> we can do better at communication. we can always improve on communication. trumps efforts to console the widow launched a war of words with frederica wilson.>> >> i have called many people and i would think that everyone of them appreciated it.>> in an interview on sunday, the president assisted he said nothing wrong. roxana saberi, cbs news, new york. members of the committee will be briefed next week about the attack. what is inside the secret jfk assassination files. we are all about to find out.>>
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free college is about to become a reality for students across california but who is paying for it?
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we're about to get new answers about what happened that fateful day in dallas. kim hutch reports: the more than 50 years after jfk and we are about to get new answers. kim hutcherson reports. >> reporter: tweeted on saturday that he is planning to authorize the release of classified documents that could reveal new details on the assassination of john f. kennedy. include it will be documents from the fbi and the cia. 1992 law known as the john f. kennedy assassination records collection act requires more than 3000 people are is -- previous documents be made public by thursday, october 26. the only person who can prevent the release is president trump. he still has the power to withhold any or all documents he believes compose to u.s.
6:41 pm
intelligence, law enforcement, the military or u.s. foreign relations. some historians do not believe these documents rally to any bombshell discovery in the kennedy association -- assassination.>> i applaud that he is releasing the documents. historians have pointed this release done for a well. the files and what happened with the assassination of jfk is still a mystery.>> one includes lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city weeks before kennedy's assassination. i'm kim hutcherson, kpix 5. starting next fall, students will be eligible for a free ride through the freshman year. christina james on the new ball and it was footing the bill.>> i was glad that it is something that we need.>> students and staff up to promise
6:42 pm
enrollment.>> we want to make sure that the parents and students know that higher education in the state of california is accessible regardless of the financial background.>> the law allows community college students to enroll full-time to get free tuition for the first year which could be a big cost savings. $579 a semester.>> the current students think it could be a barrier.>> some people cannot afford it.>> he gives us a chance to go for at least a year and learn something. >> i can focus on my classes and not worry about this.>> you invest in the community through education and you will build healthier communities and
6:43 pm
increase the economic activity and that is what we want to say.>> free college comes at a price. they estimate an additional 90,000 students could take advantage of the program at a cost of $31 million a year. the money will come from the state general fund. it will come from you. the state needs to approve the funding in next year's budget. still to come, the fire evacuees don't know if they have a home to go back to but tonight they have something much more important. a baby girl who just joined them . firstis to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore and then call 911. the first responders will come out and they'll make it safe for you and your community.
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we're the generation that had the music we're the generation that had it all. and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before,
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and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them, protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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if youdon't touch it,downed keep everyone back. call 911 immediately. the fire department will respond with law enforcement and pg&e to figure out what the issue is to keep you safe and there are no hazards to the public. ♪ in napa are getting ready to hit the field tonight -- after the smoky air kept them a homecoming game and high school football players are getting ready to hit the field after the smoky air caped them inside for two weeks.>> katie nelson is live in napa were student life is finally getting back to normal. katie. >> reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see the junior varsity team on the field right now. the varsity teams will take the field in an hour. will be vintage high. this is the first time since any of the teams have been able to play. napa high vintage high share the football stadium and neither have been able to
6:47 pm
practice. they went over to finish it to practice on wednesday because the air quality was better. people say the ritual of high school football is part of the fabric of the community.>> it means everything to come back and give the students something to cheer about and be happy about. we will come out and perform.>> the coach said the team is only been able to practice twice since the start of the season because of the fires. a number of students at the high school lost their homes. they are overwhelmed. he is oppressed by the outpouring of support from the community. the fans are starting to fall in. katie nelson, kpix 5. mond and more glimmers of hope -- rising from the ashes tonight. this woman found her wedding and engagement rings.. after spending hours digging through the ruins of her coffey park home in santa rosa. glimmers of hope rising from the ashes. a woman found her wedding and
6:48 pm
engagement rings after spending hours digging through the ruin husband and wife who fled the fires ended up having their baby at a hotel. katie nelson explains that they don't know if the home is still standing but they have a lot of hope for the future.>> they checked into the westin last week when they had to evacuate their home as the fire closed in.>> it was just what it was.>> late monday night and nine months pregnant she went into labor. she had been planning to have the baby at home but instead the midwife rushed to the westin.>> a hotel with running water and electricity this will do.>> going through plenty of towels, hot water and room service the baby elizabeth came into the world at the hotel suite at 7:11 am.
6:49 pm
seven pounds and four ounces of hope, joy and love.>> it is amazing.>> the family is trying to make the best of the current situation.>> have quality time with her and with neil and enjoy it.>> only a few days old and elizabeth is already a trailblazer. the first baby ever born at the hotel.>> they are really helping us throw it.>> the staff gave the new family a basket of clothes, blankets and bottles. they cannot get home and don't know what to expect when they get there.>> it is gone and it is a chance for us to start over and start fresh. a new beginning and you just roll with it.>> the family has not been able to go back and check on the house. hope to be back on monday but
6:50 pm
they say no matter what happened they already have everything they need. in napa, katie nelson, kpix 5. >> that is a good way to look at it. the temperatures will plummet into the 50 degree range in the bay area with mostly clear skies. the he regenerated his back into space 51 degrees at travis air force base in livermore is 52. the golden gate bridge is up and running since may 1937. it opened after the paper edge. the bay bridge was first to november 12. both of them are shining probably in the futurecast. high above the west coast we have another ridge and more heat. not tomorrow. we will warm up a little bit and they temperatures will peak by tuesday. there is the bay bridge looking
6:51 pm
beautiful. clear skies over much of the bay area and it sets the tone for the next week. not another drop of rain in sight after we picked up a few tenths of an inch on thursday and friday. 71 in concord in livermore is 66 in santa rosa is 66. santa rosa will hit 80 degrees tomorrow. high pressure the slowly nose into northern california. low pressure eases into billings where the rockies will pick up a dusting of snow but for us, it is clear ceiling ahead. sunny and mild for sunday and warming into monday and maybe the last warm weekend of autumn and highs will be near 90 degrees and went on tuesday. the 49ers are taking on the dallas cowboys tomorrow at 1:05 pm. it will be sunny and 78 degrees. the forecast high tomorrow are close to average. september and october are the warmest months close to the shoreline in northern california tomorrow looks like that. 77 on the bay and los altos is
6:52 pm
78. in redwood city it is 75 and in the east bay the numbers in the upper 70s and a few exceptions. traverses up to 80 degrees in fairfield. a pleasant night and the northbay does not look like much. mill valley will be 74. petaluma is 78 and sonoma is 78. we hear from jackie ward a moment ago. they would like you to come up and visit. i can't think of a nicer place. 79 in cloverdale and 81 in windsor. the last mission before spain said we are done in the early 1820s. it is still standing and you can see it and sonoma. temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s on sunday and tuesday the numbers peaked 90 and wednesday thursday and friday
6:53 pm
the highs subside but a very nice week ahead. tomorrow does not look bad. here is julia. >> reporter: you are listening to the sounds of stanford and how a network of underground cables could one day keep us safer ♪
6:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 pm
transferring information. a web of fiber optic cables buried beneath the campus is doing more than transferring information.>> it is acting as an early earthquake warning system.>> reporter: these are the sounds of stanford university above and below ground.
6:56 pm
what you are hearing our -- are tiny vibrations. the rumblings can be caused by something as a car on the surface or as dreadful as an earthquake.>> we are looking there.>> the professor said the squiggly lines on the left panel were caused by a tiny one .6 -- no one felt but these fiber-optic cables attached to monitors picked it up.>> we demonstrated that we can have the seismic data and collect the data that was not possible before.>> cables have been buried beneath the surface for years. it is how the students get the internet and how they receive and send emails. what the professor is doing is repurposing the cables into an
6:57 pm
underground network of seismic sensors.>> experiments by the professor began last year and since then they recorded 800 seismic events. the network is a simple two mile figure 8 in the middle of campus. the design of san francisco and worked with the researchers and won a national design award for creating visual representations of the data coming from below ground.>> we are always fascinated by the opportunities to make the invisible visible.>> the promising part of the project is the fiber optics ability to record they first waves of a quake that come before the ground shakes.>> they are able to pick up the moving waves. usually they are followed by the surface waves.>> could this
6:58 pm
become a cheap early earthquake warning system? a long way off but he believes it can.>> the hope for the technology is to have them everywhere in the world.>> they are being installed in oceans and remote jungles becoming a world wide ear listening for earthquakes.>> what's the difference between those in the size a grams and we can get that settled. >> thank you for watching.we will see you at 11:00.>> the latest is always on for juliet and vern and myself thank you for watching and we
6:59 pm
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