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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> there is and we're starting to see the backups from that this is along westbound 80 as you're just passing highway 12. if you were heading over to this area you can see the backup stretches beyond highway 12 at this point. the crash is closerto 680. we're in the yellow. we're seeing speeds drop to 35 miles an hour. this is a shot of that stretch of freeway just before that accident. you can see the madelights heading westbound starting to show the slow downs. your ride continues to be heavy from highway 37 down towards 780, a big backup. no reportsof accidents or stalls or road work so just very crowded along that stretch, 22-minute ride to the maze, an additional 26 minutes in the red into san francisco. that is a check oftraffic. i'll send it back overto you. . let's take a live look out
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of our tower where you can see it is a cloudy start to the morning. our current temperatures right now in san francisco 53 degrees. cool inthe south bay, 51 in san jose, coolest santa rosa 43 degrees. headlines for today mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles, cool afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. rain will return soon though about mid-week. our high temperaturestoday in the mid-60s to low 60s, cooler along the coast, 63 in santa rosa. . developing this morning in texas investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a man to open fire inside a church killing at least 26 people. authorities say thatthe lone gunman entered the church about 35 miles east of san antonio and starting shooting then fled the scene. in addition to those killed about 2-dozen others were wounded. police pursued this man, devin
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kelly. he waseventually killed. the 26-yearold air force veteran was discharged for bad conduct 3 years ago. . >> we don't know if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound or shot by our local resident. . >> kelly recently lived with his wife about 35 miles away. investigators are searching his home looking for some clues. they're looking through his posts on social media including one that appears to display an ar 15 semiautomatic rifle. president trump is on his 12-day tower of asia with a visit to japan. while meetingwith the prime minister he insisted gun control isn't to blame in the deadly church shooting in texas. . >> this is a mental health problem at the highest level. >> at a joint news conference with the prime minister president trump insisted sunday's mass shooting in texas does not warrant new gun controls. >> this isn't a guns situation.
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i mean, we could go into it, but it's a little bit soon to go into it. fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction. otherwiseit would have been as bad as it was. >> earlier he focused his attention on bolstering u.s. trade in the region one of his main goals on this trip. lastyear the u.s. trade deficit with japan nearly reached $70 billion. in a speech toceos this morning he accused his hosts of being unfair trading partners. >> japan has been winning. youdo know that. >> he calls out the executives of japanese automaker sitting right in front of him. >> try building your cars in the united states instead of shipping them over, is that possible to ask? that's notrude, is that rude? i don'tthink so. when asked aboutnorth korea he said he hoped for a peaceful solution and urged japan to take additional steps. >> the prime minister is going
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to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment as he should. >> he wraps up his visit tonight in japan heading to south korea tomorrow. the prime ministersaid the subject of north korea dominated talks with president trump announced japan will impose additional sanctions in response to its escalating nuclear developments. happening today former congressman weiner is going it start his sentence. he's facing20 -- 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to sending obscene text to say a 15-year old girl. he was a risingpolitical star until his first scandal broke out in 2011 when he stepped down from congress. the murder trial centering around a highly publicized fatal shooting in san francisco resumes. an undocumented immigrant is
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accused of killing steinle in 20 2015. closing statements willlikely start the next week. prosecutors have concluded their case. his defense team contendsthe gun went off accidentally. . teams of appraisers will be out today inspecting fire damaged properties after the wine country wildfires. we're live in santa rosa's coffee park on what this means for residents. . >> reporter: good morning. yeah, for santa rosa residents they're focused on moving forward. and for some folksthat means rebuilding, cleaning up, for others that means first getting their properties re reassessed. so today 2inspectors from the county's assessor's office will be out looking at properties. andproperty was more than $10,000 worth of damages that they -- those homeowners could be getting some major tax relief. some residents are just trying to access their properties.
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theepa has red tagged a mobile home park that was opened back up but it was closed off again because of dangerous asbestos levels. folks who live in some of those intact mobile homes are once again forced to find some place else to live. >> right now the priority is their safety and health. wedon't want to but them at any risk that they could be put at with those asbestos levels. >> reporter: this comes just agency fema will open up some of their housing units at the fairgrounds. fema will haveabout 200 of rv spaces for folks to live in temporary units there. now, back out here atcoffee park this is where folks will see some those inspectors today. and as for folks at journey's end epa says they'll have new test results wednesday to see whether or not folks can move back there. . soils with destroyed properties can have debris and
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hazard sash does waste removed through a government program. residents will not be charged more than what is covered by their insurance regardless of the actual cost. a debris removal fair is being held from 6 to 8 tonight in santa rosa. today the governor continues his global push to fight climate change in europe. >> we have more on what he hopes to accomplish. >> he has been emerging right now in the battle over u.s. climate policy. he made it hismission as the u.s. withdraw from an international climate accord earlier this year. hesays he's representing all the people of america who believe we have to do something about climate change. he's a part ofthe under 2 coalition, a group committed to supporting the paris agreement's role. . >> we have to get on a guide
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path whereby reductions are the order of the day. everywhere. we have toreduce and our goal should be before 2050 to get to zero emissions. >> he's been nailed the special advisor for states and region at the u.n. climate change coverage in germany. brown's trip follows visits to china and russia earlier this year also to focus on climate change. next year he plans tohost a summit in san francisco. >> some groups are saying that now is a real turning point in american politics when it comes to climate change. >> a lot of criticism for big changes in the epa that just happened on friday -- excuse me overhauled its advisory board adding new members. one isbeing criticized for saying that the air quality in the u.s. is too clean for
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optimum health and then quote as saying kids need to breathe irritants to their bodies learn how to ward them off. . train ride nurse south san francisco can expect a brand new station as part of a major improvement project breaking ground today. we're at airport boulevard with a look at what's to come. >> reporter: good morning. now, it may be hard to picture just yet, but right across the intersection from us just below that 101 overpass over there that is where the groundbreaking ceremony for this project is going to take place later on this morning. that is goingtonight area home to this project expected to transform the downtown area of south san francisco. now, we do have some images of what train riders can expect to see here when it is all finished. the $61 million project will create a new 700-foot boarding platform and a pedestrian underpass. the city is hopingthe new
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station will boost housing and business downtown. the upgrades are adding major safety measures. this will be compliant with the americans with disabilities act. they've been given the ability to eliminate the hold out rule at this new station, that's the rule that says only one train can enter at a time. sobasically that will improve efficiency here at this station. that groundbreaking ceremony is expected to take place at 11:00 this morning. we'll see localand state leaders here for that. by the way, construction on this is going to again, begin this month, and last all the way until summer of 2019. so wehave a way to go. . time now is 6:10, caught on camera, the moment a twister touched down in the midwest and the damage left behind this morning. . and we don't have weather quite like that here but a cloudy start to the work week. it is keeping your temperatures
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nice and mild. i'll tell youwhen rain is returning to the forecast. plus up for debate the south bay water company looking to increase prices. and prepare for slow-downs, starting to see a backup develop into walnut creek.
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another rate increase.. this one tied to an increase ost of capital a e of r . san jose's largest water you want tee is seeking yet another rate increase tied to an increase in its costs. thepublic utilities commission will host a public hearing tonight at city hall. the water sent outan overall increase in revenues of $7.6 million that would cost the average customers about 2 $2.14
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more a month. there's a [audio difficulty] 45-day ban on using land for commercial cannabis related purposes. the measure stillneeds final approval. a secondvote is scheduled for next tuesday. city leaders arehoping to buy time to see how other cities respond to the state's new marijuana law before making any lasting decisions. officials are considering a plan to have the rail transit make its way east. the capitol corridor already hook to say other transit lines. smart has aplied for a state grant totally $800,000 to study this plan. how are the roads looking out there? >> typical for a monday. >> yeah? >> yeah, getting slow right now. maybe mass transit is the way you want to go this morning. that is running with no delays. the smart train and we're starting to see trains running right on time with bart.
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and we have a slow down and we'll have more on that coming up in the next traffic report. we're still gathering information but we're tracking some delays for folks making their way along 680 in that southbound direction. we justshot up into the red about 9 minutes from willow pass towards highway 24. really not due to an accident or any cause other than this is getting crowded out there. giveyourself a little extra time, a little extra space. westbound80 near highway 12 we have an accident that's now in the clearing stages but still seeing that backup stretching all the way into that direction. highway 37 seeing the usual corrodes developing between 80 and 101. just under a 45-minutecommute heading in that westbound direction no delays. we're getting first reports of a crash southbound 101. you can see slowing down 15 miles per hour. that is a check of yourtraffic. back to you.
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severe storms in ohio and indiana spurred a couple of suspected tornados. this videowas captured by storm chasers showing the moment one of them touched down in portland indiana. in both states dozensof hopes, barns and other buildings were badly damaged by the winds that reached as high as 55 miles per hour. we're tracking our bay area forecast and when we can expect to see another round of rain. >> that's going to happen mid- week. right now you can seelive in san jose we have a cloud cover keeping our temperatures relatively mild right now. insan jose you're at 51, santa rosa 41, concord 51 degrees. satellite and radar shows this low pressure system right here, and it's kicking off just a few sprinkles to the south of it, which you might see on your drive into work. on a scale of10 probably a 2 out of 10. butthis cloud line right here is what you need to pay attention to. that we will see mid-week.
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so for our futurecast you can see a cloudy start to the morning, again, just a few sprinkles possible. then thatcloud cover is going start to clear out with a mix of sun and clouds by the afternoon moving into tuesday this will be the nicest day of the week. butthen watch this, moving into wednesday, you'll start to see clouds come back. by wednesdayevening full on rain for everyone especially in the north bay where you will see the majority of that precipitation. so today a cloudy start, a partly cloudy afternoon, tuesday some more sunshine, milder afternoon highs, by mid- week those clouds start to return, and then that rain by the afternoon or the evening hours. sunrise today 6:40. starting toget light out there. sun set5:05 this evening. hightemperatures in the mid- 60s, then along the coast a little bit cooler 56 in san francisco. looking at our 7-day again, a mix of sun and clouds for the
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most part today, clearing up tomorrow for the nicest day of the week. wednesday is whenthat rain starts to move in, again in the afternoon or evening hours. thursday it willpeter out into showers. byfriday we'll see a mix of sun and rain. and then saturdayshould be a much nicer, much drier moving into some clouds again on sunday. . twitter is clarifying its policies of -- as part of a big push to curb harass: the network outlined how it defines harassment and threats. therules say threats to expose someone's personally identifiable information are banned such as a home address or social security number. alsobanned wishing for the death or serious harm of another user. facebook is testing a new red envelope feature. it couldlet users send money to others. the new feature was started by next web. earlier this year thegiant rolled how the group payments feature. facebookconfirms it is planning
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to test a breaking news tag. it ispossible to feature could help push some stories higher into user's feeds. uber sales are starting to recover following several scandals that rocked the company and a delete uber campaign. uber's business has grown by 15% from march to september, however, lyft got a 33% increase in sales in the same time period. . could the 49ers win their first game of the year? couldthe raiders climb back into the playoff picture? best mode isback and back big. that'scoming up. first what's cool about your school? you can email yournomination to us at we may come and feature your school on our broadcast.
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chiefs and cowboys llas... . the raiders still have work to do to get back in the playoff picture but a lost in miami would have sealed their fate. lynch back in the line up. second quarter miami up 6-3, carr all day to throw. less than 5 minutes to play raiders up, lynch, second touchdown. they won 27-24. to improve to 4-5. not dead yet. [indiscernible] hit 16 times arizona threw a pair of touchdowns in the first half they beat the 49ers, san
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francisco is now, 0-9. they host the giants next sunday. nascar's chase for the cup is heating up. harvick clinched a spot in the final race of the season on the 19th. so it looks like the49ers have to wait until next weekend when they host the 1-7 giants to try and get their first win. the raiders willhave a bye. see you tonight. . here's the play of the day from the nfl, chiefs and cowboys in dallas, kansas city with the ball and time running out in the first half. >> in the end zone. there it is to hill. he'll go around him. hill around, look at hillgo. impossible. touchdown kansas city. . >> they call him the human joy stick. hill taking that passfrom
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smith. he does the restweaving through traffic, 56 yards for the touchdown and your play of the day. california's governor leading the charge against limb might change in europe, coming up his strong words of warning for the world. . >> tax relief on the way for some fire victims, details coming up. - hi, i'm joan lunden. more than 84 million americans are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and many do not realize that they have the power to prevent it, or at the very least delay its onset. the national diabetes prevention program teaches people with the condition known as prediabetes how to make simple lifestyle changes that can make all the difference. - hi my name is georjean barcebal, i'm a registered nurse, personal trainer and a lifestyle coach for the national diabetes prevention program. so that's the natural process of your blood sugar
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. you don't expect to walk into a church and see something like that. >> this morning the investigation into a deadly church shooting is unfolding. what we're learning about the gunman behind the attack and as flags fly at half staff outside the white house, the debate
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over gun control heats up. . and the epa mission is to get in there and cleaned up. >> a new source of frustration for some survivors of last month's fires in wine country. plus california senate steps up amid harassment reports in the state capitol. the letter justsent out to lawmakers. first investigators in texas are working to find a motive in a deadly church shooting. it ismonday november 6th. . >> at least 26 people were killed. police say the lonegunman shot up the church about 35 miles east of san antonio. we have more from the scene. . >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke with the sheriff and he told me that devin kelly's ex in-laws attended this church, so did his wife, bunot saying that they were here at the time. meanwhile this community wants answers. they want to know whykelly
6:31 am
walked into this church and opened fir . a day after the worst mass shooting in texas history investigators are still trying to determine a motive. more than 2-dozenpeople including several children were shot and killed during sunday's services at the first baptist church. >> put your arm around your kid and give your kids a big hug. and let them know how much you love them. >> reporter: the victims's ages range from 5 to 72 years old. >> it was bad. i mean, i tried to -- tried to help as many people as i could, you know. and it's just -- you can't explain it. your mind doesn'twant to grasp it, the shock of it. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as 26-year old devin kelly an air force veteran who was discharged for bad conduct 3 years ago. >> went all the way up to the front firing as he was going and turned around going out the
6:32 am
door. at that point we believe he dropped his rifle, a citizen was across the street they engaged in fire fight for just a little bit. >> reporter: the gunman was followed in his car into a neighboring county and drove off the road. when the policearrived he was dead. >> at the time we believe he had a self inflict gunshot wound. >> reporter: it is a rural community 35 miles east of san antonio. sunday a localresident described it as the kind of place where everybody knows everybody including the people who were killed. thesheriff says when he walked into the church there were bodies everywhere, and he told me that 12 to 14 of the victims were children. . >> have investigators said anything about clues that the gunman was planning this attack for some time? . >> reporter: that's what they're looking into right now. they're going through social
6:33 am
media accounts, facebook, twitter, instagram, you name it. they're talking to friends and family also. we heard about thewife, ex- wife, talking to families to see if there were clues that he was planning some sort of mass shooting. >> thank you. >> the shooting is renewing calls for gun control. shortlyafter the shooting the speaker of the house wrote reports are devastating. the people ofsutherland springs need our prayers right now. look for continuing coverage on the gun control debate and the shooting in texas coming up on cbs this morning right after our newscast. an unmarked police car was once again been the target of they've this is san francisco. now, police are looking for the suspect and weapons that were stolen. >> the first is going to be a shotgun, it's a weather based 12 gage pump action police deal with a brown stock. then thesecond firearm is a
6:34 am
colt ar 4 black in color. . >> it happened in the tenderloin on friday night. it belonged toa sergeant with the san mateo county sheriffs office. an fbiwind breaker and bulletproof vest were also taken. it'sunclear whether or not the weapons were locked away. an investigation is underway this morning to try and determine what may have sparked this apartment fire. this video was posted on instagram. the 2alarm fire started after 10 last night. within 20 minutes theblaze was under control. theresidents of all 6 units are temporarily displaced. fortunately no one got hurt. . time now 6:34. time to takea look outside at the traffic on the right in oakland and look at this a beauty shot the sunrise coming up this morning. that'sone good thing about daylight saving time coming to an end, the sun coming up a
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little bit early. >> the extra hour of sleep i'm sure we were all glad to have this weekend. i know i was. in a few minutes the sun will be fully up. and a cloudstart to your work week. you can see that cloud cover hanging out right there in san francisco. it's 53 degrees. a little cooler in san jose 51. 41 in santa rosa. headlines fortoday partly cloudy start with a few patchy fog areas. coolafternoon with some sun and clouds. the rain is going to be returning about mid-week though. our high temperatures in the mid to low 60s, a little cooler along the coast and around the bay, 58 in san francisco. we're tracking a slow ride for drivers through the north bay. this is southbound 101. we had an accident. it lookslike it's still out there and possibly blocking at least one lane. this is southbound 101 south
6:36 am
and it's backed up to north. it's aboutjust under a 25- minute ride from north and give yourself some extra time. that's anadditional 18 minutes to your morning commute. all lanesclear along westbound 80. theback up continues to stream, 48 minutes from 505 to the bridge. properties damaged in the wine country wildfires are being surveyed today by the assessor's office. we're live in coffee park to explain the tax relief for some residents. >> reporter: good morning. that's right here in santa rosa folks are focused on moving forward. of course that means up, rebuilding but a part of that is getting their property values reassessed. today the assessors office will send out a team of 2 to start inspecting fire damaged properties. for some homeownerswith more than 10 thousand $10,000 234 damages, that could mean major
6:37 am
tax relief. some residents arestill just trying to get access to their properties. the epahas red tagged journey's end, that's the mobile home park that was opened back up but it was closed off again because of dangerous asbestos levels. sofolks who live in intact mobile homes are once again forced to find some place else to live. . >> i just want to go home. mymom wants to go home, our animals want to go home. . >> reporter: this all comes just as fema is set to open up transitional housing units at the fairgrounds. the countysays fema will have about 200 rv spaces for those transitional housing units. it's estimatedhere that 5,000 homes burned down in the wildfire. now, epaofficials say for journey's end they'll go back out and test the levels. they should have abetter sense by wednesday when folks can move back in. here atcoffee park is where they'll see the inspectors.
6:38 am
they'll haveids and marketed vehicles. soif you're wondering who is going around your property they'll have id to check. they saythat, again, anybody with ten thousand dollars worth of damages could have some major tax relief out here. . county officials have decided to use a potentially lifesaving emergency alert system and require wireless carriers to be more specific about targeting areas where phones would receive the alerts. county officials says they did not send such an alert because it would have hit phones across the county possibly causing panic. the revise the systemshould allow targeting within a 10th of a mile. today the governor travel to say germany for the climate change conferences. . >> the governor calls climate change a change and on a mission to fill what he sees as
6:39 am
a void in leadership in policy in the u.s. after the tahoe withdraw from a climate accord earlier this year. brown says he'srepresenting everyone and believes we have to do something he's part of a global group committed to supporting the paris agreement's goal of keeping the rise in global average temperatures below 2 degrees. he says the goal should be to get to zero emissions by 2050. >> we don't need a news flash to say we're going to tip over. but those are always risks. that's why it's urgent that every state, every nation, every corporation, every center of power has a responsibility through the maximum. >> brown has been named the special advisor for states and regions they conference in
6:40 am
germany. he's on an 11-day tripin europe. it follows visits tochina and russia earlier this year to promote collaboration on climate change. next year heplans to host a summit in san francisco. the u.s. commerce secretary is facing questions about his connection to a shipping company. ross owns part ofnavigator holdings which works with a gas company owned by russia's president's son-in-law. a spokesperson for ross denys wrongdoing. . the son of acre richard dryfuss is accusing kevin spacey of sexual misconduct. he saidaccident his father for several years. the claims contribute toa
6:41 am
growing number of sexual abuse claims. . this month the state assembly plans to hold its first hearing on the working environment and culture of the capitol after several female state lawmakers and employees brought to light cases sexual harassment by their male colleagues. the state is asking women who signed an open letter to speak with an independent investigator. a letter by thesecretary of the senate says in part quote, the law and senate policy prohibit retaliation against individuals who come forward with complaints. wevery much need your cooperation to confront these important issues. time now 6:41, going green the sticker shock coming with california's new pot market this january. . and could a new and improved train station in south san francisco transform the city's downtown area? i'll tell whatyou city leaders are planning. . and the market just opened
6:42 am
up about 10 minutes ago as we take a look at the board. notmuch of a change for the dow. coming up we'll get an update.
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santa clara-based intel is teaming up . a pro positive sal for the largest deal in the history of the tech industry was announced this morning. intel is teamingup with a long time rival. >> good morning. >> good morning. a big day in asemi conductor industry broadcom wants to buy qualcom for $130 billion. it would be thebiggest tech deal ever. they'rethe leading mobile ship maker. certainly a big legal battle with apple. but still a massiveplayer in the smart phone market.
6:46 am
broadcom announced itwas considering moving its headquarters to the united states. >> in a surprise move intel is teaming up to take on rival invedia. the 2 companies aregoing to work together combining a processor along with an a md graphics unit in order to go after lightweight laptops favored by video gamers. a md shares are moving to a record high off of this news. the stock marketstarted out with the major averages sitting at all-time highs. the dow is down onepoint. back to you. . >> thank you. consumers eager for the start of california's marijuana
6:47 am
market should be ready for sticker shock. a new array oftaxes and fees will start next year. for example a small bagof good quality medical marijuana runs about $35 but next year experts say the same amount is expected to go for 50 or 60 bucks, a 70% boost. somegear bargain hunting consumers will turn back to the black-market. san francisco police are handing out fewer tickets than previous years. the most recentnumbers found that officers issued almost 63,000 tickets through september, that's 20% fewer compared to the same period in 2015. the city haslaunched a huge effort to reduce the number of traffic deaths. 15 people have been killed in accidents so far this year. sanfrancisco saw 31 traffic related deaths in 2015. . let's get a check on traffic this morning. been a littlerough out there. >> it has. we had a fatalaccident
6:48 am
overnight in lakeville. that has been cleared. alllanes are open and traffic is moving at the limit. whilewe're in the north bay let's take it to 101 southbound direction. an accident has the backups stretching north. it's about a15-minute delay added onto your morning commute. westboundhighway 37 reports of a new accident. this ride was alreadyslow making your way from 80 to 101. it's going to be a bitslower now 45 minutes, an additional 24 minutes added to your morning commute. therichmond bridge we're definitely seeing that backup stretch onto 580 like right around -- it looks like canal street before it really gets heavy, 19-minute rid. and reports of a newaccident this is right near the maze. we're getting conflicting reports whether it's northbound
6:49 am
880 or westbound. we'll keep aneye on that. east shore freewayseeing slowdowns. back over to you. . a live look now from our camera, a fresh blanket of snow is weighing down tree limbs this morning. some fog as you cansee. probably good to see thatfresh snow. it is. i know it's excitingfor all the skiers. it's nicelooking out right now where you can see the sun is up. it isbeautiful out there. althoughthere is a cloud cover. so iwant to make sure you know that going into work. it iskeeping us relatively mild though for this time of year, 53 degrees in san francisco, concord 51. santa rosa dippingdown into the high 30s at 39. this low pressure system right here has kicked off a few showers in the north bay. wesaw a few sprinkles earl,
6:50 am
earl this morning. i want you to payattention to this line of clouds right here. that is going toplay into our forecast moving into the week. in fact, lookingat our futurecast this morning you're going to see some heavy clouds over most of the bay area moving into the afternoon hours is going to start to break up. you'll have mild to moderate cloud cover, a mix of sun and clouds by the evening hours. overnight that's going to move out. a beautiful day tomorrow,our nicest day of the week. butthen moving into wednesday you can see these clouds start to move back in. lots of greenright here which means lots of rain especially in the north bay around santa rosa. that's goingto move in in the afternoon or evening hours on wednesday. things to remember, a few morning clouds today, a partly cloudy afternoon, and then tomorrow more shines with mild afternoon temperatures. mid-week the clouds will start to move back in. our high temperatures today in the south bay 63 degrees in
6:51 am
morgan hills. 56 degrees half-moon bay. further to the east 63 in brentwood. 61 in vallejo. around the bay temperatures are going to be a little bit more mild, 60 degrees in berkeley, mill valley 59 degrees. and inthe far north bay our temperatures are a little bit cooler, 56 in lake port. looking at your 7-day outlook, again, a mix of sun and clouds today. tomorrow is going to bethe nicest day of the week if you're going to do something outside. i know tuesday isn'tthe best day for it, but that's the day to do it. wednesday therain will start to move in in the afternoon or evening hours. thursday it peters out into showers. and then friday theclouds will start to move out. again, a mix of sun and clouds on friday. saturday it will dryout. looks to be a nice day. sunday those clouds are going to start to move back in. that's alook at your 7-day forecast. .
6:52 am
property tax relief on the way for some some fire victims i'll have the details coming up. >> plus president trump continues his overseas trip today, what he's expected to focus on during his meetings with foreign leaders. our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have
6:53 am
the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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6:55 am
. >> reporter: i'm live in santa rosa where the assessor's office will send out a team of appraiser to begin inspecting fire damaged property. forproperty owners if anybody has more than ten thousand in damages from the fire that could mean a major tax relief. stillsome residents are just trying to get access to their properties. the epa has redtagged journey's end after the park was initially opened back up.
6:56 am
the epa closed it off again because of dangerous asbestos levels. folks who live inintact mobile homes are once again forced to find some place else to live. >> everybody is trying to load their stuff up and they told us we're no longer allowed they shut us down and condemning it. >> reporter: this comes as fema is set to open up transitional housing units at the fairgrounds. the county saysfema will have about 200 rv spaces for those units. it'sestimated at least 5,000 homes were burned down in the wildfire. as for journey's endthe epa says they'll have more more testing on wednesday and know whether or not folks can move back in. . time now 6:56. time foryour final 5. >> advice are still trying to figure out what caused a man in texas to open fire inside a church killing at least 26
6:57 am
people. police say the lonegunman entered the church about 35 miles east of san antonio. started shooting then took off. police pursued him and he was eventually killed. it's unclearif he was shot or took his own life. we've learned he wasdenied a gun license from the state. the president trump and first lady have officially been welcomed to japan at the start of the 12-day tour. he met withjapan's prime minister. hetalked up u.s. manufacturing during a discussion on trade and business ties between u.s. and japan. the governor heads to germany today for the climate change conference, part of an 11-day trip to promote global cooperation on climate change. . in just a few hours the murder trial centering around a highly publicized fatal shooting resumes. an undocumentedimmigrant is accused of killing a woman in 2015.
6:58 am
the examiner reports san francisco police officers have issued thousands fewer tickets to drivers in the last few years. this comes despite thecity wide push to crack down on dangerous driving. speaking of dangerous driving we're seeing dangerously low speeds -- slow speeds i should say. across the sanmateo bridge we're in the red. once you connect with 101 making your way through san mateo expect delays. you can see thatgoes all the way into here. your ride along 101 continues to be quite heavy due to an earlier accident, about a 20- minute ride heading north. over at the bay bridge toll plaza just under 30 minutes from the maze, yes the metering lights are on and the east shore freeway a little over 35 minutes to highway 4. at least it is not wet. taking a live look right now
6:59 am
you can see the sun is up. thoughthere is a cloud cover in place. east bay 51 degrees 24 concord. cooler in santa rosa at 41 degrees right now. hightemperatures will be in the mid to low 60s inland. closer tothe coast you're going to be in the high 50s, 63 in santa rosa as well as san jose, 56 along the coast. here's your 7-dayoutlook mix of sun and clouds today, sunny and beautiful tomorrow, then rain in the forecast on wednesday, clearing out on thursday, and it will start to clear out and be relatively sunny saturday and sunday. but we do have rainmid-week. >> all right. so remember that. wet morning commute on wednesday. >> yes. get the wipers working. check your tires. i had a flatthis weekend. . >> oh, no. >> got it fixed it's all good. >> did you have someone else help you?
7:00 am
>> do you think i fixed it. >> have a great morning. thanksfor watching. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, november 6th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. police search for a motive after a gunman killed at least 26 people at a texas church. it is the largest mass shooting in state history. we're learning new details about the victims and the gunman. texas governor greg abbott will join us. >> president trump in tokyo called the shooter deranged. he said the massacre is not a gun issue, it is a mental health problem. the president increased pressure on north korea this morning calling it a threat to the civilized world. and uber unveils a new initiative this morning to improve its response to serious customer complaint


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