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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 28, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

5:30 pm . have a great saturday evening. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the first indictment. sources tell cbs news a federal grand jury has approved special counsel robert mueller's first charges, stemming from his russia investigation. so who might be charged? also tonight, one fish, two fish, whitefish. we're in montana looking into the two-person company that landed a huge government contract in puerto rico. >> certainly doesn't look like a headquarters for an energy company. >> ninan: the weinstein scandal is in the spotlight this weekend at the national women's convention. >> i have been silenced for 20 years. >> ninan: and a little girl with a special high-tech hand. >> reporter: so it's all in the wrist. >> ninan: she's taking the field tonight at the world
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series. >> reporter: very good! this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. the russia investigation dismissed by president trump as a witch hunt may have its first arrest by halloween. sources tell cbs news, a federal grand jury has approved special counsel mick mulvaney's first charges in the case. mueller, since may, has been looking into russian interference in last year's presidential election and related matters. the former f.b.i. director, a republican vietnam war veteran, is widely regarded as honest and nonpolitical. mueller was appointed to the case by president trump's deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. just reporter paula reid is here with the latest. paula. >> reporter: so the grand jury being used by special counsel robert mueller has approved charges against at least one person. those charges have been filed under seal, but they could become public as early as monday, marking the most
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significant development of the special counsel investigation so far. >> ninan: paula, do we know who the indictment is targeting? >> no, but a grand jury can only approve charges based on evidence that's been presented to them and we know the grand jury has heard testimony from several business associates of former trump campaign manager paul manafort. investigators also serve a warrant on manafort's home over the summer where they obtained documents and other physical evidence. so most of what has been publicly presented to the grand jury has been connected to manafort. but we also know that mueller is also looking into former national security adviser mike flynn's lobbying payments to turkey. >> ninan: and what exactly are the next steps in the investigation? >> reporter: well, this is not the end or the culmination of the mueller's investigation. sources who have worked on this case told me at the beginning that something of this scale and scope, this could take years. mueller has the power to investigate any matters that arise from the russia investigation, but that's also extended across this broad set of parallel investigations, into mike flynn, into paul manafort,
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and, also, into this question of possible obstruction of justice. so, reena, i would expect this to last well into next year. >> ninan: paula reid, thank you, paula. and so far this weekend, no word about any of this from the white house. errol barnett is there. >> reporter: president trump spent time at his virginia golf course today, refraining from directly responding to news special counsel robert mueller has obtained his first indictment, choosing instead to tweet about the g.d.p. and compliments from president carter. >> there was no collusion on my side, i can tell you that. >> reporter: the president has long maintained his innocence and that of his campaign team during and after the election, claiming the department of justice probe is really motivated by political opponents. >> i always said this was an exciews for losing the election put out by the democrats and that's what it was. >> reporter: since mueller was appointed special counsel five months ago, key figures in the investigation have included former national security adviser michael flynn, and former
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campaign chairman paul manafort. in july, federal agents armed with a warrant searched manafort's home. but both president trump and press secretary sarah sanders have claimed hillary clinton cliewlded with russia, a message emphasizedly from the press breathe room. >> i think that our position hasn't changed since day one. and i think we are seeing now that if there was any collusion with russia, it was between the d.n.c. and the clintons, and certainly not our campaign. >> reporter: now, despite repeated efforts, the white house is not commenting on the record about what these pending charges from the special counsel could mean. instead, they're focusing attention on president trump's first tour of asia later in the week. reena. >> ninan: thank you so much, errol. well, some in congress are calling for an investigation into the huge government contract, a tiny company in montana landed in puerto rico. whitefish energy, population two, is based in whitefish, montana, population, 7200. that also happens to be the home town of president trump's interior secretary ryan zinke.
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david begnaud, who for weeks covered the hurricane damage in puerto rico, is now on a whitefishing expedition in montana. david. >> reporter: we found the headquarters in a remote, affluent area nestled in the mountains of northwestern montana. it's not overstating it to say it's in the middle of nowhere. the headquarters turns out to be a two-bedroom, two-bath house that's owned by the c.e.o. of whitefish energy. according to real estate record online, the house was up for sale, but it was taken off the market two days after hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico. we found the headquarters in rural montana, but it appears to be a private residence. ( doorbell ). >> who are you looking for? >> reporter: andy techmanski. i know the mail in front of the house says his name. >> this says wish. >> reporter: it says wish holding. thank you, sir. wish secured a contract with prepare athe puerto rico energy
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authority. his company has been around for two years, and at the time the hurricane made landfall in puerto rico, whitefish had only two employees. they have since hired 300 people to do work for them in puerto rico. notable is the u.s. secretary of the interior, ryan zinke, is from whitefish, montana. in fact, he and the c.e.o. of whitefish energy know each other, that's according to the associated press which reports the secretary's son at one time had a job with whitefish energy. the secretary is insisting he had absolutely nothing to do with a $300 million contract being awarded to a small company in his home town. reena. >> ninan: thank you so much, david. well, the political crisis in spain is boiling over. the central government in madrid today took direct control of cantano. on friday, lawmakers in the wealthy region approved a declaration of independence. to form a separate country. seth doane is in the region's capital, barcelona. >> reporter: protesters in
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madrid today called for a spain that includes cantano, as the central government started seizing control of the breakaway province. madrid began by installing a ne head of the catalan regional police force. carles puigdemont was removed from his post as catalan president but was still treated like a politician in his home town today and talked like one, too. he urged separatists to peacefully oppose the central government's takeover. political scientist jose fernandez-albertos imagined civic paralysis. >> it will be very difficult to run hospitals, civic community centers, universities, schools, without the connent cent of the people actually running them. >> reporter: at barcelona's beach today, political limbo seemed secondary to catching the late-october sun, those christina and javier had been discussing whether they were living in catalonia or spain. >> i guess spain has the strong of a state on his side.
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so i think it's very, very difficult that cantano independence can go on. >> reporter: around 1700 businesses have already moved their legal address outside of catalonia due to the economic uncertainty. reena. >> ninan: well, thank you so much, seth. hundreds of white nationalists faced off with counter-protesters today in tennessee. white lives matter rallies were held in two cities about 25 miles apart, and despite tensions, police managed to keep the peace. and there was nothing like the deadly violence last summer in charlottesville, virginia. gurg of the houston astros were punished today for racist gesture he made last night at the world series. gurriel mocked the japanese pitcher, yu darvish, of the dodgers after hitting a home run off him. he will be suspended for five games without pay next season. the harvey weinstein scandal is a big topic this weekend at the
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national women's convention in detroit. dozens have accused the movie mogul of sexual misconduct. adriana diaz is there. >> i have been silenced for 20 years. i have been shut-shamed. and you know what? i'm just like you. >> reporter: actress rose mcgowen addressed the opening session of the women's convention in detroit. >> the scarlet letter is theirs. it is not ourselves. >> reporter: the convention grew out of the women's march on washington in january. organizers say they're bolstered by the wave of women stepping forward since "the new york times" reported over three weeks ago that harvey weinstein routinely assaulted women, including mcgowan. >> they had their foot on our necks for a very long time. it's time to return the favor. ( applause ) >> reporter: mcgowan appeared on a panel dedicated to helping survivors of sexual assault. >> even just with harvey weinstein is like the linchpin pulled out of the grenade. and we're about to see the grenade. >> reporter: also speak out
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was actress amber tamblyn, who says she was sexually assaulted by an ex. how pervasive is this problem in hollywood? >> it's pretty pervasive, and to be honest, you know there's been a lot of-- there's been a lot of criticism of people saying, "oh, they all knew." and it's really not true. our business is cyclical and protective. those things accumulate, and they sort of create an environment in which everything sort of sounds like hearsay. >> reporter: the actresses here said that while their stories have received a lot of attention, this problem isn't exclusive to hollywood. they pledged to use their platform to fight harassment in every industry. adriana diaz, cbs news, detroit. >> ninan: in parts of minnesota, all signs of autumn are buried under snow. more than 10 inches fell in the duluth area. across the state, there were hundreds of accidents. severe weather is heading east tonight. powerful storms are expected sunday from florida to new england, bringing heavy rain,
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coastal floods, and fierce wind. coming up next, the trump administration calls her "all hat, no cattle." but those she's helped say she's the real deal.
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>> ninan: a spokeswoman for congresswoman frederica wilson says that wilson will return to washington monday after receiving hateful flets threts. the florida democrat stepped into the spotlight this month, criticizing the tone president trump's condolence call to a widow's fallen soldier. >> reporter: for nearly a quarter century, this mentoring program in north miami has encouraged boys and young men to walk the straight and narrow and make the most of their lives. >> congratulations. >> reporter: it's called
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"typh,000 role models of excellence" and as 400 boys were inducted this week, there was boisterous praise for the program's founder. >> frederica wilson, a round of applause. >> reporter: congresswoman frederica wilson. price destinobles says the program and wilson herself helped get him to college. he had an absentee dad and a mom in prison. >> i think of her as a mother. like, i remember one of the first times i spoke to her, just hearing her heart and how genuine she is. >> reporter: wilson's district is largely african american and includes some of the miami's toughest neighborhoods. she started as a firebrand principal at this elementary school which now bears her name. another success story from her mentoring program, sergeant la david johnson. so it was no surprise to people here that wilson would be at his family's side after he was killed in niger, or that she'd speak out against what she considered an insensitive call
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from the president to johnson's widow. >> he never said the word "hero." he said to the wife, "well, i guess he knew what he was getting into." how insensitive can you be? >> reporter: the white house accused her of using a private moment for political gain. >> i think it is appalling what the congresswoman has done and the way that she's politicized this issue. >> reporter: hilda ewing says congresswoman wilson's outreach isn't new. she was there in 2004 when her son, jeremy ewing, was killed in iraq. >> well, it was-- it was real good because she came and offeredded her help any way she can. >> reporter: congresswoman wilson does have critics here who say her list of legislative achievements is short, but this is a heavily democratic district and one president trump lost last year. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, miami gardens, florida. >> ninan: coming up next, the u.s. economy is driven by trucks, but the industry is
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facing a severe shortage of drivers.
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of the goods that we purchase are delivered on the nation's highways. but the trucking industry faces a serious shortage of drivers. transportation correspondent kris van cleave tells us how that could drive up the prices that we pay. >> reporter: they say truckers drive the american economy. if that's the case, we could be in trouble. 50,000 more drivers are needed by the end of 2017, and that number could more than triple in 10 years. >> when we're buying more stuff out there, whether that's cars, ridge freighters-- you name it-- we're putting that in trucks and that's going to exacerbate the shortage that we have. >> reporter: demographics are largely behind the shortfall, but the lifestyle, including extended periods away from home, can also be a major deterrent.
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there's a sense that people just don't want to be truck drivers. why do you, that is? >> it's a hard life. i mean, i've got a 36-inch box that i'm sleeping in, in the back of my truck most nights. >> reporter: we met greg gedenberg waiting for his rig to be repaired outside davenport, iowa. he's made life on the road work for his family. >> i think if they want to hire more drivers they're going to have to increase the pay. >> reporter: fleets are raising wages and offering incentives to attract drivers, but pressure to keep shipping costs down has also put a damper on compensation. linkedin's chip cutter: >> if you look at the federal data a truck driver in 2006 was making more than he or she would be making in 2016 if you factor in the cost of living. it's a couple of hundred dollar difference, but it shows wages have not meaningfully increased to address the shortage. >> reporter: that doos doot puts median driver pay just over $41,000. still, many see trucking as a road to a better life, the industry just needs to convince
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tens of thousands more to hit the road. kris van cleave, cbs news, walcott, iowa. >> ninan: still ahead, how the ancient exercise tai chi is helping heart attack parties.
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>> ninan: every year, more than 700,000 americans suffer a heart attack. dr. jon lapook says that for many recovering patients, an ancient form of exercise can be immediate in motion. >> reporter: in the early-morning hours in a new york city park, there's a quiet revolution in exercise. >> begin. >> reporter: tai chi is a chinese practice dating back centuries. it connects mind and body using slow, deliberate movements. >> i have never in any other exercise had something that was both energizing and relaxing at the same time. >> reporter: 73-year-old susan
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werbin has taken tai chi classes for more than 15 years. a recent study found it improves balance, especially in older people, and may reduce the rate of falls by more than 40%. >> you're moving slowly but you're oiling your joints. you're letting everything flow together so that you-- you know, it's sort of the "use it or lose it." >> reporter: now there's evidence it can be used to fight heart attacks. cardiac rehab can help cardiac patients recover more quickly, but the american heart association says greater than 60% don't do it. dr. elana salmoirago-blotcher of the miriam hospital in providence wanted to see if tai chi could help. 29 heart attack patients who declined cardiac rehab entered a six-month tai chi program. 25 of them completed the program, and also increased their level of physical activity. >> someone said, "i got back on my bike. i felt that i could do it again. things that i was doing before
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my heart attack, and then i got scared, and that gave me the confidence of doing it again." >> reporter: fear of another heart attack is a common reason for declining cardiac rehab. so if larger studies confirm this one, the researchers believe tai chi could be a way of gently easing into a more vigorous exercise program. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> ninan: well, when we return, a special hand for a little girl taking center stage tonight at the world series.
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. >> ninan: well, we end tonight at game four of the world series. the star of the game may not be one of the astros or dodgers but a little girl who has a very special hand, a 3d printed hand. carter evans has her story. >> reporter: it's warm-up time for hailey dawson. >> starting to bring it. >> reporter: a little girl with big-league potential. how do you throw? you throw underhand like this or over? >> i'm practicing throwing over-hand right now. >> reporter: the second grader
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was born with a rare condition known as poland syndrome, leaving her without three fingers on her right hand. with a traditional prosthetic potentially costing thousands of dollars, halley's mom, yong, looked for help in her home town. >> i sent an eyale to u.n.l.v., and they responded. >> i'm sure you guys get all sorts of letters wanting you to make stuff. >> we get a lot of, but this was different. >> reporter: brendan o'toole, chairman of the mechanical engineering department, and his team, got to work, using a 3d printer. after several prototypes and fittings, hailey got her first hand three years ago. >> we've worked on a lot of fun projects, but this one to give it to somebody who is using if and needs it right away and appreciates it is great. >> reporter: you grab it and then you bend your wrist, and it locks it in there. so it's all in the wrist. this is a family of baseball fanatics.
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to the next stop, naturally, was mound. ( applause ) hailey began throwing out first pitches at u.n.l.v. games before she got a shot at the majors with the baltimore orioles, her favorite team. ( applause ) when the seven-year-old set out to conquer every ballpark in the league, dozens of teams answered the call, many tweeting out invites. then last month, the world series came calling. >> i started crying. you know. who gets to do that? my daughter. she gets to do that. >> reporter: can you shake my hand? u.n.l.v. fit hailey with a special hand just for the occasion. and no matter who wins tonight's game, the world series already has its champion. very good! carter evans, cbs news, las vegas. >> ninan: and good luck tor t ttohisth saturday. later on cbs, "48 hours." i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good night.
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right in one bay area city. but some wonde a high tech tool catching suspected criminals left and right and one bay area city. some wonder if the long arm of the law is reaching too far. >>license plate readers help police in sausalito catch a suspected carjacker. while the cameras are a big aid to investigators they are prompting privacy concerns.>>reporter: it was this license plate recognition camera that alerted sausalito police about a violent carjacker driving into town. it happened last night just before 7:00. within minutes police pulled over the car in downtown sausalito and arrested a 27- year-old man from la. police released a passenger in
6:00 pm
the car. the occupant was a hitchhiker that he picked up as he made his way north. he was unaware that the vehicle was stolen or taken during a carjacking. police say a couple of days ago the suspect used and eight inch knife to carjacker 2015 chrysler in huntington beach. >>the license plate cameras are spectacular. they allow us to not only get alerts on vehicles but they give us a database, a tool to use to see what vehicles may have entered or exited our city.>>reporter: there are only three ways to drive in and out of sausalito and police department have installed nine cameras at those locations. chances are if you drive into town one of those cameras will pick up your license plate. if you enter the city with a stolen vehicle the likelihood is greatest that you will be apprehended. since they installed the cameras and may officers have recovered 11 stolen cars and st


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