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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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continues in the investigation into possible russian meddling in the 2016 election. good afternoon, now at noon, the fallout continues in the investigation into possible russian meddling in the 2016 election. good afternoon. president trump is distancing the administration from the
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indictments handed down. mola lenghi reports they could be just the beginning. >> reporter: president trump ignored questions about federal indictments issued monday for former campaign officials. >> are you going to pardon mr. manafort? >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: monday his former campaign chairman paul manafort and his business associate rick gates were accused of hiding tens of millions of dollars in foreign banks while working for pro-russian political parties in ukraine. manafort has been under scrutiny for a while. mueller announced trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos pleaded guilty for lying to the fbi. he is described in court documents as a pro-active cooperator and cbs news has learned there are other sealed indictments with similar case numbers that have already been filed. >> if you seal one indictment and have one guy working for you, there are others. >> reporter: the white house distanced itself from the indictments saying they had nothing to do with the president or the campaign. on twitter this morning, president trump said:
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companies come entangled in the russia investigation... right now executives are on o explain what happened. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. bay area tech companies have become entangled in the russian investigation. right now, executives are on capitol hill to explain what happened. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the newsroom following the hearings. >> reporter: this is the start of a series of hearings with facebook, twitter and google on how to handle online content posted by extremists. let's go live to picks of the senate judiciary committee hearing. some of this testimony, this is their crime and terrorism subcommittee hearing on extremist content and russia disinformation online. it was scheduled after facebook admitted it found ads from russia with the goal of spreading disinformation during the election. >> it's great that companies are stepping up to the plate and trying to problem solve but it's a question of do we let
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the fox guard the hen house? >> reporter: facebook, google and twitter are prepared to testify that a russian group called the internet research agency posted more than 80,000 times that may have reached as much as 126 million facebook users. twitter plans to say it closed more than 2700 accounts linked to the same group. >> i don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. that's not what we stand for. >> reporter: washington lawmakers are deciding if the u.s. should be following europe's lead of applying legislative pressure, especially when it comes to extremist content. britain's prime minister is challenging social media companies to take down terrorist material within two hours. >> this is a major step in reclaiming the internet from those who would use it to do us harm. >> reporter: germany has already flagged website that is allow the posting of hate speech. passing a law with fines of nearly $60 million if they don't remove the content within 24 hours. >> if they can have this content available even for 24
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hours, in a sense the damage is done. >> reporter: now, earlier this year, facebook joined microsoft, twitter and youtube to create the global internet forum to combat terrorism. the companies are employing thousands of workers and using artificial intelligence to remove and stop content. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the future of a berkeley homeless encampment near bart is in the hands of a federal judge. the decision whether or not to block people from removing the camp. kpix 5's jessica flores was in court today and has details. >> reporter: this is the lawsuit before the federal judge today. in it, the attorneys for the holes encampment arguing that confiscating the group's property and removing from from the berkeley encampment violates their constitutional rights. the encampment has been on the west side of the bart tracks near alcatraz and martin luther king, jr., way for nearly a year. it's called here, there encampment. in a statement, bart says the
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neighborhood association as well as a montessori school asked the agency to clear the property. the agency accusers the homeless of trespassing. because there's no running water or electricity, that presents health and safety concerns. about a week ago, the judge issued a temporary restraining order stopping bart from evicting the group. the attorneys for the group want the injunction extended. the attorneys also said that the clients have no other place to go. >> if people don't have a place to go where they can be warm, dry and safe, then the court should not allow them to be evicted, arrested and criminalized. that's the short term solution. the more medium term solution is that the city of berkeley takes seriously its obligation to solve this crisis. >> reporter: the judge in the case is currently deciding whether or not to extend that injunction, which would block bart and the city of berkeley from evicting the homeless from the encampment. the city of berkeley says it
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doesn't comment on pending litigation. reporting in san francisco, i'm flores, kpix 5. a san francisco grocery clerk is in critical condition after being stabbed while on the job. he was trying stop a robbery suspect as a safeway in the inner richmond around midnight. before the stab, the victim was also mauled by the suspect's dog. officers arrived at the store and arrested the man in his 30s. the identities of the victim and the suspect have not yet been released. from rat problems to sewage leaks, they are issues that plague the san francisco haul of justice. it's so -- hall of justice. it's so bad, today the board of supervisors will consider relocating the workers to another building. a move to a newer facility is long overdue. it was built in 1958 and houses the d.a.'s office, a jail and criminal courts. in the 1980s, it was deemed seismically unsafe and in the meantime there's been no shortage of other problems. >> earlier this year, we had a
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sewage took out offices and people were evacuated with sewage flooding through the roof on people below. >> the negotiated lease for the building on potrero hill would get 500 people out of the building. gas up today. kpix 5's sandra osborne explains why it will save you some money. >> reporter: you can expect to pay more at the gas pump. tomorrow the increase is an 12 cents increase in gas taxes per gallon some drivers adds up. >> us poor taxpayers we are in the clinch of everything. we have to have gas. >> reporter: she is a grandmother helping out with her daughter's three children in san jose. her family drives about 300 miles per week so they pay attention to gas prices. >> 12 more cents tomorrow.
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>> reporter: gas taxes go up 12 cents, a 43% tax hike. diesel will be 20 secretaries more 20 cents a gallon, part of a transportation funding bill getting $54 billion in the next 10 years to public transit and road improvements. >> it might make me buy an electric car faster. >> reporter: erica supports the tax hike. she hopes to will mean fewer people on the roads. on the other hand, an asphalt business owner we caught up with says the hike will cut into profits. >> at the end of the year, it adds up. >> reporter: go ahead and take a look at the prices before we see it change over night. the good news is that several transportation projects have been bumped up all because of the anticipated tax revenue. in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. a coalition of people is hoping to repeal the gas tax hike. the stop the car group would rather have voters decide in november of 2018. new at noon word the did
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you streaks from recent hurricanes and wildfires -- the destruction from recent hurricanes and wildfires is costing american taxpayers $200 million a day. that's from fema administrator brock long. he also called the challenge of rebuilding and repairs unprecedented. this afternoon, california's insurance commissioner will give an update on the loss claims reported from the wildfires. earlier this morning, the state showed it was $1 billion. but it will be costly at $4.6 billion according to moody's, or higher. president trump's's tax show is on tour. he met with business leaders at the white house today and told reporters he has a big announcement about companies moving back to the u.s. the treasury secretary, the director of the national economic council and first daughter are holding tax events across the country outlining the latest plan for reform. house republicans are set to unveil the tax bill tomorrow.
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let's take a live look at the big board see how the markets are doing. you can see the dow is up about 50 points. still ahead lost at sea for months, what these women claim. why their story doesn't add up. >> plus, find out how climate change is hurting beer brewers. >> and cool temperatures clear skies out there. i'll have your trick or treating forecast coming up. plus, a look at our chances of rain as we await a storm. when it will arrive and how much precip we may get next.
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the u-s navy rescued the boaters last week. but now their story is raising two women say they were
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stranded at sea for months. the u.s. navy rescued the boaters last week but now their story is raising some questions. >> yeah. they claimed they were going from hawaii to tahiti when they had problems. we look at how their story may not add up. >> reporter: they were happy when they were saved by the navy last week. they say they had been floating helplessly in the ocean for months desperate to be rescued. >> we were crying when they saw us. >> reporter: the sailors are under new scrutiny. the coast guard says the pair had an emergency position indicating radio beacon or eperb on board which can communicate with a satellite. it works when a boater manually switches it on or when it's submerged in water. >> usually, they have an eperb inside or some kind of strobe so we know where to find you. >> reporter: but it didn't help
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jennifer and tasha who says their beacon wasn't activated. they claimed they suffered crisis after crisis after slamming into near hurricane- force winds. they say part of the mast broke, their engine flooded, and their communications system failed them. coast guard petty officer tara mall said we asked why during this course of time they did not activated the epirb. appel stated they never felt like they were truly in distress like in a 24-hour period they were going to die but in front of the crew of the boat, she said the opposite. >> had they not located us, we would have been dead in 24 hours. >> reporter: the coast guard is investigating. though say there is no criminal investigation under way right now. cbs news reached out to both women, no response yet. cbs news, new york. >> another part of the story is under consideration. they said there was a storm for
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three days but the national weather service in honolulu said there were no organized storms in or near hawaii on that day or afterwards. there's trouble brewing for beer makers across the country. climate change and intense droughts are making it difficult to get the ingredients they need. they need hops and the states that grow them most of them have had increasing droughts. with a mega-beer producing buying up the limited supplies, smaller brewers are left scrambling. >> every month we try to figure out where we can get what we need to make a particular beer. if you don't, you don't make the beer. >> shortages led to higher prices for hops. some breweries may pass the costs to consumers. happy halloween. this an if you are taking the kids out trick or treats -- this afternoon, if you are
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taking the kids out trick or treating, temperatures will be cool in the 50s and 60s. we'll pretty much stay that way through the afternoon hours. it will be dropping off even more once the sun sets so good idea to get out there before while the sun is still out. we are about 5 to 8 degrees below average today and breezy this afternoon. so my tip to all of you, warm costumes are the way to go long sleeves and pants help you out a little bit out there. here's the highs across the area today. santa rosa 72. 69 for napa. redwood city 66 degrees. this is below average conditions for this halloween. our sunset tonight at 6:11 p.m. sunrise tomorrow 7:35 in the morning. now, here's your forecast. so if you are going out after the sun goes down, temperatures in the low 50s and low 60s so partly cloudy and cool conditions out there. keep that in mind when you take the kids out trick or treating. here's the skies. for tonight, clear conditions and then here we are tomorrow morning.
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we may get a little bit of cloud coverage at the coast working its way in wednesday night into thursday morning. cloudy thursday and drizzle. friday we'll expect to see the rain coming through, especially friday night into saturday. so we'll start to feel those impacts thursday with the colder air and the clouds. but by friday into saturday, those north bay mountains will certainly see the most amount of rain in the areas because burned areas to have mudslides. up to 2" in the north bay hills. up to 1.5 inches at the coast. 2 feet or more of snow in the high sierra at 6500 feet down to 3,000 feet on sunday. this is a cold system. we have two of them coming. one friday night into saturday, the next sunday into monday. so look at that. we have quite the winter storm activity coming up here for the next few days.
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>> get to out the umbrellas. >> clear out the gutters. >> a lot to do. >> thank you. still ahead, getting into nfl games faster. how a popular airport security program could be making its way into football stadiums. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at cools, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. the still winless 49ers hope they've
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quarterback. the team acquired jimmy garoppolo from the patriots... in exc the still winless 49ers hope they found their franchise quarterback. they got jimmy garopollo from the patriots in exchange for a second round draft pick next year. the 25-year-old has been with the patriots for four seasons as tom brady's under study but only started twice. we'll be there when he meets with the media today at levi's stadium. the company that runs the tsa check in program is making deals with nfl teams to use a system at stadiums. if the deals work out, you would be able to sign up at the stadium and use your clearance at the airport, as well. the san francisco giants are enjoying the off season celebrating halloween with their families. the team's twitter page, look at that showed these festive photos, so cute. cabbage patch kids, the
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daughter of pitcher hunter strickland, is a cabbage patch dog. brandon crawford's kids are getting into the halloween spirit a little dalmation i see. the shortstop shared this photo of his three kids in costume and showed a photo of the family at the pumpkin patch. very beautiful family. >> very cute. >> all right. just a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, email or call us.
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stephanie have a healthy recipe for you to try. tow companies.. say haulin false labors at their best. today fresh grocer tony tantillo and his daughter have a healthy recipe for you to try. >> quinoa. it's just great and it's good for you and green apples for the fall. what a dish you can make with it. >> granny smith apples are a baker's favorite. so i love them. you can use apples in the fall besides pies and cookies. so what we're doing is apples and leeks. so you'll cool these in butter and olive oil mixed together. olive oil gives it the char with the butter and make them creamy and cook them up nicely but you want to see some char in there and there's a lot of thyme. it brings the two together. they are really different flavors. >> mix it in together. >> i'm using the nutty red
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quinoa and looks nice. >> yes, it does. >> we can plate this. a great way to enjoy different fall flavors together. we are going to rip the parsley. you already got some. can i help you? lay it on the side. some pepper and a little more salt. >> you got sea salt in that. >> of course, you season it as you go so the juices in the apple come out and get running but it's a cool combination of flavor, the leek that caramelizes into sweet with the apple. >> quinoa, apples, parsley,
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pretty good. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. and very healthy. that goes bout saying without saying. >> the leeks caramelized. that makes a difference. thank you, bella. >> tow companies say hauling rvs on san jose streets costs them time and money. they want the city to cut them a break but that could cost san jose big time. that story and more coming up later at 5:00. >> have a safe and happy halloween. drive slowly. watch out for the kids today. ♪[ music ] trick or treat!
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♪ >> bill: i want the three of us working side by side -- the spencer men bringing this property to life! >> liam: on spectra property? >> bill: it's -- it's not spectra property. i explained to you over and over again why it is not spectra property. do you want me to get justin to explain all the legalities to you again? >> liam: no. >> bill: that the bottom line... is that spencer publications owns the building and the property that sally and her band of bozos -- not "bozos." that was disrespectful. that sally and company occupy. >> wyatt: liam, dad already offered to relocate sally elsewhere. like, this doesn't have to be the end of spectra fashions. >> bill: nxa


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