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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. marking the deadliest mass horror in texas, 26 people killed and several injured when a gunman opens fire inside a church marking the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. the texas governor calling the mass shooting an evil act. the gunfire began 30 minutes into service at the first baptist church in sutherland springs, a small town a little over 30 miles southeast of san antonio. here's what we know right now. cbs news confirms the shooter has been identified as 26-year- old devin kelley. he was killed after a brief chase. officials say he was all dressed in black wearing tactical gear including a ballistic vest. again 26 people were killed. year-old daughter.
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the victims range in age from 5 to 72 years old. among the dead, the pastor's 14- year-old daughter. cbs reporter courtney sabowskri is in sutherland springs, texas, with more on how it unfolded. >> reporter: between 40 to 50 people attended services at the first baptist church in sutherland springs this morning. at about 11:15 witnesses say a single man with a gun walked in and opened fire on the congregation. as many as four dozen people were reportedly wounded. about half of them were killed. >> at least at this moment in time there are 26 lives that have been lost. >> reporter: the gunman reportedly fled the scene in a vehicle. police are said to have pursued him north into guadalupe county. that's where the gunman was killed. it's unclear if he was shot or if he took his own life. the incident prompted a massive response from local, state and even federal law enforcement agencies. the fbi and the department of
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homeland security have already joined the investigation. sutherland springs is about 35 miles east of san antonio. today one person described it as the kind of place where everybody knows everybody including the people who were killed today. 16:21:23 "...all of american is praying to god to help the es of the >> just minutes ago president trump spoke about the tragedy from a news conference in tokyo. >> all of america is praying to god to help the wounded and the families of the victims. we will never, ever leave their side. ever. ress to address our dire >> san francisco mayor ed lee tweeted how many lives have to be lost for congress to address our dire need for gun law reforms? we owe it all to those affected by gun violence. nd took off with weapons. back in the bay area it's happened again. someone broke into an unmarked law enforcement car and took off with weapons, ammunition
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and gear. 5's kiet do has the details: san francisco police confirm it happened friday night in the tenderloin on jones near market street. kpix5's kiet do has the details. >> reporter: the voice on the police radio rattled off a small arsenal of stolen police weapons. >> so the first is going to be a shotgun. it's a weather bay 12 gauge pump action blue steel with a brown stock and then the second firearm is a colt ar4, black in color. there were also 40 mags containing 20 rounds each of 223 that were stolen. >> reporter: the break-in happened here on jones street in the tenderloin district of san francisco. the unmarked vehicle was locked and parked along the curb when the thief smashed out a window. it turns out the vehicle belonged to a sergeant with the san mateo county sheriff's office. that san mateo county sheriff's deputy was assigned to an unspecified task force for the fbi based here in san francisco. in addition to the weapons and ammo, they also got an fbi windbreaker and bulletproof
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vest. the san mateo county sheriff's office maintains a fleet of unmarked vehicles which can be easy to spot if you know what you're looking for, government plates, radio antennas and spotlights. although it's unclear exactly how the vehicle in question was equipped and whether or not the weapons were left out in plain view or locked away. stolen police guns have been a hot button topic ever since kate steinle was shot and killed by a gun stolen from a blm ranger's vehicle in 2014. the next year a bill was passed to -- a law was passed to require officers to lock theirwomens in the trunks of their vehicle -- their weapons in the trunks oftheir vehicles. tomorrow the defense will present its case in the kate steinle murder trial. prosecutors wrapped up last week. they argue when garcia-zarate picked up a gun on san francisco's pier 14 two years
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ago, he intentionally shot and killed the 32-year-old, but his attorneys say it was an accident. last week police testified the bullet appear todrick shea off the ground before hitting -- appeared to ricochet off the ground before hitting steinle. a search is on for a vandal who keyed multiple cars in pacifica. police believe someone used a key to scratch about 20 cars along terra nova boulevard between friday night and saturday morning. now police urge people in the area to check any surveillance footage. negotiators in san francisco reached a deal to head off a teachers strike. the new contract gives teachers a raise of 11% over three years. they also get bonuses and other add-ons. in addition, the maximum class size in kindergarten through 3rd grade will stay at 22 students. at the high school level teachers will continue to get sabbaticals and they can keep their prep time before advanced placement classes. before the deal was announced
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thousands of san francisco teachers were planning to hold a strike vote this week. dozens of protesters dubbed the stroller brigade rolled into berkeley today and they told kpix5's john ramos their plans to move a medical center will leave patients without the care they need. >> we say fight back! >> reporter: today's protests featured baby strollers as a reminder of alta bates function as the only birthing center and emergency care location in the entire city of berkeley. the hospital's parent company, sutter health, says it plans to eliminate those services here. >> 14.3 billion in assets, they can afford to maintain a full service hospital for this community. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: sutter says it will relocate all emergency and delivery services to a new facility at its summit campus in oakland by the year 2030. that's the deadline set by state law when hospitals can no longer offer acute care from buildings not seismically
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retrofitted. today in a written statement sutter said, "hospital planning takes decades and thus we have no choice but to plan a future seismically compliant facility that continues providing safe care for the east bay community." but nurses, activists and local elected officials say sutter is making a choice not to retrofit the berkeley hospital for business reasons. >> it feels like they're saying they don't want to serve this community anymore because it's financially feasible for them to ask the people here to go to the oakland location. we're saying that's unacceptable. >> reporter: protesters say even though the new location at summit is only 3 miles farther away, that could have life threatening consequences in an emergency. >> it's how far and how long it takes to get to a place when you need care. it's how close it is for that ongoing engagement when your child is in an emergency situation and in intensive care. >> reporter: berkeley's mayor says sutter may have a right to relocate the hospital, but he's
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hoping the company will change its plans if there's enough public outcry. >> this is their emergency room. so what are we going to do as a community? we need to be prepared. we need to make sure that we do not let berkeley become a hospital desert. >> reporter: in berkeley, john ramos, kpix5. >> sutter health says it wants to convert the berkeley campus to a location for doctor's offices, outpatient surgeries and a walk-in clinic, but all pledge and inpatient services -- emergency and inpatient services would be relocated to oakland. president trump wrapped up the first day of his asia trip talking with japan's prime minister about north korea and other pressing issues. the two leaders also found time for a round of golf. >> reporter: president trump gainliest day on the golf course -- began his day on the golf course with the japanese prime minister before holding formal talks on north korea and tried issues sunday. trump spoke to reporters before having dinner at a tokyo restaurant. >> thank you very much for being here. we are in the midst of having
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very major discussions on many subjects including north korea and trade and other things. >> reporter: trump also met and spoke with machinery and japanese service members at a -- american and japanese service members at a joint japanese u.s. military base. >> no one, no dictator, regime or nation, should underestimate ever american resolve. every once in a while in the past they underestimated us. it was not pleasant for them, was it? >> no. >> it was not pleasant. >> reporter: president trump also announced he expects to meet with russian president vladimir putin during his 13 day trip. he told reporters he wants putin's help on north korea. that meeting is expected to take place thursday on the sidelines of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in vietnam. w washington post- at 9 1/2 months into his presidency, mr. trump has set a record, a record low. a new washington post abc news poll found nearly six in 10
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people disapprove of mr. trump's handling of the presidency. they are the lowest approval ratings for any if the after nine months in office. -- for any president after nine months in office. governor brown heads to the u.s. climate change conference in europe for 11 days to promote global cooperation on climate change. even as president trump withdraws the u.s. from the paris pact. >> that's why i'm going to be there, to make sure that america is well represented by people who believe that we have to do something about climate change and significantly and continuously reduce emissions, carbon emissions. >> now brown's latest trip follows similar visits to china and russia earlier this year. next year he plans to host a summit of his own in san francisco. coming up a car bursts into flames, the good samaritans who jumped into action to save the driver, the dramatic rescue all caught on camera. >> plus imagine looking outside your home and seeing this.
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where this mountain lion decided to roam around. >> if you of missed the sunset tonight a few minutes ago, we are presenting it to you in living color. we'll also have the forecast coming up and more rain ahead. we'll be back after a break.
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southern califoirnia early this morning... good samaritans desperately trying to pull a driver from an a dramatic rescue in southern california early this morning, good samaritans desperately trying to pull a driver from an overturned burning car. even a fire extinguisher was useless against the flames. finally a fire truck arrives and puts out the fire and the driver is pulled to safety. he suffered burns and moderate injuries. police believe he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. tens of thousands of marathoners ran through the five boroughs of new york city today under tight security. as wendy gillette reports from
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new york, the city and state took no chances after last week's terror attack in manhattan. >> reporter: it was a sweet victory for chelan flanagan, who became the first american woman in 40 years to win the new york city marathon. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: her triumph might have been the most memorable from sunday's race, but more than 50,000 runners carry their own story from dedication, elation and pain for 26.2 miles. the marathoners who picked up these medals at the finish line ran a course filled with law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. the extraordinary police presence came after tuesday's terror attack in manhattan when a man who said he was inspired by isis drove a pickup truck onto a bike path killing eight people and injuring 11 others. marathoner knox robinson said the increased security was obvious. >> there was a little tension as we got on the buses in the morning, but to know law enforcement was out there sweeping the buses in full
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effect in plain view making sure we were safe means a lot. >> reporter: there were also more vehicles blocking intersections than any other event held in new york city as well as additional k-9 units, counterterrorism teams and snipers. runner andrew nicholson said the added measures were especially comforting after finishing the boston marathon an hour before two bombs detonated in 2013. >> big thanks to the men and blue and everyone else supporting. i feel safe. i felt good running today. >> reporter: race organizers say they did not see a spike in cancellations following last week's terror attack. wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. talk about an unexpected guest at the home of sales force ceo mark benioff, he tweeted a link to this youtube video showing a mountain lion can help says wandered across -- which he says wandered across his yard in the presidio. maybe he was looking for the marconi center, the sight of this week's dream force
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convention. we've got a chance of a few sprinkles overnight but otherwise sunny. it looks that way at least the next two days. then things change midweek. for tomorrow we range within a couple degrees of 60 from the coast to inland, fairly uniform air mass over the bay area for the next few days. the headlight that you see, cars driving into san francisco and the others headed into the marin headlands and as we overlook the golden gate from high atop mount sutro. concord 61 degrees, oakland 56, san francisco 55 degrees, santa rosa 56, partly cloudy to clear skies over the bay area as low pressure just takes up residence over washington state and while they'll get some rain up in the cascades, a little volcanic rain that begins in san francisco stretching through the pacific northwest, we're simply going to get more sunshine with a little weak disturbance coming in tonight. that's why we have the slight
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chance for a sprinkle or two in the wee, small hours, but then sunny and chilly monday and tuesday, temperatures well below average for this time of year, rain and wind wednesday and thursday. looks like it's coming in and it will be heavier wednesday than thursday, not huge amounts, but nevertheless it will be a little winter-like system that will blow in midweek. heading out tomorrow partly cloudy skies at sfo, winds west, northwest at 10, high of 60 degrees. checking some of the larger hubs around the country, seattle has 44 and chicago the same, partly cloudy skies there. l. atl.a.67 and some rain. overnight highs for us mostly upper 30s, 38 degrees at napa tonight, santa rosa down to 38, in fremont 44 degrees. sun-up tomorrow morning at 19 minutes before 7:00. forecast highs are well below average. san francisco 12 degrees cooler than we usually are tomorrow,
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55 degrees. in concord 61, san jose 62 degrees and in oakland only 59, but sunshine nevertheless. in the south bay low 60s and upper 50s, cupertino 61, same morgan hill, milpitas 60 degrees. over in the east bay it's just about the same. there's not much variance in the atmosphere tomorrow over the bay area, temperatures in the low 60s, upper 50s holding through as well for marin, sonoma, solano counties, 62 at novato, 59 petaluma, 61 at santa rosa and mill valley 60 degrees. finally up by lake port 57 and clearlake the same, ukiah 61, st. helena 58 degrees. extended forecast sunshine monday and tuesday after the chance of a few sprinkles tonight and a few lingering clouds early tomorrow morning. wednesday increasing clouds leading to another chance of rain, winds picking up. thursday we go to showers and by friday and saturday we clear
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up, dry out and warm up to the mid-60s next saturday and sunday. expect to get wet by wednesday and nurse. that's weather. as for sports, mr. o'donnell. >> did the 49ers truly make a run at tom brady before the trade dead-line? this is the guy they got. did jimmy g. make his first appearance as a 49er? we'll kick it off next.
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today was a good opportunity for the 49ers to avoid going 0-16 this dennis is here and what are
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you starting with, 9ers? >> yeah. i'm predicting a win next week against the 1-7 new york giants. the time is running thin here, halfway point. the 49ers nearly beat the cardinals last month in arizona when carson palmer was healthy. new quarterback jimmy garoppolo didn't snip the field against arizona today. after a fumble cardinals backup drew stanton rolls out jaron brown for a touchdown and 7-0 lead. adrian peterson has found new life since coming to the cardinals from the saints. he carried five defenders here. he had 159 yards on a career high 37 carries. later in the drive stanton to jermaine gresham, 14-3, the game looking like a rout. near the end of the half stanton had a chance to put it away, but the pass in the middle of the field picked off by eric reid playing
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linebacker. 3rd quarter still 14-3 arizona, c.j. beathard sacked five times. replay shows beathard just barely got the pass off and kept the drive alive, punch in on the 3rd down for the 49ers only touchdown of the game. 14-10 arizona. make it 20-10 cardinals. less than three minutes 49ers inside the 10, but beathard's pass deflected and that was the game. 49ers lose 20-10. they're 0-9 in. losing, though, kyle shanahan praised the toughness of his quarterback. >> he's shown it to me every time he played. he showed it in college a lot. you know, it was one of the things that i liked about him the most, showed it last week. there was something that he missed bouncing off trent's helmet, but i thought c.j. did a lot of good things today, too. it could have looked a lot better for him we caught a lot
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of those balls, also. >> the 49ers acquired garoppolo from new england monday, but he wasn't the only patriots quarterback that john lynch asked about. >> he calls bill belichick and says hey, we'd like to trade for garoppolo and at the time belichick said absolutely not. he's completely off limits. so lynch calls back and actually asks if garoppolo is off limits, will you trade us tom brady and belichick said what did you just ask me and he said i'm asking, will you trade us tom brady. garoppolo is off limits. he said did you just ask me if i'd trade tom brady? >> he said yeah. he said did you just ask if i'd trade the greatest quarterback of all time? john said is that a no '. >> it's safe to say lynch -- no? >> it's safe to say lynch wasn't calling about eli manning's availability. the former calstar setting a new career lie with four
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touchdown passes, l.a. wins 51-17. new york is 1-7. they come to levi's next sunday. last year's no. 2 pick carson wentz has been even better throwing four more touchdowns today, two to jeffries. lynch has 23 for the season, the most in the nfl. they blow out denver. that's their seventh straight win, 8-1. broncos lost four straight. they are 3-5. the cowboys welcoming tony romo back to dallas calling his first game. smith to hill, nice little modest gain, no easy scores, right? hill steps on the gas, runs by everybody. that's a 56-yard surprise touchdown. chiefs would score on their first drive of the 3rd quarter. they led 17-14, but the cowboys respond, 14 unanswered, prescott to beasley, second score of the game. dallas wins 28-17.
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they're 5-3. kansas city is juggling. they're 6-3. how about nascar in texas. kevin harvick's crew setting up for a strong finish. harvick who won in sonoma in the summer pass the truex, jr. with nine laps to go. harvick and truex, jr. clinch two of the three remaining championship spots in the final race. the raiders are about to kick it off in miami, an 8:30 start. that's a late start. >> we'll have all the highlights tonight on gameday, i assume, 9ers. >> we'll talk to ken inman and get his in sights on the latest loss. >> they got them next week. >> i predict they will beat the new york giants next week. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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participated in a blind date party in shanghai, china. men and women sat around try to get to k finally tonight talk about pressure, more than 12,000 people participated in a blind date party in shanghai, china. men and women sat around the table to try to get to know each other in under eight minutes. these super size parties have become the latest trend in china. there you go. >> date in haste, repent and lose her. >> that's it for us at 5:00. >> it is indeed. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. >> news updates always on we'll see you soon.
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captioning spo cbs >> quijano: another deadly church shooting. shots are fired inside a baptist church in texas. several are dead including the shooter. also tonight, president trump's approval rating remains at a historic low as he begins an important visit to asia. >> on your mark,. >> quijano: they are not running scared. tens of thousands race in the new york city marathon just days after a deadly terror attack. new allegations of sexual misconduct against actor kevin spacey. the son of a celebrity comes forward. and lights, camera, wildlife. >> it was click boom mountains, my mind is blown.


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