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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 5, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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captioning spo cbs >> quijano: another deadly church shooting. shots are fired inside a baptist church in texas. several are dead including the shooter. also tonight, president trump's approval rating remains at a historic low as he begins an important visit to asia. >> on your mark,. >> quijano: they are not running scared. tens of thousands race in the new york city marathon just days after a deadly terror attack. new allegations of sexual misconduct against actor kevin spacey. the son of a celebrity comes forward. and lights, camera, wildlife. >> it was click boom mountains, my mind is blown.
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>> quijano: we're tracking an elusive star in the hollywood hills. >> this is the this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. a small community in south texas was shattered today by a deadly mass shooting inside a church. a gunman opened fire at the first baptist church in sutherland springs, about 30 miles outside san antonio. the pastors wife tells cbs news their 14 year old daughter was killed along with many friends. the shooter is dead following a police chase. omar villafranca is at the scene. >> reporter: another mass shooting, this one inside first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas, a tiny town of several hundred. the gunman dressed in black with a tact kill vest identified as def inpatrick kelley parked his car at the gas station, crossed the street and opened fire with a sporting type rifle on worshipers outside the church killing two before entering the church where he slaughtered 23
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others. another victim died at the hospital. 20 others were injured in the attack. the victim's range in age from five to 72. texas governor greg abbott. >> the traj gee, of course, is worsened by the fact that it occurred in a church, a place of worship. where these people were innocently gunned down. >> reporter: the gunman who served four years in the air force before receiving a dishonorable discharge in 2014 fled in a vehicle after the attack. he later died after his vehicle was run off the road. one of the first victims identified was 14 year old anna bell palmroy the daughter of the pastor seen here preparing at this service last week. he and his wife were out of town during the shooting. joann ward, a mother of four was also shot, along with three of her kids. terry who works at a fearby convenience store said she heard over a dozen shots ring out. >> well, we went running outside when we heard the shots. and then we looked at each other
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and said i'm not going to be outside for bullets to fly because we heard ricochet. >> some of the victims were airlifted to local hospitals with gunshot wounds. people rushed to the scene to help the wounded. reverend paul buford. >> my wife who is a nurse at the local hospital went in to action. we have a deputy that was in there that went into action, along with other people. we got ready and we just did what we do, we prayed. >> reporter: president trump responded to the shooting during his trip abroad. >> we will never, ever leave their side, ever. omar villafranca, cbs news, sutherland springs, texas. >> quijano: wednesday marks one year since president trump was elected. tonight the president is in japan, the first stop on his five nation swing through asia. a new poll out today shows mr. trump's approval rating at this point in his presidency is lower than any u.s. president in seven decades. just 37% approve of the way mr. trump is handling his job.
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margaret brennan is traveling with the president. >> no one, no dictator, no regime and no nation should underestimate ever american resolve. >> reporter: the warning to north korea was unmistakable. president trump's first stop in asia was this u.s. air base. >> should i put it on? yeah! >> reporter: where the commander in chief donned a bomber jacket in front of cheering troops. and renewed a pledge to defend japan. >> you instill confidence in the hearts of our allies, and you strike fear in the hearts of our enemies. >> reporter: and tokyo needs that reassurance. in recent months, north korea has launched two ballistic missiles over its territory. unity was the message as japan's prime minister shinzo abe warmly embraced mr. trump, presenting him with campaign-style baseball
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caps that said donald and shinzo make alliance even greater. the two leaders then played nine holes of golf. while their wives had tea and went shopping for pearls at a high end boutique. >> doing very well, the relationship is really extraordinary. >> reporter: later they met for dinner at a tokyo restaurant. >> we like each other. and our countries like each other. and i don't think we've ever been closer to japan than we are right now. >> reporter: and the president is in need of a boost at the end of a tough week in washington. two trump campaign aides were indicted as part of that ongoing russia investigation, one pled guilty. elaine, the president is expected to meet with vladimir putin later in the week. >> margaret brennan, thank you. >> let's bring in our chief washington correspondent and "face the nation" host john dickerson. john, former interim chair of the democratic national committee donna braz ille admitted in-- brazile admitted
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in her new book she considered a backup presidential ticket after hillary clinton fainted at the 9/11 memorial during the campaign. how does the in-fighting within the dnc affect the future of the democratic party? >> well, this book that donna brazile has written kind of kicks a braws that has been sitting there a little bit dorm ant in the public sphere. there has been a fight in the democratic party since the 2016 election. this exacerbates that fight. it shows how real that fight is, how there is disunity in the democratic party. there is no one kind of leader out of the pack and it's probably not tbing to get resolved until 2020. >> quijano: you have two big gubernatorial races coming up in virginia and new jersey. how do you think that disunity within the democratic party will impact the outcomes of the upk078ing elections? >> well, the most important one are the one everybody is looking and is very likely to overread, but let's-- is the one in virginia because virginia say
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purple state, kind of trending blue and it's now very cle. and the question really at heart there is what kind of a race needs to be run to turn out democratic voters. you need a message that really energizes them and was the candidate in virginia good enough to do that, or is this a flaw in the actual party. and that will be debated endlessly as we see the actual results. >> quijano: all right, john dickerson, thanks for the insight. >> the new york city marathon went off without a hitch today. just days after a deadly terrorist attack. here's tony dokoupil. >> new york city streets usually filled with cars and buses were instead filled with more than 50,000 runners at the new york city marathon. the course wound through the city's five boroughs with more than two and a half million people looking on. after tuesday's terror attack which killed eight people, the city deployed the largest security force in race history. police deployed ka nien units,
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metal detectors, barriers, rooftop observation teams, snipers and undercover officers at the finish line, new york governor cuomo addressed the added security. >> trains, tunnels, bridges, airports, you will all-- you will see an increased presence of law enforcement in all of those locations. will you also see an increase in the amount of equipment, dogs, et cetera. mayor bill de blasio. >> we have people here from all over the globe. my message is we will keep them safe. >> reporter: despite the threat of terror, a spirit of competition prevailed. >> was there any consideration to pull out when you heard about that terror attack. >> no consideration at all. >> no, i'm locked and loaded and ready to go. >> i have been apprehensive about running the marathon but i also realize i can't let it stop me. >> reporter: american shalane flanagan won the race ening a 40 year grout tor american women in
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the marathon. flanagan said the terror attack was on her mind the whl race. the first 23 miles that she trailed, and the final push when she said she was running for all americans. elaine? >> quijano: tony dokoupil, tony, thank you. an anticorruption crackdown in saudi arabia this weekend targeted. so country's most powerful princes and businessmen. they include rivals of the air heir to the throne, the crown prince. >> the arrests were announced on state-run television and featured some of the country's most powerful. among them billionaire investor prince al-waleed bin talal who owns or has owned major takes-- stakes in american companies like citigroup, apple and twitter, one of the world's richest men, he's also outspoken. once get into a twitter argument with then presidential candidate donald trump, are you a disgrace, not only to the gop but to all america. will you never win. he wrongly predicted.
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trump fired back tweeting that dopey prince wants to control our u.s. politicians with daddy's money. the origin of that wealth along with the fortunes of at least ten other princes are now under investigation. headed by the crown prince mohammed bin salman the 32 year old son and top advisor of king salman. both father and son greeted president trump during his first foreign policy trip last may. while this crackdown has been applauded by some as cleaning up house, others say it's the young prince's bold move to consolidate power. the fate of the detained royals and their assets are unclear. reportedly taken to the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh where they are under house arrestment jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> quijano: coming up next, new allegations of sexual misconduct against actor kevin spacey from the son of a celebrity. later we're on the trail of an elusive star in the hollywood
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hills. a new mountain lion has moved in.
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>> quijano: actor kevin spisy is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct. the latest accusations come from the son of a celebrity, jamie yuccas is following this. >> reporter: the new allegations are from the son of actor richard dreyfus who was in the room nine years ago when kevin spacey allegedly groped his son harry. gahay rrve an buzzfeed saturday. it happened when dreyfus was 18. he wrote in part the three of us were alone in kevin's apartment rehearsing my father's lines. my father didn't see, and i didn't tell him about the incident for many years. a lawyer representing spacey told the website they deny the allegation. this isn't the first accusation against spacey for sexual harassment and assault. netflix cut ties with the actor friday night. it's just the latest in a string of high profile hollywood sexual assault or harassment
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allegations. dozens against movie producer harvey weinstein and actor alec baldwin is now finding himself in the middle of the weinstein controversy. baldwin is being accused of victim blames after an interview with pbs newshour. >> you heard the rumor that he raped rose mcgowan, you heard that over and over, we heard that for decades, and nothing was done. nobody said anything. >> but what happened was that rose mcgowan took a payment of $100,000 and settled her case with him and itor was f r case.e >> she took to twit tore respond saying baldwin's comnts were proof that no one cared. elaine, baldwin then announced his own break from twitter saying it was never his intention to blame the victim and that his heart goes out to anyone affected by sexual harassment. >> quijano: jamie yuccas, thanks. up next, is amazon getting ready to enter the drug store war selling prescription medications?
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>> quijano: this past week the drug store wars heated up. the pharmacy change cvs was reported to be in talks to acquire aetna, the nation's third largest health insurance company. there is also talk that online retail giant amazon could soon be selling prescription drugs. dean reynolds has more on this. >> reporter: if you think amazon has had a limited impact on the market place, you might try looking for your local radio shack or borders books. and now having expanded beyond books into delivery services and lately groceries, amazon is sending tremors through a new target of opportunity, drug stores. amazon won't confirm such a move but in recent months it's won approval from 12 states to become a wholesale distributer of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. stocks of rite aid, cvs and walgreen's took a hit just from
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the hints. >> if the company even thinks about looking in the direction of a particular product or service, it seems to have a ripple effect. >> reporter: rj hottovy is a business analyst at morning star. >> i think it will take some time for them to really build up. >> reporter: because prescriptions are not books or records and as the nation faces an opioid epidemic, the company would have to take care not to worsen the flood of pain-killing medication. >> this isn't like a lot of the other industries they have gone after before. there is more regulatory barriers, data sharing barriers they have to go through. >> you will now be able to use amazon key with amazon has already raised security questions with a new service, amazon key. which enables delivery drivers to drop off packages inside your home with a special smart door lock. >> still, a recent survey by wells fargo found five out of ten american adults would likely use an amazon pharmacy if they could. probably because amazon's previous entry into a particular
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sector has had two results, one is lower prices and the other is happier consumer dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> still ahead, we'll take you inside the ten-point coalition where religious lead ares and former gang members have joined forces to reduce crime.
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>> attorney general jeff sessions visits indianapolis tomorrow to meet with the ten point coalition, a group of religious leaders, community volunteers and former gang members who have joined forces to reduce crime. as demarco morganwo# reports, te
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coalition could become a model for cities across the country. >> and do you go everywhere with your gun. >> everywhere. >> brittany joans stands watch on this indianapolis street corner with an automatic pistol on her hip as her two young boys play in the yard. >> to make sure that i'm safe and my children are safe, i do it. >> are you afraid to use it. >> i'm not. >> her father was murdered on these streets more than 20 years ago. but she says crime seems even worse now. >> it makes you not want to be social or hang out, have barbecues, let your kids go to the park. >> reporter: with 149 murders, 2016 set a new record as the deadliest year ever for indianapolis. breaking the previous record which had just been set in 2015. but this group of preparers and ex-cons who walk the streets after the sunsets, it's part of a new approach to fight back against the gangs and drug dealers. >> we put og's on the street, this is the original gang. >> former gang members.
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>> pastor charles harrison is president of the ten point coalition. >> we put them on the street because they still hold street creds so they are interacting with these young people and helping to redirect their lives. >> tone point has had remarkable success in the butler-tarkington neighborhood. it spans just over a tenth of a mile but had four homicides in just two months in 2015. ten point started patrolling there right after that and now the neighborhood has gone almost two year was a homicide. >> commander chris bailey of the indianapolis police department took notice. >> my phone constantly rang. and it was reverend harrison a lot of times giving me information on a crime that occurred here or a potential incident that could occur based on what they were seeing by walking around. >> ten point goal is to expand their presence into other indianapolis neighborhoods, regardless of how dangerous they might be. >> are you ever afraid for your life, it's pretty tough out here. >> well, there are times when you are, particularly when you hear the gunshots.
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>> reporter: fear just maybe the driving force for this coalition, fear of losing another life to the streets. demarco morgan, cbs news, indianapolis. >> quijano: when we return, a mysterious and majestic new cat is on the prowl in the hollywood hills.
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>> quijano: we end tonight in the foothills of the santa monica mountains above los angeles better known of course as the hollywood hills, home to the top dogs in show business and some magnificent cats, mountain lions. carter evans tells us they have a cool new neighbor. >> i have heard of many reports of mountain lions through the years living up here. >> you just never had the proof. >> exactly. >> high in the hollywood hills conservationist fonnee tucci was curious about the wildlife still in this urban jungle. >> i puerto the camera here. >> he left it here in june and captured the usual squirrels and deer but earlier this week when he downloaded the most recent
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images. >> it was click, boom, mountain lion, my mind was blown. >> several mountain lions or pumas are known to inhabit the santa monica mountains, most are tagged and well-documentedment but the big cat in this picture has no tracking clar. so nothing is known about-- collar so nothing is phone about its whereabouts except that it likely had to cross one of the busiest freeways in the country to get here. >> it's actually kind of amazing that he with still have mountain lions in los angeles. >> seth riley an ecologist with the national park service which tracks the mountain lions says they're not usually aggressive toward people. >> it's pretty clear mountain lions don't think of people as prey because this mountain lion is seeing thousands of people every day, like if it thought of people as prey it would have already attacked someone. >> what is a concern is how the big cat will interact with the only other mountain lion known to stalk this area. called p-22 and he became something of a celebrity when he was caught on camera near the
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hollywood sign. and mown tay lions are extremely ter tor-- territorial. >> if it is a male what happened between p-22, if it is a female, do they mate. >> regardless of what happens, tucci's organization, citizens for los angeles wildlife or claw is trying to protect the last few wile life corridors in l.a. including this undeveloped plot. why is this 17 acre parcel so important. why do you need to keep this empty. >> because this is potentially his living room or den. it needs to be preserved. and the hallways, the wildlife corridors also need to be preserved so this animal can thrive. >> no one knows how long the animal has been living on this prime real estate but for the time being, at least, this big city cat remains one of hollywood's more elusive celebrities. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> quijano: amazing animals. that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm elaine quijano in new y
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live in the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> we are following breaking news, tragedy in texas. tonight at least 26 people are dead after a gunman stormed their church and opened fire on sunday services. we will have the very latest. >> but first new at 6:00 a neighborhood off limits. dozens of people whose houses were spared by the wine country wildfires just learned they won't be moving back in any time soon. good evening. >> tonight the devastated journeys and mobile home park in santa rosa is off limits indefinitely. katie neilson is there now with the toxic concern forcing the closure. >> here's the entrance to journeys and mobile home park in santa rosa and it's been red tagged. if you take a look you can
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actually see the red tape blocking the entrance and also a sign saying that it has been condemned by the epa. residents are now left asking what's next? >> our community, our neighbors. >> you can hear the pain in michelle trammel's voice as she talks about her home of 12 years. it was once a senior citizens community with about 150 mobile homes. but early monday morning on october 9th the tubs fire ripped through the park. michelle is one of the lucky 40 whose mobile home wasn't destroyed. >> our homes are still standing. what's going to happen with our homes? are we going to be able to go home? >> those are the questions michelle and her neighbors are now asking. they were allowed back into the park on friday. it was the first time they had had access since the fires. but were quickly told by code enforcement officers they had to


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