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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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kpix 5's devin fehely says a man accuse the santa cruz sheriff says he's never seen such reckless action from such a depraved man. a man accused of arson is also accused of being a looter. >> if a person is willing to start a fire, in criminal thinking, it's not a big leap to go in and go ahead and steal things. >> reporter: investigators say he intentionally started the bear creek fire and later used it as a diversion as he robbed the homes of people forced to flee the spreading flames. >> particular he to go up and start the fire and then loot the evacuees, how low can you be? >> reporter: shortly after the fire began, a family living on hidden springs lane reported their home had been looted. missing was a bicycle, jewelry, and clothing. the same items investigators found on coy.
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>> in his state of mind, to set a fire of this magnitude, i don't think he has any real concern for people or property. >> reporter: the fire would grow to nearly 400 acres in a remote and rugged stretch of the santa cruz mountains. countless homeowners and residents nearly saw everything they own go up in smoke. >> my life is rattled deeply because of this. but i'm not angry. he needs help. in the last hour, new details on a story we told you about earlier this week. an east bay teacher, which the school district said crossed some lines with students has resigned. a district investigation found the history teacher mark coward touched students inappropriately, sent
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inappropriate text messages, drank alcohol in front of students, and made sexual comments. coward had previously been placed on leave but allowed back into the classroom. the district attorney's office is now reviewingly his case -- reviewing his case. in santa rosa, thousands of students went back to school for the first time since the fires. t days of school students are a combination of excited to be back and anxious about how (leslie garnica/pi >> reporter: three weeks away, 13 of santa rosa's 24 schools back in session today. and the teachers were so happy to have their students back. today was less about teaching and more about talking about what the students need to move forward. >> reporter: school is back in session at piner in santa rosa. >> it's good to see everyone, knowing that everyone is okay. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> reporter: like most first
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days at school, students are a combination of excited to be back and anxious about how the day will go. >> i knew it was gonna be different. >> reporter: collectively they've lost a lot. >> we ended up losing our home. >> reporter: friends have become roommates. >> i feel blessed to be able to take my friends in. >> reporter: and what would have been big moments for high school seniors have been put on hold. >> we lost two hard games, that was hard. i have one game left in my senior year. >> reporter: moving forward as a class and as a high school. >> helping out as much as we can so we can make a difference. >> reporter: she's drawing from personal experience. >> i lost my house. >> reporter: and everything in it. two days ago she told us she wasn't ready to go back. >> i'm terrified. i think friday will probably be the
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worst teaching day of my entire life. >> reporter: much like the rebuilding process itself, today went better than expected. >> it's tough. but it's gonna get better. every day has been better. >> reporter: that teacher also told us today was long and difficult but she's happy to have gotten through it. we caught up with her at 3:00 after the final bell, she gave us a full recap of what she thought of the day. you'll hear that at 6:00. >> schools are also getting back to normal in napa county. it's a beautiful evening for tonight's homecoming game. st. helena is also playing a team who knows what it's like to live through such a disaster. >> reporter: it's amazing that these two teams are playing each other tonight.
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the visiting team is middletown high school. two years ago we did live weather from their homecoming after the valley fire. and one third of those players lost their homes in the valley fire. but the community came together to rally for middletown. tonight they're the individualing team and we're live in st. helena, impacted by a number of fires around. one step in getting back to normal is doing normal things throughout the day. today it was the homecoming parade. [ sirens ] >> reporter: hundreds of folks lined main street earlier this afternoon for the homecoming parade. just a sign that we can get back to some normal activities throughout the day. that was the parade. festivities going on all week long. the culmination of the entire week will be tonight's football game! the jv game starts at 5:thirst tonight, a few minutes from now.
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the varsity game will begin at 7:30. another step toward regaining noel see in an -- normalcy in an area that has not been normal for the past two or three weeks. we did have a spare the air day today. better air quality coming up tomorrow. not related to the fires. xhumg we'll have your -- checkup we'll have your forecast. k to help north bay fire victims. headliners include metallica, dave matthews and g-easy. the concert takes place on november 9th. the kentucky fried chicken on cropley road in san jose went up in flames early this morning. a witness says someone threw something through a window right before the kentucky fried chicken in san jose went up in flames earlier this morning. someone threw something through a window, a witness said. and a scary situation in san francisco. a woman was about to take her two dogs on a walk wednesday when one of smell was
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suddenly snatched up by a coyote. the little dog was not on a leash. the big question about your money tonight, what does the tax reform plan being talked about in washington mean for people here in the bay area? into high gear. and they're talking about eliminating salt. >> we're hearing about the republican plan to overhaul that tax code. right now republicans are talking about eliminating salt. not the kind you may be thinking. >> 219, the nays are 212. >> reporter: this budget touted as one big step closer to tack reform. a reform that could cost people in the bay area a lot of money. >> a rip-off, a shake-down, a looting of the middle class. >> reporter: one republican's proposal, getting rid of salt.
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the state and local tax deduction. it the wells people write off their property taxes and state income taxes. an economist says it would hit people here especially hard. >> the bay area particu, you have high wage earners and a high state local tax rate. >> reporter: 39% of bay area tax payers take the salt deduction. without it, people with an next of $75,000 to $100,000 would see a tax bill increase of $1,800. those earning between $100,000 and $200,000 would pay $28 more. >> the guy who was unemployed for months deserves a break. >> reporter: republicans say there's more to the plan, including a proposal to nearly double the standard deduction to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples
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filing jointly. but some say it wouldn't be enough to make tax payers break even. >> any of the impacts are more significant the lower down you go on the economic scale. >> today governor brown bashed this plan to eliminate salt saying the republican proposal would eliminate the salt wright off for people but corporations could continue to use it. and that might be for difficult to explain to voters. >> thank you for that. the fire burning in east san jose, that fire started in a trailer, spread to dozens of cars on a lot. the fire is now threatening at least one large home next door. now the wind is blowing smoke and embers east. firefighters are putting out spot fires from this fire. animal control has been called in because there is livestock in the area. this whole thing started at 4:15 this afternoon
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on pleasant acres drive. crews have been pouring water on it since then. flames continue to grow. trees on the property are also burning. cypress trees. we do know that firefighters called an ambulance to the scene but haven't heard details about any injuries. the fire is putting up a lot of black smoke that can be seen all around san jose and the morgan hill and gilroy areas. stay with us. we'll continue to give you more updates. the california politician apologizing for groping a woman. >> and mammogram technology update. >> getting inside the mind of a killer. why the brain of the las vegas shooter is coming to the bay area.
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be so extreme for some women that they actually avoid the critical health check. but kpix five's juliete goodrich says some new technlogy may change that. these visual pink reminders on football field to the high school volleyball court to even a boys cast ...... a nationwide awareness acknowledging breast cancer awareness month - and yet women still acknowledge this aspect of mammograms as well - sot: "it pinches - there is pressure - not something your really want to get done. you want to get it done but it doesn't feel good sot: "it they could make it more comfortable that would be cool cuz a lot of women it hurts them" this 18-wheeler has stopped in 22 cities across the country. it's part of the pristina movement - what is that you ask? well step inside. nats no this isn't a spa on wheels but it's designed to help make people feel relaxed. nats technicians with ge healthcare are actually demonstrating the company's latest mammogram demo only. no r >> reporter: yet women still acknowledge this aspect of mammograms as well. >> it's not something you really want to get done. you want to but it doesn't feel good. >> if they could make it more comfortable, that would be cool because a lot of women, it really hurts. >> reporter: this 18 wheeler has stopped in 22 cities across the country. it's part of the
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christina movement. it isn't a spa on wheels but it's designed to make people peel relaxed -- feel relaxed. this is a demo only. no radiation. >> all the edges are rounded. the materials have been replaced with warmer materials. >> reporter: one in four women avoid mammograms because of fear, pain, and anxiety about the result. delaying a diagnosis could impact long-term prognosis. pristina hopes to change that. >> does it psychologically aleave -- >> exactly the patients say oh, it doesn't compress as much. but it actually did. >> reporter: the system was cleared by the fda in march 2017. the industry's first remote control that allows women to control their own compression with the help of a technologist. >> what happens is the patient
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would be positioned normally with the technologist. and once they have a minimum amount of compression, they can simply press the button. >> reporter: this 18-wheeler spa on wheels is headed to los angeles then san diego and onto phoenix. it's been a successful road trip so far. the equipment has only been installed in some offices in the bay area with more installations by 2018. congresswoman jacky spear is going public with her me too moment. >> i was working as a congressional staffer. the chief of staff held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. so i know what it's like to keep these things hidden. >> she posted this on youtube, part of the viral campaign of women revealing that they'd been victims of sex abuse or
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harassment. she is coming forward hoping the current and former congressional staffers will do the same. she says it's time to pull back the curtain on what she calls repulsive behavior. we're learning that los angeles area assemblyman was investigated for sexual harassment. he was barred from contacting the woman. today he issued an apology. learning new information about the assassination of president jon f. kennedy for the first time -- john f. kennedy for the first time in decades. >> reporter: oswald appears to be at the center of many of the documents released by the national archives thursday. among the revelations, a cia memo suggests the han who shot kennedy met with a kgb officer about two months before the
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assassination. the cia identified the officer as working for a department responsible for sabotage and murder. >> the fact that oswald made the trip is well known. what is not is the extent of his contact with these people. >> reporter: phillip sheenan is the author of a book looking into the assassination. she disappointed with trump's decision to delay the release of documents at the request of intelligence services. >> the most interesting documents we've been looking for, the super secret documents that nobody's seen a word of, most of them are still secret today. >> reporter: the cia and fbi insist the classified do you means could still impact national security. that prompted this angry tweet from senator chuck grassley who said the president needs to stop the coverup. one of the documents released showed this memo, saying a british newspaper received an anonymous tip about some big news 25 minutes before the assassination.
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with just under 3,000 pages it could take days, maybe even weeks to sift through all of the declassified documents. there's lots of jargon and technical speak between government agencies. that will have to be deciphered in order to understand what was being said. >> could the pages withheld from last night's release ever be made available to the public >> reporter: we had some hope. yesterday president trump said he was going to give national security agencies 180 days to review the documents and decide if they should be released. literally minutes ago he tweeted that he is going to release all of these j, if k files in the -- jfk files in the interests of transparency. he is doing this after consulting with kelly and other agencies. a scientist at stanford will begin examining the brain of the las vegas mass shooter. still a mystery, what led steven
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paddock to kill 58 people at an outdoor concert before taking his own life. now the director of neuropathology at stanford's medical center and his team will take a look at paddock's brain tissue, searching for any signs of disorder. today the shooter's brother was in court in los angeles facing child pornography charges. bruce paddock is accused of possessing more than 600 lewd images of exploiting children. he pleaded not guilty to all counts.
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there are reports that amazon is interested in the pharmacy business. >> the markets closed up today. here's the closing numbers from wall street. another live look at the fire we're monitoring in the east san jose foothills. it is a reassuring sign, white smoke, not the black smoke we were seeing all afternoon. firefighters are trying to protect homes in the area. winds are about 10 miles an hour. you can see the lot looks like someone's personal salvage yard. in the last few minutes, chopper 5 spotted neighbors spraying down their properties in case flames started spreading even more. at least one home is threatened right now.
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this bay area couple says their landlord made their lives hell. now some sweet revenge.
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st. helena high school. that's where paul is. hey paul! >> reporter: hey guys. so much better air quality than recent days. the weather is pleasant outside. warm and dry, 91 degrees on the drive through rain country, which still looks buell. nothing but blue sky. and we are getting ready for some football. homecoming football for st. helena high school, hosting middletown. we talked about the fires around st. hella. just two overs ago we did
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live weather from middletown because they were dealing with fires. this is another step toward normalcy. just four minutes away! the weather is warm again. san jose 85. 87 in santa rosa. 67 in san francisco. that's a change. and the warm spot is concord. beach hazards through the weekend. swells running 6 to 12 feet. increased risk of rip current. plan accordingly. keep the kids on the sand away from the water. the ocean will be rougher than what is normal for this time of year. overnight tonight upper 40s in sonoma. concourse 54, fremont 54, and san francisco 55 degrees. our ridge of high pressure which has kept us warm to hot all week long is beginning to move. and to our south and west, there's a weak area of low pressure which will move through. this is gonna shift our wind, bring back some
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cloud cover and cooler weather this week. futurecast, 7:00 am saturday, fog on the coastline, sunshine in the afternoon, a further stronger shift in the morning. fog does move in overnight tonight. slow cooling this weekend with more pronounced cooling, a pattern change. it's going to feel like fall next week. high tomorrow not as warm. napa 82. vallejo 80. 73 in oakland. 60s and san jose near the bay through the weekend. look at the change next week. halloween only 70s inland, mid-60s near the bay. and by this time next week, rain is likely. rain just seven days away. back out live, the middletown theme is getting ready. we're three minutes away from kickoff, middletown, the visitors, st. helena the home team. ast san jose foothills.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else.
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i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. burning right now in the east san jose foothills. in the last 10 minutes: we learned fire crews are asking for more water pressure to fight this fire. right now it loo fire crews are asking for more water pressure to fight this fire. right now it looks like firefighters have been able to save nearby homes. they have been putting out spot fires in the area. the fire first started about 4:15 on a trailer on the property and spread to about a dozen cars in the lot. . >> thank you for watching.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the cabin in the woods. ehis is the headquarters of the c o-person electric company given a massive contract to bring power to more than three million puerto ricans. how did that happen? >> the federal government has nothing to do with this contract. >> mason: also tonight, a member oo congress says, "me, too." >> congress has been a breeding ground for a hostile work environment for far too long. >> did you kill the president? >> no, i have not been charged with that. >> mason: what the just-released j.f.k. files reveal about lee harvey oswald. and steve hartman takes us back half a century to the beginning of the road. >> humiliated by a 104-year-old man.


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