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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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17th, i think. well, you know what else we're going to have a bit of rain eventually in the forecast. today we're going to have a drier commute. taking a livelook out right now of our tower you can see it's a little bit cloudy. temperatures right noware milder just about average concord 51, santa rosa 45 and our doppler doesn't have a whole lot on her the as you drive in you might see a few sprinkles. i'll tell you about that in a little bit more coming up. right now we're tracking all those diamonds along 580, headlights heading westbound making your way from 205 to 680 in the yellow. starting to seefew slow downs. at the baybridge toll plaza a bit of a back up in a couple of the cash lanes. fast track good to go. your ride along highway 4 and the east shore freeway still moving right at the limit. back over to you. .
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police in texas are still trying to figure out why a military veteran walked into a church yesterday and gunned down 26 people in the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history. it happened in the middle of services yet morning in the small town of sutherland spring near san antonio. police say26-year old devin kelly opened fire with a rifle from outside the church targeting the people inside. the youngest victim wasjust 5 years old. >> it was bad. i mean, i tried to -- tried to help as many people as i could, you know. and it's just -- you can't explain it. your minddoesn't want to grasp it. youknow, the shock of it. >> kelly was confronted by an armed neighbor who heard the shots. he jumped in his car and drove away. his car crashed afew miles await a minute kelly was found dead inside. it'sunclear who fired the shot. investigators are trying to track kelly's movements before
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the attack. >> these events don't just usually occur randomly or you don't just wake up one morning and say hey, i think i'm going to commit this horrific act. there's usually some sort of planning, some very specific targets you have in mind that wouldn't surprise me if this individual had some connection to the church, or individuals in the church. . >> kelly recently lived with his wife about 35 miles away from sutherland springs. investigators are searching his home for clues now. they'relooking through his social media posts including one that appears to show an ar 15 rifle. 3 yearsago kelly was discharged from the air force for bad conduct for assaulting his wife and child. that's different than a dishonorable discharge which would have made it illegal for kelly to buy a gun. >> president trump addressed the church shooting yesterday saying it does not warrant new gun control measures. the presidentis in japan as part of his 12-day trip.
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one of the maingoals is to boost u.s. trade in the region. he's also expectedto discuss the north korean nuclear threat. >> japan consistently supports the position of president trump when he says all options are on the table. >> the next stop on the 5 country tour is south korea. the president says he expects to meet with the russian president during this trip. now, governorbrown continues his push to fight climate change this europe this morning. we have more onwhat the governor hopes to accomplish. he's a chief adversary to president trump's battle over climate change policy. brown says he's representing everyone who believes we have to do something about climate change. the bigpart of what's called the under 2 coalition. the groupcommitted to supporting the paris agreement's goal of keeping the
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rise in afternoon global temperatures below 2 degrees. he says the goalshould be to get to zero emissions by 2050. >> we don't get a news flash to say we're about to tip over into some irs reversible run away in our climate system. those arerisks. that's why it's urgentthat every state, every nation, every corporation, every center of power feel a responsibility to do the maximum. >> he has been named the special advisor for states and regions at the u.s. climate change conference in germany. he's onan 11-day trip to europe. histrip followed visits to china and russia earlier this year to promote collaboration on climate change. next year he's planningon hosting a summit here in san francisco.
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some groups are saying [audio difficulty]. >> overhauled its advisory board on friday adding new members to them. they're getting criticism for saying the air quality in the u.s. is too clean for optimum health. . a hearing will be held today for the man convicted of killing misses morgan hill girl lamar. his attorneys are asking for a retrial. torres was convictedback in june. the defense fileda motion to remove the judge from the case claiming she never closed she represented the county. sentencing has beenpushed back because of the motion. . train riders in south san francisco can expect a brand new station as part of a major improvement project breaking ground today.
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we're near grand avenue and airport boulevard with a look at what's to come. . >> reporter: good morning. a little hard to tell because it's so dark outside right now. below the 101 overpass behind me that's where the groundbreaking ceremony will take place a little later this morning. thatis the area that city leaders are hoping will transform the downtown area of south san francisco. we have somerenderings of what they're hoping the project will look like when it's all said and done. the $61 million projectwill create a new 700-foot boarding platform and a pedestrian underpass. the cityis hoping the station will boost housing and businesses stunt to. the upgrades are adding safety measures. it's supposed to give easier access to pedestrians looking to ride. the groundbreaking is going to be at 11:00 this morning. a lotof local leaders, a state senator is planning on being here. right now the goal is tohave construction finished by summer 2019. so you still havea little ways
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to wait before that will be finished. . >> tonight the city council meeting includes the fire department. they're trying tofigure out how to split expenses and how to address firefighters's concerns over their contract changes. itbuilds upon 3 years of slowly moving toward a unified system. police are looking for the they have who stole guns and ammunition from an unmarked police car. >> and how tax reform could have a big effect on the health care system. waking up with mild temperatures this morning. maybe a few sprinkles. i'lltell what you to expect for the rest of the week coming up. and 101 at 580 heading through the north bay we'll tell you why chp is getting multiple reports of a multiple
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hazard that could slow you down coming up.
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numbers today... on the number of wildfire victims who've applied for emergency housing. more than fi and homes were d in sonoma coun months fire . fema is expect to have hard
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numbers today on the number of victims that applied for emergency housing. more than5,000 homes were destroyed in last month's fire storm. femawill bring in rvs and housing. >> we don't category rise preference by class of individual or by age range or income. those aren't fact that's weigh into this process. it's literally a complete the documentation, and as units are available you get placed kind of process process. >> fema says it's not the plan to put people in rvs long-term. starting today teams will be sent out to appraise properties affected by the north bay fires. sod san francisco city leaders will take part in a push to encourage residents to sign up for health care. the openenrollment period began last week. there has been confusionabout the impact of the political battle over the affordable care act.
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the republican tax plan could eliminate the mandate requiring american to say purchase health insurance or face a fine. todaylawmakers are expected to debate and vote on the changes made to the plan over the weekend. itcan add a maximum of one and a half trillion dollars to the deficit over the next decade and repealing the individual health care mandate could cover the cost of other reported changes to the bill. those includeallowing homeowners to deduct mortgage interest and making didn't business owners eligible for tax rates. rand paul has injuries after being attacked at his home. aman ran up and knocked him to the ground in front of his home on friday. an advisor says hehas 5 broken ribs and lung injuries. the neighbor isfacing an assault charge. themotive for the attack is still unclear.
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someone stole guns from an unmarked police car in san francisco and now the search is on for the weapons and suspect. the break in happened at a restaurant friday night when a they have smashed out a window. it belong today a sergeant with the san mateo county sheriffs office. the they have got anfbi wind breaker and bulletproof vest. it's unclear whether ornot they were left out in plain view or locked away. . >> first there's going to be a shotgun, a weather basised 12 page pump action blue steel with a brown stock. the secondfirearm is a coltar 4 black in color. >> last year lawmakers passed a bill requiring officers to lock handguns in safes inside their vehicles. it does not apply tolong guns like the ones stolen friday. it's not clear if anypolicies have been violated. . time 5:13. let's get acheck of the roads.
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>> good morning. right nowwe're tracking in the green making your way over towards the richmond bring, a live look near the toll plaza only an 8-minute ride. along 101 as you connect up from 580 you can see traffic doing fine in both directions. we weregetting multiple reports of a deer that was struck by a car. looks like this is southbound 101. so right now in the greendoes not appear to be slowing anyone down. you may see somethat have debris out on the roadways there. over along 880tracking a new accident, still in the green looks like the active cleared over to the shoulder. the bay bridge tollplaza definitely seeing a backup, good monday morning. still in the green 10-minute ride, metering lights have not
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been turned on yet. right nowyour ride along 580, own one in the yellow 27 minutes between 205 and 680. let's check in now with the forecast. >> a mild start to the morning although a little bit cloudy. taking a live look out to the golden gate bridge you can see traffic moving right now. ourtemperatures in san francisco 54 degrees a little bit cooler in the north bay, 45 in santa rosa, 51 in concord right now our satellite and radar you can see this low pressure system that's sitting right here kicking off just a few sprinkles that you might see on your way into work this morning. although this right here is what you need to pay attention to a little bit later in the week. i'll talk about that in just a moment. you can see thesprinkles over the bay and a heavy cloud cover this morning starting your week off. thecloud cover is going to start to move out. a mix of sun andclouds moving into the afternoon and evening hours. then movinginto tuesday you'll see those clouds are going to make their way out. it will be thenicest day of the week unfortunately for us.
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thenfuturecast is showing by wednesday evening, about 8:00 or so you're going to see rain specifically in the north bay but for everyone you'll see some form of a shower here or there. some things to remember today you're going to have a cloudy start, partly cloudy afternoon. tuesday will thereby more sunshine and then the afternoon highs are going to be more mild. mid-week the clouds will return, and again, wednesday you'll see that rain in the afternoon for the evening hours. our hightemperatures today 56- degree in half-moon bay, 63 in morgan hills, in the east bay temperatures are going to be just as mild, 63 degrees in brentwood, 61 in vallejo. around the bay cooler, 56 in santa rosa, far north bay 60 degrees. so, again a mix of sun and clouds today. and then by tuesday everything is going to start to clear up and dry out.
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wednesday that rain is going to return spilling into showers on thursday. friday a mix of sunand clouds. saturday things aregoing to dry out. by sunday theclouds are going to start to return. we may see a fewshowers. hopefully things willcity dry for the weekend. trending now an unusual wildlife encounter in san francisco. the unexpected guest was spotted lurking outside this man's home. he posted this video and of course it shows a mountain lion strolling across his front yard. some joked he might have been looking for a shortcut to the site of the dream force convention. teigan is making an ohio waitress happy. she left a onethousand dollars tip at restaurant last week. thewaitress says it's the
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largest one of her life and plans to share with it her co- workers. . tom shanks is promoting his new book and little did he know he'd help a couple get engaged. very sweet the proposal happened during a question and answer session at the end of the event. he pulledthe couple on stage so everyone could watch. after the proposalhe hugged the couple, snapped a few pictures with them and gave them his best wishes. the latest ad creating buzz on social media, the one minute add entitled change shows a young woman being taught how to drive by her father. it follows the country's decision earlier this year to allow women to drive. coke says the ad is meant to promote the empowerment of women. while some are praisingit,
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others are claiming the company is trying to profit. last year coke announced its plans to build a boughtling plant. okay the 49ers win their first game of the year? onegood sign best mode is back and back big that's coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominationto us and we may feature your school on our thursday morning show.
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. good morning. time is 5:22. taking a live look at the metering lights at the bay bridge. have they been turnedon? we'll find out coming up. . a sure sign of the holiday season this year's macy's thanksgiving day balloons were on full display this weekend. the team held a test flight. some new faces made their debut. . negotiations -- negotiators in san francisco have reached a deal to head off a teachers's strike. it gives them a raiseof 11% over 3 years. inaddition the maximum class
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size in kindergarten through 3rd grade will stay at 22 students. at the high school level teachers will continue to get -- they can keep their prep time before advanced placement classes. before the deal wasannounced thousands of teachers were planning to hold a strike vote this week. the raiders still have a bit of work to do to get back in the playoff picture. a lot ofsunday night would have sealed their fate. lynch back afterbeing suspended. maybe they should throw to him more often, 2 catches this season, less than 5 minutes to play raiders up, raiders beat the dolphins to improve to 4-5. not dead yet.
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. >> aired threw a pair of touchdowns. san francisco isnow 0-9. they host the 1-7giants next sunday. the chase for the cup is heating up. 9 laps to go, harvick clinched 2 of the 4 spots in the final race of the season on the 19th. so it looks like the49ers have to wait until next weekend when they host the 1-7 giants to try and get their first win, the raiders will a bye. here's the play of the day from the nfl chiefs and cowboys in dallas. kansas city with theball with 2 seconds left in the first half. >> in the end zone. there it is. he went around him. look at him go.
5:25 am
impossible. touchdown kansascity. . >> hill taking the pass from smith and then taking it all the way to the house weaving in and out, 56 yards for the touchdown and your play of the day. . next steps for fire victims here, tax relief and transitional housing, details coming up. >> a mass shooting in a tiny town. i'm in texas where this community is in mourning after more than 2-dozen people were killed during church services.
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. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. the governor brown is continuing his fight against
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climate change. >> and san francisco base air b and b is about to have a bigger presence in its home city. and a cloudy start to your week. it's going to make for amild start to your week as well. we're starting to see the backup develop along the bay bridge heading into san francisco, the metering lights are on. . good morning. it's monday,november 6th. . >> this morning the south texas community of sutherland springs is in mourning after a gunman killed 26 people and wounded several others inside one of the town's churches. we have the latest on the investigation. . >> reporter: sutherland springs is hurting this morning. peoplehere want answers as the sun comes up. they want to know whysome people went into that church to pray and didn't come out alive. a decide after the worst mass
5:30 am
shooting in texas history, investigators are still trying to determine a motive. more than 2-dozen people including several children were shot and killed during sunday's services at the first ban twice church of -- baptist church of sutherland springs. >> put your arm around your kids and let them know how much you love them. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 5 to 72 years old. >> it was bad. i tried to helpas many people as i could, you know. and it's just -- youcan't explain it. your minddoesn't want to grasp, you know the shock of it. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as devin kelly a 26-year old air force veteran who was discharged for bad conduct 3 years ago. >> went all the way up to front firing as he was going and then turned around going out the door . at that point we believe he dropped his -- his
5:31 am
rifle. a citizen was across the street. they engaged in fire fight for just a little bit. >> reporter: the gunman was followed in his car into a neighboring county and drove off the road. when police arrivedthe man was dead. >> at the time we believe that he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: this is a rural community 35 miles east of san antonio. on sunday a localresident described it as the kind of place where everybody knows everybody, including the people who were killed. devin kelly was in the u.s. air force from 2010 to 2014. he wasdisciplined for assault on his wife and a child. at this pointinvestigators are not releasing a motive. . >> do we know anything about what the shooter did right before the massacre? did anyonesee him? >> reporter: well, the gas -- there's a gas station across
5:32 am
the street from this church. somewitnesses are telling us that they saw him dressed in all black, wearing tactical gear and appear protective vest. theysaw him walk into the church shooting. . >> thank you. . starting today teens from the assessor's office will be sent out to survey the areas destroyed by the wildfires. . >> reporter: good morning. that's right. a team of 2 willcome out and look at all of the properties, inspect fire damaged properties and reassess their values. that could mean majortax relief for some homeowners out here. this is coming at thesame time that the county prepares to open up transitional housing. fema will have unitsat the county fairgrounds. they're looking at when 180 to 200 rv spaces.
5:33 am
it's estimatedthat 5,000 homes were destroyed in the fire including at the mobile home park journey's end. the epa red tagged thatpark because of asbestos contamination. now, residentsare wondering what's next. >> everybody is trying to load their stuff up and they were told us we were no longer allowed. the epa shut us downand they're condemning it. >> reporter: officials say they'll get more advanced test results wednesday and know whether or not folks can go back into journey's end because a lot of the mobile home parks are okay and people can live in them. now, as for areas likecoffee park that's where you're going to see the inspector today and all this week. they saythey'll have ids on them and marked vehicles for homeowners who are wondering who is around their properties. . >> which property owners will see property tax relief? . >> reporter: that's a good
5:34 am
question. it's for owners whohave more than ten thousand dollars worth of damages. back to you. >> thank you. time now 5:34. let's get acheck of the forecast. >> it is going to be be a cloudy start to the week. it will be alittle bit milder. you knowwhat, we're going to have one really nice day. those of youlooking forward to sunshine, tuesday is going to be your only shot for the most part. takinga live look out at san francisco right now. you can see cloudcover, just keeping us nice and mild this morning. sanfrancisco 54 degrees, concord, 52, santa rosa cooler at 43 degrees. headlines todaymostly cloudy start, some sprinkles on your way into work maybe. just depending where youare. a cool afternoon with afew sun and clouds. and then wewill see rain return in the forecast about mid-week. ourhigh temperatures today 63 degrees in santa rosa, cooler along the coast. sanjose 63. inland areas64 degrees in fairfield. ourtemperatures are going to be
5:35 am
relatively mild at our below seasonal for today with a mix of sun and clouds. tuesday the sunwill return. wednesday is thatrain i was talking about. andi'll tell you about your weekend coming up. right now we're tracking some slow-downs, a bit of tapping of the brakes making your way along the east shore freeway. your commute startingto get a bit heavy. making yourway down towards the maze you can see that traffic definitely is starting to back up. we havethe metering lights on. now,it's in the yellow about a 15-minute ride into san francisco. there's the toll plaza there and everybody lining up trying to get into the city this morning. 580 in yellow. hoe 4 justjumped into the yellow starting to see more delays. highway 37 remains in the green, 26 minutes between 80 and 101. that is a check of yourtraffic.
5:36 am
back over to you guys. today the governor travel to say germany for the u.n. climate change conference. . >> we're joined now with more on what the governor hopes to accomplish on this trip. >> the governor can calling climate change a threat. he'son a mission to fill what he sees as a void of leadership on policy here in the u.s. especially after the tahoe withdraw from a climate accord. he's in europe in week saying he's representing everyone. he's part of what is called the under 2 coalition a global group committed to supporting the paris agreement's goal of keeping the rise in global average temps blown 2 degrees. he says the goal should be to get to zero emissions by 2050. >> it's a collaborative effort to come to terms with climate change and execute the actions needed. .
5:37 am
>> brown has been named the special advisor for states and regions at the coverage. he ison an 11-day trip to europe. brown's trip follows visits to china and russia earlier this year to promote collaboration on climate change. next year he's hosting a summit here in san francisco. . san francisco's largest apartment landlord will begin allowing tenants to rent out their units on airbnb. they own more than 5,000 units in the city. they can rent as long as they use the ab and b platform. . drivers may be feeling a little pain at the pump these days but stockholders are seeing the gain. we have those stories and more in this money watch report. goodmorning. . >> reporter: good morning.
5:38 am
we're watching once again close in record territory. the price of gas jumped $0.07 over the last 2 weeks on average a gallon costs $2.58, that is $0.32 more than where it was the same time a year ago. incalifornia the average is more than 320. the survey blames a spike in oil prices. starbucks is selling its tea brand. they'll only sell onebrand in stores. they announcedthis year it was closing all of its stand- alone stores. and there's been an unprecedented shake up in the ruling family. dozens of seniorprinces and business top officials are under arrest. many of those arrested are
5:39 am
potential rivals or critics of the prince. another retailer is joining the black friday battle. letthe sales begin. >> costco is planning to sell tvs as part of its offerings. no official word yet on pricing. right now an80-inch vizio is selling for $2,500 that's a little bit more than a 15% discount of their normal price. >> bigger, better and cheaper for the consumers, we love it. thank you so much. . bay area wine lovers come together for a taste of the good stuff and to support a good cause. . >> plus a major improvement project is on the way for the train station in south san francisco. i'll have thedetails on what you can expect ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. . good monday morning. acloudy start to your week although temperatures are mild. there will be rain returning mid-week i'll tell you about that coming up. new details about the man in texas who opened fire at a church yesterday killing 26 people. police say the formerin-laws of 26-year old devin kelly had attended that church quote from time to time. we'llbring you more details in just a few minutes. signs of progress in a community affected by the wine country wildfires. the centerfor the arts will reopen today, about 30,000 square feet of the campus were destroyed in last month's fire but the main building remains intact. thecenter is continuing to reschedule events that were cancelled by the fires. all right. wine loversflocked to san
5:43 am
francisco's festival to help raise some money for wildfire reliefs. >> they sipped over the week ends. 50%of ticket sales went into a fund to help victims of the fires. winery owners say this event allowed them to tow [audio difficulty] open for business. . >> i think besides the devastation of the fires, you know, the next big problem is having people being scared to come back to napa valley. beingable to communicate to the market and have sales has been helpful. >> a vendor market is held twice a year. . could a new stop in san francisco trance for the downtown area? we have a preview of a groundbreaking ceremony today. . >> reporter: hey, yeah, city leaders here in south san
5:44 am
francisco are hoping that this major improvement project will do just that trance for the downtown area. this project isgoing to be taking place on the other side of the intersection here just below that 101 overpass behind me. a littledark out right now. we havesome renderings of what they're hoping this will look like when it's up and runs. it will beconsidered the new downtown plaza. they're going to replace the station with a new 700-foot platform with an underpass. now, there will be some traffic work and signal work to make this 61 million $61 million improvement project possible. crews say they plan to try to minimize the impact on neighbors and people commuting nearby. the station will have an estimate 510 daily boardings with 46 stops. leaders saythey're hoping this new project will not only help local housing projects but help
5:45 am
local businesses here in the downtown area. of course it's going totake a while to get this all finished. construction isn'texpected to be wrapped up until summer of 2019. . it is 5:45 right now. let'sget another check on weather and traffic. how is it looking outthere? >> we've had some areas of slow downs and now we're starting to see the typical delays build. overall looking okay. . >> okay. let's get a check onweather. it is going to be be a cloudy start to the week. . >> okay. let's play spin the bottle. >> who's on first? it's going to be a cloudy start to the week. mildertemperatures. taking a livelook right now out of the transamerica tower where you can see -- excuse me the towers which we think might be for dream force for sales force.
5:46 am
our temperatures right now in san francisco are 54 degrees, 43 in santa rosa, concord, 52 right now. satellite and radar youcan see this low pressure system right here. there are a fewshowers that are just to the south of it. it's kicking off afew sprinkles on your morning commute but not a whole lot that you'll see. these clouds righthere are what you're going to need to pay attention to especially about mid-week. wemight see some rain returning. looking at futurecast you can see is that little bit of green those are the sprinkles i'm talking about. just abouteverybody you have a significant cloud cover this morning which is keeping the temperature mild. by the afternoon it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds. andthen moving into tomorrow those clouds are going to get out of the way. tomorrow will be ournicest day of the week. wednesday look at this, that's the rain i was talking about. by the afternoon or evening hours say 9:00 green all over the radar, everyone will be seeing rain but especially in the areas near santa rosa
5:47 am
you'll see the most rain. things toremember today, a cloudy start, a partly cloudy afternoon, and then on tuesday more sunshine, milder afternoon highs and then by mid-week those clouds are going to return. we'll see rains in the afternoon and the evening hours. sopossibly a wet commute home on wednesday. sunrise today 6:40. >> then sun set tonight is going to be 5:05 p.m. we're certainlymoving into those winter hours. high temperatures today 63 degrees in santa rosa, 63 also in the south bay and san jose, warmer in inland 64 degrees in fairfield. our7-day outlook again today, you can see a mix of sun and clouds pretty mild temperatures, mid to low 60s, high to mid-50s along the coast or around the bay. again, tuesday will be your nicest day of the week. wednesday the rain is going to return, showers on thursday, friday things will start to clear out again for what hopes and looks to be a nice weekend. . >> all right.
5:48 am
well, we're seeing some delays for drivers headed along 880 in the southbound direction just past 238, and you can see that quite the back up starting to develop. no reports ofaccidents or stalls but we're in the yellow now 16 from 238 down towards highway 84. san mateobridge still looking good. we're getting reports of an accident that does not appear to be slowing anyone down along 101 heading that northbound direction near willow road. you may see some flashing lights. eastshore freeway some pockets of slow downs, richmond parkway getting heavy making your way over toward the richmond bridge and your ride about 19 minutes from highway 4. now, into san francisco it just shot up into the red just under 25 minutes. better grab that extra cup of coffee. you're going to be infor a slow ride heading into san francisco.
5:49 am
back over to you. >> we need that extra cup this morning. the planned closure of a bay area medical center has nurses and residents up in arms, why they say it's a matter of life or death. >> plus bay area crab lovers have reason to celebrate.
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. good morning. a mild startto your week. a little bitcloudy, temperatures cooler than normal. highs today 64 infairfield. cooler along thecoast. 58 in san francisco. we're starting to see the monday morning commute build along highway 4. thisstretch looking okay. this isright here laurel road. somaking your way over toward the concord area you'll start tapping those breaks. we'll have more on those travel times coming up. . san francisco will celebrate a landmark anniversary this week. it's been 40 years sincethe election of harvey milk to the board of supervisors. onwednesday night a sign will honor california's first openly
5:53 am
gay elected official spelling out his words hope will never be silent. the event starts at6:00. a walnut creek teach certificate facing charges this morning. bartel is accused ofhaving illegal contact with a minor. he teaches science atwalnut creek school. thedistrict emailed parents on friday saying the arrest does not involve any current students and it says he's been replaced with a substitute teacher. heworked as a sub in the martinez school district during the 2013-2014 school year. thedirect seventh a letter saying they do checks on every employee. . nurses and community members rallied in berkeley to protest the proposed closure of the medical center.
5:54 am
the event wasdubbed a stroller brigade. itis the only birthing and emergency care center in the entire city but the parent company says it has to move those service to say oakland because the building in berkeley is not retrofit. protesters saythe relocation puts lives in danger >> how far and long you need to get care, how close it is for that ongoing engagement when you're child is then emergency situation. >> they say the move will happen by the year 2030 which is the retrofit deadlines for hospitals. the crab season marks one of the busiest sport fishing days of the year. . >> nice, clean, sweet crab here. . >> does that look good? >> it does. >> i would go crabbing again. >> it was as good start for
5:55 am
these fisherman as they hauled in the first catch of the season. the commercial seasonis slated to open next week. health officials are keeping a close eye on the crabs for dangerous levels of acid. the levy murder case is getting fresh attention. adocumentary recapped what has happened over the years. shewas a congressional intern and found dead in a d.c. park in 2002. her murder remains ahistory reporter: the suspectmill story. her mother says shehopes investigators can make use of some new technology. >> i hope they can do new forensic studies. i would saydon't shut the case yet. . >> soon after she disappeared in 2001 it emerged that she was having an affair with a congressman, but investigators eventually cleared the congressman. an immigrant wasfound guilty of her murder but that conviction fell apart and he was eventually deported.
5:56 am
. next step for fire victims here possibly tax relief and transitional housing, the details coming up. . >> plus the bay area city temporarily banning commercial pot ahead of the january deadline.
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people lled in a church sh "t ry - based o . a mass shooting in a tiny town the texas community is mourning after 2-dozen people are killed in a church shooting. >> a lot of problems over a long period of time. . >> while overseas president trump speaks out saying the shooting is not a gun issue. good morning. it's monday,november 6th. . >> good morning. figures let's start with traffic and weather. it appearsthere's an accident in east bay. >> there is and we're starting
6:00 am
to see the backups from that this is along westbound 80 as you're just passing highway 12. if you were heading over to this area you can see the backup stretches beyond highway 12 at this point. the crash is closerto 680. we're in the yellow. we're seeing speeds drop to 35 miles an hour. this is a shot of that stretch of freeway just before that accident. you can see the madelights heading westbound starting to show the slow downs. your ride continues to be heavy from highway 37 down towards 780, a big backup. no reportsof accidents or stalls or road work so just very crowded along that stretch, 22-minute ride to the maze, an additional 26 minutes in the red into san francisco. that is a check oftraffic. i'll send it back overto you. .


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