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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. it is monday, october 30. >> let's start with traffic and weather and jaclyn is tracking the commute. >> we have slowdowns at 6 am. are you getting ready to head out the door? northbound 101, a traffic alert remains in back due to the earlier accident. the on wrap is closed. traffic is slowly getting by in one lane. it is below 15 miles per hour and traffic is backed up beyond bailey avenue. we have the slowdown in morgan hills. a motorcycle crash is keeping things slow on westbound 80. you can expect a 32-minute ride from highway 4 with traffic backed up beyond hercules at this point. here is eight 80 at highway 4. you can see the traffic is
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slowing. give yourself extra time and grab a extra cup of coffee. let's check in with the forecast. we are starting out with the headlines. halloween is looking high and dry. today, we have drizzle along the shorelines and we have temperatures in the 80s. it will be cloudy and cool and drizzle along the coast and partly sunny skies. we will do no better than upper 60s in with 67 at fairfield and 60 in san francisco and the extended forecast calls for rain moving into the bay area by the weekend. here is kenny and michelle. right now in washington, a dramatic day is playing out with the ongoing russia investigation. paul manafort and gates is being charged. matt forte is turning himself
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into the fbi field officer. robert mueller is leading the investigation. >> extent of the charges is not known. mueller was appointed in may 2 hours the the investigation into a legend russian interference in the presidential election. the president through a series of tweets sunday called the a witch hunts there is so much guilt by democrats, clinton.>> last week, they paid for the end information in a dally -- dossier against the presidential election team. >> i would like to know who paid for it earlier but nonetheless, that is one factor to be can uttered. it does not answer the ultimate western, how much of the work is accurate and how much is true expect the special counsel is investigating financial dealings of trump associates. manor board denied wrongdoing.>> i have not yet seen any definitive evidence of collusion. i have seen lots of evidence
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that the russians were very active in trying to influence the election. >> republicans like chris christie are questioning how the indictment would leak. >> there are walls against any of this leaking of grand jury activity. >> christie maintains the president is not under investigation. republicans are calling on mueller to resign, questioning his ties to the fbi and james comey. this morning, we are learning that jared kushner went on the unannounced trip to saudi arabia. he was joined by top aides. officials that the trip was part of discussions about a middle east peace ever. this marks the third trip to saudi arabia since donald trump was inaugurated. customers will notice differences this year. >> where joined life to explain. >> there is a line of your --
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confusion with insurance. they year renewal it year-to- year but not this year. planning this is more challenging. first, the shorter exchange open enrollment period in most states to 45 days. there is a cut to federal payments and they to repeal obama care and certain insurance companies pulled out of the markets. the open enrollment period starts on wednesday. it will last for three months through january. tax credits are available to help most california enrollees. the same goes for the subs these that cut out out-of- pocket cost even though the federal government is no longer running them. anthem and blue cross is pulling out. that is no longer the option. silver level plans will be 12% more to make up for the lost of
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the federal funds. our mayor says he has no plan to enter the governor race. he tweeted his decision late yesterday think will, i am passionate about my city and my family. both are in los angeles. he won the second term in march. he cannot run for a third term under the term limits. despite this list of candidates looking to replace jerry brown, the leading candidate are john cox, travis allen, gavin newson and antonio. 's $600,000, that is how much that transit agency owes people in overpaid parking tickets. jessica is live in right of city hall. just got? >> of you lived in san francisco are visited and you are like a lot of us who have gotten parking tickets, you may
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be owed money. nearly half $1 million for people to claim and that date >> to 1995. we're talking two decades worth of refunds until june 2014. on the website, they published 7000 names of companies and people that double paid for parking tickets horse sending in too much money for the ticket. they tried to contact people who overpaid, maybe they moved away. the agency published a list last year, more than $6 million in overpayments. you might be on the list. you can check the website to see if you are there. you have until december 14 two reclaim that money. if you do not, it is the property of this city of san francisco. i am jessica with kpix-5. two officers were hurt in downtown last night on mission and street.
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the patrol call made contact with a park car and that forced the patrol car in a building and took out a parking meter. they were transported to the officer and they are expected to be okay. testimony will pick up this morning in the murder case that has got national attention over the centuries city debate. is accused of killing kate steinle on parker dare in july 2015. he was wanted for deportation at the time. he found the gun and fired by accident. he faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in prison. the attorney for a los angeles jury victim, they expect the grounds for the first time after they won the court order. it forces mgm to save items attached to the investigation including videos. it allows oil lawyers to the site and the shooter's room.
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paddock killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others in died the mandalay bay suite. they plan to do a study on his rain looking for neurological problems. upper debate, the bay area's city could ban marijuana businesses. have you been stuck in the office for lunch and thought i wish there was a robot who could bring food? this is a special report.
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trump campaign and russia. >> paula, what more do we know about richard gates? >> reporter: we know he is a longtime business associate of paul manafort. also involved in the campaign but so far sources haven't told us much about any evidence about him that has been presented to
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the grand jury. but we know there has been extensive evidence about paul manafort. many of his business associates, business documents that were taken from his home, other physical evidence has been presented to the grand jury about paul manafort. so it was expected that he would be the first to be indicted today. but rick gates, that is actually something new and someone unexpected. >> there's also this talk of being -- using prosecutorial tactics which is to indict someone, bring charges and then in a sense try to pressure them so that they will indict somebody higher up on the chain. this process has been called in question here because the president has pardon power and is suggested or the suggestions are that he might use that pardon power and that will make these people who have been charged less vulnerable to prosecutorial pressure. >> reporter: absolutely. that's a real problem for robert mueller and probably why you're seeing such aggressive tactics over the summer he used a no knock warrant on paul manafort to obtain business records and other physical evidence that
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arguably he could have gotten if he had just asked the lawyers then today we're seeing this very aggressive, very public 12-count indictment against manafort and his business associate, robert mueller knows there is a mixed incentive for him to cooperate and appears he's trying to be as aggressive as possible and try to incentivize him and others to cooperate in this larger investigation between the trump campaign and russia. >> all right, paula, thank you. our chief legal correspond dent jan crawford is in washington. jan, let's go through many so of these 12 counts, the first, conspiracy against the united states. tell us what that means. >> well, first of all at the outset let me follow up on what paula was saying when you look at all these counts it shows kind of and reflects on the team robert mueller has assembled. former prosecutors to kind of look at some of these alleged crimes. they are seasoned veterans, they're well experienced in dealing with financial crimes and that's what we're looking at. when you start ticking through these allegations, these are
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related to failure to disclose. laundering money. they're finding, you know, tens of millions of dollars that they are saying that he hid or laundered through different countries and companies. these are straightforward financial crimes and failure to disclose. what's notable is that there's no mention at least in kind of flipping through, you know, the tens of pages of this indictment so far there is no outright direct tie to the trump campaign. so, you know, it's important to keep in mind that robert mueller has wide ranging authority here to investigate a lot of different things. this is the beginning of the criminal case against paul manafort and mr. gates. it is the beginning, so we're going to see now are they going to cooperate. how will they plead? what are they going to do and will that spring open the investigation to move in other directions. >> jan, it also says false statements and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts. what does that mean exactly. >> right, i mean you can't lie about your reporting whether
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it's financial reporting, deposit, moving money on these forms, that's a crime, i mean, if you fail to disclose, if you make inaccurate or false statements on any kind of federal forms, those are crimes and like i said these prosecutors that mueller assembled they are very experienced in going after high-level targets, executives and corporations where there are financial -- there's allegations of financial wrongdoing which is what we're looking at here in this indictment. >> jan, what was the purpose of paul manafort, what is alleged as the purpose of his laundering this money from essentially pro-russian interests? >> that's something that ity we're going to have to try to sift through today and that's something that i'm sure the special counsel has already been exploring, how far does that go? how wide ranking is that? was this designed solely to line the pockets of paul manafort or did he have broader ambitions here? did he have any kind of motive
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when he signed on to the trump campaign? did the trump campaign foe about it. were they involved in that. i mean, this is kind of like when you just pull a thread. if you think about, you know, you're sitting there with a blanket and pull a thread, is it just going to unweave itself now. as this investigation unfolds, or is this going to be solely focused on the alleged financial wrongdoings of paul manafort in trying to like enrich himself personally and his associates. those are the questions we're going to have to look at. >> the firm that paul manafort ran for many years with rick gates and other, it is a lobbying firm, correct? >> right, and that is something that you're supposed to, there are very clear rules on registering as a lobbyist when you're working for foreign governments, you have to file those kind of statements, so that's something that, you know, lobbyists should know and do. >> i know we're a long way away from this but what kind of sentence do these carry. >> it depends on the dollar figures that you're talking about and how long this happened
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so it really is something that -- it could be significant. i mean you see white collar crime and people who are convicted of white collar crime getting, you know, lengthy sentences. but sometimes that's tied to the dollar amounts involved. >> when will we find out about bail and what happens to him? >> charlie, what should be happening right now is they're processing him. they'll set conditions for his release, so will he have to surrender his passport? what kind of bond is he going to have to post? will he have to agree to stay in the area? those are all your conditions for release and that's what probably is happening right now. >> and now that we know who will be charged, what if anything does it mean for president trump and his administration. >> that is i think the big question, right? i mean as much of a potential crime as this is and obviously it's terrible if people are trying to enrich themselves, you know, in wrongful ways, that would be a crime and therefore you're indicted for that. which is what we're seeing now alleged here.
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the big question though why everyone is so focused on it what does it mean for the president, the trump campaign and i think that's where you'll try to see now going forward did the campaign know about this? did the president know about this? was paul manafort and his associates kind of out there on a trip of their own trying to enrich themselves or was there some broader motive here that a lot of other people knew about? that's what robert mueller is going to be getting to the bottom of right now, whether or not paul manafort is going to be a cooperating witness at this point now that he's looking at a lengthy list of charges against him. that's also something that we could see because sometimes these witnesses, when they say we're not cooperating, i mean it looks a lot different when you're sitting this an fbi field office saying turn over your passport. you're going to be looking at 20 years in prison or whatever it may be. they can change their mind pretty quickly. we may see that too. >> this is all just beginning. thank you very much, jan. let's go now to margaret brennan at the white house where so far there has not been a comment about these charges. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the president often likes to comment in realtime on breaking
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news but today he is not doing so. nothing from his twitter account. we've asked the white house communications office and also gotten in touch with the president's lawyer, ty cobb to respond to these developments this morning and they have not released any comments so far. but we can say that the white house has in many ways been bracing for this over the past few months, ever since it became clear that paul manafort was the subject of federal investigation. time after time from the white house podium we have heard sarah sanders and before her sean spicer run far and run fast from paul manafort emphasizing he worked as an unpaid adviser for a short period of time and really emphasizing again and again that he didn't actually end up helping to win the election or come here to the white house. so they are really trying to create distance, also over the past few days ty cobb has been saying the president himself will continue to work with the special counsel robert mueller really trying to project this image that they are not worried
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here at the white house, of course, the president's own tweets over the past few days suggesting that he is keeping an eye on the russia news, has somewhat contradicted that. >> all right, margaret, thank you. want to go back to jeff pegues who has more details and let me say, i know just like you i am reading through this indictment and it's pretty stunning stuff. just the first couple of pages, i mean, that they had essenti essentially according to this indictment funneled $75 million flowed through offshore accounts that manafort laundered more than 18 million which was used by him to buy property, goods and services. i mean that's just one paragraph in this huge document here. mueller and his team are extraordinarily detailed. >> well, and there is a paper trail as we've discussed and that's what you get when you have that -- those type of the financial transactions and this has been the talk for some time that manafort had this type of legal vulnerability in that
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there are money flows to offshore accounts all over the place and this is what our law enforcement and intelligence sources have been telling us for some time now. but as you noted, norah, to see this come from the special counsel's office and these 12 counts and the one that as you know now really stands out is conspiracy against the united states. and when you think about these charges now, including the charge of misleading fara statements and being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal. so that's pretty significant too because when you think about the people who have been under scrutiny here, you have michael flynn and you have carter page, people who not been indicted today and, of course, carter page has said this is a witch-hunt, but when you think about the type of iss facing le.
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we expect more developments throughout this day. we'll bring you the details as they emerge. norah. our coverage continues on your local news and all day on our 24-hour streaming network and we'll have a complete wrap-up on "the cbs evening news." many will return to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose with gayle king. cbs news, new york. former trump campagin chair... paul manafort and his associate rick gates are being charged that was a cbs news special report. paul manafort and his associate rick great is charged with 12 counts looking into russian meddling. >> the first indictment, one of those is conspiracy against the u.s. and also money laundering. they are looking at his finances and reportedly about
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lying and laundering money for pro russian associates. this is manafort heading to the fbi field offices. he and gates was indicted on friday. they are processed separately. mueller is investigating links between the trump campaign and russia. the time is six deck 21. let's check the traffic. >> good morning. we are tracking a couple of big incidences to slow you down. now found 101, traffic alert is in effect. this is going on since before 4:00 this morning. this is a 38 minute ride to go from cochran to hilliard. it is heading slow into the south bay. we are tracking usual slowdowns. give yourself extra time and also come a long 880, if you
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are making your way through oakland, a accident has today -- two lanes block. this is near the colosseum. there is a 30 minute ride. that is additional 15 minutes. traffic is getting by in right lanes. 880 heading through oakland 101 and heading through san jose and we have a word of a fatal accident that has the west down lanes shut down west of i-5. if you're heading into the city towards the vista, those lanes are closed. eastbound is open. we will let you know when the lanes reopened. let's check the forecast. all right. good morning. we have a pretty stiff seabreeze. we have a cool day and mid-60s inland with lots of clouds for the bay area.
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a look at the coast around that a, low 60s. inland, mid-60s. bundle up, it will be a bone chilling day. halloween is cool with temperatures in the mid-60s to mid 70s. it will be dry tomorrow for the kids. as we look live over the city, low clouds. it is in the mid 50s and there is drizzle and fog. the future cast shows, we get it from both directions. the low clouds to persist for much of the day through tomorrow morning. there is drizzle as well. today will be cooler but it will be sunny and warm tomorrow with a chance of rain moving in. late thursday and friday, a unsettled weekend a head. the first dose of significant rain comes in this weekend. if you're heading out in the bay
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area, it is partly cloudy and temperature is 16 degrees. new york looks at light rain. temperatures are in the upper 50s. seattle will have sunshine and 60. we have's in san francisco. we are 10 degrees below average in many locations. oakland hit the to. elsewhere, mid-60s over the skyline and 61 degrees. it is 62 and did not expect much. that east bay should get sun and temperatures will be in the mid and 66 in san ramon and 60 in antioch. in the north bay, drizzle and low clouds along the shoreline. 65 along the coast. santa rosa is warm to 71 degrees. there will be some 70s in the
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napa valley. it is 72 degrees. ukiah is 68 degrees. that is the extended forecast where we have a surprise coming in later in the week. things warm up on tuesday and wednesday with more sunshine. there is increasing clouds on thursday with rain coming in on friday. showers from time to time or saturday and sunday. expect wet weather. still had, victims of wildfires are working to recover. there is a deadline for disaster really. open enrollment begins on wednesday for the marketplace. there are a lot the changes. we will help you navigate that next. a bombshell from kevin spacey, the public apology he issued of being accused of sexual assault.
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paul manafort turns himself in and the criminal charges he and rick gates are raising. this is as mueller tate -- has pressure to step down. >> to kill somebody over words, i guess, that is scary. >> the search for a gunman after a deadly shooting. working to recover, victims for the wine country wildfires. open enrollment darts for the health care exchange and this is october 30. >> it is time -- 6:29.
6:30 am
this is changes in the first year of office for president trump. we explain what you need to know. >> open enrollment darts wednesday. many are wondering where we are and what is available and the state is trying to clear things up. this process is explained on facebook where you can find a lot of comments from customers that are confused about what might have changed after key moves by the trump administration. first, there is the short exchange open enrollment period. and most states, 45 days. in california, it is three months. there were subsidies which will affect civil level plans in california costing 12% more.'s some insurers have not pulled out of the markets, including blue cross which includes
6:31 am
hundreds of thousands of people. the open enrollment period runs through the end of january. there are tax credits available to help most enrollees afford the premiums and the same is for the subsidence that cuts cost. the federal government is no longer running. it depends on factors on where you live and how much of a risk you are willing to take. we had that link on . thank you. the time is 6:31. we look outside. if you are about to travel on 880 in oakland heading north down, it does not look good. we have more on the traffic situation. there is a nice shot of the day bridge on the left. >> it is a contrast. >> i had the idea on how you can circumvent that.
6:32 am
at 2:30 in the morning, there is nobody out there at all. >> we have fog and drizzle along the bay area. we look at the fog and haze out there. temperatures as we wake up, they are in the mid 50s. we have more cloud than lately. we have a cool start to the weekend. generally, a saggy trough in california. there is 60 degrees in san francisco. that is 10 degrees low average. by the end of the week, we stand a chance of rain moving into the bay area. we have a look at the roads ahead. if you're heading through oakland, it is slow. you want to avoid 880. look at this backup. we have two lanes blocked near the colosseum. this is passed six as you approach high street. it is a 35 minute drive for the
6:33 am
drivers. that is an additional 20 minutes compared to what it should be with no traffic. there is a accident. do give yourself some time. 580 is in the green. that may be your best alternate route this morning. southbound at 880, things look better. this is a 26 minute ride to highway 84 south of 238. we have a report of a crash and we have more coming up in the next traffic report. anyone who has paid a parking citation could get money back. the city transit agency says it has money from overpaid tickets. jessica is life in front of city hall on how to get your cash back.>> reporter: good morning. if you have lived in san francisco or visited san
6:34 am
francisco in the last two decades, your name could be on the list if you overpaid for a parking ticket. says thousands of people overpaid and they want to refine more than half $1 million in overpaid parking tickets. the overpayments date back through 1995 through 2014. on the website, training has names published of companies or paid that sent in too much money. if you believe you are due a refund, you have to pay the bill at a claim. they do try to contact people but maybe they moved away. the agency published a list last year of $6 million in overpayments. you can go to the website, tooth the if your name is on the list. you have until december 14 to put in a claim for the money. if you do not, the money goes back to san francisco. reporting live, kpix-5.
6:35 am
a support is shown for the officer who was hit by a fleeing suspect. the funds has made for -- raised $45,000. investigators say he was on his bicycle on october 18 when a suspect plowed into him. lewin has been in the hospital recovering from serious head trauma. the suspect has been identified as maurice johnson. he is charged with attempted murder. sheriff deputy is trying to find a gunman who fatally shot a man. the shooting happened before 1:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the victim walked out of his home as people screeched tires and revved inches. after a confrontation, somebody open fire and investigators are looking for a mustang and a
6:36 am
mitsubishi eclipse. wildfire crews are close to containment of all of the fires that are raging in north bay. the atlas fire was contained friday. the tubs fire which claimed the lives of 22 people is 98% contained in the pocket fire is also 98% contained. the nuns fire which burned nearly 50,000 acres is 98 percent contained. victims of the wildfires that are seeking assistance can apply for disaster relief by wednesday. applicant need to visit the assistant service office in person to complete the face to face interview, and they have -- they can provide food benefits. schools are set to reopen today in santa rosa for the first time since the wine country wildfires began. the city schools says the campus is are opened as days to dig -- 2 schools.
6:37 am
a power company is responding after puerto rico pulled the plug on a contract to help restore power to victims. they signed a contract to pay up to 300 million dollars but it grew controversy that puerto rico scrapped the country. whitefish is disappointed by the mid-. they said the workers are already on the island and 150 more were heading to puerto rico this week. the governor of puerto rico's the negative tension was too much. >> i have asked the power authority to invoke the cancellation in the contract immediately. >> as of sunday, less than what her to the power generators are up and running.
6:38 am
fema says the recovery process might take years. paul manafort and rick gates has been indicted by the special counsel office we learned they are facing 12 counts, including conspiracy, money laundering and making all statements. this video of anna ford is surrendering this morning. they are being processed separately. moeller has been investigating links between the truck campaign and russia. representatives from google and facebook and twitter are set to testify next week. the companies have acknowledged they sold ads to russian agents seeking to create political division in that u.s. facebook says it plans to increase transparency so users can see who was behind the ads. check president trump approval rating is dropping added is the lowest according to a wall street journal poll. 38% of americans approve of his job performance and the
6:39 am
majority of 58% disapprove of the performance. >> ken spacey issued at the apology after his alleged actions are coming to light. anthony claims that the winner made unwanted sexual and dances in a party in 1986 when he was 14 years old.'s base he would've been 20 six of the time. he came forward with the allegations yesterday. two hours later, spacey responded on twitter sink will, i do not remember the encounter but if i did behave then as you describe, i who him dozen serious the apology -- apology which would've been inappropriate drunken behavior. spacey revealed he is gay. it is 6:39, hiring locals and how many workers san francisco is looking to recruit . more robots could take over silicone valley. i will tell you about a proposal .
6:40 am
the market opened up 10 minutes ago. we will look at the board. the dow is down 48 points per we have an update on the financial reporter.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
aiming to boost the number of locals working on construction for the warriors new arena in mission bay. last april.. 41 residents began n intensive san francisco city leaders are aiming to the number of locals working on construction for the new arena. 41 residents are participating in a job training program funded by the warriors development team. 33 graduate the program were hired to help build the arena. the ringer contractors made an arrangement the city to make good efforts to hire paper from san francisco for at least half of the total construction hours. >> this seems like a dream come having a robot bring you lunch.
6:44 am
osborne drives -- joint is where the city council is considering a pilot program. >> good morning. it cannot get more convenient than having a robot bring you. tonight, the city council members will vote on whether or not to allow this program, a pilot program and it would allow bot delivery services. if that sounds a mayor, other nearby cities including redwood city have used similar programs. they started using pot programs to deliver hot meals in addition to the traditional human delivery members. this is the size of a cooler. they are operated by companies that work with this -- companies like jordache. >> it is anywhere from 25 to 30 pounds. >> reporter: it can fit three grocery bags inside. there are rules if passed in
6:45 am
colorado. members will talk about things like speed limits possibly 3 to 4 miles per hour and whether a human attended will have to monitor it or what type of insurance it would require. tonight, this is a pilot program for up to one year and possibly the entirety of 2018. . amazon is opening a new facility in downtown san jose. it offers same-day pickups for the amazon prime pickups. it is on the street level of the condominiums on san fernando street. trick consumers are spending more.>> now we have details with jason brooks. good morning. >> americans pick up spending in september. they say spending was up 1% from august. the biggest month gain in eight
6:46 am
years. auto dealers were busy throughout the south but a lot of people had replaced cars and trucks that were destroyed by hurricanes. consumer confidence continues to rise. even more importantly, the wage growth is showing more light in paychecks they were up 4/10%. that is higher than expected. the nasdaq rose to the all-time high. and tesla did not take part of that. it is lower by 17%. it is a all-time high in september and they are nervous about production issues. elon musk says the goals are not being met and that is why the stocks fell. that is a decline from a recent high. tesla is rebounding at the
6:47 am
market is mixed. let see how we are doing. the dow is lower by nearly 30 points. nasdaq is up 7 points. michelle, back to you. >> okay. thank you. voter approved proposition 64 will kick in with the new year begins making marijuana legal under california law. availability will vary as they try to regulate this. there is growing concerns that pot could end up in halloween bags. >> i cannot imagine people taking medical marijuana candy and drngon purpose but it it is possible that it could inadvertently end up there. >> if you find your candy is laced, you are urged to contact the police. transit project may implicate cost.
6:48 am
they said that it is exploring new options to speed up delays including nighttime construction and extended work time for contractors. there is a new feature the next time you board, it is called rate my right and it let union officials know how your trip went. overcrowding and the condition and the travel times. in addition to paying your fare from your phone, they will provide line specific feedback about unique trips in seconds. travel time, how would you rate it today ? >> on 880, not so good. if you are on 880, we have major delays. this is the freeway heading northbound. two lanes are blocked as you approach high street. look at that backup. it stretches well beyond marina boulevard. it is a 40 minute ride as you make your way from 238 up
6:49 am
towards mays. use 580. that is your best alternate route this morning until the lanes clear. we are also dealing with a crash, a motorcycle accident. it is not helping the slowdowns. again, avoid 880 and use 580 if you're heading into oakland heading northbound. a live look at the bridge heading northbound, we did have reports of a accident before the toll plaza. we are not seing lockups blocking lanes. we have a report of any accident on the shoulder. it is a slow ride heading from the 80 to the 101. we have lanes blocked on northbound 101. there was a earlier accident with debris. it is blocking the lanes as well as shutting down the cornell on-ramp to.101. it is over 51 minutes.
6:50 am
give yourself extra time. >> let's check the forecast.>> it is not a bad day for monday. we have drizzle along the shoreline. that is usual for around the bay area. we are finding numbers as we head out in the mid 50s. there is a chill in the air. high pressure on the west coast it has retreated up to the eastern pacific. we have a cool start to the week. you can see in the future cast, some clearing and it moves into night. we have low clouds tomorrow morning. it is on the cool side but at least it is dry for tomorrow. just patchy fog with temperatures in the mid-for the daytime highs.
6:51 am
no rain in sight for halloween. later in the week, we have our first significant rainfall in the bay area thursday and friday. the weekend looks unsettled. we will get worse on tuesday and wednesday. forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and you will find light rain if you are headed to new york and 58 degrees. chicago, 48. los angeles is 41 degrees. san francisco is 60. and san jose, 62 and oakland is to. there is not as much sign over the weekend. temperatures are in the mid east. it is warmer. 68 in antioch. livermore is xts six. in the north bay, we begin with clouds and we will finish with clouds. numbers are in the mid to 60. santa rosa is 71 degrees. san francisco is next he.
6:52 am
oakland is 60. that holds true for san olina. the extended forecast, clouds and tomorrow and wednesday, more sunshine. thursday, increasing clouds and that set the stage for rain on writing. unsettled weather continues through the weekend. let's check in with jessica. >> reporter: more than half 1 million dollars in overpaid parking tickets and how you can reclaim your money. the actors -- the astros win at home against the dodgers.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
we are live in san francisco.
6:56 am
if you paid a parking ticket, you may be owed money. says thousands of people have overpaid in parking tickets and a need to refund. you can go to to look to see if you are among the 7000 names that sent into much money or maybe double paid for a ticket. those are going back to 1995 to june 2014. you have to fill out a claim. they say they try to contact people but either they have not responded or may have no. you might be on the list. check out you have until december 14 to claim that many. if you do not, goes back to the city . reporting live in san francisco. the time is 6:56 and time for the final 5. >> robert mueller has been
6:57 am
charged. they are facing 12 counts, including conspiracy against the u.s., money laundry and making walls statement. they are processed separately. dollar has been a big -- investigating lakes between russia and the trump demonstration. officers were hurt downtown on mission and . the officers are expected to be okay. no one else was injured. testimony will pick up in a murder case that brought national attention over this sanctuary city ebay. josi is accused of killing kate on july 2015. open enrollment starts when day. there will be a lot of changes this year in the first year of office of president trump. there is a shorter exchange in most states with 45 days. the astros are wine went away from winning the world
6:58 am
series. they won 13-12. there was a walkoff single in the 10th inning. a traffic alert is in effect your drive is getting through san jose. that remains shut down. there are lanes blocked since 3:00 this morning. give yourself some extra time. it is under an hour. it is heavy going through oakland. there is a another crash. your drive time is 47 minutes from 238 up to the mays bridge. it is not fun. from 880 over to 101, it is 33 minutes to go from the mays no. it is jammed packed and in the red. we have cloudy skies and
6:59 am
there is the day bridge and there are the numbers with numbers in the 60s. we really kick in the seabreeze. we manage mid 60s inland. it will be cool with low 60s along the shoreline. there is room for the southland. there are how i clouds low clouds along the shoreline. halloween looks okay tomorrow. forecast highs for us today, 10 degrees below average. 62 in oakland and six in san jose. the forecast is looking good between now and thursday. we have rain moving in on friday. unsettled shower for the weekend. one thing about tomorrow, we are sleeping in. >> [ overlapping speakers ]>> i expect that. thank you.
7:00 am
your update is at 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, october 30th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and an associate face a dozen criminal charges in connection with the russia investigation. the charges include money laundering and conspiracy against the united states. the military investigates the possible role of two navy s.e.a.l.s in the death of an army green beret. the sergeant serving in africa reportedly was strangled. a source says the s.e.a.l.s argued with him before he died. plus, a former athletic trainer speaks on camera for the first time about her sexual harassment allegations against nfl great peyton manning.


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