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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news at >>oon we're hearing from the parents of an east bay teenager who was gunned down near his school. >> today classmates are mourning the loss of their friend and his
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parents want justice. here's the latest from concord. >> reporter: today students are stopping by the growing memorial in honor of their classmate who was gunned down just a few hundred feet from campus. this is how his classmates remember him wearing his hooded gray sweatshirt, 17-years old a full life ahead. >> he was a good person. he was real. >> many wore gray sweaters to honor lawrence. some dropped off candles others notes. >> he didn't deserve this. he was a good boy. he was a good boy. he was my baby. >> investigators say after school let out yesterday lawrence was with a group of people about two blocks away from campus when a suspect rolled up in a dark four door sudan. the suspect got out, argued, and started shooting, striking lawrence. the shooter got away and lawrence managed to get back to
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campus for help but he later died at the hospital. now his parents are demanding justice. >> i want the people to be caught. >> i want them to find the people who did this because they don't deserve to be out free. a bunch of cowards. they're cowards taking my sons life. >> police have not released a motive for the shooting but they do believe it was targeted. and they're asking anybody with information to come forward. reporting in concord i'm jessica flores, kpix5. >> two bay area inmates are still on the run after making a brazen escape from a palo alto courthouse. the santa clara sheriffs department said the suspect somehow broke loose from a deputy. their escape seemed to be planned because they staged two get away cars waiting outside. the men may have left the bay area. >> it's the blockbuster of tech conferences. dream force is underway in san francisco. it's created traffic tie ups in the area and drawn thousands of people from around the world.
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we're outside the convention where many of those people packed inside to see a very high profile guest speaker today. >> reporter: yeah howard street behind me here is sort of turned into a business person's playground this week. michelle obama just finished speaking this morning. that was one of many key events here that has drawn 170,000 people from around the world to san francisco. >> for an already congested city center the dream force conglomeration is causing a jam up on the sidewalks and downtown streets. >> there's just like so many people. >> it's the conference's 15th year and the biggest yet. >> the heart of innovation in san francisco and everyone is exploring new ways to build things for their customers. >> one block of howard is shutdown turned into a mock
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national park for 170,000 attendees. security is tight, heavily armed officers and bomb sniffing dogs as sales force customers from around the world converge. >> enjoy the people, enjoy the food. a little colder than what i thought but i'll take it over chicago weather. >> for people who live and work here year round it's a bit of a spectacle. dream force runs through thursday. >> reporter: tonight the action moves to at&t park so it will be a big concert with alycia keys. >> voters in pacifica are deciding right now if they want to add a marijuana tax and rent control. here's why the hot topics could boost local election turn out today? >> the sample ballot may be simple, only two measures to vote on. but the people here are enthusiastic about getting their voices heard. >> i think it means everything
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especially in a local election where our votes really count. >> rent stabilization or measure c is a controversial one. you can see that just walking up and down residential streets. >> there's been so much displacement in our communities it's affected everybody. it's affected our school districts because there's not as many teachers. >> it wouldn't apply to a number of buildings built after 1995. but it would allow rent increases at a certain percentage by the city. voters are also deciding if they want to add a 6% marijuana operations tax added on dispensaries like this one. there are a couple in pacifica. products like these might be slightly pricier for consumers but the extra money would go to the city. about $60,000 per year on marijuana tax money would be used for anything from police operations to street
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maintenance. >> and also allow the tax revenue to help our schools, our local police and fire departments and other service agencies that benefit our communities as well. >> the controversial topic may boost voter turnut ah. polls are open until 8:00 p.m. >> sandra osborne, kpix5. >> a look at the're big races across the country. chris christy's time is up in office. phil murphy appears to be the heavy favorite to replace hymn. in virginia democratic governor terry mccaulus is also out. that race is very close. >> the u.s. department of defense has opened an stbhovgs how the texas church shooter was able to buy guns even though he was ousted from the air force for domestic violence. we're following the latest developments. >> reporter: devin kelley
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wouldn't have legally been able to purchase the weapons he used if the air force had reported his charges of domestic violence. he pleaded guilty to striking his ex-wife and young stepson on the head or body with a force likely to produce death or serious bodily harm. >> it should have stopped him from getting a gun. >> investigators are still looking into the shooter's motive for opening fire inside the church. they're focussing on threatening messages he send sent to his mother-in-law who was not at church on sunday. >> we have some indication of what the conflict was between the family, the timing and stuff like that. >> people in this close knit community are stopping by this makeshift memorial to pray. many believe it would have been even worse if a neighbor didn't take action. stephen williford shot at the gunman and forced him to flee.
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>> i am no hero. i'm not. i think my god, my lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done. and i just wish i could have gotten there faster. >> the names of nearly all of the victims are now known. they include a pregnant woman and her unborn child. and a family who lost nine members. several victims are still in critical condition fighting for their lives. >> the fbi has obtained the shooter's phone but so far they haven't been able to unlock it. >> in south korea president trump struck a more reserved tone when talking about north korea's leader and the country's nuclear program. in recent months president trump has spoken of totally destroying north korea. well today he held a joint news conference with his south korean counter part. mr. trump said it would be in north korea's interest to coat come to the table and make a
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deal. >> the former head of the democratic national committee is pushing back against allegations that last year's primary was rigged in favor of hillary clinton. she's published a new book detailing financial agreements between the democratic party and clinton's campaign. mola lenghi has the details from capitol hill. >> reporter: donna brazile appeared on cbs this morning to say last year's democratic primary was a clean fight. >> i found no instances that the party rigged the process and i wanted to make sure bernie and his supporters understood. >> in her newly published book she revealed in august of 2013 the dnc struck a deal with hillary clinton's campaign to trade strategic and financial control of the committee for fund raising and investments. >> the party was broke and she gave the party a lifeline of resources in order to for us to compete and that's what she did in the general election.
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>> but the agreement prompted some include elizabeth warren and president trump to claim the election was rigged. >> brazile now insists clinton beat sanders fair and square. but sanders campaign manager said they were fighting an uphill battle. >> there was a clear attempt, a pattern of behavior by the dnc to tip the scale to hillary clinton. >> this bombshell has some democrats worried about their party's ability to win tough races including the gubernatorial race in virginia. >> they have not been doing a good job at electing their candidates. >> the race is being seen as a referendum on president trump and a potential preview of what to expect in the (2) 018-2020 elections. mola lenghi, cbs news, capitol hill. >> still ahead a celebration in the skies as boeing's 747 takes
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its final flight from san francisco. >> plus a smartphone court battle with apple and samsung. >> and it's a beautiful day in san francisco. we had a chilly start but things are starting to warm up. i'll tell you when you can expect rain back on that horizon.
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the farewell flight for united airlines' 7-47 just took off... to retrace its very first trip -- from new at noon the fair well flight for united airlines 747 just took off to retrace its very first trip from san francisco to honolulu. the flight was delayed a bit dealing within air-conditioning issue but chopper five is
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overhead as the iconic plane left sfo. they gathered opt roof of the parking garage to get a closer look. united is retiring the original jumbo jet that revolutionized long distance air travel when it debuted nearly 50 years ago. >> and more efficient aircraft has since replaced it. so as chris van cleave shows us united is giving the 747 a final tour. >> this is been my life and it feels like i'm almost losing a family member. >> captain tom spl at&t will be sharing the cockpit as united flies the 747 into the sunset. he recently brought his dad a retired pilot on a 747 flight. >> i still remember my first 747 flight where the seats in the very nose of the aircraft were first class today and sit on sofas and all that was just something that will never be
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done again. >> in 1966 pan am asked boeing for the biggest airliner ever starting from scratch and nearly bankrupting the company the yum boy jet made its first flight less than three years later. it entered airline service in 1970 and was an instant sensation. >> because of its size, because of the economy because of its range it made flying affordable. >> united flew its first 747 route in 1970 from san francisco to honolulu. that iconic hump once housed a fancy lounge for first class fliers up the spiral staircase complete with a bar or even a piano. the 747's four engines carried the space shuttle across the country and five u.s. presidents around the world. boeing delivered 1500 747's but
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now tis days as a passenger plane are in your mind. >> it's like your first true love. >> henry's first 747 flight was a family trip. that's him with his brother in 1970. he'll be on united's fair well flight. >> we're saying good-bye to a plane that's an icon of plane travel and commercial flying when it was a more gracious and pleasant experience than it is for many today. >> delta the only other u.s. carrier still flying the 747 will retire theirs by the end of the year. >> you can watch the report on kpix5 news at 6:00. >> now checking the financial markets. taking a look at the dow right now it is down about 31 points. >> governor jerry brown is in belgium today as part of his 11-day trip for the un climate change conference. governor brown says climate change is an threat.
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this is after the trump administration withdrew from an international climate accord. he'll deliver marks in belgium and head to brussels tomorrow. >> let's get a check of the forecast with emily. >> it's a beautiful day today. taking a live look you can see nothing but blue skies. hardly a wisp of a cloud out there. then another live look out to the golden gate bridge right now you can see it is absolutely beautiful. although it was a chilly start to the day. starting to warm up finally 62 degrees in concord. oakland 59 degrees. santa rosa in the 30s this morning you're now up to 62 degrees right now. we have a brief break in some cloudy weather. in fact this will be followed up shortly by this band of clouds that's going to move in overnight bringing those changes ahead.
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looking at our future cast right now it is lovely and clear but moving overnight into the wednesday morning hours by your morning commute it is going to be very overcast and cloudy. then moving into the afternoon or evening hours rain is going to start in the north bay then it's going to slowly overnight move through the rest of the bay area so everyone will see some form of precipitation and a wet commute thursday morning though by this time thursday it should simply be a few scattered showers and just overcast. how much rain can we expect? 2 inches in the north bay. about an inch in the santa cruz mountains and half an inch in the east bay. our overall story is it will be sunny today. the clouds moving in tonight. when rain will return tomorrow in the afternoon or evening things stay unsettled on thursday with a few scattered showers. our temperatures today pretty seasonal. 65 in the north bay. the coolest temperature we'll see 59 in pacifica. 67 in san jose, and 67 also in
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livermore. sunset 5:04:00 p.m. it will be rising tomorrow morning at 6:42 a.m. our overnight lows stay pretty moderate because of the cloud cover in the mid to low 40s no matter where you are except a little bit warmer on the coast. 51 in pafk ca. our 7-day forecast shows the rain we've got -- in pacifica. our 7-day forecast shows drying out friday and saturday. and just in time for another set of showers to move in on sunday afternoon our evening possibly making for a wet commute on monday morning. >> all right, emily. we have our umbrellas ready. >> that's right. >> and our windshield wipers. still ahead iphones with a mind of their own. the glitch that has a lot of people confused and frustrated. >> and we want to invite all of you pet lovers to ask us about their health and well being. email us and our pet expert will give you an answer every friday here at no you could save energy by
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the high court rejected samsung's appeal to re-evaluate a 120-million dollar judgment against it. a win for apple in the supreme court case involving samsung. the high court rejected samsung's appeal to reevaluate a $120 million judgment against it. that mean it is lower court decision stands. the companies were fighting over who created the slide to unlock features, the auto correct and
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other patented technologies. >> apple is blaming the most recent update for a glitch. you might see the letter i corrected to a with a symbol under it. a lot of users have gone to twitter to complain but not everyone is effected and apple recommends using the text replacement feature as a short term solution. >> a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question email us at consumer watch. or call 1-888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back.
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todays tip of the day there are still beautiful plums in the market right now. right now you can find beautiful plums let me open them up. look at the color, the beauty. oh and look at the juice in here. fantastic. storage is very, very important. when you buy them you want to make sure you've got beautiful colors all the way around, skin free from any shrivelling whatsoever and just a little give to the touch. when you bring them home store them on the counter, not in the refrigerator. the plums in the market, now a tip on the plums they'll be
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rotten in the summer time but in the fall when i see them in the market i'll do it again because they're still out there and still delicious. eat fresh, and stay healthy. >> criminals going to extreme. south bay jail pushed to restrict drone activity to prevent airborne drug drops. that story and much more coming up at 5:00. >> enjoy the weather out there. that's it for kpix5 news at noon. >> bye, have a great day. >> we'll see you.
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