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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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believe this devastating wildfire was no accident. tonight sheriffs say they're closing in on an arrest. >> maria is in the santa cruz mountains tonight with more. >> reporter: yes, today was a major day in the fire fight as they're expecting to make announcement about the arrest in the morning. the bear fire now fully contained as of today, ten days after it begin ripping through the rugging terrain. everything important you own is in this car? >> right. >> reporter: hundreds evacuatet six homes burned to the ground, and nine firefighters were hurt. and now we could soon know the cause behind the wildfire. according to the santa cruz paper, police are expected to announce an arrest in the fire. >> we're fortunate we didn't
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have high winds. >> reporter: cal fire talked about the fire fight earlier today, and why the work is far from over despite 100 percent containment. >> it's basically doing mop up again. checking the perimeter of the fire, making sure there are no hot spots, then we go into patrol mode. >> reporter: and the news conference is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:30 at the sheriff's office. kpix 5. tonight if pge gets its way, their customers could end up paying for devastating wildfires across the state. the puc and cal fire are investigating if fire lines sparked the fires in sonoma and napa fires earlier this month. they're considering charges you, the payer, if and when the utility is find liable. pge cites a growing fire risk and tough insurance market.
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consumer groups say shareholders, not the customers should be bearing the brunt. and bart is cracking down on free riders, saying the free ride is over. they have stiff new penalties for riders who don't pay. >> reporter: gate agents here at the station tell us in one single day this year they watched more than 600 people jump over these gates evading fares, and tonight bart's board of directors passed an ordinance to keep fare evasion of that magnitude from happening again. >> people do it all the time. it's frustrating. >> reporter: less than 5 minutes after we walked into the bart station, someone hopped over the gate. >> didn't even pay, hopped the emergency exit, and the
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attendants don't do anything. >> reporter: it happens? >> every day. it costs us 15 million to 25 million dollars a year. >> reporter: that's why tonight bart's board of directors passed two ordinances to target fare evaders. officers will be hired to board bart trains and ask every single person for proof of purchase. if caught you'll be charged $75 for your first offense. minors will be charged $55. three strikes and you'll face criminal charges. do you think the checks will help? >> i think so, i do. >> it really makes sense for the people that do pay for their fares. it's not fair to them to have somebody else who's cheating the system while their ticket is paying for the operating cost. >> reporter: 75 percent of bart's operating costs come from people who follow the rules and pay the full fare. officials anticipate this will bring back 8 to $11 million each year. >> it's not about catching
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every person who fare evades, it's about reducing the fare evasion and sending the message that the free ride is over. >> reporter: officers enforcing this proof of purchase ordinance will be required to wear body cameras. again, this ordinance is taking effect in january, but they're giving people a grace period. so the actual fines start in february. in january you might get off with a warning. live in san francisco, kpix 5. police in berkeley are looking for a road rage suspect tonight that hit a man with his new mercedes. police say the victims yelled at this man last thursday for driving erratically. when they all stopped at the next intersection, the suspect got out, allegedly started punching a person in the victim's car. both victims got out as well, but then the suspect got back into his mercedes and hit one of the men with it. they only had minor injuries.
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the mercedes has dealer plates. if you've seen it or recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you. and trouble tonight for an east bay teacher accused of bad behavior. according to the east bay times he's on leave for a second time. betty yu has the update. >> mark howard was first put on leave earlier last month for inappropriate actions against students. four students came forward with the allegations against the european history teacher. the district claims howard touched students inappropriately, sent inappropriate text messaging drank alcohol in front of students and made sexual comments. despite that he was allowed back in the class room in late september, but yesterday dozens of concerned parents packed a school board meeting demanding he be removed from the campus. now he's back on leave and the case is being reviewed by the
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alam eda county district attorney. and a dad is behind bars after his 8-year-old son bought a gun to school. he showed it off to a class mate at twin creek elementary. the father was charged with child endangerment and possession of stolen property. tonight thousands of classified files from the assassination of jfk have been revealed, but andrea borba reports the fbi and cia aren't spilling all their secrets. >> that's right. president trump signed off on making the files public, but at the last minute the fbi and cia requested that hundreds of them be withheld. author of a cruel and shocking act: the secret history of the n says people >> reporter: nearly 54 years after that fateful afternoon in if dallas, thousands of documents related to the
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assassination of president john f. kennedy are public. the author of the secret history of the kennedy assassination says people pouring over documents from the national archive shouldn't expect eye popping details. >> don't look for any bombshells like evidence pointing to a second gunman. nothing of that nature. >> reporter: for all the documents that have been released, 300 files were held back at the request of the fbi and cia. a former fbi agent says there's a very good reason why. >> probably dealing with informants, sources of information they weren't readily to release. it's -- ready to release. it's been a long time, but it's usually accompanied by methods. intelligence and investigative methods. >> he says the most interesting new details will likely involve the shooter oswald's trip to mexico before the
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assassination, the and what the government knew. >> how much the government knew about him before the assassination than they wanted to admit. >> reporter: he thinks the documents likely won't put rampant conspiracy theories to rest. >> the commission was not allowed to pursue a lot of evidence and witnesses because it never knew about the evidences and witnesses. the record shows the cia and fbi withheld a tremendous amount of information from the warren commission, especially about this mysterious trip oswald makes to mexico city a few weeks before the assassination. >> it's possible some records may remain secret even after a 180 day review period, although president trump is urging only the most secret documents remain sealed. andrea borba, kpix 5. bay area congresswoman jackie speir taking action tonight to prevent scenes like this one. two people were dilled and half a -- killed and half a dozen hurt when this greyhound bus
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overturned on the interstate in january of last year. witnesses say the driver posed off. she's now proposing the driver fatigue act covering long haul bus drivers. she says when bus drivers are overworked and fatigued there's a greater chance of accidents, injuries, and deaths. we can't afford it. we owe americans safety on the roadways. she also says if companies are required to pay overtime they'll be less likely to overwork their drivers. neighbors said it was a wildfire waiting to happen. only on 5 tonight, a dangerous dumping ground in the oakland hills looks a lot cleaner after our da lin started asking questions. k load of timber, >> reporter: yeah, oakland hills neighbors say this lot next to pge substation was a tinderbox waiting to explode. we saw all kind of flammable debris here.
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in fact a makeshift shelter with a propane grill, cans of motor oil, a truck load of timber, a giant pile of woodchips and locks everywhere. all right -- blocks everywhere. all right next to a pge substation. following the speculation that downed power lines might have started the fire in santa rosa, neighbors here were concerned this could start another fire wiping out their neighborhood here. >> i lost a house in the 91 fire storm, my husband did too, and we don't want to do it again. we're both in our 70s. >> when you have wind you can have sparks that come down on these combustibles and start a fire. >> reporter: neighbors complained to pge and contacted us as well. turns out the city of oakland owns and rents the lot to elite tree service. the workers dump the debris
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there. we called pge saturday and they hired a different company to remove the debris and it looks much better today. the timber and woodchips all gone. pge actually left the large wooden blocks saying because they're harder to burn and farther away from the subbation, about 30 to 40 -- substation, about 30 to 40 feet away. they basically cleared out anything within 10 feet of the station line. da lin, kpix 5. tonight police officers in southern california are facing federal charges in a civil rights case. they're accused of roughing up a teenage boy at a county fare in pomona, then claiming in their reports that he started hit. >> hey, hey, hey, don't do that. i got it! >> reporter: it's been more than two years since a fair goer shot this video of police officers beating then 16-year- old christian agular. his dad says it's still hard to
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watch. >> because it's heart breaking to see your kid suffer like that, and then to know that these guys that swore an oath are deliberately lying to cover it up. >> reporter: he says the assault happened at the county fair in september 2015. christian was shooting cell phone video as officers were taking out people accused of public intoxication. then a police officer grabbed him and threw him to the ground. once the family was able to prove the police edited the video to make it seem like christian started the fight, they settled with police. >> i thank god. >> reporter: three officers are facing federal charges for not just using excessive force, but also lying to try and cover it up. >> all three officers have pleaded not guilty now. new details tonight on the mission that led four u.s.
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troops into a deadly ambush in niger. the americans searched for islamic militants, but his fighters found him first. >> yes, the pentagon acknowledged there was a second team of u.s. and niger forces on the ground, and the soldiers got separated from that larger group. they were tracking this terrorist. he's the leader of an isis offshoot that operates in western niger. according to cbs, the second team was on a kill or capture mission, but it was called off after he slipped across the boarder into mali. the patrol with 12 americans and 30 members of the niger military were told to investigate, and not expect enemy contact. after gathering intelligence, the men stopped in the village of tongo tongo, fighters
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ambushed them as they left. the u.s. team immediately alerted their commanders, but the patrol waited an hour before asking for help. >> we look at that hour pretty hard ourselves. >> reporter: >> investigators still don't know how sergeant johnson was separated from the others during the attack. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. southern california now were huge flames are south of -- where huge flames are south of la. no word on how it was started. some homes have been i wac ited, be utah early to -- evacuated, but so far no buildings burned. also tonight a santa rosa man who lost everything he owns in the wine country wildfires
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says what's really important is what he was able to save. he risked his life to make sure his neighbors made it out alive. >> reporter: from the ruins of coffee park out of the hulks of burned out cars and dusty gray remains of homes emerges a story of heroism. >> there was a blaze in the middle of the street. >> reporter: donny used to live here on dogwood lane. that night two weeks ago he saw waves of fire threatening his block. he and his roommate john sprang into action. >> as soon as i saw that i turned around and went to go start evacuating people as fast as i could. >> reporter: neighbors say the two men went running through the neighborhood door to door knocking, waking people up, saving lives. >> i opened the door he said you have about five minutes, grab what you can. >> reporter: donny woke up francis, also anna down the block whose surveillance camera captured this video of donny
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knocking on her door. and he kept knocking on more doors at 2:30 in the morning as flips got closer and -- flames got closer and closer. >> people were in their robes, fully asleep, no idea what was going on. i'm happy they got out. >> he's my guardian angel when hell rolled through our neighborhood. he saved my life. >> reporter: like others donny lost everything in the house he was renting, and he doesn't have insurance, so he's relying on the kindness of others. he down plays his heroism and insists on including his roommate in the story even though he doesn't want to be on cam. >> i think of it as just doing the right thing. >> well, i'm sure glad he did what he did because he's my hero. >> reporter: in santa rosa, kpix 5.
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during thursday night football it was hard to miss, you saw it here on kpix 5, a vicious hit that sent tempers flaring. ravens quarterback joe flacco took a slide when a dolphins quarterback clobbered him. it knocked flacco's helmet off and left him dazed. he left the game with a concussion. nfl greats will tell you, the game can be brutal as you saw tonight. kpix 5 has learned that another former niner was diagnosed after his death with a devastating brain disease. sports director dennis o'donnell with the unprecedented assist by some 49er legends. >> reporter: big, strong, and fast. larry roberts spent all eight of his nfl season with the 49ers. a second round draft pick in 1986, had defensive lineman was a two-time super bowl champ. >> he loved football and his family. >> reporter: the niners loved
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him back. >> he was a great, great young man. always had his hand on the ground and gave a thousand percent. >> reporter: larry died in his sleep in december, and he suffered from heart disease leading to amputation of his legs. >> quite a few curve balls came his way. >> reporter: including cte, the degenerative brain disease found in the brains of dozens of former nfl players, believed to be caused by repetitive head trauma. his brother donated larry's brain to boston university, and in july they diagnosed cte. >> larry had these severe brain injuries. >> reporter: not every player with repeated head trauma develops the disease, but the nfl acknowledges a link to football. pro football players are also at a greater risk of dropping
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other brain and -- developing other brain and nervous system disorders like als. >> i'm going through a little thing right now. >> reporter: the 49ers recently honored the great dwight clark, the man behind the catch. they flew dozens of his teammates to the stadium for a moving tribute. clark who's battling als wanted to see them all one more time. >> it's been a tough year single game record he told me and i -- year. >> he told me, and i cried like a baby. >> reporter: many former 49ers are now involved in an unprecedented effort. the goal raising money for any 49er facing dire circumstances whether financial, emotional or medical. it's called the golden heart fund. >> i think this is important for your teammates. it's a bond beyond the gridiron. >> reporter: football greats ronny lock and roger craig is on board. so too is joe montana.
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>> we hope this eases a lot of pain for the guys to get them through the rough spots. >> reporter: the idea took root last year at the pro football hall of fame. >> history has its eyes on all of us right now. >> reporter: a former niners owner delivered a passionate speech. his message, once family, always family. >> we have to do all we can to look after one another and take care of one another. >> reporter: he sat next to clark during the recent tribute and is seen wiping away tears. he believes the nfl will do the right thing. >> this situation with cte and what dwight is going through with als, you know, it's not going to stop. i think it's the tip of the iceberg personally. >> reporter: the 49ers are donating the use of levi stadium for an upcoming 4.9k run. >> we'd love to have all the families in the bay area come out. >> reporter: all proceeds
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strictly going to help players. as for travis, when he took care of his brother, he got an assist from larry's teammates. >> nothing but a blessing that they decided to do this for everyone. >> reporter: dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. >> learning more and more about this every day. we have extended interviews on our website from these 49er greats about their incredible bond and why this fund is so important. weather time now. it's been a warm week in san francisco. # 0s across the board -- 80s across the board. 89 tuesday, 86 yesterday, 85 the high today. the average is 68. that's about where we are right now. mid-60s for concord, and santa rosa 58. tonight we cool off, the nights comfortable, but at the time afternoons not so much.
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napa 55, san francisco 59 overnight. very pleasant weather to head to the beach. if you're planning on doing that with yourself or family tomorrow, wave heights about 15 to 20 feet, increased ridge of rip currents and sneaker waves, so be careful if you're headed there over the next 48 hours. and the latest spare the air day ever for the summer season tomorrow. not associated with the fires, just bad air and the wind coming from the east taking the smoke and pollution from the eastern valley sending it our direction. the ridge still stuck to the north. the pattern will break by sunday, but the next couple of days continue to be well above average when it comes to temperature and not much relief in san francisco over the next 24 hours. cloud-free in the morning and tomorrow afternoon. we begin to see the change with the ridge moving and the on shore flow coming back saturday morning as we'll see low cloud cover moving through the godden
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gate. the -- golden gate. once again temperatures well above average tomorrow. not as warm, but san jose 85. 70s at the beach. pittsburgh 85. cooler in san francisco, but well above average at 78. cloverdale is 85. by monday and tuesday, including halloween night, we're looking at back to normal weather, then cooler than normal next thursday and perhaps some rain by the end of next week. >> that'll be good. >> yeah, we could use much more. >> great, thanks paul. the michelin awards are out, and tonight a bay area restaurant is making history.
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the new michelin guide is out, and the bay area now has more three star restaurants than new york. seven all together. >> and one san francisco restaurant is making history. california's in the mission is the first mexican restaurant in the entire country to receive two stars. it has 25 seats and serves a seven course tasting menu each night. >> what we do here is a nightly cure rated tasting menu of around 18 courses. we do a california mexican tasting menu. we use a lot of local farm
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produce. >> they put off announcing the awards due to the wine country wildfires. some in sonoma and napa counties have two or three stars for 2018. could the stanford cardinals win without their best player? and lynch decides to play for another football team. that's next.
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escape.. stanford running back bryce love, the nation's leading sher, out wi stanford took the field tonight minus their biggest star, and they needed a huge break to escape. bryce love, the nation's leading rubber out with -- rusher out with an ankle injury against oregon state. under 3 to play, beavers leading, osu just trying to run
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out the clock, but they fumbled the football and the cardinals keep hope alive. 25 seconds left. sanford inside the 5. jump ball for the game winning touchdown, and the cardinals avoid a huge upset. 15-14, they're 5 and 1 in the pac-12. the cat was the only thing baltimore had trouble stopping all night long. they had no trouble shutting down miami. matt moore picked off by moseley. 63 yards for a touchdown. baltimore crushes miami 40-0. the dolphins are now 4 and 3 and they'll host the oakland raiders next sunday. in sacramento. but they weren't cheering by the the pelicans cousins receiving a standing ovation at his first game back in sacramento, cousins scored 41 points, and new orleans beat
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sacramento 114- 106. this young guy could lose tonight's sharks bruins game in boston. the bruins scoring to give boston the lead and they go on to win 2-1. lynch is suspended, so he got to work at his alma mater oakland tech high school. he was shot holding back during a scrimmage. at one point a gang of defenders finally, finally brought him to the ground. [ laughter ] >> the raiders and bills sunday at 10:00. the 5th quarter will follow the game. >> got his raiders helmet on. >> and you know that kid he took down will never wash thatjersey. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. ♪
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morning at 4:30. >> we'll have all the news you need to start your day. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now yet another the "late show" exclusive. stephen colbert's interview of lou dobbs interview of president trump. >> stephen: mr. president, thank you for sitting down with me. we're besties. >> we have a very good relationship. >> stephen: before we start, do you mind if i edit this interview to make you look -- >> absolutely ridiculous. >> stephen: exactly. thank you for understanding. first question, recently republican senators mccain corker and flake have all spoken out against you, implying you're an unhinged danger to the country. >> one of the great disasters of all times. dihonest. >> stephen: so you've heard what they've said about you.


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