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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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and in the sierra -- a fresh coat of snow... just in time for the weekend. good afternoon, now at noon, gray skies over the bay area. light rain in some places, and in the sierra, a fresh coat of snow just in time for the weekend. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. clouds are hanging over parts of the north and central bay area right now. and in some places, the winds are picking up ahead of the rain. >> in the sierra, fresh powder
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and cold conditions. caltrans crews are getting ready for weekend visitors. we have team coverage on the changing weather. a look at the concerns overrunoff in the wine country wildfires zones but neda has the forecast. >> i'm watching hi-def doppler. and we're seeing the green light up again. we had quite a few showers coming through this early- morning hour so a lot of people woke up to wet roads and had to use the windshield wipers. yes, it looks like it's starting up again. you can see how it's moving obviously off the ocean as it heads east and look at this, a little area of slush continuing there in the higher elevations. it snowed this morning there. let's show you where we are seeing heavier rain. the north bay looks to be getting it the most right now, sebastopol with a strong cell coming through right now along the 12 here. santa rosa saw a band on highway 1. we'll see continued scattered showers throughout the day. it's only going to pick up more later on tonight.
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look at this band that just came through kellogg. we are seeing a little bit more picking up at this hour. we did get a little bit of a break earlier today, and now it's back up, back to action. guerneville also getting some rain north of that venado. healdsburg will be next in line. the satellite and radar giving you perspective of where this is all coming from wet weather coming from north and south. a lot of action going on across our area. we are going to track it for you and let you know what the rest of your friday and weekend will bring. back to you. >> thank you. it is a race in the north bay to cover storm drains as rain clouds loom overhead. kpix 5's jessica flores shows us how crews are trying to protect drinking water from potentially toxic runoff. >> reporter: here in santa rosa crews are laser focused on laying down these wattles to protect drains on roads.
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because unlike hillsides, these hardscapes don't have the soil to soak up any rain. ash and toxic debris washing into waterways is a concern in the north bay as raindrops in the burn zone. >> a lot of the efforts is to ensure the majority of material that might -- hazardous material that might enter these streams is kept out of the streams. >> reporter: crews spent the day unloading wattles, the hay tubes to cover storm debris and filter out debris. >> all the affected sites are monitored every day. they are all coming back, you know, fine to drink. so all our water systems are good to drink. the water is good. >> reporter: the storm not packing the punch that would cause rushing water into the drain system. still, napa and sonoma counties are preparing for the season ahead blocking drains and clearing out hazardous household materials like pesticides, solvents and cleaners from burn sights. >> that's a big unknown. we don't know what's in that
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material. so as we move into the rainy season, especially getting into stronger storms, we are hoping that the effort by the epa to assess and remove that hazmat is completed. >> reporter: epa officials say the agency has already collected 8,000 containers of hazardous waste from napa and sonoma counties. in santa rosa, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a lot of people may be heading up for a weekend getaway in the snow and they will have plenty of it. reporter sean bennett is at donner summit. >> reporter: three things you need to know if you are coming up to the sierra today. one, it's going to snow. two, it's extremely cold. and three, the winds are wild up here! they are whipping your vehicle from one lane to the other on 80. a fresh blanket of snow created out here. take a look, this is the good kind of powder that the ski resorts love to see here already in the month of november. so you take a look off into the distance, looks like christmastime. chain control could go into
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effect at any time. and the storm will get worse as the day progresses. we have seen big snow already. caltrans has been preparing for this for several days. they have had plows out all morning and will continue through the day and going through the course of the weekend. at donner summit, sean bennett, kpix 5. new at noon, no prison time for bowe bergdahl. he is the former army sergeant who pleaded guilty for walking off his afghanistan post in 2009 endangering his comrades. today a military judge in north carolina ruled instead of going to prison, bergdahl will get a dishonorable discharge from the army. he was taken captive by the taliban and tortured for five years until president obama negotiated a prisoner swap. president trump tweeted about the decision calling it a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. security is being stepped up in new york city today ahead of the weekend marathon. more than 51,000 people will run in sunday's event just days after the deadly terror attack
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in new york city. the marathon course winds through five boroughs. 2.5 million spectators are expected. they are taking steps to protect people after the attack tuesday that killed 8 people dead. >> we have added more sand trucks, more blocker vehicles. we more than doubled our observation teams, our rooftop observation posts as well as our counter sniper teams. >> barriers are already up all over manhattan. and crews are installing concrete barriers at nearly 60 intersections along the bike path where the attack happened tuesday. president trump is traveling to asia over the next couple of weeks for economic summits. north korea's nuclear program will probably be the main focus. >> reporter: president trump says north korea will be a key focus of talks with asian leaders during his 11 days in the region. >> we'll be talking about obviously north korea. we'll be enlisting the help of a lot of people. >> reporter: the white house says north korea is running out
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of time to end its weapons program. president trump says he will be delivering a strong message during stops in tokyo, seoul and beijing. >> north korea is a thing that i think we will solve and if we don't solve it, it's not going to be very pleasant for them or anyone. >> reporter: the u.s. put on a show of force in the region thursday, launching two b1 bombers over the korean peninsula. it was called a surprise nuclear drill a single gangster u.s. imperialists are trying to start a nuclear war according to north korea. president trump is going to talk tough with trading partners. >> increasing prosperity is always one of president trump's top priorities. throughout the trip, the president will stress his commitment to free, fair and reciprocal trade. >> reporter: one other item may also be on the agenda. a kremlin spokesman friday would not rule out a meeting
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between president trump and russian president vladimir putin during an economic summit in vietnam next week. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. some social media sabotage couldn't keep president trump off twitter for long. a twitter employee who was on the last day on the job temporarily knocked the president off the site. the president's account was deactivated for 11 minutes yesterday! in response, the president tweeted, i guess the word must finally be getting out and having an impact. the new iphone 10 looking like it's going to be a hot seller worldwide. check out the lines. hundreds of people in japan, london, australia and all over the world waited hours overnight for today's release. it was the same situation across the u.s. and, of course, here in the bay area. kpix 5's anne makovec caught up with some apple fans with one high-profile guest in palo alto. [ screaming ] >> reporter: that scream came from a woman who nearly lost it when apple ceo tim cook appeared in the palo alto store. [ applause ] >> thank goodness i went to the
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bathroom before he showed up! [ laughter ] >> reporter: kathy jen is one of dozens of people who lined up on university avenue to wait days for the release of the new iphone 10. the first in line had been here since tuesday. >> you want to have the latest and greatest in apple. they are coming out with innovations. >> reporter: the 10th anniversary iphone is the priciest version yet at $1,000 boasting a better display and camera, no home button so it's all screen and can create talking emojis. >> message my friends a t. aln first one i try. >> reporter: of course this phone will be available without a wait very soon once store supplies are restocked and the hype dies down. but for those who lined up day and night, it was worth it. >> in a day and age where we don't have face-to-face conversations, you know, technology is what's bringing us together. >> reporter: kathy didn't even care about the phone.
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>> 3,2, 1, whoo!! >> reporter: she came for cook. >> he is the new genius of silicon valley. >> reporter: now with a new phone. >> i'm going home, plugging it in and going to bed. >> reporter: in palo alto, anne makovec, kpix 5. new concerns for the maker of the epipen. a big rise in complaints about the device not working in life- threatening emergencies. >> plus, fans packing the streets of houston for the city's first-ever world series championship parade.
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a new report shows a rise in its "epi-pens" not working in life- threatening emergencies. drug maker mylan is on the
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defensive again. a new report shows a rise in its epipens not working in life- threatening emergencies. kpix 5's jackie ward has the story. >> watching your child sit there screaming saying, don't let me die, is awful for any parent to have to go through. >> reporter: tina hampton moments of panic was worse after she reached for an epipen. this past spring her 6-year-old daughter was gasping for breath after an allergic reaction to peanuts. >> when i pulled it up, the needle didn't go back inside the epipen. it was bent. >> reporter: it sliced her daughter's leg leaving a scar. she credits a backup epipen for saving her child's life. data from the fda links 228 reports of epipen failures to seven deaths and 35 hospitalizations this year. the fda cautions that two its reporting system there's no certainty that the reported event was due to the product. >> it's a very easy device to use but someone in a panic
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might use it wrong. >> reporter: this pediatric allergy experted shows us how quickly it deploys. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: slow motion gives a better look. it delivers a dose of epinephrine just one shot per device. in emergencies some folks get confused holding it the wrong way. >> when they press it, they then get the medication into their thumb. >> reporter: despite the increase since 2012, no changes have been made to the device since 2009. the company hasn't found a connection between patient deaths and the epipen. mylan says it doesn't take issue with the data but says bloomberg's article is misleading. it says a rise in reports of failures doesn't necessarily mean a rise in actual failures and suggests heightened attention on the company and increased prescriptions could be to blame. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. the fda says it's not aware of defective epipens on the
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market and recommends consumers use their prescribed epinephrine auto injector. >> check the big board, a record week on wall street. the dow right now is up 14 points. southwest airlines will add four new daily nonstop flights from oakland international airport starting next summer. in july you can fly to orlando, san antonio, minneapolis and indianapolis. southwest also recently announced new daily service to newark, new jersey. it starts in april. the city of houston is celebrating a first right now! a world series victory parade. this is a live look at the celebration. they beat the dodgers to bring the trophy to houston. schools are closed today. this is cool for the kids so they can go to the parade and enjoin in on the celebrations. the world series championship comes just weeks after hurricane harvey caused billions of dollars in damage across houston.
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they have good floats in houston! look at that! that's good, huh, neda? >> it looks great! a few weeks ago the streets were flooded and now people can celebrate in the streets. we're looking at green on the screen. here's our hi-def doppler radar showing you what's happening. we have rainfall at the moment, scattered showers right now. a lot of sunshine actually peeking out throughout san francisco. but across the north bay areas right now, this is where we're seeing those heavier bands coming through. so healdsburg now already seeing a little bit more rain coming through. just moments ago, the cell was moving from guerneville to healdsburg so anyone on highway 101 will be slick out there across the north bay. and windsor with slight rain showers. rohnert park with a band of rain and sebastopol. it's moving north-northeast. some of the rain is coming from the sort, others from the north. this one that's coming towards the north bay will be coming right off the ocean and on to the land. so we are looking at some of
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the rainfall totals so far. looks like loma prieta getting the most with the rain so far and the rest of the bay area oakland about .10", san francisco barely much measurable precipitation, just a few hundredths of an inch. we could get a quarter or inch of rain most of that across the north bay overnight. so scattered rain throughout the day. the cold front will be arriving here tonight. so let's look at that futurecast and show you when it will be getting here. here we are around noontime. and you'll continue to see scattered showers. but again, maybe even some areas of sunshine throughout redwood city, morgan hill perhaps. even east of livermore. but 7:00 tonight, that's when some of the rain will be coming in from the north. and that's when it will continue through midnight tonight and then the rest of the bay area likely going to get some rain until early morning saturday. noontime saturday things should clear up. rain in the south bay. then sunshine for the north bay by noon saturday. the rest of the day should be
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okay. if you have saturday afternoon plans, good weather. sunday light scattered showers if it does even happen. winter storm warnings also in effect right now for the tahoe area. up to two feet of snow in the higher elevations. snow levels are expected to drop on sunday because of the cooler air. we are experiencing cool air for us, low 60s for the highs today and temperatures will stay cool throughout the seven- day forecast. rain showers saturday into sunday, very light. then another storm system wednesday, thursday. sunset happening tonight at 6:08. keep this in mind. daylight saving ends on saturday night. sunday the sunset will be at 5:06 instead. >> turn back the clocks. >> earlier nightfall. >> we like that.
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this is kinds of gross. a monster -- kind of gross. a monster clog, a "fatberg." they used high pressure jets, shovels and hands to break apart the 130-ton build-up. it formed from grease and other gross items being sent down the drain. experts say that they are making good use of the broken- up chunks by converting them into biodiesel. >> go and eat lunch now. [ laughter ] coming up, we check in with our pet expert. >> enjoy it. >> yeah. atf atf. >> today's topic is a normal habit or signs a problem when your dog keeps licking her paws. we'll find out.
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our pet expert, dr. jill chase is here along with "paris"... to weigh in. it's a habit you might see on dogs licking paws but is it a problem? jill chase is here with paris. does paris lick her paws? >> she does not. see how good she is being? the owners were worried she wouldn't be good. she is so good! whenever we're dealing with skin disease, as well as diarrhea, it requires a lot of patience from the owners while we take the time to work them out because there are many, many reasons for both of those symptoms to occur. so we are going to focus today on licking of the paws and primarily, generally, there's three main reasons why and then more esoteric rare reasons.
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but allergies would be one. they have an allergy to something whether they stepped in something they are allergic to or they have a food allergy or possibly inhalant allergy inhaling something they are allergic to. and then we would wonder about mites which require skin scrapings to look and see. then sometimes we have these rare auto-immune diseases that can lead to itchiness and then of course i should mention infection. infections absolutely are itchy to dogs so clearing that up is good. the biggest point i wanted to make is that if you have a dog who has been licking paws, call your veterinarian and then the veterinarian will ask the owner a series of questions, when is it happening, how often, when did it start? and then they will look at the skin to see what kind of lesions we see and then we do the diagnostic testing based on what the owner tells us and go from there. >> paris is attracted to something over here. might be my ring. >> hoping for food! >> dr. chase, thank you so many. >> you're welcome. >> if you have a question about
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your pet's health and well- being, just just email us at and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. let's take a live look out at "sierra at tahoe." take a look at those conditions! you can see that there is snow on the ground but look at that. it looks cold out there! you can see the trees kind of
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subwaying in the wind there. >> looks like christmas. >> early for that but it's going to snow this morning and more tonight and through the weekend. here's a look at where the rain is coming down. this is the area of the strongest rain at the moment. just past through healdsburg and you can see it moving further east towards highway 24 calistoga going to see some rain and just saw some rain through dillon beach, as well. here's what's on the way. more from the ocean moving towards the north bay and more from eureka moving south. >> you're leaving us for a little bit? >> i am. >> congratulations. you're getting married! >> it's wedding time. >> yay! [ laughter ]
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♪ >> darlita: [ chuckles ] i don't like this. maybe we should leave. >> saul: yeah, bill spencer wants to demolish this building. i doubt our little sit-in is gonna stop him. >> shirley: he's not gonna kill us, not with his own son here! ♪ right, sally? bill's not that looney, is he? >> sally: what do you think, liam? you know what your father's capable of. >> liam: yeah, i do. but he -- he wouldn't. >> bill: a freaking sit-in! >> justin: and they're not budging. the crew says they refused to vacate the building. >> bill: whatever happened to


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