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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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against p-g-and-e... blaming the utility in the destructive wine country bl utility in the destructive wine country wildfires. good afternoon, now at noon, a new lawsuit against pg&e blaming the utility in the destructive wine country wildfires. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today's filing is just the latest in what's expected to be a slew of legal action following the fires in the
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north bay. kpix 5's anne makovec talked to the newest plaintiffs. >> reporter: 12 additional victims filed suit against pg&e here today, a number that's almost certain to rise. >> it was very scary. so we had to leave. when we came back, everything was gone. >> reporter: he is one of the plaintiffs in the latest suit against pg&e for gross negligence, accusing the company of failing to maintain its equipment, having downed lines spark and ignite vegetation and trees ultimately destroying more than 5700 buildings and killing 43 people. >> for their failure to protect the public, putting profits before safety, profit before people. >> reporter: this is the 11th lawsuit filed against pg&e representing more than 100 victims so far. the first came in mid-october from one of hundreds of families who lost their homes in santa rosa's coffey park subdivision on october 8th. >> raised our children there and now we're back to a lot on
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the map. >> reporter: pg&e has so far refused to comment on the pending lawsuit. in a statement its spokesman said, we are aware that lawsuits have been filed. beyond that, we're going to be focused on doing everything we can to help these communities rebuild and recover." >> reporter: the company's ultimate defense, according to this professor of hastings school of are you? >> the defense is going to be act of god. the defense is going to be this was a storm. we were not responsible for the storm. >> reporter: but this lawyer says the company could have taken preventative measures like shutting power off when they knew a storm was coming. cal fire has not yet determined the exact cause of the wildfires. this lawsuit today is seeking unspecified damages. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. after months of negotiations, we are getting a look at the republican tax reform proposal today. cbs reporter mola lenghi outlines the details and the hurdles it has to clear to get passed. >> reporter: president trump
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praised the tax cut plan house republicans unveiled this morning. >> big thing of course is tax cuts and jobs. and that's happening very rapidly. and it's been met with really a great response. >> reporter: the gop proposal reduces the number of tax brackets from 7 to 4, but it keeps the top tax bracket at 39.6% for top earners. the bill also aims to double the standard deduction from $12,000 to $24,000, the home mortgage interest deduction stays in place. americans will still be able to deduct property taxes but the deduction for state and local taxes would be gone. >> the federal government shouldn't be picking winners and losers and giving high state tax folks an advantage over low state tax. >> reporter: just getting to the point where they could unveil a plan has taken a lot of wrangling but getting it past is a whole 'nother story that will involve even more back room lobbying. >> we are going to get this done because we told the american people this is what we are going to do if we get this majority and we are doing it. >> reporter: democrats say it's another way for republicans to
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push through tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. >> the priorities of the ryan mcconnell bill have been clear from the start. perpetuating a catastrophic transfer of wealth from the middle class to corporations and the wealthy. >> reporter: president trump predicted the bill will pass before christmas. mola lenghi, cbs news, capitol hill. >> and some bay area lawmakers are now weighing in on the republican tax plan. kpix 5's jackie ward is here with that part of the story. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, we have been hearing the general ideas behind the gop's new tax plan for a long time. now that we know some of the details, the cbo can score it and we can determine allow it will affect california. members of congress were there including democratic congressman zoe lofgren who represents parts of san jose and santa clara county. democratic congresswoman barbara lee serves in the east bay was also there. they talked about their disappointment with their republican colleagues. all of the california republicans in congress voted in favor of the budget that's
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likely to ease the way for getting the tax plan passed. >> unfortunately, all 14 republicans in california showed more loyalty to the republican party than they did to their own constituents when they voted for the budget. >> reporter: house majority leader kevin mccarthy a california republican says he recognizes he is from a state with high state and local taxes. but he says if approved, this tax bill would be good for businesses. >> we are going to bring the money that's sitting overseas back to invest in american businesses. even before this bill goes into effect, i believe you're going to hear from businesses saying they want to come back to america. >> reporter: this bill now heads to committee where things will move fast if they want to meet president trump's deadline of christmas. michelle? we are getting new details about the new york terror suspect. the immigrant from uzbekistan told prosecutors he planned the deadly attack for a year. and as meg oliver reports, he
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says he even did a practice run. >> reporter: investigators are examining cell phones and other evidence seized from terror suspect sayfullo saiprov. he told police he was inspired by isis when he mowed down pedestrians in lower manhattan but they want to know if he had any direct contact with the terrorist organization. >> at this point, we don't see anything that leads us to believe that there's anyone else involved but i caution we're a day or two into this. >> reporter: saipov came to the u.s. 7 years ago. he had been living in new jersey. an intelligence source tells cbs news, saipov had some contact with individuals in 2015 who were considered radicalized extremists and at least one of whom was from uzbekistan. saipov faces federal terrorism charges and could face the death penalty. a sentence president trump called for in a tweet last night. the suspect told prosecutors he chose halloween because he thought there would be more
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people here on the streets of lower manhattan. the eight people killed in the attack are two americans, 2- year-old darren drake and 23- year-old nicholas cleves, a 31- year-old mother of two from belgium, along with five victims from argentina who were celebrating more than 30 years of friendship. drake's parents spent hours trying to reach him on tuesday. >> we said, what are the odds of darren being out in that 30- second period of time that the guy came driving by? but then as the day went on -- >> reporter: at least 8 people are still in the hospital with injuries ranging from an amputation to neck and back injuries. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. organizers say the new york city marathon will go on as scheduled this weekend, with increased security. new at noon an arrest in a deadly shooting at a colorado walmart. police say a tip led them to 47- year-old scott ostrem.
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he was caught behind the wheel of his getaway car a block from a suburban denver home. police say that ostrem walked into a walmart in thornton, colorado, last night and opened fire. two men died at the scene. and a woman died later at the hospital. all of the victims were in the checkout lines at the store. shoppers describe the mass chaos as people realized what was happening and some say there was a stampede from the store. police are still looking for a motive. they say ostrem does have some minor criminal offenses. they are checking into whether he had any connection to that store. president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort and his associate rick gates are back in federal court this afternoon. the men are facing charges in connection with the investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. the judge in the case is expected to hear arguments related to their home confinement. given the charges now facing manafort, some are questioning whether the trump campaign properly investigated him. >> paul manafort has a long
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reputation working on campaigns on presidential campaigns. but the fact that he is an outlaw to the extent that's been disclosed so far is -- is deeply concerning, i think, to all of us! and i'm beginning to wonder if he wasn't an agent of russia! >> a new court filing from manafort's attorney indicates he knew he was going to be indicted last august. the president's pick for a top job at the agriculture department has withdrawn. sam clovis was the nominee for the department's chief scientist position. but he withdrew his name citing the political climate inside washington. sources say that his nomination was in jeopardy anyway over his connections to the russian investigation and to the now indicted trump adviser george papadopoulos. this just into our newsroom. president trump has named his pick to lead the u.s. central bank. the president has tapped jerome powell as the next fed chairman. powell has spent years working at investment firms and he has been a member of the fed board of governors since 2012. now, unlike the last three fed
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leaders, he doesn't have a doctorate degree in economics. the current fed chairman, janet yellen, became the first woman to lead the u.s. central bank when she was nominated by then president obama. in tapping powell, the president has chosen a republican version of yellen when it comes to interest rate boosts. still ahead, trouble for tesla on the heels of a weak earnings report. >> reporter: production for the much-anticipated tesla model three is slow going. how investors are reacting. details coming up. >> also ahead, driver confusion over big changes on a busy san francisco street. ♪[ music ] >> and we are starting to see some clouds across our dublin camera showing us the signs of the storm system that's on its way. winds picking up, cooler conditions out there. i'll track the rain for you hour by hour so you know what your friday will bring, up next. sfx: tinny headphone music
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are leaving some drivers confused. traffic was clogged down van ness avenue this morning... as crews merged lanes changes along one of san francisco's busiest streets are leaving some drivers confused. traffic was clogged down van ness avenue this morning as crews merged lanes and shifted bus stops. it's all part of a major construction project to replace the underground sewer and water infrastructure. the $316 million project will also create dedicated bus lanes in the middle of the street as part of the city's first bus rapid transit system. tesla's stock is continuing to drop after it reported a bigger 3rd quarter loss than expected this week. as last check, tesla shares were down about 7%. kpix 5's jessica flores reports that the company's production goals for the new model 3 are also falling flat.
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>> reporter: diane mcdermott says she is on the waiting list for the tesla model 3. she signed up a year and a half ago. >> just got an update a couple of days ago that said, hey, we're kind of behind but still looking forward to getting you your car. >> reporter: tesla is way behind to produce 5,000 models a week by the end of 2017. they only produced 260 in the 3rd quarter. does it worry you they're not meeting their production goals? >> i don't care. >> reporter: a lot of owners here at this mountain view tesla charging station are huge fans of the company. and they're unfazed that it missed its production goals. still, investors are taking notice. >> investors are not happy at all that tesla is not meeting its model 3 production goals. elon musk does not expect the company to start producing 5,000 model 3s a week until the end of the 1st quarter. that's well off his original goal. the stock is taking a pretty big tumble on that news.
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it's trading below $300. it's down to a 6-month low. >> reporter: the company blames the sluggish production on problems at its factories making the batteries and manufacturing the car. >> tesla stock is still up about 40% since the beginning of the year. >> i love my car. >> i thought they should be doing much better than this. >> reporter: tesla has nearly 500,000 orders for a model 3. hopeful owners will likely have to wait until the middle of next year to get the car. in mountain view, jessica flores, kpix 5. the dow is now up about 44. after a rough year for houston, a much-needed celebration. >> a big win. the astros won the world series! >> houston astros are world champions! >> it's about the houston astros tonight and our city and our fans. we're coming home a champion, houston! >> what a moment.
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the city of course still recovering from hurricane harvey and $180 billion in damage. now they are planning a championship parade and it's set for tomorrow afternoon. >> whoo! . >> good for them. >> and one of the players got engaged to his girlfriend. >> carlos correa and she said yes. >> that was very nice. quite the spotlight for her to center to say no, too! [ laughter ] here's the forecast right now. skies across dublin, livermore, pleasanton, it is cloudy there. but right along san francisco, it looks like we are just seeing some of those high clouds but not quite thickening up just yet. you can see the golden gate. we are seeing our temperatures staying cool right now in the 50s and 60s. week up to the 40s and 50s earlier today. here's what you can expect. we're waiting the storm system to come through. so this afternoon, cloudy skies will come on in. so after midnight the rain and the wind shall arrive so we could get anywhere from a few hundredths to an inch, inch and a half to some of the higher elevations. that's where most of the rain
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is expected. here's where it's all coming from. from canada, washington, oregon. it's moving south. and there's cold air associated with this. so you can expect your temperatures to stay pretty cool. let's take you through your futurecast to show you when it's going to arrive. clouds around midnight, the first round of drizzle arrives, not significant at midnight. early tomorrow morning, we'll have your hi-def doppler cranked up tracking morning rain. so santa rosa could see some more rain in the morning. then by the next -- by noontime around noon, most of the bay area to the south, santa cruz, hayward, livermore, maze some rain. you can see it hanging around the north bay hills so that's why they are going to see the most amount of rain from this. it is pretty widespread. but hit or miss depending on your neighborhood, you may not get much at all. through the south bay, friday night into saturday morning, that's when you're going to get the strongest amount of rain there. you can see a lot of it across the east bay into saturday.
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if you have saturday afternoon plans, you're in the clear. sunday light quicker rain temperatures in the 50s and 60s . next week another storm on wednesday. our sunset tonight at 6:09. suns rises at 7:37 a.m. >> enjoy the sun for now. >> we'll have to say bye-bye to it for a while. >> thank you. tonight a reboot of the 1970s police drama "s.w.a.t." premieres on cbs about a sergeant running a specialized tactical unit in his hometown of los angeles. >> this is my case. >> let them fire me. >> we are going to go a different way. >> the show is action packed while addressing real life issues between law enforcement and the community. >> we want this show to showcase that these men and women in blue are superheros to some extent but also just human beings and they're flawed and we want to bridge the gap
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between the men and women in blue and civilians. let's just create a little more understanding, a little more dialogue and patience. >> we love that you're a bay area native and we'll be watching and supporting you. thanks so much. >> oak town, go warriors! raiders! >> ah, he is awesome. you can watch "s.w.a.t." tonight at 10:00 here on kpix 5 followed by our 11 p.m. news. still ahead changing children's lives one teddy bear at a time. how a bay area woman is bringing smiles with a classic companion. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. a teddy bear can be much more than just a toy.
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sharon chin introduces us to we all the know a teddy bear is much more than a toy. it brings comfort to kids. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner, who is bringing bear hugs around the globe. >> which teddy bear would you like? >> reporter: samantha grier has given away 200,000 teddy bears worldwide. the bears soothe kids facing trauma from abuse and neglect to the ravages of war. the psychiatric social worker distributes free bears as part of her 32-year-old nonprofit caring for children. recently they have gone to
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syrian refugees in jordan and poor families in mexico. >> i'm interested in making the child happy, um, more fulfilled, more able to cope with a difficult circumstance. >> reporter: at compass family services in san francisco, samantha shares the smiles as dozens of children embrace their new buddy, some hold on tight. >> that's a good one. >> reporter: a spokesman says many of the kids are homeless or in extreme poverty. >> having something that's consistent with them all the time is really important. a lot of our kids don't see the same people very often for very long dr. >> reporter: samantha herself experienced the value of a teddy bear when she was in her preschool years and felt alone. >> my parents were economic and other reasons were really not available. my teddy bear was my friend. help begins with a teddy bear. >> reporter: today she trains teachers, police and parents how they can use the furry friends to calm anxious hearts. >> what i'm really trying to do one child at a time is to make
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the world a better place. >> we love teddy bears! >> reporter: so for bringing comforting teddy bears to hurting children this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to samantha grier. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> caring for children is holding a benefit dinner in san francisco on november 11th. >> and you can find more information about that as well as nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back. xtinguishers. nearly 4
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work! that story and more at five. - i-x 5 news a tonight we're looking into a massive recall on fire extinguishers nearly 40 million of them may not work. that and more coming up at 5:00. all right. that's going to it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> mm-hm. make sure you watch tomorrow morning because rain will be in the forecast! >> that's right. >> rain, rain, go away! [ crosstalk ] ♪[ music ] >> have a good one. ♪[ music ]
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♪ >> liam: i'm doing it, steffy. it's the right thing to do. >> steffy: no, it's over the top and it's ridiculous. >> liam: hey. when someone without the resources to fight back gets wronged, you help them. >> steffy: help is one thing. putting your life on the line... >> liam: it's not gonna come to that. it's not. >> steffy: then why take the chance? liam, i'm not gonna let you do it. a sit-in at spectra is way too dangerous. bill is demoing the building today. >> liam: not if i'm in there with them. >> bill: so we're good? >> the explosives have beenlo


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