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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 9, 2017 3:12am-4:01am PST

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north korean coal worth $140 million. trayers here in dandong say items banned by the u.n. are being emported from north korea because the it is here. if they've don't trade with their nearest neighbor, some of them will go out of business. this chinese seafood trader asked us to conceal his identity. he says his business is down 60%. >> reporter: are traders here in dandong finding ways to evade the u.n. sanctions? >> it is very common for traders to play in the gray area, he
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says. >> its north korean seafood being imported into china? >> yes. definitely, yes. >> reporter: at dandong fish market this woman admitted off camera some of her fish is from north korea. when we turned the camera on she se said opposite. >> none of this fish is from north korea? >> no, she says everything is local. >> reporter: the chinese government says it is strictly enforcing the sanctions and that imports from north korea have fallen nearly 40%. but it is unclear if that is having any impact on deterring north korea from advancing its nuclear weapons program. anthony. >> ben tracy reporting from beijing. >> coming up ♪ get on up. ♪ get on up, mama. ♪ get on up. ♪ do what you want. ♪ do you want, let the record hop. ♪ degree motionsense. ultimate freshness... with every move. the more you move, the more it works. degree, it won't let you down.
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there are new questions about the small plane, former pitching ace, roy halliday was flying and huh he was flying when he crashed into the gulf of mexico yesterday. here is kris van cleave. >> what the [ bleep ]? >> the new video shows what appears to be roy halliday's moments flying close to the water before crashing the plane he owned less than a month. the ntsb is investigating. the ntsb's noreen price. >> a lot of witnesses say the plane was maneuvering at low
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altitude. >> marketing the a 5, can land on walt r and easy to fly for inexperienced pilots. the cockpit designed to resemble a car and comes with a parachute. halliday's deadly accident is the third crash this year. icon began delivering the a-5 in 2015. it starts at $270,000. in april, an a-5 crashed near key largo. a month later the chief test pilot and developer of engineering died in the crash. the ntsb blamed both on pie lot error >> extraordinary to have three accidents in six months. >> former chair, mark rosenkirk. >> raising question as but stability, ease of flight or also possibility that too many pilots are taking the simplicity for granted and, thereby making mistakes. >> pretty cool. >> to think i got to take that home is pretty surreal. >> icon used the former baseball star in promotional videos.
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the company is devastated to hear of halliday's death. >> the faa declined to comment on questions of the plane's safety record. last month. icon ceo offered guide nance about flying, encouraging pilots to be at 300 feet. faa typically recommend flag at 500 feet or higher. anthony. >> kris van cleave, thanks. hey, are you taking the tissue test? yep, and my teeth are yellow. oh well, all hope is lost. oh, thanks! clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips! whitening toothpaste only works on the surface. but crest 3d white whitestrips safely work below the enamel... ...surface to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening... ...toothpaste. hey, nice smile! thanks, i crushed the tissue test. yeah you did! crest whitestrips. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. 'tis the season to buy one get one free.
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three ucla basketball players including a younger brother of nba rookie, alonzo ball have been questioned in china over shoplifting allegations. here is jamie yuccas. >> reporter: before ever hitting a chinese basketball court, three ucla players fouled out. ball, riley and hill, all freshmen, were arrested allegedly for stealing sunglasses. while the team was at disney shanghai, the three players posted bail, holed up in their luxury hotel. ball's father. lavar. >> he'll be fine. he'll be fine. everybody making a big deal. ain't that big of a deal. >> with the ball family everything is a big deal. they have their own reality show. leangelo's brother plays for the lakers. off awe over there in china take care of it. >> the legal drama though may be short-lived. >> this is attention china doesn't want. >> absolutely. not at this point or ever.
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but even more. not when trump has just landed there. they're very lucky. >> professor stanley rosen focuses on china. he says what is likely to happen next. >> has the to be an apology. made a mistake. terrible judgment. never done this before. won't dupe all it again. i love the chinese people. you know that kind of thing. >> ucla's game against georgia tech is saturday. assumption is china will want the players out of the country before then. anthony. >> jamie, thank you. >> among those reporting for jury duty today in chicago, was a former constitutional law professor, who also served as the 44th president of the united states. barack obama shook hands, signed books, and he was not chosen for the jury. we'll be right back.
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on the anniversary of his election, president trump tweeted a picture of himself with top advisers and offered congratulations to the deplorables who gave him the win. one year later how is he doing with supporters. here is dean reynold. >> and you have been here how long? >> in the year since the election we have spoken to variety of trump supporters from
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iowa, ohio, illinois, indiana, michigan, arizona and wisconsin. all of them joined by their common devegs otion to the man the white house. so it was today in davies county, kentucky, which donald trump won by more than 30 points. >> yeah, he is doing all right. >> reporter: down at dee's diner, support for the president is holding firm. >> he had to fight throueveryth. >> nobody gives him benefit of the doubt. >> we wanted to know what kept the men with mr. trump. tau awe wh what accomplishment were you looking for a. >> repeal of obama care. tax cults. >> ray greenwell acknowledged neither has happened. >> but you don't blame the president? >> no. oh, no. >> a local preacher. >> the strength that he exudes, the determination, i could not be happier with anybody. >> eric belcher still with mr.
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trump despite this. >> what is his major acompolishment? >> none at the moment. all impactful publicity an stunts. >> couldn't care less about the mueller investigation or north korea. trump its tough enough for both said bell. er, just look his old football coach. >> he was hard. he was stern. if you screwed up, he was drill you in the head with 100 mile an hour football. >> men here said mr. trump may not be a role model but he is a fighter. their fighter. and to his supporters around the country, that's enough to keep them in his corner. >> dean reynolds, cbs news, owenborough, kentucky. >> that's the "overnight news" for this thursday, november 9th. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news. and cbs this morning. i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching.
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welcome to the "overnight news." a year after president trump won the white house, democrats are celebrating. the party won big up and down the ballot last night, notably in the governors' races in virginia and new jersey. here is nancy cordes. >> a fwhiegt fbig night for dem. >> reporter: phil murphy marveling today at his 13-point win in the new jersey governor's race. in virginia, dr. ralph northum savored a nine point win over ed gillespie in a governor's race supposed to be close.
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>> virginia told us to end divisiveness. >> republicans on capitol hill took notice. >> our problem our base is unenthusiastic. >> more than that. in exit polls, 34% said virginians said their vote was at least in part a vote against trump. a surge in democratic turnout handed the party at least 14 new seats in virginia's house of delegates. >> it was totally stunning to everybody who follows politics here. >> university of virginia political scientist, larry sabato says a sign that republicans need to rework their 201 playbook. >> they thought ed gillespie had the answer to keep trump himself at arm's length but adopt trump key issue. it didn't work. in fact failed spectacularly. >> i'm for keeping them up. >> gillespie blanketed the state with ads about confederate statues and immigrant gangs.
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but he never appeared with president trump. who tweeted gillespie did not embrace me or what i stand for. democartic leaders argued what he stands for is the problem. noting voters inmain backed a mesh tour to expand medicaid. >> the republicans should look at elections last night. and it should be a giant stop sign for their tax bill. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan disagreed. he said last night's results only create more urgency for the gop to rack up a win on taxes. but, house republicans know that midterm elections are never kind to the party in power. and already, roughly a dozen of them have announced plans to retire. tuesday's election saw approval of the obama medicare expansion in maine, historic victories for women, minorities and lgbtq in
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races nationwide. chip reid has more. >> across the country the 2017 elections saw big wins for a highly diverse group of candidates. chip reid introduces us. >> chris hearst, tv anchor two years ago when his reporter girlfriend was fatally shot during an outdoor live broadcast. the grieving hearst decide to run for the virginia house of delegates as a democrat in a republican area and won. >> i think she would be proud and immediate be bending my ear to make sure that i fulfill on the promise that i don't just, talk the talk, i walk the walk into. danica roem made history in virginia winning a seat in the house of delegates. the state's first openly transgender lawmaker and defeated conservative republican who sponsored a bill to deck dictate which bathroom transgender people can use. >> it's okay to be you. in the words, be who you are and bethat well. >> hala ayala, and the first latina members. kathy tran former refugee from vietnam will be the first asian-american.
3:34 am
it's not just virginia, diverse democrats were elected across the nation. and a sikh won the race for mayor in hoboken new jersey despite racist fliers that said don't let terrorism take over our tone. democrat jenny dirken will be seattle's first lesbian mayor. >> can i just say to donald trump, keep your hand off seattle. >> wilmot collins came to helena, montana as a refugee from liberia. it's believed he will be the first black mayor in montana history. >> andrea jenkins, winner of a seat on minneapolis city council will be the first openly transgender, black woman office holder in the nation. >> in a nonpartisan race in new jersey, 93-year-old vito perillo won the race for mayor. he says he wore out two pairs of shoes campaigning door to door. he also said, i can't wait to get started working as hard as i can.
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>> service for the victims of sun day's church massacre in texas planned for this sunday at the scene of the crime. mark strassmann is in sutherland springs. >> what the devil has intended for harm will turn around for the good. >> reporter: in sutherland springs, part of the anguish is knowing this massacre might have been preventible. in 2012, airman first-class, devin kelley served 12 months in military prison after he assaulted his wife and fractured his stepson's skull. the air force blundered never reporting to a federal database that processes mandatory background checks for perspective gun buyers. defense secretary james mattis ordered the pentagon to review the kelly case and broadly the
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policies, practices and procedures of reporting the criminal records of service members. >> thought in my head was, he didn't make it. regina rodriguez new her father and stepmother had gone to the sunday service. >> before i got there, calling my dad. and he is not answering. please call me. please pick up. >> the rodriguezs lay inside among the dead. >> i don't know what it is, i just can't take it off. >> three days later she wears this wristband given to her at the church. it identified her as a victim's family member. >> i understand, it was a sickness. but for somebody to come in and take my dad and his wife, life away, they didn't deserve that. nobody inside that church deserved it. >> reports that the justice department called on att and time-warner to sell as celtics to get approval for their merger. julianna goldman has the latest.
3:37 am
>> you are fact news. >> fake news. you're fact news. >> reporter: president trump has then't shyed away from broadcasting disdain for cnn. as a candidate he promised to stop the $85 billion merger between at & t and cnn parent company time-warner. awe a a deal we will not approve in my administration because the it is too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. he said he and white house officials made it clear to at & t on multiple occasions they're dissatisfied with cnn. in one case, sourcings say in january, president elect trump raised the matter directly with at & tceo, during a meeting at trump toufrmt twer. cnn is in a total meltdown and their credibility will soon be gone. > we are in active discussions. at & t chief financial officer said in a conference call this type of merger hasn't been blocked in 40 years. >> i can say the timing of the
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>> announcer: this the cbs "overnight news." today is the second day of the president's trip to china. or as china's ambassador to the u.s. calls it a state visit-plus. mr. trump wants china's president to help crack down on north korea's nuclear weapons program by cutting down on trade with pyongyang. nearly all of china's trade with the so-called her milt kingdom flows through the chinese city of dandong. ben tracy went there to see if china is making good on promise fuse f to follow sanctions.
3:41 am
>> reporter: we were stopped by chinese police. >> they want to take you to the police station. >> the police deleted our video of goods being sent to north korea. so we used an iphone to shoot this footage from a building nearby. we saw what appeared to be construction materials and heavy machinery heading towards the bridge. it is often hard to tell what is booi being moved in these trucks. the chinese government says it is strictly enforcing all united nations sanctions. those now include ban on exports of north korean coal, iron and textiles. but in august, china purchased 1.6 million tons of north korean coal, worth nearly $140 million. just days before the sanctions went into effect. overall, the chinese government claims its trade with north korea has dropped significantly. but china still refuses to cut
3:42 am
north korea off at the knees because it fears if the regime collapses, refugees from here in north korea will stream across the border here into china. and worse yet, they will see the u.s. military, just across this river. some chinese traders may be violating the sanctions including ban on north korean seafood. off camera this woman at dandong fish market admitted some fish came from north korea. when we turned the camera on, she said it was china. >> reporter: none of this fish from north korea? >> no, she says, nobody would dare sell any. >> this chinese seafood trader asked to us conceal his identity. he said his business is down 60% because of sanctions. >> to your knowledge its north korean steafood imported into china. >> yes, definitely yes he says. it is a very long border you can't watch everyone. >> how its north korean seafood
3:43 am
still getting into china? >> chinese fishermen go over the border to north korea he says, or meet in international waters. >> china its helping ensure the north korean regime survives by significantly boosting its exports of grain and corn. north korea faces chronic food shortages. china is little really its life line. rising political tension in saudi arabia could lead to an increase in gas prices. new video shows the some of saudi arabia's richest and most powerful people sleeping on cots with rifles behind them. they're being detained at a ritz-carlton in riyadh after being arrested in a corruption probe. reports on how the royal purge could have a global impact. >> officials say some 500 people have been detained. it is a royal purge that has roiled oil prices and threatened geopolitical stability. members of the royal family have been detained at a five star ritz-carlton in riyadh since the
3:44 am
unprecedented weekend arrests. 32-year-old crown prince mohammad bin salmon said this is to root out corruption. >> is this a sign of major reform effort, need to be done? or should we be concerned about internal instability. >> the commodity expert says the oil market its concerned about mideast geopolitical risk driving up prices. how significant is this for america? >> i think it is significant. a global market. if we do seal a problem in a major production zone, we will feel the effects at the pump. in terms of hyperprices. >> he has the focussed on revital tiesing economy by broadening investments and introducing economic reforms. robert jordan former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia all. up ai think the crown prince is legit thimately trying to brings country into the century. >> the crown prince played host
3:45 am
to president trump on the first trip abroad where the two men were said to have bonded. the president expressed confidence in new leadership. >> the events of the past few days i think are, something that we have to all carefully watch. the saudis feel somewhat empowered i think by the trump administration to, to take very strong measures. >> of and the plane went down off the florida gulf coast tuesday. halliday was the owner of the aircraft for less than a month. >> hallida was a beloved ball player, the philadelphia phil e dwreez called him one of the most respected human beings to play the game. investigators want to know twhut happened moments before the crash that killed him. roy halliday has thrown a no hitter on the field and off. roy halliday was an all star.
3:46 am
>> what a show put on here. >> the two time cy young winner dominate the the pitching mound before retiring from baseball in 2013. he then set his sights on the sky. an avid pilot, halliday's twitter page filled with videos from the cockpit. >> when i retired one of the first things. >> a month ago, halliday, the first to own a a-5 amphibious aircraft. he filmed this video. >> your baby. 0-01 out of 1. >> halliday flying that plane when it went down tuesday. investigators say he never made a mayday call. >> they say the plane had gone down. tail number goes become to roy's plane. that moment your heart sinks. >> he loved to fly. he would talk but flying. refurbishing planes. talked huh he grew up doing it. >> this not the first deadly crash involving an icon a-5 this year. in may, two icon employees were
3:47 am
killed when their two seater plane went down in california. the ntsb blamed that crash on pilot error. and icon says it is saddened by halliday's death and will support the investigation into the crash. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. breathe freely fast with vicks sinex.
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co-founders of luluroe are speaking out about allegations against the company. luluroe has thousand of sellers nationwide hit by a number of complaints about quality and refund policies. recent $1 billion lawsuit, alleges a pare mid scheme. here is anna werner. >> we have multibillion dollar business not built by tricking people into giving us money. >> to hear the co-founders tell it their story is one of successful family run business built on hard work and creativity. >> we have a clothing line people love. love its comfort. love versatility. they love the fashion. >> the clothing line began with her hand made creations. and grau ew to become a busines
3:51 am
had $2 billion in sales this year. made through network of some 80,000 independent sellers or consultants who sell online or through home parties. much as stidham herself first did. >> it work for you, you decide on your time. what works best for you. >> it is insane. you've will be able to have full tile income and life changing. >> online some say they made good money. >> we have done a little over 200,000 in sales for the last year. >> you get the product. put it before people. you sell it and you have money. and that's the simplicity of this business. and it's, that's as easy it can be. >> the approach, what's called multilevel marketing. retailers buy in with a minimum purchase. and lularoe's case, $5,000. sell to customers at markup. they can make money by recruiting other sellers to join their team. and make bonuses off those
3:52 am
retailers sales. the company pints to success stories like consultant they introduced us to in california misty el sasser. she started three years ago. when there were 700 sellers nationwide. and now has more than 11,000 members in her facebook group. >> i love lularoe. i wear it every day. she says her profits are upward of $3,000 a month. >> for me i focus on what is important for our family and my business. >> you have been able to pay your mortgage. >> yes. >> with this. >> yes. >> ill all sounded good to chicago area, stay at home mom, says a recruiter told her minimal part-time work for full time incup. you would have time, lots of money to do whatever you want with your family. >> so council says she invested around $11,000. despite working more than full time hours, says she couldn't make it work. and now is still over $4,000 in
3:53 am
debt. >> i feel like i failed my family. i put my family into debt. to do something that, that ended up not being -- what they preach. >> she is not the only one complaining. a recently filed lawsuit seeking $1 billion claims tens of thousands of consultants never made a profit. because lularoe they allege is a pyramid scheme that profited a few. and only made payments to consultants based on how much product the consultants and their recruits purchased on a regular basis. >> what that is, uneducated opinion the they haven't looked at who we are. because we sell product through to the consumer, and it is highly desirable product. that is not a pyramid scheme. >> should they think it is easy? >> i think it is easy, that's me. for me, and my background, and my life experience, i do not say it is easy for everyone. some consultants say they were
3:54 am
told this is easy. >> that's what i think they heard. it is not the truth. >> they did say that while more than half of lularoe's sellers, 40,000 make $1,000 or more per month. a small group at the top pulls in $500,000 or more per year in bonuses made off the sellers below them. douglas brooks, an attorney that sued other companies says for the vast majority of people that, that get into, into a company like this, they're going to be lucky if they break even. >> these women are out there saying, look, a con, a scam, pyramid scheme, don't do it. what do you think is happening to those retailers? >> i will tell you, that, we have been incredibly disruptive in the marketplace. and i don't think that those are all entirely organic complaints. >> you think somebody putting them up to it?
3:55 am
>> my personal belief is yez. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. ,$8drw
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hundred of art works are on display from a spectacular collection, hoarded by the son of a nazi era dealer. shoenl f shown in parallel exhibitions. switzerland and germany. charl charlie d'agata gives a tour.
3:58 am
>> an art collection like no other collected like no other. 450 masterpiece buys artists including monet and rodin. all exhibits in shows in germany and switzerland were seized by the nazis during world war ii. a methodical program of hoarding directed by german dealer who led the task of poaching art from jewish families and selling art defamed as degenerate overseas. a display that now sheds light on the darkest chapters of nazi germany. says art director nina zimmer. >> the persecuted artists and art they didn't like. and how, how they did this system atticly. >> works here might never have seen the light of dave had it not been stumbled upon during a routine tax investigation at this nondescript address in munich, germany. hilldebrand's son, had hidden away a trove. the priceless rodin sitting near
3:59 am
a potted plant. the monet hanging on the wall. the exhibition raised moral and ethicaler use over the art's prand if a collection looted should be on display at all. the project director says the shows the can act of something as a loft and found. >> through the broad media coverage of the exhibitions, of course, the public its reached, and maybe, somebody recognizes something. >> even conservative estimates of the collection run into hundred of millions of dollars and less than half the pieces discovered have been reunited with their rightful owners. charlie d'agata, london. that's the "overnight news" for this thursday. november 9th. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. ♪ ♪
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 9th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." coming together. president trump meets with his chinese counterpart for help to stop the nuclear program and trade relations with china. >> this is something where we're working very hard to merit a fair and resip pri cal one. and vice president mike pence attends


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