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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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taxes to rent control. >> good morning. it's tuesday, november 7th and i michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we have a sigalert? we have an injury accident that is backing things up on westbound 80. the crash is blocking two lanes. here is a look at how far the backup stretches at highway 4 along interstate 80. it's just under a 40 minute commute for drivers going toward the mayes and you can see this accident has speeds dropping below 10 miles per hour with a lot of yellow and red lighting up the screen. we are tracking travel times at about 40 minutes. to go toward the bay bridge, you will have an additional 20 minutes into san francisco if you choose to use the richmond san rafael bridge. it is in the green. we will go to emily for a check of the forecast. >> it's clear as far as the
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weather is concerned. taking a live look at the skyline, it is beautiful and chilly. take a look at the current temperatures. dipping into the 30s. 37 in santa rosa and napa and cooler in the east bay. fairfield, 36. south bay, 42 and a little warmer along the coast. pacifica, 48 and san francisco is 50. your overall story, clear but chilly for the day and then sunny. that clear air will stick through and allow temperatures to be seasonal numbers today, nice and warm with rain returning in the afternoon or evening hours and i will tell you about that coming up. >> investigators in texas are trying to figure out why a man open fire in a small church on sunday killing 20 people. >> 10 are in critical condition and the scene of the shooting
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rampage in sutherland springs texas, we are learning more about the victims. among the dead, the pastor's youngest daughter, 14-year-old annabelle pomeroy. there were three generations of the holcomb family, ate an all including an unborn baby. the ward family lost their youngest. also, their mother joanne. >> cousins gathered for a vigil in memory of those killed and many embraced each other by holding hands and hugging. the air force admitted it failed to alert the fbi about the gunman, devin kelley and his previous history. his name was not in the database and that allowed them to obtain funds before the rampage. >> there was no prohibitive information that he couldn't temperatures the firearm. >> police said he fired off 450 rounds before being confronted by a neighbor who heard the
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shots and grabbed his own gun. he shot the gunman twice, once in the leg and once in the torso. kelley then fled in a car and crashed and was found with the self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. he killed his wife's grandmother, lula white, a devoted member of the church and was attending the service with her husband. police believed the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute of some sort. >> a shooters accused of killing a 17-year-old high school student in concord near the corner of salvio and beach streets near the olympic continuation high school. jessica flores has the latest. >> reporter: we are standing across from the high school. at this hour, police do not have anybody in custody for that shooting. you can see there is a growing memorial of students and staff that are returning and they will be grieving with candles and pictures across the street
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from where the student died. the victim's family identified him as 17-year-old, lawrence jansen. the shooting happened just after school let out yesterday around 1:30. they said the victim was with a group near campus when a car rolled up on the group. the suspect got out of the car, got into an argument and then started shooting. then, he was shot and everybody else ran. police said he managed to return to campus and then collapsed. staff tried to help him but he died at the hospital. >> we heard a big bang. >> i heard four pop shots. >> reporter: using surveillance video, the car was described as a late-model four-door sedan. dark, possibly black. the principal said there will be counselors on hand to help those who are grieving and meanwhile, police are looking for the suspect. they are asking witnesses to
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come forward. i'm jessica flores, kpix5. >> voters in pacifica are heading to the polls for the local election. sandra osborne is live where voters will have important issues to decide. >> important issues like marijuana taxation and rent control. it is a bit of an off year election but big topics like that may give a slight boost in pacifica. rent control, 32% of households are renter households. renters will decide whether they want rent stabilization. it will not apply to single- family dwellings and the cost if adopted by voters could get past to renters by landlords, about $19 per month. voters will decide if they want to add a 6% marijuana tax and the cannabis dispensary, that could raise the price. $60,000 in tax revenue in
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pacifica and that would fund services. the city is voting on that measure today. we are asking the city council if it's one of several locations in pacifica. it is from 7:00 until 8:00 p.m. the county of san mateo hopes to have the results at 8:05. sandra osborne, kpix5. >> governor jerry brown is on a trip for the u.n. climate change conference. he said climate change is an excess essential threat and is on a mission to kill what he sees is a void of leadership. the trump administration withdrew from the international climate accord and the governor will deliver remarks and after that is expected to make his way to germany for a private meeting and then go to brussels tomorrow. >> president donald trump arrives in south korea, the
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start of a two day visit. the president met with south korean president, moon jae-in. moon hoped the visit would be a turning point in efforts to defuse tension with north korea. >> together, we will confront the actions of north korea and prevent the dictator from threatening millions of innocent lives. >> at a news conference alongside president moon jae- in, president donald trump renewed vows to defend american allies. >> the u.s. stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities , if need be. >> reporter: in a show of force, the u.s. sent b-1 bombers off the coast of nearby sea of japan. three american aircraft carriers are on track to begin operations. the north blasted the moves as hostile acts. >> i really believe it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal
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that is good for the people of north korea and the people of the world. >> the american leader has the first stop with a place where thousands of u.s. troops are stationed. tomorrow, in seoul, korea, he will speak to the national assembly and is not expected to visit the border with the north. trump aids play this visit off as clichi and the pentagon officials are worried that this might provoke kim jong-un. trump's administration asks congress for 4 billion more dollars to support missile defense to counter the threat from north korea. >> today marks day 10 in the highly publicized trial of jose ines garcia zarate, an undocumented immigrant, accused of killing kate steinle in 2015. the defense will call a video expert to the stand.
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a witness testified the bullet that killed steinle ricocheted in the direction by chance. zarate's defense team said the gun went off accidentally. >> the san francisco police officer that was shot is recovering. the investigation will be updated. the 41-year-old officer was shot on halloween at 18th and diamond. they said someone flagged down a uniformed officer and told them about a suspicious vehicle. when they approached the car there was an exchange of gunfire. the suspect was also shot. a town hall meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at the eureka valley recreation center. new proposals looking to clear the way for recreational pot sales to start in january in san francisco. >> up for debate, the plan to add three person carpool lanes to bay area highways.
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>> i wish we had carpool lanes on interstate 80. we are tracking a big backup due to an injury accident. you might want to avoid this area. we will look at travel times and alternate routes. >> clear skies make for cooler temperatures. you may need a jacket out the door. what else do you need? we will tell you.
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recreational use and sales become legal under state law in january. there's a possibility the board of supervisors in san francisco can't decide how to regulate marijuana when sales become legal in january. there's a possibility that current medical pot businesses could apply for temporary permits and other details may be worked out. supervises will resume debate
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on this issue next monday. >> bart is starting an effort to improve transit stations. the anne makovec is live with details on changes passengers can expect. >> on construction areas, there will be a dramatic look to bart entrances. 22 total in downtown san francisco. a $66 million project paid for by the city of san francisco and bart. here's a picture of what this will look like. they said it will protect passengers and the escalator from the elements and there will be digital displays with arrival times and a new security drill at street level. >> what they will do is protect the escalators from the rain, from human activity not positive and make it safer and better. >> reporter: the first thing they are doing is replacing the escalators. it will be surrounded by a plywood enclosure and then they will reduce construction
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through the all important holiday retail period, thanksgiving through new year, only working overnight on weekdays. the first canopies will be on the civic center station and it wi18 anne makovec, kpix5. carpool lanes could be extended throughout the bay area including interstate 880 in the east bay. in the south bay and highway 101 on the peninsula, i-80 is the only freeway to require three people to legally enter the carpool lane. the ideas will be discussed early next year. >> let's get a check on the roads with jaclyn to see how it is looking. we've had some issues. >> it doesn't matter which lane you are in or how many are in your car. if you are on the east bay
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freeway, it is bad. here's a live look at interstate 80 at highway 4 and you can see all the cars hitting their brakes. we are in the red, just under 50 minutes for drivers going from highway 4 through the maze. we are tracking an accident and we have a traffic alert in effect with a lot of drivers getting off the freeway at richland parkway to connect with san pablo avenue. you can reconnect with interstate 80. a lot of folks have the same idea. the surface streets are definitely filling up and we are seeing delays all along interstate 80 and the side streets. give yourself extra time and your extra cup of coffee with a slow ride into work. we are in the green at the san rafael bridge but it will jump into the yellow any minute with about an eight minute ride and the alternate route, the toll plaza has been packed for some
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time, in the red, 20 minutes from the maze to san francisco. a new accident is causing a backup and it doesn't need help slowing down. it looks like some things fell off a truck and hit some cars. a 35 minute to 680 and speeds are in the layout -- speeds are in the yellow. >> skies are clear. taking a live look out of the transamerica tower, you can see it is a beautiful and clear morning. it is crisp and chilly. taking a look at temperatures in san francisco, 50 degrees and dipping down from when we last checked in in santa rosa. concord, 42 and oakland, 44. satellite radar shows clear skies and the line of clouds will move into create changes in the forecast. this morning, nice and clear
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and the afternoon are pretty much the same stories. the early morning tomorrow, cloud cover's move in with showers in the far north bay in the early morning. mostly dry tomorrow morning and moving into the afternoon, the rain moves in and overnight that front will pass through the vast majority of the bay area. you should see rain fall thursday morning. wednesday, possibly rain, too. how much rain? in the north bay, 2 inches of rain and one half inch along the coast and more than that in the santa cruz mountains, about 1 inch. a significant storm for this time in november with a clear and chilly start that could turn into a mild afternoon. overnight, the clouds roll in and cloudy tomorrow with rain in the afternoon or evening and thursday, rain will turn to showers and things will dry
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out. sunrise today is 6:41. 5:04 is when the sun will set and it will be 65 degrees, mid- 60s no matter where you are except along the coast. 59 in pacifica and the high is 67 in san jose and 65 in santa rosa. your seven-day outlook is beautiful, clear with moderate temperatures and it will rain tomorrow and dry out thursday. drier on friday and saturday, rain comes in. a decision by the supreme court is helping apple's bottom line. the high court will not rule on an appeal from samsung on a patent infringement case. a ruling was left in place that found samsung had blocked features on iphones and a jury awarded apple $120 million in
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damages in 2014. >> an iphone glitch is causing typos. a lowercase i causes the auto correct feature to change it with an uppercase a with a simple. the buzz is affecting the ion was 11.1 software and apple said that a future update will fix the error. the tech giant posted a temporary fix on >> if you subscribe to netflix, be aware. a new scam is designed to look like it came from the company. here is an example. the email asks for account information from the user. they said there was trouble with the billing. more than 100 million subscribers have been targeted. >> guess how many 49 players -- 49ers players are out for the year? after a monster road trip, we have a game back home. was it enough? tipoff coming up.
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>> what is cool about your school? email us at we may feature your school on our broadcast.
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coming up, a dominating pregame road trip. the warriors got back to home cooking against the miami team that beat golden state in january. steph curry couldn't believe the warriors shot 37% last night. final seconds, curry drives and two defenders, golden gate has the early lead. final minutes, kevin durant with a block and on the other end, a dunk with golden state finishing on a 25 point run.
6:25 am
draymond green knocked down the 18 points. the fourth straight winds, 97- 80. the 49ers injury list has gotten so long they may not have enough healthy players to put on the field. >> i can't remember it all. guys will be off this week. taylor -- george kittle -- >> for those who couldn't keep track of all that, three players on season-ending irs. george kittle and treven taylor have been ruled out against the game on sunday. so far, san francisco has played an nfl high players 15 years.
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the liens going to lambeau field and they beat the green bay packers 30-17. i will see you tonight, dennis o'donnell. >> the play of the day from the nba brooklyn's team against harris with a basket taking advantage. with the assist, brooklyn beat the suns 98-92. volunteers are here. the vote here sign is up and we are 30 minutes away from the polling locations opening in pacifica. straight ahead, a look at ballot. >> and bay area judge is requesting a push following a ruling in the san francisco assault case.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. they are being escorted by a deputy. >> the search is under way for two bay area inmates on the run and the road to recovery is under way and the north bay following devastating wildfires. one shelter has shut down. several victims need a new place to stay. >> the debate over gun control heats up. >> just remember. of this man didn't have a gun or rifle, you'd be talking about a much worse situation in situation in the great state great state of texas. >> president donald trump praises unarmed man which had a gunman following the deadly church shooting in texas. >> the search is on for shooter
6:31 am
accused of killing a 17-year- old high school student in concord. it is tuesday, november 7th and i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. it happened near the corner of salvio and beech street. jessica flores has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: at this moment, police do not have a motive for the shooting but they do believe it was targeted. taking a look behind me, there is a memorial continuing to grow at the olympic continuing high school. candles and pictures are just across the street. the father identified him as 17- year-old, lawrence jansen. the suspect shot him just after the high school let out yesterday. they said the victim was with a group near campus when a car rolled up and the suspect apparently got into an argument and then he started shooting. everyone else ran and police said the victim managed to
6:32 am
return to campus but collapsed. he later died at the high school. >> there is no information to believe it was related to the school. we have no information to believe it was gang-related. we do believe this teenager was targeted. >> reporter: police said they have surveillance video. the car was a late-model four- door sedan with a dark finish, possibly black. counselors will be on hand to help those who are grieving. police are asking witnesses to come forward as they search for the shooter. in concord, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. >> authorities and south bay are searching for these men. john bivins and trammell mcclough escaped while being held at a palo alto courthouse. the men somehow broke loose from a deputy yesterday, unlocked their handcuffs and jumped into
6:33 am
getaway cars nearby. police believe they fled the bay area and ped prisoners are in -- were in jail accused of holding up video stores. both men are considered dangerous. if you see them, call 911. >> wildfire discovery -- recovery will be discussed this morning. there will be a vote on several resolutions in santa rosa. one would extend the local emergency because of potential complications from the rainy season and at 9:00, the napa county board of supervisors will consider requests from the public works department related to wildfire recovery. a shelter that houses people displaced by the wildfires will close. the shelter in santa rosa will shut down at 10:00 a.m. 34 people remain there and will be moved to other temporary shelters. >> let's take a live look at outside at the conditions. a
6:34 am
beautiful shot from the mountain vac a cam looking at the sunrise and a nice shot of the golden gate bridge. it's beautiful. >> it should be a beautiful day. you can enjoy this morning and for the rest of the day. you will have to get use to some clouds. looking at the weather, taking a live look at san jose, the sun is coming up and it is nice and clear. you will have temperatures in san jose that are chillier than yesterday, 42 degrees. 37 in santa rosa and concord, 42 degrees. the overall story, clear and chilly this morning but it will be sunny and beautiful this afternoon and rain returns on wednesday. we have and update for you on the crash along interstate 80 that just is cutting off the lanes. a new accident is on highway 24
6:35 am
near wilder and things are slowing down. an 18 minute ride between 680 and 580. our live look at the east shore freeway shows residual delays and backups due to the earlier accident we've been tracking. a 46 minute commute with drivers going westbound. going toward the maze, when you get there, we are in the yellow. 16 minutes inference -- in from san francisco. it might be the best way to go, running on time. back to you guys. >> investigators in texas are trying to figure out why a man open fire killing more than two dozen people before turning the gun on himself. the air force failed to alert them about the criminal history of devin kelley.
6:36 am
he obtained guns before the shooting from the rampage. shortly before opening fire, he sent text messages to his mother-in-law. >> president donald trump called the texas gunman deranged and said the shooting is a mental health problem at the highest level. the president said u.s. gun laws are not the problem and applauded one of the men who used a gun to stop the shooter. >> of he didn't have stead of h would have had hundreds more dead. that's the way i feel about it. >> those were his remarks. the president said such a question should be considered inappropriate days after the shooting and he is currently on a 12 day tour of asia. >> this marks the one-year anniversary of president donald trump's election, a victory that shock the world and shook washington to its core. >> president donald trump said
6:37 am
he is already among the most successful presidents in history. polls suggest otherwise. tell us, has president donald trump changed washington more than washington has changed trump? >> reporter: it's a great question. washington remains in shock. to the extent that trump changed washington, it's because he steered the political order and has not settled down. he has not ended the divisiveness in washington like he said he would. neither did president obama or president bush before him. one year after an election, you typically say that the man was humbled when he came to the white house. trump did not do humble. he has shown no signs of adapting including learning more about the city or learning more about the role of the president. donald trump is very much like
6:38 am
what he has always been, a reality television star. >> the poll numbers have reached historic lows. what would the reelection picture look like of he was running again today? >> it's amazing. since harry truman, they been asking americans to approve or disapprove of the job of the president. the worst previous president, one year after election, was bill clinton with a 50% approval rating and 40% disapproval. trump is at 22-point negative. that said, if clinton were to run against trump today, it's not clear to me that the outcome would be any different. americans may not like, by and large, donald trump. he is like a bowl and a china shop to them. but, he may destroy it and
6:39 am
they're willing to accept the damage. donald trump is confident he can win reelection and i'm not so sure that until somebody comes along, he will steal that mantle that he is far off. >> he's been just about the most successful president in history. that's what he says. how can you measure that? >> you really can't. in terms of changing washington, he has an one year changed the feeling in washington for almost anybody in the quarter-century i've been here. for obamacare, he was going to jail hillary clinton. for campaign promises, he hasn't done it. it's like saying the san francisco giants are the best team in baseball and proved it. you have to be a true believer to accept that. >> marc sandalow, as always, thanks for your insights. >> it is election day and local
6:40 am
cities around the bay area. pacifica voters will vote on big topics like marijuana taxation and hemp control. we have a preview ahead of the vote. >> reporter: good morning. it is an off year election with big topics. this could be the reason we potentially see a little bit of a boost in voter turnout in pacifica. voters will decide whether or not they would like to add a 6% marijuana operations tax on gross receipts at cannabis dispensaries. it would generate about $360,000 in tax revenue per year. it could fund municipal services. voters will also decide whether or not they want rent control in pacifica. it has been a hot topic already and a big discussion at several council meetings. 32% of households are renters. the measure would not apply to
6:41 am
single-family dwellings, but would allow rent increases at a certain percentage fixed by the city. would also prevent no-fault evictions, asking for just cause. we've seen the number of volunteers show up. today, at the polling locations, 7:00 until 8:00 p.m. and san mateo hoping to have early results at about 5:00 p.m. sandra osborne, kpix5. >> and santa clara county, when the new year begins, judge persky will be the target of a recall effort. critics think he was too lenient when he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault. >> san francisco voters could give input on how and when officers use tasers. last week, they voted 4-3 to give officers the new tool starting in december of next year. before tasers can be used, the
6:42 am
commission will have to pass a policy governing the use. they are considering a ballot measure. >> today, police said that 33- year-old michael bartel faces more than one dozen charges involving sexual assault on children. the charges do not appear to be connected to the school. police were tipped off about online conversations he reportedly had about molesting children. he has been placed on administrative leave and bail is set at $16 million. a brand-new look is coming to some bart station entrances. it won't be without some pain, first. we will talk about or, next. >> the state is trying to find a solution for where business owners can stall -- can deposit cash from cannabis sales. >> the dow is up about 38
6:43 am
points. coming up, an update from financial reporter, jason brooks.
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the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa. the television academy is expelling harvey weinstein. more than 60 women have accused weinstein of harassment or sexual assault. ed. the in the wake of numerous allegations of sexual harassment, the television academy is expelling harvey weinstein. more than 50 women of accused him of harassment or sexual assault and some claimed they were raped. the new york times reports weinstein would hire corporate intelligence companies. the agent would pose as a journalist and contact the accusers and dig for information. attendance at seaworld is dipping. >> joining us with more on that and much more is financial reporter, jason brooks. >> reporter: it has been a tough go for seaworld ever since the blackfish documentary came out in 2015. the company reported that it
6:47 am
saw a drop of 730,000 in attendance compared to a year earlier. part of the reason was hurricane irma and the impact on florida but seaworld saw a big drop over the first half and recently laid off 350 workers. shares are down 40 percent since the beginning of 2017. disney is looking to buy 20th century fox to beef up the business. they said it bought the national geographic networks in the film studios. it would leave 21st century fox in the business of news and sports. fox broadcast would not be part of the deal because disney already owns abc. not known weather this deal will go through. stock market in record territory. we saw the major indices close at record highs yesterday and they are heading in the right direction this morning. the dow is up over 40 points.
6:48 am
the nasdaq gaining seven and the s&p up. there are a lot of unsolved issues with recreational marijuana becoming legal under california law on new year's day. many pot businesses operate only in cash and banks hesitate to get involved because pot is illegal under federal law. today, the governor or -- the gubernatorial candidate will talk about this issue. >> commuters who ride bart trains can expect changes. anne makovec joins us with planned improvements to train station's. >> we will see brand-new canopies over the bart station entrances in downtown san francisco. it will take awhile to get to that point. i'm here with the bart board of directors. why are we doing this project? >> it's important to.
6:49 am
it is the exciting kickoff of a lot of this work. voters gave us $3.5 billion to reinvest for the first time in 45 years and these canopies will allow us to protect our escalators and many riders are frustrated. often when they come to a station, the escalators are broken down for days or weeks. by having a canopy we can lock the escalator at night so you won't have a situation where people are dropping coffee or trying to sleep in that area. none of that will happen. it is 22 new canopies in downtown from embarcadero to the civic center. it will be much more reliable with escalators working for 44 plus years. >> they are tired. >> in the meantime, there's a lot of construction and i know you are trying to mitigate that for the holiday shopping season on market street.
6:50 am
>> we will do the work from 10:00 at night until 6:00 in the morning on weekdays. you will see signage at powell street and the civic center letting us know the business is open, like oakley and those here for the holiday season. and five months we will have a beautiful new canopy that will be a role model for the other 22 in the downtown area. >> thanks for being with us. a $66 million price tag for the city of san francisco that is being split between the city and bart. >> the time is 6:50. part is always a good option. >> when you look at the roadways, we are tracking major slow downs. 60 trains in service and we are tracking delays along westbound to 37 due to a new accident approaching 101. travel times, 16 minutes. give yourself extra time.
6:51 am
at the dumbarton bridge, crash near the toll plaza. 21 minutes from 880 to 701. it is getting all jammed up with no reports of crashes. slowdowns with a 30 minute ride from 880 through 201. there are reports of a fire in the area. 31 minutes toward highway 84. let's check in with the forecast. >> a clear and beautiful day. you certainly won't have weather-related delays. you can look at the temperatures with clear skies dipping us into the issues that are coming through napa. cooler in the east bay and along the coast, san jose sitting at 42. clear skies with a brief break with cloud cover moving in in the next day or so. by looking at futurecast,
6:52 am
clear. then, overnight into wednesday, the cloud cover returns and you will have an overcast commute in the morning. by the afternoon and evening, rain will start in the north bay and overnight the front will dip down through the rest of the bay area. you will see rain moving forward. a wet commute and things to remember, clear and chilly but it will make for a mild afternoon. waking up tomorrow, a cloudy morning and a wet commute likely in the afternoon. thursday, things remain unsettled with showers here and there. high temperatures in the mid-60s and a little bit cooler along the coast. 58 degrees in half moon bay. brentwood, 68 and cooler closer to the bay. around the bay, 59 degrees and 66 in san leandro.
6:53 am
64 in oakland. it will be very nice in the north bay, 60's. into tomorrow, remember we will see the rain return on wednesday. thursday, showers and friday things will clear up. saturday and sunday, things will clear up. sunday, rain again and that is your forecast. and east bay high school is in mourning. we have the latest on a shooting that left one student dead. that story is coming up.
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6:56 am
front of of olympic contin l near the sce i'm jessica flores live in concord. police are looking for a shooter that left one student dead. take a look behind me. this this olympic continuation high school. there's a growing memorial near the scene of the shooting.
6:57 am
it happened about two blocks away just after school let out. the family identified him as 17- year-old lawrence jansen. he was with the group when the suspect approached him. there is no motive known. police said it was not gang- related, but believe it was targeted. >> a car came up and the passenger in the vehicle got out and walked up to the victim and had an argument with him and then shots were fired. >> reporter: we apologize. we are having audio issues. in texas, investigators are trying to figure out why a man opened fire inside a small town church on sunday killing more than two dozen people.
6:58 am
the air force has admitted it failed to alert the fbi about the gunman, devin kelley, and his criminal history. it allowed him to purchase guns before the shooting rampage. investigators said he sent threatening messages to his mother-in-law before opening fire on the church. >> authorities in the south bay are searching for these men, john bivins and tramel mcclough. they escaped while handcuffed in a palo alto courthouse. >> president donald trump is on the second leg of his trip across asia. he will try to find common ground with moon jae-in when it comes to north korea. voters in pacifica are going to the polls for their local election. they will decide whether or not they want rent stabilization and they will decide whether they want to 6% marijuana operations tax on gross receipts at cannabis dispensaries. >> carpool lanes could soon be extended under a new proposal including inter-rate --
6:59 am
interstate 880 and highway 101 on the peninsula. >> highway 92 across the san mateo bridge is in the red with a 31 minute ride to 101. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. things are moving well. can't say the same for the richmond san rafael bridge. east shore freeway, 45 minutes from highway 4 to the maze and an additional 41 minutes into san francisco. >> things are looking clear for the forecast. taking a live look, you can see the salesforce tower with a clear horizon in san francisco and temperatures are 50 degrees. 30 in the north bay, 42 in concord and temperatures will be in the mid-60s and cooler along the coast. your seven-day outlook has rain in the forecast wednesday and it should be a wet evening commute.
7:00 am
your next your next local update is 7:26. >> have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, november 7th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. the air force admits it made a mistake that allowed the texas church shooter to buy his gun. and the man who shot and chased the gunman is sharing his story. plus, we're learning more about the 26 people killed. nearly half of them belonged to just two families. president trump in south korea this morning says north korea should do the right thing and make a deal on its nuclear weapons program. and the new yorker says harvey weinstein used an arm of spies to try to silence potential claim also of sexual misconduct. women and journalists were reportedly targeted. plus, former


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