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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the center of a south bay crime spree. the expectation of the sheriff's department is we take action when lives are in danger. >> they jumped into action helping save lives during the mass shooting in las vegas, but now four injured california deputies will be without workers' comp. why they are being denied. >> plus, what president trump is saying about the republican party's unity after two republicans criticize him. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first, another hot day ahead in the bay area today. a live look outside right now at the bay bridge on the left and some of the temperatures we can expect today. with many areas reaching the 80s, hard to believe that fall is here. halloween just five days away. >> yes! >> to think, i will have your halloween forecast, but right now we should be in the 60s in san francisco. but we are going to reach the 80s again. so the heat is back, a repeat of the heat and i feel like a broken record but at least
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today he would won't break any records. so there's that. temperatures are a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. so here's a look at what you can expect. about 15 degrees above average is what we're going to experience. that hot, dry air is back all because of those offshore winds. so we really need the onshore winds to return. here's our satellite-radar showing you the clear conditions barely any cloud coverage out there, just way off in the water. that's all the clouds that are being allowed to come on in. temperature-wise, here we are in the mid- to upper 50s for livermore, concord at the moment, san francisco 64 degrees. so it's a nice morning. we'll tell you how hot it will be coming up. we are tracking an accident involving a couple of vehicles definitely slowing things down for drivers heading along the eastshore freeway. this is westbound 80 near san pablo avenue and it has at least one lane blocked possibly two. traffic backing up towards highway 4. so it's about a little over 20 minutes making
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your way from 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's already very slow. back to you guys. right now in san jose, police are searching for these suspects wanted in a string of violent crimes that includes a deadly shooting. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san jose on why multiple bay area agencies are pushing to find them. jessica. reporter: michelle, we are standing in front of the elan apartments in north san jose where that grisly murder happened last month. now, los angeles sheriff's department already arrested three men in connection with this murder. but san jose police say there's an outstanding two men they are looking for. take a look at the surveillance video of these men described as chinese men the first between 25 and 30 and weighing up to 170 pounds. the second is in his mid to late 30s weighing 250 pounds and was last seen wearing all black in the surveillance images. a collaborative investigation among bay area agencies found
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that around the time of the shooting last month, a series of armed robberies and sex assaults took place in milpitas, fremont and south san francisco. all crimes took place at working brothels including here at the elan village apartment complex. now, all crimes took place in working brothels including at the elan village apartment complex. >> we found out that neighbors had suspicions. they saw men coming and going at all hours of the night. so we are encouraging anyone again, if they suspect that they have any type of working brothel or any type of criminal activity occurring in their neighbor, to contact their respective agencies. >> reporter: now, at this point, police have not said how the suspects in these cases are connected to the shooting victim, but investigators say the men are part of what police are calling a brothel ring that allegedly involves those three other men from southern california who have already been arrested in connection to the murder here in north san jose. now, police do believe there are other victims out there. they are asking people to come
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forward and if you can identify those two men in the surveillance video, you're also asked to call san jose police department. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. today is the fourth day of the trial of jose inez garcia zarate for shooting and killing kate steinle. yesterday in the courtroom surveillance video showing him throwing something in the water and leaving pier 14 immediately after steinle was shot was shown to the jury. the police diver who found the pistol also testified. jose inez garcia zarate faces a sentence of 15 years to life if convicted. his attorney claims the shooting was accidental. many first responders rushed in to save lives when a shooter opened fire in las vegas earlier this month. now we are learning about four off duty orange county deputies that did just that. but they are being denied workers' comp. even though they were hurt. that's because they were outside state lines. president of the association of the oc deputy sheriff's says
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those injured are home recovering. >> mass shooters, terrorists, they don't pay attention to state lines. we shouldn't have to worry about that, either, when we're defending and protecting members of the public. >> in a statement, orange county supervisor todd spicer said that throughout california the state workers' compensation laws do not cover workers' compensation for this type of conduct without clarity in the law. to do so would be the gift of public funds and a violation of other state laws. it's up to the legislature to clarify the code for out of state conduct for sworn law enforcement." gunman stephen paddock killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others from inside a mandalay bay suite after breaking out one of the windows. he was targeting concert-goers at the route 91 harvest music festival. at least 4 people are dead after a crash between a train and an off road military vehicle in southern finland. the crash happened today in the town of it [ non-english
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language ] authorities say the victims were members of the country's military. eight others are injured taken to hospital. president trump is weighing in on the state of the republican party and says the gop is unified and commenting on the deadly ambush in niger that killed four american soldiers. later this morning pentagon officials will brief the senate and house armed services committees on the niger investigation. >> three weeks after an ambush in niger killed four american soldiers, questions linger about how the men came under attack and when sergeant la david johnson an army mechanic got separated from 11 other u.s. troops during the firefight. we now know the pentagon deployed elite commandos to search for la david who was found dead two days later. yesterday, president trump addressed whether or not he authorized the mission. >> no, i didn't. not specifically. i gave them authority to do what's right so that we win. that's the authority they have. >> reporter: the president's comments came as he left the
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white house and dismissed any republican infighting. >> we have actually great unity in the republican party. >> reporter: for days, the president has been sparring with senate republicans jeff flake and bob corker, both criticizing our president's leadership. and republican charlie dent commended the two for speaking out. >> i think it's important that members of congress speak up and call out the president from time to time if he says things that are inappropriate. >> reporter: but other senators want to move on and including senator ted cruz. he compared the brawl to middle school in a radio interview. >> i really don't care who [ indiscernible ] cute girls and pigtails. everyone shut up and do your job is my view. >> reporter: asked by one reporter if he should be more civil, president trump touted his own intelligence noting he attended ivy league schools and did well academically. later today president trump is expected to deliver a major speech outlining his administration's policy on fighting the opioid epidemic. the president says he is
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expected -- he is excited about the release of thousands of documents related to john f. kennedy's assassination. the documents are expected to be released by the national archives and records administration today. many are hoping that they will provide new insight into his murder 54 years ago in dallas. others doubt that the new documents themselves will be a truly complete record. >> if the agencies did not uncover certain of their documents regarding the assassination, therefore never got to the archives and won't be in the revelations. >> thousands of books, tv shows and films have discussed that it was a conspiracy. none have produced conclusive proof. new screening procedures begin today for airline passengers flying to the united states from foreign countries. anne makovec is live at sfo this morning to explain what passengers can expect. anne. reporter: and these new screening procedures could
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include interviews upon check- in or at the gate before you board a flight to the u.s. this is going to apply to all 2100 flights arriving daily to america. these new security measures may include enhancing passenger screening and heightened screening of electronics. and this applies to both u.s. citizens and foreigners. five airlines will now start asking passengers security questions before they board at the gate and that's at the request of u.s. officials. passengers don't seem to mind. >> for the longest times check- in two hours before. that's reasonable. i think if you're traveling, you should probably use your own discretion and time management when traveling. >> reporter: now, a lot of the enhanced screening is sort of up to airlines after negotiations with u.s. officials. but five airlines have announced that they will start asking passengers security questions before they board at the gate. those are air france, cathay pacific, egyptair as well as emirates airlines lufthansa.
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and royal jordanian airlines will start that in january. you may remember the laptop ban when people coming in from ten countries were banned from laptops and small electronics in the cabin on flights. that was short-lived because passengers revolted. so this is all in lieu of that after a lot of negotiations between the airlines and u.s. security officials. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the test results are in and it turns out there is too much lead in the water at three san francisco schools. we'll tell you which ones coming up. ♪[ music ] >> plus, up for debate. the fees bart fare cheats could soon face under a new proposal. >> and we do have a repeat of that heat for this week. but we are seeing a shift in our weather. what that means for your halloween. i'll have your forecast. >> checking hot spots as you come off the bay bridge on the
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skyway, you can see the backup already starting to develop as you are approaching treasure island. we'll take a closer look at your drive time coming up. ♪ ♪
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concerned.. after learning that high levels of lead have been detected at three schools in the district. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at more deta new this morning, some parents in san francisco are concerned concern after learning high levels of lead are found at three schools in the district. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: that's news no parent wants to hear. we are at the west portal elementary school school one of three in san francisco that came back with high test results for lead in the water. the others are malcolm x and san francisco international high school. they got their water tested and their results are bad because they have too much lead in them. the "chronicle" reports that the parents of these schools
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were told earlier this week and that water samples from at least one faucet or fountain in each school had too much lead. so as a result the taps were shut down immediately. the san francisco public utilities commission says the water is safe and the lead is coming from plumbing fixtures. so the superintendent told the "chronicle," quote, we're telling people or letting people know as much information as quickly as possible. so just a couple of months ago, mcclymonds in oakland ran into lead problems themselves. the toxic metal was coming from the faucets in the cafeteria. the water fountain by the football as well and the showerheads in the girls and boys locker rooms, which were quickly shut down. temporarily, water filters have been installed and water dispensers are now scattered around the school. the longer term exclusion to replacing the entire school's piping system could take longer than a year and possibly cost up to $2.5 million. san francisco water's website says in many cases lead problems primarily comes from those faucets or lead pipes that weren't removed although a lot of them were removed in the 1980s. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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fare evaders could soon be out of luck and money if bart goes through with a plan to crack down on cheats. this afternoon the agency's board of directors will look at a proposed ordinance and under it, officers would scan everyone's tickets or clipper cards to make sure they get -- paid to get into the station. cheater penalties would be $120 for adults and $60 for juveniles. >> just pay the fee. >> save yourself money. >> any issues on bart this morning? >> no. so it's a great day to take mass transit. it's 53 trains in service right now. no delays for ace, muni, caltrain all looking fantastic! what's not looking so fantastic are roads. we have the crash along westbound 80 near san pablo avenue. it's no longer blocking lanes but traffic is backed up beyond highway 4 in hercules.
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so it's a slow ride to the toll plaza. 27 minutes into san francisco. that's all due to an accident we're tracking on the skyway. so right at that fremont exit, westbound 80, looks like a couple of cars involved. this is right as you approach treasure island there. 27 minutes. you can see these emergency crews are on the scene so do expect delays heading into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. okay. here's what you can expect in the forecast. we are going to see those hot conditions returning again. that offshore wind is back. sunrise at 7:29. sunset 6:17. so in san jose you broke a record yesterday and this morning, temperatures are in the 60s and they will stay that way of course until the sun comes up and then things will warm up a lot. 90 degrees for san jose again. so if you reach that number, that's another record-breaking day. that would be three in a row. winds 5 to 10 miles per hour
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expected this afternoon. so it's those east winds. here's a look at your date planner. around the beaches, temperatures are cooler than yesterday. in the upper 70s, still above average. sunny and dry around the bay. calm winds at the moment about 3 to 4 miles an hour but the direction is back,continuing to see the offshore flow. we really don't need that coastal cooling and it will arrive, that onshore flow will be back, but because of this change in the direction, the offshore flow, our temperatures 80s, 90s inland. so a repeat of the heat again. closer look at your neighborhoods: temperatures also in the low
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90s further north you go: >> the low on the weekend will work its way toward california bringing us the coastal cooling and in eight to 10 days we are expecting to see a storm system work its way to our area. so that will be a nice shift. by the time we get to halloween, that coastal cooling will be here. so this is what you expect. clear and cool. mid-60s to mid-70s. you guys have something cool, too,. >> that's right. two schools in the north bay are working to make a better world. they are doing it through acts of kindness. this week we have two school schools. reporter: snack time at basis elementary school may be the perfect time to see students helping each other. >> if someone is hurt, i ask if they are okay or if someone is on the buddy bench, i ask them to play. >> reporter: a pillar in the middle of campus reminds students how to treat others. it's a part of the kentfield school district's commitment to teaching kindness. >> we all believe if we teach our children to act kindly as children, it will be practiced
6:20 am
as adults. >> reporter: so the district's two schools, challenge themselves to perform 10,000 acts of kindness in 15 days. >> mostly like helping my mom out with cooking dinner for the family and, like, doing extra chores and helping out around school to pick up trash. >> reporter: every act was written down on a paper link and added to a kindness chain. at the end of two weeks, the students from both schools a mile apart met in the middle and connected the two campuses. >> i think that it showed them how powerful when people come together in kindness, what that can look like and how it can feel. >> i thought it was really cool because two schools walking together, um, and putting your things together is inspiring. >> reporter: and that inspiration is a step to building a better world. >> anything can help somebody just have a better day from having a bad one and then just giving somebody a smile can
6:21 am
really make their day. >> kindness is like a ripple. it can spread farther than you would know and everyone --if everyone is kind, then the whole world will be better. >> i love the philosophy behind that. we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at m, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. a thriller last night in the world series. i'm dennis o'donnell. and with the dodger closer coming into the game, it's usually curtains. not last night. you ♪[ music ]
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good morning, everyone. the dodgers bullpen had thrown 28 straight scoreless innings in the post-season. could the astros finally breakthrough to even the world series at a game apiece?
6:25 am
vince scully pretended he couldn't put out the first pitch so they brought in fernando. and then this! >> it's time for dodger baseball! >> dodger baseball usually means a lights out bullpen. know. not the case last night. tied at three in the tenth, jose altuve off josh fields and it's 5-3 houston. they would add another run. but the astros closer kenny giles couldn't hold it. two out, hernandez, redick comes up throwing, not in time. the game is tied at 5. the dodgers only reliever left was that man, brendan mccarthy. in the 11th he gave it up to george springer. astros tie the series at one, their first-ever world series win. klay thompson is donating $1,000 per point over the next three home games for fire victims. last night, it was about the points he prevented. no 60 point outbursts at oracle
6:26 am
against the raptors. he had 22 points on four threes. that's 22,000 bucks with two games to go. a minute left. klay forces the miss, durant ties it up with the long ball. tied at 112. 30 seconds to go, curry gives the warriors the lead and then the play on defense to seal it. klay blocks lowry. warriors win 117-112. on the bad side, the quakes losers last night 5-0. tonight it's the ravens and dolphins. i know, i know, not the best matchup but you have fantasy players. that's on channel 5 tonight. see you after the game with the "5th quarter." have a great day. today wine country is still working to pick up the pieces after deadly wildfires tore through the area. the help being given out today to remove debris from
6:27 am
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flames are gone. now parts of the north bay are working to rise from the ashes. the help being offered. >> this center gives them the opportunity to complete right of entry forms. >> the 49ers unite with police unions. the push they plan to make to ban bump stocks following the mass shooting in las vegas. plus. >> with this executive order we are ending the attack on your religious liberty. >> just weeks ago, president
6:31 am
trump rolled back mandatory insurance coverage for birth control. but today, one california lawmaker plans to put up a fight! >> but first, today thousands of passengers flying to the united states from other countries can expect enhanced security screenings. it is thursday, october 26th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the san francisco airport with more on the new measures. anne. >> reporter: what's interesting about this is that it is going to vary by airline to airline. and that is based on the negotiations that they all have specifically with u.s. official but the new measures mean you want to leave extra time taking any flight coming into the united states from a foreign country. it could include interviews upon check-in or at the gate. this is going to apply to all 2100 flights arriving daily here it the u.s. these new security measures may include enhanced passenger screening and heightened screening
6:32 am
electronics. this applies to citizens and foreigners. it might take longer to get on the flight but passengers don't seem to mind. >> i don't mind. i think they want to be sure everything is okay. >> reporter: it is going to vary by airline. >> reporter: five airlines will now start asking test passengers security questions right before they board at the gate. that is at the qualify u.s. those airlines are air france, cathay pacific, egyptair, emirates air, and lufthansa. royal jordanian will start the process in january. this is in lieu of the ban in effect this summer on laptops. you may remember a few months ago we were talking about a possible laptop ban. they were not going to allow you to have laptops and other electronics in the cabin of planes. so this is basically in lieu of that. it was a compromise between the airlines that didn't want to have to tell passengers they couldn't have screens on their flights and u.s. officials who wanted increased security. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 6:32.
6:33 am
as we take a live look outside on this thursday morning, 880 the nimitz on the right traffic okay now. we'll check in with jaclyn in just a bit for a full traffic report and on the left we have a live shot of santa clara and levi's stadium. >> it's going to be another warm day. >> again. >> i like that. >> you like it? it's nice around the bay. it was so calm yesterday, the water looked like a lake. so we are probably going to see that again especially this morning. there's barely a breeze out there. but we are going to see a repeat of that. so let's see the beautiful view. nice clear skies across our area. temperatures in the 50s in concord and oakland. here's the deal. that high pressure is still on top of california. you can see the wind streams. they are extending the dry hot air from the nevada desert towards the california coast. basically that's what we're going to continue to see for
6:34 am
the next couple of days until we get an onshore breeze. so here's a look at your temperatures in the upper 70s at the beaches. mid-80s at the bay and 90s again for inland. jaclyn. >> things are definitely heating up on the roads. we are tracking a couple of new hot spots on 880, that's the slow crowded ride especially southbound. in the red off 238 so heading through san lorenzo into hayward. it's about 26 minutes on down towards the dumbarton bridge. san mateo bridge in the yellow 25 minutes out of hayward into foster city. and we are getting reports of a new accident on the connector ramp from westbound 92 to southbound 101 in san mateo. we have this crash, emergency crews that remain on the scene. this is on the skyway so just as you are exiting from the bay bridge, this is right at fremont street, it does not appear to be blocking lanes but it is slowing people down. 30 minutes from the maze into san francisco. back to you guys. >> thank you. right now in san jose, police are looking for these
6:35 am
suspects allegedly behind a deadly shooting among other violent crimes. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from san jose. >> reporter: the san jose police department is looking for two individuals they say are related or in connection to a murder that happened here at the elan apartments in north san jose. the los angeles county sheriff's department already arrested three individuals in connection with the murder. san jose police believe there are two people still on the loose connected to this murder and they put out pictures of the suspects. take a look. the first suspect is described as a chinese man between 25 and 30 weighing up to 170 pounds. the second suspect also described as a chinese man by police in his mid to late 30s, 250 pounds, last seen wearing all black on surveillance images. police say these two men are part of a brothel ring which investigators say includes the other men that were already arrested in southern california. a collaborative investigation among bay area agencies found that around the time of the shooting last month, a series of armed robberies and sex assaults took place in milpitas, fremont and south san francisco.
6:36 am
also in the elan village apartment complex. all took place at working brothels including at this apartment complex. >> yeah. people in the building mentioned they knew about people being kicked out before for i guess being a brothel. it was known in the area. >> reporter: police have not said how the suspects are connected to the shooting victim at this time. they do believe that there are other victims out there. they are asking people to come forward if they can identify the individuals. if you do, call san jose police department. live in san jose, jessica flores, kpix 5. 49ers are joining with police units across the nation. they are launching a new campaign to improve police relations with the public. this is an effort in response to the growing national anthem
6:37 am
protest in the nfl. it started last year with colin kaepernick. colin kaepernick was let go. other nfl players are still kneeling to protest. at today's gathering at levi's stadium the 49ers and law enforcement agencies will also sign a pledge calling for a ban on bump stocks. this comes in the wake of the las vegas mass shooting. bump stocks and other mechanisms allow for the conversion of a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. the 9ers organization has pledged half million dollars toward this campaign. in a partnership statement, the group says it wants, quote to advocate for common sense local, state and federal legislation that will contribute to the safety of all americans and to work together to improve the national dialogue around race, policing and violence prevention. it's a setback for california's lawsuit over healthcare subsidies cut by the trump administration. yesterday a u.s. district judge
6:38 am
refused to grant an emergency request to resume those payments. state attorney general xavier becerra says he will keep pursuing them. it's important to keep them for working families, he claims. today house minority leader nancy pelosi wants president trump to stop the end of contraception coverage. his administration has crafted policy that doesn't require insurers to pay for birth prevention at no cost under the affordable care act. pelosi said: officia to discuss the debris removal process with them, tonight. the meeting is set to run in santa rosa, as wildfire evacuees assess the damage done to their homes, officials plan to discuss the debris removal process with them tonight. the meeting is set to run six to eight p.m. at santa rosa high school. that's the located at 1235 mendocino avenue. staff will be on hand to offer
6:39 am
paperwork assistance. the documents will give the green light for epa and u.s. army corps of engineers to remove debris at no charge to the homeowners. the "san jose mercury news" finds that pg&e violated electricity grid safety regulations 11 times in the years leading up to the wine country wildfires. it cites the state audit and recently released public utilities commission audits from 2015 and 2016 finding that pg&e failed to conduct timely inspections in thousands of instances. pg&e says that since 2010 it has invested $1.6 billion in vegetation management programs to reduce power outages and reduce wildfire risk. right now an investigation is under way outside. >> cartta, indonesia, where at least 23 people were killed at a firecracker factory explosion. it was in jakarta. 103 workers were in the factory at the time of the blast. dozens are treated at three
6:40 am
hospitals. more than a month after hurricane maria, three-quarters of puerto rico has no power. now questions are being raised about the 2% energy company that's awarded a $300 million no bid contract to help restore electricity. whitefish energy is just two years old and has ties to the trump administration. some lawmakers are eager to know how whitefish got the job. >> my biggest concern is we don't have enough information as to the process that went through that. >> whitefish says the main reason it won the deal is because it was willing to accept less up-front money than other companies under consideration. usually you want to get high scores when it comes to school but not when it comes to lead in the water. three schools in san francisco are testing very high for lead levels. we'll tell you which ones. >> plus, a beach battle over public access heats up. the decision california's supreme court justice just made in the case. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board.
6:41 am
you can see the dow is up about 100 points! coming up, we get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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lead was detected at three of its schools. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in front of one of the schools with more det the san francisco school district is issuing a warning after lead was detected at three schools. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in front of one of the schools this morning with the details. jackie. reporter: michelle, the "chronicle" is reporting this morning that the crisis in flint, michigan is at least part of the reason why state officials in california have wanted more testing to be done, especially in schools. and the test results for at least three san francisco schools are in. the west portal elementary, malcolm x elementary and san francisco international high school all had their test results come back high for lead. the "chronicle" reports that parents of these three schools were told earlier this week that water samples from at least one faucet or fountain at
6:45 am
each school had too much lead in them. the taps were immediately shut down. the san francisco public utilities commission says the water flowing into the school is safe and that the lead is most likely coming from the plumbing fixtures and pipes. the "chronicle" says these three schools are on a growing list of schools all over the state that are also seeing high levels of lead. the superintendent told the "chronicle": we are letting people know as much information as quickly as possible. just a couple of months ago mcclymonds high school in oakland had lead problems. the toxic metal was coming from the faucets in the cafeteria, the water fountain at the football field and the showerheads in the locker rooms. they were quickly shut down. temporarily water filters have been installed and water dispensers are now scattered around the school. the longer term solution here is to replace the entire school's piping system but that could take longer than a year and possibly cost up to $2.5 million. so we don't know what san francisco usd's solution for this school and the other schools in san francisco are but we hope to learn later on. in san francisco, jackie ward,
6:46 am
kpix 5. some bay area cities are seeing significant jumps in rent for apartments just becoming available. a new study suggests mountain view one bedroom apartments saw more than a 15% increase when comparing this october to the same time last year. petaluma saw roughly 15% jump in that period. and walnut creek saw a roughly 12% spike. >> those are some big increases. twitter admits that not as many people are using the social media site as they had claimed. and more americans are collecting unemployment benefits. >> joining us now with those stories, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. saddam. >> reporter: good morning. twitter did top earnings expectation for the 3rd quarter but the company revealed that it overstated its user base going back for a couple of years. its problem is that it
6:47 am
mistakenly counted the users of a service for third party apps. that wound up adding an extra 5 million users to the tally over the past few years. its monthly user base was up 4% in the 3rd quarter to 330 million. it raised its 4th quarter forecast. shares in twitter are soaring up by 15%. on to the u.s. economy and the job market saw a little bump in jobless claims. initial claims up by 10,000 to 233,000. that was coming after claims had fallen to a 44-year low. the unemployment rate is at a 16-year low of 4.2%. stockton retreated yesterday from its record run. we are already rallying from that. let's go to the big board. things are looking good so far. dow up 125 points. nasdaq up 2. and the s&p is up by 8 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio.
6:48 am
new details of a beach battle this morning. california's supreme court is declining to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling. in the case, tech billionaire vinod khosla was ordered to allow public access to martins beach in san mateo county. he locked it up shortly after buying the property in 2008. after the lower court ruling earlier this month, it was reopened to the public. khosla now has 90 days to appeal the case to the u.s. supreme court. >> marin county plans to seek federal funds to prevent future flooding. in 2014, high rising water closed part of 101 and cut off marin city. now officials hope to get $1.5 million to improve a culvert under the highway. it would take water from the marin pond to the bay. four alternatives costing between 5.3 million and $35 million have also been developed. the county board of supervisors will now have to give final approval to the plan before an official fema request is made. all right. time now 6:48.
6:49 am
i said it before but definitely another reminder to parents, don't send your kids with long pants to school. that's what my wife did yesterday. my wife sent my daughter yesterday to preschool with long pants. she was sweating profusely when i picked her up! >> shorts a good thing today. it's going to be hot. that video of that rain got me thinking about rain. that would be nice, wouldn't it? we have that in our long-range forecast. also want to show you the airport, nice and clear conditions. calm winds yesterday, all airports reporting no weather problems. that's going to be the same today. here's the deal. 15 degrees above average expected again today. so that hot and dry air is back. same with the offshore winds. 6:17 today. satellite-radar, no cloud cover, just a little spot here and there. we are going to see more blue skies today once the sun comes up so it makes for pretty views out there. winds are calm, which means we
6:50 am
are not going to see a significant increase in our temperatures. but we are going to see still that hot air because of the direction of the winds. so it's not the extreme winds. our futurecast showing probably 4 to 5-mile-per-hour breezes today but that's about it. but again it's all about the direction and we are going to get that shift to rise though. humidity levels are going to be around 50, 70% here this morning. but dropping off a little bit later on today seeing them in the probably 40 to 50% range because the winds aren't so strong. high temperatures 70s to 90s. above average temperatures up to 19 degrees above average for some areas. now, we're watching this low as it makes its way towards california. that's going to help drop our temperatures down. this is by saturday and sunday. and then here's another low. out there in the pacific, once that works its way towards california, that's when we may see that chance of rain. but it's not for a while.
6:51 am
8 to 10 days out. so we still have a while. but for your halloween at least, conditions will be clear skies and cool out there. 60s and 70s expected once we get through the weekend. so even the inland areas will be cooling off significantly next week. kenny. bart's introduction of new cars for its trains will be a gradual process. the transit agency told the "san francisco chronicle" that the new cars are not compatible with the older ones. so bart will run two types of trains for a while. ones with all old cars and ones with all new cars. they will be alternated on different routes and schedules. so let's take a look at transit this morning with jaclyn. how are things looking? >> well, we'll start with bart, where they have 59 trains in service all running on time. so that's good news there. you may want to consider using mass transit today because the roads, they are slow! this is a live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza -- excuse me, the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. and it's about a 23-minute commute from marina bay
6:52 am
parkway, 580 definitely stacking up as you head across over to sir francis drake. eastshore freeway not looking good. it's just under a 45-minute ride as you make your way from highway 4 on down towards the maze. then we continue to see about 40 minutes as you are heading into san francisco. that earlier accident that had a lane blocked right near the fremont street exit that's cleared. your approach to the maze is stacked up beyond highway 24. so major slowdowns trying to over to the bay bridge toll plaza. slow ride into hayward. we have a new crash on the san mateo bridge and that's keeping your ride heavy into foster city about 31 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. time now 6:52. after more than 50 years today a moment many have been waiting for! next, what we could learn from thousands of pages of documents that are expected to be released on jfk's
6:53 am
assassination. >> reporter: you? security measures today on all international flights into the u.s. what to expect coming up. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm anne makovec live at sfo with new security measures for all people coming into america from foreign countries. there are 2100 flights arriving daily from around the country from outside the united states and it could include interviews on check-in or at the gated as well as enhanced passenger screening and heightened screening of electronics. it's going to depend on the airline. this does apply to u.s. citizens and foreigners. this is in lieu of that laptop ban that was temporarily in effect this summer banning small electronics in cabins.
6:57 am
that's something that passengers really complained about. so these new measures starting today a result of negotiations between the airlines and u.s. security officials. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. are it's 6:this morning, president trump is back in washington after delivering remarks at a gop fundraiser in texas. this afternoon, he is expected to declare a national health emergency to deal with the opioid epidemic. the emergency declaration will provide more resources for states and federal agencies. also today, thousands of documents related to john f. kennedy's assassination are expected to be released by the national archives and records administration. many hope they will provide new insight into his assassination 54 years ago in dallas. right now san jose police are searching for two men at the center of a south bay crime spree. they say the men are involved in a grisly homicide that happened at an apartment complex a few weeks ago. today the 49ers will join
6:58 am
members of police unions from across the country to begin a push to improve public safety and police-community relations. one of the goals is banning bump stocks which converts semi- automatic weapons into automatic ones. the device was used in the shooting in las vegas. today bart's board of directors will look at a proposed ordinance where bart officers would scan all tickets and clipper cards to make sure all patrons pay to get into the station. we are tracking slowdowns for drivers heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge. just under 30 minutes from marina bay parkway over to sir francis drake. we have a slow ride heading southbound 101 through novato. this is right near ignacio and your ride looking okay along the golden gate bridge. can't say the same over at the san mateo bridge. we have had a number of problems over at 92 and 101 so just over 30 minutes. that's an additional 20 minutes to your normal travel time heading out of hayward into foster city.
6:59 am
>> let's hope the drivers have air-conditioning in the cars especially this afternoon. but first a gorgeous view. sun rising around 7:30 this morning. we are going to see clear skies. that's for sure. three things to remember today. a little bit cooler than yesterday. eh, very little. then we are going to see a good dropping this weekend when we get that onshore flow but here's a look at where we should be for this time of year. now, san francisco, oakland, should be upper 60s but we are not. we are going to be up to 19 degrees above average. san jose may break another record. looking ahead for halloween, we are going to be cool. [ laughter ] >> 60s and 70s will be back for next week. so we should get a nice shift in the weather. >> sounds very comfortable. >> it won't be raining so costumes will stay dry. >> very important especially if you are wearing grecian makeup. my daughter wants to be a greek goddess. thanks for watching, everyone. remember, your next local update is 7:26. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, october 26th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump is ready to declare the opoid crisis a public health emergency but will today's actions stop short of today's pledge for a more sweeping response? puerto rico calls on washington to investigate how a two-man company called whitefish won a $300 million contract to restore power. the company's ties to the trump administration faced scrutiny. plus, an oregon woman underwent a double mastectomy and hysterectomy because doctors told her she had a high risk for cancer but a new lawsuit claimed it was a mistake caused by


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