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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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live. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'll take warm especially here in san francisco. >> never felt it this hot in san francisco. >> not this time of year, yeah. no, it's crazy. without air-conditioning, it's uncomfortable. that's what a lot of people had to go through yesterday and unfortunately we'll go through it again today. so good morning, san jose. here's a live look at san jose right now. you guys broke records yesterday with temperatures reaching the 90s. right now, it is warmer compared to average. not much cool happened over note. we'll have the forecast coming up. a rough start to our wednesday morning commute. we are tracking two fatal accidents. this one we'll begin in the north bay northbound 101. you're approaching highway 12 and two lanes of the connector
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ramp right now blocked. emergency crews remain on the scene. we had an earlier one along 880. that was near auto mall parkway. all lanes are cleared but we are seeing residual slowdowns in the area so heads up if you are heading into fremont this morning. you may be tapping on those brakes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to yo u. today a government-run toxic sweep will begin in fire- ravaged area of sonoma county where thousands of homes were destroyed in this month's wildfires. federal, state and local officials say the big clean-up effort will go on until early next year. kpix 5's andria borba has more on efforts to house all those people who were displaced. reporter: the santa rosa city council approved two different ordinances to help people in the city after the firestorm. the first ordinance is called resilient city and streamlines the process for rebuilding including getting rid of permit fees for rebuild, allowing
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homeowners to live on a trailer on their property, allowing home owners to put a tiny house on the property while the main house is rebuilt and reducing the approval process if a homeowner wants to build a home with a larger footprint than the one that burned. >> i want us all to work really hard on the rebuilding process. i want us to look at those policies that have encumbered us from building in the past. it's no secret we have a housing crisis in the years leading up to this event and now it's worse. >> reporter: the council approved a price gouging ordinance which says rents can go no higher than 10% more than before the fires and tenants cannot be evicted to charge more. there are already 25 reports of price gouging that have been submitted to the sonoma county district attorney's office. the ordinances sunsets in april 2018 at the same time the state emergency declaration does. in santa rosa, andria borba,
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kpix 5. a 36.5 billion dollars disaster relief bill is awaiting president trump's approval after passing in the senate covering wildfire and hurricane recoverych. newly released images from nasa have new perspective from space. the gray area are the burn scars from the tubbs, nuns and atlas fires. san francisco fires put out a vegetation fire yesterday evening. it was in the lands end area. the steep terrain forcing crews to fight flames from the water. no word yet on a cause. a nasty heat wave is hitting southern california just in time for baseball's world series. game time temperature yesterday for game one at dodger stadium in l.a. 103 degrees. that's the hottest start to a world series on record. the dodgers beat the astros in game one 3-1. i want to take a look at this shot. oh, no. i thought it was going to be a
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home run. [ laughter ] no relief at dodger stadium there. >> no. >> all right. but temperature-wise, they definitely broke records there. it was a hot game and it was a hot day. this is astonishing. los angeles was 104 degrees breaking a long-standing record. even santa barbara 96. we also broke some records. santa maria 102. some of the records we broke yesterday: 92 in oakland, san jose 94. napa. santa rosa, you broke records because of the tuesday heat. now, the heat will be back again today unfortunately. it's going to return and it's going to stay through the end of the week. today 15 to 20 degrees above
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average, another hot day in store but offshore winds are calmer so at least we have that. yesterday we saw you today a slighter wind out there. so there's relief in the form of a couple of degrees cooler than what we experienced yesterday but still 90s in our forecast. jaclyn. >> thank you, neda. and we are tracking two major accidents this morning both deadly crashes. this first one is in santa rosa. we have northbound 101, two lanes closed as you approach highway 12. also on the connector ramp, should down at this hour. so far traffic at the limit still early and not too many cars on the road but depending how long the lanes are closed it could create a backup on your morning commute. earlier, we had a fatal accident northbound 880 still causing slowdowns lanes no
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longer blocked with sensors passing auto mall parkway tapping on the brakes. westbound 580 slow in the morning and lanes blocked. close to 40 minutes between 205 and 680. it's been a while since we have had such travel times. we are getting new insight into the deadly mass shooting in las vegas. the "new york times" used evidence from videos taken at the scene to piece together the sequence of events. jamie yuccas explains why the new timeline raises new questions. reporter: the "new york times" investigation says the shooting started at 10:05, matching the investigator timeline. after initial single shots, automatic gunfire can be heard with jason aldean on stage. at 10:06 p.m., one minute into the attack, the times says
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stephen paddock wounds the security guard in the hallway contradicting investigators' latest timeline which said paddock first shot campos and then began to shoot into the crowd uninterrupted. it's one of the many questions being raised by a team of digital investigators at the "new york times," which used 30 videos to create a timeline. >> we analyzed every, single burst of gunfire which had its own fingerprint. >> reporter: 36 seconds after security guard campos radioed in came a second round of automatic gunfire into the crowd of the route 91 harvest festival. there is just a 17-second lull. then a third burst of gunfire. only 20 seconds later, a fourth burst. the "new york times" counts more than 900 rounds in all into the crowd. at 10:10, muffled gunfire is heard from a taxi driver's cell phone video indicating that the shooter might have been firing into the hallway again. what's unclear is why officers
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wouldn't arrive on the 31st floor for another two minutes and not until 10:22 to the 32nd floor. >> where are the cops at?! >> reporter: a full 7 minutes after the shooting started, a taxi driver wonders why there are no officers or panic outside mandalay bay. there is no investigative update by police at this particular time. jamie yuccas, cbs news, los angeles. president trump met senate republicans on capitol hill to work on a tax reform plan. personal feuds dominated the conversation. arizona senator jeff flake announced he will not be running for re-election. he is the second republican senator after tennessee's bob corker to give up his seat. both men had words for president trump. >> so, mr. president, i will not be complicit or silent. i decided that i would be better able to represent the
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people of arizona and to better serve my country and my conscience by freeing myself from the political consideration that consumed far too much bandwidth and would cause me to compromise far too many principles. >> the president took shots at flake during a rally in phoenix back in august. senator bob corker told reporters that the president should leave details of the tax plan to congress. president trump then launched an attack on twitter against him saying that corker dropped out of the u.s. senate race after trump refused to endorse him. >> you know, nothing that he said in his tweets today were truthful nor accurate and he knows it and people around him know it. i would hope the staff would figure out ways of controlling him. >> republicans are still hoping that the tax plan will be one of the major legislative accomplishments of the year. mistakes at the santa clara county registrar's office cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. an audit was just released
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revealing a list of administrative issues. that includes missing ballot information, incorrect ballot arguments and typos and mailing errors. that was corrected before past elections. >> when the registrar of voters did this corrective action was taken. but it cost taxpayers a quarter miion dollars to make the corrections. and so we need to identify policies and procedures to prevent that from happening again. >> the audits cover 30 elections between 2010 and 2016. time now 4:40. ♪[ music ] >> we are getting a look at the hollywood movie starring a bay area mansion with a spooky history.
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underway - for california's bullet train. you're looking high above san luis reservoir. "sky drone 5" is giving us a look at where construction is under way for the bullet train. you are looking high above san luis reservoir. officials plan to build a half dozen short tunnels and form
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them into one massive tunnel skirting the reservoir to the north. price tag, still unknown. the first segment between san jose and the central valley could start carrying passengers as early as 2025. the trump administration is proposing a big increase in entrance fees at a list of popular national parks that includes yosemite. the hike would be in place for the peak season running from may to september. the cost per car would be increased to $70. that's more than two times the current peak season entry fee of $30. the final decision isn't expected until early next year. colin kaepernick may soon be putting pen to paper writing a book. the former 49ers quarterback agreed to a million-dollar deal with random house. kaepernick was launched into the spotlight last year when he needle during the national anthem to protest -- kneeled during the protest anthem to protest. some think it cost him his job. he is suing nfl owners claiming they colluded to prevent him from playing. bay area mansion with an
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spooky interior is now a movie. kpix 5's betty yu gives us a glimpse of the trailer just released. >> big structure. >> the grieving widow. sir winchester. [ spooky music ] >> i worry about her sanity. >> reporter: the world famous winchester mystery house is ready to audiences in theaters. >> more confusing than the next. >> reporter: the cbs film's production follows the real- life story of the sarah winchester, played by academy winner helen mirin. she spent decades building rooms, secret passageways that led to nowhere, she was a troubled heiress fortune and threw off the spirits of those killed by her family's guns. the movie was shot at the real mansion and in australia. it was recreated because some of the rooms were just too small for the set.
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i sat down with mirren during her shoot in san jose last spring. >> if there are spirits here, i think her spirit has to be in these walls, um, but i think it's a very sweet loving spirit. >> reporter: the movie also stars jason clark. he plays a san francisco psychiatrist who discovered that winchester's obsession may not be so insane after all. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> you have been there. >> i have never been there. >> you have to go. it's creepy. and i think that the creepiest part is it's being on the grounds outside and taking pictures and i think i'm going to see a head pop out of the window when you check the photo later on. but it is. >> the doors that lead to nowhere. [ laughter ] so let's take a look at the forecast today. get ready for it.
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another hot day. if you thought yesterday was uncomfortable, hopefully you're prepared for today. let's show you what's going on. three things to remember. record-breaking or near record- breaking is what we have in store again. yeah. these are similar headlines all week long. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above average. the offshore wind is still here. we'll be a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday but not a big drop in the temperatures until we get to the weekend. we really need that onshore wind to return and we are not going to get it for a while because of the pressure it's staying and it's stubborn. here's current temperatures. winds out of the east at the moment are calm. this is going to help with our temperatures today. we are not going to see as much intensity with the winds. so the east winds will be around, around 3, 4 miles per hour right now. dry air is coming in. when it's calmer, at least we
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won't see our humidity levels drop as much. but we're already in the 50s in hayward and sfo right now. during the day yesterday we were down to the 20s for humidity levels all across the bay area. usually the humidity levels are at their peak. coming from the east we are going to see more of that dry air, more of that heat coming in. by midday today, wind gusts may be around 5, 6, 7 miles per hour. it's not going to be too significant. yesterday we saw strong wind gusts across the oakland hills. today it shouldn't be as intense. but look at this high pressure. it's still here and it's still sending all that air from nevada right into california. so the heat is stick around. as long as this stays, we are unfortunately going to see temperatures in the 90s yet again. so 92 for santa rosa 91 in napa. expected to be the high in san francisco. yesterday we reached 89 degrees. so this is above average. take a look we should be in the
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upper 60s, low 70s this time of year. we are unfortunately are going to be about 20 degrees above average. 21 degrees above average for oakland today as we hit 89. when is the relief going to get here? here's the weekend. high pressure will drop bringing us back to this onshore pattern bringing us coastal cooling. so you will notice that here with our temperatures in san francisco, down to the 70s and mid-60s by the time we get to the weekend. that's a look at your forecast. over to you. good morning. and right now, we are tracking some serious accidents that occurred a little earlier this morning. right now a fatal crash has two lanes closed along northbound 101. this is right as you approach highway 12. those two lanes as you are approaching that connector ramp closed as well as the connector ramp. emergency crews remain on the scene. traffic is still able to get by and we can still see speeds in the green so not causing any
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backup at this point. it's still early and not too many cars out on the roads just yet. but keep that in mind if you travel 101. eastbound 580 near san ramon road. we have an overturned vehicle now back up on its wheels and not blocking any lanes and not causing any delays. but chp on the scene. 31 minutes if you are making your way eastbound and we are seeing delays due to a stalled big rig along westbound 580 so 41 minutes between 205 and 680. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. despite the devastation in wine country there may not be a better time to visit wine country. john ramos found a film crew taking pictures to prove that very point. >> reporter: for two weeks, sonoma valley looked like a setting from a gothic novel but now that the fires are out and the sky is blue again, it's time to welcome the world back. >> now is the perfect time to visit wine country. >> reporter: the visitors bureau filmed a promotional video this morning at the
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downtown lodge at sonoma. the concierge says even though the flames never really got close, the hotel still took a big hit. >> as the air got bad, we had to get everyone out. so we weren't open for a week and a half. >> reporter: the hotel is once again open even if the crowds haven't returned. and that's the way it is all overtown. everyone is hopefully waiting for the customers to return. and every business here from restaurants to movie theaters to jewelry stores rely on tourism. >> they rely on visitors to come and help them out. so everyone is happy to see us. >> reporter: in sonoma valley, the wineries largely escaped the flames. now the challenge is to overcome the perception created by bad images. true, there are real scars to be seen. but the beauty is here. and those who live and work here don't want people to feel bad about coming for a good
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time. >> hundreds of jobs have been lost in the wine business as a result of the fires. so we're encouraging people to come back. >> we are hurting right now but we'll get through this together with your help. >> we need, you know, the tourism to stand and stay here. >> so that's the best thing they could do. >> the best thing they can do is come back and visit and, you know, keep sonoma alive and strong. >> in sonoma, john ramos, kpix 5. >> prior to the fires, tourism in the area was booming the wine industry itself directly supports more than 20,000 jobs. time now 4:51. cyclists and drivers fighting for space on bay area roads may have led to some dangerous confrontations in recent days. we'll show you one of them.
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okay. ready for another round of hot weather? the beaches are cooler in the 70s, not the 80s today. 89 degrees in santa clara. 90 for mountain view, fremont 90, as well. east bay temperatures upper 80s, low 90s, near record- breaking. not expecting to shatter too many today. that happened yesterday. sonoma will be 91. napa 91, as well. to the north ukiah, 89, cloverdale 90. a santa clara county man is accused of stealing a lot of mail. the sheriff's office says that a deputy tried to pull over 27- year-old justin rucker on sunday morning. but he sped away. they caught him when his car hit a curb. the sheriff's office says that they found $80,000 in stolen checks and mail from more than 100 homes in saratoga, los gatos and san jose. they also found burglary tools, stolen credit cards and a halloween mask. there is evidence of growing tensions between bay
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area motorists and bicyclists. kpix 5's katie nielsen has more on disturbing situations. reporter: this is the dramatic video a woman cycling on dublin canyon road in castro valley captured showing the moment a young man hanging out of a car threw a tennis ball directly at her. she screamed when she is hit but doesn't fall. >> it's bad when it's an accident. but when it's intentional, you know, that's really sad. >> reporter: fortunately, this rider was okay. but avid cyclists say this type of aggression is more common as bicycles and cars fight for space. >> some people might feel we're in their way, that the road is theirs when really the road is for everyone. >> reporter: chris says the cyclist hit in the video is a friend of hers but wants to remain anonymous. their goal in sharing the video is to increase awareness of the tensions on the roads. >> when a car even comes close, it's nerve-wracking even if
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you're not hit. that's why the law is there. >> reporter: but the law didn't protect some cyclists in danville. >> danville pd on scene, two victims, major injuries. >> reporter: police say 83-year- old daniel brennan from san ramon was involved in two separate hit-and-runs in less than an hour saturday afternoon. two of the cyclists were seriously injured. >> we can't conclusively say the cause of the collision and won't probably for weeks. but thus far, there was no malicious intent on behalf of the driver. there's always tensions on the road and what we try to encourage people to do is show a little bit of patience and a lot of respect for your fellow motorist and cyclist. >> reporter: so far there are no arrests made in the tennis ball throwing incident on dublin canyon here in castro valley but the sheriff's department says it's only a matter of time. in castro valley, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> i think three words, share the road. >> share the road. >> and be nice. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> respect each other.
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>> all right. for people aboard one vta bus in palo alto, the transit experience came with a reptile twist. >> you have to see this. they discovered a snake had hitched a ride. yup, a snake. >> ew. >> this is rumple snakeskin. that's his name. i promise. no one knew how the python got on the bus but the driver dropped it at the humane society. >> sometimes a lot of people take them out to get some uv from the sun. and sometimes, you know, they get away. >> because no one has claimed it, he is now up for adoption. the humane society stresses he is quite friendly and would make an ideal pet. ♪[ music ] it's 4:57. two former uber engineers file a lawsuit against the company claiming pay discrimination. this morning, we hear from uber about what they are doing to improve its practices.
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>> and an unusual travel advisory directed at passengers of a particular airline. coming up, the incident the naacp says prompted this.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush good morning. it is wednesday, october 25th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. as we take a live look outside, 580/680 interchange in dublin, it's packed and we have a shot of the bold and the beautiful bay bridge. >> the soap opera. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> 12:30 right after our newscast. i have been seeing the latest episode. i don't know if you like soap opera. >> we have a little drama under the bay bridge right now. [ laughter ] let's talk about the drama in the skies first. temperatures tod


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