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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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house. good morning. jaclyn has traffic and look who is here, brian hackney! >> we start with weather at this point, right? >> yes. >> it's going to be a good day. if you knew what yesterday was like, out the door, numbers will be mostly in the 50s. but around the coastline, numbers will be in the low 70s today. inland upper 80s, around the bay in the 80s. a good day around the bay today. we'll have more details in just a few minutes. right now, it's pretty foggy outside if you are making your way across the golden gate bridge. live look can almost see a few cars heading into san francisco headlights coming into the city. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a bad backup already developing in those cash lanes. we have about a 10-minute ride from the maze into san francisco. caltrans keeping busy. we have overnight roadwork that
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could slow you down. details coming up. bart has new plans to stop fare evaders from cheating. kpix 5's susie steimle shows us why officers will riding trains to ask if you paid for your ride. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: less than five minutes after we walked into the 19th street bart station in oakland, someone jumped the gate and got a free fare. >> a guy just like hopped through the emergency exit, didn't pay, attendants don't do anything. >> it happens? >> every day. >> fare evasions costs us 15 to $25 million a year. >> reporter: bart's board of directors unanimously approved two ordinances to target cheaters. starting january 6th, officers will be hired to board bart trains and ask every, single person for proof of purchase. if caught, you will be charged $75 for your first offense. minors will be charged $55. three strikes and you face
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criminal charges. do you think the checks will help? >> i think so. i think so. >> it really makes sense for the people who do pay for their fares. you know? it's not fair to them. >> reporter: 75% of bart's operating costs come from people who follow the rules and pay the full fare. officials anticipate this will bring back 8 to $11 million each year. >> it's not about catching every person who fare evades. it's about reducing the fare evasion and also sending the message that the free ride is over. >> reporter: susie steimle, kpix 5. >> officers enforcing proof of payment will be wearing body cameras. transit officials say there's going to be a brief grace period when the ordinance takes effect. berkeley police are searching for a man accused of hitting someone with his new mercedes-benz during a road rage attack. here's the driver they are after. authorities say the victim yelled at him last thursday claiming that he had been driving dangerously on ashby
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avenue. soon this man allegedly got out of his car and punched a victim's passenger repeatedly. two people got out of the car. police say the suspect got into his and hit one of the men with this car. they had minor injuries. if you see the suspect or his car, still with dealer plates, call 911. this morning, the santa cruz county sheriff's department is expected to announce an arrest in connection with the bear fire in the boulder creek area. kpix 5's maria medina has the latest from the santa cruz mountains. reporter: the bear fire now fully contained 10 days after it began ripping through the rugged terrain. >> everything important that you own is in this car. >> correct. >> reporter: hundreds evacuated for several days. six homes burned down. nine firefighters were injured. and now we may soon know the cause behind the wildfire. according to the santa cruz sentinel, santa cruz sheriff's
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investigators are expected to announce an arrest of the person they think started it. >> we were fortunate with this fire. we did not have high winds. >> reporter: cal fire talked about the firefight and why the work is far from over despite 10% containment. >> it's mop-up, checking the perimeter of the fire, making sure that there aren't any hot spots. then we'll go into patrol mode. pg&e wants it to be easier to have customers pay when the utility is found responsible for wildfires. [ choking ] >> there were reports of arcing power lines right before the wine country wildfires began this month. if pg&e is at fault it could pay billions for fire related could see. the cpuc and cal fire are looking into whether pg&e lines caused any of the fires. no cause is determined yet. the san francisco-based utility has been lobbying the puc to
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make it easier to pass along costs by increasing customer bills. consumer groups say pg&e shareholders should be responsible for any such costs. time now 4:35. >> i need some water. >> cough drop and water on the way. [ crosstalk ] >> it's all i could do to get here myself. we have mostly clear skies this morning except at the golden gate bridge with a lot of fog. aside from that, it's a starry starry night as don mclean once sang. it's going to be a nice day. so far in the 50s 60 in san jose. bad air quality in some areas. northwest swells up to 10 feet. rip currents and sneaker waves at ocean and montara beaches. it will be a problem at the shore. good day for it, though, temperatures nice at the beach. warm through the weekend with high pressure over the west
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coast. changes ahead, but for today, things look good. 87 in santa rosa. 78 in san francisco. and 85 degrees in san jose. 90 at livermore. the extended forecast the numbers will look a-okay right through the weekend but then things will cool down come monday. more details ahead. first get a look at the road ahead. and we are tracking delays for your friday morning commute. good morning, everyone. if you are heading through oakland, be prepared for slowdowns especially northbound. you can see our sensors have dropped to yellow, 22 minutes from 238 on up towards the maze. it looks like chp is conducting some traffic control. they are holding a couple of those lanes. caltrans will be out there this morning until about 6 a.m. with various lane closures. so give yourself some extra time heading in that direction. and if you would like to use 580, that is moving at the limit in the northbound direction. southbound we are seeing some slowdowns and they were supposed to have -- excuse me, westbound. they were supposed to be doing roadwork in that direction but looks like they wrapped up because it's in the green. hat's a check of your
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traffic; over to you. new details continue to emerge on the mission that led four u.s. troops into a deadly ambush in niger. for the first time since the attack, more than three weeks ago, the pentagon acknowledged that there was a second team of u.s. and nigerian forces on the ground. they were tracking this terrorist. he is the leader of an isis offshoot in western niger. the second team was a kill or capture mission but it was called off after he slipped across the board near mali. the patrol with 12 americans and 30 nigerians were told to investigate an area where the terrorists had been. they were told not to expect enemy contact. now after gathering some intelligence, they stopped in a village. they were ambushed as they left. sources say that the u.s. team immediately alerted their commanders but the patrol waited an hour before asking for help. >> we look at that hour pretty hard ourselves. but again, there are a lot of reasons why that time could have elapsed like that. >> investigators still don't know how sergeant la david johnson was separated from the other men during the attack.
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a french special ops team was also among the first ground forces to arrive in the area. they came within three to four hours of the call for help. thousands of classified files from the assassination of president john f. kennedy have been revealed. but kpix 5's andria borba reports, at the last minute, the fbi and cia requested that hundreds of documents be withheld. >> reporter: nearly 54 years after that fateful afternoon in dallas, thousands of documents related to the assassination of president john f. kennedy are now public. the author of a cruel and shocking act, the secret history of the kennedy assassination, says people poring over documents from the national archives shouldn't expect any eye-popping details. >> i don't think you should be looking for any bombshells like a document that points to a second gunman in deally plaza. i don't think there's going to be anything of that nature. >> reporter: for all the documents that have been released, 300 files have been held back at the request of the
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fbi and cia. former fbi agent rick smith says there is a good reason why. >> probably has to do with informants, sources of information that they weren't ready to release. it's been a long time 54 years. but it's usually accompanied by methods, you know, intelligence methods, investigative methods. >> reporter: he says the most interesting new details will likely involve lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city before the assassination and what the cia station chief there knew. >> a lot of it involving how much more the government knew about lee harvey oswald before the assassination than they ever wanted to admit. >> reporter: he thinks the documents much like the warren commission's report likely won't put rampant conspiracy theories to rest. >> the commission wasn't allowed to pursue a lot of evidence and witnesses because it never knew about those evidence and witnesses. you know, the record shows that the cia and the fbi withheld a tremendous amount of information from the warren
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commission especially about this mysterious trip that oswald makes to mexico city just a few weeks before the assassination. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> it's possible some records may remain secret even after a 180-day review period, although president trump is urging that only the most secret documents remain sealed. time now 4:40. new developments in the case of a bay area teacher allowed back in the classroom after multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior. >> plus, elementary schools across the country are debating whether homework is beneficial to students. why some districts have decided to eliminate entirely. ted by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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like this: 2 people were killed when this greyhound bus overturned on u-s jackie speier is launching an effort to prevent more scenes like this. two people were killed when this greyhound bus overturned on u.s. 101 in san jose last year. passengers say the driver dozed off. she is now proposing the driver fatigue prevention act which
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would extend federal overtime provisions to cover long haul bus drives. the san mateo democrat says: she says if companies are required to pay overtime, they will be much less likely to overwork their drivers. a piedmont high school teacher is on leave amid allegations of inappropriate behavior towards students. history teacher mark cowherd was first put on leave last month. accusers claim he touched students inappropriately, sent inappropriate text messages, and drank alcohol in front of students and made sexual comments. despite that, the piedmont unified school district allowed him back in the classroom in late september after a first suspension. wednesday parents demanded that the district remove him from campus. the "bay area news group" also reporting that cowherd is back on leave as his case is reviewed by the alameda county district attorney's office. a failing grade for a san
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francisco school. parents and community leaders reveal new research showing the district is falling short when it comes to black and latino students. >> these are the same faces that is in direct correlation with the numbers that are filling our jails and prisons. these students are not going to be able to go to universities. >> the group says san francisco schools are not preparing black and latino students to compete in the city's strong job market. they are calling on city leaders to take immediate action! elementary schools across the country are debating whether homework is beneficial for young students. as nikki battiste reports, it's a topic that often divides parents and teachers. reporter: when fourth grader gets home from school, he doesn't have to hit the books like most kids. do you have any homework today? >> nope. >> reporter: his new york city public school has banned mandatory homework for grades kindergarten through 4th.
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>> the idea -- >> reporter: she pushed for it after her son wouldn't do it. >> it started to become something that i spent a lot of time kind of thinking about and obsessing about why i had to have this contentious relationship with my child about homework. >> reporter: this professor has been studying homework for years and says doing away with it completely is not good. >> studies show that even small amounts of homework help kids do better on unit tests. but they also help to begin to shape a child's time management skills, their organization. >> reporter: dr. cooper also believes homework improves self- discipline and achievement. but he cautions, moderation is key. >> teachers have a rule that they call the ten-minute rule. you take a child's grade, you multiply it by 10. and that's how much time the student should be spending. >> reporter: for this fourth grader that would be 40 minutes of homework a night. his mother says families should get to decide how to spend
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their time. >> there are people that want to do multiplication, flash cards with their kids, that's great. they should do those things. but it shouldn't be mandatory. >> reporter: his school recommends that all students read about 30 minutes a night, something he does enjoy. nikki battiste, cbs news, new york. >> for kindergartners, some experts suggest that casual short fun tasks that parents and kids can do together. brian hackney has been doing his homework. >> i was studying the weather charts all through the night. [ laughter ] >> come to the conclusion -- oh, my gosh, yes, it's quite a challenge this morning. well, have a look at the golden gate bridge. we have the tendrils of fog moving across the 746-foot-high towers at the north and the south end. so a little foggy coming across the span this morning. sure makes for a nice picture, though, with the numbers right now. 58 degrees at concord as we start out on this friday morning. oakland has 54. san francisco 59.
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in san jose, it's 60. in santa rosa, it's 50. here's how it looks. high atop the west coast, high pressure built in over the pacific northwest. and that's going to continue to keep us warm today. probably not quite as warm as it was yesterday so the numbers will come down a notch or two but not much. they will be nice. sunny and warm today, temperatures inland will fall about 5 degrees tomorrow. that will set a trend. we'll begin to cool it down on saturday and on sunday. it will still be sunny and mild through halloween because we're coming off highs in the 90s. so nice next couple of days. heading out of the bay area it will be sunny and warm with temperatures at the airport at sfo at least at 79 degrees. and then as we head out to chicago, a few clouds and only 45 for a high today. but in new york, 65 and sunshine. for the bay area, we are still above average. san francisco is 9 degrees above average. 78 degrees today. concord at 86. san jose 85. oakland 83. down in the south bay the numbers will be in the mid-80s. plenty of sunshine.
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along the shoreline, the numbers will be in the 70s. still a pretty good beach day. but the surf is also up at the shore if you are heading there. temperatures inland mid-80s today. up in the north bay, we'll start with sunshine and 84 degrees at petaluma. 87 in santa rosa. and 83 degrees at mill valley. and for ukiah, 91. 87 lakeport, 86 clearlake. in the extended forecast, the numbers are warm today and tomorrow really before they take a bit of a tumble on sunday. by halloween, in the early part of next week, we are back in the 70s inland. so a distinct cooling change is coming in. but after the record highs we have had in the past few days that will just get us into average autumn territory and 70s in november? not bad. that's weather. let's check the roads. not bad at all especially if it's not raining on the trick or treaters. we are tracking a smooth ride for drivers heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge.
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no major delays to tell you about heading westbound. but we are getting first reports of an accident and this could slow you down once you get off the bridge there. it's northbound 101 just past the central san rafael exit there. and it's blocking two lanes. now, our speeds are still moving in the green just below the limit there. we'll keep an eye on that and let you know if that's slowing down the friday morning commute. foggy out there if you are heading towards the golden gate bridge. be careful refrain from using high beams and out of antioch into hercules, your ride is in the green. it looks fantastic. we can say "friday light" for highway 4 drivers. eastshore freeway, a few slowdowns. that's all due to caltrans and that's in the opposite commute direction. so no delays as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. but weaver seeing a bit of a backup -- but we are seeing a bit of a backup in the cash lanes. fastrak lanes are cruising by, 10 minutes into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. time now 4:49. a santa rosa man is credited with saving lives when the wine country wildfires first broke
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out. we'll hear from the man neighbors are calling their hero. >> and why the city of oakland is asking bart for help to deal with the homelessness crisis.
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sears welcome back. numbers today will be above average again with palo alto coming in at 85. morgue 90. over in the east bay, sunshine and temperatures in the mid- 80s. warm in the north bay, as well. mill valley 83 degrees. san rafael up to 85. novato 86. and we'll see lakeport at 87 today. at the northern end of the napa valley, st. helena 91 degrees.
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looks like a good one. right now, we are tracking a smooth ride from hayward to foster city. no delays in either direction. not so smooth at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have an indense there. more coming up. crews are battling a 350- acre wildfire in riverside county. the wildomar fire is 15% contained right now. some homes have been evacuated but so far no buildings have burned. still no word yet on what caused this fire. turning now to the wine country wildfires, a santa rosa man who lost everything he owns says that what's really important was what he was able to save. as joe vazquez reports, the man risked his life to be sure his neighbors were saved. >> reporter: from the ruins of coffey park, out of the hulks of cars and remains of homes burned-out emerges a story of
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heroism. >> there was a blaze in the middle of the street. >> reporter: he used to live here on dogwood lane. that night two weeks ago when the wildfire began coming through the neighborhood, he saw waves of fire threatening his block. he and his roommate john edmonds sprang to action. >> i turned around and started evacuating people as fast as i could. >> reporter: neighbors say they ran through the neighborhood door to door knocking, waking people up, saving lives. >> he said you have five minutes to grab what you can. >> reporter: he woke up francis. also anna solano down the block whose surveillance camera captured this video of him knocking on her door. and he kept knocking on more doors at 2:30 a.m. as flames got closer and closer. >> people were coming out in their robes, asleep, no idea what was going on. i'm happy they got out. >> he is my guardian angel when hell roared through my
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neighborhood. he saved my life. >> reporter: donnie lost everything in his rental house. no insurance so he is relying on the generosity of others. 21 years old, donnie is thinking about becoming a first responder. he downplays his heroism and insists on including his roommate in the story even though he doesn't want to be on camera. >> being called a hero is kind of overexaggerating it. i would more think of it as just doing the right thing. >> well, ha ha, i'm sure glad he did what he did because, you know, he is my hero. >> reporter: in santa rosa, joe vazquez, kpix 5. bart says the city of oakland has just asked for its help to house the homeless. the transit agency's board says council member rebecca kaplan sent a letter asking for some of bart's excess land to use it for outdoor navigation centers basically encampment that is have sanitation facilities. but director debora allen says bart has a different vision for
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those properties. >> it would be a terrible thing for bart to do to its neighbors, um, many of these lands going through residential properties and business districts. >> director allen says if bart does do something with the excess property, it would prefer to sell or lease the land ideally to a parking company. a marin county man got a startling bill in the mail more than $50,000 due for medical treatment somebody received. police say this man showed a stolen identification at a daly city emergency room last month. staff at seton hospital gave him the treatment, $52,000 worth. and here's how the identity theft victim found out. >> the victim was tipped off when seton hospital called him and told him he was responsible for a $52,000 bill. [ laughter ] >> that he knew nothing about. >> police say that the identification was taken from a backpack left in a parked car in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. the hospital says that the
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burglary victim will not have to pay the bill. the bart board of directors makes some serious decisions on how to fight fare evaders. we'll tell you what changes you will be seeing soon.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitti ork.. good morning. it's friday, october 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning. look at the traffic. not too bad on 880. on the left a shot of the golden gate bridge. "karl the fog" is back. brian hackney brought him with him this morning. >> carl the frog. [ laughter ] >> you did say frog. >> he did? >> it's okay. >> we have kind of a foggy start out there this morning with numbers mostly in the 50s around the bay area. and that is the way it will shape up out the door this
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morning. numbers recover later as high pressure continues over the west coast. it's going to be warm. we'll have details in a few minutes. first, here's jaclyn. >> if you are driving through the north bay this morning, we are tracking an accident northbound 101. this is just past central san rafael exit there. two lanes currently blocked. chp running traffic breaks not slowing the ride down too much. it's still early. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been busy for a friday morning. no "friday light" conditions here. right now, your speeds still showing green, 10 minutes into the san francisco although i think that sensor going to jump into the yellow here any minute. no delays 580, highway 4 or the eastshore freeway. bart is on time. 36 trains in service. bart says it will start cracking down on people who sneak on to its trains without paying. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from san francisco. reporter: michelle, it doesn't take long for you to be at


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